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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. see >> reporter:now at eight we are tracking a major storm heading into the bay area. tonight. preparing for the downpour and trying to avoid blackouts. >>it's all hands on deck >> >whoosh >> reporter:one big concern; that 30 foot sinkhole in pacifica. >> reporter:we are live at the scene where crews are racing the clock to make sure a bad problem doesn't get much worse. >>whoosh >> reporter:go on the green. stop on the ed. >> reporter:unless you are this driverless uber car. >> reporter: says about its red-light running robot. >>whoosh >> reporter:bay area musicians coming together to benefit victims of the the ghost ship fire. we will take you live to oakland's fox theater. >> reporter:you're watching
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kron four news in prime time. >> pam:now at 8. >> pam:we are tracking a storm set to bring heavy rain and strong wind gusts to the bay area. >> steve:thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. >> pam:that storm is on its way. potentially dangerous conditions to roads and more. >> pam:tonight kron-4's hermela aregawi joins us live from pacifica where crews are working fast to fix a massive sinkhole before the next round of rain. >> pam:but first, kron-4 meteorologist brittney shipp joins us. >> pam:brittney when will the rain start. >> brittney: we have a few warnings to tell about and i will have more in our next forecast. >> pam:another big story we are following tonight. >> steve: live in pacifica
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tonight where people are bracing for the storm house soon will they be able to get this thing called repaired. >> reporter: crews were out here for most of the day trying to fill that seem cold. -sinkhole >> reporter: the people i spoke with us this depending on the apartment complex they have already had the areas to word it will protect the buildings. but, everyone shared at one concern is a win? >> i am keeping my windows shut and doors for it because we do get rainshowers and the wind coming off the water.
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>> the water comes up pretty high. >>technical difficulties >> steve:police in castro valley are investigating a deadly house fire. as a homicide. and as kron-4's dan kerman tells us now the search is on tonight for a person who killed a 59-year-old woman and then set fire to her and her house to cover up the murder. >> reporter:crime scene investigators some covered with masks, spent a second day at this castro valley home, combing for evidence in hopes of determining who killed the 59 year old widow who lived here and then set fire to her body and ultimately the house to cover up the crime.
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>>sgt. j.d. nelson/alameda --each time someone set fire to cover up a crime they are doing it for a reason. to hopefully get rid of evidence so we are here to find the evidence that they hope that they have destroyed. hopefully, in their assets in our case they have not. >> reporter:authorities say the murder and subsequent arson fire occurred sometime between tuesday morning. firefighters discovered the body in the garage around 3am >>dan strother/lives nearby --is just a horrible thing. i have seen a woman before but i did not know her. >> reporter:with the murderer still on the loose, those who live in this neighborhood are worried. >> reporter:investigators have no motive to the identity of the suspect. they and spent the day going house to house video in hopes it leads them to the
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killer. in the meantime residents are doing what they can to stay safe >>richard arthur/neighbor 114- most houses have security alarms systems. i made sure to turn it on last night. that is something that my wife reminded me of before we went to bed. >> reporter: they are taking time to go through the debris in the house as they searched for the killer. in castro valley, dan kerman >> pam:the -n-f-l is giving the raiders more time to decide or staying in oakland. >> steve:they now have until february 15 of next year to make the decision. >> pam: n-f-l commissioner roger goodell is not saying whether he is optimistic that oakland can keep its team. and he did not reveal any new specifics.
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>> pam:this news comes one day open negotiations on a new stadium plan. that plan. with an investment group led by ronnie lott. is for a one - point -three -billion dollar stadium. >> steve:currently the raiders have a for relocation. >>technical difficulties >> pam:a south bay tennis being accused of molesting a child. we have also learned the man has a criminal history of abusing children.
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>> pam:police investigators fear there may be more victims... >> pam:61-year-old matt montana of san jose... is being charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child... and multiple counts of lewd acts involving children. according to megan's law website...montana was also arrested for molesting a child in 1996, recently...while working at the sunnyvale tennis center.. he gained access to two of his alleged victims. >> pam:now.. a major part of the investigation is how a sex offender was hired to work at the tennis center in the first place. >>"a sex register" >> pam:montana appeared at a palo morning...but didn't enter a plea. he is scheduled to return to court on jauary 11th. >> steve:the man arrested for threatening to suicide bomb a santa clara valley transportation authority vehicle.was found without any explosives. that's according to police.who originallyyear- old jonathan keim, was armed. >> steve:this is video of the scene.courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c seven. keim made the phone call to v-t-a officials around ten this morning.stating he planned to blow up one of the agency's vehicles. all v-t-a vehicles were
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stopped and searched following the threat. >> steve:the alleged culprit.was taken into custody around noon. >> pam: in santa rosa. a warehouse fire breaks out. causing nearly 500- thousand dollars in damage. the 4-alarm fire broke out early this morning, just after 2 o'clock. on wilson street. half of the building. which houses several businesses. appeared to be burning, beginning in the back of the property, when fire crews arrived. >> pam: more than a dozen fire trucks were on the scene... helping crews bring the blaze under control in less than 2-hours. but that did not stop certain storage areas as well as a furniture store inside... from being destroyed. >> pam: one business. the copperfield book warehouse... suffered minor smoke damage. no one was injured.. >> pam: >> understand it was the property tiered cake your in the area. >> pam:the roadway was closed temporarily as crews worked to clear the area. >> pam: officials are still investigating the cause of
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the fire. >> steve:a san francisco state student who lost her life in the deadly oakland warehouse fire. was honored today onhundreds paid homage to michela gregory. in front of the cesar chavez student center. where she often ate lunch with classmates. teachers remembered her as creative, ambitious and caring. >> steve:her boyfried. alex vega.also died in the december 2nd ghost ship party. those close to the couple say their inseparable. in life.and death. >> pam: a sold out theater in oakland tonight. >> steve:i love it. >> reporter: is ipad house and oakland tonight with 2800 people here for the show for oakland and united, plant in just seven days were all of the money will go towards helping the victims in the five-year
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period we were there for the opening act. was a wide range of bay area artist. we talked to people attending and they said is important for them to show support for their fellow artist. one woman spoke would sit she has been to at least three benefits. we aren't like to hear from people attending the show and organizers of the show reporting live in oakland. >> pam: thanks, lydia! >> pam:ahead at eight. another massive hack at yahoo. what data of yours could be out there, after hackers steal account information. >> steve:family speaking out after an elderly man holding a crucifix is shot and killed by police. what they say he was suffering from. >> pam: and next.
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>> pam: ordered to stop. on launch day, uber told to stop sending self driving cars around san francisco. this, as one of those cars is caught running a red light.
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>> steve:a big move by californiathey have ordered uber to remove its self- driving cars from the streets of san francisco immediately. >> pam:this comes as the ride -sharing service enters its next phase of autonomous service picking up actual passengers. >> pam:kron 4's gabe slate is live outside uber headquarters in san francisco. with details on what happens next. gabe? >> reporter:under california law, you have to get a special permit from the dmv before you can drive autonomous vehicles. uber has not obtained this permit.which is why it's fleet of 11 self-driving cars were yanked from the streets. >> reporter:it appears uber new it was breaking the lawhere's why
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>> they think that they can do what ever they want. >> reporter: this is why we believe in making the roads safer. these cars were not a part of the pilot and were not carrying customers. the dior's sent us this picture showing a self driving uber running a red light. >> reporter: bdm the senate meet and statement encouraging them to use self driving cars but they must
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be regulated to ensure public safety. -- the dmv sent a statement >> reporter: all accidents should be reported. >> reporter:uber content the cars off the street and get beat license that is preferred. and then get the car sped on the street. >> reporter:if not and they keep testing and disregard the regulators. the dmv said they will seek legal action against uber they did not specify what type of legal action. return
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>> steve:another massive hack hits yahoo users. >> pam:this time data from more than one- billion accounts has been stolen. yahoo says, this is a *separate breach from the one they revealed back in september. in that case --- 500- million accounts were exposed. >> pam:this time, the stolen names, email addresses, phone numbers, and security questions and answers. yahoo officials say, they do not believe bank account information or payment card data. were affected. >> pam:this new hack does raise questions about whether verizon will try to change the terms of its 4 - point 8- billion dollar acquisition of yahoo. >> steve:we're learning more about the police shooting of a 73-year-old man in bakersfield early monday... bakersfield police claim francisco serna refused to take his hand out of his pocket... before police shot him.
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>> brittney: we are going to see rain showers and a quick pace. what does it concern for flood concerns that are all highlighted in the coal and grain. -- color green. >> brittney: these are the things that we will be concerned with as we push into tomorrow because of how fast the rain showers will come down. >> brittney: all of the areas here highlighted in yellow have a high gust total period of 50 mi. per hour. >> brittney: we have a winter storm warning in
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effect for heavy snow with the heaviest fall in between thursday at 4:00 p.m. to friday at 1:00 a.m.. so if you have to go to the sierra you want to make it before 4:00 p.m.. in order to postpone until friday. -- or , you can >> brittney: 60 this cold front pushing and that what triggered heavy rainfall that will go into tomorrow. first you can see the first part in the north that. that is when the heavy rain showers will develop from 5 to 6:00 a.m. in the morning. as we pushed closer to your lunch hour or day to see that it is widespread rainfall for most of the region and have the pockets near santa rosa, napa during
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the morning hours. >> brittney: in the evening will affect everyone would heavy rainfall and high speed wind. >> brittney: a few spots like santa rosa and now but could get closer to 3 in.. so this is a powerful system headed our way. >> steve: thank you, britt! >> steve:new ahead at 8. >> steve:did santa claus lie? questions being cast on the story of how this man granted a dying boy's final wish >> pam: neighbors feel unsettled after not one === but two earthquakes rattle a north bay community. return to
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>> gary: some of these professional franchises, women lose or draw are doing great work in the community for the holiday season. >> steve: thank you, gary. >> steve: state-run supporters seem fighting a man and the protests. how these two managed to put aside their differences. tonight at 10.
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>> pam:a five- point- oh magnitude geysers this morning. and the u-s-g-s says, it was the largest quake to hit the area in the last 30 years. kron 4's terisa estacio has reaction from unsettled neighbors in the area. >> reporter: the two earthquakes wednesday morning really shook things up. >> last this long we were wondering what we should do it just kept going and going. >> i was looking all around and i felt my feet move. and i heard the bottles clanking against each other in the other idle. --aisle
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>> reporter: luckily, winds and so this did not come falling down and hurt anyone. -- wines and bottles >> reporter: there were seized boxes that the fall off. --there were these boxes >> have been in a lot of earthquakes. it was just how loud it was and how long it lasted. >> reporter: in the north bay, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> pam:ahead at eight. for the second time in a decade --- the fed hikes an interest rate. what it means for you and your money. >> steve:plus. the top google searches of the year are out. and no number one does not have to do with the
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election. >> pam:and donald trump's transition to the white house continues. with a meeting with high powered tech leaders. >> pam:as his family's role in the administration is questioned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: stories... another day, another high profile meeting for donald trump. today, the president -elect met with tech leaders from facebook, apple, amazon and others. >> pam:trump's transition is turning into quite the family affair. three of his adult children also sat in on that meeting. and their involvement in the transition is turning some
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heads. >> steve:trump's focus today was on a meeting with tech luminaries he's lobbed insults at in the past leaders from amazon, facebook, apple, tesla and others met trump to chat about growing u-s jobs. one tech company that wasn't at today's meeting, ironically, was twitter! politico is reporting the snub was a response to twitter's refusal to let the trump campaign use a "crooked hillary" emoji during the election. >> pam:meanwhile, trump's family involvement in the transition does not seem to be waning. sources say, his two sons helped in evaluating candidates for cabinet level positions. and once trump moves to the white house, the first lady's office is slated to become the first family's office. to help incorporate ivanka trump. return to >> pam: the federal reserve is raising a key interest rate --- for the first time in a year. the rate jump may indicate the u-s economy no longer needs the fed's crutches --- and can afford to pay more to borrow. >> steve:the fed also hinted more rate hikes could be on
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the way---as the economy improves. rising rates will affect millions of americans, including home buyers, savers and investors. officials raised the rate for short term interest rates by point two five percent. >> steve:it's just the second time in a decade they have raised rates. return to index of >> pam: planned parenthoodfeds bar states from 'defunding' planned parenthood washington - with just weeks left in office, the obama administration is barring family planning funds to organizations like planned parenthood that also perform abortions. >> pam: a final rule wednesday from health and human services says that states cannot deny funding to clinics for reasons unrelated to their ability to provide basic family planning services. although abortion is a legal medical procedure, federal dollars cannot be used to restricted circumstances. >> pam: the administration's action was expected. abortion opponents immediately said they will seek to reverse the rule under president-elect donald trump. gop opposition to planned parenthood intensified after activists released secretly recorded videos showing organization officials discussing fetal tissue donation. several congressional investigations failed to reveal anything illegal.
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>> pam: the rule takes effect jan.18 >> brittney: it will be windy tonight. flash flooding is expected. you want to be careful driving. the not drive the flooded world ways. make sure you turn around. we will have some lingering snow showers and the sierra. what we will see as we go into the overnight hours and then finally into tomorrow morning is moisture headed into the north of that. we up, tomorrow morning provide extra time to get to work. >> brittney: you would notice light my and self- judge in san francisco and oakland. --you would notice
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light rain showers in sampras's call in oakland until we get into the after now that session afternoon and evening hours and that is what it will pick up for the entire area making it hard. to get home. >> brittney: it to have to go to the sierra tomorrow. you may want to try in the morning but it will slowly switch over to a range-snow makes. an overnight hours into 28 m parts of lake tahoe will switch over to snow. with a lingering snow showers affected for the date until friday. if you avoid the thursday evening timeframe is process-that is probably best.
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>> brittney: when speed is up 35 mi. per hour at the coast. --wind speed >> brittney: continue to seek preconditions. but since none--but some sunshine will pick through on friday afternoon. >> brittney: the tours are in the '50s. --the temperatures are now in the '50s. >> pam: thank you, brittney! >> pam: each year, tens of thousands of people are hurt in crashes. involving red lights runners.
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>> pam: yet despite that fact, drivers continue to do it. >> steve:a few weeks ago -- we showed you an intersection where red light running is a big problem. the police saw our segement -- and decided to do some think about it. >> stanley: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: >>there are so many red light runners in fremont, that all a traffic officer had to do is flag and tag. >> stanley:if you're unfamiliar with that term. it's when an officer flags you down and tags you with a ticket this is a citation for running the red light you need to stop for the red light it's not a yield back in october i produced this segment: this is the corner of auto mall parkway and pacific commons in the city of fremont believe it or not red light >> stanley:in response to that segment along with grant money from traffic safety fremont police launched a crackdown on red light runners and other violations >>do you know the reason why i stopped you
8:35 pm
>> stanley:that question was asked more than 4 dozen times because driver >> stanley:another one ran the light and not at just one intersection >>what color. red was the light so you know the rules for stopping at a light time you need to be at your daughter's school? >>so do you know the rule for what's the rule >> stanley: >> steve: >> stanley:so many drivers ran the light i almost had to check to make sure it wasn't greenwhat color was the light there it was green ahh what lane were you in do you remember that? >> stanley:this driver not didn't stop, at one point during the stop she started driving >>whoa, stop ma'am stop, stop, your car put your car in park do not move thank you >> stanley:the there was one driver who didn't seem to understand the significance of a red light
8:36 pm
so you know the rule about the stop light you don't and you want to make a right complete stop >> stanley:officers also dealt with the dedicated turn lane that drivers were using it as a shortcut >>you know how long you sat there with your turn signal that want to driver legally are not stuck behind you the traffic light that's the that >> stanley:what some of you want to know is did i talk to the drivers . oh you know i did put your right hand up say i signs i promise to say i signs ok i promise to read all the street signs that's in a future edition of people behaving badly . in fremont stanley roberts kron 4 news return to index
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>> pam: when the weather turns cold and wet - our thoughts turn to comfort foods. >> steve:tonight on dine and dish, vicki liviakis goes in search of the perfect bowl of clam chowder. return to
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>> vicki:nothing like a hot creamy bowl of clam chowder to warm your bones. it's tied with chicken noodle as the most served soup in the land. but you don't have to go to new england to get great new england clam chowder. >> vicki:on the embarcadero - hog island oysters does more than shuck bi-valves. they're known for really clammy and real cream clam chowder. on touristy fisherman's wharf you can score a decent bowl of chowder - made out of bread if you like. but for a really great bowl of clam chowder you have to head to half moon bay. >> vicki:past the surfers and sand - there's sam's chowder where people line up for a bowl of their best. sam's even sends out their food truck for a mobile bowl of creamy chunky chowder. up the way - is barbara's fishtrap. >> vicki:with their famous cream-free clam chowder. no dairy - period. but tons of clams. and as you work your way down to san jose. an unlikely spot "dia de pesca" - famous for fish tacos also serves up chowder - with clams. >> vicki:or - you can go with their corn chowder. in san francisco, vicki
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liviakis kron 4 news. return >> steve:thank you, vicki! >> steve:the menlo fire department.joined forces with pg& conduct their annual holiday fire safety demonstration. hundreds attended the free event located at the baylands structural collaspe expressway. >> steve:onlookers were treated to live fire simulations addressing the accidental ignition of christmas officials encouraged people to keep their trees healthy and case of emergency. authorities say the purpose of the to promote fire and life safety during the holidays.
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>> pam: coming up at 8. >> pam: new questions are being santa claus told the truth. about a story of his encounter with a terminally ill boy. return to index of >> steve:in sports. ronnie lott is not happy with a n- f-l executiove's criticism of his oakland stadium plan. >> pam: . and bay area sports teams and players get into the explain. and have all the sports. coming up return to
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ebolait is a story that has gone viral. bringing many people >> pam: but now, doubt is being cast on the story that the man who dresses as santa told, about a boy dying in his arms.
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>> steve:eric schmitt-matzen says he was asked to visit a terminally ill boy whose last wish was to meet santa claus. but now---according to the daily mail online====the newspaper that originally published the story is saying they could not verify the story. >> steve:daily mail says they area of knoxville tennessee but cannot find one that's admitted it happened there. schmitt-matzen is standing by his account. but refuses to identify the family or hospital where it happened. >> steve:ever wonder what google's top searches are this year? well we have the results for you. >> steve:"pokemon go," the olympics and the presidential election were a top trends in what curious users searched for in 2016. but powerball topped the list... that could be because the multi- state lottery handed out a record $1-point-6 - billion prize dollars in january alone. >> steve:another common searches... hurricane matthew... which ripped through the caribbean and made its way to florida. throw in some celebs... and
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you've got beyonce, brad pitt, david bowie, and among the many others. >> reporter: date people crossed the bay area was preparing for the rain storm as sending out sandbags. at least two people start or tried to steal his san that spirit others were preparing. tonight at 10:00. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: >> gary: here comes the sharkey spirit! they are
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trying to force it through. go to the shoot out the second night and at road. jones is right there. what 7 shootout spirit-- with 7 shootout spirit sharks win for the second night in a row on the road. they are home friday night to face the montreal canadiens. >> gary:the nfl has set a deadline for the raiders to decide if they are moving from oaklandthe league has set a deadline of february 15 on next year 10 days after the super bowl for the raiders to apply for relocation right now mark davis says he's on board for a move to las vegas where funding for a $1.9 billion stadium is in place >> gary:but a group led by ronnie lott got approval from alameda country and the city of oakland to negotiate a $1.3 billion deal to finance a stadium in oakland
8:48 pm
>> gary:the "lott plan" which would require as much as 4350 million in public money was cirticized by and nfl a "carbon copy" of a past oakland stadum plan that failed >> gary:lott took exeption to that assessment while league commissioner roger goodell stood pat on the current situation. >> this the deal is not a car and copy. most importantly ahead at a part of the and passed a bill for a long time. for an executive to put me in that category, i find it really of themselves. -- it really offensive >> there is not a deal on the table that will face or
8:49 pm
present the long-term issues. so we need to continue to work at it. >> gary: you are a great player but how much money are you putting in this now? that is what they're thinking. these guys want money. they do not want to establish that ort great talent. --they do not want nostalgia or great talent. >> gary:the chiefs took control of the a-f-c west, but with a win against the chargers this sunday oakland will clinch a playoff berth. the last time the raiders were in the playoffs was in 2002. melvin gordon and joey bosa remain questionable against injuries this past sunday.
8:50 pm
>> they make a lot of plays. they are a productive offense. so, our work is cut out for us. we are focusing on the preparation. >> gary: the forty-niners getting were over. -- worked over >> gary: here is what the 49ers have done what the alumni assistance program. they have established a cold heart fund to assist former players. to assist former players, pledging both $1 million towards the pond. -- towards the fund.
8:51 pm
>> gary: proceeds will help came the bunt toward the disadvantaged and distressed former players and their family. >> gary: all of the fellows was on hand today. >> gary:oakland still has a chance to win the division. last three games and hope the chiefs lose a game in the next few weeks. head coach jack del rio says they're facing a good team. >> gary:the 49ersand former owner and now nfl hall of famer eddie debartolo have established the "golden heart fund" to assist former payers who are in need the york family and debartolo have both pledged $1 million each to the fund the proceeds will help aid the fund in providing relief for disadvantaged and distressed former players but not limited to supporting both mental and disaster relief, and personal financial hardship.
8:52 pm
>> gary:the sharks continue their season of giving. the sharks foundation will donate 300-thousand dollars to seven non-profit organizations. they will be recognized on december 20th against the flames. >> gary:the grant recipients include lucile packard children's stanford hospital and vista center for the blind and visually impaired. last year the foundation donated 565-thousand dollars to 24 organizations return >> gary: i know pam once it --wants it neat. but, what if we came on with all the good things? >> steve: just keep doing a good job, gary.
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>> gary: aww, thank you! >> pam: we will be right back. (laughter)
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>> stanley:tonight at 10 >> stanley:we talk to some of the drivers caught in the fremont police department red light runner crackdown there was a red light but there was no stop sign like stop on red. we'll here what they have to say in the next edition of people behaving badly return >> brittney: 10-the heavy rain will continue. and we will see lots of heavy rain and wind gusts up to 40 mi. per hour for the sierra. snow rain mixed so we will be tracking a lot for tomorrow >> steve:thanks, brittney
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>> steve: news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 10. see you then.
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