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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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gragra--grant lodus
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant: not at 5. the police are rest a father who is suspected of drowning his four year-old daughter in a baptismal pool at a catholic church. >> vicki: the incident had last night on route 830. police say they found the man naked and screaming for help while holding his unresponsive child. kron4 and carmen is falling this story for us tonight. he joins us live now and held burke with more--healdsburg. >> vicki: dan? >> reporter: there is a lot of controversy and contradictions with the story. we will have more in a net--have more in the next
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update. >> vicki: and we are following some breaking news tonight out of chattanooga tennis secret police are reporting that six people possibly all children have been killed after the school bus they were riding in crashed into a home. the bus was taking the elementary school students home for the day. witnesses reported seeing the bus on its side, with children using the bus routes had to escape. >> vicki: chattanooga's police chief said about 35 children or on the bus when it crashed and it ended with a tree split into the bus roof. 23 people were taken to area hospitals for treatment. there are no reports of anyone inside a home injured. police said
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the bus driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: another big story we are falling out of the east bay. venetia police shot and dignified a little boy who was killed sunday after being run over by a car. it happened in a parking lot when the car somehow went into reverse. >> catherine: it is a heartbreaking story with several children involved. a 12 year-old boy was charging his own and the car when it lurched. backboards, killing a 4 year old boy and injuring a 13 year-old them or all gassed at a birthday party. the child to die has been identified. but older boy had minor injuries and the tack of today were still inspecting the car tried to figure out exactly what happened. it is not clear if the 12 year old was in
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the driver's seat. police say is a reminder for paris to always be aware when children are around a car. >> vicki: the families involved were put in touch with cousy services and one officer described the incident as every parent's worst nightmare. >> vicki: we are getting a closer look at one of the vehicles involved in a running gun battle that injured an elderly couple in san leandro. this is the video of one of the vehicles involved in the crime. it is a 2015 dodge caravan and investors believe is a rental car. >> vicki: an elderly couple was sent to the hospital after being hit head on and officers also found a man suffering from gunshot wounds near the scene, he is recovering. the other man and a sheet out ran away and
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the shooting is still under investigation. >> grant: a young man shot to death in alabama over the weekend was the focus of the memorial today. the victims oakland high school classmates organized it and although school was closed for the bags giving holiday. the campus opened for the sullom yvette. kron4 haazig my immune was there. -- campus opened for thissolem event. >> reporter: i am always went to remember you from the middle school days. >> reporter: selling albums is reading a message she wrote in memory of her friend antoine williams. who was shot to death saturday night outside the south
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shore lanes bowling alley in alameda. 19 year-old williams was a popular oakland high school senior and stencil on the wildcats' football team. >> reporter: on monday, school officials opened the open athletic area for students to hold a special memorial for his honor. >> today we basically political ball game for him, a lot of people can to show their love for him, and him and his family. in " >> it just feel so sad, we grew up together, i do not know what to do without him now, i just loved him so much. >> reporter: his fellow look teammates loved him as well here you see them writing messages on his locker.
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>> when i found out i immediately broke down, i did not want to believe that at first. loss' a teammate and a good brother, a wonderful friend. >> reporter: the circumstances leading to the shooting outside a bowling alley is unclear at this point police investigators say they received in 911 called saturday night at around 9:00 p.m. and it hour ride on the scene, finding a male shooting did the who was transported to lay low hospital where he died from his injuries. >> is just the fact that he is gone from this tragedy gun violence has to stop. >> reporter: in oakland, haazig madyun kron 4 news. >> reporter: for the second time and less than a week raises graffiti has been found on the campus of months of this the high school in danville. officials say this time to
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hate speech was found on a school bus and last week was are we was all in the bathroom at the high school. this incident is under investigation as the principal says he will be looking at hidden surveillance footage to find out who did it. >> reporter: the school already held a meeting to address the hate crimes and this marks the sixth time a racist or disagreed graffiti has been found in the seminal valley unified school district, just this month. --this marks the sixth time a racist or offensive graffiti has been found and the son ramon valley unified school district, just this month.
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>> reporter: happening now the need for food assistance at and is giving persist across the bay area and prosperous silicon valley is no exception. as kron4 rob fladeboe reports now live from san jose and one south bay terry, is doing something about that. rob? >> reporter: between now and wednesday, or heart community services would distribute food boxes like bees to needy families who otherwise might not get enough to eat over the and giving holiday, much less a turkey dinner with all the traumas but there is just one problem, there are not enough turkeys to go all around. >> reporter: what is needed
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are more people like this person here who showed up monday with 40 frozen turkeys in the back of his pickup. >> reporter: and then there are the hundreds of volunteers and that those boxes or sports pool in the background, if people like this person here with one of 15 such people from the start of down the street. if there are not enough turkeys the goal now, some folks will make do with a chicken or ham. sigrid hard to goal is for no one to be hungry on things giving but reminders that the need is growing because of the lack of affordable housing in most of silicon valley.
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>> grant: snow and the sierra makes for a pretty good scheme. --sking >> grant: spencer? >> grant: is it cold? you look cold! >> reporter: yes, it is cold. >> reporter: there was more than 3 ft. that fill this weekend. and this is the only resort that is open in northern california. today, with a bonus of snow picking up.
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>> you can see on the tree tops in it is the white blood face and know that our families loved. -- it is the white fluffy snow that our families love. >> reporter: and does get wet when you approach of the resort. thanksgiving week should be a good time for skiing. there are a few more resorts that should open up, as they wait for snow. and around here you may see 10 ft. of snow. >> grant: alright, spencer good stuff.
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>> vicki: brittany has been telling us that we have a triple whammy. with three storms. >> grant: rain here and the moisture will continue to go to the east and goes right into the sierra and we will see morse no chances. >> grant: >> brittney: it will look and feel like the holidays. sunday, is when we will see the next three storms. what brings our toes of the 10th of an inch to more depending on where you are located. you distills the unsettled weather near the sierra. at a press valley at this time. you see more unsettled weather. with a storm maker
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here rotating. with a few more rain shower chances. >> brittney: was start off with a lot of sunshine but as we get into the late morning hours you will see more clout increasing and by 5:00 in the north bay or santa rosa you will see a rough ride home for you. with heavy downpours. 7:00 on tuesday as we go into the 9:00 hour to see more rate increases. with parts of san francisco and the east bay. encoding san jose and the santa cruz mountains. it will continue to move on with the moisture moving ahead and in creating a system there. >> brittney: that is the first form of three heading our way i will let you know what to expect as he hit
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into tomorrow. the guys? >> grant: as a nearly two weeks since california voted to legalize recreational marijuana on. >> vicki: parts of that law are already in of that. not all, which is causing confusion. kron4's maureen kelly help cut through the haze surrounding proposition 64 >> reporter: and kaelin is now legal for adults 21 and over to smoke pot as long as they are not in the public. they can grow up to six plants. >> reporter: also people 21 and older can legally carry
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up to an ounce of marijuana on them. this is what an ounce look like. right here is the same amount that was still a plastic sandwich baggies. but the problem is i'm as they have a medical marijuana car like this one here. right now there is nowhere for strip and recreation and users to buy pot legally in this state. >> reporter: it is at a little stage for shore and if we go for everyone to have inside but they cannot have anywhere to buy its assets but they do not have it anywhere to buy it, we have a place that's still the but they can get it here. >> reporter: that is the general manager a blowup rome a dispensary in san francisco's south of market area. he expects that it will apply for licenses all alike them to expand their sales beyond medical marijuana patients but that might be a while. the state of california has until a
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giants first 2018 over a year away. but they have to start easing licensing allow allowing retail establishments to sell nonmedical pot. >> the prospects of being able to help what people and have an increase bottom of cells is obviously enticing for us but for now nothing is glenn to change. >> reporter: those behind losses is written so is possible that temporary permit could be issued before that. but is also written to give cities and towns local control, so do not expect to seek a local pot shot in every town there is one interesting loophole what is not legal to sell right now. >> you can give is so kind of cool for the holidays at a medical canada's paging you can give gifted legally is totally cool.
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>> reporter: as long as the person receiving the small opel stockton stopper is 21 and over. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> reporter: west has the upper or cancel the rest of his st., baltimore. it comes after west and did a concert in sacramento over the game after playing just two songs been canceled a shot in al a shortly before it started. i don't want to live with
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>> vicki:samsung is back at it again with the exploding phones. more reports have surfaced that other galaxy s-7 devices have burst into flames.similar to what happened with the note-7's. last halted production and sales of the galaxy note-7 phone after failing to correct a problem that caused the devices to explode. >> vicki:for now. the
5:25 pm
largest mobile phone maker is urging users not to freak out about reports related to its galaxy s-7 and galaxy s- 7 edge. >> grant:an i=phone model is causing users problems and apple has announced it is taking action to help those affected. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate is here to fill us in on what model and what the issue is. >> gabe:there are some i=phone 6=s's that have bad batteries and are causing the phones to randomly shut down even when there is still juice left. now the phones are ableto power up right away and be used like normal. >> gabe:but man. nothing more annoying than your phone suddenly shutting off for no reason. so if this has been plauging you. here's how to get it fixed. >> gabe:apple has launched a special online support page for this iphone 6s battery issue. there you can lean exactly how to get the battery in
5:26 pm
your phone replaced for free. you can mail it in and have it mailed back to you or set up a time to go into an apple store. and at&t are not participating with this. >> gabe:so you can't go into those stores for help with this. this is important. there is no safety risk with this battery issue this is not like the samsung phones being recalled for catching on fire. >> gabe:apple said in a statement that this issue affects "a very small number" of iphone 6s's manufactured between september and october in 2015. they didn't provide details yet on what is wrong with the batteries and why they are faulty. apple's announcement comes less than a week after a consumer watch group in china launched an investigation
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> vicki: this weekend was a sobering reminder of the dangers of policing. >> grant: 4 officers were shot in four separate cities all within 24 hours. scott mclean reports.
5:30 pm
>> reporter:san antonio police detective benjamin marconi was inside his vehicle sunday writing a routine traffic ticket when someone approached his window shooting him twice and sparking a manhunt. >>chief william mcmanus/san antonio police: the search has gone on we started yesterday afternoon. all night and to this point and will not stop until this person is in custody. >> reporter:marconi was 50 years old and had spent almost half his life on the force. san antonio police say the suspect was briefly inside police headquarters before the shooting -- barely long enough to ask the clerk a question and walk out. >> reporter:it's not clear what he wanted, but the local police chief says it "is" clear who the target was. >>chief william mcmanus/san antonio police: i think the uniform was the targeted and anyone that he happened along was the first person he targeted. >> reporter:meanwhile, in st. louis, an officer was shot twice in the face by a suspect wanted for a string of other crimes.
5:31 pm
the officer will survive, but the suspect was killed by police. >>chief sam dotson/st. louis police: this officer was not involved in a traffic stop. this officer was not trying to pull this car over, this officer was driving down the road and was ambushed. >> reporter:and that's not all -- in sanibel, florida, an officer was shot and injured during a traffic stop. the suspect in that case was arrested. but not before trading gunfire with police. and in a kansas city suburb, a teenage suspect shot a police officer after police say he took off running from a traffic stop. >> reporter:police say he pulled a gun injured, the suspect was killed. in washington, i'm scott mclean. >> vicki:and at this hour police in san antonio continue their search for the shooting suspect. they say he is black, 20 to 30 years old, a slim 5-7 to 6 feet tall with a goatee. they think he is driving a black mitsubishi galant with custom rims. they are asking people to be on the lookout. and warning them that he is extremey dangerous. >> grant:and police say they have arrested the suspect wanted in the death of the san antonio police detective. 31-year-old otis mckane was
5:32 pm
arrested about a half hour ago. without incident. and. the saint louis police officer that was shot in an "ambush" style attack has been released from the hospital. an attorney for the man accused of killing a northern california sheriff's deputy is asking for a mental health evaluation. >> grant:david machado's lawyer asked the court to declare his client incompetent to stand trial. machado was arrested on november 13-th and charged with the murder of stanislaus county deputy dennis wallace. wallace was investigating a suspicious vehicle when authorities say muchado shot him in the head twice. a court-appointed mental evaluate machado. >> grant:if convicted, he could face the death penalty. >> vicki:another big story we are following tonight. a car struck seven pedestrians in downtown los police are combing the streets.looking for answers. it happened just a couple hours ago near the convention center.where an auto show was taking place. six people, including the car's driver, were taken to nearby hospitals. >> vicki:police aren't sure if the incident was related to the car event nearby. but the orange fiat involved in the accident had a sign on its door saying "drive today at the auto show." all of the injuries are said to be non life-threatening.
5:33 pm
>> brittney: 7 and the record what two and half inches of rain fall on saturday. and now we would try out for just a short period. we are still seen scattered snow showers. at the higher elevations as well. we will see another winter advisory lasting into wednesday. so, it would definitely affect certain areas like tall. --tahoe >> brittney: arawn to imported by we will see widespread lanes hours. moving through 8:00 a.m. on wednesday. then we will gear up after a dry and is giving for a wet black friday. with another round of rainfall widespread moving through a link to your saturday morning along with another
5:34 pm
system will into sunday. we do have unsettled weather on the way. how much rainfall will we get for the next few days? we could pick up another inch of rain fall through sunday. >> brittney: as we go into tomorrow morning, pat g f o g is expected. we will see another round of temperatures slightly below average for tomorrow. so cooler and unsubtle weather is here to stay. with temperatures in the '50s and '60s as well. and coming up! we would take another look at your seventh date for test. --7 day forecast >> grant:thanks, brittney. >> grant:president-elect
5:35 pm
donald trump has had another long day of meetings at trump tower in new york city. including what some describe as a "t-v summit." >> vicki:catherine heenan is here with the latest on what we know. >> catherine:it's not just potential cabinet members and supporters being summoned to trump tower. today there was a parade of network news anchors and executives. ranging from charlie rose and wolf lester holt, gayle king and george stephanapolous. transition team members aren't saying much and the meeting was supposedly off the record. >> catherine:but tonight sources say it with trump reportedly telling cnn chief jeff hated his network - everyone at cnn is a liar - and "you should be ashamed." a second source told the 'new york post' that it was a dressing down - with reporters struggling to get a word in edgewise. >> catherine:meantime, trump seems to be trying to get some important cabinet jobs settled before thanksgiving. other visitors today included florida governor rick scott. who says he's 'not' headed to washington. >> i am not going to go to the white house. i have a great job with a little bit
5:36 pm
more of two years ago with his job. he is bored and hard and meningitis. and i think he will put together a greeting. --i have al little more than two years to go with this job. he is energized and he will put together a great team. >> catherine:and there won't be an apology to trump or vice-president elect mike pence from the cast of "hamilton." that's according to the actor who lectured pence from the stage about equality on friday. >> catherine:pence says he wasn't offended and told his children that's what 'freedom of speech sounds like." >> catherine:law enforcement officials say that protecting donald trump and his family is costing new york city nearly one millions dollars a day. >> catherine:the cost could continue -- since melania trump and their son barron are expected to stay in the school year. >> grant:a group calling for
5:37 pm
california to secede from the united states has submitted a new petition asking voters to start the process. the "yes california independence campaign" hopes to put a question on the november 2018 ballot. an independence vote for the following spring. >> grant:the group proposed the idea more than two years ago. traction on social media again after donald trump won the presidential election. the united states constitution does not provide for state secession. >> grant:experts say the only way to legally secede would be to change the constitution. that would require the approval of congress and 38 states. >> vicki:still ahead. your cup of joe is about to get a little more expensive. >> vicki:we'll tell you just how much more you are going to have to pay-up at starbucks. >> grant:and. a warning for parents as you start your holiday shopping after a new popular toy truck catches fire. >> vicki:details next.
5:38 pm
on wallstreet. all three major u.s. stock indexes have closed at record highs following several favorably-viewed corporate deals and a spike in the price of crude oil higher. the dow rose 89 points. the nasdaq. jumped 47. and the s&p. climbed 16 points. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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>> brittney: >> grant:toys-r-us is pulling a toy truck from store shelves burst into flames. while they were bringing it home from the store. >> grant:this happened in
5:41 pm
smokey point, washington on friday.a couple says they bought this 12-volt tonka mighty wheels dump truck for their grandson. as they were driving home from the store. the truck burst into flames. this is video showing the flames. >> grant:thankfully, the toy was in the bed of their truck and no one was injured. toys-r-us says they are going to stop selling the tonka truck while they >> grant:the company is also working with the truck's manufacturer, dynacraft, to determine a cause. >> vicki:another recall to tell you about now. recalling some of its hummus products because of a possible listeria contamination.
5:42 pm
health officials are urging people to throw away any date through january 23-rd. they say listeria was found at a plant, but not found in any of the products tested. >> vicki:listeria can cause serious illness and sometimes deadly children, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. a list of the products recalled can be found on our website, at kron four dot com. >> vicki:still ahead. chipotle is back in the hotseat-- tonight. this after. several customers accused the fast food restaurant of lying to them. we'll explain--- coming up. >> grant:and. the losing streak for the 49ers continues. hear from head coach chip kelly. after the team drops its ninth straight game.
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>> vicki:there is a troubling trend when it comes to hate crimes in the bay area. steve aveson is in the newsroom with what we are working on for kron 4 news at six. steve? >> steve:vicki. it is distrubing. ever since the presidential election two weeks ago there has been an uptick in racism, hate speech and bullying in california. that's according to data collected by the southern poverty law center. >> steve:many of the cases are happening at schools. so today, lieutenant
5:46 pm
governor gavin newsom met with students at burton high school to hear from students about what they are experiencing. >> steve:tonight we will hear from the the lieutenant governor and students about the problem. we will have that story and much more on kron 4 news at six. vicki now back to you. >> grant: your cold beverage or sweet treat many cost you a little more. starbucks coffee says they raised the price of some items earlier this month. certain cold drinks and baked goods went up as much as 30-cents. most of the beverages, including hot coffee and tea, were not subject to the change. >> grant:this is the second price increase in four months. back in july, starbucks also raised the price of certain coffee drinks from ten to 30-cents. beverages such as espressos and lattes were affected. the chain did not explain the reason for the price incerase. >> grant:--increase. >> vicki:restaurant chain chipotle is facing more
5:47 pm
trouble. three people are suing the restaurant claiming they lied about their calorie count. the complaint is specifically on the chorizo burrito. >> vicki:the restaurant is calling the chicken and pork wrap a healthy item, and says it is about three- hundred calories. but the burrito may be at least seven-hundred calories. the new burrito was suppose to help the chain recover from the 20-15 e-coli crisis. >> vicki:but now the company's sales are down about 22-percent compared to the exact quater last year. >> vicki:turning our attention now to santa clara-- the 49ers hung tough for a half against the new england patriots. but then, tom brady
5:48 pm
happened. >> vicki:in his return to the bay area, the future hall of famer carved up the niners for four touchdowns in a 30-17 rout. that marks the team's 9th- straight loss.guaranteeing a losing season for a 2nd year in a row. chip kelly addressed the also commented on his job security. >> vicki:mark? >> reporter:when chip kelly was first hired back in january, ceo jed york said that he will be here for a long time. with the team in the middle of a 9-game losing streak, you can't help but wonder if such a firm commitment remains. today, kelly offered this asked about his future in santa clara. >>chip kelly "we haven't had any conversations about that at all, about anybody's job security." >>reporter: do you fully expect to be here next year? >>kelly: do you? >>reporter: do i expect to have my job next year? >>kelly: yeah? >>reporter: i hope so i have a performance review coming up in december. >>kelly: that makes two of us.
5:49 pm
>> reporter:job security is not even the most difficult question facing chip kelly. how to end one of the worst stretches in franchise puzzling quandry. >>kelly "probably the most disappointing part is that it's not just one thing. it's not like we can point at this, correct it and move on. it flows depending on the game you are playing and who you're playing with. as i talked to our guys was about finishing. you are a step away from getting brady." >> reporter:and the niners are also beyond the schedule. news surfaced today that veteran safety.and team captain eric reid is out for the season with a biceps injury. >> reporter:with six games to go, players maintain that while there are no plans to limp to the finish line. >>kaepernick "i think this team is continuing to fight. trying problems and make sure we go and try to get a win." >> reporter:the next chance for a win is the dolphins.the first of two back-to-back road games. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 news. >> grant:meterologist,
5:50 pm
brittney shipp is here to breakdown what we need to know about the weather! >> brittney: an increase and clouds and light rain tomorrow or run six or 7:00 and the evening. and three storm chances. with the first one on tuesday set at one, on friday and the other on sunday. we have rainfall and klaus headed to all regions. we are seeing clear skies in clear conditions. but futurecast 4 will show us what is in store as we go rest in assets into the rest of tonight and tomorrow. >> brittney: tomorrow
5:51 pm
evening, and around 745 santa rosa and down towards the coast you will notice heavier rain showers moving through. most of the minister will push all to the east. with lingering showers are now 715 in the morning on wednesday. once that clears up wednesday night thursday will be dry and we will try another chance of rain showers. >> brittney: 58 in nassau, with temperatures-- 58 in napa >> brittney: you will still need your umbrella as you head out the door with a 7 day forecast recce evening showers when going into wednesday morning showers and dry conditions on thanksgiving. >> brittney: another storm system get here sunday and everything would dry out once again as we head into next monday. guys?
5:52 pm
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>> gabe: >> pam:vicki and grant thank you. next at six. a heart breaking story in healdsburg. where a man has been charged with killing his 4 year-old daughter. >> pam:tonight the bizarre details we are learning about the case. >> steve:plus it has happened again. another bay area school the target of racist and homophobic graffitit. kron 4 news at six is next.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>pd: as they got there they completely naked, holding a 4 year-old child. >> steve:a bizarre story out of the north bay. as a father is arrested and accused of killing his daughter. at a church baptismal pool. >> steve:good evening i'm steve aveson. >> pam: and i'm pam moore.
5:59 pm
>> pam: no charges will be filed for a horrific car accident that killed a four- year-old boy... >> reporter:audio difficulties >> reporter: dan entered 67 4 yds from the police station. bay said after the alleged murder the suspect that naked across deep
6:00 pm
field. it will be way too premature for me to provide would be told today. --to provide you with the details today. >> reporter: we can tell you that at this point we are still awaiting formal charges. which could come as early as tomorrow morning. >> reporter:dan kerman,
6:01 pm
kron4news >> steve: thank you, dan. >> steve: no charges will be filed for a horrific car accident that killed a 4 year old boy in venetia. -- benecia. >> steve:police say a 13- year-old boy was also injured sunday afternoon. the two boys were attending a birthday party at the benicia senior center. a third boy went inside a car to charge a cell-phone and the car somehow went into reverse. the 13-year-old boy was and police continue to accident. >> pam: a teenager is shot to death outside a popular bowling alley in alameda. it happened around 9-pm saturday night. in the lanes on park street. >> steve:alameda police responded to a 9-1-1 call. when they arrived they found the shot wounds. the incident bay town >>".shocking to me"
6:02 pm
>>".dangerous at all" >> steve:oakland unified school officials confirm the he was a popular student- school. alameda police say investigation. police have arrested two men home invasion robbery in santa clara county. officers say, the two men onold jacks atiba ransacked a home in cupertino last night. >> pam:it happened around 10- pm on vista park. upon arrival, police near the home. and decided to pull that driver over. the duo inside the vehicle. matched the description of the suspects. inside the car, deputies found an undisclosed amount of cash, jewelry, a knife, and a loaded nine millimeter handgun. the suspects were booked for exploring whether they committed other robberies in the area
6:03 pm
>> pam:more racist graffiti has been found. at an east bay high school. the san ramon valley school district says, the latest serves monte vista high school. >> pam: authorities say. it was made over the weekend. this is at least the second danville high school. the first was this one. graffiti found in a school restroom. >> pam: another high school in the district has reported four incidents. >> pam: these incidents of racist graffiti are something we have seen a lot of in california since the presidential election. according to data collected by the southern poverty law center. 80 cases have been reported. >> pam: as kron four's terisa estacio reports, one local politican is stepping in at the high school level to find out what is going on and how to stop the problem from getting worse.
6:04 pm
>>nats: crying - >> reporter:at times, it was too emotional for words - students shared their fears, and concerns about living in the united states eversince the presidential election. >>sot/tc: my family thinks they are going to get deported. >> hear from you. (cheers & applause) sot/tc: 48 yuliana cruz/burton high school student >> reporter:lt. governor gavin newsom sat with this handful of students at burton to listen and learn about what's been happening to them since the election. he pointed to this - this a danville high school last week. in fact, according to center - there has been 700 cases reported of hate crimes, racism and bullying won the presidency - and a large part of that figure has taken place in educational settings - plus, 80 cases have happened in california.
6:05 pm
>> reporter:while the lt. gov. talked elect donald trump. during his campaign - spoke about building a wall and creating a taste force to round up immigrants. >>sot/tc: newsom this is real - yet, he is not saying anything - he is silent on this, one case is not ok. >> reporter:newsom is calling upon all school districts to re-commit to a zero tolerance policy of hate at school. san francisco has a very the interim superintdent says they are currently working on sending out letters in 7 different lanaguages to 56 thousand >> reporter:families to
6:06 pm
remind them that san francisco is a sanctuary city. >>sot/tc; 1:56 bridget perkins/burton high school student we want to tell them we are here for them. >> reporter:for the students - although a difficult topic, they said it felt great to talk about they have been experiencing. in sf, te >> steve:a major earthquake rocked magnitude 7-point- four which fukishima. catherine heenan is here with the latest. return to >> catherine: it's the same area devastated by the huge and the tsunami that destroyed fukishima's nuclear power plant. today's quake triggered
6:07 pm
tsunami warnings.but there were no initial reports of serious damage or injury. sirens immediately sounded.warning people to get to higher ground. >> catherine: tsunamis of up to three feet were recorded about an hour after the 6-am quake. buildings in tokyo, about 150 miles away - were shaking. the power plant is apparently operating normally - although a cooling system stopped working for about an hour. japan's prime minister went on television.telling people not to assume they were safe.and to evacuate the affected areas. >> catherine: like other officials - he's telling everyone not to forget what happened 5 years ago. the governments of new zealand and australia are on alert for possible effects >> catherine: from today's quake -- but reported. >> catherine: pam and steve? >> steve: thank you, catherine >> steve: take a look at
6:08 pm
this beautiful shot! >> steve: brittney? >> brittney: we will quickly dropped into the low to mid '50's by 6:00. same thing for alan locations. with some light red are showing quiet and clear conditions right now. however, that would change over the next few days. we will have a system that will give here in the evening to malraux and then cleared up. tuesday night into wednesday. the clouds will increase to about the afternoon by a 830, starting in the north bay working its way down to sam francisco and half moon bay. >> brittney: on and off
6:09 pm
showers are expected for the morning with another round making way for another wet commute. and then we will see more conditions thursday night into friday. i am tracking systems and i will have that for you and another 10 minutes. it >> pam:ski season has officially started in the sierra. for at least at one resort. all recent storms helped boreal open before thanksgiving. >> steve:that's where we find kron 4's spencer blake live tonight. how are the conditions? >> reporter: it is freezing. i am doing a little bit better than 5:00. i did get a chance to warm upcame from idaho to be in this much snow. look at it! >> reporter: more than three feet from the past few storms. >> reporter: only one open right now. >> reporter: the snow today was a bonus - enough to open
6:10 pm
more lifts on day three of operations. >>"it waited a little bit longer this year, but we've caught up to where we were that we have, and all indications, it looks like december's gonna be a really great month of weather." >> reporter: drive out here was not bad at all >> reporter: thanksgiving week should be a good time - expecting two more feet over the next ten days.
6:11 pm
>> reporter:some other resorts may open this week, if they get the snow they're hoping for. live from boreal mountain resort, spencer blake, kron four news. return to index >> pam:looking for the forecast for warnings. go to our websitethen click on the weather tab and choose "radar" or "warnings" from the drop down menu. >> steve:breaking news on rapper kanye west. what happened today following meltdowns at concerts in san jose and sacramento. >> pam:plus, we have seen several incidents. riots getting ugly in oakland following the election. tonight. the criticism being launched at the police department over its response. >> steve:and we go inside the legalization recreationalfind out what is legal right now. and what some people are going to have to
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
>> pam:it has been called california's 'green rush'. the legalization of recreational marijuana. which is expected to generate as much as a billion dollar a year for the state. but right now, that rush is more like a crawl, since only parts of prop -64 are in effect. >> pam: >> steve:kron4's maureen kelly talked to a local medical marijuana dispensary about the state of legal limbo recreational pot smokers are in rightnow.
6:15 pm
>>we got a ton of interest.right from the start. >> reporter:but while the bloom room dispensary got a lot of calls of people interested in what they have to sell here. >> reporter:those people haven't been able to spend their green on some green bud.because prop 64 hasn't kicked in all the way. >>right now it's a little bit confusing >> reporter:so let me cut thru the to speak. right now it's legal for adults 21 and over to smoke pot. >> reporter:they can also carry up the herb they can also grow up to six plants if they are the owner of the property or have permission and keep those plants locked up away from public view. >> reporter:but you can't smoke it or eat it in public.and you can't drive while showing up to work high or for failing to pass a drug test. and here's the legal limbo part.while it's legal to smoke grow and carry.right medical marijuana card like this one here to buy pot.for now. >> reporter:the state has more than a permitting process for non medical cannabis. their deadline to issue
6:16 pm
liscenses for those retail establishments is january 1 2018. >> reporter:those behind the law tell me state to issue temporary permits before then. and there's a loophole. >> reporter:while it can't be can be given away. >>so your options until then.either get a medical qualify.or find a friend who has one who's feeling generous. >> reporter:a thrid option.chill out and wait.we'll get there eventually. maureen kelly kron4 news >> steve:turning now to the south charity is calling on the public for help in keeping a holiday tradition alive for some needy people. >> pam: as kron four's rob fladeboe for turkeys. as sacred heart community services is trying to make sure. that no one goes hungry on thanksgiving. >> reporter:between now and
6:17 pm
wednesday, sacred heart community food boxes like these to needy families who otherwise might not get enough to eat over the thanksgiving holiday much less a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. but theres just one problem, there aren't enough turkeys to go around. >>sot jill mitsch/sacred heart we are giving out 4200 toolboxes this week. and we have 2200 turkey's right now. >> reporter:what's needed are more hosseinipoor, who showed up monday with forty frozen turkeys in the back of his pickup. >>sot hamid hosseinipoor/donated turkeys look at the poor people all over this country. rich people do not care about that. they are living under bridges. >> reporter:and then there are the hundreds of volunteers who pack those boxes or sort food in the backroom, people fifteen such people from the starbucks down the street. >> is pretty awesome. just
6:18 pm
get you out of your element and appreciate the news that you have. >> reporter: turkeys to go around, some folks will make do with a chicken or ham. sacred heart's goal is for no one to hungry on thanksgiving. but they remind us the need is growing because of the lack of affordable housing in much of silicon valley. >> reporter: around the corner people in contra costa county today. >> steve:it happened this
6:19 pm
afternoon on market street in the monument crisis center. the organization distributed food to over a thousand pre-registred low- income families and seniors. >> steve:each person was treated to their very own plump twelve pound turkey.and grocery gift cards. volunteers at the center say their not done yet. the organization will continue to give back. throughout the holiday season. >> pam: west take a live look outside today. we are kind of a drying out. brittney? >> brittney: unsettled weather as we go into the next week or so. mostly clear skies with f o g guarded however, we will see clouds increasing. what labeling showers. amount 6:00. you definitely would
6:20 pm
like to bring an umbrella with you. and as we go into the rest of the week we have other chances of lanes systems and storms. -- rain systems >> brittney: right now we are seeing clear conditions. but we will continue to see cloud increasing going into tomorrow. which will start out with more sunshine but by noon things will change. it would command is expected on wednesday morning. for some locations. and into thursday we will clear up and thursday night we will start to attract another system for friday.
6:21 pm
>> brittney: by noon, and you are starting to do a lot of shopping will have another system moved in. and then cleared out for the third system that will show up on sunday. >> brittney: tomorrow, similar conditions are expected that to the low 60s with another chilly day in clubs moving in as we go into the afternoon. >> brittney: dried thursday, with more rain showers and another chance for a late sunday clearing out as we head into monday. >> pam:two epic rants and two very upset crowds.
6:22 pm
kanye west caused chaos. and upset fans who went to his sacramento. >> pam:what happened today to his meltdowns. and new rules for wells fargo to live by. what regulators are doing to the bank following its huge fake account scandal.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> steve: tour. just days after another rant. >> steve:kanye wesy has
6:25 pm
cancelled the rest of his tour. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with the latest on the entertainer's 'unpredictable' behavior. >> catherine:kanye has abruptly pulled the plug on his 'saint pablo' tour. this - after he made onstage comments in san jose a few days ago about how he would trump'.praising him as "very futuristic." then - he walked out of saturday's concert in sacramento after performing just two songs.after going off about hillary clinton, google, facebook, beyonce and jay z. >> catherine:sunday - he canceled his show in l-a --- and now -- the remaining 21 dates are off the books. people will get refunds.but they're very upset. >> catherine:including fans at the sacramento show.
6:26 pm
>> he eared his dirty laundry in public. >> he is leaving for it he is leaving. >> $263 out of the door. >> catherine:then there are the two fans things worse by getting close to the stage and waving a san francisco giants hat at kanye. they say he saw it - and got even angrier. >> catherine:whatever is going on -- he's been heavily criticized for those trump remarks in san jose.which still seem to mark the beginning of the and for his toward a writ-- end for his tour.
6:27 pm
>> pam: another star is in trouble with the law tonight. dennis rodman is being charged in a hit-and-run crash in southern california. >> pam: prosecutors say, rodman was driving the wrong way on a freeway. causing another driver to swerve into a wall to avoid a head- on crash. he could spend up two years in jail if convicted. return >> steve:donald trump promised to first 100 days in office. he also has said he will replace it. what his plan could like for counting keeping their health insurance. >> pam: and workers have been threatening to going on strike this week. at one of the nation's busiest airports. an update on when this walkout will happen. >> steve:plus we have seen election protests turn violent in oakland. the scathing report that came out today on the police response
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> reporter: police said a
6:31 pm
father and tiddly dropped his four year old daughter here at same judges catholic church. it happened sunday evening in a baptismal pool. the father, the daughter and nine year old son were the only ones and the church at the time. she identified, found out when the father completely naked grant across the street to the hospital that this to the police precinct screaming for his daughter. >> reporter: here and oakland. students gathered to mourn her fellow class meant antoine williams who was killed saturday night during a shootout outside of a bowling alley in alameda.
6:32 pm
>> i feel very sad. we grew up together that i do not know what to do without tam now. when--without him >> reporter: the investigation is still under--is still ongoing with >> reporter:iphones are shutting down even though there is the jews left in the battery. with--even though there is juice left. >> reporter: apple is inve stigating the issue with 6s
6:33 pm
models. >> reporter: it looks like a good start to the holiday week as well. as we are expecting another 2 ft. of fresh snow. when >> pam: with but
6:34 pm
>> pam: u-s authorities are taking a tougher stance on scandal- ridden wells fargo bank. a government regulator has quietly placed new restrictions on the wells fargo bank. >> pam: the new rules allow the government to reject hiring senior executives. ban the payments of "golden parachutes" to managers who leave. >> pam: and also closely review branch openings and closures. the announcement was made last friday. >> pam: in a statement, wells fargo said, it will "comply" with the new rules. the san francisco based bank is under scrutiny because of a fraud scheme, where the bank reportedly set up some 2-million new accounts with customer money without permission. to boost its sales numbers. return to >> steve:protest legal
6:35 pm
observers denounced the "brutal force" allegedly used by the oakland police department during several donald trump protest. flashbang grenades.are just some of the attacks many activist say they experienced during five days of demonstrations following the november eighth election. win >> steve: >> steve:while many government officials condemn the claims.the oakland police department says their reviewing every force incident. the o-p-d says over five people required medical assistance following the demonstations. but don't know how they were injured. or if they were even protesters. >> steve: edwards >> steve:the largest demonstration in oaklan drew over seven thousand protesters on november ninth. return to >> steve:presidential- elect donald and replace obamacare within his first 100 days in office. so. what does that mean for your coverage? kron four's national correspondent chance seales reports from washington. on the breakdown -- of what's in and what's out. return to
6:36 pm
>> reporter:repealing obamacare has been republicans' white whale, since it passed in 2010. now, it's within reach. >>i think obama should apologize for obamacare >> reporter:come january, the gop will were and white house. and the affordable care act president-elect donald trump. when >>i'm going to replace it with something much better and cheaper. >> reporter:but what does that mean, exactly? since mr. trump hasn't put piece together details from interviews and rallies. >> reporter:first on the chopping block,state-based exchanges . which force obamacare customers to get coverage from providers in their state. >> reporter:that's out. >> reporter:trump says this drives up prices, and reduceshowever, preexisting covered. >> reporter: win and
6:37 pm
cholesterol, diabetes, or anything else. you'll be covered . despite tghhe very high cost. >> reporter: about the individual mandate, which imposes a tax on uninsured americans? that's up in the air. >> reporter:same thing with lifetime caps. >> reporter:obamacare outlawed caps, dollars . which limited treatments if patients got cancer . or had a catastrophic illness. >> reporter:mr. trump also wants to keep people up to 26 years old and living at home on their parents' plans. the rest remains to be seen. >> reporter:and the numbers . have to add up. in washington, i'm chance s eales. rule will allow us
6:38 pm
>>--audio what difficulties sen
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6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary:the warriors first round draft pick damian jones has healed from surgery on a torn pectoral muscle and has been assigned to the franchise's d-league team in santa cruz >> gary:janes was selected 30th overall by the warriors in this year's draft but has not played due to that pectoral injury the 7-footer played three seasons at vanderbilt he will begin practicing with santa cruz this week retur >> gary:
6:46 pm
again >> gary: >> gary: the warriors, if you get a magnifying glass you may find some problem is that they do not have a big guy in the middle that is really outstanding and this guy, down the road maybe it.
6:47 pm
>> gary: almost at half, grant? >> grant: not much at the moment. >> gary:hard to get a score. >> grant:just in ...105,000 in attendance >> pam:wow (cheers & applause) (laughter) >> gary: everyone is asking why does it seem like i am in a good move? brad is not
6:48 pm
know me and i do not know bread. --brad >> gary: if you are in his face every night complaining what would you think. the less you interact... >> pam: the better? oh? (laughter) >> gary: let's talk in 4 months (laughter) >> gary: brady's homecoming >> gary: the forty-niners were you get to the final
6:49 pm
half and the talent takes over. brady is on the mark. with 199 career wins. 200 is the all-time record. >> gary: ship, and did get grilled about job security and today. --chip >> the you expect to be here next year? >> do you hope to be with your job next year? (laughter) >> will i do have a performance evaluation coming up soon.
6:50 pm
(laughter) >> gary: you are having a bad year nothing comes your way. eric reid probably the best defensive player on the 49 years. forty-niners. >> gary:boom! his year is over due to a terrible injury. >> gary: i talked to joe from livermore. what is the worst thing about my job. what is the best thing about my job. joe is from livermore he was a regular on my radio show and he has passed away. he is also
6:51 pm
watch the news station. i will always remember him creek he was a heck of a good guy. >> gary: head coach, there he is he replaced a bond rally in 200011 and led the team to a couple of titles. but, there you go. he is no longer work detained. --he is no longer with the team. >> gary: it should never happen with the sports director is getting stood up from the anchor. live at 5.
6:52 pm
i felt like that was a knife in my back grant. (laughter)
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: police activity at the bart station. comment
6:55 pm
alert for you and we will keep you posted coming up. bart is not stopping at the glen park station. >> brittney: we will stay nice and dry but that is not for tonight forecast. tuesday night wondering and to wednesday but drive for thanksgiving and more rainshowers for friday and sunday. >> steve: we will see you at 8 and 10:00.
6:56 pm
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> did he kiss you first? >> number one, carrie fisher in the hot seat over her "star wars" hookup with harrison ford. >> he's really private. i feel really bad about doing that to him. >> the rain couldn't extinguish female mile at the gmas. and wedding news. >> talk about that ring, girl. >> three, jennifer lawrence stunned on the cover of "vanity fair." but is her friendship with amy schumer on the rocks? >> plus your "insider" bonus. we're getting angel ready for the victoria secret fashion show by the numbers.
7:00 pm
>> six meals a day. calorie intake about 1,800. >> "gilmore girls" return is almost here but the cast is split on rory's love life. >> want to end up with someone great. >> taking side on team dean. >> team dean to be honest. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. dominating amas to oscar winner jennifer lawrence getting real personal inside "vanity fair." it is a stunning night of hollywood revelations. >> i don't think anybody revealed more than princess laia herself. carrie fisher's offset affair with harrison ford generating a galaxy-sized buzz. the 60-year-old facing the music and "today" show cameras with number one tracking story, inside carrie's confession. >> the revelation came out


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