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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:now at ten. >> grant: allotropic >> grant: --three separate shootings in 24 hours. and then conclude >> grant: quenelle war on land what don wii id stan tyminski had huntsman says >> grant:one on the bay
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bridge. tow more on interstate 580 in the east bay. >> grant:no arrests in all three cases. >> grant:thanks for joining us. i'm grant lodes. >> vicki: and i'm vicki liviakis. >> vicki:pam and steve have the night off. >> vicki:there have been more than three dozen shootings on bay area freeways over the past year. >> vicki:the latest happening today in richmond. >> vicki:kron4's lydia pantazes is live tonight. >> vicki:lydia, was anybody injured in this latest shooting? >> reporter: yes. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ----------------------------
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---------------------------- >> technical difficulties >> vicki:repeating his famous campaign slogan. president- off his "thank you tour" with a rally in cincinnati. he thanked the people of hillary clinton by 10
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points. >> vicki:trump made the announcement during a post- election victory rally thursday in cincinnati. mattis retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of the u.s. central command. in a tweet sunday, trump referred to mattis by his nickname "mad dog" and described him as "a true general's general!" >>trump: we will build the wall >> >> grant:indianapolis - president- renewing his pledge to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border during his first extensive public remarks since winning election. he addressed border security briefly in a thursday speech at an indiana air conditioning company. >>trump says: "people are saying, 'do you think wall?' trust me, we're going to build the wall." >> grant:the incoming president seemed to pull back on his plan to build a wall in an interview soon after the election. he said at the border. >> grant:trump also said thursday the wall would
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"have doors" allowing legal immigration. there are currently several hundred miles of border barrier separating the united states and mexico. trump promised during the concrete barrier across the entire 1,954-mile border. >> vicki:he is set to be sowrn in as president in 50 days, but isthe president elect toured the american manufcaturing giant "carrier" today where the company is reversing its decision to outsource 1,000 jobs from the u-s. this comes after trump made a deal with the company who will now receive seven million dollars in state tax order to keep the jobs in the states. >> vicki:while in ohio trump also make former retired marine general james mattis.secretary of state. >> vicki:trump also says despite the division over the the common ground to bring every one together. return
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>> vicki:last week-- a washington fremont was arrested for having a sexual relationship with an underage male student. police arrested 32-year-old corine audiat after they crime. >> vicki:police say audiat began communicating with the student earlier this year.and the conversations became increasinglyofficials say audiat has been placed on leave and will not be returning to the school district. return to >> grant:she is facing a string of charges including sex with a minor and contacting a minor to have sex. if convicted. she will have to register as a sex offender. >> reporter:it will be clear, cold and temperatures
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in the valleys dropping into the 30s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with highs in the 60s. >> grant: thank you, lawrence. >> grant:tonight at ten: >> grant:health officials have identified two more people that got sick after eating food served at a thanksgiving day luncheon at the veterans memorial building in antioch. >> grant:that means that now. 21-people have gotten sick. three of whom died after eating the thanksgiving luncheon. >> grant:the dead have been identified as 43-year old christopher cappetti, 59- year-old chooi keng cheah and 69-year-old jane evans. autopsies show all three had abnormalities. health officials say they still don't know what caused the people to get sick in the first place. >> grant:investigators are now sending samples of the food to the c-d-c for further testing.
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>> vicki:police think a medical condition may have caused a driver to cross in to oncoming traffic. smashing into several cars. police say a man driving a honda was headed northbound on el camino when he crossed into the southbound lanes. according to officials. the honda collided with a vehicle traveling southbound. but did not stop. >> vicki:officals say he then drove through the center island and onto the northbound lanes. hitting at least one more car. police say the honda spun out of control and finally came to a stop. the driver of the honda and one other vehicle were taken to the hospital with non- life threatening injuries. in the norh bay. >> vicki:an eight-month old baby dies at a family day care. the out of a home. >> vicki:the napa infant and toddler street near tower avenue. >> grant:when officers arrived they found the baby uncconscious. kron4's hermela aregawi has reaction from neighbors
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>> reporter: we do know that this day care facility has not had any complaints since it opened october 24th tancred this july it had a random inspection that found no violations or deficiencies. >> neighbors say they moved in a year ago and was very well-liked. >> i hope that it was something that was not of their doing. i cannot see how. they are so sweet crude they are and sweet couple. --they are and sweet couple. >> that are really nice. pretty quiet. great neighbors. nice people.
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>> reporter: police, say there's no obvious signs of trauma. we will not know until they determine what was the cause of death. >> vicki:for a third straight night, cirque du soleil canceled its show in san francisco following the death of a technician earlier this week. authorities say technician, olivier rochette from by a telescopic lift while >> vicki:he is the son. of one of. the cirque du soleil's founders. the show, which is under a tent next to a-t and t park is supposed to run until the end of january. the status of tomorrow night's show is still pending. >> vicki: >> grant:an update tonight on the condition of south san francisco police officer robby chon. he remains in stable condition after being hit in the head with a skateboard on thanksgiving day. chon is a 12 year veteran of the force. and has been at san francisco general brain injury since the holiday. >> grant:his family says he
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continues positive signs of recovery. the attack happened on grand and linden avenues in south san francisco. police say chon was responding to calls of a man behaving erratically. >> vicki: >> grant:when he approached the man. police report the suspect.28-year-old luis alberto ramos-coreas took off running. after a brief chase police say ramos-coreas knocked officer chon unconscious with a skateboard. ramos-coreas was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. return to >> vicki:back in 2014, joel ramirez was gunned down in his own his 21st birthday. >> grant:since then the case has gone delia aceves says the family has not given up
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hope. >> reporter:the family says the best thing it can do right now is story. in hopes of jogging someone's memory or shaking someone's conscience. >> reporter:a candle light vigil is before the two year anniversary of this unsolved murder. >> reporter: >> has to be someone that knows. just concord. and help us. --just come forth and help us. >> reporter: from 25,000 to $50,000 reward has been increased for the most money ever in this city for their
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reward. >> reporter: as valley castro, source--in san leandro, philipe djeal... kron4news >> grant:coming up on kron4 news at ten. a mother abducted, beaten, and branded. and now she is back home tonight. find out what a private investigator close to the case. >> vicki:plus. an arrest in the deadly shooting of a san francisco department of public works employee. how the city is honoring the victim tonight.
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>> vicki: great escape' has ended in san jose. >> vicki:-- what arsome are calling a great escape
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>> vicki:now both inmates who escaped from the county jail are back behind bars. the second of two inmates.rogelio chavez was arrested. following an 8 hour standoff with police wednesday night. arrested along with chavez was a woman identified as of the three people being fugitive. >> vicki:both campbel and chavez are now back in the same jail from which they escaped a week ago. >> vicki: grant? >> vicki: new tonight at 10 a hindu temple is
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burglarized not just once but at least three times this year at it is all caught on camera. those who run the temple believe it was the same woman that's been coming back. z >> vicki: >> vicki:she's seen on camera taking thousands of dollars in donations and relics. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the fremont hindu temple with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter:temple volunteers who keep the place running are shocked that a place of worship has been broken into repeatedly. >> reporter:the fremont hindu temple is a place of worship and community service. >> reporter:people come to pray and help others in need. >> reporter:but june 17th volunteers surveillence video taking more than was
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offered. >> reporter:the unknown culprit bags donated money and idols. >> reporter:a few months later volunteers believe the same 20 and most recently on >> reporter: november 28th. >> reporter:in this video more relics are taken. although the price tag on those items is a couple of idols are have an irreplaceable role in their ceremonies. >> reporter:then what seems to be a partner in crime shows up outside to unhinge a generator. >> reporter:and they both take off on bicycles. >> reporter:the hindu temple is now thousand dollars in losses. >> reporter:temple volnteers suspect the burglary may be related to another that happened the same november weekend at the grimmer elementary school across the street in which computers were taken. >> reporter:but they say the point here they just want the irreplaceable items returned to their rightful home. >> reporter:live in fremont ella sogomonian kron 4 news.
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>> vicki: take a live look outside is beautiful shot of sam francisco but that picture does not show you how chilly it is. >> vicki: i just purchased some sued to day and wore a wall scarf. and i recommend it highly. -- wool scarf >> reporter:it will be clear, cold and temperatures in the valleys dropping into the 30s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny with highs in the 60s.
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>> reporter: we have a freeze watch but in the central valley. .. >> reporter: you want to avoid the black eyes out there on the roadway. on highway 101 so be careful in those areas early in the morning. >> reporter: a little greasy. chilly 43 in livermore, 46 and concord and 48 in nassau. so the temperature is starting to go down. -test for the aid-- 48 in napa >> reporter: it will be cold and certain spot. near
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freezing and in the spot spirit and the high country as well derrick 31 for a high. and lake tahoe down in the teens. --high country as well with 31 degrees . >> reporter: you would expect to see some ice on some of the cars. >> reporter: 40 degree temperatures are around the bay. >> reporter: to buttress tomorrow maybe a little warmer than today but still on the cool side.
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>> reporter: fairly mount in the afternoon. --fairly mild in the afternoon... some temperature struggling to get into the 50s. >> vicki: chilly! >> reporter: keep those scarves handy! >> grant:still ahead. university student hitch- hikes for a ride and then is held against her will. find out where it happened. >> vicki:plus. some of us here at kron4 traded in the mic and cameras. for some shovels and dirt today. the big bay area project they helped work on. >> grant: still an issue on the bart trains. solution bart officials are considering to make the ride solution bart officials are considering to make the ride a little less packed.
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>> vicki: especially during the commute hours knows how crowded and stuffy it can get. >> grant:seats are at a premium. so why are there now plans to trains? >> vicki:kron 4's dan kerman spoke to passengers who say they aren't sure this is going to fix the problem. return tocoming up >> it will be removing seven seats from half of our cars on bart. >> reporter: bart is not sure if this will solve the problem. -- bart passengers
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>> but some say there are no available seats so why not? >> he shall have to stand on my commute sold more standing. >> it will be willy crowded that it makes things can get 01---it will really had the crowd team which will help people get on and off without problems. >> taking away the seats from that group people means that they would have to stand a much longer after they get off of work. >> reporter: the decision to take out chair is this something the board should vote on and they would do just that at the december 15th meeting.
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>> stanley: coming up! >> stanley:so if a cop sees/pulls you over for driving barefoot happen probably tell you to put on some shoes and give you a fixit ticket some random questions for some random people at the san mateo dmv spell dmv dee mmm. v here what they have to say in the next edition of people behaving badly! >> grant: stanley doing his thing!
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>> grant:now at 10:30. a bizarre story that has grabbed national headlines. a young mother - abducted, beaten, branded. and then tossed on the side of the road. >> grant: >> vicki:sherri papini vanished for 22 she is back home. tonight there are still many questions about her disappearance.
10:31 pm
>> grant:tomorrow.her husband will speak about the ordeal on abc's 20-20 kron 4's charles clifford talked to a private eye.hired by the papini family. >> it is a really unique situation because of must adduction cases where someone has been held captive if you have that dynamic is hardly ever a female that is taking other females cap of spirit which prevents a glut in the wake up profiling them and finding out who these people are and what their relationship is to the big dumb. --the victim
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>> lack of information and information that is coming from reputable sources is creating a storm of conspiracy theories. and that can be really damaging for a lot of people and the way to counteract that is for actual facts of the case. >> vicki:against her will imprisoned a student at the university of california at santa cruz who hitchhiked from a bus stop was briefly held against hermorning, campus police said. >> vicki:the student was waiting for a bus at the kresge college stop near heller and mclaughlin drives around 12:45 a.m. when she caught a ride from a passing driver to the base of campus, police said. >> vicki:the driver who agreed to give her a lift started a casual conversation with her. he
10:33 pm
didn't stop the car as they approached high street and bay drive, according to police. >> vicki:the suspect continued traveling on bay drive fordespite the student's pleas to pull over and stop. the student exited the car as the driver slowed down to turn on mission street, according to police. the driver fled from the scene and the student was left with minor injuries, police said. the suspect was described as a hispanic man in his mid 20s with a spanish accent and short, slicked back hair. he appeared to be under the influence and was smoking marijuana, according to police. >> vicki:the suspect vehicle was a newer-model, four-door sedan that was dark gray or silver with red paper license plates from a watsonville car dealership, police said. anyone with information on the case is asked to call campus police >> vicki:new tonight at ten. quad copter four has just touched down after another successful news gathering mission over the bay area. >> grant:standby for a unique and telling perspective. as we take you
10:34 pm
for a ride over the loma fire zone in the santa kron4's rob fladeboe is your co-pilot tonight. >> reporter: resist letting extra terrestrial images of mars and the moaning. that's as bad as it was the fire completely bar of vegetation and exposed areas and potential problems that no one knew was there. until now. where we can get a good look from the drawls perspective. --drones perspective. >>technical difficulties
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>> vicki:habitat for humanity is known around the world for building homes quickly for those who are in need. and today that need was right here in the bay area. kron 4 employees joined the other volunteers in hayward on a special habitat project. >> grant:but they were not building a house..they were there to make improvements to an existing home. a woman bought her house five years ago and knew it
10:37 pm
had a bad roof. but she didn't have the money to fix it. >> grant:the team of volunteers today the roof. and by friday. a new roof will be in place. kron 4 is proud to be involved with habitat for humanity. working on several projects around the bay area the past two years. >> vicki: he is going to be sore tomorrow. (laughter)
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>> grant:when was the last time you took a test at the dmv? >> vicki: us.there a plenty
10:45 pm
of trick questions that will catch most drivers off- guard. >> stanley:who you talking to my mom about stanley roberts really let me speak to your mom what she tell you about me >> stanley:i walked around the san vehicles asking people who were that the dmv some random driving related questions and got some pretty interesting answers >> stanley:if a cop sees you driving barefoot what can happen to you he can give you a citation. is it legal to drive without a kind in the car and smoke a blunt umm think it is if you have a medical marijuana card it you have a medical smoking a cigarette so you while driving is legal if you have a medical marijuana card ah yes >> stanley:for the record it is not legal what the fine for driving barefoot in california i don't even know because i a great while so if a cop see you driving barefoot happen probably tell you to fixit ticket see if you got some shoes in the back, he fix your shoes fix your feet yea no to out on some shoes so if he gives you a fix ticket just like a broken light i'll reach in the back grab shoes and tell him to
10:46 pm
>> stanley: sign off and i'm good to go >> -- sign off and i am goo dto go. >> stanley:spell dmv dee m . v ohhh we had to think about the last part >> stanley:is it legal to driver and smoke marijuana with a kid in the car. >> in the car i don't know but i woud think not.ok is it cigarettes with a kid in the car yea i think it is so your not sure about the weed but you are sure about the cigarettes >> steve:
10:47 pm
>> stanley:the answer: it is illegal to smoke with a kind in the car driving bare foot and cop know that illegal . how would a cop know that but know its illegal >> stanley:spell dmv department of motor vehicles ok spell dmv dmv yes! spell it yes i don't know what you mean >> stanley:in san mateo stanley roberts kron 4 news return to index >> reporter: one of those things to keep you warm. >> vicki: a muffler... which is a scarf. you learn
10:48 pm
something new everyday folks. >> reporter: it is going to be breezy tomorrow. temperatures will stay fairly cool especially overnight lows. 43 and chilly air livermore. temperatures could get a lot cooler in a hurry. sixties will be mostly a round the bay area but high-pressure is moving in and bring it and a lot of sunshine. but, we also have the arctic air moving on top of it. with overnight lows. >> reporter: 88 am mostly clear skies, watch out for f
10:49 pm
o g in the morning. as we head of the day a lot of sunshine coming your way. most of the clubs will stay away. you are down and the mid-30s in the north that it-- in the north bay >> reporter: we are glenn to see temperatures in the '60s for san francisco. >> reporter: further south we go temperatures on the mild side. and let this on to be in control right into the weekend. with cool nights i had. as we look at what is ahead. with much cooler temperatures struggling into the pit these. -- into th efifties
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>> sports with gary radnich! >> gary:warriors and houston, grant? >> gary: 126-123 and curry fouled out... houston is in the lead. >> vicki: ooh! (laughter)
10:51 pm
>> gary:after 15 months and two back surgeries tiger woods returned to competitive golf today tiger playing his own world golf challenge in the bahamas >> gary:he started out very strong 6th hole >> gary:woods using the same putter he won 13 of his 14 majors with sinks the birdie putt to go 2-under >> gary:8th hole >> gary:tiger using a 6-iron on the par-3 hole rolls it up tight of the hole he would make birdie to go 4- under >> gary:but hestrggles to 9th hole >> gary:woods' chip shot roll back off the green tiger bogied the hole >> gary:18th hole >> gary:tiger's tee shot
10:52 pm
goes into the water he double blogied 18 as well as 16 to fade to 17th out of 18 golfers down the stretch >> gary:woods finishes with a 1-over 73 9 shots back of leader j.b. holmes here he is on his first day back! >> gary:looks like colin kaepernick is moving but will it be out of the bay area? the 49ers quarterback has put his san jose house up for sale at just under $2.9 million >> gary:kaepernick bought the 4-bedroom, 5 ½ bathroom, 4,600 square foot house four years ago he can opt out of his 49ers contract at the end of the season as for how comfortable kaepernick is with chip kelly and the 49ers new offensive system here is the 49ers head coach return to >> gary:the chargers will reportedly exercise their option to relocate to los angeles in 2017. the chargers would share the rams stadium when its finished. >> gary:the team has yet to receive approval to build a new stadium in san diego. >> gary:this the franchise would be expected to pay around 650- million dollars in relocation fees. return to
10:53 pm
>> gary: martin down but still coming within two points. at 17-15 you have to go for two. a hero to night. does it--does not work. it does not work. dallas hang on to win the 11th straight. >> gary: reply rebuild.
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thanks gary. here's what's next. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ break six return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ (gs) tech report: direct tv streaming vs competiti >> gabe:new tonight at eight: direct tv is trying to lure cord cutters by offering a new streaming service. "direct-tv now" offers 100 channels for 35 dollars a month. >> gabe:there is no contract.and no cable box. it is available on computers, mobile devices and through apple tv and amazon fire. direct tv now includes national and local news favorite shows on demand. >> gabe:35 bucks sounds like a bargainbut kron 4's gabe slate says there are some things you might want to consider before ditching cable.
10:58 pm
>> gabe:if you want to watch popular shows like game of and cinemax will cost you an extra five bucks. but there's a catch. you can only use two devices at a time to watch content, for families. >> gabe:and, keep in mind, if you're streaming content over your cell phone network it will eat up your allowed data. so if you're not in good solid wifi most of your time could be an issue however if you use at&t for your phone or tablet you get unlimited direct tv streaming use and they won't throttle the data speed. >> gabe:thousands of shows will be on demand through directv now but not all are ready to stream the day after they air. there's also no dvrso you can't record your favorite shows and watch them later. so if you miss a show, you might have to wait a few on demand. >> gabe:playstation vue, a similar streaming service offered by sony, does offer dvr cloudsling tv has announced it will be adding the abilityso i do think directv now will have to add that to compete. as far as sports it's a little complicated. yes pro sports like nfl and nba games will be available but it will depend on local black out rules and what channels they are airing on, and if they allow streaming. >> gabe:if you're sensitive about missing games you might want to stick with cable for now
10:59 pm
>> gabe:there is a good chance whatever tv shows you watch will be on here and at $35 a month for 100 channels it's a decent cord cutting option. with your tech report gabe slate, kron4news >> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. ha >> reporter: people come and pray and help others and made. but they noticed a woman on surveillance that was doing more than what was offered. >> reporter: the un known person donated. but they believe the same woman struck again recently on november 28th as well.
11:00 pm
>> reporter: although the price tag on those videos are a couple of grant character in irreplaceable role in their ceremonies. >> it is more then the dollar amount that we spent 1 per killing them. without these---it is more that the dollar amount that we spend on them. >> are priceless i would say. --they are priceless, i would say. >> reporter: alan tears say the point is not to press charges they just want their items are back home. >>


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