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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 17, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>> the damage is done. it is a tough ride. it is backed up to 101 out of san jose. that spilling over to northbound 101. the crash happened about an hour and 30 minutes ago but it took some time to clear. we had all lanes blocked 880 north at 237. they finally finished cleaning up. they cleared the scene here. if this is your commute, you either need to use 680, maybe consider city streets. get on the freeway after 237. you can avoid that backup. the backup spilled over to 101. it stretches just about to the 85 split out of san jose. also impacting that northbound drivetime of 40 minutes from 85 up to 237. we also had a crash here at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound
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. it's gone but you are looking at a backup that goes through the maze and it's now at 17 minutes from the foot of the maze off to fremont street. we'll take a look at the san mateo bridge up next. let's look at the. the other big story is how cold it is. >> california cold. we have team coverage. and the weather center with some big storms this week. temperatures dropped down near freezing. >> no matter which way you cut it, freezing is freezing. that's chilly this morning, especially since it's such a big change from yesterday. the coldest morning we've had so far this season. the area in blue is what's under that frost advisory. it's only in effect about another hour or so. the sun is up so eventually things start warming up. here's what you need to know. temperatures this morning were flirting dangerously close with the 32-degree freezing mark. we saw that in a couple spots. from a -- frost almost a certainty. it could damage crops.
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it could be a danger to animals. put it in your mind that as we see more and more of these kinds of mornings, remember to bring the outdoor animals and plants in the night before so they are not stuck out there trying to battle the cold temperatures. look at napa. just a degree above freezing right now. 33 there, 35 santa rosa, 36 near fairfield. the same in livermore. so the coldest temperatures this morning predominantly in the north bay but some pockets of the east bay waking up this morning temperatures on the frigid side. that includes south bay. 45 degrees in san jose. you will need the jacket and the kids will certainly need something to cover up with as they are on their way to school this morning. keep that in mind. hears alive look outside. the delta, bethel island, the camera network showing us the sun breaking. eventually will see things warm up, just not right now. >> i think we are just warming up looking at the sun. that makes us feel better. this will help warm us up a little bit. if the frost is developed today, maybe tomorrow you want to park the car where the sun
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will help you out a little bit. how do we stand from yesterday? still behind some half-dozen degrees. even behind the perimeter we get relief going on. inland it drops off a bit. fairfield at 8 degrees behind. 11 still in concord. again, will be improving and some of the numbers as far as currents will be updated periodically. 11:00, 56 it looks like. 61 by 3:00 p.m. the forecast only calls for lower to may be middle 60s at best. 63 oakland, san jose at about 64 . a stormy weekend coming our way. will check that coming up in a bit. breaking news we are following right now. a pedestrian hit and killed on highway one in san jose and police are looking for the car that hit that person and killed them. >> and it's the third pedestrian killed on a bay area highway this week. live in san jose with what happened. >> reporter: the search continues. we are six hours into the investigation.
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we know what happened on the on ramp to southbound 101. it's on the other side of these cars. they're making a right turn and the flare is on the ground. if you need to get around, it is open to you. they shut it down for several hours. here's the video. it happened around 1:30 in the morning when other drivers called into chp, noticed the body on the southbound direction on the on ramp. they called it in. chp came out and found a man. he has not been identified, only described as a man in his mid to late 40s. they are encouraging the driver who hit this person to give them a call. they know obviously one car hit this man, possibly other cars. they are telling the public, give them a call. if they have to track you down, you could be in some serious trouble. they are out here reopening it around 4:30 in the morning. they don't have a solid description of the car involved in this. they are looking for car parts
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on the ground to see if they could make a make or model. i put a phone call in this morning but so far no word on that. as you talked about, this is the third fatal deadly hit-and- run accident on bay area freeway just this week. back to you. >> on monday two other pedestrians were hit and killed. this is video of that scene. the pedestrian was killed right there. >> this is video of a deadly hit-and-run that happened early on 580 just west of the buchanan street ramp. that pedestrian has been identified as luis barber. police are still looking for the driver in that case. here's a look at the photos of the car the police believe was involved in that hit and run on 580. it is a bright blue 2015 or 2016 dodge dart and the car would have to collision damage on the front near the right-side
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. 7:06. other big news we are following. more racist graffiti found in a bathroom in an east bay high school. >> every harper live at montevista high school with more on what happened. >> reporter: this graffiti was found inside a bathroom here at montevista high school. i want to show you a picture of exactly what it looks like. this picture taken by a student. you are looking inside the boys bathroom inside the montevista high school. over a couple journals, you'll see two words written. over one it says right and the other it says colored. we received this picture from a concerned parent. we call the principal about it and received no comment. instead, we were told to talk to san ramon valley school officials but here's what they sent home in a note to parents. it says, in our district, harmful words used during the election coincided with two ugly incidents of racist graffiti at one of our high schools for the words exchanged on the campaign trail and racist words written on bathroom walls cry out for how much we need to support, teach,
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and listen to our children. so in this letter school officials are putting the blame squarely on election rhetoric. students and parents are starting to arrive at school right now. hopefully, i will be able to talk to them about how they feel about it and if they think the school district is doing enough to stop these incidents. back to you in the studio. police investigate a hate crime in fremont. investigators say a woman's car was vandalized and hate filled the notes toward muslims were left on her windshield. it happened when she was hiking at mission peak in fremont. she says she wears a headscarf to protect yourself from the sun. somebody probably thought she was wearing a hijab, but she's not muslim. the windows of her car was smashed, her purse was stolen, and a terrible note left on her windshield. >> initially i was shocked. i was completely stunned. i saw when i read the note i felt sadness. we live in such a
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diverse environment out here, i would've expected a little bit more of tolerance and just being more educated and tolerant. >> she's been hiking mission peak everyday for the past month and a half in what she says is a mission of peace and love. police are investigating this as a hate crime. a family murdered in the east bay. this morning we are learning more about the main suspect in the case. dana rivers is currently behind bars in the santa rita jail in dublin. rivers became known for her involvement in a highly publicized transgender rights battle in 1999. she went through a sex change and was fired from her sacrum. -- sacramento area school district. she became an activist for transgender rights. these murders happened last friday at a home on dunbar drive. the 19-year-old, his mother, and her partner were all killed
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. police say rivers stabbed and shot the victims and then with the house on fire. she tried to flee but police found her covered in blood. the brother and son of two of the victims says he forgives rivers but misses his family. >> the smile, the laughter, the enjoyment of just being around each other. >> she's going to get what's coming to her. that's just how our judicial system works. >> right now police do not know how rivers is connected to the family but we are told they all knew each other. they believe this may have involved real estate dealings. rivers will return to court for a plea deal or possibly to enter a plea december 8th. 7:10. the city of san francisco promises to remain a sanctuary city despite statements made by president-elect trump. he has criticized sanctuary cities and threatened to cut federal funding to those cities. he said he will deport millions of people in the u.s. illegally. we spoke with interim police
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chief tony chaplin and he explains how the president- elect policies will affect. >> is not going to change anything the san francisco police department will do. we've already been a sanctuary city under this mayor. we will continue to be a sanctuary city. that means that we are not checking immigration status of people that we deal with. we still want people to report crimes to us. we will not be checking immigration status. >> president-elect trump is repeatedly referencing the kate steinle murder and is building his case about sanctuary cities. he was killed at pier 14. allegedly by this man. he's pleaded not guilty and he has been deported five times and serve time in federal prison for illegal entry into the u.s. happening today, a man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey in september will make his first court appearance.
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officially indicted yesterday, he faces eight federal counts including the use of a weapon, bombing a place of public use. 29 people were injured in the bombings in new york and new jersey. he was injured in a shootout with police before being arrested. lawyers say his client will plead not guilty when he is arraigned. 7:12. still had, donald trump continues his transition to the white house this morning. who he is now considering for secretary of state. plus, depression levels are on the rise across the nation. who is the most affected. and after the break, an officer punches a woman in the face and it's all caught on camera. what led up to this.
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welcome back. getting ready to go skiing? many resorts are opening tomorrow. we've got a live look from kirkwood. picking up some fresh snow yesterday. they are all supposed to open november 18th. >> i actually say that instead of california cold, because it's so cold. we shouldn't feel like that here. at least not usually. jpjpjqjo>
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>> come this weekend, more precipitation. i say precipitation because more snow for the resorts. >> 13 degrees in truckee right now. >> a cold start this morning. we may repeat that a little bit tomorrow. pfh fast advisory covering most of the north bay as you'll notice. it's dry and clear. we have seen already ñsome readings in the lower 30s this morning. frost is possible. may damage some sensitive crops ö one of the rituals is to bring on in the past. we are looking at mid 40s going on around the perimeter of ñit bay. to the north, still holding onto 33 at napa, 37 nevada, matching that for fairfield.
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on. 41 on for concord. still a little ways away to recovery with the &sysun just 60s may be close to mid 60s for those inland spots later today. tonight it's another chilly one. eh6op will see a lot of readings get back into the 30s or at least the 40s. better warming happening tomorrow. this 7sñis all ahead of the precipitation coming our way. i say precipitation, because that means more snow for the resorts. here's what happens as we get into saturday. ce a good rain saturday morning breaking up to a scattered ÷even by sunday. then nothing. then we get to wednesday and here's another batch we have to watch out for. that's =)wednesday morning. perhapsh7 some thanksgiving ev travel on wednesday proper, that i will watch out for in terms of coverage and how it may impact you. frost advisory to start the day. sunny "gzbut cool. tomorrow is mostly sunny. a touch more moderate and by the weekend rain showers return.
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mild conditions. 61 san francisco, 64 for san jose and getting into the weekend on saturdayl wet for saturday. we take a close inspection of all of that in a bit. robin standing by with a busy morning. at least we are hotspot free. eepá 237. e a problem &sw880 no traffic has completely recovered . now i am back to tracking the usual slowdowns like the right here on 80 west rolling yvn@
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it's recovering from a stall. ñdrive time. 37 minutes. a lot of the folks you see here headed west, they were stuck. we had problems in hayward this morning, so they are a little late making it over to the bridge. that's part of the reason why it's heavier than normal. let's check in on the drive times. 680 south $bfrom dublin to the fremont exit. that looks +normal. 26 minute trip. recovering from a crash. ÷ so it is still very thick and crowded rolling south from 3wñ2 up to 237. ql that drive time just under 15 minutes. a police officer in arizona being investigated after video surfaced him punching a woman in the face during an arrest. three police say the officer has been placed on leave pending the investigation. qwl this happened yesterday as + police öwere arresting a woman. they say she was being uncooperative. one of the ámofficers then punches her in the mouth areaiá before she is put in the squad
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car. no word on what prompted the arrest but a man who identify the woman as his girlfriend said she had a -9warrant out f zçarrest their agency is ve concerned about was depicted in the video. donald trump is meeting ÷the first time since winning the election. later today the japanese prime ñis going to meet with president-elect trump. he and other asian le-aos)s have expressed concern over trump campaign rhetoric after trump suggested he may withdraw u.s. troo$,6#rom the region=. an ai to the prime minister says they are being told not to take trump's comments literally. wbyñ and this morning donald trump may be looking at south carolina governor nikki haley to be his secretary of state. that's according to a trump transition source. despite the rocky past, they were said xggt me today. before the y.election, governor haley said she was not a fan of donald e/9trump. meanwhile, trump has called the recovered u-- hertpgce on illegal immigration week. the transition team is meeting
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with the former secretary of state henry kissinger in florida governor rick scott. 7:19. and hillary clinton made her first public appearance since losing the election and given her concession speech. clinton spoke of the children's defense fund dinner in washington dc last night. the group 0honored her for her lifelong work, on children's issues. part of the speech focused on staying strong during 0cuthe tr administration. >> i ask you to okstay engaged. stay engaged on every levelroo. need you. america needs you. your energy, your ambition, your talent. hrough this. i know that over the past week, a 7sñlot of people have asked themselves whether america is a country we 5añthought it was. t divis9;6bko2$a5 run deep but p listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. orth it. believe in our country÷, fight for our values, and never ever
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give up. >> some people are talking about how hillary looked. the fact iskocome and ladies knm this, she wasn't wearing makeup. either none or very little and you are used to seeing her with lots of makeup. makeup does look good. makeup looks better on tv. and she didn't curl her hair and all that stuff. pgo, she looks tired. .jn÷ a speech. that's what she did. she agreed to 8hçspeak before t election. she talked about her disappointment and she had more makeup. >> this morning we hear more of the 911 calls from the pulsed nightclub shooting in orlando, florida three recordings were released yesterday. some calls from 911 were inside a woman's bathroom and the gunman was apparently in the bathroom during part of the call. take a listen. >> how many people are shooting? >> i think it's too. i don't know.
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i'm in the bathroom. xdáñ everybody is bleeding everywhere. >> from what can you see, is he white or hispanic? >> i think he's hispanic. i don't know. please hurry up. >> we are going to get some help from you. can you tell me anything they are wearing? >> no. he is in the bathroom. >> o7bthat call lasted about $x minutes before the csignal wen dead. it's not ççoclear what happened the woman in the recording. a new u.s. surgeon general 0@6cj& cultural shift in the way americans do drug and alcohol addiction. dr. visit mercy released this ztoday, and it says nation and it explains how brain science offers hope for recovery. the report says pfhaddiction i , nj flaw, not a moral failing÷ with
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president-elect trump taking office it's uncertain weather access to addiction treatment is going to improve or deteriorate. trump and the republican-led congress are pledging to repeal it made addiction treatmentez 'cñand essential health benefits. there has been a significant rise in major depression among young people in the u.s. the tr teenaged girls. this is according to a report just out in the journal of pediatrics. researchers eegfound cases of major depression among kids rose from about nine percent in 2005ú8m to 11 percent in 2014. the biggest increase goáwas see in teenage girlsbn . major depression in that group jumped ÷ to 17 per in 2014. it's not clear why depression the fastest among teenaged girls. dr. seymore needs to be done to improve x¿access to depression care for all of young people. fixed to a major fiat
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chrysler recall reportedly did not work. we will tell you why and if your car is still affected. booster seats are getting safer for children but there is still some companies that you want to avoid. we will tell you about the new findings. úf$ú v:and traffic is buqd bumper as (usual this time of morning westbound on the right- hand side. h% it's 7:24. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 7:25. l fairly írñnormal and cry here rolling west. no big trouble spots across the upper deck or downtown. it will take about 25 minutes to make that trip from the foot of the maze off to fremont street. i will update some more v:drive in nminutes. thank you. companies are making their car booster 3leñseats for kids safe that's according to the insurance institute for highway safety. >> they've tested 53 new booster seats and the companies are getting better at designing these seats to protect your kids. 48 of the x>zseats got the high ranking. >> the numbers just released are compared to eight years ago and only a quarter of child booster seats were considered pñ safe cthen. >> and you put the seat in the carhf% and some fiat chrysler
7:27 am
owners are being told that they need ovmto check out their cars >> this recall is the second confusing gearshift. the design to fix g6mthe probl didn't work !.efor about 29,00 vehicles. more than a million chryslers were originally recalled. '7ó the problem reported in the 2014 and 2015 jeep cherokee's and dodge chargers and chrysler 300. >> the confusing gearshift or is said to have contributed to the death of w3anton yeltsin. he was crushed in his driveway when his jeep slid backwards and pinned him against a brick pillar. this is what's happening at the ready for school forecast. tart at that. cold, indeed. some 40s going on. the high noon at 58, 61 by 3:00. rnk6sv the kron 4 morning news continues. a shooting in an east bay park. the gunman still on the loose.
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more on what led up to the violence.
7:29 am
will hit the roads in a minute. first we checked the weather. >> (r it is so cold still. let's check what's going on her8 . that frost advisory with us for another half hour. some areas -/at-will still experience the 30s which we see. dry, clear, low winds at work. the sun is joining us but technically the sun has to warm the ground and the ground heats up the air. shoreline. still looking at the lower 30s like napa. 37 for novato and 35 santa rosa. a chilly 36 for livermore. hour forecast calls for only 61
7:30 am
san francisco, oakland at 63. san jose at 64. modest high temperatures today. we will probably better that for tomorrow. the next thing to @
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times and the san mateo bridge 7:30 is the time. happening now, police working for the gunman who injured two people in a shooting in é÷çan e bay park. james fletcher has the latest from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: berkeley police are looking for at least two gunman. there might be more but they know at least the two were involved. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon at strawberry creek park on austin way. again, in berkeley. here's an overview map showing you the area. there's also a basketball court nearby. witnesses say it was around 3:00 a group of about 9)dñ.nb1 teenagers were playing in the basketball courtl' in a fight broke out. someone fired several shots into the air and then a second person pulled out a gun and took some shots into the crowd. two teenagers were hit. we are told that both are expected to recover. the shooters took off before police arrived so they are still looking for them this morning. if they come %qñ6ñup w police description or suspect description, #$will come back 
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let you know. guys? berkeley middle and high school students are suing the school district. current and hformer english language development students intimidated by district officials. a teacher at martin luther king jr. middle school [was placed leave by the district. ñyoutube video surfaced of her attacking a in sacramento in june. the students were asked about their immigration status, the languages they spoke at home, political activities outside of school hours, and their association with a teacher. koñ another big story @
7:33 am
as the w3possible selection dat police chief since former chief sean once suddenly resigned in june and in the midst of a sex scandal/o!. the city of san francisco is talking about the changes tof the police department after the u.s. department of justice came out with a list of recommendations for changes. san francisco's acting police chief tony chaplin says that his focus is on the de- escalation of force and that a plan is already underway and that they are v:seeing results. chaplin says there have been at 0a half-dozen incidents5 since the justice department released the recommendations, which u!ended without force. he also says that body cameras  are in place now in nine out of 10 districts and there is also ongoing training hopeful that police will be more accountable. to make the san francisco police arresting a man $qwho th say lit a back seat of a patrol car on fire. we saw this video down so you
7:34 am
can see it with the backseat of the car on fire. you see the flames. it happened on market street. the officers were patrolling the area on foot when they say back door and with the seat on 1 fire. he tried to run away but police caught him and he was taken into custody. 7:34. a warning for pet owners. a deadly mushroom has sprouted r park in the east bay and it's already led to the 0cum death of one dog. it happened last month when a dog&sw-9ñ named coal was poison after he ate mushrooms krat the briones regional park in martinez. his owner said he was running off the leash and he came across and eight that mushroom. the next day they took him to the vet when they noticed he ñnot normal. the dogs liver was destroyed and couple days of treatment. his owners say they are trying to get the word out v:to other dog owners as this wet weather is to blame for dozens of these tests %qñcap mushroomsx#m popping up.
7:35 am
>> i had noticed an incredible amount ÷of d mushrooms since i' been hiking since that incident. my dog survived and is still here and it did not eat a mushroom. xgg is now kept on a 20-foot lead where i can keep an eye on írh >> they are fairly common around the bay area. since 2010, five people have died in cecalifornia after mistakenly eating those poisonous mushrooms. a new lesson plan: president-elect donald trump racist and sexist. á omission high school teacher outlined a plan w3to th teachers. it encourages teachers to talk to students about the election results. it also says they don't have to accept the results and must fight for justice. >> in this case, it really is not an opinion$ñ. there are statements that he made that were unquestionable --kjk unquestionably racist and
7:36 am
sexist. >> írñthey said the plan is an option and not part of the more than 2000 san francisco students did walk out of class last $cyweek to protest the election. knew this morning, learning about what may have caused a deadly train crash in hoboken new jersey. investigators say that sleep apnea may have played a role in the crash that killed one woman. the man was operating the train at the time,m was diagnosed wi sleep apnea but not until v:af . o sleep apnea could have made the driver tired. the train operator told investigators that he had no memory of the crash. he says he only remembers waking up on the floor after the crash. qá% the train plowed into the hoboken train terminal at more than 20 miles per hour. (!6
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welcome back to the crown for morning news. no major hotspots, but it's packed out there. take a look at the right on the san mateo bridge. e tbound 92. the san mateo bridge is seven miles, and at seven miles of slow traffic. 31 minutes right now to get fro @highway 101. let's head to the bay bridge. the ride into san francisco only looking better. the carpool lanes recovering from earlier problems near the tolls ko2and the 880 over crossing. it's a 31 viominute trip here. let's head over to the east bay and look at highway four.
7:41 am
that drive is moderate. it's 36 minutes from hillcrest and antioch. 580 west is looking good. no big problems out of livermore, so it's under 15 minutes to get to the interchange there. that's a great drive time. and the q,rñthought they not so good. started with problems on 880 and the backups spilled over to north 101. leaving morgan hill into san jose, that's why it's ko60 minutes to get from cochran to the guadalupe parkway. awqfáío5reebok is now offer sneakers to new balance customers who are destroying their own shoes. >> people started burning and throwing away t@their new balan÷ shoes after the company reportedly voiced their support for donald trump. things got worse when a white supremacist ykíwebsite dubbed n balance is the shoes of white people. >> so now reebok is responding to those posts saying that eplace those shoes and i'll give them for free. >> it's a good thing the ceo didn'tsg3ç=/ do that.
7:42 am
>> and if you are shopping for shoes or if whatever you are shopping for, research firms are increase in online shopping. >> xgg'7óspending cyber monday jump to $3.12 billion this year compared to 3.5 billion last year. >> they say total online m¢ shopping sales of the ;season are expected to go up as much is 19 percent to $81 billion. >> 70 percent of all holiday shopping done online. the national retail federation expects americans spend $665 billion in stores and online in november and december. >> i'm going to say i do ko2pc5 >> 100 percent online. here's a look at your ready for school forecast. a cold start. definitely want the gloves and hats. only in the upper 50s.
7:43 am
modest climb for 0afternoon highs. still monitoring those showers coming this weekend and way upstream perhaps by thanksgiving eve. stay closedengr(jñtinue.
7:44 am
7:45 am
a hot burger commercial. kate upton, the sports illustrated kkç-- sports illustrated modelvv"k÷nfá. bas she sang bite me two jgcmajor league base"-íjr0@6cj& >> she's very upset. her fiancee, pitcher for ú she is upset because he got the#od most votes but he didn't win the cy young. >> it's really the way she
7:46 am
voiced that disappointment that catching everyone, because you think these are too hot for tv, i mean, she's got an x-rated tweet. i've got it for you. i think we cleaned it up a bit. she says, hey, mlb, i thought it was 6zñthe only person allow to [nyduck justin of vland are the way i'll put it. she just is questioning. it's pretty clear. >> even you have stooped to pandering to the audience at 7:45 having that video on. >> are you kidding me? 7 she is so famous sports she is so famous sports whe she appears. >> you know, i just heard about it. i didn't know the tweet was that strong. >> that's what i'm saying. p
7:47 am
>> good, bad, however, -9ñyou w to put it. >> she pretty much laid it out there. first of all, i guess she's upset because he got more first- place votes but rick portillo got more second-place votes. basically, they add them all up. >> well, isn't that funny. 8ç here's this ru÷fqkuh for the nobody cares about him. it's his fiancie. >> she is so famous. he still makes more money, but she gets more headlines@/. my question is, -- >> let me ask you something. did you look up the video? >> i just said i would like one of the many sex commercials. she has sex with hamburgers, basically. >> that's funny. >> i never thought you would stoop to that level. we are journalists. >> as a sports die and a guy, i want to ='know, do you want you wife, your girlfriend, in this case fiancie, to come to your defense? does a guy want his woman to stand up and say, you screw with
7:48 am
ñimy guy and i v%khate you for do you want that or do you want 1up. >> here's what i want. seriously, the tweet is congratulations to him. then ózkyou go in your house, e the door, and you pitch and moan . you don't give anybody the -$udeo3 nbknow that you are that upset. íb/nember my favorite, giselle learned her lesson after soçthe super bowl in 2012 becau my husband cannot throw thekl/ ball and catch > you know, that's 06an unfortunate mindset you've got there. just because something is great
7:49 am
doesn't mean anything is going on. >> why can't some things > it starts with questions and questions turn into assumptions and assumptions turn into vacations. you greatness for something that >> i thought that was kind !&- funny. >> he's getting good reviews for that. i've heard a number of commentators go, that's a good commercial. >> guys, @ehyou want to speak f yourself. let him do the talking. it doesn't look good i guess in the sports world. >> what's fun about him, he does very few commercials where he has to act or whatever. he does print ads but that's a good thing for footlocker. >> let's pull up that sexy brady add where he is wearing nothing but boots. all right. >> it's 7:45 in the morning. >> is it too earlyñö(asvû >> the warriors had &swthe raft number. what i am wondering is drake
7:50 am
watch him plook at kevin durant he says, i'm happy for you, but look at how -- what? give me a break. >> pgehe worked for the rafters think. even though they lost. i'm looking at the video ofrtqe  i know it's like regular for you but i'm always amazed. like that one shot where he's behind and i'm thinking, how is he passing behind? it would hit me ykñr>ñin the. that's amazing. >> they would have 65 points between them last night. 35 for curry, 35 for durant. once they get it going, it sure looks like they are almost there. they're going to be as great as i think as everybody said. >> absolutely. and even though you amaze a lot of people3wñ, they can étñbe am too. so hwcheck out drake, who else
7:51 am
was there? all being amazed byfá vomdavid magic&sy6op. "gziv7 >> i got it. >> 6opgfphe's going to draw something. >> that's how it all started. icture of a v÷ little animal and they drew a picture of the frog and then how do you do that. >> again, you don't watch at night, but you know, steve, the relatively new anchor we have. >> yes. >> go w3look at the tape. he wa a magician years ago, so i #vz
7:52 am
this video and then i had steve do a couple magic trickss on th 8:00 and 10:00. >> could he pull a frog out of his mouth? >> he didn't do that, but he did the scarf 3o )5#ju)ud a coin. it was very entertaining. out or hat? >> take a look at it. one of those deals, he used to be in the circus or something. i'm serious. many years agokvg steve was pr good. he did a couple nbmagic tricks the air last night. "9l >> it's a way to entertain at a party. if you can spit frogs out of your mouth into a glass of champagne, you can while your friends. >> you scares me. >> u+jmagicians and mimes are high on my list. >> i gi"ñwant david copperfield >> i don't want any of them. ='
7:53 am
i don't want themp pulling it. >> enough of this, where is the kate upton video? >> you want to go out with that? i have another one where she is you can enjoy this. >> it's never too early. all right. you like that? will see you. enjoy. >> fabulous.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
and the week continues he >> here's a preview of tonight's episode. dfkfs6i come out here and i wi ask ççothe community what happe and no one ever wants to talk about it but they wanted cleaned up. no one wants to participate in this cleanup. you participate by saying, hey, a truck came by here. >> at night someone else comes$@ to see if there's anything in the trash is spread all over like debris. >> so what did you think of that thing? p >> there you go. there's your answer. it's bad.
7:57 am
>> so ÷nyou get a little bit about how they find people behaving badly. >> that's tonight at 9:00. still ahead, following breaking news from overnight. the search for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run on the freeway in san jose. it's the third time this week a pedestrian has been killed on a bay area freeway latest on the bgainvestigation. concerns after racist graffiti is found in the bathroom of an east bay high school for the second time in a month. p9 details on how the school district is responding in wza life report. and a beautiful morning but temperatures down near freezing. a frost advisory for the inland valley. we'll have more on the cold temperatures and then the big rains headed our way. kvc
7:58 am
7:59 am
following breaking news from overnight in san jose where a man was killed on the on ramp from southbound 101.
8:00 am
will give you the details and his is the third fatal hit-and-run accident just this week on bay @
8:01 am
8:02 am
>>mark: this into of the pedestrians have been done on bay area high when >>will tran: no. 3 happened seven hours ago on the on ramp on southbound 11 you might be able to see the players on the roadway and the good news is to see the cars made in the right turn on a southbound 11 to give
8:03 am
to the public to make a model of the victim's name still not being released we do know according to them he was a man in his mid-40s
8:04 am
>>reporter: most tutors at this point have gone to class can't
8:05 am
clearly in the graffiti was terrible and not reflect the will of the student body but they're not sure the person who did this release filled the square was trying to make a joke
8:06 am
8:07 am
she's been hiding mission peak and the debt last month and half they're investigating this as a hate crime, some continues to transition to the white house was they who was considering the secretary of state
8:08 am
8:09 am
♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
8:10 am
>>robin winston: a lot stop and go traffic is the normal called impact of the drive time not bad 16 minutes from the foot of the maze of to fremont street
8:11 am
>>mark: shooting uncooperative and she struggled with two officers you could see he punched her mouth before she was put in the squad car
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>>reporter: sunny but cold tomorrow mostly sunny a touch more moderate by the weekend rain showers return and mild where 61 san francisco 63 oakland remembering that 25 degrees or so in some cases above for
8:17 am
>>robin winston: for those of you travel into and out a san ramon, the committee direction
8:18 am
south 680 concord pleasant hill walnut creek bumper-to-bumper 38 minutes from 232 out to danville >>charles clifford: the water that kids aren't in school california water supply contains little to no naturally occurring to sources almost always traced the old pipes and plumbing fixtures with in the school itself about a year ago
8:19 am
staff member hills road elementary notice their water was a little clouding it brought in the water testing agency to figaro was going on is the district's superintendent testing was done at the district of the school and lead was again found in water a to junior high school because of the age of the building that would of been very expensive to the district of so much agree fax 6 >>reporter: the incident did show there was a potential problem for our abundance of
8:20 am
caution it was kept turned off for the entire year there are some and toward less in the other school of distrust can learn from their experience on
8:21 am
our website we have what the epa web site then the effects of lead poisoning and to have on children and pregnant women
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>>darya: donald trump is meeting with the world leader for the first time since winning the election he meets with japan's prime minister and he and the other asian leaders have expressed concerns over his campaign rhetoric of the transition team started work in new york and washington the processes been a rocky one something that he is disputing
8:25 am
we're hard have the latest on this transition of power >>reporter: multiple leaks indicate that much of that confusion and infighting is when to his son-in-law and trusted advisor heat we did that the process is very organized and his team is pushed back on the criticism the country appears to
8:26 am
be very much divided
8:27 am
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>>reporter: even at this late
8:30 am
hour we are looking and '40's elsewhere for the most part san jose looking a 64 coming a will and this today most closely the rain shower and early into next week. >>robin winston: it is still smooth and quiet at the bay bridge toll plaza another problem slowing down the right out of oakland into san francisco for those of legal
8:31 am
have highways 680 write in this area grow can and now cost the amendment to section shut down
8:32 am
>>james: sentinel part you concede the aerial shot nice green space in the basketball court witnesses say was about 3:00 and the afternoon we're told both of them are expected to recover in the following year
8:33 am
she became an activist for trends in the right stuff >>mark: it happened last friday in oakland at home on the mark drive 19 year-old and his mother and her partner were murdered police said she stepped a shot the victims and set a house on fire she tried to flee with a fog or covered in blood the brother and son of to the victim said he forgive a stern but mrs. is family please tell know how she is connected to the family but this may have been a real estate dispute sure return to court to enter a plea he
8:34 am
explains how all the policies will affect the rest of pd his
8:35 am
flitted not guilty yet been deported five times and served time in federal prison >>mark: the middle and high school students are suing the school district there to claims that occurred in the development students the students were asked about their immigration status 2094 injured and in was injured
8:36 am
in a shootout with police before he was arrested his lawyer said the client will plead not guilty he told the officer he was not grabbing his gun and one for identification the families
8:37 am
say they do plan to file a civil lawsuit
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>reporter: the students are chancing the people united can never be defeated the students marched in the streets carrying signs in english and spanish
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>reporter: again a good 25 that
8:47 am
and then we're still on at some middle to lower 60s wellcome's
8:48 am
in its 63 >>robin winston: that has plants in the fast track when still back them will looking at 15 in the courtroom for the maze out to fremont street from 880 out
8:49 am
to the one on one connector in sunnyvale a quick reminder to travel to san ramon pg&e still dealing with a huge power outage impact and 30,000 customers >>mark: the death of the mushroom has sprouted in the east bay park and is led to the death of one dog the mushrooms
8:50 am
are fairly common around the bay area
8:51 am
>>gabe slate: there joining forces comcast subscribers can downstream the of the kit box numerous switching input to our changing out cables from go on tv here is how works is to button pushes away and the
8:52 am
interface is very familiar is the standard application you
8:53 am
might have won if you don't and most cases you an upgrade for free >>darya: funded by the u.s. commerce department they're going to assume work out who gets to participate investing their we know more stand on line at the d&b
8:54 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: in contrast to
9:01 am
yesterday's some spots are still trailing we're catching a little bit and afternoon highs expected to lower 60s a pretty nice climb up chilly temperatures. >>robin winston: from the foot
9:02 am
of the maze will adopt a fremont street will take a look at the san mateo bridge coming up next >>darya: this is the third pedestrian killed on the highway this week >>will tran: he's 43 years old hispanic male they're not releasing his name they're not sure what city he is from what they do know he is not a transient is homeless encampments this is based on
9:03 am
what he was wearing he had watt on him they do not believe he was homeless nor was this a disabled car situation they don't know why he was walking there but we do know he was hit by one car in that car continued possibly hit by a car to follow kohen they once again this is just a few minutes ago to tell the public will ever you are edition be considerable from endamage to give them a call your not in trouble the want to talk to you sometimes people don't know what they did. >>will tran: at this point give them a call the will like to track you down and talk to you
9:04 am
9:05 am
>>mark: home alive and monte vista high in danville with details >>reporter: all students to teachers and staff inside the gym room and one of his high- school that called a special assembly to address the races are feeding
9:06 am
>>reporter: again most of them reiterated that they thought this was terrible and was not reflective of the student body will a with to talk to san ramon school officials here is what they said home in our district, for words used during the election coincide with to agree incidence of greece's graffiti
9:07 am
>>mark: they're investigating hate crime in fremont woman was singled out our car vandalized or someone venting their hatred toward muslims she's been hiking the mission peak every day for the past month and half the investigating this as a crime
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
for >>darya: the eight had the highest ratings some boosters seeds made by costco more than a million of to issue visa or arisen recall jeeps if it was supposed to make them shift in the park of the driver opened the door to the 2012 to 14-
9:12 am
charger and chrysler 300 gonna some continues its transition to the white house it was a who was considering for secretary of state
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>reporter: many readings will be still in the third of a school for to watch out what happens good rent covers all over the bay you concede by sunday and turns more to scatter shower even and then we'll watching upstream until an event happens by thanksgiving eve during the day is a mountain snows we've been talking about
9:16 am
the l at to what is going on justice minister resorts may be opening
9:17 am
>>robin winston: 15 minutes of that drive from the toll over 2101 checking in on some of the drive times around the bay area we have called on the nimitz is softened to 38 heading into fremont and milpitas solid out to 37/\ >>robin winston: treated as a for one-stop the power outage and acting to suggest to him i
9:18 am
withdraw u.s. troops what an aide to the prime minister >>mark: he menace and a south carolina governor to be secretary of state's the florida
9:19 am
governor the time now hillary clinton made her first public appearance
9:20 am
>>darya: she agreed to speak at the dinner before the election the shooting was trained on facebook live and want to remind you the video is graphic he was shot in his car after a traffic stop in july and the cn system
9:21 am
she is relieved charges were filed
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>robin winston: you may want to
9:25 am
stay away from fremont use harrison instead >>mark: the battle lines are still being drawn the base of the results are still affecting people's personal relationships >>vicki liviakis: thanksgiving shows the potential for a post- election tension there is a
9:26 am
toxin on either side of the political science some rules amazement on the home front may be beyond.
9:27 am
two people recovering a shooter and berkeley will tell you police are looking for
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>reporter: the progress that surrounds 16 as you will see tonight where winter revisited the chilly numbers
9:30 am
>>robin winston: it was already
9:31 am
a straw ride into san francisco picking up down the we have so much heavy traffic on fremont street >>mark: the 61 year-old is currently behind bars without bail at santa rita jail she became known for her involvement in a publicized trends gender battle in 1999 to 13 sex change and inspired former high-school teaching job and the years following she became an activist for trash underwrites the murders happened last friday and oakland the 19 year-old his mother and her
9:32 am
partner with all murdered she stabbed and shot the victims of what a house on fire she tried to flee but they discovered her covered in blood fifth sure return to court to enter pleas on december 8th >>darya: police a looking for the gunman who injured two people in the shooting of the shooting have been a straight creek park in berkeley someone pulled the gun and fired shots someone else started shooting into the crown for everyone
9:33 am
involved with juvenile to teenager shot >>darya: he has criticized and services in britain to cut federal funding and he said it would deport millions of people in the u.s. illegally he had run
9:34 am
as he been deported five times >>reporter: the fear of mass deportation has mares from seattle to chicago was angeles to new york tech in the stand against donald trump their
9:35 am
hundreds of centaur cities in the u.s. and choose not to enforce national immigration laws to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation many processes still the they're fighting for their future this
9:36 am
open letter to the president of the university of southern california was circulated in the petition this week to the alumni and students thousands of our respondents a legalese centaurus cities cannot stop the to deportations the students to ask
9:37 am
about the immigration status the languages they spoke of home the political activity outside of school hours and associated according to a loss to
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
for >>robin winston: fremont street admission is close to investigate the suspicious package >>mark: is led to the death the one dog this happened last month when a dog was poisoning after eating the mushrooms at their regional park martinez the
9:41 am
mushrooms author of a calm and the bay area since 2010
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>mark: to the teens have owners and has been approved by major league baseball scott off is been announced and john fishable the majority partner will take over as the managing partner
9:46 am
time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey
9:47 am
>>gary: she is very upset and her fiance's 1/5 she is upset because he got the most votes but did not win >>darya: thought was the only person allowed to the camp--duck him >>gary: evening you have stooped to pander to audience at 745
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>>darya: do you want your wife or girlfriend to come to your defense it is not too soon for
9:50 am
tommy >>darya: 10 in the sports world a dozen looks to the it does not look good >>gary: and that is a good thing for footlocker and the warriors
9:51 am
have the rafters number and look and of the video checkout drake
9:52 am
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>>darya: home really how you do that >>gary: did the scar from his neck and was something of the corn in was very entertaining
9:54 am
>>darya: you can enjoy this of the is never too early
9:55 am
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