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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter:now at eight. kron four tracking the new series of area tonight, what you need to know if you are heading to the mountains or the airport before thanksgiving. >>nat >> reporter:our first look at the north bay man accused of drowning pool. >>whoosh >> anyone. >> reporter:he took his pet dachshund in for grooming at this san mateo petsmart. what happened next led to this man being charged with felony animal abuse. >>whoosh >> reporter:and the viral video that we'll tell you what it can do to your iphone or ipad. and how you can repair the damage. >> reporter:you're watching kron four news in prime time. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:now at 8.
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>> steve: storms moving into the baythank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. will own the >> pam: tonight. kron-4's charles clifford joins us live with how people are taking advantage of the storm. and heading to the sierra. >> pam:but first, kron-4 meteorologist brittney shipp joins us. and brittney how will this weather affect people's travel plans. disease deaths >> brittney:the thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us. and just in time, wet weather is about also mean snow for skiers and snowboarders heading to tahoe.
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>> brittney: and terms of space giving we will see scattered showers and york a spreadsheet not in boston and vermont. --in terms of the thanksgiving we will see scattered showers in the york and in the boston along with the vermont. >> pam: the bangs giving holiday is almost upon us and just in time, wet weather is about also means no for the skiers and snow
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boarders heading to tahoe. >> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is bay, with a look at conditions. he also spoke up to head to the sierra. out there? >> reporter:at demo sports in san merrifield says that the sale and rental of ski equipment has taken off. like someone flipped a switch. >>--you almost get a panic attack with anxiety once you know that the snow is there. >> rent a snowboard. --i went once when i was in third grade so i'm trying to get back into it. >>jessica lamson is getting a set of skiis from her parents for christmas. >> reporter:she hasn't been skiing in awhile. >>--it's been about 4 years.
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>> reporter:she's also not sure when or where she'll get a chance to try them out but she's hoping it'll be soon. maybe tahoe. >>don't know yet but we got some fresh snow this past a good season. >> reporter: beenup at tahoe, winter storms are expected over the next few days and more resorts for the holidays. steve says he expects business to few months. so much so that he's trying to hire more help. >>we would love to. we are overwhilem with business for at least the next couple months. and does brian barack was >> pam:you can always track traffic and rain. using our our will mobile app. we have live radar and maps for you to use. and stay connected on up to the minute news. all with the free kron-4 app.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. breaking news just in to the kron-4 newsroom. police are looking for a missing boy in the north bay. >> steve: win he was wearing a helmet content at the time. if you happen to see this as a young man or had any information please contact santa rosa police. >> steve: werenow to that horrific story in wine country.and tonight we're learning more about that four-year-old girl.whose father is accused of drowning her at a church in healdsburg. this sauce >> pam:today the suspect appeared in court.but did not enter a plea. grant lodes is following this story and has the latest developments. >> grant:gerardo mendoza ordaz did not enter a plea today at the sonoma country courthouse in santa
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rosa.becuase his attorney has asked for a medical evaluation to see if he's mentally competent to stand trial. he's accused of drowning his four year old daughter in a baptismal pool here at st. john's catholic church in healdsburg. >> grant:police say on sunday evening, ordaz drowned his 4 year old daughter in the pool before taking her lifeless body across the street to the police station seeking help. asked >> grant:his nine year old son was also at the church.and is physically fine. in addition to the two felonies tied to his daughters murder, mendoza ordaz faces a misdemeanor count of inflicting emotional distress for having his 9 year old son with him at the time of the alleged incident. >> grant:ordaz who was visually upset arraignment did not enter a plea >> grant:pam amd steve? >> pam: thank you, grant.
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>> pam:just after kron four reported on a huge rash of car burglaries in hercules, another incident turned violent over the weekend. >> steve:kron four's spencer blake is live tonight where it happened. spencer, what made sunday night's case so much worse? >> reporter:it happened here outside of kinder's barbecue. >> reporter:a man came out of the restaurant and saw someone looking into the windows of his car, which he says had a laptop and other valuables visible from the outside. >> reporter:the victim and his friends suspect and told him to get away from the car. >> reporter:but he didn't just go away softly. >>"he jumped in his car and drove away, and he drove directly at the victims and the witness, and they had to jump out of the way and one of them was clipped with the bumper." >> reporter:nobody ended up with any major injuries. >> reporter:they were able to catch the license plate number of the suspects car, and that's what led police to arrest dominic amos on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. amos was already on probation. >> reporter:though the victims helped identify the
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suspect, police warn that it's not a safe idea to try to stop any crime in progress on your own. >> reporter:it's better to call 9-1-1 and get to a safe place. >> reporter:in the meantime, there's no indication that amos was involved in any of the *other burglaries in hercules. so far, no other arrests have been made. >> reporter:46 since oct.1. >> reporter:live in hercules, spencer blake, kron four news. >> steve: thank you, spence. >> steve:a high-speed police pursuit ends in a crash.killing one of the robbery suspects officers were chasing. now a 19-year-old man faces multiple charges.including manslaughter. authorities say they received calls of a robbery in san francisco just after midnight. officers followed the suspects at speeds up to 100-miles-per-hour. >> steve:all the way to
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sunnyvale.where the driver parked cars and a pole. an 18-year-old passenger was killed when he was thrown from the car. the driver. identified as zain faces a string of charges. >> steve:officers say they took into consideration the safety of the pursuit before continuing down the pennisula at high speeds. the suspects crashed and overturned at fremont avenue and el camino real in sunnyvale. the scene was closed tothe identity of the man who died has not been publicly released. >> we had a two robbers that rob someone at gunpoint. we also have the effect that there were not that many bills on the role at that time. at 1:00 in the morning but we always tried to make sure that we take precautions when we have to chase after someone in this capacity. >> pam:keeping the raiders in oakland. that is what mayor libby schaff says she is committed to do. and today, she talked with kron four about her new plan.
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>> pam:the plan is for a public -private effort with the ronnie lott group. in a closed door meeting -- the mayor reached an agreement with the group to fund a new stadium for the raiders. >> pam:if approved, the deal would be on the site where the oakland coliseum is now. and it could lead to improvements in the area. >> we are excited about having a partnership that will lead to more economic vitality in that area. but, we want to expand on that and create a great community and atmosphere. not just the day to day when the games are occurring but every day. >> pam:the plan. whatever it is. will still need approval by the alameda county board of supervisors and the oakland city council. the soonest it might be discussed publicly would be at the city council meeting on december 13-th. >> pam:east bay police are looking for two men in connection with a deadly shooting in el sobrante. daniel kelly- porter is
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facing murder and robbery charges in the shooting. as well as a hate crime enhancement. >> pam: but police are also still looking for two other suspects. ray simons of hercules. >> pam: and daniel ortega. >> pam: the two may be connected to the shooting of william. who was found on the ground with a gunshot wound. detectives believe, sims was at the capri club in el sobrante, when some sort of argument broke out. >> pam: sims had no gang ties and no criminal history. >> pam: the sheriff's office in rohnert park is asking for the public's locating a man and a woman suspected of stealing wallets from school campuses on two separate occasions. >> steve:these surveillance photos were released today. police want you to take a good look at the suspects. they were seen using stolen credit cards at retail stores and restaurants santa rosa. >> steve:police believe they may drive a silver four-door sedan.and are hoping anyone can come forward with information on the man and woman that can lead to their arrest
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>> pam:ahead at eight. >> pam:five children killed --- six lives after a horrific school bus crash. what the driver allegeldy said to the children before the bus flipped over. >> steve:plus. the national pet chain slapped with a lawsuit after a local dog dies in their care. >> pam:a brothel bust on the peninsula. and it happened right across from a school.
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>> pam:big news along the peninsula. a brothel. busted in san mateo. two people have been the illegal operation.
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>> steve:and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports. the home in question is located next to a school. >> reporter:not down the street. or, around the corner. >> reporter:san mateo police say for at least the past month. this home on west 20th avenue. >> reporter:directly across the street from junipero serra high school. housed an illegal brothel. >>- "serra is just such a close community and to like that there's a brothel happening right across the street from serra's campus is a little scary, cuz this where like i hangout with my friends" >> reporter:police say neighbors and other members of the community tipped investigators off about suspicious activty going on at this house earlier this month. >>- "this can happen in any community. it doesn't happen too often in san mateo." >> reporter:sergeant amanda von glahn says police served a search warrant at the home monday afternoon. two men from san francisco were arrested, on felony drug and other charges related to running the brothel. >> reporter:25-year-old jin zhen and 27-year-old rubiao li -- both booked into the san mateo county jail. von glahn says the brothel was confirmed after police conducted an undercover decoy operation. >>- "the illegal activity can bring drugs as well as
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an array of different criminal behavior and potential violence, because it is an illegal location that does have the potential of making a lot of money." >> reporter:the president of serra high school says he was surprised to hear the brothel across from the school, but commends the police department for its quick response. >> reporter:police say the home is a rental and appears to have been used solely to sell sex. investigators are looking for possible victims of human trafficking. >> reporter:in san mateo, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam:a big story we're following tonight. the devastating school bus crash in tennessee yesterday. which left 5 children dead. >> pam:people in chattanooga are in mourning today. and more details are emerging about what happened. >> pam: >> steve:grant is here now with what we are learning tonight. >> reporter:disturbing new details about the bus
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driver. who has been arrested and charged with homicide. >> grant:police say 24-year- old jon-thony walker was speeding and swerving when he crashed. court papers say he lost control.hit an elevated driveway and then a mailbox. >> grant:then smashed into a telephone pole and tree. he's been charged with five counts of vehicular manslaughter. >> grant:one little girl told her mother that as the driver was speeding around a curb - he asked the children "are y'all ready to die?" >> grant:today a distraught mother described her unbearable grief. >>that um he was one of the ones that was dead on the scene, or whatever. that um.that um that um there was nothing they could do. i don't know why it took so long form e to find out my baby was gone. he was my only child. wahl
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crying crying >> grant:just heartbreaking. of the dozen children still hospitalized tonight -- 6 are in intensive care. the chattanooga police confirm that the driver was involved in another accident >> grant:involving a school bus in september.although few details have been released. >> grant: pam. >> pam:thank you, grant. >> pam:a san mateo dog groomer. and the national
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chain he worked for, were hit with a lawsuit today --- by the owners of a dog that died after what was supposed to be a routine nail clipping this is video of henry before he was killed. >> pam:his owners says, they took henry and his two siblings to be groomed at a san mateo petsmart back in may. .the san mateo distict attorney says, the groomer was angry that the dog would not cooperate. a necropsey showed the dog had been strangled, suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung. >>".it was horrific we took him for a nail clipping and he came out spewing blood i was helpless. we never had children together, i hope people understand that these are our children" >> pam:the groomer "juan zarate" could be in front of a jury as soon as next week, after pleading not guilty to charges of felony animal abuse and animal cruelty. >> pam:the couple's lawyer says, there have been numerous complaints of other animals being serioulsy injured or even killed. while in the care of petsmart groomers. at locations across the nation since 2010. >> pam:petsmart officials say, they do not comment on pending litigation.
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>> steve:lots of holiday fun at san francisco's embarcadero today. people taking a turn around the ice rink. and taking in the cooler weather before the holiday. stocks >> brittney: is those changes are already happening here in the north bay zone. we have landfall moving in. --rainshowers >> brittney: more moisture and rain showers on shore. petaluma should be up next. futurecast shows by 10 thirty the north bay zone with heavy downpour and parts of san francisco. the lawyer 1145 hour. and as we
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get closer to midnight we should push into the east bay. >> brittney: about a quarter of an inch of rain for most of the area. >> brittney: higher elevations will see snow. what winter advisory in effect. until wednesday. >> brittney: dan skivvy day i highs will be and the low 60s was mostly sunny skies and dry conditions are expected. ss---hist thanksgiving our highs should be and the low 60s with a mostly sunny skies and dry conditions as expected. >> brittney: coming up with a closer look at your 7 day forecast. those are the things that we are working
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on. the three storms that are supposed to us that the bay area. --2 e fact the bay area >> steve:new ahead at 8. a teen steps in her falls more than 20 feet. when a huge sinkhole opens up beneath her feet. >> gary: coming up a little bit later in this forecast- barack-test-- >> gary: we would talk a little raiders football! >> pam: here is what we are tracking tonight at hand. making place of the families in need get a good meal this
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>> gabe: this video but was discovered and now the past brought all rows social media. my phone was sent with and meet with the text message stars planet video
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automatically. after the and the video i go back to my home screen and move on now and little and access my e- mail. that is pretty much it and it closes down in about five seconds. >> gabe: it is a corrupted file. that crash is your device. >> gabe: i-devices. stuck in a un-resolveable playing. >> gabe: stop it it freezes and crashes after about 10 seconds. over all it's harmless. just very annoying >> gabe:but it's always unsettling when security flaws are discovered in the
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popular gadgets we all use. comment on this i have not heard back yet >> gabe:but based on past issues working on a fix that will >> gabe: within a few days if you do click on this malicioius here's the fix. you have to do a hard reset. >> gabe:if you have the iphone 7 you and volume decrease button. if you have any other i- device. you hold the home button and power button
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>> steve: where drivers are starting to hit the roads ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> pam:let's get straight to kron-4 meterologist brittney shipp.
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>> pam: allbrittney how is this storm going to impact holiday travel? >> pam:and are there any other weather concerns around the country? return to index of >> brittney: duron here is the future of 4 passes the written this hudson view, leaving tomorrow-1 the human mind and to a problem also of minneapolis with the system. >> brittney: we are tracking the futures forecast. if you are planning to leave tomorrow. you may buy into a problem outside of the mid midwest or minneapolis with another system. we are starting to see more
8:34 pm
rainfall pushing into our north bay zone. of the beach in santa rosa and petaluma will be up next. along with a winter weather advisory that was state enough that overnight. >> brittney: with four to 8 in. of prayer of freshness know. --of four to 8 in. of fresh news know. with the heaviest bombing in south west title >> brittney:-- southwest tahoe >> brittney: we are tracking one of three systems. the one moving again tonight. a closer look with which you may see
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during the holiday. all those details are coming right up! >> pam: thank you, brittney. >> pam:his campaign was filled with denouncing "crooked hillary"and his supporters chanted "lock her up" >> steve:but now donald trump is saying he wants to move on. and that prosecution the clintons would be quote "very very divisive for the country. >> steve:trump backing away from his campaign vow to put hillary clinton in jail. he is now saying he wants to move past the investigation. >> steve:adding that clinton "suffered greatly in many
8:36 pm
ways." today he told the new york times that prosecuting clinton is something he does not feel strongly about. now some of his supporters say they feel betrayed. >> steve:after he promised to quote "drain the swamp" in washington. however trump says he doesn't think his supporters will be disappointed once they see that we will quote "save our country." return >> steve:how much is a parking space worth to you? at the west dublin pleasanton bart station the cost to park your car is three dollars a day. >> pam:however there are some people risking paying hundreds more. despite the warnings. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:these people parking at stoneridge mall this man who also parked in stoneridge mall in pleasanton
8:37 pm
and these people who did the exact same thing they even walked past mall security to get where there going >> stanley:they all have something in common they are all risking returning back to their cars and find it missing and no, it's not a car theft problem .it's a people ignoring signs badly problem you see everywhere around the stoneridge parking lot there are signs this basically read no bart parking and it's not just in the mall parking lot so you know it's a problem >> stanley:but this sign gives the mall management the ability to tow , it's the required regulatory sign which includes the name of the towing company and the name of the police department which means once a warning sticker has been place of the vehicle in question, the property owner can tow your car whenever they feel fit >> stanley:a couple of cars already have labels stuck to the windows warning people they could be towed. but still i watch people ignore the signs and head over to the bart to these two ladies remembered to take selfies before getting on the bart but forget to pay attention to the signs >> stanley:i spoke to the towing company who says it's a huge problem in the pleasanton area in one parking lot, cars have been left for 10 days with repeated warnings before finally getting towed these two man drop there
8:38 pm
truck off in the parking let so i intercepted them >> stanley:i noticed you parked over there in the parking lot don't you worry about them towing you at all i bet he been waiting all year to say that our wives are over there anyway we're going to pick them up oh ok >>i have not done it before but i've seen it a lot of times wait you told ma a minuite before you did it before i have not done ti before you won't catch me behaving badly (laughter) in case you wondering the cost of having your car towed off provate property is 255 dollars plus any storage fees >> steve:the mall warns you that they strickly enforce vehicle code laws when you drive on the lot . which includes illegal parking in pleasanton stanley roberts kron 4 news return
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rud >> pam:thanksgiving is sneaking up on us. time to talk turkey! >> pam:and kron 4's vicki liviakis is here to with the battle of the turkeys. >> vicki:yeah, guys everybody has their favorite. so back by popular demand - our dine and dish turkey cook-off. >> vicki:oven roasted - smoked - or deep fry. you might be surprised by the winner! return to index >> vicki:.this thanksgiving table. >> vicki:yeah, and if you're not a pro deep-frying cam be dangerous, and we've got some tips on how not to get
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burned. true, important stuff. however you decide cook the bird - we've got recipes for all the yummy side-dishes that'll be a hit with your kids - big and small. >> pam: >> vicki:it's on our website at kron - just click on dine and dish. tomorrow - we've got something for the non-meat eaters - a bird-free thanksgiving. >> vicki:the turkey will appreciate it. >> steve: thank you, vicki.
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>> steve: there is a recall what honda. the card can keep moving on this is the first still working on the problem. still ahead at 8. >> steve:a teen nearly falls more than 20 feet down in her own front yard. why a secret sinkhole might have opened up. toyota mini-vans. the safety issue that could be triggered while you are driving. return to index of stories...
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>> steve:it is something you never think will happen to you. yesterday, a southern california teen had the scare of her life. 13-year-old macayla wittman was walking in her front yard when the ground gave way beneath her. >> steve:you can just make it out on the surveillance video. she fell down a sinkhole. >> steve:luckily, whittman was able to catch her self on the side of the hole. she say she was swong her legs up and pull herself out of the sinkhole. >> steve:the hole is more than 20-feet deep. >>: "i was talking to my mom on the phone. and i just like fell." >>: "if i fell. it would be scary."
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>> steve:a woman in chico has twice the reason to be happy for becoming a grandmother. >> pam: she sure does! >> pam:first, she now has a beautiful grandson. >> pam:and second, she gave birth to him herself. >> pam:take a look at this. >> pam:for nine months, megan barker carried her daughter's child, the embryo created by her daughter maddie and son-in-law maddie couldn't deliver a baby because she was at risk for developing tumors. and a surrogate mother was expensive. >> pam:so the 48-year-old future grandmother offered her body to carry little gus. return >>"this was the biggest gift
8:46 pm
anybody can receive is becoming a mom and have my mom give me that gift, it's unexplainable.""the attachment for me was not an issue as people have predicted because in my mind it was biologically their baby. i was just a deluxe easy bake oven " >> pam:barker says she's ready to be a surrogate mom again, if her daughter and son-in-law want another child. for now, she can fill both the mother and grandmother role for gus. return to all >> steve: boy, i just love that story. >> steve:as thanksgiving approaches.kron-4 would like extra precaution when cooking your holiday turkey.the u-s consumer product safety commission is showing us how easy it is to start a fire when cooking a bird. fire officials receive calls reporting house fires every year on thanksgiving. >> steve:usually due to a mishap when deep frying a turkey that is still partially frozen. make sure to read instructions carefully when cooking the main course.set up outside. a safe distance from your home if possible. and best wishes for your
8:47 pm
holiday from all of us here at kron4. >> steve:new tonight at ten. it's known as the suisun bay reserve fleet.but some folks in the bay area call it the mothball fleet. >> steve:but an armada of navy vessels docked in the bay.ready for action at a moment's notice. with donald trump promising the fleet in benecia likely to grow? we took quadcopter four to benicia to find out. >> steve:that's tonight on kron 4news at ten. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: goodevening!
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>> gary:oakland finally has the framework for a new football stadium an investors group headed by ronnie lott has reached a tentative deal with the city to finance a stadium in an effort to keep the raiders in oakland >> gary:mayor libby shaaf did not specify details of the deal raiders owner mark davis wants to move to las vegas where a stadium financing plan has already been finalized >> gary:as of now the raiders have not commented on the ronnie lott deal. >> we have found a partner that has the capacity and willingness and may i say past and to keep the team here. off to help in a way that will take the raiders to state. and to put the dollars--but not put the dollars at risk.
8:49 pm
>> gary: was digging but there the up or once the guy with the $900 million stand up and say items along with the money and i can get this done. the mayor is such a nice person but while-- wow... wow >> gary:back to the raiders >> gary:last night in mexico city the first mnday night game outside the united states the raiders beniftted from some controversial calls. theis 4th and 1 attampt by the houston texans was marked short reviewed but not overturned >> gary:the raiders took advantage >> gary:derek carr hitting amari cooper in the flat he makes a great move and is gone for the eventual game- wiining touchdown >> gary:jack del rio and the raiders beat houston 27-20 they are 8-and-2 and share the best record in the afc with new england
8:50 pm
>> we found ways to win and there has been different ways each week what is a credit to the closing staff and the players all coming together in vienna about what ever it takes, by whatever means necessary. >>--coaching staff >> gary:kron4coming to your
8:51 pm
house for the holidays! could you imagine? >> steve: that would be great. (laughter) >> gary:mark burnette's idea for that bit. (laughter) >> gary: all of us from kron4 ... watch the fires. (laughter)
8:52 pm
>> gary:the 49ers and football not a hot topic so how about colin kaeprrnick's thanksgiving plans and what he is thankful for? >> the woman that i love. sharks extend brent burns- >> gary:the sharks have locked up perhaps their best player for a long time today they came to terms brent burns on an 8-year, $64 million extension burns would have become a free agent after this season >> gary:burns was a finalist for the norris trophy given to the nhl's best defenseman last season he led all defensman in goals and assists in helping the sharks to their first stanley cup final burns is a three-time all- star including the last two seasons. >> gary:the biggest civilain honor this country has is the presidential medal of freedom today president obams gave out the medal to 21 recipients noted among them
8:53 pm
were kareem abdul-jabbar. retired dodgers announcer vin scully >> gary:also among the recipients were oakland skylins high school product tom hanks diana ross and bill and melinda gates. ------------------------ >> pam: we will be right back! back! er i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> pam: well, that is it for
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us tonight. we will be back at 10:00. and in always stay in touch at kron4 dot com. the night everyone.
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