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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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i hope everybody's happy at the end. >> we last spoke to jimmy -- >> all right, kimmel. >> kimmel has been auditioning for this role for quite some time. he's put on his post-oscar show for 11 years. he gets his a-list friends to all play along. ♪ the producing team for 2017's academy awards reportedly only considered a few candidates other than kimmel. not on that short list? kevin hart, who has been jonesing for the job. >> i'm thrilled -- my next step is to come back and host. >> this past year's oscar host chris rock even joked about kev hosting. >> last year it was the lowest rated in the past 11 years. and so it's very unlikely that they would have asked him back.
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>> another thing to consider. choosing jimmy falls right in line with the other networks who a to host tte award shows. james corden hosted the tonys and will host the grammies on cbs. so it all makes expense. >> last night america finally got to see mariah's docuseries. and how a billionaire gets replaced by a backup dancer. >> 2005-2006 is when i first met mariah carey. i was a green rookie. i turned into a man. >> is this the moment that ended it all? mariah giving a hug and flirty eye to a backup dancer? >> nice to see you again. >> we count that as tanaka, in five minutes of mariah's world, compared to james packer who was barely there for ten seconds.
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>> i think he's fantastic. we're planning a wedding. it's coming up soon. >> "e.t." with the creative edits in the show. crews shot countless hours with james which will never be seen. we're told the billionaire wanted out, but one moment they did make it in for when mariah postponed the wedding in march. >> he's waiting for me to figure it out when we're going to do it. i've been dealing with the prenup. it's not the most romantic thing i've read. ♪ >> this weekend mariah kept busy. friday, she held hands with brian while performing for divas live. our cameras caught the two backstage. >> then on sunday the two put on
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a cozy display all night. an eyewitness told us mariah's chemistry with brian is unsettled but undeniable. they seem so happy. >> stay tuned to are that, and also this. once again, kim and kanye's reality is crazier than anything we could have dreamed up. we'll clear up the rumors about her marriage as ryan seacrest opens up. >> the introduction right now, a lot of rumors going around. if you set the record straight. >> i shook hands. we have not stopped production. >> seacrest, who is one of the executive producers of the kardashians lineup has knowledge of the situation. >> everybody's doing better. >> on friday there were reports that kim and kanye had split and were living apart. about you a source close to the couple confirmed to "e.t." that is categorically untrue. kim and kanye are 100% together. not only is the rumor that they are splitting not true, but so
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is the report of them living apart. they are in their bel air home right now. the rumor mill has been spinning out of control since november 19th when the rap icon and fashion mo gul began acting erratically in the midst of his concert tour. two days later he was hospitalized for, quote, exhaustion, at ucla medical center. he spent nine days there. >> he's a work aholic. >> kanye's protege shined a little light on the situation at vh-1's diva concert brooklyn. >> take how much time you need. you know, time heals all. >> and as for reports kim is talking with divorce lawyers, our source says, absolutely false. kim is talking about having a third child. reports of them heading for a divorce couldn't be further from the truth. >> that's good to hear. while kim and kanye are keeping things together, it feels like
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forever since madonna marriage's marriage to sean penn fell completely apart. >> never say never. this is the reason why. they put on a show this weekend in florida. getting all flirty with one another. >> there were moments in our and i'm still in love with you. yes. >> 27 years after their divorce, madonna confessed her love for her ex, and even offered to marry him again. for the right price. $150,000 to be exact. they're reunited to raise money for the african nation of ma laly. rare photos from their 1985 wedding were auctioned off for $230,000. tonight may have been a welcome distraction for penn. l.a. county sheriff arrested an alleged stocker at his malibu home late last month. sean said the woman tried to contact him at least 50 times.
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she was arrested after smoeg up on his property twice in two days. back in miami, he was clearly having a good time at the event that raised over $7.5 million for the nonprofit organization his ex-wife founded in 2006. >> i'm trying to figure out what madonna had on. but it's good to see them together. apparently tom hiddleston can't get away from taylor swift. this is tom out on a jog in london. he's running right past the street, there's taylor on the phone. her thought bubble reads, oh, tom, i love you, too. >> meanwhile, jenniffr aniston and jason bateman's party begins on friday. getting jen's reaction. >> what are you doing?
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>> did you know that? >> of course i did. >> that she did it. >> right. she was nervous to meet me. >> jen offended? not at all. she was just razing her co-star. >> like 5 million and 5 years ago. we've just got to move on. i don't know. i thought, because i do this great bit of rachel. that was so much fun. she's the sweetest, vanessa, she knew about it. i had never done it in front of her. >> i want to say it's the best impersonation. >> coming from the queen? >> the gang's new comedy reunites jennifer and jason for their fifth movie together. she's his mean boss again trying to stop what turns out to be an epic bash.
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>> art imitating life? let's break up a party with you guys. >> you can't pull this one off. >> yeah, the joke is -- they always turn around and discover -- >> and he's in pajamas. >> really? >> from the start. >> jen, on the other hand, told us she's planning on hosting christmas parties with her husband of over a year, justin. >> justin left the party at your party, right? >> he actually is. people are very -- >> i want her there. >> jennifer told us her cocktail choice is a martini. >> we needed to know that. you're not going to believe the jaw-dropping price tag. then, the star's family night out. talking to "e.t." about their kids growing up so fast. justin bieber pleaing with the paparazzi. justin bieber pleaing with the paparazzi. what happened when he got up
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you don't have to be a "full house" fan to know the tanner family lives amongst the famous row houses in san francisco. you can really go home again. >> this house is iconic. >> jeff franklin and "fuller house" bought the san francisco home in august for a whopping $4 million. the previous owners made it unrecognizable with the paint job, now it's back to how we always knew it. >> i thought it would be fun to bring back the original door from 1987. so we had a reproduction made. that's what you're looking at. >> worried about my will, right. the love here. >> next, the highly anticipated
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"star wars" story. everything surrounding the movie was so top-secret the cast didn't even meet until they got to the set. >> we were running out of trenches, weedid military training. a few bruises here and there. we're going to do it. >> finally, prince harry wrapped up a caribbean tour at a children's home in guyana. harry opened up about everything, except his girlfriend, "suits" star meghan mmrkle leaving a yoga studio. meghan's already embracing all things british. that's her dog dressed up in a sweater in union jack. >> why they think she's a cool mom.
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>> we're taking you to the set of the new transformers movie as they shoot an explosive new scene. plus, justin bieber's new paparazzi demand. the bizarre street showdown that you have to see. >> give me some space. if closed captioning provided by --
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i know you want to get to this, so i'll get right to it. who are you dating? >> i'm not dating anybody. thank you. i'm not looking, either. >> that was crystal clear. >> yes, he was. but justin bieber needs to let the paparazzi in on that secret because they're not buying it. the latest face-off between the biebs and the paparazzi. >> the star turning the event into a rare family day out with carly steel. >> all three kids are here,
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levi, vita and livingston. >> the many films that i do, can the kids watch. nice when we can bring them all. >> matthew keeps it pg, at koala, who hosts a singing competition. co-star reese witherspoon also brought her family. including 17-year-old ava and hee sons, deacon and tennessee. she plays a pig who has 25 piglets but still dreams of being a singer. >> you have some big shoes in this film. you've got fireworks, shake it off. i'm like, oh, my gosh, i have so much appreciation for how hard that is to sing. she said, yeah, i make it look easy. it's really hard. ♪ >> fireworks as well. what did she say? >> fireworks is a hard song to
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sing. i just said, you know, i'm supposed to be a mom singing the song. so they don't have anything to worry about. i'm not cutting an all bum anytime soon. >> is there anything you did that they think is really cool? >> i know how to work snapchat. i think most moms don't. they're like, do you even know what snap chalt is? maybe that's kind of a cool thing. >> who knows snapchat well? justin bieber. he just announced he's embarking on his first stadium tour this summer. i'm sure the paparazzi will be in tow, as they always are. the paps were all over the biebs this weekend and things got a little intense. the biebs hit up a boxing gym in l.a. but stopped to spar with lurking paparazzi. >> we're not animals. give me some space. do you have to be right in front of me? >> demand number one, give him space.
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>> i don't care if you take photos. it's the way that it's done. >> justin, for real, you think leveling with them is going oh work? >> justin, are you in live with selena still? >> bieber left covered in sweat, and that's when the gloves really came off. >> just like yelling. >> in total, this lecture lasts more than two minutes, but here's the gist. >> try not to scream. take your photos and act like you're not even there. >> demand number two, no screaming. that's exactly what the 22-year-old has been telling his fans recently. >> the screaming has got to stop. >> biebs endured more screams on stage so he was in no mood to hear it on the street. >> you're fine. just speak normal. >> there is something super normal about justin bieber's life. 2012, justin performed in a
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victoria secret fashion show. remember that? victoria secret fashion show. remember that? the show is back tonight on this time around it's lady gaga, and bruno mars. the show is spectacular. let me give you three quick things to look for tonight. gaga's on the runway costume stage. >> aha! kevin has been hanging out with the angels, cameron has been blowing things up with transformers. >> i've got to tell you, just as exciting, i traveled outside of london to watch mark wahlberg and the gang in the seven wonders of the world, stonehenge. the explosions are fun. and they are ready. and so are we. for our transformers last night exclusive. oh, man.
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i'm here with the man himself, mark wahlberg. this is action all over the place. we've got choppers landed, taking off. >> yeah. >> stonehenge getting blown up today. >> it gets crazier and crazier every day that we go on. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> nothing. it was nice knowing you, stonehenge. >> to pull off the destruction of stonehenge, director michael bay built another one a mile away to destroy it without harming the original landmark. these perfect replica stones are sunk 15 feet into the ground. sir anthony hopkins was blown away by the scope. >> it's fantastic. i've never been in a movie like this one. >> did you visit stonehenge as a kid? >> yes, as a boy. 8 years of age. just after the war. >> what brings the movie to stonehenge in the first place? >> a lot of things are answered
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here in stonehenge. >> are there going to be some answers to the questions of how stonehenge got there? there. it must have been transformers. >> a lot of freshness to it. much more of an adventure. >> mark wahlberg down. >> he's like a man, you know? >> one mar time? i want to see it, come on. >> the man! >> yeah. >> he walks in, everyone's like, oh! >> yeah, imitate wahlberg when he's nowhere to be found. great hanging with you. >> we'll be right back.
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>> i think it would be a great season to watch. >> all on travel considerations provided by -- there is major excitement on tap for tomorrow. >> because the grammy nominations are being announced. of course, we're all over it. >> bye, everybody. >> adele, by onsay and two justins. who got the most nominations and who got snubbed is this we're with emma stone to find out what it's like dancing all day with her sexy co-star, ryan
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