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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 20, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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effort that went into searching for a candidate with the skill set and desired characteristics. >> police command staff and other leaders talked about why he stands out. and they decided not to tab interim chief tony chaplin. the former chief resigned in may. >> the deputy chief knows what it takes not just in reform the effort it will take to transform the department and create transparent and accountable police departments. >> they believe scott has the right stuff to make the change if necessary - - that is necessary. in the past few years they have faced harsh criticism, such as in the fetal shooting of
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several officers. the department of justice handed down a long list of reforms. and they talked about implementing changes. in addressing the crowd, scott talked about addressing jobs. >> the same person i've been all my life. the person who will listen and take action as appropriate. a person who will be fair and consistent. >> got promised to get the right to work and it will not be easy, he says. the rank and file of nearly 2000 officers has been known to be tightknit as a group and not necessarily friendly to outsiders. the chief is looking forward to the getting straight to work. and a spokesperson with the police said that the new chief will not start until the end of
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january. a date has yet to be set. we are learning about the new san francisco chief. he worked with lapd for 27 years. he was appointed chief. scott is an advocate of greater police involvement in the community. he served as a young officer in los angeles when the rodney king riots started. he also received a degree in accounting from the university of alabama. two dozen people were killed after eating a free thanksgiving dinner, the shocking report, bacteria was connected to food that was that day. and we found out what that bacteria is and how to prevent
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it. >> there were three fatalities. >> we have found out what that bacteria is. >> bacteria connected to food eaten during a community thanksgiving meal served at veterans memorial hall, also known as the american legion hall. >> it is commonly found in meat but it could be in the gravy or other foods as well. >> the doctor said that it could not have been cooked properly or stored properly. >> bacteria is found in situations in which food is held for a long time. >> cook food to the appropriate
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temperature, clean your hands and surfaces and store food properly. and cool food to the appropriate temperature after cooking. >> the community church hosted the dinner in which 800 people were served. church officials have not decided whether or not they will continue this free program in 2017. and tonight, police are looking for a man who tried to lure a female high school student into his car, it happened at a coffee shop and according to the victim, after she left, he followed her and tried to get him into his car. she took off and reported the incident to police who then alerted the school district.
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a white male, 50 years old with an accent. sheriff investigators are trying to figure out why a man broke into a high school and smashed the place up. it happened at cardinal newman high. that suspect is in custody. our reporter is at the high school with more information on the destruction. >> it is just the tip of the iceberg for this $100,000 worth of destruction committed by this suspect. firefighters responded near santa rosa and got more than they bargained for. no fire, but a man who was out of control, thrashing - - trust - - trashing the building. >> we looked through the windows. we saw the male subject
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breaking the trophy case and the windows. we saw him continue to break out the windows, the glass, and she continued to make a mess. >> sheriff deputies arrived and took him into custody and found he had done $100,000 worth of damage not just to the administration building either. >> he pushed over garbage cans and lockers. they had a statue, a computer was thrown next to it. students, a chance to see some of the destruction. >> a lot of glass broken, statues torn apart, papers everywhere, it is disrespectful. he had no reason to do this, and it was just pointless. >> the suspect was identified and arrested and booked into
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sonoma county jail for burglary, felony vandalism, and being under the influence of a controlled suss - - substance. he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon in santa rosa, in the hall of justice. the 26-year-old man died at the hospital after being excavated from a truck. officers say he hit it - - in an abandoned minivan, causing his truck to overturn. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors, the cause of the crash is under investigation. and the truck he was driving was carrying hundreds of packages from the postal
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service, as you saw, those were strewn all over. german officials say the person behind the deadly terrorist attack yesterday still is at large, armed and dangerous. isis claimed responsibility for one of their - - for an extremist who plowed a car into the - - through the area. catherine has more. >> and isis propaganda website says breaking news in that corner. it is both in error - - arabic and german. the driver was a soldier in the islamic state and did this to wage war against the coalition
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states. a giant tractor-trailer towed off. a trail of death and destruction. that truck was going 40 miles per hour. >> we heard it crash on the left side of us. we saw the christmas lights that were being torn down. we saw the vehicle coming from the left and the will write. it was crushing into people. >> the driver was found with a bullet in his head and stab wounds. no gun was found and it is believed the vehicle was hijacked and the suspects are still armed. in the pakistani man who was arrested was released for a lack of evidence. security was ramped up in germany, italy, and the czech republic.
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and in the united states, go police were alerted. tactical vehicles blocked entrances and officers remained on high profile. one woman came from germany to sell pretzels and bratwurst spirit >> we are feeling safer. there are a lot of police around. >> the language of today's claim is identical to what isis said after an attack in france last summer when 86 people died when a driver plowed through the crowd as people watched fireworks. international breaking news, we are following the shot it - - shocking footage from mexico. 29 people killed, several others hurt, after an explosion
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at a fireworks market in mexico city. you can see a a giant plume of smoke. fireworks were still going off after that initial blast. there were similar fires in the past that destroyed market's. after the explosions, a fire went through the city, leveling hundreds of merchant stalls. and emergency responders are assessing the scene. there is no word on what started the explosion. >> is it enough to ease the ongoing drought? check in with local reservoirs and give you an update on the water crisis. admin and women worked endlessly on this fire investigation and they are being honored tonight. a man trying to get his car
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out of a tow yard steals a tow truck instead. details on that coming up next. slightly warmer temperatures tonight and tomorrow, i'm also tracking the rain back in the forecast, i will let you know more coming up after the break. your full weather forecast is coming up in a moment. stay with us, we will be right back.
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police chases are not uncommon, but an overnight
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chase is being described as particularly strange catherine has the details on this one that involves a stolen tow truck. >> the chp says a man stole it - - a tow truck before dawn and there were keys in the ignition, he got in and took off and it resulted in a chase down the bridge and a foot chase. that suspect is moses miller. his car had been impounded by another police station and this was his attempt to get it back. he broke down a fence and try to get his car out and that part did not go so well. >> we heard the noise and the
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tow truck went going through the fence. a guy jumped in his own vehicle and try to get out. then he came back out and jumped in the tow truck. >> a big mess, basically. he did not get his own vehicle back. there were officers from oakland and san francisco. there were helicopters and the truck stopped on the on ramp and backed into a chp car, damaging it. miller has been booked into county jail. he is facing a string of charges including hit and run. the wife of a man killed in a car crash on friday found her husband's husband's body using a smart phone application. the 49-year-old was driving
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when he hit a concrete barrier at the interchange of highway 101 and 102. the car fell into an open field and stopped behind some bushes which blocked the view from other people in the area. the vehicle was found after his wife tracked him down. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. parts of the bay area are still drying out and the numbers are in, it turns out the reservoir got a nice boost from the rain and rob has the update on how the south bay reservoirs are doing. >> it is so very early in the rain season and the drought is not over, far from it. the storm dumped about 2 inches of rain. and it provided a welcome
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boost. and here is what they had to say. one of the larger reservoirs in the valley, now just over 40% capacity. a roughly 5% increase over one week ago, representing a good start for the year. >> reservoir levels are up to 96% of a 20 year average and groundwater levels have improved through the savings that community has achieved. >> groundwater recharge, when runoff from the rain and strategic releases seep into the office - - aquifer. and other sources run though. water managers offer a word of caution. >> we've seen this where you have a good start and then
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january it turns out really dry. we still are continue to save and passing savings of 20% in santa clara county. >> some consumers consumed as much as 27% last year. those reservoirs had some carryover and it did not go completely dry last summer but it did the year before. they hope the good habits will carry into the next year. >> people have made permanent changes or changed to a california efficient landscape which is great. and they have changed out things that have been inefficient. those are all long-term benefits. a 5% increase, how much water is that? acre or feet, 1 acre foot of
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water is how much it takes to cover 1 acre of land 1 foot deep. and that can meet the needs of a family of four over the entire year. and enough water for 4000 families for a year. a beautiful picture of the lexington reservoir. more water but nothing coming out on the sky camera yet. >> not yet but friday we have another chance of rain adding to our averages. in fact we are already above average. normal rainfall amount, january 1st, typically a normal year. this year we have picked up over 20 inches and last year we picked up 7 inches. above average when it comes to rainfall, we have another chance through friday. 47 degrees in fairfield, 54 in
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concord, 57 in san francisco. 51 degrees in mountain view. temperatures have started to warm up over the afternoon and 5 degrees in fairfield and santa rosa, five degrees, 4 degrees in san jose right now, tonight you will feel the difference, and last night was not as cold as the night before. 6:00, , 47 degrees, dropping into the lower 40s, and staying around the 50s for the bay. then we drop to the middle to high 40s. tonight, middle 40s for san francisco, high 30s for a change in santa rosa. 39 in antioch. still right above freezing in livermore and hayward at 45 degrees overnight tonight, and we still have an alert for the rest of the night and through tomorrow, it will still be cold and it is illegal to burn
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outdoors. this goes through february 28th. we will see more alerts and talk about the chance of rain on friday and snow in your seven day. several city officials face charges in connection to an ongoing water crisis in flint, the latest, on that investigation, coming up. and hear from a woman who barely escaped the flames of a ghost ship fire. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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alameda county says thank you today to the many people who put in long hours at the warehouse fire site in oakland and that includes the first responders who helped with the effort. >> they said that they needed to acknowledge the hard work from those people who were
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honored today including emergency workers, firefighters and police. and investigators and representatives of the departments including the da office, public works, social services, all of them in key roles after the tragedy that killed 36 people. and the county board of supervisors praised them for composure, factionalism, and excellence. >> we just saw all of the people in that fire. it has an emotional impact. these citizens all came together for one mission, to rescue those people. >> and there were fire recovery efforts, the sheriff said everybody worked with great dignity and respect for those who died. the das office is working
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to decide whether or not to file charges against the owner of that warehouse. a tenant said that she barely got out alive that night. >> one year since she lived inside what was known as the ghost ship. she lived 20 feet from the fire that erupted. >> there was a window between me and the fire. most people did not get out. >> 36 people did not get out. how the guy who ran that workspace has hired - - hired a lawyer. the defense attorney said that he did not commit a crime. and the exampled - - they said that he should not be made the scapegoat for this fire. >> you know, inspections were not done. but someone went through the
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warehouse and cleared it. >> she said it would have cost 45 - - $40,000 to get up to safety regulations. >> we didn't have the money. >> the district attorney's office has not decided if anyone should face charges. the attorney says the county has a confluence - - conflict of interest. >> we still have more news coming up. family members of the victims killed in the nightclub shooting are suing bay area companies and blaming social media. and why one family says the city is to blame for the death of their son. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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you are watching your local bay area news station. >> the family of an oakland teen filing a lawsuit against the city. the attorney said that the city knew that the tree was dangerous to the public that they failed to react in time. >> this is is a tragedy that
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did not need to happen. >> reporter: travis lewis was hanging out with friends when the accident happened. the teen team was climbing up the tree when the limbs snapped and fatally crushed the young man. the tree was cut down after his death. now only a stump is left. the family attorney says the tree was marked with a blue dot which meant it was slated for removal. and the victims attorney examined the stump. >> extensive decay in the center and in the roots, it may very well have been dead before the breakage occurred. my concern is that i see other trees in the park that are in similar condition. >> reporter: they claim city
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staff knew that the tree was in bad shape for years and refused to do anything. >> this was an issue for multiple years before the accident. everyone knew that this tree was dead, dying, dangerous. >> they are talking about spending the holiday without jack. they are filing the lawsuit so the city will take steps to make the park safer. >> we just don't want something like this to happen to someone else. >> i decided to reach out to the oakland city attorney office. they say they need to review the lawsuit before they can make any comments. another interesting story, equally horrific, the mother of a bride killed by a tree as
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they were taking pictures. the wedding party - - the wedding party was in the whittier section and that group was taking wedding pictures when a huge eucalyptus tree uprooted and fell. several people were trapped under the tree, the mother of the bride was killed. and a 4-year-old girl is suffering from head trauma in this story that has made headlines around the world. and in a date on breaking news, shooting in vallejo, this is the aerial view of the pawnshop in which that shooting took place. we now know one of the people shot has died. there were two people shot this afternoon at 2:30. this was at pawn advantage shop in vallejo, witnesses saw two individuals wearing masks and one of them had a gun.
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they fled the scene of the shooting. we will have a live report at 6:00 tonight. families of the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting have filed lawsuits for providing material suit - - support. they said that these social media websites allowed people at the shooter to continue accessing isis and spreading propaganda. they said without social media, this would not have been possible. >> these companies provided instruments of terrorist activity. if they put a small fraction of the monday - - money that they spend on advertising toward preventing isis and others from using their instruments, we would not have this problem
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today. >> twitter, facebook and google have announced plans to set up a shared database to track and remove terrorist propaganda - - propaganda. charges have been made, the state attorney general announcing charges against state officials of flint michigan. two of those officials are going to spend 20 years in prison. cost cutting measures led to contamination of the drinking water. the announcement comes on top of the eight current or former state workers and a former flint employee criminally charged. we are learning about the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. prosecutors released a search warrant application to just - - in order to justifies - -
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justify the search of anthony weiner's laptop. the fbi argued that laptop was never authorized to be used for national defense operations. and a device between clinton - - used between clinton and someone else. clinton was ultimately cleared just days before the election. and now we will take a look at downtown san francisco and the bay bridge all lit up, it is a clear night but we have rain moving in. >> it is moving in toward the end of the workweek. and we are tracking a system bringing snow to the sierra. and be very careful getting to the high country, we still have an alert in effect. friday morning through the
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north bay and friday night into saturday and sunday, sierra snow is expected. and a gorgeous sunset, san francisco at 53 degrees, oakland at 53, san jose, livermore, concord, 54 degrees as well. the radar showing us a little bit of weak disturbance toward the north of the bay area, although we could see scattered showers expected to stay to the north. we will see a little bit more energy from this system moving closer toward lake tahoe, bringing scattered snow showers overnight, the main system will not get to the sierras until the weekend, we are also tracking rain that is going to move into the bay area friday night at 5:45 in the morning, it starts first in the north bay and spreads through the day. it will be a wet evening commute for a lot of folks on friday evening and i am tracking what else is in store
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and how much snow can be expected in the sierras. the raiders are heading to the playoffs. we will hear from people who played a big role and the first playoff appearance for this team since 2002. volkswagen is trying to resolve the admissions cheating scandal. what the court ruled, coming up next.
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volkswagen is still dealing with the admissions cheating scandal. and we have the latest details, this is going to be even more money. >> they are hitting them right in the corporate wallet. and they plan to spend $1 billion to settle more claims. the deal will include the option of a a buyback for at least 20,000 cars and substantial compensation on top of repairs or by the. that company has been hit very hard financially and the
5:42 pm
recently lost a deal for 500,000 cars. the largest car scandal settlement in history. and announcement for next year's inductees including folks from the bed. find out more coming up after the break. if you get into debt, sometimes bankruptcy is the only answer. what can you do with back taxes? from what i heard, uncle sam is not patient were forgiving. >> if you ever owe money god the irs probably is the most aggressive collector with virtually unlimited resources and with deficits growing by the second, they are on pressure to collect revenue and they are getting more aggressive. wage garnishment, davies, been cleaned and seizures. >> what can they take?
5:43 pm
>> any asset, bank accounts, cars or boats, leaving your home or business could be up for grabs. and there is actually a program called fresh start, and initiative designed to help people get tax relief and get out of debt once and for all. for people who qualify it could be a fraction of what they owe. >> people just call the irs? >> it can be difficult to understand. you need somebody on your side. you need the agents and attorneys. someone who knows the initiative inside and out. for people who call, the first thing we do, is look at their situation. they may need an installment plan or compromise. we can settle for a fraction of what they owe, like in this case in which they owed $25,000 and the settlement was for just
5:44 pm
$2000. i always recommend a quick call. >> if you owe, do not wait until it is too late.
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breaking news in vallejo, pam has more on what we are working on at 6:00. >> a witness saw men wearing masks, one armed with a gun guy entering the store. police arrived to find men shot inside the store, we have a crew on the way and we will have a live report at 6:00, that and more coming up at 6:00. a topic you cannot talk
5:46 pm
enough and out - - enough about. >> a sterling era for the silver and black as they are back in the post season and the team is looking forward to not just making it but achieving it when they get there. live with the latest on what is being discussed, the expectations just got higher. >> they are not just happy to be there, that is a good thing. and players have mentioned multiple times this season that they have still not played their best football. exactly what then should want to hear. imagine how good this team is going to be coming into the next season. and now that the playoffs spot has been locked in, clinching the division title, they will be hosting a team that is desperate to get into the post
5:47 pm
season. indianapolis cannot afford more losses and they will be treating this game like the playoffs. the raiders season - - the raiders are seasoned enough, they know there is never time to get complacent. >> they are still focused on indianapolis. and we have had our backs against the wall and we know that we are going to come out and fight. >> the second seat just beyond new england. and if they beat the cold - - colts or the chiefs, news or tie on sunday. good news continues to pour in, and coming up, we will tell you which players were named to the nfl ours - - all-star team.
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we are looking outside at this beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. brittany, there are only a couple of days you have left to shop for my gift. >> they have several more days left. if you - - a dry and frizz free night. and 5 degrees in santa rosa, 5 degrees in fairfield, at least temperatures are warming up which is great for last-minute shopping. friday, things will change a bit. the system will move through and bring rainfall to the be area and snow as well. a little bit of a disturbance moving into lake tahoe overnight tonight and short morning hours tomorrow.
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the bay area will stay nice and dry. and this is a week system. and we are tracking a stronger system into friday. and if we are closer to napa, a wet commute to work. and friday, you will notice the widespread rainfall and heavier pockets moving into santa rosa, heavier pockets moving in again, this will continue throughout much of the evening - - evening. and tonight, tonight, tomorrow morning, another round of clear visibility, we are not tracking patchy or dense fog. and as we push into tomorrow, 60s are back on the map for richmond, concord, livermore, and 63 incentive - - san jose.
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the three day forecast showing mild conditions. thursday, partly cloudy, we are tracking a slight dip in temperatures and rain on friday. the seven day forecast is showing us when we get rid of the rain on friday, we will have leftover showers on saturday, slight chance in the north bay, bay, a dry christmas eve and christmas day. a slight chance of rain on monday and we are tracking heavy rain in the sierras. heading into the high country, use caution. everything will be quieting down into the next week. the rock and roll hall of fame, bay area names are in there. >> and some big bay area flavor. may be not the hard-core rock and roll for some of these folks. and there will be journey, pearl jam, electric light orchestra and english rock band
5:51 pm
yes. others will become eligible 25 years after their first album or single. the induction ceremony will be on the seventh. it will air later on hbo. and journey actually starting out in san francisco. coming up, a man opening up about incest in a - - diana. and we will have the juicy details from holiday - - hollywood coming up after the break.
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prince harry opens up about his late mother and her everlasting influence. our reporter has the latest. >> life returning to normal when the world's eyes are fixated on a new royal romance. back in toronto a romantic week with prince harry in london. this morning, the 35-year-old stayed bundled up with an oversized black coat and a cream colored hat. 3500 miles away in london, prince harry continued his royal duties. and he attended an annual
5:55 pm
christmas lunch. and they will reunite. many are wondering if megan is on the path to incest with engagement imminent. >> everything around you tears you to pieces and now for me, i can see where i want to go. and i need to make something of my life. >> he overhauled the priorities in his life. and he explained how the loss of his mother led to his short- lived rebellion. >> is it i don't want to be this person. my mother died and i did not want to be in this position. but now i am so energized to be able to make a difference. >> putting words into action he
5:56 pm
has dedicated himself to living in a charitable life, benefiting many in an african kingdom. >> we will have more on this story tonight on the insider. >> that will wrap it up for us at 5:00 and we will get to the news at six next. >> we are following breaking news out of vallejo, a deadly shooting at a pawn shop, we will have the live report. and a new police chief, williams but - - william scott, the news at six is next.
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stack what we do know according to the police department about 310 this afternoon possibly two suspects entered the pond advantage jewelry and loan. at least two victims, we know that one has died. the other is suffering from gunshot wounds and according to witnesses, the two men who robbed the store were wearing
5:59 pm
masks. at least one of them may have had a gun. let's take a look at video that was shot on the ground just a short time ago. the vallejo police department are here and investigating. the area is taped off while they conduct their investigation. we do not have too many additional details. we do not know if the store was robbed by these men who went in. we do not know their identities. do not know the identities of the victims. here this afternoon we were able to speak with the owner of another pawnshop who knew the victims. he is quite shaken by what has happened.>> i have kids. this is scary. there has been times were people -- scary looking people come in and i think -- i keep my shops open late. it can happen at any time. truck back alive this is an active investigation. one person has been killed. possibly two suspects are on
6:00 pm
the loose. another person has been injured. we are hoping to get an update from the vallejo police department someday this evening.>> you will keep us posted. we will let you know about the deadly shooting with a pushover you can be the first to find breaking news through the kron 4 mobile app a freedom of for apple and android devices. stock another big story. we now know it what killed three people and made two dozen others sick after eating a free thanksgiving dinner in antioch. is back a stunning story and now the cdc has weighed in and have identified bacteria connected to food that was served that day. tonight health officials tell kron 4 haaziq madyun how does what he bacteria does and how can be prevented. truck adot a thanksgiving. dinner kill three people in antioch. 23 other diners became sick but survived the tainted meal. the health officials say the cdc has identified the bacteria responsible for the fatal
6:01 pm
illness.>> -- truck the doctor with the health services is the bacteria is well-known in her field. socket is very common bacteria. you can find it everywhere. it just happens that sometimes people become ill with certain strains of the bacteria. truck she says as in this case sometimes people die. >> it is directly connected to the bacteria. like that is correct. truck proper handling of food is the best way to prevent foodborne illness.>> the way to prevent is two could to the appropriate temperature. in your hands and kitchen surfaces often. store food properly. make sure that you cool food to the appropriate temperature after cooking. that you separate roberts from cook food. took golden hills trinity church holy the annual thanksgiving dinner at antioch veterans memorial hall also known as the american legion hall. over in other people were served the free meal. the church official told me that they have not made a decision on whether or not they
6:02 pm
will continue the free thanksgiving meal program in 2017. haaziq madyun kron 4 news. widespread destruction is how authorities are describing what i've handled it last night at a high school near santa rosa.>> dan kerman went to the scene and survey the damage about this report.>>reporter: this is what it looked like inside cardinal newman high school's administration building monday night when firefighters arrived responding to a fire alarm. inside, a man trashing the place. spike he had numerous a different objects. he had it, threat and tossed it. there was debris all of the front half of the school. broken out windows. truck when sheriff's deputy the right to take the suspect into custody they say he had already done $100,000 worth of damage. his motive remains unknown. but the damage caused was widespread. what -- >> at the watercooler tipped over broken trophy case. photos ripped off the walls.
6:03 pm
have a large saint that is been in there since the 60s for the school. it was pushed over and arms broken up.>>reporter: many students had heard about the destruction when they arrived for class on tuesday morning. >> it is weird that there was a guy at our school doing stuff like that.>> i think it was pointless. >>reporter: the suspect has been identified as 23-year-old andrew faulkner of grenville. he was arrested and booked into the sonoma county jail for burglary, felony vandalism, and being under the influence of a controlled substance. the suspect will make his first appearance before a judge wednesday afternoon after the hall of justice in santa rosa. at cardinal newman high school dan kerman kron 4 news. -- >> we found a candidate that both the commission and i felt about it what are city a police department needs in the next police chief. that is in william bill scott the deputy chief of the los angeles police department. psych that was san francisco mayor ed lee after months of
6:04 pm
searching san francisco settles from outside its own police department to take over as chief. kron 4's explains what he has apart from the other candidates and the challenges he faces ahead. >> this process was very comprehensive.>>reporter: members of the police mission board of supervisors police command staff and other city leaders talks about what made scott standout and wife we ultimately decided to reach outside the sfp the and not been around chief toney chaplin who is served since former chief greg sue was armed. spike deputy chief scott has seen firsthand what it takes to not just implement a series of reforms, but to the effort it will take to transform a department, continue to build community trust, and create a more transparent and accountable police department.>>reporter: in the past appears the sfp has faced harsh criticism such as in the fatal shooting by several
6:05 pm
officers of mario was pretty department of justice headed out a long list of reforms during a scott's tenure with the lapd. he assisted in a permitting tainted put forth by the justice department. in addressing the gathered crowd scott talked about the job and his dream of working in san francisco.>> what you will find in me i hope is the same person that i have been all of my life. a person that will listen to you. will hear you, will take action as appropriate. a person that will be fair and will be consistent. joker the sfp has only had a small handful of outside chiefs. its rank and file isn't nearly 2000 officers has been known to be a tight knit group and not necessarily finally to outsiders. the current date dordt gastonia with after the lapd for coming to san francisco and tapped as chief had this advice.>> i
6:06 pm
think we are going to work together but bill is a very bright guy. he comes from working very difficult assignment. i think he will do fine on his own. >> i spokesperson with several cisco police department says the new chief will actually not start his new job until the end of january. a swearing in date has not been set. here in san francisco terisa estacio kron 4 news. >> the san francisco police officers association interim chief toney chaplin put up a statement. we look forward to meeting william scott. we anticipated that he will tap into the tremendous talent of the men and women who make up the sfpd. the poa hopes to work closely with him as chief and we are committed to helping him move the department forward. spike this is a high profile but everything was not the only bay area city facing big changes in police leadership.>> katherine otts are the other examples of job openings for a police chief. and family that has really not been a great year for police chiefs. oakland comes to mind first.
6:07 pm
probably everybody waiting to see who mayor libby schaaf is going to choose. that could happen soon. she is trying to move past a sex scandal that is left the department without an acting chief for five months. if you count interim and acting chief oakland has had six chiefs leave since 2009. then there is berkeley and this man chief michael meehan recently resigned. he did not give a specific reason for the resignation. there is currently an acting chief and hayward is in the market for a new police chief. this is chief diane urban stewart. she retired after going on leave pending an investigation into an unknown matter. nobody yet publicly releasing the details on that. she had served at hayward police chief since 2011. and you can add to the list the fact that the barge police department is about to lose its chief. chief punted rainy is retiring this month making that yet another opening for it.
6:08 pm
strike the city of oakland has been slapped with a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of a teenager who was killed by a falling tree branch last year. spike the tragedy happened in a busy area lake merritt. maureen kelly talked with an arborist hired by the family. and attorney says that she is concerned because she sees more potentially dangerous entries at the same part of the park.>> jack was a kindhearted person who always had a smile for everybody. took lisa lewis is remember her 16-year-old son jack lewis who was killed last year truck that crashed -- crushed by falling to the pick only a remains covered with candles and
6:09 pm
flowers marking the one-year anniversary of his death. there lori maintained that the tree was diseased, dying and a dangerous and the city knew it. and market with a this one meaning it was slated for removal but failed to act in time. >> this is not some tree that was in the middle of the woods somewhere in a remote oakland park. this is a tree in a high usage area like where we are sitting now where teenagers play. where kids play.>> an arborist hired by the family examine the stop and said she sees evidence that there was extent of decay in the truck and. and is concerned because she walked the popular area of the park and said she sees other evidence of trees in similar conditions this one.>> the first thing i noticed with at the park with separating they would and then i followed that fisher down and saw that there is decay at the base of the tree and given it is at the base, that is a possibility for whole tree failure and the entire tree could fall over especially during a storm. truck i reached out to the city spokesperson to talk about park
6:10 pm
maintenance. she said she cannot respond because the cases in litigation. oakland voters easily passed a bond measure that would set aside $35 million for park improvements. maureen kelly kron 4 news. california was poised to speed up the execution of death row inmates. coming up why people on death row are once again in limbo. take a look at what police say they found inside a california man's rented a van. we have the details on i multimillion dollar marijuana run. kron 4 meterologist brittney shipp we have a, changes as we get closer to the christmas holiday weekend here checking all of the details coming up after the break.
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
isis is now claiming response ability for monday's deadly truck attack in early and at a christmas market.>> hear the latest developments on the story with a tragedy that killed 12 people. >>reporter: isis is saying it inspired the attack and was carried out by what they are calling a soldier of the islamic state. today german police released the one person they had in custody acknowledging that they had arrested the wrong person meaning the attacker or attackers are still on the run. berlin and people across the world just reeling from this attack. this was seen as a mourners stood vigil near the spot were so many plowed into the crowd on monday and that large truck. tonight the talk is about isis. many saying the isis theory makes all too much sense.>> it looks pretty logical that if
6:14 pm
you see an attack similar to attack that have been used in the past by isis that they have encouraged attacks just like this and an attack on christians at a christmas celebration. if it walks like a duck and talks like it up, it is probably a duck. >>reporter: police are warning the public to be alert. they have intensified the manhunt. the death toll of 12 include a man found inside the truck. authorities believe he was the original driver. a man from poland. this attack is being called the first mass casualty attack by isis on german soil. grant. the man accused of three separate bombings in the new york city area entered a plea of not guilty today. ahmad khan rahami is facing attempted murder charges. you see him here. this was his first in person court appearance. prosecutors say he rejected a plea deal tied to the charges from a standoff that led to his arrest in september. the explosions were injuring more than 30 people. the suspect in a road rage shooting
6:15 pm
along eastbound highway 580 in oakland is still on the loose this evening. this is video courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7. this incident happened yesterday afternoon. police say a driver that a driver in a hunter was tell getting a black mercedes. as they went to pass the mercedes the driver in the honda made a gesture towards the other driver. and that is when the person in the mercedes shot at the honda driver. no one was injured, but bullets it did hit the car. the chp says it does not think the shooting was gang related. police are still trying to get the driver of the black mercedes. an update on a story that we first told you about yesterday on kron 4 news. police have identified the two people shot to death near a homeless camp in san francisco's mission district. it happened over the weekend . one is 27-year-old lynn;. the other victim is 51-year-old eddie tate. the city says both lived in san
6:16 pm
francisco. no arrests have been made but witnesses reported seeing two men running away from the scene. strike the california man in serious trouble after maryland police pulled him over and found 2050 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. 53-year-old stephen toasty is accused of position and drug trafficking. police had stopped him on a freeway initially for speeding. immediately say they smelled pot and he said he told them that he had a joint that he smokes. officers then searched the man and found loads of these vacuum sealed bundles. investigators say the man told them he picked up the pot in pittsburgh pennsylvania and was taking it to regina. the estimated value of that marijuana was about $1 million.
6:17 pm
a big ruling today on proposition 66. that is the ballot measure californians approved last month to speed up executions. the state supreme court has halted it. there is a lawsuit challenging it and the court wants time to consider. opponents of prop 66 by the lawsuit think the measure would disrupt the court system and cost more money. supporters have called it nothing more than a stall. the reservoirs are getting a welcome to booster from the rain we have had. we bring you up today on the water picture in the south bay. truck one of the larger reservoirs in the santa clara valley in lexington is now just over 40 percent of capacity. that is roughly 5 percent increase over just a week ago. a represent a good start to the year. but our reservoir levels are up to about 96 percent of the 20 year average. our groundwater levels have improved over the last two because of the good savings that the community has achieved as well as the groundwater recharge that we have done.>>reporter: groundwater
6:18 pm
recharge. that is when runoff from the rain and strategic releases from the reservoirs seeps into the underground aquifer like money in the bank. for use when the reservoir imported water from the sierra and other sources run low. about water managers offer a word of caution.>> we have seen in years like this when we have a good start and then in january or february it turns out dry. we are still encouraging people to continue saving. we are still asking for savings of 20 percent and santa clara county. took it turns out most south bay consumers it conserved as much as 27 percent this past year which means those same reservoirs that are now collectively about 43 percent of full had some carryover and did not go completely dry last summer like some did the year before. let's hope those good habits will also carry over into next year.>>reporter: people have made permanent changes. a lot of people change other lamp into a permanently california efficiently which is
6:19 pm
great. people have fixed leaks which is great. teams out to toilets clothes washers that have were inefficient all of those have long terms benefits. truck one to just talk in terms of acre-feet. these early storms 10 rated about 4000 acre-feet of water in lexington and the other reservoir. one acre foot of water is the amount of water it takes to cover one acre of land one foot deep and one acre of water is enough to provide the needs of a family of four for a year. 4000 acre-feet is enough water for 4000 families and for one year. at lexington reservoir rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> the reservoirs might be filling up even more. a little bit of rain in the forecast as we take a live look at downtown san francisco. >> let's hope they do. but the check in with britney. there is rain in the forecast. there is rain in the forecast as we go into friday.
6:20 pm
we can see anywhere from half an inch to up to and inch of rain depending. and we are also adding up all of our rainfall totals the from the entire year from jittery first and we definitely saw an above average year. the normal amount would typically see 19 inches. this year only 20 into the last year only 7.1 this year only 20 into the last year only 7.13 inches. has been pretty impressive and we will add a little bit more to that as we head into friday 52 degrees from napa. 46 in about a. temperatures in san francisco 54 degrees. temperatures in mountain view 50 degrees. 51 in san jose. in the 40s and concorde. 24-hour temperature teams. up a 5 degrees in half moon bay. you probably know a slight warming trend. temperatures overnight are not as cool either that is the news . overnight low's are starting to warm back into the mid-40s. 45 tonight for san francisco. we will drop down to 39 in nevada. 39 in app and 34 in livermore tonight. still chilly fort livermore but
6:21 pm
most places will stay closer to the 40s. we have another winter spirit air alert in effect until wednesday. what smoke is the largest polluted during our winter months. it is illegal to burn would prefer looks nearby or even user outdoor fire pits. this is tonight and into tomorrow. satellite radar showing us quiet conditions over san francisco that a lot of cloudiness. we continue to see scattered shower activity. but we are bracing for a larger more robust system as a go to friday and bring lots of snow to the sierra heading into saturday and sunday. you notice the system starting to develop and the futurecast shows it will slowly started to drop down and really turn into a pretty decent system. as we go into all day on friday, we will see rainfall moving through. this will mainly affect your evening commute and then all of the moisture continues to push to the sierra and that is when we see impressive snowfall totals. 12 to 24 inches is a possibility.
6:22 pm
control will be likely this will effect your christmas weekend folks are trying to travel to the high country. if you are closely to bear valley 6 to 12 inches of snowfall south lake tahoe could get over an inch. a foot to a foot and a half of snowfall. the fog tracker shows us as we go into tomorrow morning our temperatures will continue warming. back in 260. nappies 51. in vallejo and concord. coming up we will take a look at your seven-day forecast. this woman is being called a grits. the popular christmas program police say one woman tried to take advantage of in order to get dozens of free toys. scary video out of mexico tonight. look at that. dozens of people have died after an explosion at a popular fireworks market right near mexico city. we have an update in seven minutes. a new tonight at 8 a woman carjacked at gunpoint at a
6:23 pm
popular east bay mall in the middle of the day. tonight find out how and where police found the high-priced porsche and how it ended up like this. tonight on kron 4 news at 8.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
we now the identity of a man who was killed when the truck he was driving that was loaded with mail and packages overturned early yesterday in danville. 26-year-old robbie kasha kumar of sacramento died at the hospital after he had to be extricated from the truck he was driving along interstate 680. you see the mess. officers say kumar hit in abandoned minivan on the side of the road causing the truck to overturn ended hit a large metal pole. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in this. because of the crash and why he initially hit the minivan is
6:26 pm
still being investigated. in polk county florida sheriff deputies are investigating a holiday soft that took toys from the hands of children in need. investigators arrested tammy strickland accused of stealing from the popular program which is run the marine corps reserve called toys for tots. deputies say strickland was a former volunteer and was caught filing more than two dozen fake applications using 140 fake children's names in order to get toys from the organization. officials say she is being called the real grinch who stole christmas. one of the most popular athletes in all of the world. how would you like to own a pair of shoes that were yourástep curry actually were in a game. how you can get in on that action, and because you would be helping at the same time. uber has explained to do. the bay area companies explanation behind what would have been $28,000 in a bill for
6:27 pm
one writer. we are keeping a close eye on the deadly blast that a fireworks market near mexico city setting video there. details in just a few minutes.
6:28 pm
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. i am charles clifford in vallejo where there has been a
6:30 pm
fatal shooting at a pawn shop let's take a look at the video that we shot a short time ago. according to the philae hopeful police department to armed men possibly wearing hooded sweatshirts entered the pawn shop the pawn advantage pond shop around 3:10 pm this afternoon. two victims on scene. two men suffering from gunshot wounds. one of them has died. the other is in serious condition. we also learned that a dog was shot and killed inside the business. witnesses say the suspect in this case were wearing hooded shirts and at least one of them may have had a gun. we do not know the identity of the victims at this hour. we also don't know a motive for the attack. the store was robbed. we don't know why they had gone into the store. and we also don't know the identity of the suspect in this case. alejo police are here on scene investigating. we are hoping to get more information later this evening. in vallejo charles clifford kron 4 news. cardinal newman has been in santa rosa a man is in custody tonight for allegedly trashing the school on monday night.>>
6:31 pm
we saw an active and will inside. a male subject singing heavy on large objects and breaking beautification, the windows and he continued to break out the front door window glass, and just continue to make a mess. truck by the time sheriff deputies arrived to take the suspect into custody had done more than $100,000 worth of damage. the suspect is expected to make his first court appearance wednesday afternoon at the hall of justice in santa rosa. -- >>reporter: product newman high school kron 4 news. that he san francisco police department has a new chief of police.>>reporter: he has william scott or more commonly known as bill scott. he is a veteran lapd officer. san francisco mayor held his credentials thing his experience with form helped him stand out as a candidate. weekly the department of justice headed out a long list of recommendations and reforms for the sfpd. former chief resigned in the shooting of an unarmed woman and
6:32 pm
heat on the merit with case. the new chief says he is committed to working with the rank and file as he starts his job at the end of january. in san francisco terisa estacio kron 4 news. toca here in contra costa county official with the health services department they the cdc has identified the bacteria responsible for killing three people and sickening 23 others at a free thanksgiving neil served in antioch.>> clostridium prevention is most commonly found in meat but it could be in meter gravy. the way to prevent it is to cook food to the appropriate temperature, clean your hands and kitchen services often while you are cooking. store food properly. make sure that you cool food to the appropriate temperature after cooking. and that two separate raw foods from cooked foods. chuck haaziq madyun kron 4 news. in oakland the family of 18 killed last year by a falling tree branch here near lake merritt filed a lawsuit against the city of oakland. their lawyer maintains that the tree was diseased, dying and
6:33 pm
dangerous and the city knew it. they say they are filing the lawsuit so the city will take steps to make its parks safer. i restarted the oakland city attorney's office to see if they had anything to stay in response. they say they to review the lawsuit first before they make any comment. maureen kelly kron 4 news. took a massive and deadly explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city has killed at least 29 people. the death toll rising. the footage working with recorded right at the beginning moments of the explosion as it tore through and leveled the outdoor market. this is about a 25 miles north of mexico city. the officials they at the time the market was crowded with people buying fireworks and preparations for the upcoming holidays. responders are still on scene. we will continue to bring you updates as we get them into our
6:34 pm
newsroom. donations pouring in for the families of the five dallas police officers who were killed during a protester back in july. the mayor of dallas announced today so far $10 million had been raised. money was donated from all across the world and it will all go into trust funds for the victims of families. some of that money will also go to help additional police officers and the two civilians who were wounded in the attack. last july a lone gunman army reservist mika johnson gunned down the five officers at a protest it was against police brutality. jonathan was later killed after officers deployed a robot which was carrying a bomb. us regulars say volkswagen will spend an additional $1 billion to settle claims over the remaining 80,000 diesel vehicles caught up in the companies missions cheating scandal. the amount of money for the company to buyback or fix the vehicles, and money for an environmental fund to offset
6:35 pm
their excess pollution. government officials said car owners and also receive compensation. earlier this fall volkswagen agreed to a $15 billion settlement deal connected to the issue. this has been the largest auto scandal settlement in us history. straka for more people of a charging connection to the ongoing water crisis in flint michigan. the state attorney general announcing the charges against the former flint officials just hours ago which includes two felony charges. it could carry a penalty of 20 years in prison. residents in flint have been struggling since cost-cutting measures led to the cities and tricking what are being contaminated with lead and other toxins. today's announcement comes on top of the eighth current or former state workers and one city of flint employee that have already been criminally charged. congress currently offered for the holidays. but when they come back to work, right after the new year,
6:36 pm
donald trump will soon take office. republicans will have a lot of control in washington dc. return to kron 4's washington national correspondent mike meredith and congressional correspondent alex schuman for analysis on what lawmakers will be working on. >>reporter: alex schuman covers the hill. for the first time in a long time the house, senate and white house all under republican control. what is congress going to be working on? truck right now they will try to remove the affordable care act. it was president obama's trademark legislation that he cited to line 2010. since republican have been able to take back control of congress they been trying to repeal the law. trying to replace it here they finally have their chance with republican in the white house. the big thing to watch and the question remaining is, what will they replace it with. they have not been very specific. all they really said is we are going to keep people's favorite part of the plan, like being able to stay on your parent healthcare and also pre-
6:37 pm
existing conditions.>> i can imagine while that is what congers want to work on the top administrative have a few ideas on their own of what to get going. that he has made his top priority clear and that is infrastructure money comes into domestic policy and things he has to get through congress. he wants road, airports improved and then his famous while between the us and mexico. and all of that is estimated to cost trillions of dollars and congress controlled the purse strings it will have to go through them. spec it sound like they will be busy. we will be busy as one of the near but for now reporting in washington along with alex schuman i am mark merritt. we are inching closer to the hanukkah holiday and the christmas holiday. spike there is a lot going on. what can we expect starting tomorrow. things are nice and quiet. the combi for the store about because we are checking other storms on friday and for this year that will happen friday night and saturday, and it was lots of snow expected. chain controls will be likely. so you wanted to plan ahead for that. maybe you can leave on thursday versus friday night or into saturday to get up to the lake tahoe region. as far as tamara is concerned
6:38 pm
by 9 am lots of sunshine and temperatures starting on the were aside in the 40s. the inland location in the coast right around noon we will see the low 50s to the high 50s for the coast, the bay and the inland location. eventually most spots will warm close to 60 degrees. the stormtracker showing is clear visibility. we do not have a very strong onshore flow. more of an offshore flow and we will continue to see ormer temperatures. 60 in richmond. 62 in oakland. 62 degrees at mountain view temperatures in san jose at 63. and our three day planner shows winter officially begins tomorrow morning. we will see that start at 2:44 in the morning. partly cloudy skies. still mild. temperatures will dip on friday with rain expected to move in through lingering showers. a possibility into the weekend. we will mainly stay dry in the bay area. it will be very active and our higher elevations in the sierra. what would you do if uber try to charge you $28,000 for a ride.
6:39 pm
the companies explanation for a bloated bill that one user received.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
uber it says a competing which is to blame for one woman being charged more than $28,000 for a ride. spec a big mistake and this is
6:42 pm
one of the handful of incidents reported where uber customers are seeing a much larger bill than they would have expected. the $28,000 charge had that happen in philadelphia. the woman's bank has actually blacked -- block to the chart attempt so it never went through. uber center any mill thing her account had been hacked. if you days later the company admitted the mistake and that it was working to fix the issue. straka, gums force in support of the warehouse fire stephen curry's issues are being auctioned off. we will let you know how much money is being offered so far. strike the leaders test raiders played a leak high seven players into the pro bowl. the niners are not so good. mark has the story and all of the sports coming up.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
another line has been added to the raiders list of achievements in the special
6:46 pm
season days after earning a 14 year playoff drought. the franchise has a record number of players named to the nfl all-star game. the pro bowl selections announced this evening and seven raiders are on the roster. that is the most in the league in the teams highest total since 1991. the ones to make the cut, derek carr, amari cooper khalil mack. safety reggie nelson and three office of lineman. that would be the guys are protecting cars line tight donna. and the center robert hudson in addition to that group the team had seven alternates. some of them include michael crabtree, rtv is murray. jalen richard. the games that for dinner 29th in orlando. despite the news come it is still a game you don't want to be playing. because that means you didn't make the super bowl clinching a playoff spot. one of many goals for the raiders. the team back at practice today in preparation for saturday's game against the cold. the raiders can clinch the afc west with when and a kansas
6:47 pm
city loss. indy is desperate to get a win at 7-7. on the bridge of making the playoffs. the raiders no now not the time to get complacent.>> after the game i was so focused on indianapolis because they have to win out to make the playoffs. they have their back against the wall and we have had our back against the wall a couple of times. we know we will come out and fight. so you have to expect that when they come in.>> we also knew we were in a situation we wanted to be. come two weeks. we both wanted to win and it is going to be a good game. we just have to compare this weekend take them very seriously. despite their record and go out and play regular football. straka the chip kelly 49ers have hit another historical os no players have been selected for the pro bowl for the first time since 2005 and only the second time since 1980 that the
6:48 pm
franchise doesn't have any all- stars. the numbers explain at all. 13 straight losses. and offense that ranks near the bottom of the league and a defense that is dead last in yards allowed per game. here is colin kaepernick and how the team is holding up through such a disappointing season. like i think every person is different. other people move on right away or whether that is something that they hold inside and use that as motivation later on. everybody has a different ways of dealing with it and trying to improve their performance for the next game. straka switching to somberness the sports world said goodbye to legendary dylann reporter craig sager. the memorial service was held at state near atlanta. sager, the man known for his glorious wardrobe and back and forth with players and coaches was the gold standard of nba reporters. he passed away last week at the age of the 65 after an ongoing battle with leukemia. a warriors superstar stefan curry showed us another example as to why he is such a champion and
6:49 pm
an ambassador for the bay area. these are the custom sneakers he wore last week to honor the victim of the ghost ship warehouse fire. he wore a set for his warm-ups and another one during the game. today both pairs officially went up for auction. they are up on ebay right now and at last check one currently up at $4200. while another one is going for more than $10,000. proceeds will go to the oakland fire relief fund. last night the panthers defeated the redskins in monday night football. curry and kevin durant had a vested interest in the gave curry is a noted carolina fan while washington is kate hometown team. the two what it elaborate on the way to pick but grant is clearly not pleased at practice today. spike that is not important. not important. >> we were in the house and trying to get it went against someone else. it is very routine. you appreciated those moments. if you go come in and shoot around and ask k how he is
6:50 pm
doing. spike it was a rough night. psych he is still talking. we are trying to move on. we have a game tonight. the business tonight is the warriors are facing utah and we will have highlight later on. meanwhile sacramento kings star jamarcus cousins will have to pay up for this outburst against a local reporter.>> don't ever mention my brother again. you don't know my brother. >> the center lashing out at andy furlow for an unflattering piece the mentioned an incident involving cousins brother. cousins has reportedly been find that you thousand dollars and for the scuffle, but the kings have said he will not to be suspended. straka punishment has been handed out in walkie-talkie gait. the nfl is find it new york times $150,000 and head coach ben mcadoo $2000 for illegal use
6:51 pm
of a handheld to a radio in the game against the cowboys. on top of that, they have been stripped of a fourth-round pick in next year's draft. walkie-talkies, as you see right there were not allowed because they allow unlimited access to a players headset. good to see. this didn't drag out. it is over. like i don't know how he thought he could get away with it. he was standing there holding a.>> crazy. straka the rock and roll hall of fame announces its class of 2017. find it which bay area musician has made a list of nominees.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
for the rock 'n roll hall of fame reveal the class of 2017. a lot of bay area names on the list. >> at the journey will be inducted. this was the first year the group appeared on the ballot and was the top vote recipients. they also got their start in san francisco in 1973. also going into the hall rapper tupac shakur born in new york but grew up in the bay area. he is the first solo hip-hop artist to make the hall of fame. folksinger dole dies is also being conducted. she lives in woodside.
6:55 pm
brittney shipp with the final check on the forecast. it has been really cold. is warming up at all? >> it is warming up in the but tonight entering the day tomorrow. take a look at friday. temperatures drop again. we track rain moving in a possibly lingering into the weekend. although the chances stay low for saturday and sunday. it looks like a dry holiday. the sierra however, a white christmas there. you want to be careful traveling to our high country.>> sounds good. thank you for joining us. we will look for you tonight on a kron 4 news. at 8. stay connected. ,$8drw
6:56 pm
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the "insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one. prince harry's true loves. is his royal romance coming to hollywood for new year's? as harry opens up on his late mother's everlasting influence. >> for a huge part of my life, i didn't even want to think about it. >> then robin roberts introduces 2016's biggest game changers. >> daddy knows you. >> who did robin unleash her inner barbara walters on? >> i made him cry. sorry. >> number three, why bryan cranston is ready to go full breaking dadmes franco. >> i have an rv in the back here. yeah, these are chemicals. they're fun to play with. go ahead. >> then -- >> yes, justin! >> the "insider" is here.
7:00 pm
this is great. >> justin hartley, the heartthrob, carts me around the set of "this is us" but why is he making his tv brother swoon? >> i look at justin and i get a little googly-eyed. >> no. >> love you, man. >> now, the "insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. hello, everybody. welcome to the "insider." we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> we're kicking it off with the number one story everyone is talking about. >> life returning to the closest thing to normal when the world's eyes are fixated on watching this new royal romance get serious. meghan markle is now back in toronto after spending a romantic week with prince harry in london. this morning on the way the a yoga class, the 35-year-old "suits" star stayed bundled in the freezing temperatures with a black coat and green hat. in london harry continued his royal duties.


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