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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is the bay area's new station. cron 4news starts now with breaking news. kick it this is a devastating scene. last night we found nine fatalities in the structure. >> i want to go over there, my brother is in their i want to find them. >> that breaking news we are following tonight nine people killed in a massive warehouse fire in oakland. at least two dozen more are still missing. thanks for joining us here on kron4 news at 10:00 i am jr stone. >> cruise are on the scene they will probably be there for days carefully trying to access the debris searching for bodies. let's bring you on the scene for what we know, we will start with last night when the fire broke out after 11 30 it was at
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the warehouse known as the go ship on international boulevard a couple blocks from the fruitvale our station. sheriff deputies say in a electronic music party was going on in the second floor of the warehouse. anywhere from 50 to 100 people were there. a fires started at some point, we don't know how long but it caused the roof to cause a fire on the second floor and then it collapsed on the first floor. nine people have died two dozen additional people still missing tonight. the bodies of the nine victims have been transported to the coroner's office. the process of identifying those nine victims has just wrapped up. families tonight are being notified. the people who died last night, mostly in their 20s, young adults no minors, deputies say they will be working or over the next 40 hours to recover the other bodies that are trapped in the debris. >> you can see some of the smoke coming out of the
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building, the fire took several hours to extinguish. the building was full of what which provided the fuel for the flames to burn out of control. tonight, we are covering the story from multiple angles, we first start with charles who is live at the scene in oakland, chuck tonight what does it look like out there? >> we are trying to check in with him -- truck here in oakland this evening the boulevard remains close as you can see behind me they have set up lights and they are going to be working here throughout the evening to try to recover remains from what is left of this bird outbuilding. we know, this evening that nine
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bodies have been recovered from the rubble those bodies have been taken to the coroner's office for identification. we still know that dozens of people are missing. let's look at some video from a little while ago. crews have brought in heavy equipment including excavators. they will go through the rubble of this building, basically three stories of building collapsed to the bottom and there are remains buried in with the rubble, it is tedious work, slow going work at this point they do not know how many remains are still in the building. vacancy human remains but they cannot get to them because of these challenges. despite all of this there was a small grammar of new this afternoon here is the sheriff's office to explain. >> we have been able to put some families fears at ease by locating loved ones that were believed to be inside that were found to be a life. that our family assistance
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enter has been huge in doing that. >> charles clifford life for us tonight at the scene. obviously had some audio issues but we will hope to sort that out. here is info where you can find people that are missing work unaccounted for, there is a assistance center at the sheriff's office in oakland. the address is 2525 e. street. you can also call the corners bureau at the number on the screen. also the 100% silk, the
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electronic dj that was performing last night when the fire started, they have a facebook page they were promoting the fact that the show was going to be happening in on that facebook page they have listed the names of the people right now that are still missing. those other resources if you want to try to figure out who is still missing. we posted that information on a website. right now, family and friends of people who are still missing are gathering in oakland.>> runs for ella joins us from the family assistance center. l.a.? >> reporter: this a picture of 21-year-olds miss joe. she is a missing artist who was at the party last night. her uncle is here at the assistant center that says that her parents are flying from korea as we speak. they are trying to get some answers as to what happened yesterday. they are all turning to the
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assistant center.>> we were starting off the day and i guess they were telling us that my cousin did not come home. >> reporter: 25 people who attended the warehouse party saturday night are still missing. friends and family have turned to the only place they feel they can get answers. the alameda county sheriff's unit has been converted into a family assistance center.>> we are hoping for the best, good news not bad. >> reporter: they have been able to relieve worried loved ones and several dozen people were found alive in the area. now if the people will are still waiting for their silverlining. red cross and salvation army volunteers will be here as long as there is a need.>> i'm trying to comfort them to the best of my ability. right now it is feeding them. truck they offer comfort with guidance for mental health experts and a hot meal.>> i volunteered to come in, i saw what was going on, i just wanted to step into action and do my part and help.>> reporter: they report that they will begin to announce the names of the 90 from that in the fire so
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far. with nowhere else to turn and unable to search themselves family and friends await the center for any answer good or bad. >> it is pretty much a dead in right here. unless we go to the bodies ourselves. truck so many concerned family members that had to buy it from different cities and states and countries as we heard earlier to get to oakland and find out answers as to what happened. even learn if their family members are live. we are told that the city of oakland will be accommodating people who are from out of town. at least for one night using donated money. it is coming in from the oakland a's for example. in the meantime we will keep you guys posted we are getting update, we know family members will be told the identities of the nine confirm people that have died in that fire. live in oakland cron 4news.
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>> thank you for that live report, tonight the student newspaper at berkeley is reporting three students are among the missing. the daily californian says friends of students griffin madden, jenny morris, and vanessa have reported the missing. tonight, friends have been posting on social media hoping for any good news about those three students. you see right that the paper also reporting that david klein was also at the warehouse and is missing tonight. >> we are getting some eyewitness accounts on this fire. spoke with a man who says he lived in the warehouse and escape the fire while attempting to rescue another man. >> i was going back to get my camera, computer and another member of the collective that had broken his ankle and was calling out for help. he was my neighbor in the face next to me, i was pulling him out, a larger than the men and
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there is a lot of step in the way and the flames were -- there was too much smoke -- i had to let him go -- i -- >> he did not make it out?>> i have not seen him and there has been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes so -- i -- i hope he -- i hope he is okay -- >> i have been treated -- i have been -- have burned so my arms, my hands, my shoulder -->> is that from trying to save the other person?>> yeah. i'm also glad i had my my -- in her my whole faculty blistered from trying to pull him out.
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>> this hour we have not learn the status of the man who he was attempting to rescue.>> we do have team coverage die as we're learning more about the fire that killed nine people in dozen -- dozens more accounted is unaccounted for they have been unable to identify those who and killed up until tonight because the amount of debris inside the structure. also what happened during the fire to those remains, tonight, the nine people have been identified. families of the nine being notified this evening. the names have not been released to the public. cron force reporter tells us more from the scene of the fire.>> reporter: it has been such an emotional day. we spoke to several people who showed up at the scene because they knew someone who was inside the warehouse last night. we spoke with one woman who says she had asked the friends that were there. as you can imagine some people will are not just losing one left one they might be losing several. >> reporter: dozens of families are on edge waiting to find out
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if their loved ones were inside the warehouse before it was engulfed by the fire. others in the scene appear to know that the worst has happened. staring at what's left of the warehouse in two years. vincent is still hopeful. >> i am praying that a friend of mines son is not in here. he is part of the artist community in oakland i try to check it out and i tried to call my son -- my friend. things are going straight to voicemail. i tried to call his kids and it's going straight to voicemail so i came down here praying that he was not part of this.>> reporter: nine bodies have been recovered but about two dozen may still be buried inside the rubble. the sergeant says some of the bodies are likely burned beyond recognition. people who live in the area are stunned. >> i don't know what to say, we have grandkids, were always telling them to be careful. >> constantly.
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>> constantly. >> that's what everybody has to do now.>> reporter: they also knew about that -- its lessons a conditions. >> i've been in the area for over 70 years. i have been around all the streets. from what i saw it did not look good in the building. when they said they had pallets for stairways that was a bad cough. -- bad call. >> reporter: for those still missing loved ones it might be a few days before they get some definite answers. reporting live in oakland. cron 4news. >> tonight many people and officials are releasing statements on the tragic fire. >> that includes governor jerry brown releasing a statement tonight saying that anna and i, his wife, are set to learn about the fire. our thoughts are with the
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entire city, we extend our condolences to the family and friends of those lost. course the family -- the former mayor of oakland offering his condolences. our prayers and thoughts are with all of those who have died and are suffering from the tragic fire in the fruitville neighborhood. we also pray for the first responders, medical personnel and others aiding the victims and their loved ones. >> we have continuing coverage in the studley warehouse fire in oakland. stay with us on this breaking story, we'll be back after the break.
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a breaking news coverage on this deadly warehouse fire in oakland. we're learning more about the nine people will who were killed and the dozens more unaccounted for per could happen inside a warehouse in oakland overnight. the pictures are coming out and they are horrifying. one of the problems that may have kept people getting out of the warehouse, and fires -- firefighters from getting in was debris or blight. they found out that piles of items had been left inside the building and outside the building and that the city of oakland had gone a lot of complete. >> this is not an easy task.>> reporter: building instability made it unsafe for firefighters to go inside the warehouse for most of the not -- day they had another problem at another level. >> it's hard to get to the front door because of the
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debris. >> reporter: is already caused problems. they say the woman next door to the warehouse has been complaining about it for a long time.>> is an ongoing issue not only on the sidewalk but the street. next door they have this parking lot that we and -- that when we would complain -- they would loaded in the parking lot.>> reporter: this band got curious about the sculptures that were left on the parking lot. he decided to go in the building. the man in charge of the facility led him to the several tiny rooms that were dark and crowded, the men's needed flashlights during daylight hours. >> that gentleman had not been there to be -- to help guide me through i would've gotten lost. the hallways are dark, there's no real coherent layout inside there. >> reporter: the planning and building director open an investigation dealing with complaints of blight and unpermitted construction on november 13. firefighters found evidence of
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people living in the building, though the cities never all plow back with permits. >> there were reports that there was a party at the premises last night, such a party would have required a special permit from the city. such a permit had not been issued. >> reporter: they are still trying to figure out what the artwork was being done and whether that type of artwork was permitted. >> reporter: they will likely be here in the scene working on the tragedy for another 48 hours. in oakland spencer cron 4news. >> i did some digging and found that there have been past templates that can turn this property that caught fire. these are pictures that were taken last month on november 13. we were unable to, we could upload the pictures and learn about the complaints in the city of oakland's website. in them you can see the area outside of the warehouse that is part of the property, you can see all of the items to sitting there.
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the complaint that came in last month about this property says that there is a ton of garbage piling on the property, also a lot of the items are left on the sidewalk near the property. some of the trash was hazardous, the complaint went on to say what was seen outside looks very bad, it creates a health issue. they say the guard was for storage and then it was turned into a trash recycle site the main building was remodeled for residential, many who lived nearby believe that people were living in this building, we did try to reach out to the building owner to get his take on all of this but were unable to reach him this evening. >> that is outside. tonight we are learning about the artist collective inside the warehouse fire. when you think about all the art supplies, musicians and their, people had a lot of things inside this building.>> we certainly did. miss kelly talk with someone who worked if you door that -- a few doors down about what it looked like inside the warehouse.
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>> reporter: around 31st avenue anxious people waiting for word of their loved ones and did not want to go on camera. one person told me that last night event was a record release party for the label 100% silk. this man who lives in an rv park behind the warehouse says that the parties are so common he thought it was a nightclub.>> music and they have parties there a lot. i know -- they stand here until about 3:00 in the morning. so -- is busy. >> reporter: it's not a club but an artist collective as oakland ghost ship. you could see pictures of what it looked like inside for the fire. i found one man who has worked nearby he has been there many times. he says many people live there maybe 30 artists. >> it was beautiful, a good purpose, you know what i mean??>> it was a nice place, a fire hazard for sure, without a doubt is without a doubt. >> i think the real story here
10:20 pm
is that they have done does nothing been done for a long time for something that has been out of control.>> pete on the roof, thousand of the building, the garbage, the trash, the debris, the grand piano in the sidewalk, there was anything on the roof. there were people dancing on the roof in the summer, bands playing, music playing, parties enrolling, this is not a new party. >> reporter: last night the city open an investigation in the warehouse based on neighbors complaints. they think more should have been done sooner.>> those kids deserve better. >> here is where you can find information about people who are still unaccounted for tonight. there is a family assistance center set up at the alameda county sheriff's office at 2425 e. 12th street in oakland. you can also call the alameda counties corners bureau. also the electronic music
10:21 pm
performers facebook page, they have listed names on their facebook page. we will have much more coverage, in six minutes we will hear from people who are looking for love was at the warehouse and are missing tonight. at 10:30 we will have the latest from the scene of the fire. investigators have starting the the fire searching for victims, later we will tell you how bay area sports teams are remembering the victims and raising money to help families. you can always get the latest information on our digital sites cron and the cron for mobile app. good news for the people sifting through the rubble. it's getting pretty chilly tonight but we may see the coldest temperatures of the season as we head towards next week. out the door we have some clear skies mostly clear around the bay at area.
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looking towards the area. becoming partly cloudy tomorrow, the cooling we'll begin that will set the stage for cool temperatures headed our way. we will have a the winds becoming the big story, the winds are calming down. it will be chilly and some of the interior valleys especially. we are looking at 43, sneaking down to the upper 30s into fairfield. 40 in the napa valley, pretty chilly out their, only going to get colder as we head towards the early morning hours. we had some sunshine today, chilly night tonight. we have high clouds coming our way as we headed towards the afternoon tomorrow, we have big changes in the works we have temperatures going down in the bay area specially into tuesday
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and wednesday, i think overnight tuesday and wednesday night we could see overnight lows down into the 20s and some of the interior valleys, may be in hard freeze. we have continuing coverage in a breaking news of this deadly warehouse fire in oakland. stay with us we will be right back. tiger bringing us new technology. it's noninvasive nonsurgical it's the elite freeze. let's talk about it. >> people are busy they don't have time for downtime. we have people that lead busy lives they are very health conscience and they are doing everything they can to eat healthy, personal trainers, exercising but they cannot seem to lose that last bit of
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harvard dermatologist. >> doctor is offering a complimentary elite freeze consultation for the first 50 callers will receive 10% of the treatment. thank you doctor. artan covereage continues. talk to people who are waiting at the county sheriff's office which has been treated warmed into a family assistance center. pretty much all of the people just holding out hope that somehow someway their loved ones made it. i want to go over there. if my brother is there i want to find him.>> we don't know what to do we are in shock.
10:26 pm
>> i'm hoping for a miracle. >> reporter: families are desperate for answers. dance as his younger brother and alex's girlfriend michaela gregory were at the dance party friday night. the text messages and phone calls to both of their cell phone have gone unanswered. michaela's car still parked at the station. >> give me some gloves i have work shoes i am ready, i want to find my brother. took michaela's father and mother broken up fearing the worst comforted knowing that there daughter was with alex. to have been together for five years. they work at the same mortuary in bay city. michaela also a child in adolescent major in san francisco's university. >> she loves raves, and they have been going to raves for some time now. >> reporter: several other dozen people passed through the sheriff's office on east 12th
10:27 pm
street which serves now as a family assistant that are. loved ones of potential victims wait for answers. they receive counseling if needed. alex's cousin johnny just drove up from los angeles only to learn alex is mia. >> i was hoping for the best. i wanted good news not bad. it is what it is.>> reporter: what it is is a tragedy. oaklands horror, the bay area's nightmare, a historically deadly fire and the families are in uncharted territory. answers are slow, not swift, the silence is deafening. >> i'm not doing anything here. i don't -- i don't -- i don't understand. >> reporter: in oakland cron for news. >> tonight a lot of people are wondering who is missing. do i have friends? do i know anyone? here is where you can find information there is a family assistance center.
10:28 pm
we have mentioned this but we will continue to mention this because it is important, the address is 2425 e. 12th street. you can also contact the corners office. also 100% silk was the electronic music performer that was playing at the warehouse last night, promoting the show on social media, they have listed the names of people missing in that facebook page. we will be back after the break.
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cron for news starts now with breaking news. we have breaking news tonight nine people have been killed in a massive warehouse fire in oakland. two dozen more are still missing. hard to believe but you can see the massive amount of smoke and some planes shooting out of the building. this is last night they say this fire took several hours to put out. chris tye are still on the scene. now they are trying to find bodies.
10:31 pm
the fire started last night at a warehouse known as the ghost ship. a couple blocks from the fruit dale station a race party was going on or a party on the second floor of the warehouse at some point they say a fire started and the roof collapse onto the second floor. charles is live at the scene in oakland with the latest on the investigation. chuck what can you tell us about what it looks like out there tonight? >> reporter: as we head into the late evening hours the sheriff deputies from alameda county along with officers from the atf and oakland continued to search the rubble looking for additional victims. we learned this evening that there are nine bodies recovered from the fire, those bodies have been sent to the corners office for identification.
10:32 pm
dozens of people are still missing although we did learn this afternoon a dozen people who have been on the missing list are -- have made contact with their families in our life. let's look at some video, tonight they will bring in some excavating equipment and heavy equipment to craftily search the rubble looking for additional victims they know their more victims because they can physically see them but they are underneath three stories with the rubble from when the building collapsed. it is hard to get in there. they need to do it lately. rescuers and crews going in do not want to be in there until the building is stable enough to enter. they have warned people to be patient in the case because it could take some time to get answers to how this fire started. also who could have possibly been inside. >> i met with a room full of people who have loved ones that
10:33 pm
are missing. and it was painful to tell them that it would be a considerable amount of time before we can get them the information and the closure that they deserve. they are working very hard to comfort those families, to give them the type of support and information access that they deserve.. number the overnight hours the effort is going to be focused primarily solely in trying to recover additional remains from the building. we are told there'll be no more media briefings or update until about 8:00 for now we have the latest in oakland charles clifford at cron for news. kit -- there is a family assistance center set up at the alameda county sheriff's office on 12 street. you can also contact the
10:34 pm
alameda counties sheriff corners bureau also, 100% silk the electronic music performer that was playing at the warehouse has also listed the names of the people missing. on its facebook page. family and friends of missing people are still the family assistance center waiting for any answers from authorities. we have more on how these families are coping.. >> we were starting up the day and they were telling us that my cousin did not come home. >> reporter: at least 25 people who attended the party saturday night are still missing, friends and family had turned to the only place they feel they can get answers. the alameda county sheriff's unit has been converted into a family assistance center.>> we are hoping for the best, good news not bad.>> reporter: they have been able to relieve worried loved ones when several dozen people were found alive
10:35 pm
in the area. nifty people remain inside the waiting for their silverlining. red cross and salvation army volunteers will be here as long as there is a need.>> try to comfort them to the best of my ability, right now, it is time to feed them.>> reporter: they offer comfort and guidance for mental health experts. >> i file what was going on. i wanted to step into action and do my part and help. >> reporter: they will begin announcing the names of the nine people confirmed that in the fire so far. with nowhere else to turn and unable to search themselves family and friends away at the center for any answer good or bad. >> it is our dead in right here. unless we go look for the bodies ourselves but i cannot do that. we are also reporting their we have team coverage night as we learn more about the fire and the aftermath a nine people have been killed there two dozen additional people unaccounted for tonight.
10:36 pm
the scene is a horrific. we're joined live right now from the scene with the latest. >> reporter: one of the things that sergeant tommy after the last press conference is that the why are went really fast. you either escaped it or you did not. the fire station is right behind the building so the response time was likely quick. it was not quick enough. social media has been playing a big role in the list of people that are missing. there's an event page on facebook where people are listed. they are scouring social media for loved ones better still life. we have learned that a bunch of his friends went to this event last night, they are on social media, he learned that they are okay on social media. let's take a listen.>> they were just making sure that everyone is okay we are hope that everyone was okay and not
10:37 pm
hurt. i heard that many people unfortunately passed away. the people i know were okay. that is a good thing. the sergeant also said there were several dozen people they thought were missing that had been look hated that is a little bit of good news. a tough day. we will continue to follow the story and bringing the latest coming up at a lot of talk. reporting live in oakland. keep it here after the break you see the ruins of that warehouse coming up we hear from local celebrities also sports teams and the bay area what they are doing to help how much money they are giving and how you can give as well. give to the victims of the tragic fire. we will be back in a couple minutes.
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tonight and outpouring of shocking condolences on social media, lots of celebrities and politicians weighing in we heard from governor brown earlier in the show. also the u.s. senator diane from san francisco also tweeting that she is devastated by the fire. her thoughts are with the victims. also harris tweeting sending strength and prayers to oakland for those lost and suffering a terrible tragedy. harris was born in oakland and have strong ties still to the east bay and oakland's own mc hammer writing on twitter that thoughts and prayers are with the families, loved ones and victims of the oakland fire. hashtag oakland warehouse fire, hashtag oakland fire. if you are wondering about the two dozen people still unaccounted for there is a family assistance center that is set up at the sheriff's office 2425 e. 12th street the address there, you can also
10:41 pm
call the corners office. also, 100% silk that is the electronic performer that was playing at the warehouse last night, they have listed the names of the people missing on their facebook page. a bunch of ways if you are trying to track down the names of those still missing. special -- professional sports teams are offering their condolences and send sending support to the victims of this fire. the oakland athletics in the nearby raiders are joining forces from the you website. so far more than 28,000 dollars has been raised. both teams will match those donations for assistance and release for the victims of this tragic fire. the golden state warriors held a moment of silence between the phoenix suns at work lorena.
10:42 pm
the arena is three miles from where the deadly warehouse fire took place. proceeds from tonight's foundation raffle were donated to support family services for the fire the team is also donating $50,000 to the unity council of oakland and the san francisco giants took to twitter to offer their condolences to the victims of the fire. in a tweet they quoted our thoughts and prayers are with the o and fire victims we will urge everyone to donate. still to come continuing coverage our car breaking news. we go in-depth on a timeline hour by hour of what played out just after 11:30 when the fire sparked, additionally we will take you inside the building for the fire. we will give you a glimpse of what it looks like and some of the fuel that was in there. keep it here on kron4 news coming up.
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are breaking news coverage of the mass of warehouse fire in oakland continues tonight. many of you would likely sweep -- sleeping when the news broke. here is a timeline of what went down and when it happened.>> reporter: one of the most tragic accident to occur in oakland happened friday night at 11:30. that is when the fire started at this building in the fruitvale district of the city. the party going on was in the second floor and called the 100% 2016 west coast poor. according to the facebook event page the party started at 9:00 p.m. two and half hours between the first claims were reported. as fire crews raced to the scene this is what they could see. flames were shooting into the air, black smoke billowing
10:46 pm
into the sky. it took crews five hours to put the flames out. at one point during the five hours the roof collapse. another time the planes are so strong that crews had to back off and go into what is called a defensive mode. as waters -- as water was being sprayed on the flames fire crews confirm that people have died in the fire. some people who escaped had clothing that had melted as they were inside trying to get out.>> the flames, i can't -- get out -- >> reporter: nine people were confirmed dead by a deck 30 saturday morning. by 4:15 in the afternoon four of the nine bodies had been removed. a cleanup process that could take days. it could take weeks or months. >> our new screws have been on the scene dance the fire started , late last night we are hearing from witnesses who say they had loved ones inside the
10:47 pm
building. >> it's been art studio it is terrible, it set up by derek eye on and his wife. they have three wonderful children, they live on the second floor. i am going crazy to you what happens. another good friend of mine, darrell. these are the people they would have been talking to already so that is scary. i don't, dear would've been here. >> we are getting a better look at what the artist collective looked like beach for this tragic fire but through. is heard this referred to as negotiate. these are pictures from the warehouse is website we have heard a lot about the debris that hold this warehouse making it difficult for victims to escape. in these pictures you can see what firefighters are talking about. the majority of this art is made up what and textiles giving the fire plenty of fuel to spread quickly. fire officials have said even now, the fire is out, this
10:48 pm
debris has made it difficult to gain access to the bodies of the victims who died in this fire. here is where you can find information on those who are unaccounted for. there is a family assistance center set up at the alameda county sheriff's office at 2425 e. 12th street. you can also contact the alameda counter -- corners bureau at the phone number on the screen. also the golden donna 100% silk that is the group or the performer who was playing at the warehouse. they have also listed the names of the people missing on his facebook page. we will have much more coverage tonight. here on kron4 news and 4 on have a list of some of the people reported missing. uc berkeley students, many college students. the a list unfortunately keeps growing.
10:49 pm
you can also call to learn who is missing in addition to the timeline on in the -- on what went down on a website. also we will have information on her at. as soon as we learn information about the story. i'm being joined by our meteorologist, we have a beautiful shot of the bay area san francisco specifically, with all this doom and gloom and of this tragic news and you look at the shot and think wow this is a very special place and there are special people. >> absolutely, it is cold out there though. we have mostly clear skies we are here for another chilly night indeed. we have high-pressure overhead, clear skies, the winds have calmed down not as blustery at his -- as it has been. the temperatures will be rolling around tonight. you are feeling that already. a beautiful look at the
10:50 pm
berkeley hills back to the bay, we have mostly clear skies there and it will stick around we have some major changes in the forecast coming our way. today, was a very nice day with temperatures running above the average for this time of year. a lot of places will into the 60s today. normally, we are in the upper 50s, above average today probably going to start being a cool down tomorrow and then a big cool down may be the coldest weather of the season as we head towards next week. 48 degrees in san jose, 45 and conquer, down in the upper 30s in fairfield, 43 and napa valley , these temperatures getting chilly outside right now, we are back into the 30s overnight for many spots inland. high pressure holding on but beginning to flatten out. as the bridge starts to break down yes we have a chilly night tonight with mostly clear skies. the and we will start to seek some of these clouds creeping into our skies as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. that will issue cooler
10:51 pm
temperatures on the way. if you're traveling in the high country be prepared we have cold-weather coming your way to, highs in the 40s, look at that we are right at the freezing mark for high temperature on tuesday, we have an arctic air mass starting to slide into california which will bring some of the coldest temperatures we have seen for quite some time. around the state we are looking at nice weather in san diego. we have santa ana winds blowing, things are settling down, 70 degrees and sanded -- in san diego. 59 in monterey bay, 60 degrees in fresno. the computer model is showing the top of the rich, by 9:00 a.m. guys mostly clear and then as we head throughout the day we will see more clouds moving across the skies. i don't that we have to worry about rain but we will see a change in the weather with a cooler on shore breeze and temperatures coming down. the king of cool, it will be chilly overnight in many spots inland down to 36 degrees in santa rosa likely going to see some patchy fog, 35 in antioch, you will see a lot of 40s in
10:52 pm
the bay, 80 slightly warmer overnight in the bait and along the coastline than yesterday. by day tomorrow highs will be in the 50s and also the 60s a little bit cool or things will really change as we look towards the next couple days. in fact, we will see clouds start to move a little bit on monday afternoon and by tuesday more clouds will come in, that is where the arctic air mass will begin to slide into the area, high temperatures only in the load to about mid-50s so keeping you on the cool side looks like that temperatures are going to be very chilly for overnight lows, into tuesday night and wednesday night we could be talking about a hard freeze we have not talking about that all season, likely going to see some of that temperatures for overnight lows in the valleys in the 20s and the 30s. so guess some very frigid temperatures coming our way as we look towards next week. appreciate it lawrence. still ahead the latest details on the oakland warehouse fire we have been covering the.. how many people or there? what happened to the reflects
10:53 pm
and what we recently learned about the corners office and the families of those nine victims, but again, still two dozen other people missing tonight. keep it here we will be back right after this. we are here with eye doctor why is it the case every year the same 5 to 10 pounds. sharon there is no
10:54 pm
easy answer some is related to genes or home rental imbalances and some it's just diet. >> sharon exercise will help you lose weight but it will not make you lose weight only diet does.>> reporter: how to help your parents -- your patient struggling with the issues. >> you need a medical program pacifically tailored for each patient. >> it's not one of those one- size-fits-all program. >> that is terrific. >> if you struggle with weight loss issues check them out at center for aging at the number on the screen.
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10:56 pm
we continue to follow breaking news tonight nine people have been killed in a massive warehouse fire in oakland at least two dozen more still missing. >> not much good news to report. we will bring you up to speed as into terms of what we know, the fire started at 11:30 at a warehouse known as the ghost ship on 31st avenue a couple blocks from the fruitvale station. an electronic music party was in progress dj style was on the second floor of the warehouse. anywhere from 50 to 100 people estimated to be there at some point. they say a the fire started at some point, we do not know how, it did cause the roof to collapse onto the second floor,
10:57 pm
the second floor collapsed onto the first floor. nightmare scenario, nine people have died, two dozen additional people are still missing, uc berkeley students are among the missing also california state students missing, the bodies have been taken to the coroner's office the process of identifying those victims just wrapping up. families tonight being notified. the people who died last night mostly in their 20s, talking about young adult, minors reportedly, deputy say they we working over the next 48 hours or so to recover other bodies trapped in the debris fire officials and the sheriff's office plan to give an update about everything that they know tomorrow morning at 8:00. we will bring that to you live tomorrow morning on kron4 news, you can always stay connected and watch these updated lives we stream them on our website and the mobile app.
10:58 pm
we do have continuing coverage tonight of this breaking news story the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, keep it here at kron4 news at 11 is next. where at the museum where
10:59 pm
you can walk in the exhibits. they have everything from talk on to top fun. welcome aboard the uss hornet. we saw a little bit of the flight emulator what else is on this deck for people to see. this is the hanger deck where we store displays for the public we have everything from world war ii aircraft, we also just how displayed the ss one aircraft which was flown in 2004.>> the history of the whole space program is here. what else can folksy your?>> we have re-created what it would have been like for sellers during world war ii including a deck where they would eat their meals and get their injuries taken care of. >> it's all here and on the website you can find out out about admission.
11:00 pm
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.


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