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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> steve: 40 to texas to san jose. >> steve: lawbreaking new cell takes us to san jose. -- breaking news takes us to san jose >>technical difficulties
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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:breaking news tonight. police in san jose have re- captured an escaped inmate. any minute we are expecting a police news conference. >> steve:i'm steve aveson.
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add that i >> vicki: >> vicki:and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. we are also following some developing news -- two people shot near an east bay freeway. an update on that story ahead. >> vicki:but first -- the latest on the escaped inmate. we first broke this story during our newscast at eight. tonight -- we have video of the escaped inmate coming out of the home where he was holed up. this after a hours long standoff. hot add that i had him >> steve: >> steve:rogelio chavez was one of four inmates who escaped from the santa clara county jail. now -- all are now in custody. j-r stone joins us live at the jail. >> reporter:police re- captured the othe inmate -- 26-year-old laron campbell. late last night. officers received a tip. that campbell was hiding out at his sister's antioch home. >> reporter:when officers arrived at the home they say campbell was hiding in the attic. then literally crashed through the ceiling onto the floor.where he was arrested.
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both campbell and his sister, mar-caysha alexander, were taken into custody. >> reporter:she now faces charges of harboring a fugitive. returnwe spoke exclusively today >> reporter: captured inmate. they tell philippe djegal -- they are just thankful he was taken into custody peacefully. it's a story you'll only see on kron4. >>sot- "i love you brother." >> reporter:ramona cox says she feared the worst might happen to her brother laron campbell after learning he escaped from the santa clara county main jail last week. but she was grateful to learn he was ok after he was taken back into custody tuesday night. >> reporter:she just wishes he didn't old sister marcaysha alexander down with him. >>sot- "they're both good people." >> reporter:laron and marcaysha's mother at that
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than to prcoess everything. >>sot- "i was surprised to me at all. no contact from him, she didn't tell me anything about the connection of the two, due to the fact i might lash out like why would you put yourself at risk like that." >> reporter:now marcaysha is behind bars. away from her two young boys. and, laron -- orginnaly in jail for for charges related to a home invasion robbery -- is in even more trouble. ia man descibed as caring then deeply for his family >>sot- "he really was concerned about his little brothers because he didn't ever want them to go down the path that he did." >> reporter:the family believes laron escaped from jail because he feared for his safety inside the facility. >>sot- "i just pray that they treat them well while they're in custody." >> reporter:philippe djegal, kron fournew is--news
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>> vicki:a double shooting shutdown part of interstate 580 today in oakland during rush hour. >> alecia: backup. video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news shows a car riddled with bullets. she joins us live fromwhat are we learning >> reporter: although the shooting happened on the freeway c h p is helping with this investigation dripping i--investigation >> vicki:we first told you about the shooting through a
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mobile push alert. download the kron-4 news app and be the first to know about breaking news when it happens. >> steve:tonight, new information about all those people who got sick in the east bay.after eating thanksgiving dinner. health officials have identified two more people sickened by food served at a thanksgiving day luncheon at the veterans memorial building in antioch we now know a total of 19 people got sick and three of them died after eating the thanksgiving luncheon. >> steve:the dead have been identified as 43-year old christopher cappetti, 59- year-old chooi keng cheah and 69-year-old jane evans. autopsies show all three had similar intestinal abnormalities. >> steve:the state department of social services says the three lived at two different assisted living facilities run by minerva's place. health officials say they still don't know what caused people to get sick and some to die.
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>> we have tested for e coli and domino and nor boris. and all of the testing was negative. ---we have tested for e coli, salmonella, and north virus. >> steve:health officials are sending the centers for disease control samples for further testing. return to index of >> vicki:in the east bay... >> vicki:three suspects are connection to a union city shooting. police have released the photos of these three suspects... whom they believed were involved in a triple shooting monday night. >> vicki:the incident happened at a union city shopping center.
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one victim died at the scene. >> vicki:two others were taken to the hospital where they remain in serious but stable condition. witness descriptions helped police locate a getaway car shortly after the ordeal. police say that is where they located the suspects, along with additional evidence. . and >> vicki:a man... suspected of assaulting a south san francisco police officer... is set to undergo a mental health evaluation. alberto ramos-coreas was scheduled to enter a plea this afternoon in redwood city. this after being suspected of hitting officer robby chon in the head with a skateboard... on thanksgiving. >> vicki:instead... the court granted him a mental health evaluation. the make sure coreas is healthy enough to begin court proceedings. chon suffered a skull fracture in the attack. the injury required brain surgery to stop the bleeding.
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>> steve:another big story: >> steve:new details in the kidnapping of a shasta county mother. today investigators confirmed sherri papini was burned and branded by her captors. kron4's lydia pantazes was in redding where sheriff's investigators spoke with press. >> she was branded. i will not explain where she was branded and what she was branded with. it to keep of the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: the two older
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women to help her captors kept their faces covered it or older women with great here. and dark eyebrows. -- and gray hair. >> reporter: her husband explained that when she was about she was tied with a bag and her hair cut. >> brittney: most amateurs will start off at 40 degrees with the inland locations. they will stay in the mid '50s and another chilly day but we are tracking a slight warming trend and the 7 day forecast and will go over all of the details of after the break. >> steve:a young father of two gunned down while trying to make his community a better place.
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tonight -- what we know about the city worker shot and killed in san francisco. >> vicki:then. something worth more than a flash. what the thief got away with. from the back of this open truck. >> steve: we'll be right back
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>> steve:a teenage girl says she was sexually assaulted during a east bay high school. >> vicki:a male student from that school has been arrested in connection to the incident. kron4's haaziq madyun has the latest on the investigation. it happened after a football game here at de le salle high school. this is where a salle's sister school carondelet high alleges she was sexually assaulted by a >>"we became aware of the incident last week" >> reporter:carondelet high school spokesperson jennifer ortega >>"we immediately contacted the concord police cooperating fully with their investigation" >>"the boy was arrested and transported to juvenile hall" >> reporter:the incident occurred back de la salle, clayton valley police corporal summer galer picks it up from there >>"we received a report from an administrator from days after the sexual assault incident, we learned year
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old female of carondelet high school and a sale high school" >> reporter:one de la salle student says assault allegation involves a fellow student. >>"well you know i think de la sale community is a brotherhood, and we all really love each other, and have a strong faith in god but a lot of times, just like most human beings, we make decisions that aren't the best" >> reporter:officials at de la salle say sexual assault did participate in this year's footabll program but was not a player on the varsity football concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:a police investigation is underway into allegations that multiple players on the napa high school footballthe victims were allegedly held down as they were hit and grabbed by other players. >> vicki:late this afternoon napa conference explaining that this is apparently not just one incident, but several, going on for two years. >>it appears to be some sort of hazing ritual that is related to the napa high school team, it's been for it seems to be just the weeks leading up to big game. >> vicki:big game is the matchup between rivals napa high andso far police say
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they still don't know how many suspects or victims are involved, but none of the injuries required emergency medical attention. no one has been arrested as yet. >> vicki:also no one has been suspended or disciplined as the school district says the alleged assault is still underway. >> steve:happening now: >> steve:protesters.arrested in charlotte, north carolina.after a decision not to charge an officer involved in a high profile deadly police shooting earlier this year. grant lodes has been tracking developments there.lots of emotion tonight. >> grant:four demonstraters have been arrested after charlotte police say they would not get out of the streets. a group of about 100 through parts of the city, streets.and other things.
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>> grant:they're upset that officer bradley vinson will not face charges for shooting and september. today the local district attorney revealed that he and other prosecutors decided that officer vinson acted lawfully. scott's wife recorded part of the incident on her phone that day. >> did you shoot him? did you shooit --shoot him! >> grant:violent protests followed that person was even killed at a demonstration. scott was sitting in his car at an apartment complex when he was confronted by police. >> grant:police video showed officers shouting for scott to drop a gun numerous times. scott's family has said he was not armed.
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>> grant:the d-a says that scott's dna was found on the slide and grip of a handgun recovered from the scene. he said the gun was cocked, its safety was off and it had a roud in its chamber. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> the arrest was made. a brown a 45 this evening. test--r around 845 this evening. >> the investigation is ongoing and they have made or may be additional all rest and the future. for people who were harboring chavez. >> we believe he is under
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their influence and has been transferred to a local hospital. >>technical difficulties >>technical difficulties
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>> he had been in the attic. >> at this time we do now have the answer. >> he was taken into custody. >> note. just people helping him. and he was in possession of crack cocaine and marijuana at the time.
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>> reporter: was he armed? >> know. we do not believe he was armed when he was taken into custody. >> they were friends and they were speaking on the telephone. >> and, we received a lot of tips. and we will be paying out to some people get a reward and we want to thank the committee to for their help. --the community for their help >> and initially. he and the female. >> vicki: sarah clowning--
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sarah clara county sheriff's speaking at the press conference. >> steve: the four inmates escaped very early morning. two of them " very quickly and the other two as you just heard. " within the last 24 hours. thinking the public for their tips and assistance during this investigation. >> vicki: are going to take a break and be right back
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve:san francisco police are looking for gunman who shot and killed a beloved city employee. he was a young father --- today he was killed today while on the job. >> steve:kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to people who knew him. >> reporter: on the path to graduation from and to your program as they apprentice. >> reporter:--as an
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apprentice >> jermaine was on the past to do well for himself and his family. he was really a fun guy to be all around. --jermaine was on the past to do well >> reporter: he was taken to san francisco general hospital after a shot rang out. when he was trying to take down graffiti. that is when he died at the hospital. >> when he would do well and change their life around and do the right things and then something like today happens. >> reporter: jermaine was up part of the anti violent program. the mayor did contact the family's offer
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all condolences. police say they have not made any rest- test any all rest and this investigation and is still ongoing. >> reporter:--any arrest >> technical difficulties
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>> grant: a plane was carrying the popular soccer team from brazil. six people on the plane more recklessly survived. let the plane went down it was about 8 mi. doves were released today near the crash. and memorials have been going on all day. 45 of the bodies have been found today. >> steve:this evening dozens
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of jewish activists gathered at 555 california street, a building that donald trump has a financial interest in. >> vicki:and they specifically called out the president elect's chief strategist - stevewe have video from the protest. >> vicki:the group -- called "if not now" --- joined demonstrations in the thirty one cities across the country. they called for a resistance of a trump administration and what they saw as it's appeal to white nationalism. >> steve:today -- president- elect donald trump continues to build his cabinet. he announced two top level positions today and his choices for treasury and commerce secretaries. elwyn lopez in washington has the details. return to >> reporter:donald trump announcing two top level positions today. his pick for treasury secretary -- steven mnuchin. trump's former campaign finance chairman says his top priority is tax reform. >>steve mnuchin / treasury secretary nominee: we're significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> reporter:mnuchin is a long time banker, working at goldman own hedge fund but he isn't say mnuchin can't
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be trusted after profiting from the housing collapse when others were losing their homes. massachusetts senator treasury secretary should of every american who got hit hard by the financial crisis." >> reporter:mnuchin will be joined by wilbur ross as trump's choice for commerce secretary. ross is a known on wall street as the "king of bankruptcy", with a history of going after struggling companies. >> reporter:these announcements come as carrier corporation and the brakes on the air mexico, something trump frequently railed about on the campaign trail. >>donald trump / october 22, 2016: we're going to stop it dead in its tracks. >> reporter:the company tweeting, "we are pleased to have reached a deal with president-elect trump and vp-elect pence to keep close to a thousand soon." carrier previously plants, and lay off 2,100 workers, and move operations to mexico. >>
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>> reporter:in washington, i'm elwyn lopez. >> steve:donald trump announced on twitter today that he will be holding a news conference on december 15th. the president elect tweeted -- it's to discuss the fact that he will be leaving his business -- in order to focus on running the country. no word on though. >> steve:critics have raised questions about potential conflicts of interest -- if trump does not seperate himself from his companies. >> steve:house minority leader nancy pelosi will keep her democrat in the house. house democrats voted in a secret ballot contest this morning. the final vote -- 134 to 63 for pelosi over ohio representative tim ryan. new tonight at ten. get
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so >> gary: sports next in this
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>> steve:new at ten!
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>> stanley: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: for example. downtown walnut creek is a no-smoking zones. if you want extra money use a hand free advice. as the first of this is $160. the nasdaq in a line of traffic to drop someone off. and most importantly, do not leave things in your car. >> we do get a lot of outsiders here. who do not live in walnut creek and the reason why they come here is because they know that people in walnut creek had
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money and that they buy nice things. there are one to be nice things in people's cars. if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m we drove (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. we drove >> stanley: we drove round to see what type of items people leave in their car. >> what the creek would do is take the item first and did it later. -- what the crook would do is take the item first and they threw it later. >> stanley: and get this. your registration could be in the glove compartment. and the person to take your address. >> steve:
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>> stanley: and know that you all want santa claus to bring you that big gift. just remember, and walnut creek stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> vicki: what a glorious sight. but it is cold out there. >> catherine: >> vicki: meterologist, brittney shipp >> brittney: lesson could a --let's go ahead and get a look at the weather. concord is at 43, san francisco 50 and oakland 45 degrees. i look ahead for us going into the rest of tonight. cloudy
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and dried. >> brittney: satellite rate are showing us that we are still dealing with a lot of cloudiness. but it will slowly break up. and sunshine will come through. >> brittney: has to go into thursday and friday, with the future tests showing us that clubs will continue to clear. --futurecast showing us that the clouds will continue to clear. >> brittney: hour for zoned showing us-54 san francisco, redwood city and san mateo. including pacifica. >> brittney: petaluma at 61 degrees. closer to napa 62
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degrees. 61 and concord, and closer to the east of they don't expect temperatures in livermore and 58, so close to an average curry it hit the night in san jose and 58 will be your high in cupertino. >> brittney: we will stay in the '60s for most of our inland locations. as we go into monday and tuesday we see pressure with cooler air. low 50s and high '40's. for daytime, you will notice an overnight hike. --high. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening! >> steve: big game tonight! >> gary: thanl you, ste
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with your address is >> gary:ivan rabb in the cal bears going for their 24th stright win at home. hosting louisiana tech >> gary:ivan rabb helps the cardinals take the lead. points and 13 rebounds >> gary:in overtime. grant
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mullens hits a three making it 61-59. >> gary:final: 66-59 cal >> gary:*this saturday they'll host alcorn state. game starts at one in the afternoon. return >> gary:yesterday oregon fired head football coach mark helfrich after a 4-8 season helfrich spent 4 seasons as the ducks head coachleading them to the national championchip game only two seasons ago >> gary:but today the talk was about the man he suceeded at oregon current 49ers head coach chip kelly who was the ducks head compiling a 46-7 record 4 national championship game appearance >> gary:today when asked if he may be returning to oregon kelly repeated what he has previously said "no way"
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>> gary:the first place raiders are getting ready to face the >> gary:bills at colliseum. >> gary:the biggest question entering week 13 is the status of derek carr's finger. last sunday against the panthers he dislocated his right pinky in the third quarter. >> gary:today he said his finger is doing fine and doesn't have any limitations. he's ready to play this sunday. carr and the raiders will welcome former teammate and host lorenzo alexander >> gary:after leaving oakland last year. he's become of the best pass rushers in the league with ten sacks. here's carr and jack del rio talking about lorenzo taking the n-f-l by storm. return >> gary:this weekend the nfl is letting players publicize charities on their cleats 23 raiders players and owner
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mark davis will be sporting cleats hghlighting their chosen causes davis will be wearing purple violance awareness >> gary:pro-bowl linebacker khalil mack will also be wearing purple in support of lupus while quarterback derek carr will have teal cleats highlighting neon-atology which is pediactric caring for newborns most notably premature or sick babies >> gary:major league baseball and the players union have reached a 5-year collective barganing agreement that will run though the 2021 season. so good news. there will be no major league baseball strike. >> steve: thank you, gary! >> steve: we have a lot more coming up!
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>> vicki:it's time to deck the halls. but the decorations can become dangerous. >> steve:reporter mary moloney explains the holiday hazards and gives tips from the consumer product safety commision. >> reporter:the commission warns two holiday staples -- candles and trees -- can cause fire risks. look at this menorah. >> reporter:candles put too close to drapes or other fabric -- can cause fire in seconds. >>elliot f. kaye/cpsc chairman: "we never want to candles that are too close to a tree or to any decorations or of course a tree too close to any type of radiator or heat source." >> reporter:not watering a christmas tree -- also poses a danger. >> reporter:especially if it is decorated with lights.
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>>elliot f. kaye/cpsc chairman: "you want to make sure that there are no exposed wires. any of the sockets that are not in properly. anything that looks funny about the lights, just throw them out and get a new one. get a new set." >> reporter:watch what happens with a simple spark on a dry tree. >> reporter:it can not only cause the tree to burn -- but within 30 seconds -- the fire could spread throughout your house. >> reporter:also -- parents be mindful of young kids. >> reporter:place small ornaments out of their reach -- so children don't put them in their mouths. and keep an eye on fragile or glass decorations. >> reporter:breaks can cause cuts and scratches. >> reporter:i'm mary moloney kron4 news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>technical difficulties


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