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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:the holiday getaway is on. on what is one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. tonight - kron4 has what you thanksgiving. -- or staying local. >> pam:charles clifford shows us the major police crackdown on the roads. >> pam:and alecia reid is live at a busy san francisco international airport. >> steve:but first -- meteorologist brittney shipp has your
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holiday forecast. >> brittney: has as 60 degrees as fickle and to the after now. --high as 60 degrees as we go into the afternoon. i know a lot of people will head down towards the water. the careful because you never want to turn your back towards the ocean. we have a sunny skies and dry road to four things giving holiday. where temperatures and details coming up! >> pam:here is a live look at the roads this hour. the bay bridge -- san mateo bridge -- richmond- san
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rafael bridge -- and golden gate bridge. >> pam:triple-a estimates more than six million californians will travel 50 miles or more over the long holiday weekend. many people.hitting the road. >> pam:the california highway patrol is out in force.making sure drivers stay safe. kron4's charles clifford shows us what is being done. >> reporter: chp will have extra patrol on the highway is looking for problems. it is their annual thanksgiving maximum patrol. >> and forcing everything from driving under the apple was up alcohol and drugs, as well as distracted or reckless driving. >> reporter: will pay special attention to enforcing seatbelt laws. >> 17 them remembers that
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would probably be enjoying things giving this year had they been wearing their seat belts last year but did not make it. >> during this time. , we have young adults that are out of school and maybe, at an experienced with drinking and choose to overdo it. >> are deftly out there looking specifically for people who are driving under the influence of cacao and above the legal limit. -- influence of alcohol and above the legal limit. >> steve:today is also one the busiest days for air travel. bay area airports have been jam-packed all day with holiday travelers. >> steve:kron4's alecia reid is live at san francisco international. alecia -- any problems there today?
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>> alecia:there has been a steady flow of people, checking in. and the airport is doing a good job of getting them on their flights and out of here. >> alecia:over 80-thousand people . making their way out of san francisco, to see loved ones. >> - we picked a good time to go >> alecia:families with children and babies gave themselves a buffer with more than enough time to get everything sorted out. >> - seems quite calm i was really really surprised i thought it was going to be really busy and a lot more traffic than i thought we were gonna hit but it's been pretty good >> alecia:last friday, today, and sunday are anticipated to be the busiest travel days for the thanksgiving weekend. airport officials say their system is designed for all of that traffic, and there's also stepped up security.integrating different methods like patrols, k-9s and cameras to keep the airport running smoothly. >> - pleasantly surprising >> alecia:because every flight is full, aiport staff is being very strict about carry-on sizes. this woman almost missed her flight because she had to go back to the check in counter. her carry wouldn't let her
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through. then there were here hours ahead of schedule. >>- my wife will meet me here, we're going to have some dinner >> alecia:overall, it was a pretty smooth day at the airport. >> - i don't like to fly because i have a fear of flying, but it's rather calm around here so at least that calms my nerves before i get on there. >> - it's actually been awesome. not too busy. the traffic has been not too bad lol >> before thanksgiving especially when we thought it was going to be a lot more stressful >> alecia:it wouldn't be holiday travel if there weren't a few hiccups. i just checked in with the airport manager and so far there's 1 cancelation and just over 70 delaysthat's both incoming and outgoing. >> alecia:those delays could be anywhere from a minute, to an hour or so. so pretty smooth sailing today guys. >> alecia:reporting live from s-f-o.
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>> steve:thanks, alecia! >> steve: making their way out of san francisco, to see loved ones. families with children and >> steve:we also checked out the oakland airport today. no major delays to report there -- or at san jose minneta airport. >> steve:make sure you have the free kron-4 mobile app. to help you get through the holidays. be the first to know about
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severe traffic and weather alerts. we'll keep you updated through breaking news push alerts. >> pam: a big story tonight in the bust. police arrested nine men on prostitution- related charges. >> pam: one of them a prominent bay area lawyer. kron 4's hermela aregawi has details from hayward. >> reporter: police said the suspects were arrested on october 13th in a motel at or in hayward. all eight suspects are facing misdemeanor charges. advocates say now the work began for both of the johns and the victims. >> will have advocates working on housing and those are services that are required for the restoration
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of its a viper. --survivor >> steve:a police officer shot in the head last night in detroit. has died. 29- year- old collin rose worked for the wayne state university police force. he was on patrol near the he was about to talk to someone about some car burglaries right before the shooting. >> steve:rose was shot in the head and rushed to the hospital for surgery where he died. a suspect is under arrest. but has not been charged. officer rose is a five-year campus police veteran. >> steve:closer to home. tonight some wondering why more people are not outraged over the recent rash of attacks on officers across the country. >> steve:grant lodes is here with controversial new video designed to call attention to the issue. >> steve: grant? >> grant:the san jose police
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officers association held a press confernce today to bring attention to the fact that officers shot to death while working will not be at thanksgiving tables with their familes tomorrow. the associaltion also released this web video. here's a portion of it: >>video >> grant:the video includes images incident when an alleged gang member, later captured, fired on two san jose cops, prompting a $10,000 reward and a message that 'blue lives matter.' >> i guess i just do not get that. i do not understand what it is contra bristol to say all lives matter. there ought to be anchor and out rage what our society begins to accept cup killing is the
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normal. --cop killing >> grant:56 officers shot to death so afr this year in the u-s. today the police officers association also set a somber holiday table for the victims of five recent fatal the public to have a they celebrate thanksgiving. >>president- elect donald trump addressing the nation ahead of thanksgiving -- with a message of unity. >> pam:trump also emphasized the importance of bringing prosperity to the country's inner cities. >> pam:the president- elect will spend his thanksgiving at his mar- a- lago resort in florida, along with his
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family. today -- mr. trump selected two prominent women to serve in his cabinet. >> pam:one of his choices -- a former critic. mary maloney has the details. >> reporter: perhaps in the spirit of thanksgiving, he let donald trump making any offer. traded jabs with the candidate. >> reporter: nikky haley gave a speech a couple weeks ago and still weak. it is not good. first of what she is a weak bond illegal immigration and you cannot have that. much has changed and i must now he wants her on his team with the new title. ambassador to the new man. san she is a proven dealmaker and we hope to be making plenty of deals. she will be a great leader representing us on stage.
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>> reporter: and school choice advocate, but see the votes. the largest teachers' union and the country quickly slammed the pick. but the boss and haley has not received the new job yet. the plan has to be confirmed by the senate. marin maloney, kron 4 news. >> steve:president barrack obama holiday with the traditional presidential turkey pardon. noticeably absent this year. his daughters. >> steve:but, he had an explanation: they just couldn't take his corny jokes anymore. >>hope. malia and sasha, by the way, are thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them yet is that we are going to do this every year from now on. no cameras, just us, every year. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> steve:this year's birds came from iowa. and are named "tater" and "tot." the turkey pardon has a long history but it did not become a holiday staple
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until 1989 under president george h-w bush. >> pam:coming up new at ten: the fight over the dakota access pipleine turns violent. a protesters arm is nearly blown off by a concussion grenade. >> pam:what authorities are saying about accusations of police brutality. >> steve:then - in a brand new edition of people behaving badly: before you head to the airport holiday season -- >> steve:some important do's and don'ts you may not know about. >> pam:and next. >> pam: the heartwarming story about an east bay fifth grader.delivering a special enforcemt. >> pam: we'll be right back .
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>> pam: news tonight.a ten year old boy is sending a powerful message thanksgiving. >> steve: werehe wants them to know he understands and he appreciates them.
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kron4's lydia pantazes shows us how he rallied his classmates together to give thanks. >> reporter: he made his mother by him greeting cards. >> we signed them and put messages in them. >> reporter: they were delivered to the fairfield police department. >> are a lot of chaotic think's happening and i does want to thank bill for protecting us. --thank them >> and, we know that they want to go home to their families. >> reporter: would only talk to people in the circumstances sole we steve --so we received mixed
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messages and this really makes us feel good. >> seen these cards will be really nice. --seeing >> ago as a very long way to most people. the things that we do. >> reporter: peso was delivered to the police officers on monday. >> pam: what a remarkable child! at 10 years old bric >> pam: i am glad we did this story. >> pam: alimony were the kitchen today. san francisco's mayor ed lee spent his morning carving turkeys at saint anthonys.
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>> pam:a san francisco non- profit that provides food, clothing and medical care to low-income residents. lee was joined by san francisco's acting police chief. tony chaplin. and san francisco's fire chief. joanne hayes-while >> pam:the three also lent a hand carving holiday birds at the salvation army of san >> steve:congresswoman nancy pelosi also volunteered her morning saint anthonys. serving meals in the dining room. pelosi was joined by her family. >> steve:a spokesperson of saint anthonys says they expect to serve four- thousand meals between today and tomorrow. guests say they are appreciative of the meal and happy to see the house minority leader. >> pam:a battery for a child's toy is being blamed for a fire that displaced a family of four. it happened in san leandro at a home on birch street near bonaire park. >> pam: before fire crews arrived a woman managed to escape with her two grandchildren.
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>> pam: once firefighters showed up, they were able to contain the blaze but not before the flames devoured much of the home. >> pam: fire officials say thecontrolled car sparked the blaze. >> pam: no firefighters were injured. but one resident suffered minor injuries. >> steve:a sixth child has died from the school bus crash earlier this week in chattanooga, tennessee. n-t-s-b investigators are examining the wreckage of the school bus. as police continue to interview witnesses and review surveillance footage of the crash. >> steve:police took a blood test on johnthony walker showed no trace of drugs or alcohol. but add that he was driving well over the posted speed limit. at the time he lost control of the bus. durham school services, the bus company whose school bus was involved in the deadly wreck. put out an emotional video statement from its c- e-o, david duke. >> one of my children as they slept i can't fathom the anguish of the parents whose children were involved in this horrific accident, and that it involved one of my company's busses. nothing that i can say can take a way the pain and the grief for these families. what i can say is that i am deeply sorry for the children that were taken from their families with so much life
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before them. --i found myself staring at my child >> steve:walker is charged with five- counts of vehicular homicide. which may change since another child died tonight. five other children are still in the hospital tonight. >> pam: looks like our fans giving day will be driving around the bay area. however, there is still weighing in before test. -- it looks like our thanksgiving day will be dry or round the bay area. >> brittney: closest to
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portland, there is a mix of land as know what is to bring off and salt lake city. --closest to portland there is a mix of rain showers and snow. however, it seems to be tapering off in salt lake city. futurecast four shows of by the afternoon tomorrow there is a high of 59 to 63 degrees, with sunny skies. if you will notice most of the rain shower stay off the coast. >> brittney: we will see more of the widespread rain showers on saturday. we will see heavy showers in lake tahoe. so, if you can head
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up to the sierra on friday. that would be better than trying to drive through the snow on saturday. >> brittney: late friday night system and on sunday, there will be almost over three-fourths of an inch. and close to an inch and napa up. we would take a closer look at the 7 day forecast. >> pam: thank you! >> pam:still ahead -- new at ten: to many people the american flag is a symbol freedom. find out why one college just removed it from campus. >> steve:and straight ahead: violence at the dakota pipeline protest. >> steve:a protester nearly loses an arm after being hit by a concussion grenade. new tonight -- how police are defending against accusations of brutality.
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afootake to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> steve:protesters at the dakota pipeline site say police are using violent tactics to push them away. one girl, nearly lost an arm. but police are telling a different story. cnn's paul vercammen reports. >> reporter: of veterans are expected to travel to standing rock to join in the
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protests. >> reporter: police say demonstrators set fires causing road block and protest did that-stated that date used dangerous tactics. and father of the 21 year old protesters said an explosion almost cost to store her arm. sofia is undergoing surgery. >> law enforcement is investigating this issue. and all the facts will be out there. >> reporter: they stated demonstrators attacked them with makeshift explosives.
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>> reporter: know some of the pipeline construction now because the army corp engineers stopped to talk with leaders. >> reporter: they fear that the pad underneath could contaminate water. >> reporter: they also say is a much more efficient way to transport crude all instead of by rail. --oil instead of by rail >> pam:coming up: how the san francisco police department is going "undercover". to put a stop to hate crimes. >> steve:then:
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>> steve:a new program that let's parents stay close to their children -- while they're serving time for a crime. >> pam: and next: >> pam: a man robbed, beaten and suburb. tonight -- why police are calling it a hate crime. ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed.
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>> pam:tonight at ten: a man robbed and murdered in the east bay. and police believe the killing was racially motivated. >> steve:the crime happened after election day. two people have already been arrested and charged. >> pam:tonight, kron 4's philippe djegal has more on the victim -- and who police are still looking for. >> reporter:the victim -- 28-year-old murdered in el sobrante the contra costa county not a member of any gangs and did not have a criminal past. >>- "its believed that he was targeted and that he was intentially killed because of his race." >> reporter:on november 12th. the sheriff's office says sims was robbed and beaten at the capri club he was pronounced dead after a sheriff's deputy found him lying in the street near the club early that morning. >> reporter:last week, 31- year-old daniel porter-kelly was arrested and has since been charged by the district attorney's office with robbery, murder, and a hate crime enhancement. he is due in court on monday. >>- "something like this, you know, its taken very serously and at this point, we have one in custody and we're looking for two others." >> reporter:sheriff's
10:32 pm
spokesperson jimmyold daniel ortega of novato or richmond. and, 32-year-old ray simons of hercules. >> reporter:both wanted for murder and this case ortea's 54-year-old mother, renee brown of novato has also been arrested for interfering with the investigation. >> reporter:james harris is a close friend of the sims family. he says william loved music and played five instruments >>- "i don't know if you can always find an answer to attack somebody when it's the commission of a hate have an answer to that one, young, self-assuming young man." >> reporter:and, the sheriff's office says its doing all it can to solve his murder. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam:san francisco's mayor, district attorney and police chief. joined forces today to fight 'hate' in the city city officials came together at a news conference today. to put residents and visitors on notice. that hate will not be tolerated in this city. >> pam:hate crimes in san
10:33 pm
francisco this year. are up 10- percent compared to last year. and up 28 -percent compared to two- years ago. to reverse the trend, the police department will now undercover officers. >> we are warned--we are going to put undercover officers out into the communities. >> pam:speakers also encouraged victims to come forward. they say, statistics from the southern poverty law center indicate, since the election of donald trump, there have been more than california. the city's human rights commission is also working with community organizations on prevention and education. >> steve:
10:34 pm
>> grant: all flags are now banned. they are taking them down after the school has reached harsh criticism about the american black bear was burned following the presidential election. when students were upset with the results. lower at one of the flax. and set it on fire. not sure who. >> the flag should not have been lowered and the first place because that is an intolerance of what has happened. >> i do not believe they
10:35 pm
have a lot to worry about. there are going to a pretty nice cool and i'm sure things are going to is good for them. >> pam: thank you grant. >> pam: been away from your
10:36 pm
children can be difficult during the holiday season. some paris-based is heartbreaking situation every day because they are in prison serving time for a crime. >> steve: but there are programs that try to keep parents) it is a mix of literacy i love. report your robert kendall takes a look at one program and south carolina. which emphasizes the power of love. >> reporter: there are similar programs in california prisons. for the past five years in susan bill, far this record their own voice on act they read a book of their choice then the cd and the book are sent to the child. >> reporter: the state's corrections department says the program is designed to help create a connection
10:37 pm
between parent and child. and promote literacy at the same time. >> did night noises everywhere. --good night noises everywhere. >> steve: coming >> gary: coming up a little bit later in this broadcast we have warriors highlights. and we have running lot telling us about the deal with the raiders. --ronnie lott
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>> steve:and next: tips for black friday shopping.
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>> reporter:happening now:
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if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m >> stanley:coming up! >> stanley: so you are thinking about adding to the airport you know this is a taxi zone right. well as all over some of the dos and don'ts before you put tricky and the ignition. i will explain on the next addition and the ignition. i will explain on the next addition to the people being badly says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out.
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>> pam: will not that we are in the holiday season there will be a lot of people heading to the airport to begin their travel. >> steve: we all know traveling can be rather hectic, there are many people with our experts at traveling. but then there are the ones that behave badly. stanley brothers will show us how not to be the latter. >> stanley: so you are heading to the airport to
10:46 pm
pick up someone derrick last year san francisco international airport as an example, there are a few dos and don'ts you should keep in mind. to pay attention to the signs, but not at the big truck parked anywhere but in when you are in the wrong place because then someone might come ask you questions. >> stanley: 82 people still to notice the taxis out and had to be shooed away. >> stanley: last calls for this brief airport public- service announcement. -- let's pause >> stanley: again there is no waiting there is not parking only at the floating if you are a passenger and
10:47 pm
you are not currently curbside or a few feet all around the vehicle will be cited. >> stanley: try not to drive with a huge welcome home sign in your windshield. i know you missed this person but with your vision but he might not miss something else. >> stanley: the crosswalks in the airport are not for loading and unloading. he might not know this but stopping in the crosswalk and uploading you could get a 3 $80 a ticket for a debt- for blocking a disabled grant and yes this is yellow square is considered a this disable graeme parent--and yes this yellow square is considered a disabled grant
10:48 pm
--ramp >> stanley: also remember when driving in the airport you have to follow all the rules of the role which mean you must be or must use a have free device. yes that means you with the flip phone please put it back in your pocket! and if there is any place is you need not to be destructive is driving to the airport, so get a hand free device or better yet wait at the cell phone lot that is where i always wait. >> steve: enjoy your flight and have a safe trip. assets francisco international airport stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> brittney: 7 hybrid are
10:49 pm
showing us clear conditions right now. but we do have another system that will roll right into the bay area headed into friday night and saturday. >> brittney: mostly sunny skies tomorrow so you should be really nice day. friday, things will change with a few sprinkles but towards the evening and run nine or 2:00 this when you will notice some of the wind fall. --rainfall >> brittney: as we go through saturday, and saturday day we would try another round headed into sunday. so, altogether we can seek an inch or three- fourths of an inch. in our
10:50 pm
east bay zone. >> brittney: 1 the snow starts to move and was the temperature is dropping to the 30's. >> brittney: we want all to the 50s to work close to 60 degrees in san mateo, if you are closer to petaluma and 59 degrees. 60 degrees in antioch and 60 in san ramon. , low sixties in san jose. >> brittney: clear and dry air as we go into next week.
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening! >> gary: warriors set a new team record with 47 assist! >> gary: just blown out at 14921 06. there will be a rematch on friday night and
10:52 pm
lost angeles. 149-106 >> gary: hear kids, this is how we do it. >> gary: the sharks keys went on from there the sharks went to night 2-1. they have an afternoon game on friday. >> gary: a lot of talk last night looks like we are headed towards a new stadium. we are feeling good about this and then running lot spoke to that. --ronnie lott >> gary:hope of keeping the
10:53 pm
raiders a framework of a deal that would fund a new stadium with a group led by ronnie lott >> gary:but when asked about it today on knbr radio lott didn't seem very certain of the plan >> is really not something that i can even talk about until is in the hands of the group. >> gary: i have a billion dollars in debt am ready to go. that is not the case. everyone is talking. >> gary: kevin bodyguard is the producer and great assistant basketball coach and to tie this in to the thanksgiving, the only think i could think of was to go back to 25 years when kevin debuted here.
10:54 pm
>> brittney: >> grant: ok, and 91. >> gary: 7 the bodyguard will be cooked and turkey today. --kevin >> gary:you're supposed to be cooking! >> gary: we used to do this after the 49 shows. kevin used to be a cook. and this is something that we used to do that and the day. --back in the day.
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(laughter) >> pam: he's a good guy! >> pam: thanks gary. here's what's >> gabe:two days away from black friday.but people are already camping out at stores across the bay area. and as you can imagine. gadgets are once again the especially televisions. >> gabe: imc the best deals on big screen tvs this year.
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>> steve:kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate shows us the deals.
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>> gabe:i'm seeing the best deals on big screen tvs i've ever seen. retailers are really trying to move these. let me show you some of the best deals >> gabe:but first, here's when the top big box retailers open plan to score one of these low priced tvs in a store. here's some of the deals i'm seeing. >> gabe:target is offering a 50" hisense 4k tv http:/ se-50-class-2160-4k-uhd-tv- with-high-dynamic-range- 50h8c/-/a-51587485 for $250. >> gabe:and a 32-inch led poloroid for $85 >> gabe:at best buy they will have 40-inch lg led tv for $150 and a 55-inch led sharp tv for $250 >> gabe:walmart is selling a 50 inch emerson for $225, a 55 inch 4k philips tv for $300, and a 60-inch vizio for $400. >> gabe:target opens at 6pm thanksgiving and then remains open over night and through the next day until closing at 11pm friday night. >> gabe:best buy is open 5- 1am thanksgiving and then 8am to 10pm friday.
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>> gabe:most walmarts will be open all day thanksgiving but the black friday deals begin at 6pm. don't want to mess around with the hassle of traffic, parking and crowds most of the deals i just showed you are also good online. while supplies last. and plenty of other online entities are offering good deals " >> gabe:amazon for example. will have a 43-inch 4k tv for $200 and a 32-inch tv for $70 and a 55-inch for $300. >> gabe:bottom line if you're in the market for a tv now is a good time to buy. keep in mind, you want to least a one year warranty and a 30 day or longer return policy. >> gabe:wytrgs (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: tsk tsk >> steve: it is one of the busiest days of the holiday season. >> pam: bay area airports have been jim heck all day


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