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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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oakland warehouse inferno began on the first floor. partygoers on the floor above had no warning until it was too late. >>this is the highest number of fire fatalities in thirteen years in this country. >>whoosh >> steve:tonight all but one of the 36 victims has been identified. >>devastated is not a strong enough word. >> steve:oakand's tight knit community of artists reeling from the loss of so many young people. >>whoosh >> steve: >> stanley: >> steve:mayor libby schaaf reacting angrily when asked about the city's failure to enforce safety laws. >>i don't need to know the answer to that question to tell you we need to improve our fire inspection and prevention process. >> steve:you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> steve:now at 8. >> steve:a fiery response from oakland's mayor as the investigation into the deadly ghost ship fire unfolds. thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson.
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>> grant:and i'm grant lodes. >> grant:pam moore is off tonight. >> steve:mayor schaaf.revealing the city's first steps to improving building safety. since the fire. as new information is revealed about a long history of complaints about the warehouse. >> grant:tonight we have team coverage on the fire. hermela aregawi talked to friends remembering one of the victims tonight. and alecia reid spoke to to someone who lived in the warehouse. >> grant:but first. kron-4's j-r stone is live in oakland with more on what the scene looks like tonight. and what the a-t-f is saying about the fire. >> reporter:those with the atf say that this fire had the highest number of fire fatalities in the country in the last 13 years. those who are investigating this say the main recovery part of this case is over. thereforce they don't believe the rain will not have an impact on the investigation. as you look at the burned out warehouse behind me keep in mind that officials say they say the digging part of this is donenow it is all about analysing the items that were taken from here. >> reporter:i took some of this video in the last 3o or so minutes. this warehouse was called the ghostship warehouse and you can faintly see the ghostship logo on the outside of the burned out location. the atf says that the fire started on the first floor.
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witnesses tell authorities that by the time the occupants on the second floor learned about what was happening the fire was well developed on the first floor. the smoke actually trapped them upstairs. those with the atf say there were two stairwells but neither one led to an exit. we asked investigators if foul play could have been involved. >>there is no evidence at the time that it was arson. >> reporter:back out here live you can see they actually opened this section of international drive. it was closed for sometime which created all sorts of traffic back ups in the area. now the mayor did talk
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quite a bit about fire safety this afternoon. more on what she had to say in just 30 minutes at 8:30. live in oakland, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> grant: alright, j.r. we will see later tonight at 8:30! >> steve: loved ones are mouring the loss of a bay area filmmaker and father. 35 year old alex ghassan was killed in friday's warehouse fire. >> steve:kron 4's hermela aregawi spoke to those who knew ghassan well. she joins us live from oakland with that story. >> reporter:alex 36 people killed in friday's tragic fire. the director and producer was at the ghostship with his fiance hanna raux, who was visiting from finland. >>vikram babu --we had dinner with them a few nights, 2 nights before the
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incident. i met her a few times. and you know, she fit into that tribe. she was a yoga teacher, an entrepeneur, a jewelry maker. >> reporter: >>alex was a really outgoing person. he is a fellow creative. we spent a lot of time thinking about the future of art, video, writing, photography. >> reporter:ghassan posted this video from inside the warehouse just an hour before the fire that took his liee. friends say the 35 year old moved to oakland a couple of years ago from the east coast. >> reporter:at the time of his death he was working as a freelance producer for kqed ghassan was an only child >> reporter:and leaves behind his two young twin daughters. >>my grandaughters don't have a father. my husband doesn't have a son. my family doesn't have alex. the community doesn't have alex. you can't imagine the loss. you can't imagine the loss. >> reporter:friend vikram babu says the massive fire highlights the housing crisis in the bay area.
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>>vikram babu--it's nuts that all of the sudden artists are having to justify their occupation and how they assemble together in the privacy of their homes. i think that's a deflection of the fact that there's a housing crisis. what were so many people doing in such cramp quarters, with unsafe stairs, without sprinklers. without the basic minimums of fire safety. that build would have erupted anyway. >> reporter:alex ghassan will be sorely missed. >>vikram babu --yesterday you know realizing i wont be able to get a drink with alex or just hang out with him on my porch. aside from that personal loss, you know the city lost a lot of really vibrant, visible artists, and that's really hard because people look to them for direction and inspiration and really a reason to do what they want to do. >> reporter:ghassan's twin daughters are only four
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years old. >> grant: a former tenant of the ghostship sat down with our alecia reid to talk about the unsafe living conditions that forced her to leave. >> steve:alecia joins us live from the scene. this woman says police were called to the warehouse a number of times, but nothing was done? >> reporter:a fallout with the landlord about the environment. but tenants were told not call 911 and tenants were given extinguishers and assigned
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to specific people to handle any fires that would occur. tehre --there were multiple fires from the time she was there and before leaving. two exits were blocked by hanging wires. she has been
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to the police for sevral -- several reasons. >> reporter: we will ahve-- have an update at 10pm! alecia reid, kron4news >> steve:thank you, alecia. >> steve:well, all this week we have been meeting the family and friends of those who died in last friday's fire. >> grant:among the victims was 34-year-old johnny igaz who was actually d-j-ing at the ghostship warehouse when the fire broke out. tonight, he is being remembered by friends and co-workers as a man who was passionate about music. >> grant:kron 4's charles
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clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with details. charles.. >> reporter:he was a big supporter of women and the lgbt community. the staff where he worked is devastated by his loss. >> devastated is not even the word to describe losing
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johnny. >> grant:we're learning more about the lives of some of the victims who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire. we are doing so by hearing from their close friends. today kron4's haaziq madyun spoke with a roommate of a fire victim. >> "i have been coping by staying incredibly busy helping other people" >> reporter:it is hard to imagine the grief bg anaraki is feeling right now after losing three friends in the ghostship warehouse fire, one was a current roommate >>"i lost my roommate cash who was one third of a perfect household, the remaining third of my household lost her partner who she loved, her partner feral was one of the greatest loves of her life" >> reporter:also lost among the 36-victims of the warehouse fire was 29-year- old ara christina jo, with whom anaraki had a special relationship
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>>"i lost one of my best friends, who, basically everyone who has ever met her says she was one of the brightest, most loving most productive people they have ever met, ara" >> reporter:ara jo was a current member of oakland's rock paper scissors arts collective. on the websites twitter feed there are messages like this that read.we miss ara jo dearly, our hearts go out to all the losses >> reporter:in the wake of this tragedy bg anaraki joined together with friends to help pay the rental portions of artists who died that were roommates of other artists here in the bay area >>"lots of houses lost roommates, i knew that pretty quickly after it happened that people were going to have trouble paying rent" >> reporter:focusing on helping others has allowed bg anaraki to process the
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heavy emotions of such a devastating oakland haaziq madyun kron4news. >> steve:ahead at eight. new documents reveal a history of complaints about the ghostship warehouse. >> grant:plus. south bay neighbors upset about what they say is bringing homeless people into their neighborhood. and we are remembering more of the lives lost in the tragic warehouse fire. we hear from friends and family next.
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>> steve:
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continuing our coverage tonight on the deadly oakland warehouse fire kron 4's gabe slate is live in oakland. >> grant:gabe, you spoke with loved ones of some of the victims who recently went from missing. to confirmed fatalitie. >> reporter:yes, family and friends i spoke with are still in shock and trying cope with this tragedy. each victim was described as full of life and had a passion for the arts. >> reporter: brandon wittenauer who also went by "chase" or the name necks yu gwo lo. he was 32 years old, he lived in hayward. >> reporter:he worked with computers in i.t. by day but his passion was music. he was in the band >> reporter:symbiotix fungi. >> reporter:his friends and family say he was a talented musicisian who had a lot of stage presence. >>- facebook video him playing in band >> reporter:brandon's facebook was flooded with friends thanking him for all the love and support he gave them. >>- grandma to brandon - dorothy wittenauer - santa maria ca >> " he was a very gracious young man, very talented, he made friends easily" >> reporter:dorothy
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wittenauer is brandon's grandmashe says her grandson was very passionate about music and was always willing to lend a helping hand. >> reporter:his dad, turned his facebook into a memorial ... he thanked his son for allowing him to be his father and a great and
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talented young man. >> >> reporter:stay with us at around 8:30pm for another memorial for alex vegah. >> steve: thanks
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>> steve:under mounting criticism... oakland mayor libby schaaf's office is releasing public records showing the fire building's history. >> steve: so far...the documents released show complaints received and investigated of both the ghost ship warehouse and the vacant lot next door. >> steve:the complaint log goes back 30 years. much of them pertaining to... >> steve:graffiti, tall weeds, trash and more. most of the complaints sent to the building department involved the vacant lot.which is owned by the same landlord. a building deparment official says the most recent investigation they were conducting last month, was not of the warehouse. >> steve:they were looking into more reports of trash piled up on the sidewalk and concerns that there was some illegal building on the vacant lot. --"at the warehouse"
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>> steve:building department officials say there has not been an inspector inside the ghost ship warehouse in 30 years. the mayor says she is now putting together a task force to see how they city can improve their systems and safety. >> grant: it was cold... cold, cold ... cold! >> brittney: yes. a closer look at our radar shot. but light rain showers. -- with light rainfall at this hour. >> brittney: are starting to see things take off in antioch. -- we are starting
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to see things taper off >> brittney: we do have continious rain. this will continue through thursday. >> brittney: more scattered showers on friday with a chance for more showers on saturday and sunday. >> brittney:we are down
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1degree in oakland from last night at this time. we will take a closer look atthe forecast coming up! >> brittney: guys? >> steve:thank you, britt! >> steve: still ahead at 8. >> steve:36 lives lost but their stories are not forgotten. how alex vega one of the warehouse fire victims is being remembered tonight. >> gary:bill king is going into the baseball hall of fame! and everyone is happy
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about that. see you in a few minutes.
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>> grant:two people have been arrested---and police are looking for two others. in connection with a deadly highway four shooting back in may. >> grant:pittsburgh police are still looking for damario pitteard and corey mc-croey. connection with a may 11- th of four --- shaniqua marie. >> grant:these two men have been arrested.
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>> grant:investigators say they are part of the group that followed the mom onto out the shooting. >> grant:police say the shooting was gang related. facing murder charges. the two men police are looking for have murder >> steve:in the south bay... >> steve:a lack of parking is holding up an effort to deliver food and other goods to homeless camps. pastor scott wagers of the san jose-based community ministries... >> steve:is devoted to helping the homeless. wagers has used his motor home...known as the 'mercy mobile' to deliver food and supplies to homeless camps around town. >> steve:but parking the 37- foot r-v on city streets at night has neighbors. more homeless people into their neighborhoods. >> steve:wagers says the police are on him to park the 'mercy mobile' on private property.he's received several tickets... and a 72-hour warning to move or be towed. >>"difficult for everybody"
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>> steve:wagers says a local church has offered temporarybut he is still in search of a long-term parking >> grant:in the south bay. police are after three people caught on video breaking into a home. this surveillance footage. ago. >> grant:you can see the crooks forcing their way into the master bedroom. they ransacked it -- going through drawers. >> grant:police say the three people you see here took jewelry, computers and other items before running out through the garage. >> grant:they're even seen lifting up the bed to see if they could find anything of value that might have been hidden underneath. police say the victim was as it was happening on her cell phone. she immediately called police. but by the time officers arrived. the burglars were gone. >> steve:ahead at eight.
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an election recount underway in wisconsin is nearly complete. clinton has gained there. >> grant:plus. it's the viral challengethis time it did not end well. a group poses as mannequins. with weapons. >> steve:and next. features inside the ghostship warehouse.
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>> grant: over the past few days we have been learning more about the lives of the 36 victims lost to the fire. >> grant:one of them ==== 21 year old jennifer morris. >> grant:morris was a u-c berkeley student who lived in foster city. she went to san mateo high school.where she left a lasting impression on her teachers. >> grant:they describe her as very smart.with a passion for art and music. we're told jennifer loved to sing and play instruments. and that she often brought her ukulele to class and would sing with her friends. return to index of stories... >> steve: 22 year old alex vega is also being remembered tonight family and friends say vega loved to have a good time. >> steve:and would often go to dance parties around the bay area. >> steve:he graduated from capuchino high school where he is being remembered as a gentle soul who was creative and caring.
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>> steve:for more than five years, alex dated 20-year- old michela gregory of south san francisco. who was with him the night of the fire, and also did not survive. >> steve: >> grant:our coverage of the deadly warehouse fire continues online. visit kron-4 dot com for a full list of the victims and their stories. you can also follow the investigation and a timeline of events since the tragedy. wrong. >> reporter: the outpouring of support is helping him and his family during this difficult time. >> is alex was here adam callahan to know that there is not anyone that is not
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thinking about him and there is not a dry eye in the house. >> reporter: de vega family talk about mchale and how she was very much a part of their family. and how the two were very much in love. >> grant: thank you... you can visit our website at for more details on all of the victims and
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the life they lived. >> brittney: in the north they zond that is where--in th enor-- in the north bay zone we are seeing more rainfall with heavier dow npours. >> brittney:this is the trend going into the rest of the week with some light
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showers after the lunch hour for tomorrow. wet and snow/rain conditions for the higher elevations. >> brittney: 1inch in daly city over the weekend ... each day it all adds up. with 2inches in santa rosa and petaluma three fourths.
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>> brittney: temps will warm up closer to average. low 60's for san jose. our temps do not change much but remain unsettled. >> steve: thanks, britt!
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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>> steve:trump has chosen four-star military officer john kelly to lead the homeland security department. the 66-year-old retired marine general led the u-s southern command and led troops in combat in iraq. >> steve:his son was killed in combat in afghanistan six years ago. kelly's last command guantanamo bay detention center. the new york times says he hasn't yet formally been offered the job because kelly is out of the country. >> steve:wisconsin's election recount is more than seventy percent complete. and so far hillary clinton has gained just 82 votes on president elect trump. >> steve:trump won wisconsin by more than 22-thousand votes. the recount was triggered by green party candidate jill stein who also pushed for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. return to grant?
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>> grant:the mannequin challenge has been sweeping the internet for the last few weeks. but one such challenge in alabama led to two people getting arrested. this is the mannequin challenge that launched an investigation. >> grant:the video on your screen depicts a shoot out.but nothing is fake about the assault weapons those young men are brandishing. the facebook post. prompted police to gather evidence to secure a warrant. officers served that warrant yesterday.and found ammunition, handguns and assault rifles inside the home. >> grant:they also collected pounds of marijuana. authorities arrested two of the men featured in the challenge.with first degree possession of marijuana and illegal possession of a firearm. >> grant:still ahead at 8.
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>> reporter:police in tennessee say two minors are responsible for around gatlinburg. officers say the duo was charged with aggravated arson. >> reporter:more charges are being charged as adults. the wildfires started in late november. killing down more than 16-hundred structures. the area is a popular tourist destination in eastern tennessee, home to the dollywood amusement park pigeon forge. return to >> grant:pearl harbor, hawaii - after a pearl harbor ceremony marking the anniversary of the 1941 attack, several dignitaries and officials wreaths in honor of those who died in the japanese attack on the harbor 75 years ago. thousands of members of the public attended the ceremony at pearl harbor today to mark the anniversary. >> grant:a moment of silence marked the 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearlit was followed by a fighter man" formation. vice president-elect mike pence shook hands with veterans at the ceremony at joint base pearl harbor-more than 24-hundred on december 7th, 19-41. more than half of the base's fleet of aircraft was destroyed -- and all eight battleships were damaged.
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>>sports with gary radnich! >> gary:good evening! >> gary: back to bill.. everyone is telling there fav stories about bill king. back in the day, we used to do 1hour specials and he
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lived on a boat house in a marin. he drove an old, old car. >> gary: when he had the the headset on and he was calling a game... there was no one better! >> gary: roll a little bit. >> gary:the warriors begin a five-game road trip against
8:49 pm
the clippers. >> gary:the raiders are a 3- point tomorrow night >> gary:today they practiced for the their biggest game of the season >> gary:kansas city is only a game behind oakland in the afc west and they already have a win over the raiders at the oakland coliseum earier this season >> gary:temperatures in kansas city are protected to drop to 20-degrees despite the figid conditions jack del rio and company say they are ready to go.
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>> gary:the cal bears in pearl harbor to face seton hall. >> gary:cuonzo martin was looking for his eight win of the year. >> gary:4th quarter/ 56-55 seton hall >> gary:angel delgado drops a beautiful hook shot to give seton hall a three- point lead >> gary:4th quarter/ 60-57 >> gary:two second left in the game. cal tries tying the game with a long-range three. but can't get it >> gary:final: 60-57 seton hall >> gary:cal's record: 7-2 return to >> gary:stanford's star running back for the 2017 n- f-l draft. >> gary:the 2015 heisman runner-up broke barry sanders n-c-a-a record for all-purpose yards with 3,864 yards during his sophomore year. >> gary:starting this season
8:51 pm
mccaffrey was considered to be in the conversation to win a heisman, but an injury in october eliminated him from the award. >> gary:in three seasons with the cardinals, he ran for more than 39-hundred yards, racked up 12-hundred receiving yards and 33-total touchdowns. >> gary:mccaffrey is expected to go late in the first much for chip kelly returning to oregon >> gary:the ducks have hired willie taggert who spent the last 4 seasons as south florida's head coach to take over their program following the firing of mark helfrich >> gary:taggart led usf to a 10-2 mark this year he also spent three seasons as coach of western kentucky, his alma mater and was an assistant coach at stanford under jim harbaugh. >> gary:today kelly who has insisted multiple times he would not leave to 49ers to coach oregon couldn't resist having some fun with the media for their continuous questions about the job >> gary:the giants say goodbye to chris heston. according to mutiple reports. san francisco has agreed to trade the right- hander pitcher to the return they'll receive a player to be named later. >> gary:the giants were forced get rid of heston and clear a roster spot on their 40-man roster for mark melancon. >> gary:in 2015 heston threw
8:52 pm
a no hitter against the mets in new york. but last season he only made four apperances. before having a season-ending injury in june. >> grant: we will be back right after this!
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>> grant: tracking the forecast... it's been cold but rain is the issue now. >> brittney: widespread for most of the region. berkeley, richmond stretching up to hercules will seek a good amount of cooling showers coming down. and futurecast shows it will continue as the system of
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light rain showers. >> brittney: we will still see ratio is coming down on your lunch hour tomorrow, as you are headed home tomorrow as well. >> brittney: on settled weather as they go into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. between an inch or an inch and a quarter. >> brittney: that will add up to a substantial amount for us. >> grant: i am not looking for to walking the dog in the rain tonight. (laughter) >> steve:that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or apps.
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our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then. goodnight!
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