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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tonight at 10:00, a woman followed and brutally beaten and robbed after getting off of a bar train in the east bay. i'm pam moore. >> adam steve aveson. that attacker is on the loose. the violent crime happening near the bay fair park station in san leandro. the victim walking near 159th avenue and mulder street when she was assaulted. new tonight, we are live at the bay fair bart. and she is telling us about what others commuters are saying about this violent attack. >> reporter: steve, pam, barred commuters are unfortunately not surprised to hear of this
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violent attack that happened to that woman just this past friday saying that it's as pedestrians were walking home they are more of a target for strong-armed robbery. friday night around 8:15 a woman walking home from the bay fair park station was brutally beaten by an unknown attacker. the men alameda county sheriff's deputies are looking for took off with her phone. >> is kind of scary because i have a daughter that catches the bus from school. she has a cell phone. >> reporter: deputies report the 48-year-old was struck in the head by a blunt object here on the corner of 159th and mildred avenues. one rider said he's not surprised by the news of the attack. >> you see a lot of questionable characters around here especially at night. >> reporter: the suspect is a thin black man, 5'8", wearing a blue jacket and jeans. the man accused of this attack has yet to be found. so it's moments like this that you are really reminding yourself to be aware of your surroundings. deputies say he could have been tracking this woman -- for
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several blocks away from this bart station. ella sogomonian, kron 4 news. tomorrow the father who is accused of killing his daughter will appear in court. he intentionally drowned the 4- year-old girl inside a catholic church in healdsburg. police found him naked holding her body and screaming for help. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live tonight from healdsburg with details. alecia? >> reporter: good evening. the church behind me remains a crime scene tonight. police were just inside getting additional evidence. the pastor here tells us that they usually keep the church open until about 9:00 on sunday. just in case anyone wants to come in and pray. last night police came and walked in with his two children and intentionally drowned one of them. a murder inside st. john the baptist catholic. >> that is just mind blowing.
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>> reporter: sometime sunday night, gerardo mendoza ordaz walked inside with his 4-year- old daughter and 9-year-old son. by 8:30 he was across the street standing inside the police station parking lot screaming and naked. with his daughter in his arms and his son partially dressed. >> that's just crazy. wrote the child was rushed to the hospital but died 90 milliliters. >> man. it's insane. >> reporter: the trio were the only ones inside the church. but after interviewing ordaz and his son, police uncovered that the young girl was intentionally drowned in the baptismal pool. >> sounds like mental issues. that sounds like some psychological issues right there going on. >> reporter: it isn't clear why the family visited the church. police are being very tightlipped about a motive. >> in terms of reasoning, purpose for being there, any potential motive, it just would
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be way premature for me to provide you with those details. >> reporter: in a statement, father sean rogers from st. john the baptist catholic says, sunday night there was a tragedy in the church. a little girl lost her life. when police finished the investigation, we will know more. in the meantime, please pray for the family and the parish community. right now ordaz is in custody at sonoma county jail. excuse me. formal charges from the district attorney could come as early as tomorrow. reporting live from healdsburg, alecia reid, kron 4 news. >> thanks. new tonight at 10:00, police working to figure out what caused a car to go into reverse and killed a 4-year-old boy. grant lotus has been tracking today's development on this story as an east bay community mourns the young boy. >> reporter: searching for answers. tonight in benicia, you see this memorial of sorts that marks the location where this young boy was hit and killed yesterday as a car backed up. a 12-year-old boy was in the
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car charging his phone when it somehow lurched backwards killing that 4-year-old boy. also injuring a third year -- a 13-year-old. they were all guests at a birthday party at the benicia senior center. the child who died has been identified as mahady quadir of el sobrante. the old boy had minor injuries. he'll be okay. it's not clear if the 12-year- old in the car was actually in the driver's seat. >> we currently have the car in our position and we are doing a safety check just rule out any sort of malfunction. at this point we're not really sure how the car turned on. whether or not he had the keys. we know he was the sole occupant inside the car. >> reporter: the families involved have been put in touch with counseling services. we'll keep you posted on the details of this investigation. steve? breaking news to share. police have now charged the school bus driver in that horrific crash we've been
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reporting through the day here at kron 4 that killed ultimately six people in tennessee. the bus was taking on students home from an elementary school in chattanooga when it somehow lost control and slammed into that tree. witnesses reported seeing the students using the bus route -- roof hatch to try to escape. 23 were taken to the hospital. 24-year-old jon pinney walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. he could also face additional charges. tonight san antonio police have arrested a suspect. accused of killing a police officer at point-blank range. in cold blood. in fact he was one of four police officers shot across the nation over the past 24 hours. 31-year-old otis mccain was arrested and charged with capital murder. this is surveillance video taken before the crime. it came when he was apprehended in a car just outside of san antonio, texas. mccain pulled up next to detective benjamin marconi as he sat in his patrol car
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outside the police station yesterday evening. officers say mccain shot marconi in the head before driving away. the crime is under investigation. officer marconi was just one of four officers shot within 24 hours. in st. louis and officer shot twice in the face wanted for a string of other crimes. that officer will survive but the suspect was killed by police. in sanibel florida and officer shot and injured during a routine traffic stop. the suspect was arrested but not before trading gunfire with police. and in kansas city, a suburb, a teenage suspect shot a police officer after authorities say he took off running from another traffic stop. he pulled a gun when they tried to arrest him. the suspect was killed. protesters against donald trump took to the streets once again in portland, oregon tonight. a heavy police presence after previous protests there have turned violent. tonight the demonstrations have been peaceful.
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president-elect donald trump today released a video online outlining policies that he will work towards in his first 100 days in office. he says his main focus will be putting america first. >> on trade, i'm going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership. a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto american shores. >> in addition to withdrawing from the tpp trade treaty, trump says he will loosen restrictions on producing energy in the united states and he also says he plans to crack down on abusive -- abuses of visa programs. the president-elect made no mention about his signature campaign promise, to build a wall along the us-mexico border, and donald trump has yet to give a formal news conference since his election night acceptance speech. but the president-elect has been quite busy on twitter. over the weekend he blasted the
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broadway musical to -- hamilton and "saturday night live" over what he calls unfair treatment. cnn's brian stelter reports. >> that's hamilton star brandon dixon responded to donald trump's twitter fight with the most acclaimed show on broadway. >> ♪ trope reporter: trump last out at the cast tweeting that they harassed future vp mike pence. after dixon delivered this message following friday night's performance with pence right there in the room. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that you -- your new administration will not protect us. >> reporter: with the president- elect back in from control of his twitter account he's not letting go of any perceived slight. calling the cast rude and writing the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. and trump's fire is not just reserved for hamilton.
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>> what is isis. >> reporter: after snl portrayed him as in over his head, trump fired back on twitter. it is a totally one-sided biased show. nothing funny at all. equal time for us? alec baldwin who plays trump responded equal time? election is over. there is no more equal time. now you try to be president and people respond. that's pretty much it. some media watchers are worried trump's tendency to lash out could over time hurt free speech. others others say a thicker skin would just serve him well. >> he's going to be made fun of as he should be. any president will be and should be. and he's got such a thin skin he can't just shrug it off. >> reporter: brian stelter, cnn new york. i'm kron 4 news' modest brittney shipp. we'll see clear skies but you'll notice as we go through the day tomorrow, clouds will continue increasing around your
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lunch hour. it's going to be a wet commute. closer to santa rosa our northbay zone ukiah and by eight and 9:00, that's when the heavy rain starts in san francisco, transitioning down towards the peninsula at half moon bay into the south maison east maison. we'll see the rain on and off as we go into the rest of tomorrow night. that is one of three storms heading our way. i'm tracking all the details. i'll have more details coming up in my next forecast. [ yelling ] >> coming up, it is the rent everybody is still talking about. after canceling the remainder of his tour, why kanye west is now in the hospital. then we got a brand-new edition of people behaving badly. it should only cost you about $3 to park at the dublin park b.a.r.t. station but a simple mistake or a simple bad behavior could force you to shell out hundreds of dollars. next a popular high school
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athlete gunned down outside a bay area bowling alley. how his classmates honored him today.
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tonight police looking for a gunman who shot and killed a high school senior right outside an east bay bowling alley. it happened in alameda. the young man killed went to oakland high school today. classmates of antoine williams held a memorial on campus. kron 4's haaziq madyun was
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there. >> i'm always going to remember you. >> reporter: serena williams is reading a message she wrote in memory of her friend who was shot to death saturday night outside the south shore lanes bowling alley in alameda. 19-year-old antoine williams was a popular oakland high school senior and a standout on the wildcats football team. in wake of this tragedy on monday school officials opened the athletic area for students to hold a special memorial in his honor. >> we played a football game for him. a lot of people came and showed their love for him. and then after that, we had a little horseshoe and told our memories and showed our love to him and his family. >> i feel very sad. like we grew up together and i don't know what to do without him now. like, i didn't go through it. teammates loved him as well. here you see them writing goodbye messages on antoine's locker. >> when i found out, i immediately broke down and didn't want to believe it. many people, as i can, i
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immediately broke down and was crying. i couldn't sleep. i couldn't eat. thinking about that. lost a good brother. lochte teammates. lost a wonderful friend. >> reporter: the circumstances prior to the shooting outside the bowling alley are unclear at this point. alameda police investigators say they received a 911 call saturday night at around 9:00 p.m. officers found a male shooting victim who was transported to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. we now know that shooting victim was antoine williams. sparked a friend of mine. he was a partner of mine. just the fact that since he's gone through this tragedy, gun violence got to stop. >> reporter: in oakland, haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. new details in a gun battle that occurred in san leandro that left an innocent elderly couple hurt. this is a new surveillance picture of a minivan that police are looking for. it's a 2015 dodge caravan.
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investigators believe it's a rental car. the shutout took place last thursday and ended in a crash on dowling boulevard. an elderly couple driving in that area was hit head-on. officers also found a man shot near the scene. he is recovering. another man involved in the shooting ran away. tonight a high school campus community is struggling. yet another incident of racist graffiti at east bay school. we are back with the possible consequences for whoever is responsible this time. >> reporter: hard to believe. for the sixth time in a month, san ramon unified is dealing with the aftermath of the sort of thing. it's happened again at monte vista high school. the second time graffiti has been found at that school in one week. the picture you saw is from last week's incident. we do not have a pitcher of this most recent one but today the school's principal sent a letter to parents saying the latest incident happened over the weekend. the graffiti found at a bus that serves the school.
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danville police are investigating. the school says if a student is found to be responsible, they could be suspended or kicked out. meanwhile there's been an uptick in hate crimes in california since the presidential election. that according to data collected by the southern poverty law center. many cases happening in educational settings and today california's lieutenant governor you see kevin newsom, met with students at burton high school in san francisco to hear from them. about what they are experiencing. >> she can't does mostly a motion or the feelings of the time. they are real. people need an outlet for that. they need a positive outlet for that. they need to know people that are stewards, leaders in their community. that they've got their back. >> reporter: newsom is calling on all school district superintendents in the state to re-pledge zero-tolerance for hate crimes. steve? rain here in the bay area. usually means snow in the sierra.
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and there's actually enough for boreal mountain to open for the season. kron 4's spencer blake hit the slopes to check things out. >> reporter: the storms that came over the weekend are what allowed boreal to be to be the first resort open but it's of storms that are coming that will make it a great holiday skiing. there aren't any's labels here so don't be listening. but in his lane the snow definitely is glistening. >> a lot more coverage and the drive was super easy. >> reporter: three feet of snow. that's a beautiful sight. they are happy tonight or at least they will be when they get inside to get warm. >> the whole week off. it's going to be fun. >> reporter: in this matter you can't build a snowman because the other kitties would knock them down as they go gliding past. this european was unafraid to face the plans that she made to come skiing in the u.s. >> really good for skiing in general. but u.s. has the best parks. i hate to say that but yeah. definitely the best parks.
10:19 pm
>> reporter: gone away is the waiting. here to stay is a brand-new ski season. this 10-year-old could sing a love song as she goes along during an uncrowded day three. >> it's less busy. usually crowd -- crowded but it's not. >> reporter: in 10 days or so the snow could be two feet higher. >> we've ramped up to a full operation. it's going to keep coming. a lot like last year. >> reporter: in other words, they are skiing in a winter wonderland. at boreal mountain resort, spencer blake, kron 4 news. britney is here, she has the forecast for this all things giving weekend. but there is snow and rain to talk about. >> snow and rain back in the forecast. unsettled weather on the way for us. might create a few travel delays as you're trying to get into town or head out of town but on actual the day of thanksgiving, everything looks to be dry with mostly sunny skies. so at least the holiday is up is. as far as tonight we'll see mostly clear skies and patchy fog heading into tomorrow. notice increasing clouds right after your lunch hour.
10:20 pm
late rain for us we are tracking three different storms that are going to had our way. so you can see the rotation here, already starting to see the area of low pressure wind up. and push a lot of moisture and rain and snow in the sierra into our region right now. nice and quiet but futurecast shows us with in-store into the rest of tonight and two tomorrow. then the clouds develop and then by 9:00 we're tracking heavy rain closer to 6:00 northbrae zone you are going to have a wet commute home. notice most of this moisture reaches the east bay zone and south bay zone around 11:00. most of the moisture will continue pushing off to the east into the sierra. we are watching for a few scattered showers on wednesday morning. which means possibly a wet commute if you are closer to san francisco peninsula or the north bay zone. as we get into thursday, friday and saturday that's when we tracked a few more changes. wednesday will stay nice and clear, same thing for your thursday, but by friday
10:21 pm
afternoon, and evening, we tracked another system that moves through. this one starts to move off by saturday morning and the late sunday we tracked our next system. on top of all that we are already watching for winter weather advisory which will go into effect tomorrow night into wednesday at 10:00 a.m. we could see another four to eight inches for elevations above 7000 feet. chain controls likely. so you want to be careful if you have to go to the sierra over the next few days especially right around 5:30 on wednesday. that's when the heaviest snow will be coming down. we are also tracking temperatures close to the 60s and patchy fog tomorrow morning. heading home, north bay zone you want to be really careful driving. we expect to see the next system reaches already. >> thank you. straight ahead a powerful earthquake rocks japan triggering a tsunami. we are going to talk to scientists at uc berkeley who believe there is more shaking on the way. reports of more samsung phones exploding. this time the galaxy seven.
10:22 pm
what samsung is saying about this ongoing problem.
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it is being called california's green rush.
10:25 pm
the legalization of recreational marijuana which is expected to generate as much as a billion dollars a year for the state. >> but right now that rushes more like a slow crawl. since only parts of proposition 64 actually in effect. kron 4's maureen kelly has been tracking the story for some time. she talked to a local medical marijuana dispensary about the state of legal limbo that many recreational pot smokers are in right now. >> we got a ton of phone calls. people curious about if they can come in right away and obviously great interest right from the start. >> reporter: while the bloom room got a lot of calls of people interested in what they have to sell here, those people have not been able to spend their green on green but because prop 64 has not kicked in all the way. >> a little bit confusing. >> reporter: let me cut through the haze. right now it's legal for adults 21 and over to smoke pot. they can also carry up to approximately one ounce of the
10:26 pm
herb and they can grow up to six plants if they are the owner of the property or have permission and keep the place locked up away from public view. but you can't smoke it or eat it in public. and you can't drive while stoned. you can also be fired for showing up to work high or for failing to pass a drug test. and here's the legal limbo. while it's legal to smoke grow and carry part for recreational purposes, right now you still need a medical marijuana card like this one here to buy pot. at least for now. >> the state of california has more than a year to sort out the permitting process for nonmedical cannabis. the deadline to issue licenses for retail establishments is january 1, 2018. those behind the law tell me it's possible for the state to issue temporary permits before then. and there's this loophole. while recreational pot cannot be sold, it can be given away. >> your options are to give yourself a medical marijuana card if you qualify, or find yourself a friend who has one who is feeling generous. >> a third option? chill out and wait. we'll get there eventually. >> reporter: maureen kelly,
10:27 pm
kron 4 news. new at 10:00, surprising new information exposing just how much the government is tracking all of us. and how that could impact your holiday shopping. >> lebron james racist comments. >> yeah. next after a series of rather bizarre concert rents, kanye west has canceled his tour. we'll tell you why. he is now in the hospital. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5
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now back to kron 4 news at 10:00 with pam moore and steve aveson. >> kanye west is in a los angeles hospital tonight. cnn is reporting he is being treated for exhaustion. it comes after he cut two concerts short one in san jose and one in sacramento and in each he seemed to go on a somewhat bizarre range. and then left the stage. now he has canceled the rest of his tour. here is the part of what happened on saturday in sacramento. >> [ yelling ] perform and -- [ indiscernible ] >> the rapper showed up 90 minutes late to begin with and
10:31 pm
then performed just two songs before going off on beyonce. two days before that at a show in san jose kanye west declared he would have voted for donald trump but in the end he didn't vote at all. tonight we're hearing from to sacramento fans who believe they may have unintentionally triggered the kanye rant in sacramento. here is how it happened. reporter ben dg has our story. >> reporter: they get the tickets. they got the shirt. they have bought a lot of kanye west music. >> from his new one i like graduation. i like runaway. >> reporter: but and the pun here is pretty much inevitable, today, they're singing a different tune. >> it wasn't worth it. >> reporter: the two were among thousands of fans at sacramento's golden 1 center who instead of hearing a concert heard two songs and an angry rant. but what makes this story a
10:32 pm
little different is in part, they might have caused it. >> i was dr.. i didn't know what to do or say. >> reporter: they paid $150 for general admission tickets and that got them really close to the floating stage. so close he did something impulsive. >> it was a san francisco giants hat. >> i throw this hat and i'm like, oh. >> here is cell phone video of the exact moment. kanye west's reaction is -- take a listen. >> [ yelling ] [ bleep ] >> points is out like i don't know. he looked into my soul pretty much. >> reporter: it would inflame an already ranting kanye. they would be no more music. instead fans would hear an epic tirade that touches on beyonce, taylor swift, lebron james and the press. >> get ready to write your [ indiscernible ] lebron james
10:33 pm
racist comments. >> at that moment i was like he's leaving. i just didn't want to accept it because you know what? he was an hour and 38 minutes late. >> reporter: the meltdown may also have been fueled by criticism he has taken over a confession at a san jose show a couple days ago. a confession he didn't vote but would have voted for donald trump. if he had. >> according to the production statement from live nation, the producing organization, the fans who purchased tickets for the canceled shows will receive a complete refund. [ sirens ] >> sirens because of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of japan. triggering a tsunami warning. and forcing thousands of people to evacuate low-lying areas. fortunately no injuries have been reported and the tsunami warning was reduced to an alert
10:34 pm
a short time ago. on the cal campus at berkeley geologists were able to detect the quake. >> the waves take time to get here. 12 to 13 minutes. >> reporter: earthquake sensors in berkeley detected a magnitude 6.9 quake just off japan's east coast. >> it's a big enough earthquake. the waves are spread out over time and space. >> reporter: peggy gallek is a geophysicist. she says that quake is most likely an aftershock from the magnitude 9.1 toco earthquake that struck in the same area back in 2011. >> typically big earthquakes have lots of earthquakes after them. they can go on and on for a long time. >> reporter: the quake and the tsunami wave it created destroyed entire cities and killed more than 15,000 people. that tsunami also badly damaged the nuclear plant in fukushima. the plant is no longer in operation but work continues there to clean up and contain radioactive contamination. >> those are -- melted, shut
10:35 pm
down. >> reporter: a nuclear engineer at berkeley has been watching events unfold in japan and says this most recent earthquake and the tsunami wave are not powerful enough to do any additional damage to the plant. >> these are very small cycle tsunami waves. so i don't think they will be impacting unless there is even bigger earthquake. >> reporter: she expects aftershocks could continue for some time. >> typically they get smaller overtime, but they can also be big even after a long time. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron 4 news. this coming holiday season if you pl to use a credit card, here is something you may not realize. every time you swipe, the government will be keeping tabs on you. one u.s. senator called the program worse than nsa spying scandal. the two national correspondent chance seals goes in-depth to
10:36 pm
explain the dilemma that pits privacy against personal protection. >> reporter: recent data breaches have shoppers on edge as they head out to stores and handovers credit cards. turns out someone is watching. big brother. >> people don't know how much data, how much personal data is being collected on them by this rogue agency. >> reporter: david perdue of georgia is talking about the consumer financial protection bureau or the cfpb which monitors banks and lenders following the 2008 financial crisis. the bureau collects 95% of all transactions. >> we headed to stop last year over the nsa and the accusations they were listening to phone calls and reading e- mails and texts. this is far more perverse than that. wrote the bureau is funded through the federal reserve meaning congress does not oversee it and can't tinker with the rules. the solution is to bring the bureau under congressional control and create more safeguards but some consumer experts tell me this is actually about two other things. one, giving congress more power and letting bank lobbyists
10:37 pm
decide banking law. >> they don't want any money spent investigating them. they'd rather have the senate at their beck and call to investigate the cfpb. >> reporter: the bureau declined to go on camera but explained its credit card information is bought from a third-party that supplies it to other agencies. its database quote consists of de-identified information aggregated on a monthly basis. the database does not contain information that identifies the date, location merchant or the items purchased in any transaction. still senator perdue insists there is no way of proving that given the bureau's independence. >> this information is not held in a very secure environment. we don't know who has access to it. we don't know much about it. because we have no regulatory rights to oversee it. >> reporter: cfpb says it's doing a good thing recouping more than $12 billion for consumers in the past five years for what they call unfair and abusive practices by financial institutions. reporting in washington, chance
10:38 pm
seals. coming up later in this broadcast we've got the raiders in mexico city. we've got the warriors in indianapolis. the highlights are coming and also a little side job. we'll hear from chip kelly and also find out when the san francisco chronicle reporters received their performance review. that's coming up a little bit later in this broadcast. a problem causing some iphones to suddenly shut off. what you need to know to get the issue fixed.
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time now for the kron 4 baek of the west business report. bank of the west, go west. for some nothing says thanksgiving like honking horns or long tsa lines. this year triple-a projects more than 48 million people will travel to their turkey day destination. the tsa says it's prepared. >> we are ready for holiday travelers this year. >> reporter: what are you? if you are one of the 3 million people flying the friendly skies, arrive early. it's the airport -- get to the airport two hours before and if you have to park to give yourself more time. keep your phone charged and make sure your airline has your number just in case plans change. hitting the highway?
10:42 pm
be aware of your surroundings and know that you'll probably encounter traffic. after all triple-a says 43.5 million people will go on a road trip. no matter if you use planes trains or automobiles, check the weather before your trip is -- to see if mother nature will affect your travels. i'm mary maloney. >> coming up, -- >> don't you worry about them telling you? >> how much are you willing to part -- willing to pay? i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. and i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp as we head into the rest of your work week. we're tracking three different storm systems. i'll go over all the details coming up.
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new tonight at 10:00, how much is a parking space worth to you? at the west dublin pleasanton b.a.r.t. station, the cost to park your car is about three bucks a day. however there are some people risking paying hundreds of dollars more despite the warning. >> a stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> look at these people parking at stoneridge mall. this man is also parking at the
10:46 pm
mall in pleasanton. and these people did the exact same thing. they even walk past mall security to get where they're going. they will have something in common. they are returning back to their cars and finding it missing. and it's not a car theft problem. people ignoring signs problem. everywhere around stoneridge mall parking lot there are signs that basically read no b.a.r.t. parking. not just in the -- so you know it's a problem. but this signed gives the management the ability to return -- it's a required regulatory side which includes the name of the police department which means once the warning sticker has been placed on the vehicle the property owner can tow the car whenever they feel fit. a couple of cars have labels stuck on the window one people they could be towed but still people ignore the signs and head over to bart. these two ladies remember to take selfies before getting on the board but forgot to pay attention to the signs. i spoke to a towing company who
10:47 pm
says it's a huge problem. in one parking lot cars were left for 10 days with repeated warnings before being towed. these two men drove their truck in the parking lot and headed straight into bart. i intercepted them. >> those who park over here at the parking lot. >> don't you worry about them telling you at all? i've been waiting all year to say no comment. >> we come back. >> all right all right. thank you. >> have you done it before? >> i have not but i've seen it a lot of times. >> reporter: you just told me you did it before. >> i have not done it before. >> reporter: you won't catch me behaving badly. in case you're wondering cost of having your card towed at this mall is $255 plus any storage fees. the mall warns you they strictly enforce vehicle code laws when you drive into the lot. which includes illegal parking. in pleasanton, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. think carefully before you park.
10:48 pm
take a look outside. isn't that pretty? embarcadero looking lovely tonight. will it last? could we get to the thanksgiving day holiday? meteorologist brittney shipp here to give us a preview. >> we are going to see rain before the holiday but on the holiday right now, it's going to stay dry. so three storms on tuesday night into wednesday. friday night into saturday morning and then late on sunday. most of the rain will be in the north bay. we're tracking between a quarter of an inch of rain to up to an inch and a half of rainfall for all three storms. satellite radio shot showing us right now quiet conditions. line of the picture and show you unsettled weather just off the coast. going to take at least another 18 hours before it gets here. that's the weather story at our first system will arrive tuesday evening. if you live in the north bay you are going to have a wet commute home. but it will not be until 9:00 that we start to see some of these heavy downpours pushing
10:49 pm
into san francisco also into the peninsula before traveling to the east bay south bay closer to 11:00 at night. and then all of that rain turns into snow in the sierra but also tracking a few little scattered showers at 7:00 a.m. on wednesday. so a few wet roads by the time you had to work. taken to thursday. everything is nice and clear for thanksgiving. that we will see clouds moving in through the day on thursday. close look at future rainfall totals show that our three storms between thursday, friday and also -- i should say when it -- saturday and sunday will be around an inch for san francisco. daly city over an inch in petaluma. santa rosa napa vallejo and vacaville. tomorrow you will notice mostly cloudy skies after we see more sunshine to start but afternoon you notice the clouds continued increasing. temperatures right around 60 degrees for san francisco. high 50.
10:50 pm
pacifica half moon bay, and then closer to south mazon zone, 64 degrees for san jose. 61 in milpitas. east bay zone, we'll see a few little scattered showers towards the evening. 61 in livermore. 62 in concord. 59 in pleasanton. 61 in fremont and north bay zone mostly cloudy skies. rain moves in later. temperatures for petaluma at 60 degrees. 61 in vacaville and seven-day forecast shows the rain chances but the take-home message is a dry thanksgiving. it's now time for gary radnich, kron 4 sports. sports director is here as we look south of the border. the rangers look good. >> a terrific game. the great bay area at night. beginning with the raiders as pam said, south of the border. thank you. the first monday night game ever played outside of the united states. mexico city. there is jim plunkett. native mexican-american cliff branch. ted hendricks, they brought all
10:51 pm
the fellas in. to showcase the raiders and the nfl to the folks of mexico city. derek carr not much for three quarters. but in the fourth, that's why he is so good. the fullback going 75 yards to tie the game at 20. ensuing possession, the texans go for it on fourth and one. no. it appeared as if he had the first down but look how close. look how close. del rio takes control. they could have kicked the go- ahead field goal but they didn't want to give carr too much leeway. here is what the. amari cooper 35 yards. 21-31. three touchdowns for carr. latavius murray. all they need is a first down and that's it. jack del rio could have kicked the football. no. let's go for it on fourth. and that's it. rangers are now 8-2. a game ahead of denver and kansas city.
10:52 pm
the fourth straight win. del rio and company now fly home and wait for cam newton and carolina in oakland on sunday. on the flipside, chip kelly has to endure people in his face, young man from the chronicle today asked about his job security. >> we haven't had any conversations about that at all. about anybody's job security. >> do you expect to be here next year? >> do you? >> i expect to be in my job next year? i hope so. i've got a performance review coming up in december. >> that makes two of us. >> [ laughter ] >> yours might be january. but -- all right. all the same boat. >> that's how you do it when you are 1-9. you turn it around. eric branch chronicle job review is scheduled for december. the warriors, over and out quick tonight. steve kerr was fined $25,000 for criticizing the officials in the prior game.
10:53 pm
so what? clay thompson and company against indiana. this will be the biggest blowout in pacers home history. , read that didn't count. the horn beat him by a second. thompson finished with 25. he's got the old stroke back. any night that kevin durant would only score 14 but he had 11 assists and here comes korea. on his way to 22. 120-83. warriors have won eight straight. they are 12-2. their home to the lakers on wednesday night. a little bit of cal, cuonzo martin broad-backed his all- american candidate ivan rabb, a foot problem. not bad. there he goes. he scored. 16 of his 19 in the second half. 11 rebounds. malik pope out of sacramento, 77-65. san diego state upset cal, the
10:54 pm
bears now 2-1. they host wyoming on friday. the sharks and the devils to get out of here. after 13 day road trip, chris tierney for the sharks, going to work here, shorthanded goal. 1-0 pan -- san jose. patty marlow, 2-0 san jose. and then logan couture is going to go to work here. oh, my gosh. look at this stuff. the sharks had a really great night. 4-0 sharks win. martin jones 15 career shutouts. 26 saves and again just because i mentioned it earlier, you know the story on soccer about klinsmann. he got fired today. and bruce arena could be his replacement. >> and you were in a bar many years ago with the great bruce arena? >> in charlottesville where he used to coach uva men's soccer to many championships. >> some of us go home to our families. others stay out and drink with
10:55 pm
soccer coaches. that's why he is a news man. and i'm hanging on. >> thank you, gary. >> [ laughter ] there's a big problem with iphone faulty batteries causing the phones to randomly power down. coming up on kron 4 news at at it, i'll tell you which model does this affect and how apple is now offering a free fix. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
10:56 pm
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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oh, my goodness. samsung is doing damage control again. this time on its flagship galaxy smartphones. new reports have surfaced that other galaxy devices have burst into flames similar to what happened with the note seven. now samsung is trying to reassure customers that other devices in the same family are safe. despite several customer complaints. in statement samsung says there have been no confirmed cases of
10:59 pm
internal battery failures with these devices. for now samsung is urging users not to draw conclusions about reports related to its galaxy as seven and galaxy as seven edge. another battery issue and this time it's the iphone. >> that's right. tech reporter gabe slate shows us the problem and how you can get it fixed. >> reporter: this is only affecting iphone 6 and it's not like the samsung phones that were catching on fire -- there's no safety risk with this. but it is still a bit problem. imagine being on your phone and then it suddenly powers down. that is really annoying. so if this happening to you here how to fix it. apple has launched a special online support page for this iphone battery issue. you can learn exactly how to get the battery in your phone replaced for free. you can take it into an apple store. carrier stores like verizon and at&t are not participating so you can't go into those stores
11:00 pm
for help with this. apple said in a statement this issue affects a very small number of iphone 6, manufactured between september and october in 2015. they did not provide details on what is wrong with these batteries. and why their faulty faulty. apple's announcement comes less than a week after a watchdog group in china launched an investigation into this problem. i myself have used an iphone 6 as every day for over a year now with no problems. based on reports this does not appear to be a widespread problem in the u.s. but if you are one of the unlucky people suffering with this we put a direct link to the apple support page that i can help you get that battery replaced on my tech page on our website or on our mobile app. with your tech report gabe slate, kron 4 news. bay area father behind bars accused of drowning his own daughter.


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