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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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lanes of 580 are closed. >> vicki:to another big story we are following tonight. new information and a warning from the local sherrif investigating the brutal kidnapping of a northern california mother. sherri papini. >>until we identify the suspects, the public should remain cautious. >> vicki:shasta county authorities are looking for 2 women. >> grant:we now have a slightly better description of the suspects. details revealed today by the shasta county sheriff's department. z >> vicki: >> vicki:kron 4's lydia pantanzes is live in redding where we old sharri papini's three week ordeal. >> vicki: lydia?
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>> reporter:investigators say sherri papini has been interviewed twice since she was found. they say she has been cooperative and courageous as she's forced to relive her ordeal. in those interviews, papini did give a more in depth description of the women who took her. >> reporter:she says the women both spoke mostly in spanish during the 3 weeks she was in their captivity. she also said they kept their faces covered and were armed with at least one handgun. she says the younger of the two women has long by curley hair, thin eyebrows and a thick accent. >> reporter:the older of the two women has straight black hair with some grey and thick eyebrows. investigators also confirmed that papini had been burned by her captors. >> reporter:that's something papini's husband told good morning america. >> i will confirm that the suspect did brand her. i will not give details of what was branded on her
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body. or what was it. for the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter:investigators did say those details released by papinis husband could affect the integrity of the investigation. >>"i will confirm that the suspects did brand her, i will not get into the details of where the brand is located on her body nor what was branded on her for again the integrity of the investigation." >> reporter:papini was missing for three day along interstate 5 near sacramento with her hands restrained and a bag over her head. according to her husband her cut off. >> reporter:investigators say the suspects were driving a dark suv. reporting live in redding, lydia pantazes kron4 news. >> grant:happening now. >> grant:swat member and san jose home where they believe an inmate who escaped from the santa clara county jail last week. is being held up. >> vicki:kron four's rob fladeboe is live for us now in san jose. at the scene. with more. rob? >> reporter: we know that
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the sheriff's swat team are arrived around 1240 s surrounded a house that they believe that the residents of and now associate rogelio chavez. >> reporter: i will step aside to see the flashing lights. we are losing like. across the street just to the south. he we have seen members of the swat team with gas masks the pulling tear gas here a couple of times the earlier this afternoon. there are not sure if he is here or not. they have received a lot of tips. . around time-just all around town following up on what a bunch of leaves. they
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are focusing on the attic. >> reporter: will have more on that little bit in regards to what is happening with the added. --attic >> i was watching outside my front door. and i saw someone across in front of my window so i took a closer look and they had us all rifles. so obviously this is sworn to catch my attention. --assault rifles >> there was a sniper in the bushes so i started to take further notice. and then there was gas and dogs. the
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next they asked us to evacuate. --then next, they asked us to evacuate. >> reporter: just before looking on his upstairs window before the ax to evacuate. deputies were focusing on the awning. the tear gas has been coming to the east where we are. a number of the media had been affected by the tear gas. a lot of people here are sneezing. we are not sure if shot this is actually here. --chavez is actually here.
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>> reporter: we should also add that he was with campbell a fellow escapee but he was caught captures. and antioch. -- he was captured in antioch. >> reporter: is possible that he was hidden there or still there. >> reporter: rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> grant: thank you, rob! >> grant:and police were able to re-capture rogelio chavez's accomplice, 26- year-old laron campbell. late last night. officers say they received a tip. that campbell was hiding out at his sister's antioch home. >> grant:when officers arrived at the home around ten last night. they say campbell was hiding in the attic.then literally crashed through the ceiling onto the floor.where he was arrested.
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both campbell and his sister, mar-caysha alexander, were taken into custody. >> grant:alexander now faces charges of harboring a fugitive. she's being held on a 250-thousand dollar bond. meanwhile, campbell has been transported back to the santa clara county jail. >> grant:and tonight kron four's philippe djegal. spoke exclusively with another one of laron campbell's sisters. as well as his mother. the family says it's just thankful laron was taken into custody peacefully. >>- "i'm happy in all sense, due to the fact they didn't kill him." >> reporter:an initial sigh of relief from laron campbell and marcaysha alexander's mother trena burton. and, sister ramona cox. >> reporter:knowing, that neither was night. >>- "i just pray that they treat them well, while they're in custody. cuz, marcaysha has two kids and im just very emotional right now. i'm not knowing what to do." >> reporter:and, it may be a while before marcaysha gets to see her kids again. she's in jail now booked on suspicion of harboring a fugtive. >> reporter:her brother laron caught hiding in his sister's attic in antioch.
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>>- "what are you to do, when your loved one, you know, comes to you. >>- "the situation she was put in was unfortunate, but the love that you have for your family, what do you do? you know, um, its just -- i'm speechless." >> reporter:after his escape from the santa clara county main jail last week. trena burton says laron never reached out to her for help. >> reporter:and, that marcaysha didn't mention she may have been helping her brother out. the family speculates as to why laron escaped in the first place. >>- "he did fear for his life." >>- "i believe he escaped from santa clara county was due to the fact that he was being beaten in santa clara county by the officers." >>- "he had aspirations of going to the nba, um, he went to de anza college. he was really good in everything he did. track, basketball, um, he's really really smart. he's really, really intelligent, um. i wish he would have chose a different path, but for right now, we're just praying and we're just gonna be by his side."
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>> reporter:orginially locked up for invasion robbery. >> reporter:laron campbell now faces additional charges for the escape. his sister marcaysha's bail set at 250-thousand dollars. >> reporter:philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki:a teenage girl says she was sexually assaulted during a recent sporting event at an east bay high school. a male student from that school has been arrested in connection to the incident. kron4's haaziq madyun has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter:it happened after a football game here at de le salle high school. this is where a teenage girl from de la salle's sister school carondelet high alleges she was sexually assaulted by a de la salle student >>"we became aware of the incident last week" >> reporter:carondelet high school spokesperson jennifer ortega >>"we immediately contacted the concord police department and are cooperating fully with their investigation"
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>>"the boy was arrested and transported to juvenile hall" >> reporter:the incident occurred back on november 18th after the de la salle, clayton valley football game, concord police corporal summer galer picks it up from there >>"we received a report from an administrator from carondelet high school a few days after the sexual assault incident, we learned that it involved a fifteen year old female of carondelet high school and a 15-year-old male from de la sale high school" >> reporter:one de la salle student says he is sadden that a sexual assault allegation involves a fellow student. >>"well you know i think de la sale community is a brotherhood, and we all really love each other, and have a strong faith in god but a lot of times, just like most human beings, we the best" >> reporter:officials at de la salle say the student accused of the sexual assault did participate in this year's footabll program but was not a player on the varsity football concord haaziq madyun kron4news. >> grant:a police
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investigation is underway into allegations that multiple players on the napa high school football team assaulted some of their teammates. the victims were allegedly held down as they were hit and grabbed by other players. >> grant:late this afternoon napa police held a news conference explaining that this is apparently not just one incident, but several, going on for two years. >>it appears to be some sort of hazing ritual that is related to the napa high school team, it's been for the years of 2015 and 2016 it seems to be just the weeks leading up to big game. >> reporter: >> grant:big game is the matchup between rivals napa high and vintage high. so far police say they still don't know how many suspects or victims are involved, but none of the injuries required emergency medical attention. >> grant:so far no one has been suspended or disciplined as a result of the incident, as the district says their own investigation into the alleged assault is still underway.
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>> vicki: could you fill it? still ahead. a swarm of earthquake strikes the east bay. >> grant: we will tell you when and where this happened. then. >> grant: a morning for pet owners. a delhi much fun is sprouting up at several parks in the east bay. >> vicki: more detail the hat and next. --and next
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> vicki: all lanes of eastbound 580 are shut down after a highway shooting. >> grant: c h p e stated any cars pass the bulbar off plant will be turned around. that is happening now. you haven't gotten to park boulevard you will be sitting in that direction.
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--sent in that direction >> grant: all lanes of eastbound 580 are shut down as the chp investigates the shooting death of six to people that were sent to the hospital. a man and a mormon. it was sent to the hospital. we will continue to follow this story. >> vicki: in the east bay. the number of those sickened by food at a thanksgiving day luncheon and antioch is continuing to grow... >> grant:kron 4's dan kerman is live at the contra costa county health department in martinez with more on the
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>> reporter: of those 19 peak people three people have died. --of those 19 people. three people have died. >> reporter: all of them lived at an assisted living facilities. two different one. but, the common denominator is the old that was served at thanksgiving lunged at the veterans memorial building in antioch. --at the thanksgiving luncheon at the veterans memorial building and antioch. >> we have tested for things like the coli, salmonella,
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nor virus. and all of that testing so far has been negative. >> reporter: us this surprise you at all?--does >> know. it is difficult to get samples out from patients even when they are ill. >> reporter: it is unlikely certain things that they did not find here. but they are not ruling out anything. if you ate food there and sit and. he should let the health department know. if you have taken any fool from that function. you must throw it out. -- if you have taken any whfood
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>> vicki:did you feel that? >> vicki:four small earthquakes rattled oakland near mountain view cemetery early this morning. that's according to the u.s geological survey. >> vicki:you can see the times of the quakes on your screen. the largest. had a preliminary magnitude of two point four and struck just before two-thrity a-m. residents say they were shaken but not, so to speak, "shook".
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>> i did not fill it. i am so used to these earthquakes. >> vicki:luckily no injuries or damage was reported from the mini quakes. >> grant: >> grant: now on to weather! >> brittney: temperature is not at 53 degrees for santa rosa, 54 in oakland and over the next three hours expect those clouds again. temperatures al woodruff down to the mid 40's and 50's. if we go into tonight
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i should say. we would drop down to 47 degrees in san francisco and mid-40s and oakland. coming up with take a look at the rest of your work week. guys? the rights that it ------------------------ >> we will be right back!
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>> vicki:growing concern tonight for bay area pets - specifically dogs. already, one dog has died, sounding the alarm to get the message out. >> vicki:the problem is toxic mushrooms.
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>> grant:and as kron four's terisa estacio reports. while the recent rains have helped with the drought. they are creating an environment that is encouraging the growth of potentially fatal fungi. >> reporter: recently as this we don't passed away after eating a toxic mushrooms. >> at least 45 mushrooms are out here and there are toxic. including the death count and the strong angel. --death cap and destroying angel >> reporter: and the meantime; they want everyone to get the news.
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>> did not know about that but i am glad to learn about it. >> reporter: staying clear of any mushrooms is all part of the training. >> reporter: they are usually very visual wit checking things out when they are out with their dogs. >> well i keeper on a leash and and she goes close to in mushrooms i pull back >> reporter: >> it is against the law to collect mushrooms or any type of plant from the park. we do not want anything to happen so we does want people to stay away from this mushroom or their dogs as well. >> grant:coming up, we know now the cause of a deadly plane crash in colombia. that killed 71 people. including members of a pro soccer team from brazil. >> vicki:plus.
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why the u-s government. about auto safety problems. >> grant:and. deadly tornadeos rip through parts of the south. a look at the damage- next. i tried hard to quit smoking.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant: the opening of all eastbound interstate 580 lanes that had been closed for two hours. >> vicki: because of a shooting that took place on 580. and, fortunately traffic is now moving. >> grant: eastbound 580 on the right side of the screen that is a picture. traffic is just getting will be a gamble which cannot see from that shot is how far beyond those headlights extent. there are miles of back up on the left side of your screen. with ariel from
5:30 pm
a couple of hours ago. abc said the news showing the shooting scene. >> grant: just a mile from where just is. --jeff is >> grant: another freeway shooting creek that now takes the number to 3 dozen. police is now try to find them who is responsible we have all the sierra--alecia reid headed to the scene. >> grant:now at 5:30. cleanup begins after at least two deadly tornadoes slammed through >> vicki:experts were out
5:31 pm
today surveying the damage, trying to figure out if other twisters touched down during the night. >> vicki:they say at least four possible twisters, including one blamed for three deaths community of rosalie. return >> vicki:and a tornado ripped through tullahoma, tennessee tuesday night. the twister damaged homes lines in the town northwest of chattanooga. experts say they spotted the tornado just after nine tuesday night. >> vicki:emergency crews say two two dozen others were injured. and another 23 people were alone in the hard-hit southeastern portion of the state. >> grant:a tennessee mayor says rescue crews have recovered ruins of wildfires.raising the death toll to seven. the flames are scorching mountains region of the volunteer state. over 400 structures have been destroyed.and the evacuations in the area. >> grant:over fourteen
5:32 pm
thousand people living in the resort town of gatlinburg have been moved out since this weekend. fire officials hope the wet weather will help douse some of the flames. return to >> vicki:we now know what caused the deadly plane crash in lives of 75 peopleincluding soccer team. the pilot of the chartered plane.told air traffic fuel moments before crashing into the andes. a recording from the air traffic tower found by police.shows the pilot repeatedly asking permission to land due to a "total electric failure" and lack of fuel. >> vicki: six of the people aboard.including most members of the chapecoense soccer team from brazil. >> grant:house minority leader nancy pelosi will keep her position as the top elected democrat in the house. house democrats voted in a secret ballot contest this morning. the final vote -- 134 to 63 for pelosi over ohio representative tim ryan. >> grant:ryan's calls for a
5:33 pm
leadership shakeup failed to resonate with many democrats who believe pelosi's experience is needed for the coming fights against president-elect donald trump and the g-o-p-led congress. pelosi spoke about the honor today. >> it is what i i accept--it is with great honor that i accept my position to represent my democratic house as the minority leader. >> grant:the 76-year-old california congresswoman has run the house democratic
5:34 pm
caucus for the last 14 years. return to >> grant:president-elect donald trump continues to build his cabinet. he announced two top level positions today and his choices for treasury and commerce secretaries. elwyn lopez in washington has the details. return to >> reporter:donald trump announcing two top level positions today. his pick for treasury secretary -- steven mnuchin. trump's former campaign finance chairman says his top priority is tax reform. >>steve mnuchin / treasury secretary nominee: we're going to have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> reporter:mnuchin is a long time banker, working at goldman sachs before starting his own hedge fund but he isn't without controversy. critics say mnuchin can't be trusted after profiting from the housing collapse when others were losing their homes. >> reporter:massachusetts senator elizabeth warren reacting to the pick, "his selection as treasury secretary should of every american who got hit hard by the financial crisis." >> reporter:mnuchin will be joined by wilbur ross as trump's choice for commerce secretary. ross is a known on wall street as the "king of bankruptcy", with a history of going after struggling companies. >> reporter:these announcements come as president-elect have put the
5:35 pm
brakes on the air conditioning giant's move to mexico, something trump frequently railed about on the campaign trail. >>donald trump / october 22, 2016: we're going to stop it dead in its tracks. >> reporter:the company tweeting, "we are pleased to have reached a deal with president-elect trump and vp-elect pence to keep close to a thousand jobs in indy. more details soon." carrier previously plants, and lay off 2,100 workers, and move operations to mexico. >> reporter:in washington, i'm elwyn lopez. >> grant:washington - house and senate negotiators have agreed to forgive the debts of thousands of california had been ordered by the pentagon to repay enlistment bonuses. those bonuses had in iraq and afghanistan a decade ago. a provision in the annual defense policy bill to be filed wednesday requires the pentagon to waive the recoupment of a bonus unless there is evidence showing service members "knew or reasonably should have known" that they weren't eligible to receive the money. >> grant: must-pass defense bill is by action in the senate next week. the guard offered enlistment $15,000 and student loan aid at the height of the two wars in
5:36 pm
the 2000s. >> brittney: we did see less of a club--we did see a lot of clouds. >> brittney: we do have a few scattered showers valley to the east of san francisco but the big story is that high pressure will return and there will be a lot of sunshine as we go through the day tomorrow. it will take time to get rid of all if the clouds but sunshine will return. >> brittney: are down three degrees in san francisco-- santa rosa and two in san
5:37 pm
francisco. >> brittney: 55 degrees in santa rosa. if you more sixties are back on the map tomorrow and slowly start to see warm temperature and high pressure is rebuilding. >> brittney: your 3 day forecast shows that we will continue to warm up as we get to saturday with most of our inland locations thing 60. --staying in the 60's. >> grant: >> brittney: coming up i will have your 7 day forecast.
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>> vicki: we will return after the break
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> vicki: the government was used to complain more about all city problems. the national highway traffic
5:41 pm
safety administration is proposing a rule that requires all makers to put labels on some visors with instructions on how to file safety complaints. >> vicki: the labels will be glued to the passenger visors in all new cars and it would tell people that complaints could bring in an investigation or a possible recall. complaints can be filed by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail. the agency will take comments on the proposal until january 27th and it is approved it could be years you were the labels are required. >> grant:as the holiday season nears... most of us can expect to see santa claus, mistletoe and other christmas symbols. but one oregon school district is banning santa from their holiday decorations this season. the hillsboro school district in telling staff who wish to decorate offices and doors... >> grant:to refrain from religious-themed decorations
5:42 pm
or images. several parents who have been notified about the ban... say they understand it but don't necessarily agree. >> grant:beth graser... communications director for hillsboro school district... says the point of it... is to make sure all cultures and backgrounds are comfortable at school. >>trt:21/ "point in time" >> grant:several other school districts in the portland area have similar policies.
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>> grant:raiders quarterback rerek --derek carr is putting up mvp-type
5:47 pm
numbers this season, but the only digit that many are concerned with right now. is the dislocated pinkie on his throwing hand. >> vicki:the team's franchise qb didn't show any signs that question on if he'll be fully healthy this weekend. for the answer, we turn to mark raiders headquarters. return to >> alecia: >> mark:despite dislocating his pinkie this past sunday, multiple times that he'll be just fine going forward. once again, the quarterback addressed any concerns this afternoon. and in the process, set an unofficial world record for most single finger. >>"it's great. thank you for asking."
5:48 pm
>>"no limitations, it's great thank you." >>"it's doing great thank you very much." >>"it's great. hows yours." >>khalil mack >>"it's big. especially when you are talking about being in the same category with a guy like charles woodson. it's crazy knowing that you got that text from him after the game, like word?? that's what you doing now? i told him, that's what you wanted me to do right? it's gratifying, but we got a lot of work in front of us." >>del rio "honestly, we missed on this part where he's getting 10 sacks. hats off to him, congratulations to him. here that know him are really happy for him. he's a great young man, he played at cal right here so it's a great story for him. i'm super happy for him. i just don't want him to get it done this weekend, but happy for the year he's had." spice
5:49 pm
>> grant:49ers head coach chip kelly says he isn't going back to college. at least not the university he left four years ago. coach kelly said earlier today that he has no interest in the oregon ducks coaching job that just opened up. the university fired kelly's successor, mark helfrich, yesterday after a down season. >> grant:while kelly nearly won a national championship with oregonhe has lost a record 10 consecutive games with san francisco. while ducks fans can't stop quacking about chip's return. the four-year nfl coach say's >> grant:his goal is to stay in the bay area.
5:50 pm
>> vicki: taking a look outside. >> brittney: normal rain showers. a lot of sunshine. --no more rain and a lot of sunshune. ine. >> brittney: clear inkwells and a lot more warmer for us. --clearing clubs and a lot more warmer for us. >> brittney: as we go into tonight and tomorrow we will
5:51 pm
see the clouds clearing with a lot of sunshine pushing in on thursday. >> brittney: more sunshine on friday and saturday with temperatures along the up close to 10 degrees. 53 degrees in which montt, a chilly 49 in half moon bay and 53 in san jose. >> brittney: we will start the day in the low 50s for the coast and same thing for the bay. we will quickly more into the mid to high fifties for the afternoon and initially will hit into the high fifties for san francisco, daly city and bodega bay would 62. and napa. >> brittney: concord for 61
5:52 pm
degrees. and 60 will be the hunt for san jose. it is nice to see some more sixties back on the map for us. >> brittney: i am tracking another cold front as we go into monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> grant:president obama is dispelling any speculation that first lady michelle office herself. in an interview with rolling stone. mr. obama said quote. "michelle will never run for office". he says she has an incredible resonance with the american people. but jokes that she's too sensible to want to be in politics. >> grant:president obama also said the white house. they will continue to be very active in initiating change at a grassroots level. return to >> vicki:up next. fighting back. return to
5:53 pm
jennifer aniston is quote "fed up" and doubles down on her crusade against the tabloids.
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5:57 pm
>> grant:that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. >> vicki: the latest fund tracking down a jail east they beat garrett breaking out of the seller clara county jail in a few weeks ago.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:a shooting. 2 injured. and now an investigation causing a traffic nightmare. next at six. what we are learning about the situation. and how traffic is getting back on track. on interstate 580. and the latest on tracking down a jail escapee in the san jose. he is the the last the santa clara county jail a week ago. we are live on the scene of this
6:00 pm
developing story. >> steve:next on kron 4 news at six. starts in 70 seconds. breaking news right now on kron 4 news at six. >> steve:a double shooting in the east bay has police looking for clues and shuts down interstate 580 in one direction at the height of the evening commute. you can see the mess courtesy of our helicopter partners at a-b-c-7. >> steve:good evening i'm steve aveson. >> vicki:and i'm vicki liviakis. we have been on this story since kron 4 news at 5. eastbound 580 was shut down at the fruitvale avenue off- ramp in oakland. it just reopened about 30 minutes ago. and as you saw from the video we just showed you. it has caused a huge traffic jam. kron 4's alecia reid got the scene a short time ago. >> vicki:what have you learned about the investigation alecia? >> alecia: i spoke with a gentleman who just picked up his daughter from school and was in the area when the shooting happened. >> people do not take into consideration other people
6:01 pm
when they did things like this. they do not care about in a sense of lives and that is what we are dealing with right now. >> alecia: highway control is helping with the situation. reporting live, alecia reid kron4news. >> catherine: thanks, alecia! >> vicki:health officials have id'd additional people who got sick from the food at the thansgiving day lunch at antiochs veterans memorial building. >> steve:kron 4's dan kerman is live at the health department in investigation. >> reporter: viewers about the new developments with this storyyou can be the first to just by downloading the kron 4 mobile app. apple and android devices. this brings to 19 the total number of people that have
6:02 pm
been sickened from the banks give a luncheon. three people have died. -- from the thanksgiving luncheon and three people have died. >> reporter: the state department of social services, farm that the people lived at two different assisted living facilities help officials say they still do not know what caused people to get sick and some to die. >> for the type of illnesses that we have tested for are things like the coli, salmonella, nor a virus, and
6:03 pm
other and tried virus. in all of that testing so far; have been negative. it is also-to get positive samples from patients even when they are ill. >> reporter: officials say they still may not ever find out what caused this sickness because the tick away from all of this is proper food handling. make sure your hands are clean and that you are cooking at the proper temperament. -- temperature.
6:04 pm
>> steve:the allegations that police multiple members of the napa >>audio difficulties
6:05 pm
>> reporter: fund off interstate 5. with a bag over her head and her hair had been cut off and her hands were tied. the details released by her husband could affect the integrity of that investigation. >> vicki: thank you, lydia. >> steve: if you are waiting for someone to come home is a little bit crowded. on the
6:06 pm
roadways. the hull is the weather?-- but, how is the weather >> brittney: we are still seen a few little like going showers outside of livermore. but futurecast shows us that as we go into the rest of tonight clout will begin to clear. so we will see a lot of sunshine for thursday afternoon. a little up tick with our temperatures. 47 degrees in fairfield, and 50 degrees and concord, and temperatures and santa rosa at 51 degrees. for the next three hours temperatures will quickly drop in land and to the mid '40's with mostly cloudy skies remaining for most of tonight. >> brittney: our lows would get down to 42. 47 in san
6:07 pm
francisco, and 45 degrees and half moon bay. >> brittney: coming up! is the weekend warm up. guys > >> steve: to the best this two teenagers from a pair of cowboy and private schools are at the center of the sexual assault investigation. >> vicki: police say one of the students have been arrested in connection to the incident. investigators tell haazig madyun that other student is the opposite that the and the case.
6:08 pm
>> reporter: high schools but best-and high-school football, but two teenage students and alleged sexual assault. >> we've learned that it involved a 15 year-old female and a 15 year-old male from dulles south high school. >> reporter: concord police investigators say the alleged incident occurred at school after the dullest of clayton valley football game. >> reporter: >> vicki: another investigation is underway in bosnia another bay area high school football team. >> steve: police are looking
6:09 pm
into allegations that several members of the napa high team insulted some of their teammates. >> steve: not the police held a late afternoon press briefing where they confirm that these assault or appear on the up part of a hazing ritual. kron4 maureen kelly was there. >> reporter: the allegations that police are investigating are that multiple members of the napa high school football team hill down some of their teammates hitting them and grabbing them. but this apparently hazing was not a one time thing. the big game is the match between napa high in their rivals at vintage i. >> this is an isolated to the napa high football team no other students were in boston and none of the
6:10 pm
interest needed emergency medical attention. >> reporter: the investigation had started after a report came in to police november 19th from a school staff q days after the football season had ended. so far police cannot say how many did them or suspects are involved. students at this to tell me that there has built a lot of stories floating all around about the investigation, and today several people called into the office and that has some anxious. >> reporter: the principle of the school sent out this letter to parents asking them to refrain from spreading rumors and that it would not tolerate any retaliation, gossip or cyber bullying. at this point no one has been suspended or disciplined in connection with the hazing. the districts is there all investigation into alleged assault is still underway.
6:11 pm
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>> steve: the freeway has been read oakland. as the investigation goes for into the shooting on interstate 580. >> steve: right now we know that one person has been caught. we are following the manhunt for the one of the inmates that busted out of the sarah clara county jail on thanksgiving. >> reporter: you can see some of the detectives busy at work. this is a neighborhood that is still on a lot down there it more than five hours later as they search for chavez. a man that broke out of jail
6:15 pm
just about one week ago. and has not been seen since that time grit. >> reporter: multiple streams are a lot down. as they searched for this individual. but are focused on a particular home. on the attic of-home. and tear- gas has been used but still no sign of him. they believe that he is in this area. he has been behind bars for some time for numerous charges. he is the individual that the surest of the six could be armed and dangerous. --that the sheriff's office says could
6:16 pm
be armed and dangerous if we do receive any updates on this case will bring them to you here on kron 4 news. live in san jose, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> vicki: thank you, j.r. >> vicki: our team coverage on this story continues with kron4's phillipe djegal. who spoke exclusively today with the mother and sister of the two are arrested siblings. >> steve: the family just thankful that they were taken into custody peacefully.
6:17 pm
>>- "i love you brother." >> reporter:ramona cox says she feared the worst might happen to her brother laron campbell after learning he escaped from the santa clara county main jail last week. but she was grateful to learn he was ok after he was taken back into custody tuesday night. >> reporter:she just wishes he didn't have to bring his 24-year old sister marcaysha alexander down with him. >>- "they're both good people." >> reporter:laron and marcaysha's mother trena burton is still trying to prcoess everything. >>- "i was surprised to hear that he was with her, because she didn't contact me at all. no contact from him, she didn't tell me connection of the two, due to the fact i might lash out yourself at risk like that." >> reporter:now marcaysha is behind bars. away from her two young boys. >> reporter:and, laron -- orginnaly in to a home invasion robbery -- is in even more trouble. a man descibed as caring deeply for his family >>- "he really was concerned about his little brothers because he didn't ever want them to go down the path that he did." >> reporter:the family believes laron escaped from jail because he feared for
6:18 pm
his safety inside the facility. >> treat them well while they're in custody." >> reporter:philippe djegal, kron four news. >> reporter: >> steve:police have identified the department of public works san francisco this morning. officers say the man on your jackson jr. was shot in the area of 25th and vermont the city's eight a-m. >> steve:he was rushed to the hospital.were he was pronounced dead. the suspect or suspects are currently at large. d-p-w officials say the father of two, was removing the shooting. >> vicki:it have been a restless night for some people in thefour small earthquakes struck near mountain view cemetery in oakland. the first quake hit a little after 2 a-m. the last at 2- 45 a-m. 4. >> vicki:some people felt the shaking. others had no idea what happened. the u-s geological survey says it hasn't heard of any damage or injuries from this morning's earthquake swarm.
6:19 pm
>> steve: glenn up tomorrow to do habitat humanity were and not like to know what the weather will the like. --will be like >> steve: brittney? >> brittney: temperatures will warm up a few degrees. going into the weekend. and, it is something as we go and to saturday. >> brittney: light showers that moved through earlier in the afternoon and then and the evening swindling showers for our to safe zones. we will continue to see mostly cloudy skies and
6:20 pm
2 tomorrow morning. clearly fairly quickly. with a lot of sunshine and temperatures stayed pretty much to average. >> brittney: we are at 49 degrees and half moon bay. at 52 am richmond. >> brittney: we will start today in the mid '50s. so, 57 is the height tomorrow. closer to send santa rosa. 52 and that but, 59 in rio vista. 60 in san jose and that a decrease in cupertino. the 7 day forecast--cool with cooler
6:21 pm
air on the way. >> brittney: overnight lows will start to drop down into the parties. we would take another look at your weather in another few minutes. >> steve: thank you, brittney! >> steve:caught on camera. police say a package thief strikes again in the bay area. where the latest christmas grinch hit. and what some cities are now doing to catch them. >> vicki:and nancy pelosi faced a challenge to her leadership role in the democratic party. reaction from her and her challenger after she is re- elected as house minority leader. >> steve:new tonight at eight. two broken teeth.and a fractured jaw. mother says happened to her son at the hands of a school tutor. now she's demanding justice.why she says the school at eight.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
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call today. comcast business. built for business. >> vicki:take a good look at this video. hayward police say the man package yesterday right off the doorstep of a home on bal harbor lane. the homeowner tells kron 4 the package was delivered just an hour earlier. package thefts are big problem this time of year with the rise of online shopping. >> vicki:several bay area police departments have taken notice of thieves trying to take advantage of this opportunity and are cracking down. we told you last night about campbell police setting upthey are placing bait packages to try to lure potential christmas grinches. >> vicki:but inside lies a surprise. a g-p-s tracking unit to catch people who steal packages. today we learned petaluma is setting up a similar operation. >> steve: we received an
6:25 pm
update on a deadly accident that was reported yesterday. the victims of family was a circus soleri founder spri >> steve: hit by a telescopic lift while setting up the show. he was rushed to the hospital when he died from his injuries. the show for tonight has been cancelled. >> steve:california national guard members can breathe a sigh of relief... house and senate negotiators have agreed to forgive the debts of thousands of troops. >> steve:the pentagon previously ordered them to repay enlistment bonuses... which were incentives to serve in iraq and afghanistan... a decade ago. >> steve:the guard offered bonuses of as much as $15- thousand dollars...and student loan aid. it was later discovered some of the lavish bonus spending
6:26 pm
was fraudulent. a vote in the house on the defense bill is expected by friday. >> vicki:new details released... in the case of an officer involved shooting that happened in charlotte back in september. a north carolina prosecutor says the charlotte police officer acted lawfully... when he shot and killed a black man. >> vicki:it was an incident that sparked protests in. >> vicki: scuds family says he was not armed. and there was surveillance video of an outline of an holstered gun. >> steve:breaking news tonight on kron 4. interstate 580 is back open in the east bound direction following a double shooting. but there is a huge backup right now. >> steve:an update in less
6:27 pm
than three minutes. >> vicki:plus wildfires are still roaring in the great smoky mountains. what we have learned about some of the victims. trapped by the flames. >> steve:and a mysterious invasion on a southern california beach. findout what these odd looking creatures are where they came from.
6:28 pm
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6:30 pm
>> reporter: here at contra costa county police have identified two more people that were sick and at the bank to give that luncheon.
6:31 pm
and antioch. this brings the number to 19 people who are sickened and three people have died. >> reporter:--six and after -- sickened after thanksgiving luncheon >> reporter: so far testing had been applied for for salmonella, e. coli and nora virus. on the negative. -- all negative >> reporter: >> gary:
6:32 pm
>> reporter: the family for line campbell says they are pleased to know that he was taken safely back into custody tuesday night. the 26 year old man escaped from the santa clara county main jail last week and has been missing every sense. on tuesday night. the santa clara county sheriff's office says campbell was found hiding in his sister's attic in antioch. she too was arrested, but on suspicion of heartbreak and the details. --suspicion of harboring a fugitive.
6:33 pm
>> steve: we have an update. the council voted 3-2 on drafting an emergency ordinance for a 45 day period. hoping that it will buy it time to develop a long-term solution. there is no patrol and concorde career--there is no rent
6:34 pm
control in concord. >> steve:democrats have made their choice. they re- elected nancy pelosi to lead their party in the house of representatives giving her two thirds of the vote. kron 4's congressional correspondent alex schuman joins us from washington with reaction from pelosi and her challenger. >> reporter:house democrats are going with who they know >>"i have a special spring in my step today." >> reporter:california representative nancy pelosi won her re-election bid to remain minority leader in the house of representatives. >> reporter:ohio's tim ryan - the man who challenged her - says he's proud of how many of his fellow members supported him despite his short campaign. >>"clearly this didn't turn out the way we wanted it to we knew it was going to be an uphill battle." >> reporter:ryan does not fear any the house's longtime leader.
6:35 pm
>>"i believe in my heart that if we're going to win as democrats we need to have an economic message that resonates in every corner of this country." >> reporter:pelosi says the party must americans struggling economically who left democrats to support donald trump and republicans running for lower-level offices. >>"remove all doubt that never again will we have an election where there's any doubt in anyone's mind where the democrats are when it comes to america's working families." >> reporter:congressman ryan says that has to figure out how to connect with midwest and southern voters who voted for donald trump when their leadership is from san francisco and new york. ryan expected - getting 20 more votes than the last person to run against pelosi in 2010. in washington, i'm alex schuman. return to >> vicki:green party presidential candidate jill stein has followed through on her promise to ask for a recount in michigan. stein today requested a full hand recount. >> vicki:donald trump narrowly defeated hillary clinton by a little more than 10-thousand votes.
6:36 pm
stein claims irregularities reasons to question the final result. she has already requested recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> vicki:the michigan recount could start on friday and is expected to take a week to complete. >> steve:a tennessee mayor says three more bodies have been wildfires in the great smoky mountains. that brings the death toll to seven. over 400 structures have flames are forcing mass evacuations in the area. >> steve:over fourteen thousand town of gatlinburg have been moved out since this weekend. with rain in the forcast now and tomorrow. fire officials hope the wet weather will help douse some of the flmes.--flames
6:37 pm
>> steve:cleanup begins after at least two deadly tornadoes slammed through alabama.killing five people in it's path. experts were out today surveying the damage, trying to figure out if other twisters touched down duringthey say at least four possible twisters, including one blamed for three deaths in the community of rosalie the "alabama power company" says they are currently working to get power back to some 35-hundred customers. >> brittney: we are talking about daytime highs and the high 50s. >> brittney: the cash shows all of the clouds that was the ground near 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m.. >> brittney: closer to 6:00 or 7:00 and the morning you will notice the clouds breaking up. >> brittney: near the 7:00
6:38 pm
hour was the clear visibility. >> brittney: more sixties are on the map. >> brittney: 57 will be the high and sent francisco and san mateo, with 59 and mountain dew. >> brittney: --in mountain view >> vicki: we will be back!
6:39 pm
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>> steve:an odd invasion this week on a southern california beach.look at what washed ashore. >> catherine: >> vicki:these jellyfish- like creatures took over huntington beach. what really creeped people out was they started burrowing into the sand. it turns out these are sea cucumbers and they have done this before. but never in a swarm like this one. scientists say a recent storm that kicked up the surf is likely responsible for the sea cucumber takeover. >> vicki: there you have it! >> vicki: gary with sports
6:42 pm
is next!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> sponsored by your honda dealer. >> gary:good evening! >> gary: fired today after a four and eight season. they had to pay him millions of dollars to leave. >> gary: anyway, that is when kelly did his thing he was the head coach there from 2009-2012. they
6:46 pm
appeared at a national championship game at 4 conference titles. >> gary: kelly was axed, hey what about organ? >> gary: oregon >> no. i have not spoken with anytone --anyone. >> gary: the only reason why you left at this stuff is because of the famous story. regarding the miami dolphins. how many times do i have to say no. i am not leaving for the an f l. and the next day, he left.
6:47 pm
>> grant: and, he went to alabama i think. >> gary: right! >> gary: anyway. name me another coach. as another team is begging for you after a loss. >> gary:this weekend the nfl is letting players publicize charities on their cleats 23 raiders players and owner mark davis will be sporting cleats hghlighting their chosen causes davis will be wearing purple violance awareness pro-bowl linebacker khalil purple in support of lupus while quarterback derek carr will have teal cleats highlighting neon-atology for newborns most notably premature or sick babies
6:48 pm
>> i am not surprised as i know how hard he place. running down there. he could care less about how his body felt. so, to watch him do what he does now i am not surprised at all. >> has of to him and congratulations. the guys that really know him are very happy for him. >> gary: lorenzo alexander played for the warriors a little bit. >> he is from the east bay. >> gary: now he is starring for the buffalo bills. >> gary: now that he is doing well. his career was
6:49 pm
in shambles until kron 4 news picked them up. >> gary: we have been france and the long time. if i wanted that long of that explanation i would help put you on camera. --i would have (laughter) >> gary: 41 years, we have worked together and this shows you what kind of man i am. where might could upstage me and i take it with a style--smile. (laughter) >> vicki:keeps you honest. >> gary: this weekend that
6:50 pm
and as al is letting pairs best as players publicize their charities on their cleats. 23 raiders players and owners mark davis will be sporting cleats. wahl quarterback derrick carr will have to oakley's highlighting neonatology for newborns. mostly premature of sick babies. >> gary: it is a good time to beat a raiders fan. >> gary: steve kerr... >> i do not care how many wins begin it as long as we get the 1 and the west and
6:51 pm
we improved. and be in shape. >> gary: he says he does not care when you are the best and basketball. -- best in basketball >> gary:mike choice? >> steve: no idea.
6:52 pm
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>> vicki:taking binge watching to a different level. the feature that's coming to netflix that's going to take the streaming experience. offline. >> steve:return to index of >> steve: not everything is available for download at the moment but i imagine it will be soon. morgan download these movies offline. --where you can
6:55 pm
download. >> brittney: we would definitely keep you updated on the forecast. >> steve: are working several developing stories and what have more at 8 and 10:00. and take us on the go. at kron4 dot com. this application in the business.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> love the narrative, they love the story. i was just fed up with it. >> number one, jennifer aniston reignites her tabloid fire. >> all of us need to take responsibility on what we ingest into our brains. >> why she's calling for women to unite against the negative headlines. then, as jon gosselin's challenging kate for custody of his eight. inside their brewing battle. >> the judge has reportedly ordered a trial to take place as soon as possible. stage at the victoria secret k fashion show finding out how the angels take flight by the numbers. how many models? >> 51. >> yes, you pass. plus, your "insider" bonus.
7:00 pm
dolly takes jolene to the voice. so does that mean her legendary hit is one step closer to the small screen? >> it's in the works, it's done, it's ready. >> then -- >> i'm the new boss. >> arnold takes over "the celebrity apprentice," but are the stars ready to take orders from the terminator? >> me intimidated? you should know me better than that. >> "insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. jennifer aniston is fed up and doubles down against her crusade against the tabloids. >> remember last july she wrote that very powerful huington post op-ed that follows not just her, but women in general. now the 47 year old is sitting down with ellen and sharing her inspiring girl power plea. >> i kind of hit a wall. i was pretty raw at the time. just came back from a


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