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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 28, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: if you're driving is on to collect on the windshield 40 mi. an hour sustained when in oakland nine in san francisco the wider view shows the moisture is all part of the system we will see the animation
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howe is early morning showers are expected to progress we're looking in a car decondition still will hold on to them the clouds will begin to break we did some sunshine will walk you through the entire forecast and much more detail
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>>robin winston: if you need to watch your speed what is at the limit in both directions half >>will tran: as of right now we do know that one person has been arrested recall can assure
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before 7 on sunday night and it was from the moviegoers' insider the theaters the reported they heard shots fired it was a security guard shot multiple times another man is outside of the theater by the parking lot they don't know what led up to this violence altercation with the guard is now detained for questioning and is cooperating with police during this investigation
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>>reporter: the suspect lost it
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pulled out a gunner's daughter pointed toward the bartender after that the shooting happened the manager tells us
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they're planning on holding a fund-raiser to help with medical expenses >>will tran: despite the malfunction there was no impact test a bomb was found near the embassy in the philippines the device was placed less than five and the fee from the embassy the device had some of the same design as the one used in the bombing and a market in september that detonated the bomb believed had been planted by a armed islamic group will
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have updates throughout the morning tsk
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>>reporter: this is not the case at other airports passengers we spoke with returning to the bay area said they encountered long lines and places like vegas
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donald trump back added again calling out hillary clinton and new claims he is making about her as well as voting plus hundreds of bad meals and more with one count in the south bay is planned to do to help the homeless
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>>james: right now you're sitting outside from berkeley of more that fog messed it is not a really heavy land a prolonged rain it won't last very long to
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temper choose hovering in the mid to upper fifties low 60s we have all of an expected to be right around 60 degrees >>robin winston: just in case
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you head back to work in use the san mateo bridge on the west 92 know the problems across the span 14 minutes from the nimitz out to 101 here at the bay bridge is pretty wide of the get to washer's feet had lied to wipers to definitely needed know the problems for a west is only nine minutes from the foot of the bay is rolling out to fremont street track and a couple spin-offs' nothing minor but just a reminder you need to slow down
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>>will tran: the cold weather shelter program provides extra beds for the homeless and santa clara county this year nearly 400 additional beds will be made available to shelters and family housing units off the set to men
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got into our argument a south
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san francisco office of the still recovering this morning showing signs of improvement after being hit in the head with a skateboard
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>>reporter: they're working on a proposal they hope will prevent the organization from having to tragus cash both the city and
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alameda county have made commitments on infrastructure plans the mayor said she would not get into a bidding war with the state of nevada keepings the league is on the side to
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>>will tran: they won each game by 13 points of more tip off 730 tonight at the area
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>>robin winston: a little bit of a backup in the past nine or left but overall a good commute into san francisco
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>>: she is speaking at about domestic violence the actor appears the new public service announcement telling women you do not have to do along his new movie silence opens in limited
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release december 23rd and wide in january when it premieres tuesday in an unusual setting the vatican the film about 17 century missionaries in japan where christianity was banned we screen for 400 priests and other guest
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>>will tran: that back to normal
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after an apparent computer hack that now looking to what happened
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>>james: you see most activity
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moved off to the east will not dealing with much except for some clausthalite install live shot this will make and deliver them as you drive around
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>>robin winston: if you leave now quick two-minute trip 37 of into san francisco still tracking this crash a minor accident 880 north that a string the two left lands no delays getting through if you have used an immense the south bay looks good 101280 the water park with 17 all checking in problem free >>will tran: he does not believe hillary clinton won the popular
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vote >>reporter: like many of donald trump controversy this one started on twitter he said sunday it in addition to winning the electoral college and landslide he won the popular vote if you deduct despite losing the popular vote by almost 2 million there has been no evidence of any kind of massive vote of a weekend he unleashed a series of angry towards about a vote recount effort spearheaded by the green party the clinton campaign announcing that with anticipated brought the left
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lifeless 28 year-old was targeted and killed because of his race he was murdered two weeks ago outside a nightclub and elsewhere on today one man in custody charged with hey
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crime >>reporter: his voice would never be heard live to dan moses in remembering just across the street from where his vision was held to a diverse group of people showed up to pay respects
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but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. >>will tran: he would have the lead role college in a landslide in the millions who voted illegally did not,
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>>james: the cameras on the dark
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side not able to get too much of the shrine of all the clouds and fog is after that is what we are seeing the satellite radar the bulk of the activity adjutancy >>james:
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>>robin winston: know the problems of foster city san mateo 101 and 280 find 13 minutes the bay bridge ride into
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san francisco right here in the catchline a little bit of a back of the that is normal the fast track wines a wide open overorganize ride into san francisco to accommodate the commuter traffic on the left with to stop 101 right now three lanes in both directions that they will switch into four lines out so far traffic is smooth and at the limit in both directions will take a look at the nimitz freeway in we will also check in on the south bend >>will tran: we have those tips
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the matt its prescription drugs and quitting with a partner >>reporter: people are out looking for the perfect christmas tree a lot people in the bay area come to one of several tree lots won by the lassie street foundation a state will that help the employee ex-
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convict and former substance users that help customers to come to this lot near pier 32 further down the embarcadero or to supply store the treason side are not getting much love but several customers walk away with a real one they would not consider him getting a stake tree
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>>will tran: that given back to local military family as the car dealership in their field is giving away christmas trees hundreds of military families as a way of saying thank him hist
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>>will tran: amazing my christmas is here earlier the announcement disney made that it fans the deal they're working for
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>>robin winston: know the problems at the bay bridge loan to san francisco
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>>will tran: news of the event, then the from the official star wars to come and is but a spinoff of star wars and a sequel that evolved from a gravels working to still the plan the debuts in theaters on
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december 16th
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>>james: maybe they will need to
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wear hoods the drizzle still hang room is should be passed the noon hour a fight between
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the man in security guard and in the shooting. >>jackie sissel: he chased the
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suspect down alternately he was told the suspect had gone
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>>darya: a man became upset when the bartender will not let them order a drink two people shot with their expected to be ok the bottom plans to hold a fund- raiser to help the victims with their medical expenses police are on the hunt for two inmates
5:05 am
who escaped from the santa clara county jail in san jose >>darya: this state on wednesday night before in mississippi by cutting the bars they use the bed sheets to lower themselves from the jail to the will call quickly this anyone who sees the of the two should use extreme caution and called 91 will face possible life sentence if convicted of burglary extortion and false imprisonment and there is current $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest >>mark: breaking news from
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overnight a bomb from the u.s. embassy in the philippines the device was placed 500 ft. from the embassy by a person who was riding at taxing it has the same design as the one used in recent bombing in a market in september the bomb had been planted by a armed islamic group-
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>>reporter: he is the president- elect despite leaving popular vote there has been no evidence of any massive voter fraud and over the weekend the clinton campaign announcing saturday it would participate while making clear they are not attempting to contest the result some late
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game heroics by and max seal the deal before to the fall and the raiders hold on to win 35 to 32 >>mark: that come of short going to the scramble for the touchdown and he stopped by the dolphins' defense and he tried to run and then
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>>james: this system will bring to much more here is a live do
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you conceive fluxes of green but nothing organize most a clouds out there and again somites sprinkles
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>>robin winston: the inshore freeway there was an accident that happened you may see two lanes blocked the vehicle involved in the crash out of the way no major delays will keep an eye on that if it starts to jam
5:18 am
up the ride to oakland to the cod caught was 24 to be off for close to wrap up an accident
5:19 am
>>j.r. stone: that also reacted i was criticized for offering his condolences senator bernie sanders said he would of done the same thing the president's statement was pathetic donald trump also tweed about him and then later released his own statement calling the former leader of brutal dictator that his legacy is one of
5:20 am
unimaginable suffering >>mark: other stores we're following >>darya: 5 of the nine people
5:21 am
injured have already been released to the other four expected to make a full recovery the shooting started as an argument between two men and eventually turned into a shootout >>darya: each year the common cold weather shelter program provides extra beds for homeless in santa clara county
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>>mark: we have heavy drizzle from the bay this morning in the cycle cool afternoon with little sunshine to break out the highs only in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees coffee
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>>darya: a city of oakland is fighting to keep the raiders and hear what they're optimistic
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>>james: patent is not a very heavy rain you concede that the kidnap submits to this what we see on a wide view on a sad lack perspective
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>>darya: and the raiders pulled off another fourth quarter comfortably behind victory and took more than the will of die- hard fans to keep them in oakland there were gonna proposal will prevent the organization from heading to las vegas >>reporter: this support the plan he cannot get a lot of details but he did say involve former player group of investors were willing to put the private money for new stadium before
5:33 am
nearby housing and retail
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>>darya: there is a visual his body was recovered given beaten and shot
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>>darya: the trains running you have a free ride
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>>darya: still hadn't cyber
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monday some of the best deals on line after the break in the thanksgiving indeed start of christmas trees season
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>>robin winston: if you're heading toward the cabin had this morning a crash at the wilder accents the ramp was closed temporarily off gramm
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>>mark: despite losing the popular vote and almost 2 million votes there been no evidence of any type of massive voter fraud
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>>robin winston: did a lot of commuter traffic here is the south of saying coming out of san martin sheen into morgan hill we have pockets of slowing.
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>>james: you're going to get the windshield wipers now as you have not door this morning in san will fell 53 in san francisco for most of the east bay locations along the shoreline from oakland to shift
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>>darya: thousand hundreds gathered for an effort to unite the nation and in more than 30
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different organizations participated in this interstate route
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go on sale on >>mark: it was a big weekend for of the disney's big moving will
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: you will encounter the same situation on the bay bridge the richmond san rafael bridge it might be picking up a touch as across the span make sure you keep on hand on wheel again
6:00 am
could gust up every now and then although it shouldn't be too bad
6:01 am
>>robin winston: checking in on the east bay no trap the killer but it is definitely picking up was montfort's 35 minute trip leaving antioch from hillcrest out to to 42
6:02 am
>>mark: a half and at the brand and their apparent in concord and jackie is live with the theater >>jackie sissel: and tense moment for moviegoers last night at the theater in concord that is because the pair went on lockdown after the shooting occurred in louisville from last night according to officials there said ron 645 last night some howe to a person went inside the theater at that point
6:03 am
according to a security guard the suspect threatened to shoot him the altercation ultimately spilled out of the theater into the parking structure right next to the theater the movie theater
6:04 am
was a lot down here in this incident the good news is no one inside that didnt was injured >>mark: they were shot with their expected to build and
6:05 am
several people reported seeing an estate in the overnight at a hotel the day such the days and they could not find him the best that the santa clara county jail in san jose wednesday night for inventing all a scam pickup through the bars of a second- floor cell window and use the bed sheets. >>darya: 2 of the more quickly caught and arrested milkman face possible life sentences if convicted he returned to court
6:06 am
for hearings on that evaluation the judge would decide if he is able to face for the court proceedings he's nine year-old son was with him when police said he dropped his daughter-- drowned his daughter. >>darya: happening today the election of pencils are respected to me about the time line of the state presidential election recount. >>mark: he does not believe hillary clinton won the popular vote he said that millions of people voted for clinton really going concern is no evidence no evidence of voter fraud
6:07 am
6:08 am
>>reporter: this foursome to transfer power to his brother but it is his passing policeman in the wonder what might change and they cheered at his death so many whose families were forever separated
6:09 am
>>mark: he prays center an interview last week saying that he invested education he went on
6:10 am
to say what the people what of said but his comments were taken out of context loretta's nine
6:11 am
wins in two losses against in the first seven seasons since 2002 for the game ends in san francisco won wynton losses in the season we will be right
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>>james: this is what you can
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expect to see if you droplets and we had a heavy mist of drizzle it will be collecting on the windshield as you drive through when is probably not have enough to need an umbrella the hood would you just fine
6:17 am
>>james: it quit and was out of the area by 5:00 tonight is gone
6:18 am
>>robin winston: 15 minutes from the foot of the maser out to fremont street we are still hot spot offering the bridges are slick they're picking up commit traffic this is the richmond san rafael bridge you can barely make out a little bit of a back come on the left a nice ride know the problems
6:19 am
>>darya: police detonated the bomb this morning they believe the bomb had been planted by an armed islamic recall three people are injured and house fire that happen overnight and saratoga when other people still in critical condition
6:20 am
firefighters got there they found out there was a man trapped inside the burning home it what able to rescue him and pull them out of the flames that had an out and about an hour that time to figure out what sparked the fire one person is dead and nine others are injured >>mark: and happened yesterday morning on the popular bird street in new orleans five of the nine people injured of already been released from hospital police said the shooting started as an argument between two men that eventually turned into a shootout two people were arrested her angeles
6:21 am
selection and the federal case of a white man on trial for fatal shooting nine black parishioners and south carolina church last year. >>darya: he is charged with hate crime and obstruction of religion at the menu and he charged in the shootings the first of two death penalty trials that he faces the selection process after his lawyer question his ability to understand the case against him today 560 potential jurors report to the courthouse to be individually questioned by a judge and and 70 will be packed in the attorneys can use it " tried to dismiss the out if they do not want on the panel >>darya: the teenager was shot in the face police arrested the
6:22 am
21 year-old for the shooting and he is awaiting a hearing now wal-mart's sam antar was back with after a bomb threat a man called the store told the miller the bomb inside the responded and searched for about 30 minutes >>mark: the officer said the two officers rep injured when a truck lost control and stamp into a patrol car they were investigating a separate class of this happen both of them are expected to build and a rescue crew resume the search for missing couple who was stuck in the snow off while driving to amount is area and out a lot accounting the shared the part
6:23 am
will try to match their directions with a map to hit the highest probability area >>mark: home was people santa clara county will have access to a warm bed with a shelter program provides extra beds for homeless this year nearly 400 additional beds will be available and shelters of family housing units this program runs from today until march 31st bass said the shelter off hot showers to mills a day and resources and medical care we will be right
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6:29 am
>>mark: 90 to the down 56 and it
6:30 am
looks like the rain will pull back
6:31 am
>>james: it is a very impressive the rest of the week looks nice
6:32 am
>>darya: the chance the raiders staying in oakland to the port of another poor quarter victory in the great aside from a $1
6:33 am
billion proposal keeping to the
6:34 am
league as some oakland side he dusting the loss of the strong support from all accounts was as well >>mark: the officer who was attacked with the state board showing signs of improvement after being hit in the head he is a 12 year veteran of the force officers was attacked on thursday afternoon in south san francisco he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon
6:35 am
>>darya: the system crash was began sometime friday they're not sure what it was but you could buy it to can there were still operating and you broke free they're trying to determine the extent of at
6:36 am
>>mark: he is? tonight's game with an ankle injury the postal service to look over people to work the noun to january 6th the jobs include mail handlers clerk assistant transportation assistance
6:37 am
>>mark: they're turning into a christmas tree lot will mix the perfect tree that depends on who asked
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6:41 am
>>darya: and then try to keep off the pound this hauler and travel and shorter daylight hours in cold weather
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>>darya: the bottom of the fifth to bar the sure that this will argument all the cameras are
6:46 am
showing pretty nice improvement you concede there was no drizzle on the lands like we had earlier things are beginning to calm down in terms of the drizzle >>james: as you head up toward lake tahoe if you're heading up there today to just know you might encounter some of that
6:47 am
time to gradually warming is your approach thursday and friday in >>robin winston: still back the through the maze no big problems on the bridge it will be about
6:48 am
20 minutes trip tracking this injury cries on the east shore freeway this is in revell ag was the upholstery with injuries moving off to the side not without backing up the ride traffic is already picking up on the upper is sure
6:49 am
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recent federation spending some more discounting available 109 million will be out and store shopping no one call them during this fight when you try on
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issues do you really file away in the box
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>>mark: that come to the general public on december 1st in the world retail for $720 we would
6:57 am
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you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. this morning on the kron 4 news a major development for two inmate. we will tell you where police were searching overnight. >> a movie theater those down in lockdown after a man shoots a security guard. >> and tracking some clouds and conditions and drizzle out
7:00 am
there this morning. will talk about your changing forecast coming up. >> this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at seven starts now. >> good morning and back to work and school on this monday morning after thanksgiving. a little bit of rain getting in the way. here's a shot of the richmond san rafael bridge. >> i'm darya folsom. >> and i'm mark then in. >> we've been tracking on the radar will show you a live picture of the golden gate bridge. it is damp and you will get spray kicked up by the cars. that's a much falling from the sky but there is drizzle out there. mostly you will be dealing with the spring because of the water that is on the roads. some watching it all morning long and h


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