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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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was targeted and that he was intentially killed because of his race." >> reporter:last week, 31- year-old daniel porter-kelly of richmond was arrested for his suspected role in the murder. the district attorney's robbery charges against him, with a hate crime enhancement. >> reporter:he is due in court on monday. >> reporter:but the sheriff's office is still looking for 31-year-old daniel ortega of novato or richmond. >> reporter:and, 32-year-old ray simons of hercules. >> reporter:both wanted for murder and robbery. >> reporter:ortea's 54-year- old mother, renee brown of novato has also been arrested for interfering with the investigation. the sheriff's office says its working quickly to find ortega and simons to bring closure to sims' family. >>- "and, if anybody sees them, they should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached." >>- "the family is in mourning and its been devastating, but helping close this matter by bringing these great help for the family." >> reporter:philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki:san francisco's
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mayor, district attorney and police chief are joining forces to fight hate in the city and putting locals and visitors on notice, it won't be tolerated. >> grant:kron 4's dan kerman is live city hall with more on what is planned >> reporter: san francisco has seen an uptick in hate crimes. now steps are being taken to reverse that. >> we have no tolerance for haight. not here, not now and not ever. >> stand together as one against hate, i guess
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messages of hate and ax of hate. --against messages of hate and acts of hate. >> reporter: to reverse the police would use of undercover officers. >> we are going to do this and our neighborhoods if someone decides they want to attack them because of what they are wearing the may attack and onto the set francisco police officer. >> reporter: indicating since the election of donald trump there had been more than 700 hate crimes reported. >> for every one that reports we hear so many that haight on facebook and-dash
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to the hear the stories and post them on facebook and talk to their family and friends but we do not get these stories. but get only service if people are coming forth and providing the data as to what they are experiencing. >> reporter: police department system are going to put together chases that the d.a. can charge. human rights organizations are working with communities to provide training and education to put a stop to what it before it stops. >> vicki:where is the outrage? >> vicki:that is the question being posed tonight by police in the south bay concerning the recent rash of attacks on cops across the nation. kron four's rob fladeboe is live with details on that and a controversial new >> reporter: in debt right vicki, police killings across the country are up 7% so far this year over last
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year. if you can believe it. people in san jose or calling out to show the same type of consideration when the police are doing the wrong doing. >>paul kelly/san jose police officers assoc. -- where is the outrage and where is the public and community help when a police officer is shot down in service. >> reporter:san jose police officers association president paul kelly referring to the 56 police officers across the country who have been shot to death so far this year, the ambush-style murder of a san antonio police detective among the most recent. >>paul kelly -- there ought to be out reach --outrage. >> reporter:the p.o.a. unveiled a new web video
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that includes images from a november 13th incident when an alleged gang member, later captured, fired on two san jose cops, prompting a $10,000 reward and a message that 'blue lives matter.' >>paul kelly -- i guess i do not get this. i do not understand why it is contra birds hill. to say that all lives matter. and that it officers are ambushed and killed across this nation that we need to talk about that. we need to have an outrage. --i do not understand what it is controversy 0. >> reporter:the p.o.a. set a somber holiday table for the victims of five recent fatal the public to have a they celebrate thanksgiving.
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>> grant:tonight, all northbound hayward have re- opened after a pedestrian was killed in a collision. it happened around six this morning on highway 8-80.just south of the west tennyson road off-ramp. >> grant:this is video of the scene.from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-seven news. >> grant:the incident.causing a huge traffic jam. police are currently drugs.played a word on why the person was on the freeway. >> vicki:happening now. it's the busiest travel day of the year. >> vicki:and thousands of travelers are hitting the roads and the sky. to make it to their thanksgiving destination. triple-a projected more travelers this thanksgiving than last. >> vicki:the group forecast 48-point-7 million travelers for the holiday stretch -- the most, in 9 years. and the vast majority, on the roadways. >> vicki:on the left are the long lines at chicago o'hare international airport. and on the right is at william p. hobby airport in houston.
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where planes are lining up to take off. >> grant:and people heading up to the sierra ahead of thanksgiving. were hit with some serious delays. bay area drivers looking to beat the traffic this morning were held up by chain controls. >> grant:some parts of the sierra picked up nearly a foot of snow overnight.and that caught many travelers off guard. >> just be prepared. come up here with a full tank of gas in case of traffic with accidents and more. >> it is worth it. >> grant:and don't forget to plan for that return trip back to the bay area. because more snow is in the forecast. >> vicki:and let's get a check on our holiday travel forecast. >> grant:kron four meteorologist britney ship is tracking a couple of storms for us tonight--- brit, whens the best time to travel?
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>> brittney: we have a few more doses on the way but as we go into tonight at and two spans giving day, everything looks to be quiet. which will be nice for people to get into town. but are test-if you are traveling out of town this talk about some other things. we are now dealing with any rainfall or snow in the sea air right now but, that will change. >> brittney:--thanksgiving >> brittney: so the next system that we are tracking that could cause and the delays for you. we will stay in the low 60s, 59 in san francisco and half moon bay.
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and 60 degrees and vallejo. we are attracting more snow- a start friday night and to saturday. and you will notice temperatures dropping by 10 degrees. on friday 47 degrees but dropping into the 30 degree temperatures on saturday. >> grant:sounds good, brittney! >> vicki:catherine heenan is here with details on what could be a record breaking holiday weekend. >> catherine: now, you know that it is busier all around here. >> brittney: >> grant: most definitely. >> catherine:the triple a has big expectations.telling us that this could be the busiest thanksgiving travel week in
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9 years. they say nearly 49 million americans are going somewhere.most of them driving. >> catherine:gas prices are relatively good - and that's part of the reason. but plenty of people are flying. and in the bay area at least.that's been going fairly smoothly. s-f-o was reporting no significant delays, for example. >> catherine:the trend in the last couple of years -- things are busier the friday 'before' thanksgiving. and the sunday after the holiday. partly because more students are getting the whole week off. >> catherine:oakland's airport is also busy - but with no big delays or cancellations. and as our own will tran found out today -- some people actually managed to find cheap airfare. >> with the inexpensive rates of flights to these days sometimes she does have to keep going and 51. --and
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find one. >> catherine:he's talking about the fact that the t-s- a is trying to keep those security lines from getting too long. >> catherine:not all airports are doing as well as the bay area.this is o'hare airport in chicago, which has been packed all day. >> catherine:but one factor that's helping -- weather has been mostly good nationwide. and that helps reduce the number of delays. >> catherine:grant and vicki? >> grant:thank you, catherine. >> grant:and don't forget to download the kron four mobile app. you can always get the latest information on weather and traffic as you travel for this thanksgiving holiday. it's free. >> vicki:still to come on kron four news at five. two restuarants in south lake tahoe have had their food tampered with. sending a 12-year-old boy to the hospital. what we are learning about the person responsible. >> grant:and. there's a battle brewing between the city of santa
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>> vicki:police are investigating a series of robberies near bart stations in the east bay. el cerrito police say thieves are targeting people leaving bart and walking down the ohlone greenway path. >> catherine:
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>> vicki:bart says its taking extra steps to protect riders during the holiday season. >> grant:bart police unveiled new police patrol desks at two san francisco stations. kron 4's averi harper has the details. >> reporter: these are the control desk and bart police hope that they will add visibility. and deter crime and those stations. the two crimes--chosen for very significant reasons. with a number shot first and the influx of tourists that are coming from that area for the first time. a civic center you had people unfamiliar with the area as they travel through to museums and other cultural activities. >> reporter: now, you will
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not see officers at the desk 247. they will be scheduled at part of their shift at the desk. >> a lot of strange people and there is really no protection. it is not safe. and, i do not feel safe. >> is dangerous. >> i do not know the solution but more police is always good. >> reporter: says they plan to expand for other systems nationwide. >> grant:the teenager killed in a horrific car accident yesterday has been identified. 18-year-old amari brown- glaspie was killed when he was thrown from a speeding car. >> grant:it happened after a high-speed chase from san francisco to sunnyvale. at speeds up to 100 miles-per-
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hour. police say the driver, 19- year-old, zain dadabhai, was itoxicated, speeding through control of the car. rolling it several times. >> grant:brown-glaspie was found on the sidewalk and pronounced dead at the scene. dadabhai was pulled from the wrecked vechicle and treated for minor injuries at a hospital. >> grant:he is facing a string of charges including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. >> vicki:a 13-year-old girl has been cited for releasing pepper spray into a middle school classroom. it happened at sylvandale middle school in san jose around 9:30 yesterday morning. >> vicki:fire crews who were already inspecting the campus. were called to check on students who were complaining about something irritating their breathing. hazmat crews were called in spray inside the classroom. >> vicki:eleven students had to be treated for respiratory irritation at the scene and one student was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> vicki:police have arrested a man they say doused food with chemicals at a lake tahoe mallcausing multiple cases of food poisoning. officers say the suspect
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food bars with chemicals at a baha frsh mexican grill over the weekend. >> vicki:a 12-year-old boy.was hospitalized saturday after eating tainted salsa. police arrested 43-year-old harry dally yesterday.after officers identified him on this video surveillance footage. >> vicki:police say their not sure what substance was used to poision the food. it's that unknown. that has the authorities voicing serious concerns. >> we are trying to pare down the parameters of what to test for in the lab. because right now it could be any think. --anything >> vicki:police believe the suspect is behind similar food poisoning incidents that have happened in the area this month. >> grant:the santa clara city council has officially put the san francisco 49ers on notice. santa clara city leaders are demanding the niners to send them documents for an audit on levi's stadium
5:19 pm
operation. >> grant:the team will have thirty days to fork over financial documents that show the earnings and losses for non-nfl events at levi stadium. >> grant:government officials say they haven't seen a single the nearly three years levi's has been open. but 49ers officials say they fear sending all the documents, some of which may contain trade secrets. and treating them as public record could lead to the release of proprietary information. >> grant:winter is back in tahoe. it's opening day for many of the ski resorts--- who just got some fresh powder thanks to an over night snow storm. >> grant:this is video taken today - at heavenly resort- thanks cooper. who works for kirkwood. it's opening day for all three. >> grant:heavenly reportly received 5 inches. northstar - 8 inches. >> grant:and kirkwood saw 6 inches of fresh snow. and there's another round of storms headed towards lake tahoe as well as right here in the bay area. kron four meteorologist is tracking these storms for us tonight- brit what people
5:20 pm
looking to hit the roads - expect this holiday? s... >> brittney: first of the great thing is that thanksgiving day will be nice and dry. if you have to the sierra you to make it there without a lot of road travel. but, we will see another round of snow over the weekend. it is the best of both worlds. or is dry for a holiday and weekend has the snow. >> brittney: dropping quickly into the mid '40's with clear conditions for us closer to the bay, mid-50s. our satellite radar shows quiet conditions. we are dealt with the rain showers and snow that moved through last night. as we head into tonight we will see a decrease in cloudy skies. >> brittney: here is how it
5:21 pm
all times out. thursday, thanksgiving day will be at the high fifties and low 60s with mostly sunny skies. as we approach friday that is when the cloudiness and rainshowers will come and towards a late part of the day. when you wake up on saturday morning at 7, 8 in morning you will see scattered showers and the moisture will continue to the east and moved to the sierra and you will notice the heavier snow fall. >> brittney: mid '50s for mountain view, 52 and several fell and 54 and nasa. --52 degrees in san rafael and 54 and --in napa >> brittney: as we head into the afternoon temperatures
5:22 pm
will stay on around 60 degrees. i will have more details on our other and about 10 minutes. >> vicki:still ahead. we learning details about the man behind the wheel of a school bus that crashed in tennessee. killing 5 young children. what federal investigators are now saying. >> grant:and next. giving before the actual holiday - that was the goal in san francisco today. from the mayor to the police o. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn...
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>> grant: from the mayor to the police chief, chief, the fire chief as well as a u-s congresswoman - it was a day to help out. >> vicki:as kron four's terisa estacio reports, it was also important message of unity. >> this is my first turkey carving. >> reporter:it was an opportunity to show off their carving skills- but all joking aside - this was a serious matter - san francisco's police chief, fire chief and mayor were to help carve turkeys - that will go out to hundreds of thanksgiving day. >>31 mayor ed lee/san francisco --it really is a great way to give and get and the holiday season by serving others. 37 joanne hayes white
5:26 pm
--this is a small way of us say thank-you to the community. >>45 toney chaplin/interim police chief san francisco --most of us are so let's do of the year that you forget that some of us are not in the same boat. --vote >> reporter:and it wasn't just these top san francisco officials but command staff of the police department plus fire department personnel were on that will be added to dinner packages for residents. >> reporter:across town - this was the congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her family including some grandchildren two days, a spokesprson at st. anthonys estimates they will serve 4 thousand meals at st. anthonys were camera shy - they told me off camera they were appreciative of the meal and happy to see the house minority leader. >> reporter:during a break - ms. pelosi declined to talk politics including how her post is saying she will have much to say soon. but in the meantime, she did say this >> nancy pelosi/us--i am grateful. is still so
5:27 pm
inspired that says i am so inspired by people who want to tell understory--stories >> i want to read a short people that is still there city city of love, and a city that helps people succeed. >> reporter:back at the carving feast - mayor lee did dive into politics, with this message. >>sot/tc; we are here to be united. and this is a safe place and we are here to make all feel welcomed. >> reporter:in sf, te
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> vicki: president elect donald trump is nominating two prominent republican women for cabinet level positions and his administration. that see the bow has accepted offer to run the department of education and donald trump is also selecting south carolina gov. iniki haley as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations rose. -- roles
5:31 pm
>> grant:louisiana governor bobby considered for the position of secretary of the health and human services, he once called trump an "egomaniacal madman" and a "non-serious carnival act." trump shot back against his then-republican primary little bit nasty," but adding that he is ultimately "a nice guy." jindal later endorsed trump. >> i will not stop until we fight to heyman that chooses not to disembowelled the kkk. that is not a part of our party and that is not who we want as president. >> reporter: to calling her a brilliant and passionate education supporter. >> reporter:
5:32 pm
>> and, we are going to end common core. >> reporter: in a statement she says she is not a supporter. and it became a federalized issue. another >> reporter: trump right will be next. --could another trump rival be next? >> reporter:mitt romney? >> reporter: blasting donald trump's plans-setup form policy issues.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: beluga and sighting is part of the gang. but when you go after the person that is a nominee of your party and nominated by the voters and then you sell the tires of the voters. not just donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump taking to twitter to say that he is considering another rival which is dr. ben carson. >> reporter: where an announcement is forthcoming to make this will roll and america great again which was stated by dr. ben carson. >> vicki: >> grant: now to the current
5:34 pm
president. >> grant:president obama started his thanksgiving holiday by pardoning the last turkeys of his presidency.take a look. the president held a small ceremony in the rose garden today. >> grant:he actually pardoned two being an "alternate." local school kids named the turkeys "tater" and "tot." >> grant:obama cracked many jokes during the pardoning. >> grant:he said, "let's get this thing over with because everybody knows that thanksgiving traffic can put everybody in a fowl mood." >> grant:and, "yes we cran." >> grant:but not everyone love's obama's jokes. >> grant:obama say's he plans on embarrasing malia and sasha for years to come.he's not stoping " cold turkey".
5:35 pm
>> this year my daughters had a scheduling conflict. actually, they just cannot take my jokes and more. -- anymore >> grant: i like when he jokes at himself. >> grant: he will continue to and there's his daughters for years to come. -- embarass >> brittney: news can see that there is a dry holiday
5:36 pm
for us but a few traveling problems across the country. >> brittney: if you are foreign closer to green bay or even near milwaukee, detroit all zeolite rainfall. down to cincinnati as well. and we have this larger system. that will push them more moisture as we go into friday. so, it will not happen tomorrow it will stay dry on thursday. >> grant: >> brittney: as we get into friday; this is when things will change. we are shucking yet another system moving in on sunday. and also if you
5:37 pm
are planning to go out to be sierra. you will see the snow starting to pick up over the weekend. a few more inches, so you want to be careful you might want to leave on friday or tonight. which will be really nice. >> brittney: highs of around the region is in the high 50s and 60s. closer look would take a closer look at the 7 day forecast. >> vicki: thanks, brittney >> vicki:we're learning more about tennessee monday that killed five children. >> grant:catherine heenan is here with the latest federal investigators are saying. >> catherine: we know among
5:38 pm
other things the designated route monday. >> catherine: it's not clear why. also - there's already legal action. a passenger and his mother have filed a lawsuit againstthe bus company. --against the driver and bus co. >> catherine: that suit claims that 24-year-old john-thony walker was driving negligently and carelessly. >> catherine: today police said that toxicology reports show that there were no traces of drugs or alcohol >> catherine: in walker's blood. but there 'will' be more testing. >> catherine: john-thony walker is charged with five counts of vehicular manslaughter. it's been determined that he was speeding when he lost control of the bus. >> catherine: six of the injured children remain hospitalized - some with serious spinal injuries. >> catherine: meantime, police and n-t-s-b investigators are continuing to interview witnesses and review video from cameras on the bus.
5:39 pm
>> catherine: grant and vicki? >> grant:thank you, catherine! >> vicki:california has more licensed drivers than an other state.
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>> grant:in fact the golden state has as nearly many as the next two states combined. more than 24 million. but when it comes to the states with the worst drivers. california doesn't even crack the top 15. >> vicki:the study by car insurance comparison dot com finds. texas and louisiana are tied for the worst drivers. the study looked at crashes caused by failure to obey traffic signals, not wearing speeding, and careless driving. >> vicki:overall. california ranked 16th in the nation as the state with the worst drivers. this is a good reminder to nearly six-million californians will travel 50 miles or more for thanksgiving.
5:43 pm
>> grant:these items were distributed between october 30th and november 18th. neither of the companies say there have been any illnesses reported. for more information on the recalled products head to our website at kron four dot com. >> vicki:the great thanksgiving getaway is underway. steve aveson is in the newsroom with what we are at six.
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>> vicki: hey steve! >> steve: hey, vicki! >> steve:vicki. a record amount of people are hitting the road this thanksgiving. triple "a" says more than 48 million americans will travel more than 50 miles. >> steve:that is a record. it has been very busy at airports across the bay area. tonight we will have a live update from s-f-o where the long all day. >> steve:we will have that story and much more on kron 4 news atvicki now back to you. >> grant:and happening now. preparations are underway for the annual glide memorial church thanksgiving meal. >> grant:hundreds of volunteers are preparations -- as they chop, dice, mix and prepare --- thousands of meals for the annual thanksgiving dinner. >> vicki: they do a
5:48 pm
beautiful juppe. every year --beautiful job, every year >> grant:this is a live picture right now. some people call this the best 'thanksgiving' meal in san francisco. >> grant:glide serves more than 800- thousand meals a year. to anyone who shows up at the church in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. san francisco mayor ed lee help carve turkeys and hams. >> grant:the annual thanksgiving dinner will be served at 10 am to 1:30 in the afternoon. >> vicki: >> vicki: everyone has their favorite turkey recipe. >> grant:time to talk turkey! >> grant:tomorrow is the
5:49 pm
annual everybody has their favorite turkey recipe. turkeys. >> vicki:so back by popular demand - our dine and dish turkey cook-off. oven roasted - smoked - or deep fry. you might be surprised by the winner! >> vicki:and if you're not a pro deep-frying cam be dangerous, and we've got some tips on how not to get burned. >> vicki:true, important stuff. however you decide cook the bird - we've got recipes for all the yummy side-dishes that'll be a hit with your kids - big and small. >> basically, is just good old-fashioned home cooking. and they are going to love it. >> vicki: the judges will allow for all of the side dishes. especially, the best mashed potatoes. >> i think that when it is
5:50 pm
my favorite. the smoke one. i really like that on. >>what? >>wow! >> vicki:it's on our website at kron - just click on dine and dish. tonight at 8 - we've got something for the non-meat thanksgiving. >> vicki:the turkey will appreciate it. >> grant:happy thanksgiving eve, to all of you!
5:51 pm
>> brittney: i am going to leave you with fantastic weather. how about that? >> grant: id on't know-- don't know >> brittney: continued into saturday there is another system possibly, on sunday. tomorrow we will stay dry. >> brittney: everything is nice and quiet now before we did have some light showers. we are tracking a field of your weather disturbances across the nation. one is in salt lake city. you will find some delays in there. rain and snow and places like chicago, and toronto.
5:52 pm
parts of delaware and the widow feel as well. --places like delaware and philadelphia as well. >> brittney: friday night, closer to 10 or 11:00 at night that is when when showers will start to come through. when entering into saturday morning on route 815. and by 2:00 we are still dealing with scattered showers. most of the mosher will go to the sierra and produce more snow. >> brittney: future rainfall totals through monday. with over an inch in petaluma and santa rosa. mainly in the fifties. similar conditions heading into tomorrow.
5:53 pm
pretty much to 60 degrees for tomorrow. >> brittney: mountain view and san mateo as 62 degrees. s 64 for livermore. we would take a closer look at the forecast at the end of the show. >> vicki: thank you, brittney >> vicki:
5:54 pm
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that wraps up kron 4 news at 5.
5:58 pm
steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. >> pam:thank you vicki and grant. >> pam:the union representing police officers in san jose. is asking - where is the outrage about the recent rash of attacks on officers across the country. >> pam:next, the provocative video the union just released. asking. where is the outrage? >> pam: >> steve: >> steve:and a holiday tradition takes shape in downtown san francisco. kron 4 news at six is next.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:'blue lives matter' is the mantra tonight from a south bay police union. as it speaks out against the lack of protests over a sharp increase in officer killings. >> steve:good evening i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. >> pam:as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the union representing san jose police officers is calling on the community to rise up and speak out. >>paul kelly/san jose police officers assoc. --is the outrage and protest and a police officer is gunned down and shot in cold blood. ? >> reporter:san jose police officers association president paul police
6:01 pm
officers across the the ambush-style murder of a san antonio police detective among the most recent. >>paul kelly --there ought to being outraged. >> we have had an absolute breakdown with society when you fill it is ok to appoint a fire arm and ultimately tried to kill a police officer. >> reporter:the p.o.a. unveiled a new web video that includes images from a november 13th incident >> reporter:when an alleged gang member, later captured, fired on two san jose cops, prompting a that 'blue lives matter.' >> i guess i just do not get that. i do not understand what is controversial to say that all lives matter. >> reporter:the p.o.a. set a somber victims of five recent fatal attacks on
6:02 pm
cops, calling on the public to have a dialogue about the issue as >> reporter: as they celebrate thanksgiving. >> these heroes will not be with their families tom barrasso according bangs giving--these heroes will not be with their families tomorrow celebrating thanksgiving. >> reporter:in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> pam: the police officer shot in the head last night in detroit. has died. 29- year- old collin rose worked for the wayne state university police force. >> pam: he was on patrol near the campus, and radioed in that he was about to talk
6:03 pm
to someone about some car burglaries right before the shooting. >> pam: a suspect is under arrest. but has not been charged. >> steve:the passenger who died in a horrific car accident yesterday has been identified. 18-year-old amari brown- glaspie was killed when he >> steve: was thrown from the vehicle. >> steve:it happened after a high-speed chase from san francisco to sunnyvale. police say the driver, 19- year-old, zain dadabhai, was itoxicated, when he lost control of the car. rolling it several times. brown-glaspie pronounced dead at the scene. minor injuries at a hospital. he is facing a string of charges including vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. >> steve:san francisco police will put officers undercover to fight hate crimes in the city. >> pam:it is all part of a plan to reverse an uptick in these type of attacks. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from city hall with details
6:04 pm
>> reporter: what they are going to reverse the trend. at a.. news conference in the afternoon. police chief says the department will use undercover officers to set some to the rise and hate crimes in the city. -- to decrease the rise >> reporter: >> the stasis is on the rise and we aren't going to present at every way possible. in means and education, undercover officers to take what ever may be out there and we educating people that we would not tell tolerate.
6:05 pm
>> reporter: >> girl is of race, regardless of gender and religion. or sexual and orientation. to say that a crime against one and one of us is a crime against all of us. >> reporter: there have been more than 700 hate crimes nationwide justice donald trump was elected president. it has been a chilling effect on many. >> and so many communities, the donald trump of that has changed the way we live our daily lives. people are looking over their shoulders and taking self- defense class is. people are now walking alone at night.
6:06 pm
-- the donald trump effect has changed the way we live >> pam:the murder of a 28- year-old man from richmond four days after election day. is being investigated as a hate crime. two people have already been arrested and charged in connection with the crime. >> steve:but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. the contra costa county sheriff's office says it is still looking for two other suspects. >> reporter:the victim -- 28-year-old william sims of richmond. murdered in el sobrante the contra costa county sheriff's office says he was not a member of any gangs and did not have a criminal past. >>sot- "its believed that he intentially killed because of his race." >> reporter:on november 12th. sims was robbed and beaten at the capri club he was pronounced dead after a sheriff's deputy found him lying in the street near the club early that morning. >> reporter:last week, 31-
6:07 pm
year-old daniel porter-kelly was arrested and has since been charged by the district attorney's office with robbery, murder, and a hate crime enhancement. he is due in court on monday. >>sot- "something like this, you know, its taken very we have one in custody and we're looking for two others." >> reporter:sheriff's spokesperson jimmy lee is refering to 31-year-old daniel ortega of novato or richmond. and, 32-year-old ray simons of hercules. >> reporter:both wanted for murder and robbery in connection with this case ortea's 54-year-old mother, also been arrested for interfering with the investigation. >> reporter:james harris is a close friend of the sims family. he says william loved music and played five instruments >>sot- "i don't know if you can always find an answer to attack somebody when it's the commission of a hate crime. um, i don't know if i have an answer to that one, uh, he was a very nice, young, self-assuming relatively quiet, vivacious young man."
6:08 pm
>> reporter:and, the sheriff's office says its doing all it can to solve his murder. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> steve:a former alameda county been arrested in a kevin taguchi is one of nine people hayward police say they busted during an operation from a couple of weeks ago. >> steve:eight of them including taguchi are facing various prostitution-related charges. taguchi's website says he is a personal injury lawyer currently in alameda county. >> pam:almost 49- million americans will travel 50 - miles or more for thanksgiving. since 2007. and 89-percent of those travelers will be on the highways at some point. judging by this picture late last night in los angeles, many people are already on the road. >> pam:triple-a says, lower gas prices and an improving economy are the reason for the uptick.
6:09 pm
>> pam:can you believe that? >> steve: i got a headache just looking at it! >> steve: of travelers are at airports destinations. some long lines of passengers around the country today. >> steve:fortunately the weather has cooperated for the most apart for those depending upon the friendly skies. s-f-o tonight. how are alecia? >> alecia:one of the popular destinations for people in the bay area this time of year is lake tahoe. traffic cameras from cal trans. >> alecia: it seems like a
6:10 pm
national day at the airport. there or 8000 people departing from s f o today is what we have been told. but it did not look like it. >> alecia: today and sunday is supposed to be the busiest days of the thanksgiving holiday spirit. >> i do not usually slight because i have a terrible fear of flying. but a, a nurse to see that things are calm here is just before we get on the plane. >> we did expect a lot of high traffic was so far getting out here is the experience was fine. and we
6:11 pm
did not have any problems at--so far. >> alecia: we heard that earlier today the winds were little longer run one of 2:00 that afternoon but then said he stopped. people are ready to get there we get started and to go visit their family. >> pam:thank you,alecia! >> pam: it looks like he's about is a little bit back up and the corner there. -- it looks like the east bay >> brittney: a lot of sunshine for thanksgiving.
6:12 pm
and if you are getting out of town and state law that says an the midwest with there are some areas of rain showers and slice know. what >> brittney: a lot of people went to the sierra yester day. friday, we will see cloud discuss and snow as we go in to saturday. so we are tracking more unsettled weather. you can expect the four conditions to marleau and those '60s, in san mateo and livermore. at 89 in san francisco. i will take a closer look at the 7 day forecast coming up.
6:13 pm
>> pam: which state has the worst drivers? find out which license plate you should steer clear of? >> steve: the final turkey for president obama. find out why his borders a decided to mass.
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> steve:giving before the actual holiday - that was the goal in san francisco today. >> pam:from the mayor. to the congresswoman - it was a day to help out those less fortunate. you can see the mayor and fire chief show off their carving skills. >> pam:the slices will be part of a dinner package which will be delivered by volunteers on thanksgiving day. besides helping out. the those who may still be feeling some unease. following the election results. >>: mayor ed lee/san francisco this is a time to unite and be grateful, no matter what : joanne hayes white/sf fire chief : toney chaplin/interim police chief sf --is a huge way for us to
6:17 pm
get back and most of us are so blessed we forget throughout the year about others that may not be so blessed. >> pam:congresswoman nancy pelosi her family including her hand out meals at st. anthonys today. >> pam:if you don't have any plans this thanksgiving the people at glide memorial church in san francisco would love to see you. hundreds of volunteers. and gather on ellis street for day celebration. >> pam:the free event offering meals to those in need. will feature ham, vegetables, desserts and of course enough turkey to go around. the event starts at seven- one- thirty in the afternoon. san francisco mayor ed lee will lend a hand in the event. carving turkeys and ham for the public. >> pam:and another tradition dear to san francisco. the display at the saint francis hotel. >> steve:hotel officials have been working around the clock to finish the infamous st.francis event.ahead of it's november 28th opening. back by popular is thefoot rotating holiday sugar castle.
6:18 pm
>> steve:added to the list this year.the brand new "enchanted castle". a rotating winter wonderland filled with elaborate gifts, gingerbread trees, and even colored candles. >> steve:crew members say the popular event.conitunes to grow. >> i started doing this but with my kids when they were very small. >> steve:every castle on display is entirely edible.filled with atleast forty pounds of gingerbread each. >> pam: president obama started his thanksgiving with the turkey pardon. noticeably absent this year. his daughters.
6:19 pm
>> pam: but, he had an explanation. >>hope. malia and sasha, by the way, are thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them yet is that we are going to do this every year from now on. no cameras, just us, every year. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. (cheers & applause) >> pam:this year's birds came from iowa. and are named "tater" and "tot." the turkey pardon has a long history but it did not become a holiday staple until 1989 under president george h-w bush. >> pam:the president referred to what he called his "corny-copia" of jokes as the reason his daughters did not attend. take a listen to last year which turned out to be the last straw for them. that turkey by the way came from california. >> pam: let's find out what is happening to the weather as we move into the holiday.
6:20 pm
brittney? >> brittney: dry conditions are here as we go into the holiday but we do have another system on its way for friday night. >> brittney: our satellite read are showing us of the scattered showers. movie in closer to eight to 9:00 this morning. and we do have unsettled weather. along with the other storm system but not for tomorrow. temperatures for tomorrow or in the '60s. with a lot of sunshine. as we go through the day on friday, you will see a few scattered showers. >> brittney: that is one some of the heaviest rain showers will move through overnight. a heavy snowfall
6:21 pm
will come down in the sierra as well. other than that, we will see dry conditions through thanksgiving. friday and into saturday the next system will move through. along with a third system possibly for sunday. >> brittney: storm totals close to an inch. some locations in the north bay over an inch. temperatures reynaud and the low 50s. 55 degrees in san francisco and san jose. >> brittney: temperatures inland will drop 40--would drop to 40 degrees. highs of around the region with 59 and paloma. --petaluma
6:22 pm
>> brittney: things will start to dry out as we head into next week. >> steve: thanks, britt! >> steve:so. which state can claim the worst drivers in thesee who is on top of the list and where california comes in when it comes drivers behaving badly. >> pam: and worried that politics will turn your thanksgiving dinner into a food fight. we have some advice to keep things civil. >> steve:new tonight at eight. no turkey for thanksgiving? sounds bizarre.but it's actually a growing trend. of dine and dish.vicki shows us the delecatable dishes all made without turkey. >> steve:that's tonight on kron 4 news at eight.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam:a new study on the country's worst drivers is out. the good news -- california isn't all that high on the list. >> steve:catherine heenan is here with details on a study by car insurance comparison dot com. >> catherine:we're not all that high on the list. but not all that low, either. california ranked 16th in the nation for really bad drivers. >> catherine: if you consider the fact that we
6:26 pm
have more licensed drivers than any other state. it could have been a lot worse. >> catherine: the study looked at things like drunken driving, speeding and failure to obey traffic signals or wear seat belts. the license plates you should be on the lookout for -- texas and louisiana. >> catherine: they're not only rock bottom in the ratings this year -- they've been the worst for 5 years. >> catherine: others with bad-driving honors include south carolina, north dakota, delaware and new mexico. >> catherine: the study comes as traffic-related deaths are on the rise again -- after decades of decline. >> catherine: nearly 36- thousand people died last year in traffic accidents - a 7-point-2 percent jump from a year earlier. >> catherine: pam and steve? >> steve:thank you, ctaherine--catherine
6:27 pm
>> steve:a sixth child is dead following a school bus crash in tenneesee. several children remain hospitalized tonight. investigators are revealing more details about what happened. >> steve:today they said the driver was not on drugs or alcohol.but they added the road where the crash happened was not part of the designated route and it is not clear why the driver went that way. >> steve:the national transportation safety board is downloading surveillance video from inside the bus and is doing a mechanical inspection. the driver reportedly was going well over the speed limit at the time. >> pam: a cabinet of critics. >> pam: the latest picks by for his administration. and you know its coming. >> steve:politics are likely going to be a hot topic at the thanksgiving table. how to keep things from turning into a food fight. >> pam: plus he was one half of one of the most memorable moments in giants and baseball history. gary is going to have more on the passing of pitcher ralph branca. who gave up the "shot heard round the world."
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
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6:31 pm
>> reporter: there ought to be angered and outraged when our society began to accept caught killing is the normal. --cop killing >> reporter: questioning why there is so little out raging of police officers it shootings this year. calling and the public to hold a dialogue on this subject as they sit down for a thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. >> reporter: the city mayor and district attorney came together to say that haight will not be tolerated in
6:32 pm
this city. police chief says that is up 10% since this time last year at 28 to 28% 62 years ago. it will have an undercover officers to of the community. to determine best-and to deter this from happening. >> reporter: as san francisco's city hall ca--dan kerman, kron4news >> reporter: simms was killed on solely the base of his skin. one man has already been are arrested and charged for his suspected role in the crime along with two others that are still on the run. these two should be a good sued
6:33 pm
armed and dangerous. >> steve:in el sobrante. president-elect donald trump is making some surprising picks for cabinet positions in his administration. catherine heenan is here with the latest on his choices. >> steve:donald trump seems to be he's been focusing on older white announcing that he's offering cabinet positions to two women. >> catherine:one of them is a billionaire philanthropist -- betsy de-voss - as his secretary of education. >> catherine:she's a big republican donor and a proponent of school choice. in fact she's supported the common core education standards - which trump denounced as he campaigned. de-voss is a former michigan republican party chairwoman. her husband is an heir to the amway fortune. >> catherine:some people are more surprised that he's asked south carolina governor nikki haley to be
6:34 pm
the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. during the primary - she supported marco rubio - and called trump a "race-baiting bully." >> catherine:haley is the daughter of indian immigrants.and says she's willing to take on the new >> catherine:job out of a 'sense of duty.' some are pointing out policy experience. then there's ben carson. the former presidential candidate tweeted today >> catherine:that an announcement is forthcoming 'about my role in helping to make america great again.' trump has said that he's seriously considering carson for housing secretary.calling him a 'greatly talented person.' >> catherine:just last week, however.carson's business manager said the former neurosurgeon did not feel qualified to take a post.saying he feels he has "no government experience and has never run a federal agency.' to >> catherine:carson's tweet suggests that he's now re- thinking all that. >> catherine:steve and pam?
6:35 pm
>> pam:if you're heading home for thanksgiving and are anxious about a political food fight at the dinner table. you're not alone. >> steve:dianne gallagher with our partners at c-n-n has more on how to keep thanksgiving civil. in a post-election america. thanksgiving has long been the proverbial melting pot for political dialogue. and this year - while the emotionally-charged election is still swirling in the minds of many. >>nats:news report, protests >> pam: >> reporter:politics will end up at many thanksgiving dinner tables. as the red- hot *main course >>question: do you think this year, you guys will talk about the election at all? >>min amin/spending thanksgiving with family: oh my god yes. some in my family are trump supporters and some are clinton supporters. >>brendan marr/spending thanksgiving with family: we like to win arguments. as most families do. >> reporter:the 2016 election has taken an emotional toll. >> reporter:according to an american psychological
6:36 pm
association survey -- more than half of all americans say it was the source of *significant stress. >> reporter:for some. >>reverend skip jordan/ avoiding family on thanksgiving: some of my family supported mr. trump which flabbergasted me. >> reporter:the anxiety of being with politically- divided family members will keep them from even showing up on thanksgiving. >>reverend skip jordan/ avoiding family on thanksgiving: no, i will not be going home. >> reporter:others view politics like football and turkey. inevitable. >>willie ward/spending thanksgiving with family: it's not like we're not going to talk about it. it's like how long we're going to talk about it. >>jaweria arshad/ spending thanksgiving with family: election is going to be one of the topics. >> reporter:if you're worried a political food- fight might break out before the pumpkin pie is even served. experts say there are smart ways to navigate the "elephant in the room'. >>fathali moghaddam/ professor of psychology, georgetown university: lots of families are going to be getting together where they differ sharply. >> reporter:georgetown university psychology professor fathali moghaddam suggests the family come to the table with a pre-
6:37 pm
determined strategy. >> reporter:whether it's avoiding the topic completely. agreeing to listen to each other without arguing. >> reporter:or using a trusted family member as a mediator when discussing delicate subjects. >>fathali moghaddam/ professor of psychology, georgetown accepted by everyone and who's moderate who would listen to both sides. >> reporter:he says the goal should be to focus on what brings you together, rather than what tears you apart. >>jamal walcott/ spending thanksgiving with family: to be able to sit down with people and laugh and enjoy their presences and say you appreciate it. what's better than that? >> reporter:in washington, i'm dianne gallagher. >> brittney: we do find scattered showers and ran and scattered snow and portland, and if you are close to so lake city. depending on where you are planning to go. you may find the same thing. like mission
6:38 pm
and, and milwaukee. and michigan. >> brittney: your turkey day with future temperatures showing by tomorrow morning. high 30's in livermore, towards the up in them. it wants to push into the high 50s and 60s. with a lot of sunshine. >> brittney: dan and trekking all the details. --i am tracking all of the details and will have more towards the end of the show. >> steve:an odd stalemate comes to an end. nine days after it started. the culprit. an animal named "fat cat." how the feline ended up 45 feet above the ground atop a power pole.
6:39 pm
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>> pam:utility workers rescue cat stuck on power pole for 9 days workers in fresno have rescued a cat that was stuck atop a 45-foot-high power pole for nine days. >> steve:the fresno bee reports pacific gas and electric co. linemen on tuesday retrieved the black and white, big-boned cat named fat boy in the area. fat boy's owner, 14-year- old andrew perez, says the cat probably climbed the pole after being scared by a dog. several agencies for help to no avail. >> steve:local tree services also had declined to help, but silver villa of nonprofit paw lives someone helped the feline. she says the cat is in pretty good health. >> steve: says power on the 1,200-volt line was cut off, leaving a few hours.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening! >> gary: we have an example
6:46 pm
of what we were talking about last night. with all due respect that to everyone that was a part of their greatest story. but ronny lott was on our radio stations >> we are so far from getting there. but until that opportunity is in the hands of the group. that is really not a lot of what we can talk about. we do not having things right now. -- we do not have any think right now. >> gary:the raiders are
6:47 pm
cruising. >> gary: you watch these guys. possibly the m the p/e of the league right now. -- mvp of the league right now >> gary:how good is the carr personality? >> we are focused on beating carolina. they are a good tamed so it will be art. -- they are a good team.
6:48 pm
>> gary: that w as not a vero oblast. on--- that was not a barrell of laughs. >> gary: but, has a great personality. >> gary:a hit by bobby tho mpson in 1951
6:49 pm
>> gary: when you get what they home well like that. --when you give up alcohol brunt like that. at 8 o'clock. see you then. >> gary: >> gary: warriors and lakers and a few minutes at oracle
6:50 pm
>> gary: the lakers just kind of laughed at him down the stretch. >> gary: as , better service you want to go out there and do the best spirit world. >> gary: we will see what happened. will >> gary: i do not make predictions. not on my own. >> grant: should then i do those two things?--should i
6:51 pm
not do those two things were >> grant: i did it earlier. >> gary: i know. and i did not like it. but that's me. because everyone does it. >> gary: every sensed what abrams left ishe was a great anchor and they have to put on a pay prompter of what her coat maker had to say about art. >> gary: lee brian here you have so many people rooting for you. you have myself, your teammates and their classmates.
6:52 pm
>> gary:--lebrun >> gary: is a point to be a great season and the very humbly the one and killed the deal. >> gary:
6:53 pm
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. it's sad for kanye west, sucked into this vortex of the kardashians and now look he's in hospital in los angeles. >> number one, are the kardashian men cursed? >> case is identified as lamar odom. >> while struggling to keep up with their women. >> seems a bit unfair to blame a family. then "dancing" crowns champion and adding mirrorball. number three. hottest actresses get real on real fears. >> worst stage fright is singing along at oscars. "insider" bonus.
7:00 pm
why does marlon wayans keep waking up naked on wedding day? >> if bill murray was black. >> nice look. and if dolly parton's real look inspired by real life style icon. >> playing the town tramp. now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> kim rushes to kanye's side as his mental breakdown continues to be the number one tracking story. >> only adding to string of bad luck that seems to follow the guys of the family. tonight we go inside the curse of the kardashian men. ♪ cannot be trusted >> two todays after hospitalized at ucla following a mental breakdown, source says kim will remain at his side. quote, m


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