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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 17, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PST

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the entire industry sprint ahead. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> our top story tonight say good-bye to the wet weather. but say hello to the freezing cold temperatures now hitting the bay area. good evening everybodyjgj thanku fore, moore. >> and a freeze warning is in effect tonight for parts of the bay area. our meteorologist lawrence carno is here with details on the cold snap. >> get out the thick blankets it's going to be chilly all around the bay area. the cold air is moving in now. nice and clear outside right now with the clear air out there, temperatures dropping off in a hurry. in fact here's some of the$x numbers we're working on now,pjust updating 43 in san
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jose, 438gx in concord, 40 in n, 36 in fairfield. and 39 degrees if petaluma. so you get%á/ñ the idea we're working on a very cold night. freeze warnings going out for many of the valleys. temperatures hovering in the 20s and 30s for overnight lows. the cold air sticking around the entire weekend. and the recent winter storm brought lots of snow%qñ, the sierra mountains. so if you're planning to head to lake tahoe area here's what you need to know to stay safe. >> reporter: as snow fell traffic moved at a snail's pace. but that didn't stop families from making the trip to enjoy the!uiut(qgt snowfall. >> we usually come up and@> yes much >>ifrnt this is then first year 17-month old nash
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gets to see and fall in the snow. >> i love the snow. we don't get to come up as÷& ofn as we would like. but since it's our first trip of the season and we getw3 to brig our son, it's joyful we get to actually share the tradition with him. >> while it was this baby's first time to play in the snow, ÷ as thrilled as he prepared to drive his big rig through the something he's never done before.  don't know what we're expecting. so kind of, it's going to be an experience. it's a little nerve racking what to expect. we'll'n. see. p it's also the fit time installing chains on his big rig. he says driving in good weather ñ racking. >> just because oflu sharp curving, the truck picks up speed, when there's know and rain it gets real slippery. you might lose control. >> he's hoping all drivers will
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take extra precaution and keep each other safe on the road. as for nash, this may be his first visit. but definitely not his last. >> one thing to remember if you are traveling up here is to be very patient. one man we spoke with says it took him an hour just to drive 7-mile. area are still dealing with the after math of yesterday's storm. it was a close callgob for one oakland family when a huge cypress tree snapped and rammed into theirsw$ home. luckily the people inside were not hurt. thisl thursday night. when the 110-foot tree cameól the owner of the home describes what happened. >> boom it was like anvl explosion. i looked at the wall, the ceiling fell in. boom, the mirror was broken.
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boom. and the roof is solid with two by fours$x going across. i expect that's why ourt f houe was never wiped out. so you never mess with mother nature. >> crews were there for hours today hauling away parts of2í t huge tree. the family says the cost to remove it is about $13,000. the%ñ>÷ also estimate it willt thousands more to fixko the roof and the other damage. >> another big story tonight the back and forth between uber and both the state and san francisco city officials continues. state prosecutors are saying that they're going to take uber before a judge if the company doesn't get permits for its self driving cars. >>?3 this isko2 all in response uber'szme statement earlier sag it'ssautonomous cars will i stay on the roads despite the demands tooç put the vehicle i >> autonomous vehicles and( tooç put the vehicle i >> autonomous vehicles and( driving cars may sound like+n same thing to you but to uber
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thekosemantics make a big difference. they're not capable of driving without monitor or active control by a human. >> self driving ubeers operate in[ the same way asñr.nb veh driving assistance technologies. >> they've been on the streets for more than a month and asks why they need permits now. >> we've been testing on public roads is essential for gaining public trust and improving technology overtime. >> tesla self driving technology is also on citykostreets and the city hasn't required permits from those cars. >>%qñ there are other groups lie the bicycle groupok in san francisco that say safety is the number one priority and the cars aren't ready to be on the street. ñ there were illegal and dangerous right turns conducted by the vehicles through bike lanes. >> spokesperson was disheartened they rolled out the pilot
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program two days later despite the coalition's expressed concerns. but uber buckled down saying it would continue picking up passengers with its self driving car ins san francisco without permit. >> we cannot in goode+9 conscie sign up for legislation on something we are not doing. >> they asked for clarificationp on what makes a vehicle autonomous but hasn't!)% heardk with any of the specifications. >> here in san francisco ten people have been hospitalized after the driver of a car traveling northbound on stockton here in san francisco 's china town struck1)5 a bus stop whera crowd of people was standing. two of those people g= have been transferred to the hospital and are facing life threatening injuries. 'páion into this accident continues as we head into friday evening. at this point investigators arei saying why the driver of that car crashed in the first place. in san francisco charles clifford, kron4 news.
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>> here at this richmond auto recking yard what started as a small fire quickly grew and c destroyed more thanoo 200o5" cars. strong winds coupled with gasoline, oil, plastics, and tires@ah fueled the blaze and t toxic smoke into neighboring homes. firefighters say because of the amount of destruction they may never be able to identify the source of the fire. >> coming up freezing temperatures hitting the bay area as
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it is getting tn now. expecting some freezing temperatures, likelym¢ going toñ see some!- the early morning hours. a freeze warning is up for the north bay, expecting that in the east bay, the valleys, over the mountain top,é4 also in the souh bay. some of the overnight lowsq-: n the 20s and 30s. we're going to actually see some frost especially saturday night into sunday. bay, places you don't usually see it. overnight lows expected to be ce santa rosa tomorrow morning. 28 in napa early on. 35 in san jose. 36 in hayward. about 27 in livermore. it is clear out there right now. and the clear skies and the winds settling down those temperatures going to start to drop off after midnight. it's already cold enough. 39 in livermore, 41 in santa rosa, and 45 in san francisco.
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c cold air just dropping in out of the gulf of alaska. it will settle in for the weekend. these temperatures running daytime about 5 to 10 degrees below the average for this time of year. with that in mind plan on a cool one even after you get up, you'll see the frosty conditions melt away. but temperatures for highs tomorrow only mainly in the mid to low 50s around the bay area as we'll see a will the of sunshine but it'll be cool and brisk outside. next couple of days even colder maybe some of those numbers bottoming out near record low areas and we'll( those temperatures moderate. winter begins on,0ñ wednesday bt it's already gotten off to a big start. evt tonight. >> very cold night indeed. >> yeah. throw an extra blanket on your pipes, your plants. >> the people. >> the people. >> the people. pe. úw.yrñ that's it for us tonight. have a good weekend everybody. stay warm. our next newscast begins at
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