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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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what's that mean?
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>>: 80 will produce the day or you're not going to if you choose to a whole different from that established and that leeches to do. they say that they were told casually say the fourth time it would suggest that he holds a black sure wincing the code. since the code used on all black clothing. according to a complaint he was used a stun the manager who is african-american that he didn't
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know what was considered proper training. he met or exceeded expectations his fired. bobby let go he's been accused of telling him that he didn't understand luxury because he doesn't know the luxury life. regardless >>: a wood shop there any way. >> reporter: we sought for comment and a court date is set for march 21st in the meantime the posted these court ocuments. kron4news-dot-com
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c'mon, c'mon >> reporter: and you never know unless been taken from you. his words of a month ago seems to foreshadow the targets store in hayward. is doing some last- minute christmas shopping with his girlfriend and two young children. >>: was deleted wrapping paper.
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the recovery effort has blocked profuse. told the this and to the altercation. when she got there tyrone griffin was bleeding profusely ' "i was going crazy and he was like, josh? still worried about his son, still worried about his baby, the only reason they did anything to him in the first place" witnesses told davis that griffin got into an altercation with two men after asking them to turn down some profanity laced music playing in the presence of his son. the two men were arrested and remain in custody, yet to be charged you want these people to go to jail? "yes! i want them gone" davis says tyrone turned his life around after becominga devout christian and was a joyful person "he was a very happy man when he left this earth, a very happy man
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in hayward haaziq madyun kron4news the family of tyron griffin has set up a go fund account to help pay for funeral expenses. the two suspects in the case are behind bars. waiting to be formally charged by the alameda county district attorney's
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office. we are told that could happen tomorrow. tongiht: a cement truck remains overturned in an sausalito homeowner's yard. you can see it here. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. believe it or not -- this is actually not the first time a truck has crashed into this
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yard. kron4's carles clifford has the details. guns drawn.police dogs on the prowl. that was the scene this holiday week in oakland.where an intense man-hunt was underway this afternoon. grant lodes is here with the dramatic video.grant. this is near the macarthur bart station.not far from 39th street and martin luther king junior way. >> grant:oakland police say they were looking for someone who has a warrant out for their arrest. we do not know who the person is. or what crime it is related to. the neighborhood was blocked off with dozens of police vehicles throughout the area. this is video courtesy of our partnership with a-b-c 7. police say the search has since been called off. it's unclear
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if anyone was taken into custody. tonight: the world is remembering emmy-nominated actress carrie fisher -- best known for playing princess leia on the star wars franchise. the star died this morning at the age of 60. reporter scott mclean is tracking the reaction from hollywood. >> britteny: a warming trend continues to stay through thursday ensures little bit dry days and mainly stay here as a result of our region. i will keep a close eye on that close to look at your new year's eve weekend for you all about 10 more minutes. >> steve:fisher made news this year for confessing to a real- life affair with harrison ford.
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ford released a statement following fisher's death saying: "carrie was one-of-a- kindbrilliant, original. funny and emotionally fearless. and a lot of emotion today -- as people stop to remember carire fisher'. >> reporter: chiselled by the world and will be in this profoundly. entire families banks you for your prayers. harold his star wars movie made her famous. and a script doctor on the author of several books. she made it notus struggles of alcohol and bipolar disorder. hollywood made no secret. market who play the words devastated. another co-star williams said
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the shoes of your friend to my deeply respected ended mired. she was the brightest and every room she answered tonight at a
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showing of the new star wars move: rogue one in daly city. >> j.r.: pictures that you saw came from a memorial set up in the castro section also outside or in films and the presidio section of san francisco. >> steve: a shopping mall policy banning teenagers without an adult --- sparking outrage. why some parents say the rule is really just discrimination in disguise. then also new at ten: a very alert uber driver being hailed a hero tonight.
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the alleged crime he tipped off police to after making a seemingly routine pick up. and next: a family who losta loved one in a christmas crash -- receiving a lot of backlash tonight. why people are so upset about them asking for online donations.
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happening now: the family of a young mother who was killed in a head on colission early christmas morning is under attack on social media. it"s after asking for donations to help the woman's five year- old daughter. the reason for backlash: investigators have indicated the woman --- 25-year-old jessica zamora -- had been drinking. police say her car crossed the median divider by the intesection of snell avenue and capitol expressway. a family in another was hit and a 14-year-old boy was killed. friends and family of zamora have created a memorial near the crash site to pay respect to both families. one person died after getting hit by a caltrain near the
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burlingame station this afternoon. the transit agency says someone was trespassing on the tracks. kron four's spencer blake brings us details from the scene. at about 2:30 tuesday afternoon, caltrain sent out an alert letting people know a person had died on the tracks. that same announcement was repeated on the various trains running at the time. "right away they told us that there had been a fatality and that there may be a delay, that they would keep us informed as it happened." it was less than a block south of the burlingame station, near howard avenue. the southbound tracks were closed while the san mateo
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county coroner's office and sheriff's office were on scene. "they told us that the trains would be taking turns on the track. we were really only five or six minutes delayed." that rider was on a train at the tail end of the closure. but many passengers who were on trains when the fatality happened had to take shuttles to get around the scene. one man who lives nearby didn't want to go on camerabecause he saw the person die. he was distraught, and says he's positive it was a suicide. other riders have seen people get dangerously close before. "i see three days ago a homeless guy on the railroad track. the train was really close, so i told him to move out." "crews were collecting evidence and cleaning up the tracks hours after the incident happened." train service was just about back to normal by about 4:15. though any train track can be dangerous, some people feel this section of track has gotten safer over the last few years. "it's better now. with that division now, it's better. much better." in burlingame, spencer blake, kron four news. police in pleasant hill are searching for a suspect.who opened fire at a popular shopping center late monday night. at around 9-p-m shots rang out here at the crossroads shoppping center in pleasant hill. shoppers were still all around
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the police say it is lucky no one was injured. those who live nearby.say it uncommon for something like this to happen in the neighborhood. - several shell casings were found at the scene.and witnesses said they heard multiple shots fired. police are unsure how many suspects they are looking for.and have not released any other information. anyone with information should contact pleasant hill police. the san francisco police commission's changes to the police departments use of force policy, will be implemented as approved. today a san francisco superior court judge rejected a bid by the police officers' union to block parts of that new policy. kron 4's dan kerman reports from police headquarters. with details on the two issues which at the center of the controversy. >>:still ahead:
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>> britteny: possibly in the sunday monday what we can expect tonight clouds clear with cool conditions small lots of sunshine and i choose close to average as a head and to a week and we see colder air movement slight chance of rain celebrate herschel's clearing clouds and the next system we're tracking as well off the coast of los angeles but will continue to track to the no. 2 wednesday and thursday at arriving near parts of the area by friday morning. here's what it looks like bison dry clear both days him by friday looks at the close as the system does to us is near fresno and just to the south of the sierra. but this model ships a little bit to the north we couldn't be dealing with all his own feet scattered showers friday morning heading into the afternoon. power from that of
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another system that could go through by saturday effecting year's eve plans. 44 and 7 cisco 42 degrees currently in not new and 39 concord. warmer than this time yesterday specially and 70 degrees above 70 degrees and some francisco. >> britteny: forecast tonight north is a listing of '30's sen rosa 33 lotto 35 n vallejo 42 in san for cisco. has from the region tomorrow. in san jose. close german view 6160 degrees and half moon bay 56 and san francisco 59 nevada. for sixties and also wrote the trend for the next two days and the more details and all the changes as we get closer to your new year's eve weekend. close to look at
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that at our 74 carries and 10 minutes. you might have more than a few in a drawer somewhere: old electronics. don't throw them out just yet. we'll tell you some ways unique you can actually get some use out them. and next: a historic visit to pearl harbor. by the prime minister of japan. the question a lot of people were asking - would he apologize? we'll tell you what he said -- next.
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>> steve:it has been 75-years since the attack on pearl harbor. killing more than two thousand u-s marines and sailors. today. the leaders of the two countries that were once enemies came together to honor
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those who died that historic day. reporter melisa raney shows us. after president obama's historc trip to hiroshima in may this year, >> reporter:japanese prime minister shinzo abe came to hawaii to honor those who died in the attack on pearl harbor. pres. obama/ u.s. president: "i welcome you here in the spirit of friendship" >> reporter:the visit by both leaders honors the 75th anniversary of the surprise japanese attack that killed more than two-thousand-403people and launched the united states into world war two. abe's visit to hawaii is said to be in return for obama's may visit. obama was the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima, japan. it was one of two sites where
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the u.s. dropped a nuclear bomb in 1945 during world war two. and at the time, president obama praised the two countries for coming together pres. obama/ u.s. president: "since that fateful day, we have made choices that give us hope. the u.s. and japan forged not only an alliance, but a friendship" although abe is the fourth japanese prime minister to visit pearl harbor, he is the first to visit the u- s-s arizona memorial, a u.s. battleship which sank in the harbor during the attack, trapping hundreds of sailors. strengthening u.s.- japan relations was a priority for president obama's agendawhen he took office in 2009. pres. obama/ u.s. president: "our alliance has never been stronger. in good times and in bad, we are there for each other. the most bitter of adversaries can become the strongest of allies. the fruits
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of peace always outweigh the plunder of war. this is the enduring truth of this hallowed harbor" i'm melisa raney, reporting. coming up: mall fights breaking out all across the coutry yesterday -- but tonight -- investigators believe many of them were incited by the same thing. details ahead. >> steve:and next: he could of looked the other way. but he says he just had to act. how an uber driver helped police bust an alleged prostitution ring. tonight: an uber driver being
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credited with tipping off police to alleged prostitution involving a teen victim. it's after he picked up three people and dropped them off at a hotel. according to detectives two women were actively trying to pimp a 16-year-old girl. new at ten: reporter rowena shaddox talked to the uber driver about why he felt he had to do something. that was rowena shaddox reporting. all three suspects were booked into the sacramento county jail. >> reporter:a new policy at a
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sacramento mall.some people are calling rascist. the policy gives mall security and police the option to turn away groups of minors who are not with an adult. grant lodes is back with the details on this story. >> grant:this is the arden fair mall in sacramento. a mall spokesperson says the new rule will be utilized on busy the interest of safety. and it happened today. groups of kids.turned away at the door. but some shoppers--including the mom supervising smothers and her friends today-- question whether the mall is really going after minors--or if they're targeting people based on the color of their skin. return to index of stories... >> grant: seen fights and also over the country. and to justify
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officers have a call for help and then began to circle this arborescent store employees assuring families of the back doors to keep them safe and scenes were present. an ohio tennessee and that warner to isolated incidents and please don't think that this is some sort of effort nationwide but they do say the chatter on social media leads them to believe that some liberals were setup on social media channels.
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new at ten: as we get closer to 2016. we are highlighting some of the biggest news stories of 2016. tonight we take you through the story of brock turner. the stanford swimmer convicted of assaulting an unconsious woman. it's a bay area crime that sparked outrage across the nation. tonight judge persky remians on the bench. more than one point three million people have signed a change=dot=org petition to have him impeached kron four is the only local station that will ring in the new year live across the bay area. >> reporter: former stanford swimmer 90 days and jail after the jury found him guilty of three felony counts of sexual assault. if after they hatch and the flea the woman told him buckleys turner drink heavily jury didn't buy it to the d.a. s for six years in prison turner's father as for lenience seen his son should not be penalized for what he called 20 and selection
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of toys plus years of life. affectively three months in the county lockup he had a national debate and local fire storm. activists' group culture violet delivered more than a million signatures on judicial performance. half a cent to assess is the chilling message. judge percy's name when on billboards judgment the center of a fierce debate. three
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separate efforts to launch to unseat the judge. ha >> reporter: and they made no secret of her feelings turner got off too easily. turner flew back to his home in the small town of the bill burke ohio where he registered as a sex offender. as december issue
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limousine known only as toledo one of its women a year that ends are survivors and survivors are going to be more than surviving. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: the first started in europe about a successful in decreasing credit card fraud. some places yourn even ask a
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certain a more secure alternative. wait times with the chip. you could be waiting 10 seconds at apple pays instantaneous and could see it and get more secure once everyone is on board. no matter what you could be checking your bank statements and report it if
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your need more information. >> reporter: trekking to week's storms occur due here friday saturday which means that this will affect your new year's eve plans right after the break. but local station the war in the new year live across the bay area we will be joined by a gary and celebrations. hong will a half
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>> steve: f with your people having badly and stanley has gone to all the footage picked his top-10 favorites. >> stanley: hard a.m. burlingame everyone troppo, yelling trumpet
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a crowd of anti-drug protesters here jumping in the shark infested tank wasn't pretty. but the point where no one could get in of the matter out. i
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interviewed them and dr. absolutely no solution. make a left unsaid the spark a lot and drive down a shot of the massacre escape route. and free as a bird. while everyone was cottons and in the manager is to stick to the back i walking through a hole in the fence and the irony. also smokeout and it through the various events. and then the party was done hot
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half >> britteny: 60 from the bay area tomorrow and thursday prior high pressure builds a lot of sunshine for us already tracking a few changes a closer look at what we can expect weather stories as retract to week storm's one is in the south of us. wednesday thursday we stayed dry however the system slowly works its way up through the self brings of you and your
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fresno so sore higher elevation if it looks like posted the self that could shift half and north bay friday morning in early afternoon hours another week system that will drop down here in northwest that could bring us a little bit of light rain as we get closer to your new year's eve and that happen on friday is moving closer to saturday possibly saturday afternoon. and: year's day. already in mid-40s half moon bay 37 in nevada overnight lows struck a 37 rose the and 42 degrees in san francisco. that the '60s multiplications. and
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things change at heading into friday. where we trekked a slight possibility of showers to the south. you noticed temperatures drop in the low fifties sunday and to next week. >> reporter:if derek carr recovers in 6-weeks, some think
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he'll be back in time for the super bowl. a lot has to happen to even get to that point, but-- the first step is complete, as carr's surgery was successful. hours after his procedure, the mvp candidate tweeted this update to his followers.
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he says--- 'surgery couldn't have gone better. received great news. already started the recovery process. thank you for all your prayers as i heal up.' reports say the rehab time remains 6-to-8 weeks. in the meantime, carr's teammates are back to work, preparing to clinch a division title this sunday in denver. it marks matt mcgloin's first start since his rookie year in 2013 and the raiders. are ready to rally around the
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new man running the offense. time now to talk some warriors-- kevin durant, is not mad at officials for missing a game- changing foul in sunday's meeting with the cavaliers. in fact, he's emerging as one of their ardent supporters. the non-foul on durant was part of the game's last two minute report. a process that durant feels
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should be done away with altogehter. - he thinks they're pointless because they don't impact results. and the blame doesn't fall squarely on the officials. after today's practice, the usually mild-mannered durant railed against the league's protocol in a minute long rant. here is a snippet. >> reporter:finally, steph curry with another all-star performance in the community. the reigning mvp and his family distributed food and many other goods to 12-hundred bay area families this afternoon. it's part of their annual 'feed the children event' at beebe memorial cathedral in oakland. steph, his wife ayesha, his two daughters and his mother were some of the many in attendance in addition to food-- they provided personal care items, books, and toys. so you just got a new phone or tablet for the holidays.but now you've got to decide what to do with your now "old" device.
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kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate is here to talk about how you can repurpose that used gadget. tonight police have identified the two suspects accused of a stabbing inside a target store in hayward. good evening i'm steve aveson. and i"m vicki liviaikis in for pam moore. the suspects are 22 year-old frankie archuleta and 25 year- old jesse archuleta, both are from hayward. tonight we are hearing from the girlfriend of the man who was
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stabbed. it happened on christmas eve -- right in front of his young son. that man later died at the hospital. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. "so i want to say man look, keep your head up, count every day as a blessing, every second, moment, hour, because you never know when your life can be taken from you" tyrone griffin's words spoken a month ago seemed to foreshadow his own fate here inside of this target store in hayward this past christmas eve "we had been shopping all day" griffin was doing some last minute christmas shopping with his girlfriend tondaleaho davis and his two small children. "we still needed wrapping paper
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and bows and his son josh and one more toy than his daughter jade and he was adamant about getting that one more toy" she says to speed things along, the two split up inside the store, each taking one of the children with them. she says at one point she saw one of her friends in the checkout line. when did you know something was wrong? "she said, somebody got stabbed up back there, and i was like in target and she was like yeah"


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