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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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afternoon. a man now idenitifed by south san francisco police as 28-year- old luis alberto ramos-coreas. sot- "this guy was acting real crazy and radical and then the police officer went over to talk to him, you know, and then i went to the back of the alley to have a cigarette and i came back out and i seen the police officer chasing him down the street." moments later, police say ramos coreas, who lives in south san francisco and has a lengthy history of violence, turned on the veteran officer of 12 years and hit him in the head with a skateboard. sot- "i hope he's alright, because i don't like to see things like that." police say the officer was knocked unconcious. he suffered a major head injury. he was rushed to a hospital, where he remains in critical condition. sot- "the officer underwent emergency surgery for traumatic head injuries." ramos-coreas was eventually arrested and booked for multiple felonies, including attempted murder on a police officer. police chief jeff azzopardi says the wounded officer is a married father with two young kids. sot- "i ask that you keep our officer, his family and our community in your thoughts and prayers." marino leogrande certainly will. a regular in the area, who says he's met the injuried officer several times. he says the officer rides a motorcycle and is always willing to lend a helping hand. sot- "it almost made me cry." in south san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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the search continues for two inmates who are still at large after escaping wednesday night from the santa clara county jail in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to date on the search and has details about a reward being offered in the case. rob? * *pkg * sot sheriff laurie smith sheriff laurie smith on friday announcing a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the capture of inmates rogelio chavez and loran campbell, who are more than likely still in the area. sot sheriff laurie smith the on going search for the escapees, which includes scent dogs, is focused along the
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guadalupe river between the airport north to the area around tasman and lick mill drive, in santa clara. deputies say there have been possible sightings and are following up on numerous tips from the community. sot lt. elbert rivera/sheriffs office the inmates escaped late wednesday night by cutting through the bars of a second story window in the south wing of the jail and then climbed to the ground with a rope made from bedding. both chavez and campbell have long rap sheets and are considered a threat to the community. sot sheriff laurie smith a shooting late this morning in san francisco leaves one man dead and two others injured. and police say they have little information on the suspected shooter. reports came in around 11 a-m this morning of the shooting at turk and scott streets.
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that's in the city's western addition neighborhood. officers say one man was killed in the shooting and another is in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. the third victim reportedly has injuries not considered life- threatening. as for the suspect.the only information police report is it being a man in his 40's or 50's. anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact s-f police. >> reporter: still have no idea how the inmates managed to get needed to cut to the iron bars and installing cameras here and the new wing of the jail behind me is still no cameras in the older wing of the jail. it will rain and then will help the search dogs. live in san jose
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>> vicki: man dead two others injured the police say that they have very low information on the suspected cheaters at 11:00 this morning of the shooting at turk in scott street and the city's western addition neighborhood one man was killed in the shooting another in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. third of them have injuries not considered life-threatening. a man in his 40's or 50's anyone with information.
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>> reporter: which are the rescue him but could not get the
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her in time. and the flames out the got the work of an for cause that's what misfire took a different turn. and had some mental health challenges verses crone and husband were also sued after workers at their spot refused to accused of groping patrons for us tonight. and lawrence we are talking cold, windy and maybe even some thunderstorms?
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>> reporter: still live next door she was a wonderful and very nice always come over. they're talking to a number of people trying to figure out what happened out here. and some very
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unsettled weather coming our way. a lot of sierra nevada we have that coming up and a few minutes.
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harvey entertainment >> grant: are proud sponsor of this event for the second straight year last year this place was packed thousands of people all out right here it
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will also tell your kids if you line up painting all free truly a family affair a great event and just getting started bring the family if you're in walnut creek and so dry here and made it the tree at lights up at 655 and we will see you at 545 with a look
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at the activities and carolers and it's a great time the asset to call for an ice-cream sundae either. we were getting some pumpkin pie last night. month and was found *safe yesterday - is speaking out tonight. we'll have an update on sherri papini - next. and. a fight breaks out at a california mall - as shoppers were out trying to take advantage of the black friday deals. we'll tell you where this happened.
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sherri papini is recovering after being abducted while out jogging november 2nd.and was found along a rural road yesterday. we're now hearing from her sister.but as catherine heenan reports, there are still many unanswered questions. >> catherine:papini's older sister sheila koester spoke briefly to reporters today. but if sheila has any insight into what happened to sherri -- she's certainly not saying. investigators presumably have sherri papini's story of what happened over the last three weeks -- but they're releasing almost none of that information.
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the shasta county sheriff said today that the 34-year-old was "very emotional" after being released by her captors. despite being bound by restraints - she managed to flag down a driver early thursday. authorities say they're looking for two hispanic women who were in a dark s-u-v. but that's about all they're saying. here's what papini's sister told reporters today. she wouldn't even answer questions as to whether her sister has been reunited with her two young children yet. authorities say the investigation is "far from over." we know that papini was treated and released for injuries -- but no details are being released as to what kind of injuries she suffered. steve and vicki? one person died this morning after their mini van crashed into a center divider. it happened on highway 24 in oakland just before 9am. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. officers say the dodge caravan crashed into the center divider just east of highway 13 before the caldecott tunnel. the roadway has since been cleared. shoppers were out today - shoving their way - to those door buster deals.
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and whether they made their way to the stores. went online. or just picked up their phones. black friday shoppers have already spent billions this holiday season. according to adobe. thanksgiving day sales online totaled one- points-nine billon dollars. that's up almost 12% percent compared to last year, as more people opted to stay home and shop online instead of hitting the stores. meanwhile. black friday shopping got violent in modesto overnight. a fight broke out around midnight at the vintage faire mall in modesto. it's not clear what provoked it but we're told security eventually responded and stopped the violence. no word on if any arrests were made. a warning to shoppers this holiday season.hide your valuables out of plain sight or you may become a victim of an auto burglary. talk about a real downer that can ruin your post thanksgiving celebration. one east bay police department is doing their part to get the word out to folks shopping in their town. as kron4's haaziq amdyun shows you.the officers even produced a video to help get the point across. >> reporter:it only takes a few seconds for someone to become a victim of a smash n grab auto burglary >>:"when you come shopping here there are people shopping for you" >> reporter:that is corporal rob ranson of the san ramon police department. san ramon pd produce this special holiday video reminder for residents to lock their car doors and hide their packages while out shopping this holiday shopping weekend
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"you should not be able to see anything from outside of the car, if that means putting stuff in the trunk then do that, wallets, purses, brief cases, lap top computers" .and those holiday gifts. this man says he often leaves packages in his car "yes i do, so i might have to be careful in leaving it there because i wanted to go to another store afterwards, it's just normal you don't want to carry it around" instead of leaving holiday gifts in the car corporal ranson says try this "if you are going to dropping something off in your car, drop it off and maybe get back in your car and do a little tool around the parking lot and park somewhere different so they think that you have left" although san ramon is a relatively quiet town with a low crime rate, police say, like in other cities, auto burglaries tend to spike over the holidays "it's true! we generally see an up-tick in auto burglaries, people breaking into cars"
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"even though san ramon is a nice place to be we definitely try to keep everything in the trunk or at least keep everything concealed in a bag with a towel over it, that way no one sees anything interesting" because seeing something intersting left in your car is a holiday gift an auto burglar is looking san ramon haaziq madyun kron4news more than one hundred california state parks are handing out free passes on black friday, encouraging people to break a sweat rather than break out a credit card. most of the bay area parks have sold out for the day including mount tam and mount diablo. experts say the goal of green friday is to take attention off the hectic shopping scene and get families to enjoy the outdoors together. seacliff state beach was one of several state parks that sold out almost immediately. information at can be found at we will see increasing clouds with rain and gusty winds late. saturday will begin with rain before turning to showers and isolated thunderstorms. >> reporter: taking upon rain if it will be off the coastline pushing ever so close to the bay area now we do have a coupler couple scattered light showers in the north bay right here as a closer look and the most right now mainly some light activity in just a few hundreds of the manager of rain. overnight tonight and we will become heavy at times. and some dangerous
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traveling conditions towards saturday sunday. do that at all costs. phan van of beautiful sunset a few clouds beginning to move in from that storm system. featherings will be picking up late tonight gusty winds and rain showers in the afternoon for sunday's more showers and some very chilly temperatures this is something itself together from the one last night. and then ordered a few quarters along the peninsula and for the senate clara valley. the main brunt will come and heading toward early tomorrow morning then showers in the afternoon
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>> vicki:this year's 30th
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anniversary of the holiday windows at macy's in union square has already given 22- animals forever homes. the tradition has been put on by san francisco's s-p-c-a to help save and protect cats and dogs who need to be adopted. today black and partially black animals fill the windows in celebration of black friday. here you can see the opening of the event.people line the streets to see their adorable faces. nearly 9-thousand animals have found new homes through holiday windows over the past 30 years. the event brings in thousands of dollars to provide year-round support for the citys s-p-c-a's lifesaving programs. pets are still up for adoption through january 1st. this is the holidy window display at macy's that features adoptable pets--- the desk is calling and getting an update on how many animals have already been adopted! the vote count in certain swing states in the presidential election has been described as "not quite right". now - the money has been raised in the effort for an official recount. catherine heenan is here with where it's happening.and who's behind it. they have >> reporter: the stores early starts here have
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been open since 6:00 p.m. been skimming day. they were rewarded
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handsomely. and others of the checklist. >> steve: is raising out the church seen at one responsible for stealing can at stand trial
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>> steve:green party nominee jill stein has now raised nearly four million dollars for another count in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. donald trump won wisconsin and pennsylvania by narrow margins and has a small lead in michigan. it's not that a recount is going to help stein. but she and green party officials
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insist that raising the money to make this happen is important to all voters.. in theory - a recount that changes the electoral vote could help hillary clinton. but so far - she's remained publicly silent on the subject.
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steve and pam? >> steve:president-elect donald trump has filled two more top administration posts. the picks were confirmed today in a statement from his transition team. fox news analyst kathleen mcfarland will serve as deputy national security adviser. mcfarland served in various posts under former presidents nixon, ford and reagan. trump's campaign attorney donald mcgahn will serve as white house counsel. mcghan is a former member of the united states federal election commission. neither position requires senate confirmation. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. a horse-drawn carriage brought the official white house christmas tree to the front drive, as a four-piece military band played "o christmas tree." first lady michelle obama watched as the tree was brought in. she was joined by nephews austin and aaron robinson, first pets
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bo and sunny, and the national tree contest award winners-- however their tree was not quite tall or full enough in time due to wisconsin weather conditions this season. instead, an alternate 19-foot douglas fir from pennsylvania took its place. the wisconsin tree will still be on display elsewhere in the white house. we will see increasing clouds with rain and gusty winds late. saturday will begin with rain before turning to showers and isolated thunderstorms. >> reporter: and unable to see that for quite awhile begins lisa and the spherical storm system that is now beginning to make its way for a northern california are retouching of some showers there with more rainfall expect on the way they're looking at more scattered light showers down the bay area to this time mainly north de fina locations the expected showers so far this should be fairly light that will change later tonight into to get more morning. the rain will be picking up all the next few hours many
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shop backcourts differences go all contrasts looking beautiful with the embarcadero all lit up a beautiful holiday lights its that time of year where you can get side bundle up and then if you like the seasonal from the church law and the cool site 54 right now set francisco 56 oakland 52 livermore 53 in concord. and then the storm system dustup the coastline putting itself together going to the pack a punch early tomorrow morning then fell to as the showers and possibility of thunderstorms in the system as well. and this conneaut for you the computer model coming onshore look of the yellows and oranges and heavy rainfall about 630 in the morning and it is the bushes across the bay area by noon time it turns and the scattered showers heading to the afternoon on nice days scattered showers and a couple rainbow's outside as well have the jurors on the cool side fifties across the board then looking at all deaths few days after it will be little doubt what side. on and off with a specially stormy early tomorrow morning and maybe
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if we if we are lucky oliver of the snow on the montauk as we look toward sunday afternoon that's the forecast. a judge in south carolina has ruled that dylann roof is competent to stand trial for the killing of nine black worshippers at a church. the judge made the ruling this morning after a two-day hearing behind closed doors earlier this week. the hearing was needed after roof's attorneys questioned whether he could help them on the eve of jury selection in his death penalty trial. jury selection will begin monday. today the man who is charged with the shooting death of a michigan university police officer pled not guilty in court.
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authorities believe deangelo davis shot police officer collin rose in the head on tuesday in detroit. this all while he was trying to take him into custody after reportedly investigating a possible vehicle theft in the area. the 28-year-old officer was brought to the hospital.where he died. now davis is facing several charges.including first degree murder.murder of a police officer and other felony firearms charges. one of the most loved television moms has passed away. florence henderson was a broadway star and was best known for playing carol brady on "the brady bunch" she died from heart failure after being hospitalized the day before. her manager says henderson passed away surrounded by family and friends. she also says henderson was not sick. and many are shocked by her death. florence henderson was 82. still ahead. dramatic video shows the intense moments a popeye's restuarant employee - takes on an armed robber. we'll tell you what happens - next. and. the annual tree lighting is about to take place at ghirardelli square. we'll check in with grant lodes who is hosting the event. about what to expect tonight. on wall street.. stocks hit fresh records today in a shortened trading session. the dow rose 69 points. the nasdaq. added 18. and the s&p climbed more than 8 points.
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>> vicki:wells fargo customers have opened a class action lawsuit against the bank over its fake account scandal.but wells fargo is playing hardball. the bank asked the u-s district court in utah on
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force dozens of those customers to resolve their claims in closed-door arbitration instead of open court. wells fargo argues customers actually sign an agreement.requiring they enter arbitration in situations like these. right now the bank faces being sued for opening as many as 2- million unauthorized accounts.and since has issued an apology for the wrongdoing. police in minnesota are hoping surveillance video will help them find a suspect in an armed robbery. take a look at the video from a popeye's restuarant you can see the suspect come into the kitchen and grab one employee from behing. he then held a gun to the employee's head, and demanded that the safe be opened. the employee fought off the man. but was pistol whipped by the robber who then got away through th testing. a new program that let's parents stay -- while they'rf a crime.
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>> pam: should be able to hold onto her spot and house of representatives. and why summer saying they have done the past
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but should look at what's at stake in the future. is the >> grant: massive tree that will be all links and we will bring that to you live.
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amend the snow coming down this building as part of the festivities it's free for kids and families and we will come back down. this area right here is where they're doing drawings. you can see the progress being made these siblings right here if to take the video way. nav is busy at work doing face painting. as the tournament
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until we definitely want to represent the brand.
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>> reporter: sensing the main band and then at overnight tonight. woods like this is a cold enough system significant snowfall in the sierra nevada. possible without conditions and try to avoid that if you can. it
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looks like things will start to clear out. members out there right now load mid-50s across most of the bay area and catching a plane no delay the sfo. we're expecting to see some changes and then the clouds will be an increase tonight overnight become mostly cloudy than the sum claude's release target dulling. setting itself up pushing onshore later on tonight.
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what we'll be right while they're here and when they get out and make different decisions that can be there for the kids. other than reading the words they can talk about the pictures their children and seeing. keeping that connection with a mother's voice. >> vicki: similar programs the past five years and fathers to record their own voices. in
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their design to help create a connection between parent and child at the same time.
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>> vicki: end of doctors and
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tell most people go heading to a flu shot. the and a consistent benefits and for most canadian nothing and they decided that predictable. a pediatrician at was fenced based in redmond parent of giving it the children a few years ago.
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>> pam: still on the run tonight the search is intensifying for two inmates the boston out of a county jail fundings giving morning. if a announcer award in that case and got a warning for anyone who might try and help believing everyone. details on that and the ongoing manhunt. >> reporter: announcing sheriff laurie smith on friday announcing a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the capture of inmates rogelio chavez and loran campbell, who are more than likely still in the area. sot sheriff laurie smith
6:00 pm
the on going search for the escapees, which includes scent dogs, is focused along the guadalupe river between the airport north to the area around tasman and lick mill drive, in santa clara. deputies say there have been possible sightings and are following up on numerous tips from the community. sot lt. elbert rivera/sheriffs office the inmates escaped late wednesday night by cutting through the bars of a second story window in the south wing of the jail and then climbed to the ground with a rope made from bedding. both chavez and campbell have long rap sheets and are considered a threat to the
6:01 pm
community. sot sheriff laurie smith standup closer >>: any person helping escapee will attend to prosecute. so far they say they do not know how the inmates got the tools needed to cut to the iron bars and pushing for installing cameras here confirmed no cameras in the older wing of the jail
6:02 pm
>> steve:now onto another big story. tonight, a veteran south san francisco police officer is in critical condition. just a day after he was beaten with a skateboard, causing traumatic head inuries. within the last few hours. the police department has released the injuried officer's name. robby chon -- a family man and 12-year-veteran of the force. he is seen here with our stanley roberts. kron four's phiippe djegal explains why, this evening, officer chon is fighting for his life. nats- "i only seen him about three times, right over here, uh, yelling at people." this week, grande avenue regular marino leogrande says he's witnessed the man accused of assaulting a south san francisco police officer, acting irratically in front of this starbucks coffee shop several times. and, on thanksgiving, leogrande says the man just lost it.
6:03 pm
sot- "the officer was laid down bleeding on the street." at around 2-20 thursday afternoon. police say someone flagged the motorcycle officer over, to calm the enraged man, now identified as 28-year-old luis alberto ramos-coreas. who police chief jeff azzopardi says was immediately confrontational. sot- "after a short foot chase, the subject turned on the officer and intentionally struck him in the head with a skateboard knocking him unconcious." regulars in the area describe the officer as a great guy and always kind. sot- "its something that never should have happened." ramos-coreas was eventually caught, arrested and booked for attempted murder on a police officer. meanwhile, the police department is pulling for the officer to surivive this. a 12-year veteran of the force. a husband and father of two young kids. sot- "law enforcement is going through difficult times with unprovoked targeted attack on police officers. yesterday this hit home in south san francisco. this attack is not acceptable." sot- "when something as violent and senseless as this happens to one of our own, its difficult to process, its difficult to
6:04 pm
understand." and, marino leogrande wants ramos coreas to pay for what he's accused of doing. sot- "i hope they burn him." in south san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> reporter: >> steve:meanwhile in detroit today. a man accused of killing a police officer made his first court appearance. 31-year-old deangelo davis faces six charges including first- degree murder. investigators say officer collin rose was investigating some car burglaries near the wayne state campus on tuesday night. when rose went to arrest davis. he was shot in the head. davis did not enter a plea and is due back in court in two weeks. all this comes as the san jose police officers' assocation released this video earlier this week. it questioned why there hasn't been a bigger outcry over officers being targeted. the video takes aim at the "black lives matter" movement and says 56 officers have been shot to death this year. a 70- percent increase over last year. it ends with the p-o-a saying blue lives matter. a suspect remains on the loose tonight in a deadly triple shooting in san francisco. it happened just before 11 a-m. near turk and scott streets.
6:05 pm
the shooting left one man dead. and two others injured. few details are available, but we do know all three of the victims are men. the suspect is described as a man between 40- and 50- years old. he was last scene running away from the scene. on the pennisula - an early morning fire that claimed of an older woman. is now being called suspicious. firefighters were called to the two -story home on oak street in san mateo. early this morning - the fire was big - quickly taking off and tearing through the bedrooms. fire officials say, they tried to rescue 70 -year old sandra caron, but could not get to her in time. san mateo police are stopping short of calling it a criminal investigation, but said how the fire started is certainly under intense review. police have been called to this home before, several years ago. caron's son was in a shoot- out with police. he reportedly had some mental health challenges. police say, it will take some time to sort out all of the evidence in this case to finally figure out what happened. after a three week ordeal - a shasta county mother is safe and reunited with her husband today.
6:06 pm
now her sister is speaking to reporters. sherri papini is recovering after being abducted while out jogging november 2nd.and was found along a rural road yesterday. investigators presumably have sherri papini's story of what happened over the last three weeks -- but they're releasing almost none of that information. the shasta county sheriff said today that the 34-year-old was "very emotional" after being released by her captors. authorities say they're looking for two hispanic women who were in a dark s-u-v. officers say the investigation is "far from over." >> steve: mother is sick on banks giving reunited today and now her sister is speaking out to reporters. after being abducted november 2nd. of found along our role road yesterday the investigative presumably have shared and they say today
6:07 pm
very emotional after being released from her captors. >> catherine:president-elect donald trump has filled two more top administrative posts. catherine heenan is here with the latest on his choices. in statements and tweets.trump is heaping praise on his latest two picks. he's chosen fox news analyst k- t mcfarland to serve as deputy national security adviser.
6:08 pm
he said she has "tremendous experience and innate talent" -- that will complement the team he's putting together. she's served in various posts under former presidents nixon, ford and reagan. and we found out today that the white house counsel position will be filled by donald mcgahn.who served as trump's campaign attorney. he says mcgahn has a 'brilliant legal mind and a deep understanding of constitutional law." neither position requires senate confirmation. meantime.there seems to be a deep split within the republican party about the fact that mitt romney is being considered as secretary of state. the former massachusetts governor is seen as a smart and moderate choice by some.but others are blasting him as disloyal. romney was one of trump's biggest critics during the campaign - calling him a "phony." other potential choices for secretary of state include former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. pam and steve? >> pam:republicans in congress are preparing to make some big changes while the democrats are in disarray. we could see a big shakeup to leadership very soon. kron 4's congressional correspondent alex schuman tells us what's happening on capitol hill in this week's capitol edge.
6:09 pm
pkg: the big vote - democrats are expected to vote wednesday this week who will lead their party in the house of representatives many democrats are rethinking representative nancy pelosi's longtime leadership in the house of representatives after their losses in 2016. "this is about the next election." ohio's tim ryan is challenging her control. "this is a humanitarian disaster" border control - one of president-elect trump's key issues will be the focus on capitol hill. the chief and deputy chief of the u.s. border patrol will be taking questions on keep the u.s. secure. the budget - money is set to run out for the federal budget in december, but there's no expected to be a last minute showdown. instead, congress is expected to pass a temporary budget that will last until spring of 2017.
6:10 pm
a new report suggests a "sophisticated" russian propaganda campaign helped flood social media with fake news stories leading up to the presidential election. on facebook, the report estimates that fake stories were viewed 213 million times. the washington post is citing a report from independent researchers that has not yet been published. the report says the goal was to punish hillary clinton, help donald trump, and undermine faith in american democracy. the holiday spirit is definitely in the air tonight in the bay area. >> reporter: a relief: assess all early morning just off the coast line right now. as a few scattered light showers. in the north bay and the dollar on the bay area to bichirs cool the 40's and 50's by noon that will break off and the scattered showers possibility of showers
6:11 pm
in the afternoon and and the next 24 hours for the quarter as and of an engine 10 rows up. anchoret lotus's out of here at the valley square where they're a little more than 30 minutes from full been a switch on a christmas tree there. our grant lodes is out a ghiradelli square tonight. where they are a little over 30 minutes away from flipping the >> grant: and you can barely see it but it does have some decorations fell from the lights that tree is going to be all it
6:12 pm
off and then once again this year being the host of the countdown ceremony of musical act and their of their right now but we doubt on the music and dial up the holiday spirits there will be thousands of people here that number faddist fill this year again great family event face painting caricatured drawings had a tattoo artist with a 545 and then a really great family outing experience whether cooperating we have rain with a beautiful severances to night here at the delhi swear and we of the family here. the event
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until a even of the tree lighting is at 655. is a trip tahoe in your plans? the warnings you need to know about. before you try to make the trip to hit the slopes. and she might be one of the most iconic television mothers. how people are remembering florence henderson from "the brady bunch." you don't want a grinch to steal your christmas gifts. some simple tips to keep potential thieves. from swiping your presents.
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>> steve: we have learned at san jose police looking closely into a hate crime targeting a mosque and evergreen received a letter yesterday we will stay on top of the story. >> pam:a few ugly incidents so far. when it comes black friday and holiday shopping. in reno. one person is dead following a shooting in a wal- mart parking lot. it happened last night. police say, it appears two men were fighting over a parking spot.
6:17 pm
it escalated. and ended in gun fire. right now, it is being called a "road-rage" incident. black friday shopping also got violent in modesto overnight. a fight broke out around midnight at the vintage faire mall. it's not clear what provoked it. but witness says security eventually broke it up. no word on if any arrests were made. the holiday season is a time of joy and giving gifts to others. unfortunately the holidays are also a time for thieves who like taking things from others. this year, an east bay police department is providing some advice on how shoppers can protect their items from being stolen. earlier today, an officer talked to kron4's haaziq madyun about those safety tips if you are doing some holiday shopping in the town of san ramon this weekend, san ramon pd has a few safety tips for you "number one lock your car" san ramon police corporal rob ransom wants to remind people not to lower their guard in this quiet town "you don't think that it is going to happen in a great community like san ramon but
6:18 pm
when you come shopping here there are people shopping for you" tip number two "not leaving anything valuables in your vehicle "yup, you can see some target bags" that leads to tip number your packages in your vehicles "you should not be able to see anything from the outside of the car if that means putting them in your trunk, then do that" okay now let's see if you were paying attention have you done any shopping today? "no we are about to start" are you going to multiple locations or just this target? "probably go to a few, maybe macy's as well" alright, so what are you going to do with your bags from target? "put them in the trunk now" san ramon pd.they've got the message! in san ramon haaziq madyun kron4news hundreds of packages and letters spread across part of highway- 101 in millbrae when a postal worker truck driver crashed on an off-ramp. you can see our footage from our helicpoter partnership with a-b-c-7.his truck tipped on its side. police say he was taking the millbrae avenue exit when he lost control of the vehicle. the postal worker is reportedly in his 60's and hit his head in the word yet on his condition. since it is the holiday weekend.the traffic was hardly affected.that off-ramp was closed for some time but has since reopened.
6:19 pm
we have video from sky 7 bcn24:millbrae: driver of usps truck suffers major injuries when truck overturns a storm warning is about to go into effect for parts of the sierra with more snow expected over the weekend. skiers and snowboarders have been taking advantage of what's been a promising start to the season. kron 4 was at boreal earlier this week where the slopes were packed. those who are at tahoe or planning to go for the weekend will have some rough conditions to deal with. on top of the snow. there is also a wind advisory for the lake tahoe area right now through saturday morning. >> steve:if going up to the mountains is on your list. stop at kron 4 dot com first. look for "storm tracker 4" on the upper right. click on the "full forecast" link. it will take you to the ski report. you can then scroll down to get update on the resorts in the sierra and see how much snow they are reporting and when they are open
6:20 pm
we will see increasing clouds with rain and gusty winds late. saturday will begin with rain before turning to showers and isolated thunderstorms. she might be one of the most recognizable t-v moms. florence henderson. best known as the mother to the brady bunch has passed away. see how she is being remembered tonight. and a little later. could the election of donald trump mean big things are on the way for the suisun bay mothball fleet. we will go indepth and explore their future. people are sharing their memories of actress florence henderson today. she died last night at age 82. catherine heenan is here with more on the iconic t-v mom. >> reporter: easterly in much of
6:21 pm
that area and then over here also it will change right out there right now. clause of the on through the wind and rain picking up later tonight and fat morning landing early on turning in the showers. and then as we are looking at pretty decent evening outside no rain just get a lot of the tree lighting ceremony right now for a cyclist a drive that temperatures cooling off in the 40's and '50's. ferry, the storm system off the coastline there is tracking toward the bay area slowly moving and at the midnight hour here it comes rainfall for the weekend if maybe as much as and of the ninja the half three-quarters of an inch along a fence along a quarter of a half an inch in the south bay. and just before
6:22 pm
saturday if less wrong line of storms me to the bay area heavy downpours early on in the middle of the day in the afternoon starts to break up a little bit more toward scattered showers. and more showers come our way if paula enacted whether weekend and we prepare lots of rain coming our way stomach conditions continue right to week and right through the monday tuesday hour. >> pam: legal and defcon their future.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
a whole generation of young people looked at her as a fun and likeable mother figure. we know today that florence henderson died last night unexpectedly - of heart failure. surrounded by family and friends in a los angeles hospital. one reason it surprised many..just this past monday she was looking happy and relaxed. in the audience for the show "dancing with the stars". she was posing with friends.there to support actress maureen mccormick.who was a contestant this season. henderson's role on "the brady bunch" in the 1960's and 70's made her one of america's
6:26 pm
most beloved television moms. actor barry williams talked about her tonight.and says it's hard to believe she's gone. other celebrities are talking about her humor and gracious personality today. and how she lives on in 'brady bunch' re-runs. her publicist says that
6:27 pm
henderson had been active and doing well.and only started to feel unwell a couple of days ago. pam and steve? a boxer and a trailblazer. the history the first openly gay fighter could make tomorrow night and his long and difficult battle to the top of the rankings. plus could a trump presidency breathe new life into the suisun bay mothball fleet. indepth look at its future. and a new chapter to the wells fargo fake account scandal. how the bank is pushing back against those who are taking legal action. ,
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: here in san jose two inmates escaped from the
6:32 pm
senate clara county jail and at large search dogs picked up their cent of the guadalupe parkway and was the second and at the same time they announced that the $20,000 reward leading up to the capture anyone who tries to help them will be prosecuted. due to a spike in auto burglaries over the holiday weekend. and customers of wells
6:33 pm
fargo a class-action lawsuit against the bank for this account scandal and they're not making it easy. >> pam: forster's of their claims and close the arbitration and set the of open court. they're being sued for opening as many as 2 million figure county's investment it money in order to boost sales numbers. sot- "i ask that you
6:34 pm
keep our officer, his family and our community in your thoughts and prayers." the incident happened thanksgiving afternoon, when the officer responded to a report of a man acting irratically on grande avenue. the suspect was arrested and booked for attempted murder on a police officer. in south san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. wells fargo customers have opened a class action lawsuit
6:35 pm
>> reporter: up with recovery following the hurricane and 6 of provided relief 80 and 2005. there are 12 ships currently in reserve fleet offsuisun bay is one of only three anchorages in
6:36 pm
the country ready to serve. during vietnam 172 ships were pressed into service, more recently 5 vessels helped with recovery following hurricane katrina and 6 provided relief to haiti after the earthquake in 2005. byte: 1853 - 1914 "joe: a lot o these ships built in the '60s there were a lot of ready reserve force ships built in the '60's even sister ships like this one here still out there operating in the ready reserve force so we are able to take parts and equipment that are readily replaceable off of these ships and put them onto ships that are more active 1914 steve: so it's kind of the utimate recycling joe: yeah you could say that." standup with drone 032 and jeff 754 - 819 there are 12 ships currently in the reserve fleet up in suisin bay one of them right here that i'm on is the green mountain state, it began as a commercial cargo ship but as you can see it's been converted that happened in the 1980's it transitioned to the crane ship that you see now, what happens next? that remains to be told. v.o most of the ships in today's fleet today are sister ships to those in active duty. that means these vessels docked in the bay
6:37 pm
exist as backup for replacement parts. the petersburg is different. and with a crew of 7 on board, this petroleum discharge ship, could be ready to go in 10 days which may be a sign of things to come. byte joe pecararo 2146 - 2205 "i think we are gonna grow, once we prove that we can handle a ship here with a crew and provide all their needs and actually show it a lot less expensive than at a commercial berth in san francisco or alameda we'll attract a lot more business out here" tag: when suisun bay first opened the reserve fleet here hosted 125 ships, by 1952 that number had risen to 340. today along with virginia and texas the numbers have fallen, but with 12 benecia still has the largest number of vessels in the reserve fleet in the united states and they hope that number will rise. when suisun bay first opened the reserve fleet. there were 125 ships. by 1952 that number grew to 340. today along with virginia and texas the numbers have fallen, but with 12. suisun bay still has the largest number of vessels in the reserve fleet in the united states.
6:38 pm
the net will change overnight tonight looking at the raindrops most of them hanging off the coastline going to see the rain picking up heading up here tonight and tomorrow morning being a very stormy start today and looking at rain and thunderstorms temperatures for reason fifties by noon it breaks up and scattered showers and a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. stormy start a week and a cool one to even call their as a move and heading towards sunday.
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6:46 pm
this >> grant: time the game will be back and lost angeles this past wednesday might remember they beat the lakers to 1 06 set in a franchise record with 47 assess and with curry cavan clay thompson combined for 90 points. in the first matchup they beat the golden state and broke the 167 games streak making at least one of the three-pointer and the warriors on nine game winning streak it will start at 730 tonight. >> steve: christmas tree in 10 minutes that we take it live here are right now over appeared of war and the sharks opened the center of the three games in the
6:47 pm
second. and they go to give the sharks the lead to to one and a third. nicks scored the tying goal they respond the game- winning goal right here. they win three to to the play tomorrow night at the shark bit. >> reporter: have to do your own work. and be disciplined
6:48 pm
response of will for a ball steam.
6:49 pm
in their first matchup the lakers beat golden state by 20 and broke steph curry's 157-game streak with at least a three pointer. the warriors are currently on a nine-game win streak game will start at 7:30. the sharks were back in action today in san jose. head coach peter deboer and the sharkies were hoping to extend their win streak to three games against the islanders. in the second. san jose's brent burns slaps it in to give the sharks the lead two to one. in the third period with less than a minute left in the game. nick leddy scores the tying goal for new york. but seconds later. veteran shark patrick marleau responds with the game-winning goal. the sharks win 3-2. they'll play the ducks tomorrow night at the sharktank.
6:50 pm
this sunday the raiders host the panthers in oakland carolina may not look like the super bowl contenders of last season. but raider's defensive coordinator ken norton junior knows they still have to be taken seriously. one player that most defnitely requires studying is tight-end greg olsen. >> reporter: widespread criticism earlier this year and with the relationship on animals something he later apologized for. this could well be the last shot at a world title. great
6:51 pm
drama coming up almost immediately a live look at the san francisco swear that they gather for the annual tree lighting. gabrielle the fun we
6:52 pm
take you there live.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam:the live countdown to the
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
square tree lighting
6:58 pm
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> hey it, welcome "insider." >> it's our on-set takeover. we're behind the scenes of your favorite tv shows. >> so you're married to diane here and barbara streisanded? real life. that doesn't seem fair. >> betsy brant brandt and her "life in pieces" prove they're en vogue. >> never going to get it. >> then -- >> "insider." >> jane the virgin's jaime camil is getting dirt from the cast mates. >> if my life was a tell know la it would it be called. >> brown girls took over the usa. >> who knew fbi training was so hot in the quantico" quiz each other and it gets personal.
7:00 pm
>> the item from the set i'd like to take shoem -- >> handcuffs. >> yvette nicole brown grills her "odd couple" co-star. why is matthew perry dodging matt leblanc? >> i did that for ten years. you can't talk about this any longer. now "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> from the "odd couple" to "jane the virgin," the ultimate tv "insider"s are taking us behind the scenes of our favorite tv shows. >> let's be honest, this really is like an on-set takeover. kicking things off, "breaking bad" along betsy brandt who is turning the tables on her "life in pieces" co-stars. >> hey, welcome "insider." come on in. this is the hughes house. >> there's so much to show you. there's my bedroom, that's where the magic happens with tim and heather. what is your favorite part about playing kim? besides me. >> i was going


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