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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 21, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:now at eight. a catholic church in the north bay the scene of a horrific crime. a father accused of four year old daughter >>we believe it occurred in church >>whoosh >>"what has happened today is every public safety official's absolute worst nightmare >> reporter:in tennessee, a community devastated after at least a half dozen elementary students die in a school bus crash. >>whoosh >> reporter:japan on edge tonight after a powerful earthquake triggers tsunami warnings near fujushima. >>whoosh >> questions
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>> reporter:california voted to legalize marijuana. but don't throw away that medical card. pot smokers can still be busted. or lose their jobs. >> steve:you're watching kron four news in prime time. >>staff here at the healdsburg police department responded to our back parking lot where a man was screaming for help. when they got there thy encountered an adult man, who was completely naked, holding a four year old child. >> reporter:a father arrested. in connection with his 4 year old daughter's death inside a catholic church. >> steve:thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. >> pam:the father is accused of intentionally drowning the child in a baptismal pool. then screaming for help outside the healdsburg police department. >> pam:kron-4's alecia reid joins healdsburg and alecia do police know why the family was in the church? >> reporter:we're still waiting for more police, as to why the man was inside st. john's church with his two children . >> reporter:but the pastor here says sometimes the church is left open until around 9 on sunday evening, should people want to go in and pray
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>> reporter:around 8-30 last night - ordaz screaming in the back lot of the police department which is right across the street from the church. when officers went outside they reportedly saw the 42 naked, with his 4 year old daughter in his hands. police say she was fully dressed and drenched with water. the young boy that was with them, was partially clothed. >> reporter:c-p-r was performed on the young girl, and she was was pronounced dead sometime later. after interviewing ordaz and the young boy, police placed the father under arrest and charged him with purposely drowning his child. >> reporter:people in this quiet area are shocked to hear that something of this nature happened inside their neighborhood church. >>sot - i walk around the block every night. it's insane >> reporter:in a statement, father sean rogers from st. john the baptist catholic says: >>"sunday night there was tragedy in the church; a little girl lost her life. >> reporter:when police finish the investigation we will know more. >> reporter:in the meantime, please pray for the family, and the parish community." >> reporter:meanwhile, ordaz is in jail. he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. reporting live from healdsburg.
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>> pam:thank you alecia for that report. >> pam:we brought you today's breaking details first. through our mobile app and online. we streamed the police press conference live on the kron- 4 app. >> pam:stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free app today. >> steve:now to the east bay.where identified the little boy who was killed yesterday after being run over by a car. latest on this tragic story. >> grant:new video tonight of a of the death. it's a heartbreaking story.with several children involved. it happened in a parking lot - when the car somehow went into reverse. >> grant:a 12-year-old boy was charging his phone in the car.when it lurched backwards -- killing a 4-
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year-old boy and injuring a they were all guests at a birthday party at the benicia senior center. the child who died has been identified as mah-ady qadir of el sobrante. >> grant:the older boy had minor injuries. detectives today were still inspecting the car - trying to figure out exactly what happened. it's not clear if the 12- year-old was in the driver's seat. >> grant:the families involved were put in touch with counselingone officer described the incident as "every parent's worst nightmare.' >> grant:for the sixth time in a month. an east bay school district is seeing hateful walls. this time it has happened school. this is the second time graffiti has been found at the school in one week. >> pam:this is a picture's from last week's incident. today the school's pricinpal sent a letter to parents saying, the latest incident happened on the weekend. >> pam:the graffiti was found on a bus that serves the school. danville police are investigating. >> pam:and the school says, if a student is found to be responsible, they could face suspension or possible expulsion. there has been an uptick in hate crimes here in california since the presidential election.
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>> pam:that is according to data collected by the southern poverty law center. many of the cases are happening in educational settings. >> pam:today, california's lt. governor gavin newsom met with students at burton high school. to hear from them experiencing. many students say, they the are full of fear about what is going to happen to their families. >> pam:newsom is calling upon all school district superintdent's. to re-pledge 'zero tolerance' for hate crimes. we are getting a closer look at one of the vehicles involved in a running gun battle. that injured an elderly couple in san leandro. >> steve:this is the video of one of the vehicles involved in the crime last week. it is a 2015 dodge caravan. and investigators believe it is a rental car. the gun battle took place on san leandro. and ended in a crash on dowling boulevard. >> steve:an elderly couple in their car. was sent to
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the hospital after being hit head on. officers also found a man suffering from gunshot wounds near the scene. he is recovering. >> steve:the other man in the shootout ran away. the shooting is still under investigation. >> pam:a 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off japan. triggering a tsunami warning. that forced thousands of people to evacuate low lying areas. >> steve:so far, no injuries have been reported and the tsunami warning was reduced to an alert a short time ago with. kron4 's charles clifford is live for us tonight in berkelely on the cal campus where geologists actually charles, this earthquake also h in the same spot as the 2011 quake, correct? >> reporter:it takes times for the waves to get here. 12 minutes >> reporter:monday afternoon, earthquake sensors in bekeley detected a magnitude 6.9 quake just off japan's east coast. >> reporter:it'sa big enough earthquake that the waves spread out over time and space. >> reporter:peggy hellwelg is geophysict laboratory, she says the quake is most likely an aftershock from the magnitude 9.1 tohoku earthquake that struck in the same area back in 2011.
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>>typically, big earthquake have a lot of aftershocks that go on after them for a long, long time. the tohoku earthquake and destroyed entire cities and killed more than 15,000 people. that tsunami also badly damaged the daiichi nuclear plant in fukishima. the plant is no longer in operation but work continues there to cleanup and contain radioactive contamination. >> reporter:jasmina vujic is a nuclear has been watching events unfold in japan and says earthquake and tsunami wave do any additional damage at the daiichi plant.
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>>these are very small tsunami will impact unless there is a bigger earthquake. >> reporter:finally, hellwelg expects that aftershocks could continue for some times. >>typically, they get smaller and smaller of time but they can also get bigger. >> steve: thank you, charles! >> steve:two men have been taken in to custody in connection with an armed home invasion robbery in the south bay. yasindu desilva and jacks atiba were pulled over for speeding last night. the sheriff's deputy noticed that the men matched the ransacked a cupertino home earlier that night. >> steve:upong further unspection, deputies found an undisclosed amount of cash, jewelry, a knife, and
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a loaded nine millimeter handgun inside the car. the suspects were booked for burglary. officers are exploring whether they committed other robberies in the area. >> pam:today legal observers denounced the "brutal force". allegedly used by the oakland police department. during several protests against donald trump. >> pam:clubs, tear gas, and of the attacks which many experienced. during five days of demonstrations following election day. the oakland police department says. it is reviewing every incident involving force. >> pam:the o-p-d says, more than five people required medical demonstations. but officials don't know how they were injured. or if they were even protesters. the largest demonstration in oakland. drew more than seven -thousand protesters on november ninth. >> pam:witnesses reported a man prying a laptop out of a woman's hands at a starbucks in berkeley saturday. when a bystander blocked the door, the suspect pulled out a gun. >> steve:the bystander moved out of the way but followed
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the suspect outside and watched in get into a waiting car. witnesses described the suspect and vechile to the police. they located and stopped the car a short time later. the stolen laptop and a pellet gun were found inside the car. >> steve:the thief and driver are being charged with robbery and possession of stolen property. a long time charity in san >> steve:let's take a look outside now. isn't that pretty. >> pam: always, pretty >> brittney: hour storm totals for a quarter of an inch up to an inch and a half of rainshowers. >> brittney: clear skies right now but we will have a
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a nexus them coming and circulating through our region as we go into tomorrow night. clouds will increase. and you will start this season little bit of activity at all else to study to study the cypriot and heavy rain will fall on - 6 o'clock. --you will see a little bit of activity all round to look like to 30. and heavy rain will begin to fall at all wrong 6:00. >> pam: today, a longtime too ready and--a long time charity oiin san jose s
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tarted its holiday tradition. making sure people in need will not go hungry this thanksgiving day. sacred heart charity will be distributing food boxes to needy families. between now and wednesday. >> pam:hundreds of volunteers are gathering and packing up the food. and donating turkey's too. but the charity is facing one problem. there are not enough turkey's to go around. >>"one big family here",. >> pam:sacred heart charity has athousand turkeys this holiday season. but it only has about two- thousand so far. if there are not enough turkeys to go around, some people will get a chicken or ham. >> pam:the goal is for no one to go hungry on thanksgiving day. >> pam:ahead at eight. >> pam:recreational marijuana passed in california. but it is not entirely legal yet ---- we will explain. >> steve:fresh powder in the sierra. a peek at the new snowfall just in time for the holiday. >> pam:and next.
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at least half a dozen people are dead after an elementary school bus. crashes and splits in two. what happened before the horrific crash.
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>> grant: you did see the gruesome the same with the tree right to the middle of it and paris showing up the struggle for obvious reasons. as a bus somehow lost control and ran into a home. you see the children
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using the bus roof had shot to escape. more than 35 children. >> our thoughts and prayers and all of our efforts are what the families of these children 81 affected by this tragedy. >> brittney: 35 >> grant: students on the bus. the bus driver is cooperating with the investigation. and the, the bus itself is a subject to it that the investigation as they tried to receive the information box that supposedly has the video on it. >> grant: witnesses have said to heard a large a-- loud sound when the bus
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crashed. >> steve: thank you, grant! >> steve:it has been called california's green rush --- the legalization of recreational marijuana. but right now that rush is more of a crawl. since only parts of prop 64 are in effect. >> steve:here is what you can and cannot do. right now it's legal for adults 21 and over to smoke pot. but you can't smoke it or eat it in public.and you can't drive while stoned. >> steve:you can also be fired for for failing to pass a drug test. and here's the legal limbo part.while it's legal to smoke, grow and carry.right now you need still need a medical marijuana card like now. and there's a loophole. >> steve:while it can't be can be given away. return to
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>> pam: when iran's you normally can see snow and the sierra. spencer but what up to the slopes to find out. >> the drive was super easy. >> reporter: people are happy tonight and at least it will be when they get inside to get warm. >> reporter: this year, got away is the waiting and brought here to stay is the brand new species in. -- ski
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season >> is less busy for the ski resort usually is crowded but it is not. >> seems like it will keep coming like last year. >> steve: to what is the weather going to be like this holiday season? >> brittney: well, that is the million-dollar question as we go into the holiday work week. >> brittney: or three storm systems that will affect our work week. with more on
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tuesday friday and sunday. the against the the weather maker with a circulation and this area of low pressure. it will help wipe all that monster down into the bay area bringing us right and also snow for the sierra. >>audio difficulties >> brittney: there is a system there that will bring
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all the activity and by tuesday night lee during into wednesday morning if you will see and first around as he tried another system movie and. with another round as we go into sunday. and, storm totals could get up into an inch and a half between all three storms between now and sunday. >> brittney: over an inch of santa rosa, vallejo and napa. >> steve:new ahead at 8. averting disaster. >> steve:stunning video shows how close teens came to danger during a police chase. and how a san francisco giants' hat. may have played a role in kanye west's abrupt cancellation of his tour.
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>> steve:here's what we're tracking tonight at ten. if you plan to use a credit card this holiday shopping season. listen up. everytime you swipe. the government is keeping tabs on you. >> steve:one lawmaker.calling it bigger than the nsa the calls are getting louder for congress to take actions aimed at protecting the consumer. that story.tonight at
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> pam:another battery issue plauging smartphones it's not the galaxy note this time but the iphone. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us the problem.and how you can get it fixed. >> gabe:there are some i=phone 6=s's that have bad batteries and are causing the phones to randomly shut down even when there is still juice left. now the phones are ableto power up right away and be used like normal. >> gabe:but man.
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>> gabe:nothing more annoying than your phone suddenly shutting off for no reason. so if this has been plauging you. >> gabe:here's how to get it fixed. apple has launched a special online support page for this iphone 6s battery issue. there you can lean exactly your phone replaced for free. >> gabe:you can mail it in and have it mailed back to you or set up a time to go into an apple store. carrier stores like verizon and at&t are not participating with this. so you can't go into those stores for help with this. >> gabe:this is important. there is no safety risk with this battery issue this is not like the samsung phones being recalled for catching on fire. apple said in a statement that this issue affects "a very small number" of iphone 6s's >> gabe:manufactured between september and october in 2015. they didn't provide details yet on what is wrong with the batteries and why they are faulty. apple's announcement comes less than a week after a consumer watch group in china launched an investigation http:/ tail/27056.html into the problem. >> gabe:i myself have used an iphone 6s every day for over a yearbased on reports i'm seeing it's mostly over seas affecting users for now
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it problem in the us we put a direct link to the apple support page that can help you get that battery replaced on my tech page on our website kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. return >> pam:thanksgiving is right around a time when friends and family share a traditional meal at home. >> steve:. or not. here with some dining alternatives. . >> vicki:yeah pam, steve. maybe you never got the invite. or just plain don't feel like cooking. >> vicki:never fear - restaurants around the bay are ready to come to your rescue. whether you like turkey and all the fixings or maybe thanksgiving crab. this holiday, we've noticed there are more restaurants than ever open and accepting reservations. >> vicki:some are down-home and others will cost you upwards 140 bucks per
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person. we've compiled a long list of possibilities. from a giant turkey leg at tommy's joint. to buttermilk fried quail at 1300 fillmore. >> pam:ahead at eight. how much it costs new york city every day. to protect trump. >> pam:and why the costs won't end. house.
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>> steve:a young man shot to death in alameda over the weekend was the focus of a memorial today. the victim's oakland high school classmates organized it. >> pam:kron-4's haaziq madyun shows us === although school was closed for the thanksgiving holiday. the campus opened for this solemn event. >>"i'm always going to remember you from the middle school days" >> reporter:sarina williams is reading a of her friend antwaun williams.who was shot to the southshore lanes bowling alley in alameda. 19-year-old antwaun williams was a popular oakland high school senior and a stand out on the wildcats football team. opened open the athletic area for students to hold a special memorial in his honor >>"today we basically played a football game for him, a lot of people came to show their love for him, after we had a little horse shoe to show our love to him and his family" >>"ii just feel so sad, we grew up together, i don't now, i just loved him so much" >> reporter:his fellow football teammates loved him as well, here you see them writing messages on his locker
8:32 pm
>>"when i found out i immediately broke down, i didn't want to believe it at good brother, wonderful friend" >> reporter:the circumstance leading to the shooting outside the this point. police investigators say they night at around 9pm they arrived on the scene, found was transported to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. >>"it's just the fact that he is gone from this tragedy gun violence has got to stop" >> reporter:in oakland haaziq madyun, kron4news
8:33 pm
>> pam:in san francisco. it is called the powell street of several little extensions of the sidewalk. all of it installed back in 2010, so that shoppers and tourists could rest their feet, without blocking the sidewalk. >> steve:but they came with a few restrictions that are for the most part being ignored >> stanley: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:i'm standing next to a man smoking a cigarette on square which normally would not be a problem this man ia not only smoking but he is have a swig from which normally would be a problem minus the openand this guy bums a cigarette from another lights up he passes the person so she can light up >> stanley:what do all these people smoking. well keep listening >> stanley:what are you doing here?
8:34 pm
>>smoking taking a break how about you stanley >> stanley:are you behaving badly no you sure i hope not you know that this is considered a park right oh it is >> stanley:so everyone smoking in what are called parklets are violating a city ordinance any san francisco park and parklets fall under parks >>i aint smoking now, put that camera down i can't see you >> stanley:excuse me while i get my photo taken >> stanley: ant phone savvy you make her the guilty party now huh? >> stanley:no matter who is holding the parklet you are baehaving badly >>don't put me on the news, sir i don't even have lip gloss so that you criteria gotem hahhaha you going to take you cigarette and put it out and not on the ground >> steve: >> stanley:and that is part of the problem if you hang out even for a few minutes you sell their cigarette butts in the ground or in
8:35 pm
the planter one say >>they're flicking their the curb where ever they want they think that that's that not trash that not polluting our out planet i mean it is ridiculous i morning and it's all the curbside and in front of my store that to me is horrible >> stanley:the city did supply a place to dis-guard the butts but belong sometimes burning the public seating you catching anybody making an illegal u-turn or doing >> stanley:oh boy here we go again violating a city ordinance
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>> brittney: debt to the stow, wang will start to move in with a heavier-of course close to six, seven and 8:00. --with heavier downpour. and we will see everything lined up with
8:37 pm
scattered showers but by six or 7:00 we could see more scattered showers on wednesday morning. seoul, where it rose but then things will clear up. --so, cool and wet conditions and things will clear up. >> brittney: tuesday night into wednesday a few showers, dry on thanksgiving and friday afternoon illegally into the morning and that another round of late showers. >> brittney:audio di fficulties
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>> pam:witnesses describe what stowe township as terrifying."all i saw was the access van hit the police car. it spun, hit the it was just crazy. and then that ran that way because there. i'm, like, oh my god, after that." >> steve:you can see it in the surveillance video.a group of children are standing on cruiser nearly slams into was a close call. stowe township police were vehicle when one of their van, causing it to spin out of control.the cruiser then spins near the children."i'm >>i'm still shaken up, because you in real life, you know? so, it was kind of scary, but everyone seemed fine besides up. i'm sure he went to the hospital, but very scary." >> steve:after missing the children, was parked along the of the children standing on the sidewalk were injured.the officer in the cruiser had minor injuries. >> pam:kanye west fans are sharing their disappointment after the rapper ended his concert weekend, after
8:42 pm
performing >> pam:now, the entertainer is decided to cancel the rest of his tour. >> pam:kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to break it down. >> vicki:yeah pam, all of this is leaving fans puzzled and annoyed. and certainly wanting their money back. but here's the really crazy thing - it might have all started over a san francisco giants hat tossed on stage. >> vicki:two guys were among thousands of kanye west fans at the sacramento concert - who tossed the giant's hat two songs and an epic tirade. >> vicki:here's their explanation and a cellphone clip of west going-off. return to index >>. soul, pretty much. >> vicki:kanye's meltdown
8:43 pm
may have also been fueled by confession at a san jose show a couple of days ago. a confession that he didn't vote, but would have voted for donald trump if he had. according to a statement from live nation, fans who purchased tickets for the canceled shows will receive a refund. >> vicki:west has not said why he's canceling the tour. >> vicki:pam, steve? >> pam: thanks, vicki!
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>> pam:wanna know what it cost to protect billionaire trump and his family. well you better get out your calculaters. the state of new york taxpayers are paying around to protect the future first family. >> pam:and according to new york law enforcement officials. even after he moves into the white house. that's because melania trump barron. expect to stay at manhattan. at least until the end of the school year. >> pam:and donald trump has indicated he plans to return home regularly, especially while they are still there.
8:46 pm
>> steve:a cafe owner in new mexico doesn't have prices on his menu. instead he wants you to pay pay it forward. >> pam:david mccullough started karma cafe about three years ago and his belief is to provide what you can. david was inspired by a restaurant in australia, and started karma cafe as a pop up. >> pam:loyal customers and volunteers helped make the cafe what it is today. david says running karma cafe has really confirmed his belief that people want to do good. >> gary: good evening!
8:47 pm
>> gary: just a moment of bell--just moments ago his then went for it and decided that the yard line and stock twice on third and fourth down with and just to go. raiders had just gone ahead as we showed you. but go to grant cam as we stand now. >> grant: looks like the raiders may cut at and hello to everyone at home and that is it for now. (laughter) >> gary: do think grant embellishes himself? >> pam: i think he is
8:48 pm
enjoying himself. >> grant: flag on the place since we last spoke. >> gary: we will shift gears what this game winds down. >> gary:the 49ers hung in the rainbut eventually tom brady and the patriots were just too much brady got things started with a touchdown pass to fellow peninsula product julian edelman >> gary:the niners hung toughcolin kaepernick hooking up with vance mcdonald to cut the lead to 13-10 patriots at halftime but brady and the patriots were just too much blitzing poiints to take a 30-10 lead brady with four touchdown passes >> gary:final score 30-17 patriots chip kelly becomes the first coach in 49ers history to lose 9 stright games >> gary:kelly was grilled about his job security today by the sf chronicle's eric branch
8:49 pm
>> gary: axed by the chronicle if he was worried about job security. >> do you expect to be here? >> do you? >> do i expected b m adjourn next year?--at my job >> yes. >> well, we do have a performance evaluations coming up in december. (laughter) >> gary: let's go to grant cam he is signalling. >> brittney:
8:50 pm
>> grant: the raiders go for it and now they are just going to run the clock out. and it looks like a late blast and thrown out. >> gary: it is fun to watch them become a raiders fan over the night. >> pam: that's not true. i did not become a raiders fan overnight. (laughter) >> gary: eric reed, he is their best defensive player and now his season is done he tore a bicep muscle in his leg in the fourth quarter. he will undergo some season ending surgery. >> gary: steve kerr and company he is last thing he
8:51 pm
has $25,000 to pay a fine for criticizing the officials. but klay thompson is now starting to warm. >> audio difficulties >> brittney: the game is over >> grant: the game is over
8:52 pm
27-20 the raiders are going to win. >> gary: the raiders are now at 8 and 20. they now lead the day at sea west. --afc west >> pam: all right gary! >> pam: all right gary! the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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>> grant: speaking of big stories. now there are flip- flops'the internet is freaking out over this pic of a pair ofthat are shaping up to be this year's "mystery dress" the pic was posted to social media last week and has debate. >> grant:the question- are they blue and black, or blue and brown? others have suggested blue and gray and even white and gold? really? >> grant:regardless of what you see, it's pretty clear the answer isn't just black and white. >> brittney: i see blue and like tan, grey. >> grant: you don't care? (laughter)
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return to index
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