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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: on dhahran and dangerous this search is on for ease in may to escape from the santa clara county jail on four men escaped from the jail cell last night to call right away with the others have yet to be found >>grant lodes: as to how this all went down no one in charge realize in it thing was wrong to just after 11:00 last night when a share that it is also one hiding in the shadows outside of
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the main jail for inmates escaped told outside of the second story window listening old south wing of the gel which of the courtyard between two buildings in may to manage to saw through bars on window and a use that homemade rope which is still hanging from the one door earlier today that was used to repel down to the ground and their families killed a 10 ft. iron fence that you see to inmate work have to within minutes with the other two got away touching off an all-out manhunt there was no video surveillance of the area where they actually escaped the chef also declining to say how the inmates managed to saw through the eye and bars on the one of the they did concede that the daring the state appears to of and the result of considerable planning >>pam moore: we do have team coverage on this story tonight
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the search is on that started say they will work around the clock on some of these two men are back in custody while for most of the thanksgiving morning collecting evidence the city added helicopters and canines in there by law for some agencies have joined in the search investigators the trying to piece together of this is a planned effort between all four man or whether the two that were called saw opportunity into can then no cameras in the section of the building when the four men escaped the guards spotted the last to men as they made their way outside the two
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outstanding prisoners >>reporter: both have extensive rap sheets that include firearms violations robbery and burglary and extortions and, perhaps it is not clear in these men armed but as the deputies said they should be considered dangerous they're trying to figure out if they had a getaway car waiting for them once they got side the
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shasta county mother missing for three weeks is found tied up and abandoned on the side of the role model alliance >>reporter: a husband pleating the captors for the release of his wife a 34 year-old sharing three weeks later on thanksgiving his wish was granted it was a frightening
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start to the case thursday kron 4391 and choose from still tied up they circulated facebook in this video is not clear whether the ransom was directly responsible for her safe return
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the shares that is are now looking for to suspect they believe to be responsible both hispanic women in the dark as to be armed with the gun >>reporter: as we had to the
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afternoon things change a little bit more cloud led some to stay cool maybe some mid-60's for san jose there was a slight chance it could see if you showers may ignore but much more rain is on the way in fact we're looking at some heavy rainfall at the expected to move then >>reporter: maybe more showers and to sun. this is where it's interesting it is cold enough that we could very well see the first goal this season across some of the higher peak happen now shoppers already hitting the stores in doing so early to take advantage of the black friday bills on thursday
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>>reporter: is already spent about thousand dollars, but even people who just came to see what the fuss was about are leaving with their fair share dill there once was surf a black friday now becoming a thanksgiving tradition
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>>reporter: is tons of volunteers are here and the
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glide memorial in san francisco preparing thousands of milk of the people of san francisco cannot buy food elsewhere all the males and as a volunteer is how real good started
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>>pam moore: a house goes up in flames look at this video of the owners are safe tonight and is all things to therefore legged friend
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>>reporter: it was the usual
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october tuesday at primeros until one of the family cars disappeared he was in disbelief and his wife and daughter were devastated the chevy suburban was packed little jostles medical equipment including her wheelchair defenses there still
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recovering with a loss in the 67
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people were killed when that plane had a platform and a power plant >>grant lodes: 67 people and how the sea time and he was are drastically different a crane fell over a construction site so
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far been no reports of damage or injury is now the country's civil defense agency >>pam moore: becoming the southernmost part and on record to had central america expected
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to weaken a tropical storm by later today >>reporter: it is sustained land
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of 70 mi. from our if you're traveling in that direction be very careful 59 in oakland 59
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degrees and what will we are expecting the cold front suite on through sphene and looks like
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we're going to hold off and take some time as a headed toward early saturday morning strong storm system making its way across the bay area.
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>>pam moore: witnesses say the incident happened in the blink of nine the motive for the shooting is unclear and no one has been arrested in the attack
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>>reporter: his pants little bit like before the july
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>>pam moore: antioch police department investigating a late- night homicide sh a whopping 12 tucked behind a quiet neighborhood shops see this
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>>reporter: longtime neighbor and ubs sixth pass test for the boy did not survive he was pronounced dead and hospital shortly after if he was found offsets some never stopped by the trial to get a better gauge of where and why this happened with so much is still mystery
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set >>pam moore: he approached a 14 year-old girl at the san francisco fast food restaurant in actual money sphere surf the confidence to the attorney is sending are warning said this in your residence sphere the sole
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security minister's office >>pam moore: at go walk the beast that is just out of general staff of 15 your boy into the rough waters and started to struggle in the 15th would waive off the fire
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officials said they showed up to the fighter was quickly spreading from the rise to the neighboring home sphingosine not everyone is ready to move on there's a new push for recall
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and several critical states from our partners and we were poor >>reporter: the parade the turkey the football howe and the country's current president and future one grow when the hall that you'd like to be to divide the american people as well recent dorsey called the sperm and 50 there to some of america's are dreading the thought of talk about politics over dinner on all the 40 percent are eager to chew on the subject said
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>>reporter: men amid the recent president to campaign after have been skimming off she said and the message along to say thank you she was spotted in rhode
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island bookstore
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>>pam moore: over the next few days retailers will be icing on the habits of those shoppers very carefully we took a look a what all means to your holiday list because of this alarm presidential campaign did not quite put americans in the mold from mary reed sellers hope to have consumers attention and confidence october retail sales are better than expected the job
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market is still making game gasoline prices lower ahead of the thanksgiving holiday last month the resell federation forecasted tons of $55 billion the holiday sales and increase of 3.6% of the 2015 see all matt said the outlook still stands wall street has been on a post- election wall but the holiday stretch to give clues as to how mainstream feels about the economy as the trumpet ministration take shape >>pam moore: this business
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>>pam moore: for the restaurant and the rich marine ave served a 300 people back in 2010 from 1300 people today the guest the first-class treatment start with a ride to the restaurant everyone that a five-star meal
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>>reporter: 8000 pious and u.s. service members organizers say there is nothing more companies to your car with a home
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>>reporter: you to see the curl of the area low pressure sliding on buying web want to see this
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system did on the backside
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started to develop and watch it happen as we take an early saturday morning as we look at images of the law to low 40's and many spots the couple third is essentially temperatures as lookout for the next couple of days.
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>>grant lodes: this one was not even a close to the lakers beat them by pointing earlier this month, but yesterday's debt is a different story 149-one 06 >>grant lodes: he knows what the war is to do when they're clicking on all cylinders the
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rematch is against giving them a subtle thing get ready to go the warriors lakers in los angeles tomorrow night fishkill they're going to host the packers on sunday kickoff 125 chuck door
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this is a washington going way down the field of dallas find a
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way to win on the filled all pittsburgh as we said 287 and that is football
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now time for the tech report with :gabe slate >>gabe slate: was worth all of that sacrifice the big screen tv prices have really come down there are the cheapest have ever seen them a lot of decent name
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brand models in the 50 to 55 and to arrange for as little as $200 the line wrapped around a corner hours before open i could not find the end of the line i try to count the bodies as they pored then i stopped counting around 900 it was well over a thousand most people will line the were here for a big tv of course the smart phone
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. to animes instead from a second story window of the santa clara county jail
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>>pam moore: a manhunt is underway in santa clara county labels have expense a rap sheet that includes firearm violations


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