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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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home. now her husband has broken his silence. steve aveson is here to tell us about it. >> steve:yeah, what a story. the so=called super=mom who disappeared while jogging then turned up three weeks later to say she'd been kidnapped at gunpoint by two hispanic women. sheriff's deputies say she has been able to provide few details. and today her husband said he wanted to address what he called the rumors, assumptions, lies, and hate directed at his family. keith papini did not speak directly to the media. instead he released a lengthy statement to abc's good morning america. ussing language that was noth candid and lurid. he said "sherri was taken from us for 22 days, and suffered incredibly through both intense physical agony and severe mental torture." and that when he first saw her "my reaction was one of extreme happiness and overwhelming nausea as my eyes and hands scanned her body. " what he said he saw was an emaciated body of 87 pounds covered in multi colored bruises, severe burns, red rashes, and chain markings. her signature long, blonde hair had been chopped off.
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she has been branded and he said, "i could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers." keith papini assured g=m=a viewers, "all the visions swirling in your heads of her appearance, i assure you, are not as graphic and gruesome as the reality." shasta county's sheriff says he has no reason to doubt papini's account. authorities interviewed her extenseively monday afternoon but have not released any new information. investigators said they are tracking leads in california and other states. detectives have submitted nearly two dozen search warrants some of them sealed and said they're examining cellphone records, bank accounts, email and social media profiles. >> vicki:to a big story we are following tonight out of the east bay. health officials have discovered more people who ate thanksgiving dinner in antioch have fallen ill. as we first reported to you yesterday 3 people have died and 5 others were sickened after eating thanksgiving dinner at the veterans memorial building in antioch now those numbers are climbing. kron 4's dan kerman just
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attended a news conference with contra costa county health officials and he joins us live from martinez with the latest information we are now learning that the original eight people who were sickened did not all come from the same living facility as was reported eariler. kron4's maureen kelly has confirmed with state officials that those people were all patients at three different antioch residential care facilities. according to the california department of social services two of the people who died had been living minerva's residential care facility for the elderly. no one would answer the door
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the the >> reporter: chen's memorial building at a they doing now was a result interviewing people that have gotten sick taking blood samples trying to track down exactly what caused them to get sick they got all its sunset of food borne illness testing they do not have any specific food at this point the tests are hoping to gather some and another interesting play is that in addition to those who are eating their several family members of those from the facilities to help provide the food got sick as well and are interviewing those people as we move forward. one other thing they told us all those who got sick or sick within 24 hours of reading the bill as a result they do not expect these numbers to rise and they expect the numbers to stay right around the 17 people impacted on
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another file out of that age range of those impacted by this from the scenes to the '70s and the three people who died are not all senior citizens >> reporter: when we
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knocked.they just shut their blinds. the third person who died had been living just a few blocks away at another assisted living home run by the same operator called minerva place 4. again, no one came to the door.and the owner didn't return our call but a neighbor down the street was sorry to hear about the tragedy.coming so close on the heels of the thanksgiving holiday. bite state officials say that residents from all four the minerva's place attended that event.some of them part of the other original people who got sick.but county health officials say some residents and staff ate at that same thanksgiving feast and did not report getting sick, standup we are also learning that one of those original eight patients came from an adult care facility called rose's garden located behind me. that patient, identified as jim carrillo junior is still hospitalized, but is said to be doing better, now listed in fair condition. the department of social
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services says they will continue to assist in the county health investigators continue to narrow down if the illness was indeed caused by the thanksgiving meal served to those in need. it's a really sad thing the people who thru the event didn'' mean to hurt anyone it was all done out of the goodness and kindness of people's hearts that makes it even more tragic. maureen kelly kron4 news >> grant:several new developments tonight in the on- going search for those two inmates who escaped last week from the santa clara county jail. kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from san jose with the details about an arrest in the case and what may be the second 'near miss capture' in as many days. rob??? nats >> reporter: 1 and it now second possible near mass for the two fugitive escape these the first in gilroy the second of definition in the san jose when they thought they had one of the two escapees and cornered in a san jose was not to beat. a
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video from the how cut their partnership with abc seven years. in what sheriff's deputies described as one of several raids tuesday on places where the escapees might be hiding out, a sheriff's swat team surrounded a motor home parked here on inman way. this is video from kron four's helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. deputies deployed a flash bang device but there was no one inside. sot sgt. rich glennon/sheriffs office also monday, the sheriff's office released this mug shot of a woman identified as 35 year old emily vaca, who was arrested sunday night at the days inn motel in gilroy, where deputies said they narrowly missed capturing 33 year old rogelio chavez. vaca, thought to have been travelig with and harboring chavez, is charged with being an accessory to the escape last wednesday of chavez and 26 year old loran campbell, both of whom
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remain at large. sot anonymous neighbor the motor home was parked in front of this man's home but he says he did not see either chavez or campbell. deputies did not disclose any details about the connection between the motor home and the two fugitives except to say that they suspect both men may still be in the area and that they are getting numerous credible tips from the public about their
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recent whereabouts. sot sgt. rich glennon/sheriff's office in union city... three people are under arrest after a deadly shooting in at shopping center parking lot. police were called to the union landing shopping center around 9 last night. after reports of gunfire. when they got there... police found two men suffering gunshot wounds. one of the men died at the scene while the other... was taken to a hospital in serious condition. witness helped police locate the getaway car. which was just a block away. there police found three suspects, a gun and other evidence. a witness who was eating at a restaurant in the shopping center... explains what she saw. trt:12/ "take it last night" as police made the arrests...they also stopped another car which was try to leave the scene. they found a third victim inside that car.
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that person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the driver of the car was not arrested. new details on the ohio state attacker... investigators are saying he may have been inspired by isis propaganda. abdul razak ali artan was an ohio state university student... of somali descent. investigators a facebook post yesterday could help reveal his motive for the attack. the posts referenced a former leader of al qaeda in yemen... as well as the style of the attack encouraged by isis. artan also posted that he was "sick and tired" of fellow muslims being killed and tortured. officials say artan rammed his car into a group of people on the columbus campus. he then got out and charged at them with a knife... injuring 11 people. a university officer shot artan when he refused to drop the knife. the school says it's ready to help victims recover from the ordeal. trt:12/ "barricaded in classrooms" classes resumed today... investigators are continuing to look into all the factors leading up to the attack. " this has shaken the entire community up, we are not used to this happening here." gina cady works at cher le hair salon around the corner from where caesar plascencia was murdered - she also went to castro valley high school with the 37 year old construction worker. sot/tc: 15 gina cady/friend of victim. he was a good guy. good family man. in the street in front of caesars home - a memorial and grieving friends and family - they are so upset and so much in shock about the violent homicide that they asked for privacy during this disturbing time. sot/tc; 31 sgt. ray kelly/alameda co sheriff's dept. our condolences to them. sgt. ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office says they are aggressively trying to figure out what happened what they do now right now, is around 6pm monday night a suspect op and striking caesar mu
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now is ge3 working be scenes putting togethe of c theng togethe of video, everytying. camera mig it is al1 our live then thin castro valley te a hostage situation ends peacefully. after an hours long standoff in union city police were called to a home on railroad avenue around 8:30 this morning. for a report of a woman being held against her will. police say a man had been holding his an ex-girlfriend captive for two days. hom bf c afternoon. o able rel rel rt: 04/ "
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on 6:00 monday night a suspect opened fire shooting and striking caesar all times.
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they're also looking at surveillance video they need more. >> grant: report of a woman being held against her will and police say a man held her grow from captive for two days.
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safely out of the home and the suspect then barricaded himself inside and hours later 330 assassination. >> reporter: the 240 food strikes they say many of those places workers all over stand-up
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for social justice protest place 27 people arrested on suspicion of disrupting traffic this morning >> grant: bailout stubbs and
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branches to grow more quickly than has been outlawed and the city since 2006 and and out shares of the severe the stout cord injury brain damage paralyzed below the waist. >> britteny: and to the rest lisa settler airshows clear skies and sunshine and temperatures they closed average. the weather disservice just off the coast in could bring a few showers to the north bay and to to are out early
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morning it you notice more the moisture starts pushed closer ukiah and off the coast here in the north bay. and even see if you the sprinkles of the other east bay at 5:00. 57 and snap the nrc and the 40 still out there fairfield 47 vallejo ankle evening in pittsburgh. 49 in oakland. 55 degrees in fremont chilly conditions for us in san jose at 55. in see tomorrow you noticed similar conditions with a lot more clout as well heading into tomorrow. few are in the
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north bay we could see a few sprinkles over the next three hours expect temperatures to drop quickly and the low 40's and low evening by 9:00 clear skies than for the bay low 50s from the coast dropping quickly in the mid-40s the track the rest of your forecast for the rest of the week coming up and tenderness 10 minutes >> grant: scylla hostile seven update on the condition. on wallstreet. solid gains in several big health care companies have pushed major us stock indexes to a modestly higher close. the dow rose 23 points. the nasdaq. edged up 11. and the s&p climed 2 points.
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like a scene out of misson impossible. of a plane as it was taxiing down a houston, texas runway. the leap of faith. left passengers on board starled. the woman, who was not identified, was treated for minor injuries. she was not charged. but police are trying to figure out what made the woman channel her inner tom cruise. a stockton mosque is the latest to receive a letter threatening genocide. nadeem khan... with the islamic center of stockton...received the letter in the mail on saturday. it claimed that muslims were the children of satan... and that their day of reckoning has arrived. it noted that "the new sheriff in town"... donald trump... would do to them... what hitler did with "the jews". the letter is the same photocopy that has been distributed to mosques in los angeles, san jose and fresno. despit receiving the letter, khan has also had to face another issue trt:11/ "to be okay" the local chapter of the council on american islamic relations... says its turning over all the letters to the fbi for investigation. >> reporter: parked in front of her house on the steering cnidus celebrate the holidays she found a car vandalized quickly found out all around 3:00 a.m. friday
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they broke the windshield and the along with a pipe and he's avoided the car of letters and words of but she wasn't finished. and the woman had flat tire the follicle place around 9:00 a.m. lapd took her into custody and upset several people tried to stop her. was making the scene harder is
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that she just lost her job and only has liability insurance. the suspect is being detained on sunday to our century, actor called in the meantime a gulf fund account has then set up and help her repair her car. bizarre story of a woman who jumps out of the exit door of plane taxiing of norway and the reasonable man back
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>> grant: spokesperson rejected the protections of flag-burning.
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and then >> vicki: more announcements could be it and the plan say the president-elect is slated to dine tonight a signal the republican nominee is still in the running for the job despite the protests of some of the top aides adding to the entry and it is a town with another canid it with the role of the nation's top diplomat the younger democrats are making an effort a longtime effort minority leader
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nancy. i hope to be the one. including ryan retired and of losing in the midnight minority. he will be voting late tomorrow morning and ryan before the voting starts. the plane went
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down near columbia black boxes have been recovered not yet clear what wrong with the aircraft and aviation officials said the plane on declared emergency before it came down. six people survived the crash to crewmembers one journalist at least three players are among the survivors. some of the top clubs say they want to give all the soccer team
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>> reporter: the fires damaging homes and businesses. difficult about in the community and protect and serve others leon property and everything that
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york for starting down. that is that women have done for us 24 hours. >> britteny: by tomorrow we start to see clouds increasing even a chance of showers in parts of the north bay close to look at a time lapse video from the siege of a camera you can see clear conditions throughout most and it lots of sunshine and
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the rest of tonight. another call by close average this is alex but this time of the year and then the green of the rain at just off the coast the weather disturbance that we're watching ringing us more clout as a going to tomorrow even chance of north bay showers possibly dropping down closer to san francisco parts of the east bay right around and into the evening carried temperatures are a bit cooler this evening from this time yesterday right now mainly in the high fifties and oakland's 64 in san francisco 56 richmond 56 and a bottle of 50 that are now close to 50 degrees in fairfield antioch tomorrow another day close average of two degrees below average for an act in livermore. 59 and on view the nine in san jose and the average for this time of year is 60 degrees i should say in the highest moral right around 58 percent francisco the day forecast
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shows they're tracking a slight chance of showers and parts of north bay wednesday sunday school thursday friday they hover writer on 64 and locations of to low 60s for the bay for friday and stay in high 50s in the coast into the end of your work week. 74 passes coming up. 70 forecast is coming up. halpin of the head the new near-term down
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>> reporter: our resistance as you heard dozens of not hundreds of other students involved in their appleseed are being barricaded and the sleep of faith lets passengers on board
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that authorities say she will not be facing charges. possible proposal to prevent loss biggest raiders from being in actual thing. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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the raiders are one of the biggest stories in the nfl right now. and what's even better is that the team is still in oakland. hopefully it stays that way. the oakland city council is meeting once again in a closed session tonight.discussing ronnie lott's plan to keep the raiders from leaving. it's a topic that has many layers. for more, we turn to mark carpenter.who spoke to an executive that's well versed in the business of bay area sports. earlier this afternoon, i spoke with andy dolich.a former front office executive that's worked with multiple franchises including the a's, warriors, and 49ers. he knows the inner workings of negotiations. and while he thinks it is in the best interest of the raiders to stay put, he feels that the city is a little too late in coming up with a deal to keep them here. "maybe there is a hail mary pass here, but again, i come back to 750 million, the 650 million that sheldon adelson is still talking about. the 500 that mark says he has and ultimately, it's going to come down to an nfl vote at some point. it's not necessarily just going to come down to what ronnie lott and his associates and libby schaaf and what the city mothers and fathers are going to come up with." "oakland has said we don't have any money. the lott group has fortress investments behind them, but again, if you don't have a deal in principle with the raiders and the a's to a certain extent who have veto power in this, i question the legitimacy of the deal. you have two people negotiating on a deal, the lott group and the city council. they may come to an agreement, but you are missing an integral part and that is the actual product." "i believe the a's have incredible veto power on whatever the raiders do
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especially if it's somewhere on the coliseum site. so this is a real game of poker played with hundreds of millions or a billion dollars where people are basically looking at each other to see who's going to blink first or who's going to call." and take a look at this. "domino's pizza" in japan says it's training reindeer at a driving school to deliver pizza in one of the country's coldest, snowiest regions.
5:49 pm
the reindeer will be fully equipped with g-p-s customers can check on their progress. domino's plans to start the reindeer delivery service. december first. in the past - dominoes has also tested delivery drones and robots in different countries. coming up, kanye west remains hospitalized tonight. and is not expected to be released anytime soon. what we are learning about the popular rappers conidtion. next. r 'keeping up with the
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kardashians' officially on hold. again? is their empire in danger of krumbling? the insider's louis aguirre joins us from los angeles with more on this story. >> britteny: and parts bronze mirror and 65 local and pragmatism services, 53 senators
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were felt
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prior hospitalizationthat wraps
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up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. ap-us--darren sharper-rapes-the latest the latest: darren sharper gets final sentence in drug rapes eds: updates with sentence.
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>> vicki: all falling of a thanksgiving meal dating back and we have more today there is a neat twist but what's responsible for making so many people sick and killing three other people that remains a mystery. the reported eight
5:59 pm
people to which of died of the number has climbed 17 they don't expect that the increase. 23 hours after eating the food did not expect the numbers to climb still they say they're trying to track down what they think of the food borne illness and it will be difficult to determine exactly what food is and still interviewing those seven seconds. three of those 17 have died one remains hospitalized. turns out those sickens did not all live and the same board and care facility as originally
6:00 pm
reported the victims ranged in age from teenagers to those in the '70s and all big sums had gotten sick within 24 hours of the event. that was brought to the event but not permitted to be brought into the facility. the plan now is to interview those sick and the blood samples in hopes of
6:01 pm
tracking down the cause. the sheriff's department says the autopsy vessel under way have not yet been notified. they did confirm of your residence of to a sister living facilities run by the same operator. to have been living at paul barrett to away and the third person was a resident for located just a few
6:02 pm
blocks away. in a neighbor was cited hear about those tests not yet definitively linked to the big the skidding neil big thanks giving meal >> steve: also learning that one of the original eight patients hospitalized another adult residential home living a rose garden. that man identified as jim jr. still in hospital and doing much better now listed in fair condition ec here today is
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really grabbing headlines we know that they were found to hundred 40 mi. from last seen jogging faugh. long blond hair chopped off and then branded the rise of the scabs under my skin.
6:04 pm
we know sherri papini was found about 140 miles from where she was last seen jogging. she was chained along a highway. in today's statement her husband revealed some pretty graphic details about her condition. here is part of it: "her now emaciated body of 87 pounds was covered in multi colored bruises, severe burns, red rashes, and chain markings. her signature long, blonde hair had been chopped off. she has been branded and i could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers." he also had some pretty direct comments on the investigation and those questioning the abduction. "rumors, assumptions, lies, and hate have been both exhausting and disgusting. those people should be ashamed of their malicious, sub human behavior." sherri papini was missing for 22 days. authorities are looking for two suspects. both described as latino women driving a dark colored suv. at least one armed with a handgun. few other details about the investigation have been released. we will be watching this story closely. you can keep track of this story through the kron four website. it is the top story right now. you'll find a timeline of events as well as keith papini's entire statement. just go to kron 4 dot com. steve and vicki.
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nearby katherine smith elementary school. that school, along with overfelt high school and most holy trinity school, were all on lockdown for a couple hours during the search. "the school just said we were on lockdown for code blue, and code blue is basically that they're something going on around the school." "we had to close our doors, lock them, turn off the lights and make sure we're all good." no one was inside the r-v but police came to this spot on
6:07 pm
inman way based on information about associates of rogelio chavez, one of the inmates who escaped. tuesday the sheriff's office also announced the arrest of emily vaca, who they think was helping chavez by driving him around the county. her arrest came after tips led police to a motel in gilroy sunday night. "as we investigate what occurred today in east side san jose, in addition to the other locations we've been searching, it's all part of the investigative framework that we're establishing." meanwhile, chavez and campbell still haven't been found, but deputies think they may still be in this part of san jose. "just the helicopters whirring around, and usually that indicates that they are looking for somebody." a san jose police sniper was justified in killing a man who took a woman hostage at shot at police officers. leonel acevedo who you see here got into a standoff last november. he forced his way into the home on camden avenue and grabbed the woman inside. police say acevedo use to live there. he came out of the house and started shooting at officers. hitting one in the leg. the sniper then shot and killed acevedo. the woman was later found dead inside the home. the warriors are a step closer tonight to building a new arena in san francisco. a state court of appeals upheld the environmental impact report the project planned for the mission bay neighborhood. those against the arena argued the report was rushed and the city overlooked the traffic impact on the area. the warriors put out a statement late this afternoon saying the ruling clears the way for the arena and they expect to break ground soon. the team is planning to have it ready for the 2019 basketball season. in the east bay - friends and family members are grieving loss of a beloved father - who was gunned down in front of his home. the murder happened as his family was inside including a 9 year old daughter.
6:08 pm
the 37 year old construction worker has been identified as caesar plascencia. in the street in front of caesars home - a memorial and grieving friends and family - they are so upset and so much in shock about the violent homicide that they asked for privacy during this disturbing time. a friend who went to high school with the victim says everyone is in shock. sot/tc: gina cady/friend of victim. he was a good guy. good family man. we can't believe this would happen here. sot/tc; 24 sgt. ray kelly/alameda co sheriff's dept. our condolences to them. we are trying to figure out what happened and why. the alameda county sheriff's office says they are aggressively trying to look at surveillance video from the neighborhood to pinpoint a suspect and possible vehicle. they are asking if anyone has a video surveillance system at home to review it for possible leads in this case. in union city... three people are behind bars following a deadly shooting. police were called to the union landing shopping center around 9 last night... after reports of gunfire. one of the men died at the scene... the other was taken to a hospital in serious condition. witness descriptions helped
6:09 pm
police locate a getaway car.. which happened to be a block away. there... police found three suspects and evidence. a third victim was found during the arrests and also taken to the hospital. police plan to identify all three suspects tomorrow morning. severe wildfires have left three dead and over 250 structures destroyed in the great smoky mountains region of tennessee. at least 14 fires near the smoky mountains national park are forcing mass evacuations in the area. over fourteen thousand people living in the popular resort town of gatlinburg have been moved out.after a unexpected wildfire spread over the weekend. firefighters say the ferocious flames.are being fueled by the worst drought in the region in nearly a decade. a third victim was also found during the arrests after shooting and taken to hospital please plan to identify all three suspects more morning. >> britteny: this is a average
6:10 pm
this time of year we continue to see close average. and then celebrate our chat shows clear conditions we see another clear night tonight however we are tracking more clouds and that was closer to was bringing us clouds also bringing us a chance of showers years total times out the clouds increase in the early morning hours 5:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 745 a few light showers near ukiah right along the coast near san rosa possibly a few passing showers around noon and 145 san francisco even at and parts of half moon bay parts of the east bay's on carried 57 in livermore 52 in san jose done
6:11 pm
below 40 for in the implications. mid-40s coming up luckily.rain is forecast for the great smoky mountains today and tomorrow. fire officials hope the wet weather will help douse some of the flames. a burglar breaks into a benicia restaurant and gets away with money raised to help an employee with a serious medical condition. police are asking for the community's help finding thief. the owner of the restaurant
6:12 pm
shows kron4's haaziq madyun a key piece of evidence being used in the investigation this is surveillance video of a burglar inside the nine-0-seven grill on first street in benicia
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
the sole provider of his family and we were trying to help him out" she describes the man in the video
6:16 pm
"kind of a heavy set guy, kango, trench coat" and he was wearing some very distinct shoes "they looked like white basketball shoes with black embellishment on top and back of the shoes" "the video in this case is our key piece of evidence" benicia police don't believe they have seen this man before "that is why we are reaching out to media right now in hopes of having someone out there who recognizes him and help us solve this case and return the donations raised to help josh rose get back on his feet "any funds that were collected for him were for a long term recovery" if you think you recognize the man in this video benicia police would like to hear from benicia haaziq madyun kron4news in san francisco, police are looking a man who went on a spending spree with stolen credit cards. they released this surveillance video today of the suspect coming down an escalator. investigators say he made more
6:17 pm
than 2-thousand dollars in purchases from a store on mission street. the suspect has a tattoo on his neck that looks like a rosary bead. he is described as being in his mid 20s. 6 feet 2 inches tall and 190 pounds a story that's been unfolding all over the country today are "fight for 15" protests. they are happening in many of the major cities including right here in the bay area. this noisy group picketed outside san francisco international airport this afternoon. earlier the day we saw a much smaller group in oakland. it is all part of a push to raise the minimum wage to 15- dollars per hour. >> steve:there were no arrests at s-f-o. but we know about 20 people were arrested for blocking traffic in oakland. crowd chanting a similar scene at one of the busiest airports in the country. chicago o'hare. about 500 workers walked out today. calling it a day of disruption. airport official say things still ran smoothly at the airport. employees and fast-food restaurants in chicago also went on strike as a show of support.
6:18 pm
the minimum wage in chicago is currently ten dollars and 50 cents per hour. a much different ending this morning to the fight for 15 protest in new york city. the demonstrators were peaceful. but some of them decided to sit down in the street and block traffic. police then moved in and arrested more than 20 people.
6:19 pm
reports indicate something similar happened in detroit when protesters decided to block traffic. police there say they arrested about 40 people. a big story we are monitoring is the attack at ohio state university. new details are coming out about the suspect. investigators say the attacker lived in pakistan from 2007 to 2014 before moving to the united states. karen caifa with our partners at c-n-n- with what else they have learned about the man who went on a rampage before police shot and killed him. --reporter pkg-as follows-- abdul razak ali artan was an ohio state university student of somali descent. university officials say he was the perpetrator of monday's violent campus attack. monica moll / osu director of public safety: the suspect drove his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. there were some injuries that resulted from that. the suspect then got out of the vehicle with a knife and began cutting individuals in the area the question now: is why? federal law enforcement officials say they are looking at facebook postings, purportedly the suspect's, written close to the time of monday's incident and listing his grievances about attacks on muslims. authorities, however, caution against rushes to judgment. the university is crediting one of its campus officers, 28-year- old alan horujko for his quick response, shooting the suspect when he refused to drop his weapon.
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
ohio state university president doctor michael drake said preparedness was key in this not being far worse. michael drake / president, ohio state university: we orient students about what to do in case there's an awful circumstance like this and it was good to see that people responded as they wished that they would. and the university is ready to help the victims recover. dr. andrew thomas / osu wexner medical center: we have a great student counseling service here that does outreach to students, both that were injured, but obviously as you heard, there were dozens, if not hundreds of other students that were involved, either at the scene or being barricaded in classrooms, so there will be a big outreach to both the students, staff, and faculty community for counseling, therapy, anything that's needed to help people respond to this. at ohio state university in columbus, ohio, i'm karin caifa since president- elect donald trump's november 8th victory there have been more than 860 hate incidents recorded. that's according to the souther poverty law center. it has collected 867 hate- related incidents in that short time period. the group has not independently verified each claimbut said it has weeded out any reported hoaxes.
6:22 pm
anti-immigrant and anti-black hate incidents made up the largest number of claims. many civil rights groups saythey want future president trump to publicly denoucne violence and hate speech. no word yet from the trump party. p-g-and-e is going to going to 85 million dollars over the closure of a nuclear power plant. the utility plans to shut down the diablo canyon plant in san luis obispo county in 2025. the money would go to neighboring cities and a school
6:23 pm
get cooler weather expected into next week. and this story california will close there is a catch me tell you what pg&e will stay in nearly a hundred million dollars but does shutdown. for good and then remember this guy you're looking at the former vice-president dan quayle whitehead visit to trump tower today. district that will lose
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> steve: fatally shooting an unarmed black man. there is enough evidence for a police
6:27 pm
officer to be tried and the decisions regarding to the shooting back in september prosecutors say shall be acted on reasonable because crutcher was unarmed following commands and the attorneys says she feared for her own life shelby is set for arraignment next month
6:28 pm
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>> reporter: no one answered the door at either location. it into
6:32 pm
high school to the 37 year-old many of his friends and family members gathered in front of home or the crime occurred on tuesday. " but having somebody out there welt have this case. >> vicki: a big if the democratic party and nancy house
6:33 pm
democrats will vote on who will be their leader. and however timberland of ohio by and says it's time for a shake-up following the showing of the november election the party has what lost policy is expected to hand the leadership role. and
6:34 pm
there it are no stranger washington wife of republican inaguration - the incoming trump to fill. tonight we've learned a few more names of the cabinent nominees - men and women who will face a senate confirmation hearing in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter:late today - reports that elaine chao - the former secretary of labor will be nominated for a new job - secretary of transportation. chao is no stranger to washington - she's the wife of current republcian senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. she also served as an advisor during trump's campaign. tonight georgia republican congressman tom price will be
6:35 pm
tapped to head the department of health and human services. price is a long time critic of obamacare but is no stranger to healthcare. he served as an orthopedic surgeon for two decades. some of the big positions still waiting to be filled include the secretaries of state, defense, and homeland security. there's no official timeline as to when we could learn about these nominations. reporting in washington, i'm mark meredith. take a close look at this video today from trump tower. the man getting in the elevator with top adviser kellyanne conway. that is dan quayle. quayle was vice president in george h-w bush's administration and has pretty much been out of the political spotlight since 2000 when he briefly ran for president. quayle says he was in new york city and decided to stop by and congratulate trump on his victory. the heads of california's higher-education system are putting the president-elect on notice. u-c president janet napolitano along with the chancellors of the cal state and california community college systems have sent him a letter. they are asking trump to keep the "deferred action for childhood arrivals" program. these are better known as dreamers. these are students who are in the country illegally but pursuing an education. trump has made it no secret what his views are when it comes to undocumented immigrants. expressing a desire to deport millions. a deadly plane crash in south america. claims the lives of 71 people. including members of a brazilian pro soccer team. the plane went down in colombia. and it's "black boxes" have been recovered aviation officials say it is not yet clear what went wrong with the aircraft, the plane declared an emergency before it went down. only six people survived the crash.
6:36 pm
police say two crew members, one journalist and at least three players are among the survivors. some of brazil's top club say they want to give players to the "chapecoense" soccer team. on a free loan for the 2017 season. as it recovers from the disaster. california's drought is still lingering. but there is an encouraging sign things might be easing. this is the wettest start to the rain season in decades. and state officials are taking notice. they are going to double their water deliveries next year to local agencies. that mean instead of 10-percent. they will get 20-percent of what they requested to start the year. but that could change. for this year. 10-percent ultimately turned into 60- percent. the state water project supplies about two-thirds of state residents the 49ers are staying in florida this week. the former stomping grounds of j.r. stone orlando the team practice today at the university of central florida chip kelly hoping he doesn't get his 11th straight loss against the 2-9 bears the 49ers are anywhere from an even pick top a 1 ½ point underdog in chicago this sunday they are currently mired in a franchise-record 10-game losing streak but have been competitive of late this week players are allowed to advertise their charities on their uniforms something colin kaepernick was not aware of whe asked this today tag: the media joking that sac bee reporter matt barrows had some cleats for kaepernick a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 >> vicki: state water project surprised by two-thirds of the it residents. . >> britteny: and as a going to
6:37 pm
the rest of tonight into tomorrow we will continue to see cooler temperatures to a glut at the sunday forecast that pays the picture into a the rest of lisa tracking a slight chance of showers into tomorrow at thursday and then the entire season as we go into next tuesday and then ran off the
6:38 pm
coast in san francisco and to a few showers right and san francisco and to the afternoon and then at a clear shower and that then the show.
6:39 pm
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>> j.r.: all i spoke with ronnie it a lot this evening from san francisco we will see what he has to say tonight at 8 and 10:00. and hamilton the musical generated $3.3 million in shows last week setting a new world record their reported we did previously held the record and supporters call for a boycott of hamilton after cast member give a monologue treacly the vice- president pence.
6:42 pm
details emerge on a proposal that keeps the raiders in oakland.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: memo on the play and sunday and then the forty- niners right now one point underdog when they go in the battle against chicago. and a
6:46 pm
franchise record 10 game losing streak rally in the middle of its tire some of them 49er fan catalytic not even aware of " he was asked. >> gary: he smiles everybody trying to stay relaxed when you are one intend it's an awful lot of how you feel. and the raiders
6:47 pm
in oakland mark davis wants to move to las vegas and the raiders got to keep on saying this.
6:48 pm
>> gary: at the white stadium built when you're hot like the
6:49 pm
warriors have been and they've done everything right and what i get along and groups post of highrises billing block their and the beautiful bay and the
6:50 pm
phased clay and you know the number one. ago cabrera. your
6:51 pm
world champion jim and the hamas tiger woods interesting article is that is still going to be off again all the people life goes on. >> britteny: and
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
has been very chilly and most conditions will continue for us where temperatures dropped down in the '30's overnight tomorrows slight chance of showers for the most part and then go temperatures stay in the high fifties over the next few days and a bit warmer saturday look at next week temperature's dropped even more. the for joining us bareback eight intense night and cavaco signal to our kron 4 global application
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. everybody says who does he think he is? i just told you who i thought i was. a god. >> number one, kanye west is still hospitalized. so is kim pulling the plug on "keeping up with the kardashians"? >> being in the hospital, much sicker than we thought. >> could this be the beginning. empire's end. >> then why did brad pitt spend thanksgiving without his kids? and number three how close was taraji p. henson to becoming
7:00 pm
olivia pope? >> i auditioned for "scandal." >> as the stars open up about auditioning experiences. plus "insider" bonus on victoria's secret angels, racy recipe for heating up the kitchen. >> and mimi can't get enough. >> my own kids but make me happy. >> gets candid on a sconic mariah moment. >> it is the truth. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. "keeping up with the kardashians" officially on hold again? is their empire in danger of crumbling? number one tracking story today. >> kanye's recent hospitalization reportedly the reason for the development as rapper's condition appears more serious than we thought. >> it's what kim gave


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