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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 5, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>james: we are looking outside the live camera shot no real fog at the average level since a lot of low and high level clouds mixing it up a few bricks to concede some stars but for the
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most program looking at an overcast part to this early morning our--hour >>james: 14 mi. an hour sustained when 15 and half moon bay otherwise it is not too bad but it is cold temperatures a mix of 40's and 50's but we do have pockets especially in the north they would santa rosa now but in fairfield mint up with and use those temperatures expected to drop >>james: dull look for to the choose to be that impressive letter on today should were more to the mid-50s by endicott is heading off to school it will be
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chilly minutes of the force for most of the bay and by we should be looking at a part of a cloudy some sunshine not a lot to the to warming up to the mid-50s beyond at 3:00 we had the maximum temperatures we will see these numbers climb up a couple of degrees. >>james: we will talk about how cold it is expected to get >>robin winston: no major hot spots but we're definitely
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underneath the headline and the wipers watchers speed and sulfur out the drive times as great a quick nine minutes trip we have a great writer roland west to a contra costa county 14 minutes if out to 242 in livermore or dublin 580 west as a nice ride out to the dublin and to change come out of the south bank know the trouble spots it is 23 minutes from cochran of to the guadalupe parkway
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sh >>will tran: the latest number in the overnight hours till 33 bodies but it is expected to go as the recovery efforts at the warehouse continue in the overnight hours it will be here for the next several days this happened at 1130 on friday night this is a warehouse and did not have a department for people who live there much less have a party >>will tran: it is one to
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continue we have determined what we believe the origin but not because
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>>: there is some gorgeous partitioned areas in that building to is this and
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it took away our community immediately >>will tran: providing the public service and knowing that the firefighters are sole intimately connected and we are here to serve and we are
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>>: i expose myself to that one to know the we were treated miller to the body is as humanely as possible and i it was hard i cannot describe what i saw for the impact it had on me and our fire fighters and immediately after pulling busing nobody was we discovered the six and the four. >>will tran: on behalf of the community take you so much it was thing is so much i cannot
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tell you the victims ranged from 17 and 35 years old a we have learned yesterday and that one of the sun's south of the alameda county deputies his son died and the fire as well there are asking people to take dna samples saved that sample because they would be bad to make a positive identification on the victim's >>terisa estacio: you can see right behind does the memorial there are dozens of these memorials and popped up in and around the area near where the warehouse is situated as you mentioned we all learned much more about the victims they
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range in age from teenagers to those in their 30's
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>>anny hong: we will continue coverage of the warehouse fire we will have the coverage all water law will be live on air the next news conference as well 33 people out have been confirmed dead and i know a lot of people are still missing the death toll is expected to rise
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>>robin winston: no major hot spots your morning commute is off to a great start but it is all being--foggy
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>>anny hong: one victim is a 17 year-old whose name was not released by the city will we learn that he is driven he was a san francisco high school student it was an 11th grader at the school of the arts faculty council members and the wellness program will be available today to offer support and his classmates we have photos of the other victims cash the scare was 22 years old from oakland david was 24 years old from oakland and uc-berkeley graduate of 33 people confirmed
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dead this morning after a devastating warehouse fire the death toll is expected to arrive since
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>>anny hong: that identified a
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deterrent to one of them the 17 year-old he is a san francisco high school student. >>james: it is on to the that
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called we're talking to pitches down to third two greens--32 degrees. >>james: you're going to be given was a heavy fog to my fog at the golden gate bridge more the when we saw for a symbolic our sustained them through the gate not allow--too long ago
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sought >>robin winston: rolling into san francisco if you look over no major accidents or outlook of
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the drive times so far 58011 minutes to get from bass go out of the more and to dublin >>will tran: we had a 101 interview with the battalion chief and spoken extensively we have found out that they have gone through about 70 percent of the building there's still a little ways to go you to see
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beyond the blue 10 that is where the warehouse is located on the fire broke out at 1130 friday this was all supposed to be aware house but through the months and possibly two years and turned into a place this is also got a much closer to the alameda county sheriff's office
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the offices the firefighters have been here minutes right after the fire they will be here for the days may be the next week >>will tran: she said that she
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saw a body being removed yesterday
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>>terisa estacio: we are around the corner we're over here and see how people have been coming out putting flowers here all a member of the people that lost their lives sit with alarm and much more of the victims of this fire they range in age some teenagers to those in their '30's the victims come from all over the bay area the emotion is tense an overwhelming 1 look to want to go and and help the search of course that is not possible we have heard from fire officials about how they're
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taking their time as they go and in search and look for besoms
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>>anny hong: 02 of the students remained missing to students on campus say they see other students in the situation make the impact of the fire at them
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even harder tsk this white >>anny hong: this morning an outpouring of shock and condolences people follow the country in the world are weighing and on the debt warehouse fire the here is a look at what people are saying
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audio difficulties >>anny hong: fire out of oakland from this weekend where no one will gather and a comparison of the warehouse fire.
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>>james: dinar as cold as it will be tuesday and wednesday morning the high to this san francisco or oakland and san jose the call for temperatures to 55 to 59 degrees here is what
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we see in terms of the plague for the next few days high pressure being replaced by the cold front as we head into thursday another chance of rain and that could be a little more cold and for us stuff ahead
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>>robin winston: live look at the ride across the san mateo bridge and a nice steady flow of traffic asked 21 minutes from
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highway 37 the drive times still looks great and a major trouble spots that drive times less than 10 minutes
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>>anny hong: with decorations a shut led to the debt of almost 500 people more than the capacity there once again all
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capacity crowd to not get out of broken fire accidents >>reporter: in addition to offering housing they brought
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their first no dog that trying to aid and this type will grieve there's still no solid
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number on the amount of people >>anny hong: the nominees dr. ben carson as the next secretary of the department of housing and urban development and the area's
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>>robin winston: let's do a quick bridge check with chapter ride across the bay area starting off with all the commute stones is the headlines
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and write as if you're heading in this morning scare south off fife 33 people dead and a warehouse fire in oakland and the death toll is expected to rise before the game is to save the of liberators paid homage to the victims the silver and black and nearby oakland athletic join forces throughout as of this morning over $81,000 have been raised the warriors are answering the call in
4:55 am
organization is providing a $50,000 donation to support those impacted the offer their condolences to the victims of the devastating warehouse fire is a devastating tragedy in the east st. asked if it is hard to comprehend but his organization will to send off to france to the victims and families and friends pupil or injured >>anny hong: umbrella more about the devastating fire from over the weekend but the bodies have been recovered from the burned building officials have not allowed to find a victim so far one of them a 17 year-old if he is a san francisco high school
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student of the 33 people confirmed dead several are believed to be 17 years old and even younger 70 percent of the building has now been searched a criminal the station also under way by the district attorney's office we will be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the death toll expected to rise once again following the deadly warehouse fire we're learning more about how the fires impact of families across the bay area of 33 bodies have been recovered from the burned out building of more than two dozen people at this hour are
5:00 am
still missing so far all but eight victims have been identified with >>mark: one of the victims was 17 years old and went to san francisco high school >>darya: minute the victims could be from other countries and up >>james: for the most part chilly to start off with in this
5:01 am
a taste of what is to come here is where tempers are right now a lot of stories to a lukewarm as you head closer to the water board is to the inland is a valid across dropping down into the mid '30's now for at 36 degrees here is what you can expect to go forward by in a clogged the for some forecasts ready for school forecast that a clock began you should send temperatures dropping into the '40's
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>>robin winston: is been moving very well for the last our role in in support clock to win a starting the 5:00 hour we haven't found any big trouble spot it will be less than 10 minutes to work away from the foot of the may is inside some of the fog have listed lifted >>mark: the death toll confirmed and 33 from the deadly warehouse fire we've been covering this all weekend long starting on friday night when it happened >>will tran: they have gone through 70 percent of the
5:03 am
building they're making progress the number we talk about still stands at 33 the columbus expected to go what progress has been shut down for now beyond these blue tents that is the warehouse that caught fire friday at 1130. >>will tran: it will be a painstakingly slow process and it got slower because while going to the building they discovered i
5:04 am
>>will tran: just a recap this stopped going through the building for now it has been a compromise they know what an fire fighters to be heard are killed by land and they warn people out that it will take days if not weeks to find out the new development in the overnight our 70% to god through
5:05 am
the bill will if they know the origin of the fire but they do not know the cause of the fire >>terisa estacio: take a look and you can see in this also
5:06 am
flowers all along the fence and this is one of many makeshift memorial site brought the weekend people gathered to find comfort with one another during this very difficult time they hold a parade and stood in silence as they watched the researchers looked for the love once we also learned much more about this young man we learn
5:07 am
this 17 year-old lost his life in the fire appeared to the high-school in san francisco they're having counselors at the school to let helps students and staff. >>mark: we learn that the deputies son was among the dead
5:08 am
fifth the search will continue this morning for more victims will have much more of a victim to have been identified so far there is also a link about the sidewalk morial and that is near the side of the fire as we continue the team coverage of the fire will have more details that you need to know this morning
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>>darya: weather in traffic this the start of a chilly week still
5:13 am
lingering in the east bay's >>james: tim rogers will continue to slide here the situation of the debt of overnight loans drop tuesday night and early tuesday morning wednesday morning early the 32 we're going to get down near
5:14 am
freezing. >>robin winston: it's a nice steady flow traffic no big problems at her
5:15 am
>>robin winston: the drive tile not impacted much 15 minutes from highway 4 he is another problem this is a big red stuck in dublin 680 that is the dublin and to change a little slow behind the scene is backed up all around one exit >>darya: the eight victims identified who died in friday night's warehouse fire in
5:16 am
>>darya: we have pictures of the other victims one man left a
5:17 am
poem for the victims and their loved ones >>mark: we spoke with one open city leader who once answers to leave the on of the building
5:18 am
must be held accountable fox >>darya: they also did like what looked like of the mayor to was asked about the hazard that both
5:19 am
the property inside and outside if the city was able to get a firsthand look at the last month >>darya: it is unlikely the city of oakland could or would it be held liable for this fire most
5:20 am
of the cummins the tacking them for not making any mention of those who died in the fire set.
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>>james: with a few rain shower and chances tuesday morning and for the end of the week a lot to talk about welcome and a mild forecast temperatures this afternoon to celebration on the
5:25 am
standing reservation in south dakota. >>darya: they argue that extending the project and the need a link on the land was threatened the water source and the cultural side while they are celebrating this victory protesters and led the fight may not be over.
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>>mark: following the death of a warehouse fire and all come from friday night hot more than two dozen people are still misses one of the victims was 17 years old and was a high-school in san francisco minute of the victims could wind up being 17 teenagers or young or fifth
5:29 am
>>robin winston: we will return hough >>james: fit is third in friday's sister in the loss of the biggest shot lame and we'll
5:30 am
look to start in xylem the freezing mark today a partly cloudy hi this after a home tomorrow: error start to filter in everywhere the northridge has a light sprinkle but when is a bad as the cold morning here is
5:31 am
the drive time 24 minutes to work away from hercules down to oakland >>robin winston: is already bathtub leon santa rita and if we would track the drive time coming up and the next report >>mark: the death toll stands at
5:32 am
33 but is expected to rise >>will tran: year the new information they're not gonna go through the building is the compromises it is leaning too dangerous for the firefighters to continue golem through at this hour who doesn't people
5:33 am
were inside a minute of them were track to dozen still accounted for the to have a semblance have been notified of a loved ones were inside of the fire said and did not make it out lots of questions including the cost of the fire some people are saddened fifth the sadness was turned to an air into has not already the building last people living there was out city
5:34 am
permits >>: 50 this city needs to have in hand to staffing as well as before and marshall they can be on the streets not just an hour month a regular basis but the property arm of the about the five coal the franco's and the building called and they allow that activity to continue
5:35 am
>>will tran: the investigation is set in place within the city for about the inspectors you and
5:36 am
see they're getting ready for news conference which we will bring to you the latest numbers is still the same number 33 killed 70% through the building right now they have operations at the building the list of those who are missing as well and we have information about the sidewalk memorial we
5:37 am
continue the coverage with the latest information from the massive warehouse fire over the weekend we will be right back
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>>darya: the pact coliseum nearly 55,000 people in attendance will flow of early in this game meant adding to the lead with the third second touchdown in the season there down 24 to nine that is when they will go so suggest an into
5:40 am
on the season tied with the patriots for the best record off >>darya: if it was the date for the forty-niners and the defense fifth they got beaten to
5:41 am
the ground by asked to build the bears' 26 to 6120 to 83 be down over 21st we're tracking the changing forecasts for the week and had
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>>mark: the number still expected to rise as the continue to search through the rubble only a victims have been identified there is one to a news conference we are waiting
5:45 am
>>james: more than that with
5:46 am
this system on to bring us is bay area wide cold temperatures this afternoon we will warmup much pretty much locked in the fifties for most locations
5:47 am
thursday friday we have storm system #two that may bring the bay area some showers >>robin winston: after those of you need to get into san francisco here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza of the
5:48 am
backed up stretches beyond highway for the upper keys sure that this pact because of that earlier vehicle fire we had installed a big rig at the dublin and to change >>darya: many are still missing family and friends are waiting
5:49 am
to hear their are among the dead >>reporter: from the volunteers from many different counties are inside helping in any way that they can in the distance offering housing assistance to those of living in the warehouse their role is still very fluid test is been two days since he heard from his friend
5:50 am
levels have been completely distraught and support is pouring in from everywhere a chaplain support staff and their pre dog have been here to help come for them members from the humane society brought their personal dog that are trying to aid in this type of grief they seen the difference that may with people in mourning >>reporter: there's still has no solid number on the amount of people die been displaced from this fire however they will remain open to those the need to come man for help.
5:51 am
>>mark: former cal student david was among the missing and is now confirmed dead to other students remain missing sing other students in this situation makes the impact of the fire hit them even harder and news, will be
5:52 am
taken place closer to men as a small
5:53 am
the offer the condolences that had a moment of silence
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>>mark: we will be right back
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all the care your family needs. all connected for you. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: we will carry a live as soon as it happens if the antibodies have been recovered from the burned out building and
6:00 am
passed by the official said many of the victims could be under the age of 17 the also believe men in the victims could be from other countries because they heard that people from other countries were visiting
6:01 am
>>james: it is the fault widespread for isn't that is dominant the matter as we head toward 3:00 they're getting our
6:02 am
school it looks like we're going to see temperatures getting colder tomorrow and colder on wednesday morning will break down that part of the forecast. >>robin winston: >>: time the public information
6:03 am
officer for the oakland police department we would like to update you we know we are coming off of the weekend is monday morning not everyone has watched or has information about what transpired last friday at about 11:32 p.m. a fire broke out in the 1300 block of 30 first avenue last evening of the amount lost was 3333 families lost loved ones that is 33 in of our loved ones who appear in the city of oakland we have lost as a community. >>: this morning we like to
6:04 am
update you regarding additional information regarding losses since our last of the we located and recovered 36 to victims. >>: of the 3611 have been
6:05 am
positively identified and their family members have been appropriately notified that number is a close of of the eight and at this time we will be updating the list of names of the located and identified the victims we are giving the family members an opportunity >>reporter: it is on the fact
6:06 am
that we now feel very strongly the unless it is to be here and just a few hours just after midnight and we had crews doing some surveiling and reconnaissance from the next door roof >>: will not cross fire fighters
6:07 am
in danger and we will not put alameda county sheriff in that situation we did a full work stoppage at approximately 1218 last night and is not been continuing would buy recovering we know you have some questions
6:08 am
>>: 1 no closer to finding the cause we absolutely believe the
6:09 am
number of fire to a tolerance will increase to the primary focus has been on a the location and recovering as we have been talking about for the last three days
6:10 am
>>: the one to have answers and we have this city collectively working to find those answers
6:11 am
the natural desire had is a for recovery in the next few sense
6:12 am
as we stated the last few days the majority of over the last today is >>: we anticipate a lot volvos answers to come in the next day's anytime law-enforcement such as the police department and they should noticed any
6:13 am
types of violations on notice any criminal activity document to laissez we came to this location and there were some concerns this is a very large and some of the tragedy we immediately working with other city services collectively and what has been working for the weekend we do request patience
6:14 am
we want to do a very thorough investigation wouldn't
6:15 am
>>: additionally we want to get
6:16 am
into all lot of the questions about the cause of file where started the fire department doing an excellent job of facilitating a lot of complicated situations we want to have them have the opportunity to comment and do a full inspection war and provide you more information
6:17 am
>>: will provide a more information but we like to have them on board and have the opportunity to determine because we have other crews will be coming back in joining as a is very difficult to set that time
6:18 am
thank you very much for your patience >>darya: delisting live to the it update that broke out friday night and now we're just finding now that they stopped searching and recovering the bodies at 1218 so early this month because the building is unstable. >>will tran: it did do enough work for the increase the number of fatalities we were told 33 killed and at that news conference and they're saying 36 fatalities in 11 families have been notified that number of fatalities will certainly go up
6:19 am
and twisted the still in that area of the atf is helping out with the investigation they're asking people come because the bodies have been so charter that would need hair from brush's anything you possibly can get
6:20 am
your hands on turnover to the authorities of the to make positive identification, on the body as far as the number of uncounted we're hearing a dozen or two dozen but we ask the oakland police department with the assistance spokesman that he did not commit to a couple dozen of them are going all around the neighborhood looking a parked car the have not moved to swear or most of the victims found oftentimes you could tell that the victims knew of fire
6:21 am
based on whether it be our point to where the altar miller collapsed >>darya: we will continue to follow the latest developments
6:22 am
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>>james: the little metal falcons to take a look for oakland bay bridge, we have some fall out there for by 7:00 and 8:00 it will start and out by 10:00 for shore we do have some
6:25 am
delays arrival flights are backed up by about 49 minutes as you conceive because of low clouds tighten much as we all looking a lot of upper 50s to maybe 60 and best
6:26 am
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>>mark: fact he was a rival during the gop primary became an early and vocal supporter of after dropping out of race in
6:28 am
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6:30 am
>>mark: police of did that number and could rise even higher
6:31 am
>>james: this is the san francisco chavez did concede the downtown area city hall given you a frame of reference down to the freezing mark will be done with that again over the next week today partly cloudy cool temperatures 55 to 16 tomorrow
6:32 am
the cool air comes in and shot that we were talking about not a very big chance but a minor one by wednesday the cold morning lows as we went up on wednesday of run from 29 to 43 it is going to be frigid. >>robin winston: yes it is backed up to the foot of the maze right where 580 west merged together with the drive times is less than 20 minutes off to fremont street i would take a
6:33 am
look at the san mateo bridge coming up >>darya: 11 of the victims have been identified >>will tran: the no. 36 should remain there for at least the next six to seven hours they did
6:34 am
say it was so hot that the steel beams in the back of the building, and they still do not have because of the fire they're not calling this as far as the fire department a crime scene with the city of oakland and the prosecutor to the district attorney's office just after
6:35 am
midnight and we have some crews doing some surveiling and the next door roof unnoticed had a slight lean we have about 3 in. clean so going into the center of the building hist
6:36 am
>>will tran: they want to make sure they remove the debris of this is part of the evidence
6:37 am
they're using the and in many cases but we do know one of the victims was a 17 year-old high- school student friday night in
6:38 am
the warehouse state-owned as we continue to get more information on the fire as you heard a summit developments this morning and will continue to update you on the progress of the investigation of the forty- niners can get them on the board
6:39 am
6:40 am
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♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you. >>mark: on their next possession now the 49 is trying to break
6:42 am
their 10th game losing streak and make that 11. >>darya: that a 15 yd penalty for doing this no angel it was that kind of that this was all
6:43 am
chicago they beat the niners 26 to six we will be right back
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>james: again widespread cloud cover of a mix of high-level the wider view shows was coming in our direction and our high as
6:47 am
the only going to be ride around 50 degrees but look at a
6:48 am
low this where we see wednesday morning 32 may be cold and some of the protective valleys
6:49 am
>>robin winston: it is going to be slow for concord and through the slow traffic in walnut creek we just learned this morning now 36 people are confirmed dead
6:50 am
>>reporter: many different counties are inside helping in any way they can into days since share from the friend and alex your friend who's visiting from finland levels have been completely distraught and support is pouring in from everywhere however earned the
6:51 am
shares office will remain open for those in need to come and
6:52 am
>>darya: increase the death toll to 36 and 11 victories have been identified as of this morning as
6:53 am
well those who deal with unbearable certainty will be from the latest this morning and you can see the raiders saluting the victims and doing what they can tell operettas and the '80s
6:54 am
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>>darya: in getting new numbers this morning as firefighters worked up until about midnight last nine (more bodies from the burned out building and they're
6:58 am
not searching they suspended that because one of the buildings are unstable. ♪ ♪
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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now with breaking news. >> firefighters working under a wobbly, potentially collapsing, exterior wall is extremely dangerous. we will not put our firefighters in danger at this point and we will not put alameda the kona -- alameda county sheriff's in a precarious situation. so we did a full work stoppage at approximately 12:18 last night and have not been continue with with body recoveries since. >> that's the breaking news with the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the search had now been halted due to dangerous conditions on the site. the death toll has climbed officially from 33 to 36. >> we know that 11 of those victims have been identified, but they are going to be needing


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