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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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tonight we're tracking more rain in the forecast. as you are looking live at our stormtracker radar. good evening, i'm j.r. stone and this weekf weekend's rain making it tough for people traveling for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. >> scattered showers around the bay area, but really having that feel today of that holiday and you want to grab a cup of hot chocolate and coffee. we have a whole lot more rain coming our way as this is opening the door for a series of storming moving through the barack through the holiday week. can you see the cloud moving into the pacific northwest. we have the cold front sliding on through. but very heavy rainfall in the north bay and not a whole lot the south bay, but more to come. the focus offing mott south and you have this nice line making its way into towards san josi
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right now, and near fremont seeing scattered shower. this is sliding to the southeast, so the nest few minutes going to be picking up in san josi. looks like there is more to come off the coastline. as you make your way to the east bay, seeing widely scattered shower east of livermore and quieting down a little bit, but along the peninsula into south san francisco, looking at more rainfall that is making its way into the bay as we speak. in the north bay seeing more showers over the north bay hills and into san rafael and seeing raindrops there and still plenty move to come. we have this storm system moving through and maybe thunderstorms tomorrow and a whole new storm system moving through late on tuesday into wednesday. we'll have more on your holiday forecast coming up in a just a couple of minutes. j.r. back to you. >> continuing our team coverage of the weekend storms the first of many winter storms is here to stay for the next few days. drivers are on high alert, while travelers and others just
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trying to stay dry. k kron 4 ella sogomonian. >> i love the sun and warmness. so i don't like it. >> ail little bit indifferent did. >> reporter: the rain is here to stay for the week, for most of the east bay. it's the first of many weather storms brewing this winter. although it's not bothering please walnut creek shoppers, the wet weather could be cumbersome for holiday travelers. >> i'm actually staying home, but my parents are coming down from tahoe, so i don't know if they make it because the know. for those hitting the road, rain or shine the triple-a has recommendationed for you. >> stay off your phone. >> use the windshield wipers and make sure your car is tuned
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and full of gas. >> make sure you drive slow. you think everyone just needs to plan accordingly timewise to get to where they are go. >> reporter: if you are planning into traveling into snowy conditions triple a recommends that you have snow chains on-hand and your tires are at the right pressure and drive slow. now here is a look at some of our other top stories we're tracking tonight at 11. >> in palo alto, they played soccer through the rain while parents and grandparentings bunked you up on the sideline and caltran crews were busy performing routine maintenance on trees along highway 101 to prevent future flooding and accidents. and in pacifica, crushing waves along the coast, a direct result of the blustery conditions providing a show for those who drove up to catch a
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glimpse of this spectacle. >> philippe djegal. >> in the north bay people saw their fair share of rain saturday. it was heavy in the morning, but got a break at least in san rafael, enough time for people to take their dog for a walk and a lot of people taking publication transportation and it's easier to stay dry at a bus stop, rather than just walking with an umbrell yawn depending where you are, you can expect more to come. in san rafael, spencer blake, kron 4 news. well, the rain and wind did not stop antitrump protesters today in san francisco, dozens marched through city streets this afternoon, chanting and holding up signs. similar to what we have seen at most rallies since donald trump won the election. this is video of the group as they were rallying near city hall. this was a peaceful rally. no arrests were made and nothing was damaged. today's march and rally did cause traffic back-ups in the area. those who attended said rain or shine, it was important to get their message out.
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>> in san francisco, the rain didn't stop people from coming to the annual tree lighting ceremony at pier 39. the majestic 60' christmas tree stands at end of peand starting with musical performances including stars from disney's the lion king and a countdown to the tree lighting that took place shortly after 6:30. in san francisco, lidoy pantazes, kron 4 news. the 555 california tree stands over 80' tall and covered with nearly 200,000 lights. after the holidays the tree will be recycled and donated. the lumber goes to habitat for humanity and greenery and branches will be mulched for landscaping. tree lighting ceremony and concert take place november 29th. well, a warning tonight for people in the east bay after a
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series of car break-ins. kron 4 tells issue where this is happening and what thieves are target. >> reporter: tonight hercules police are on high alert after a series of car burglaries. since october 1st, more than 40 cars have been broken into and the majority of the cases windows are smashed in and valuables are stolen. recent cases are in various areas in the town with a few happening near the 1900 block of refugio valley road and people in the neighborhoods say they didn't know about the break-ins, but they weren't surprised either. >> i know that crime has risen here in hercules, so i don't know if it's people from the neighborhood doing this or from wherever. >> my assumption is just an assumption and it's not mem hercules. there have to be have the surrounding areas pow. >> police say majority of cases involve valuables left in the car and advising residents to steer clear of that. johnny says he keeps his cars unlocked. >> if he want that to break
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in, i would have could chain the window. if it's open, they take whatever is inside, which is hardly anything, maybe a newspaper or something like that. >> we did not used to do that, but he yes, i lock this car, this door every time i close it during the day, during, and when we go out, the house- sitter, and she locks every window, every door. >> reporter: another tip from police, they say if you want to hide valuables in your trunk, do it before you get to your destination. reporting in hercules. q ron 4 news a. the break we'll tell you about the new same time that will revolutionizing weather forecast and could even help save lives. we'll explain next, plus the bay area forecast
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well your weather forecast is about to get better. take a look at this.
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the goes-4 satellite was launched from florida. scienceivs are calling most advance weather same time ever built tracking u.s. weather like never before, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms and even solar flares will be detected from a record 22 afternoon mile orbit. goes-4 satellite is the first of four being built to replace the aging u.s. weather satellite system and lawrence, as we look at that go into the air, i can say that i had the opportunity to watch one of these night launches and it was spectacular. >> i'm always breathing a sigh of relief when they get up there and it comes together right. we're hoping that really advances our science. there is still so much we need to know and a lot of time we think we know everything about the weather, but i can tell you it's not true. >> . [ laughter ] >> hey folks out there today we have rainfall around the bay
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area and more scattered showers. i think as we head into tomorrow morning, a stronger band of rain starts to move onshore. so be prepared for that. tomorrow, showers on and off throughout the day. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. i think by the afternoon if we see a couple of breaks in the cloud may bring enough heating to give rise to a few thunderstorms outside. wouldn't that be nice? over the next few days, here we go, maybe catch a little bit of break between monday and tuesday, but tuesday night another storm moves in and rain expected into wednesday morning. another brief wreak and thonf on thanksgiving day another storm moves in by thursday afternoon. on thanksgiving day, rain into early friday morning and another storm next weekend. so the storm door is open, a lot of rain on the way. >> i think this is a board game type of week with the families. >> yes, [ laughter ]. >> wonderful indoor activities. >> thank you so much for
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joining us. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.
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this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron4 >> the backstory >> the newscast >> day 66 >> will: first time i've seen a train crash up close and personal. >> will: it look like a movie set for sure. they kept saying that it look like the scene from the movie, the fugitive. >> will: where that train derailed there as well. >> darya: and the other breaking news story here in the bay area. >> darya: in the eastbay that we are covering. an ace train commuter train that derailed last night in sunol. >> darya: the front car plunging into a creek. >> darya: we've also have been live on the scene all morning long with will tran talking about when ace train will be back up and running. >>mark: yes. kron 4 will tran's been there and he continues to be there talking to investigators and getting the latest information this morning.


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