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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 28, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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folsom.çááámarkáááñ and i'm mark danon. çááádouble boxáááñ lets go live now to san jose. kron four's will tran has an update on the crash. will? çáááwilláááñ major crash on interstate 280 in san jose. çááádaryaáááñ >> chp say the driver of this red car was driving in the legal direction, so she was driving in the southbound direction when a silver volkswagen headed in the wrong direction actually she was driving northbound in the southbound direction slammed head on into her car. they both spin out of control. they were right in the middle of the freeway. then the bmw comes along, slams into both of them.
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all three drivers taken to the hospital. the female driver was screaming when chp and the firefighters arrived. took them only about 20 minutes to get her out of the car. major injuries, but at last check, she is still alive. we got a chance to talk to chp live at the 5:00 hour. they were not surprised at first glance i thought that at least the driver of the red car died from this crash because it was so horrific. so bad that the engine of her car actually flew out of the car and was about 2230 yards away from the crash site. chp says they were not surprised that she was alive. here is the reason why. >> the driver compartment right there, the most intact part of the front of this vehicle is where she was sitting. that's why she survived this crash. if you go on the other side,
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the right front passenger would probably have much worse injuries. if you look at the driver's compartment, it's not too bad. >> a jaw-dropping miracle. if you are wondering what kind of car she was driving, she was driving a very small car. i would even call it a sedan. it was tiny, but it was a chevy avail. i can tell you that she was lucky because the volkswagen was also a tiny car. they believe the second car was a volkswagen. a jaw-dropping miracle. they do not believe drugs or alcohol played any factors in this head on collision. back to you. >> keeping our eyes on bay area weather here. 4:15 this morning, we sent out a push alert about this accident. we stay informed with the latest breaking news, weather, and traffic. >> we've got team coverage of that accident. we have a look at the weather. first, let's look at how cold it is out there. >> we have this ongoing theme
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the last couple days. it still cold out there. 30s for some areas but look how gorgeous it is because it is so clear around the bay area. this is part of the south bay zone. gorgeous clear shot just east of san jose. beautiful out there, but, of course, very chilly. i'm also picking up a light breeze around the bay area. six mile-per-hour winds for napa, five for oakland and novato. in the south bay, san jose, three there as well. it will pick up as we progressed into the afternoon and evening hours. 10, maybe 15 in some spots. look at the temperatures right now. things are dropping in santa rosa by a degree. freezing in novato and 35 for napa. 37 for san jose, 38 mountain view. we are still a long the 40s pretty much for san francisco and along the coast coming in
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the upper 40s there. 48 for half moon bay. still freezing for concord and livermore. all coming in at 32 degrees. there is a warm up on the way. i will have all those details when i come back in about 15 minutes. for now let's switch over to the roadways and see how things are moving. we are hotspot free. no major trouble spots around the bay area so far. let's check out the ride into san francisco. headed into and out of san francisco. checking in on the south bay river, we had a hotspot. southbound 280. it cleared. a look at some dry times. 101 looks great. no major problems right now but
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a little crowded on some of the bay area bridges. i will check 92 coming up. breaking news from overnight. a swarm of earthquakes headed south to lake tahoe. the most recent, a 3.5 that hit a short time ago. early this morning, two 5.7 earthquakes centered in a remote area of nevada near the california border. here is a map where that swarm was this morning. the 25.7 quakes hitting just after midnight followed by a series of earthquakes including aftershocks that range from 5.5 down to 2.5. no reports of any damage or injuries. also, the quakes could be the reason some people have said there is a smell of gas in san francisco. >> several people have complained about the smell. avery harper is in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: good morning. pg any and san francisco fire working to figure out the cause
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for that strange gas line smell that many people reported smelling overnight. we are told there were about 30 calls from all over the city from people who reported smelling something that smelled like gas and from some people who said they were getting sick. this was all over the city. i received a tweet from someone who said they smelled it in civic center. we received a call from a city worker who smelled it in the bayview and the mission. there were reports where i am. in the spot where i am, i don't smell it at this point, but there were people overnight that said they smelled it. the calls peaked about 2:00 a.m. and they are dying down but they are still trying to figure out what could have caused that smell. a lot of crews went to investigate each of the 30 calls they received. they used their meters and found there was no natural gas in the air. they are still trying to figure out what it was. one of the possibilities they say it could have been the
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earthquakes that were overnight . it released a sulfur like smell and that could have been what people are smelling. the official word is the cause of that smell is unknown. i will be here through out the morning trying to get more details for you. as soon as i have updates, i'll bring them to you. back to you in the studio. in the east bay, allegations of racist behavior at a high-end retail store. this morning the company faces a lawsuit. >> reporter: a lawsuit claims employees at the first saatchi outlet store used a secret code to alert them when a black customer entered the store. a former employee filed the class action lawsuit. he claims that during training one of the managers asked if he knew the code. he says the manager told him it was too alert other employees whenever an african-american person walked into the store. we spoke with customers who say they aren't surprised by the allegations.
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>> it's kind of common knowledge that the people will follow you around the store. it's just kind of is what it is. either you go -- if you choose to withhold your funds from that particular establishment, that's what you do. >> he responded by saying he was one quarter african- american. he said after that he didn't receive proper training and then was fired within weeks of being hired. the accusing manager says he didn't understand luxury because he didn't know the term . we have reached out to first saatchi for comment. we haven't heard back. meanwhile, a court hearing is set for march 21st. back to you. thanks a lot. cleanup continues this morning after a cement truck crashed into a home in the north bay and it's not the first time this has happened at that home. look at the mess here. this was about 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday in sausalito . the driveway under the cement truck gave way and it rolled
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down to the home along lower crescent road. at the time of the accident, there was a driver in the truck and one person in the house. fortunately, nobody was hurt. this is hard to believe. that cement truck was at the house pouring concrete to rebuild a garage damaged in a similar accident that happened back in april. >> anytime there is heavy construction equipment that comes out here, people are mindful to take precautions, but you never know when things may happen such as this. >> is that scary or what. everybody is living up there on a ledge. the owners of the home were out- of-town at the time and now they are returning to the area to take a look at the damage. san francisco judge injecting a bid by a police union to block the use of force
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policies. changes to the san francisco police department use of force policy was approved last week. this after the deadly shooting of mary l woods. one of the proposed changes is to prevent officers from firing at moving cars. the police officers association says this role will put officers lives and the lives of others at risk . >> policy that the department wanted to put forward, this would prevent an officer from taking appropriate action for stopping such an attack and starting -- and stopping such bloodshed. >> the police union objects to the van of a type of neck restraint. the president says it has been used successfully for decades and is an alternative use of force. until officers are offered a less lethal option such as tasers. the oakland raiders team is hoping that everything goes well . his surgery has gone great. he got the surgery yesterday. >> doctors have given him a recovery time of six weeks which would be in time for this year's super bowl. >> they've got to get there without him. >> here is what he tweeted out
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saying that everything went great. he was happy about that. he is recovering and thanking everybody for their prayers as he heals. in the meantime, as we said, the team is back at work preparing to clinch a division title this sunday in denver without him. there he is breaking his leg. and a big story we are following right now. the death of actress carrie fisher. >> she was best known for his role as princess leia, but she died yesterday in los angeles. >> reporter: carrie fisher, best known as princess leia, has died. fisher had a heart attack friday during the final 15 minutes of a flight from london to los angeles. she was on a ventilator the
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entire time she was hospitalized , never regaining consciousness. she is seen here in an audition tape with harrison ford. >> critics pointed to the strong chemistry, and with good reason. fisher recently revealed that she and ford were offscreen lovers. >> 40 years, is that right? >> 40 years i thought i wait. >> you revealed you were having an affair with harrison ford. >> i was. >> well, you say it. >> yes, i did. >> how did that stay a secret for 40 years? >> i was good at that, wasn't i. >> fisher poked fun at the absurdities -- absurdities.
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>> weather you feel better but then you are fat, so what you gain is a loss. it's not a good situation. >> she spoke about being bipolar and often turned pain into humor, also writing, wishful drinking and shopaholic. she was briefly married to paul simon in the 1980s. years later she gave birth to a daughter from her relationship with brian lord. she debuted in the claim shampoo. she landed a number of roles in soapdish. and as meg ryan's wisecracking friend in when harry met sally. but nothing could, wood, or perhaps should larger on-screen then fisher in star wars. carrie fisher was 60.
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cinnabon getting backlash for mentioning that cinnabon buns kind of look like her bond as princess leia. now the company is apologizing saying that the deleted tweet was generally meant as a tribute but we should not have posted it and we are truly sorry. a warning for drivers. some certain cars not working. which models are affected coming up. if many people taking down the holiday decorations, there is a push to get christmas trees off the sidewalks. what officials are doing to address the problem. rain in the bay area the past few weeks. is it enough to help in the historic drought? new details after the break. [take vo]çááávoáááñ
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we have experienced heavy rain fall early this wet season... but officials say it's too soon declare an end welcome back. we've experienced a lot of rain so far this winter but officials say it's too soon to declare an end to california's drought. california's department of water resources say in the snowpack about 72 percent of what's normal for this time of year. snow contributes about a third of the states water.
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taking alive look at tahoe. beautiful state. it's the real deal. a lot of people are enjoying skiing. let's get right to the weather for them and us. >> it's lots of sunshine even into tomorrow with temperatures in the 50s. not bad. >> we don't want it too warm in tahoe. >> it will stay nice and cold. >> one beautiful shot to the next. this is gorgeous. overlooking downtown san francisco, you can see alcatraz. gorgeous sunrise. absolutely beautiful but it is very cold outside right now as you head out the door. clear conditions on the
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satellite and radar imaging, but cold temperatures once again returning to the bay area this morning. 42 for san francisco and oakland, 37 san jose. we are at freezing in livermore and concord and just below freezing in santa rosa at 29 degrees this morning. planning your day, things get a bit warmer. around noon time, lots of sunshine and clear conditions with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. by this evening around 5:00, the clear conditions continue but we have the breezy conditions and also cold temperatures come back to us tonight. lunchtime highs, not bad. upper 50s and low 60s like i was mentioning. it breaks down like this. 61 for oakland today expected, 62 for hayward. upper 50s along the coast, 58 san francisco, 59 half moon bay. dixie three for santa rosa. the next couple days will get a little bit warmer as we progress into friday. seeing the small temperature change but it is warmer during the day with lots of sunshine
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but overnight lows still very cold. we will see temperatures around the bay in the 40s and in the valley lows still in those low 30s. make sure you dressed nice and warm if you will be out and about through the evening hours and then also this holiday weekend there could be the chance for some showers. all those details in about 15 minutes when i come back. for now let's see how the roads are doing with robin. is picking up the backup on 92. getting across the san mateo bridge, traffic in both directions now eastbound and westbound but still no major problems. if you have to use it, it will be a fairly nice and quiet commute. only 17 minutes to get from 880 out to 101. looking good on westbound 80. it's been pretty smooth all morning. it never really jammed up traffic. it's been very quiet here headed into san francisco. and the sun is coming up.
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nine minutes from the maze over to fremont street. we do have some slow traffic here in the lanes on the left- hand side, but that is not a major problem. it will be seven minutes from the tolls out to 101. checking in on the dry times, looking good for the east shore freeway. west 24 nice and light out of walnut creek. no big trouble spots for highway thrower -- highway four. back to the desk. in this morning, the u.s. government investigating ford fusion and mercury milan cars because of the brake pedal. it makes it hard for drivers to stop. three crashes have been blamed on this breaking issue. the investigation covers ford fusion and mercury milan from
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2007 through 2009. there are about 475,000 of those cars in the united states. 7:20. california's gun sales are on the rise. this after the new gun-control legislation was signed by the governor in july. the sale of semiautomatic rifles has more than doubled in california over the last year. the department of justice says more than 360,000 rifles were sold this year by december 9th and by that time last year there were only about 150,000 sold. people are also buying up some of the features that will soon be banned. that includes guns with bullet buttons, quick animal exchange, nearly a million guns have been sold so as far this year. a brief scare at trump tower in new york city. a suspicious package was discovered in the lobby. we have video taken by a bystander yesterday afternoon with people running for the exits. the new york city police bomb squad and the secret service
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were called in. turns out it was just a bag of children's toys. president-elect donald trump was not in the building at the time. he is in florida for the holidays. the city of san francisco encouraging residents to recycle their christmas trees today. they are kicking off the annual tree chipping event. here is video from previous years. people leave the trees all over san francisco and now they are making sure that there's no problems this year. they are asking people to bring the trees to the city center plaza instead. they chip the tree, it starts at 10:30 this morning. and there is a warning to be on the lookout for counterfeit money as many people are making returns and post holiday purchases. experts say there is counterfeit money in circulation this year. for every $10,000 there is a counterfeit bill. the $20 bill is the most counterfeited bill in america. and it costs more to make a penny than it's worth. that's according to the wall
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street journal. they say it cost one and a half cents to make every penny. 9million pennies were made this year and the government says that caused them to lose $45 million on making the penny. officials are looking for ways to lower production costs moving forward. 7:22. a boss getting praise from his employees this morning. he is taking all 800 employees on a caribbean cruise. >> gary burch, president of birch cabinets in waterloo, iowa announced on their facebook page that they'll be closing the facilities january 9th through the 13th so he can treat the entire company to a vacation. >> and i thought our breakfast was nice. four planes are going to fly the employees to miami to stay in a five-star hotel and the next day they will bore the cruise ship and head to the caribbean. he says this trip is a reward because the company met its goals. that's quite a christmas bonus.
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still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, more people shopped on amazon this holiday season than ever before. and alive look at the san mateo bridge. do you want to go on a cruise with your coworkers? i think it's a fair question. we'll be right back.
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çááámarkáááñ [take: on cam]çáááon camáááñ more people shopped on amazon this holiday season than ever before. the company says they shipped more than one-billion gifts worldwide. çááádaryaáááñ and one of the most popular items this year was 4-k t-vs. amazon says customers bought enough to reach the top of mount everest more than nine times. çááámarkáááñ they also say more than 10- thousand carats of diamonds were purchased and enough kitchen-aid mixers to make seven-point-five million cookies at once. çááádaryaáááñ and while christmas is the season of giving, january is the month of returns.... u-p-s expects to deliver over
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one-million packages back to retailers on january fifth. the company calls it "national returns while christmas is the season of giving, january is the month of returns. u.p.s. expects to deliver over 1 million packages back to retailers january 5th. >> a lot of those i will ship back to amazon. it is national returns day. if estimates are right, it will be the busiest returns day ever . by the end of next week, u.p.s. will likely have returned nearly 6 million packages. >> watching the weather here. more on the forecast. it's definitely cold outside. you see the temperatures. we are in the low to upper 20s in places like santa rosa, low 30s for novato. south bay getting into the chili 30s, but it is going to get warmer. more details when i come back. learning new information about the accused killers who stabbed a man and father of four is in an east bay target
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killing him. hear from the victim's mother ahead.
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getting close to 7:30. checking weather and traffic. i like what i see. a little crowded on the bridges. >> it will be warmer than now. i don't know if i can say that it will be warm weather but definitely warmer than what we are seeing as far as temperatures out the door right now. gorgeous shots in all four of our zones this morning. already seeing sunshine everywhere but very cold. temperatures in the upper 20s for santa rosa right now. freezing in novato. napa 35, 32
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also in livermore, concord, and antioch. upper 30s for the south bay. waking up in san jose, 37 degrees. mountain view 38. a little warmer as we get closer to the coast at 52 degrees. 45 san francisco. once we get into the afternoon hours today we see temperatures in the low 60s. much warmer than what we are seeing right now. looking ahead at tonight, clear conditions with cold temperatures coming back. a breeze in the air. tomorrow another cold start for your thursday. we also see sunshine and temperatures even warmer tomorrow. a couple degrees warmer in most areas. this weekend the chance of showers for your holiday weekend and overnight temperatures get to the 30s, once again,. as you are out and about new year's eve, dressed nice and warm. don't forget those layers at home. more details in about 15
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minutes. getting crowded at the richmond san rafael bridge. nothing going on but we have folks headed back to work this morning in through the north bay. now we have a backup. on the left it's barely toward the middle of the parking lot. a quick seven minute trip from the tolls out to 101. the bay bridge commute, the opposite. it's nice and smooth. no major problems for the east bay but new accidents at walnut creek on south on 680. a driver spun out and ran off the road into a tree. you may see activity on the shoulder but so far nothing is blocked. 10 minutes for now to get from 242 out to danville. there has been a break in
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last week's terror attack in berlin. officials arrested a tunisian man they think may have been involved in last week's truck attack on a christmas market. federal prosecutors say the 40- year-old was arrested during the search of the home and business. they say the man's number was saved in the cell phone. he is believed to be the man who drove the truck into the market on december 19th. police say the man they arrested may have been involved in the attack. 12 people were killed in that attack. in the east bay, the mother of tyrone griffin is talking about the tragic loss of her son. tyrone was stabbed while doing last-minute shopping. it happened christmas eve in hayward. his mother says she wants justice for her son but right now it is too soon to know what that would be. >> i would like to be able to talk to them.
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>> he is the father of four. the two people arrested for the stabbing are identified as frankie and jesse archuleta. both are from hayward. and the manhunt near the macarthur station is over. police were looking for a person who had a warrant out for their arrest but wouldn't say what that person was wanted for or who they were. the neighborhood was blocked off yesterday. police say the search has been called off. it's unclear if anyone was taken into custody. 7:33. the number of violent crimes has stopped in -- has dropped in one east bay city. violent crime dropped five percent in oakland this year. that includes robbery and rape.
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according to the mayor, there were 83 homicides in oakland this year down from 92 this time last year. the mayor says while she is pleased with the drop, it is nowhere near what she would like to see. the family of the woman police say caused a crash that killed a 14-year-old boy in san jose is under attack on social media after asking for donations to help the woman's five-year-old daughter. an account has been set up to help her daughter but the family is receiving insulting messages. >> reporter: carrie fisher's death came four days after
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having a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. the performance as princess leia in the original star wars trilogy propelled the character to an iconic status in cinema history. last night we spoke to people at a showing of the new star wars movie about how they are remembering fisher. >> it's crazy to think about the fact it's been that long. i heard that they used cgi on her face. it's a good last mark. it was her first introduction in theater to me at least. today being her piece to it. >> this is my generation. i just read wishful drinking. i mean, she was all around and on some author, actors. it's
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sad. i'm bummed out. >> that last person referred to wishful drinking. that was her autobiography. she also wrote shopaholic. both poke fun at showbiz life. she also discusses mental illness and her experiences with addiction. 40 years after the making of star wars, she wrote a book based on her diaries. george michael speaking out about how we found the star christmas day. 43-year-old tweeting out, a christmas i'll never forget, finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. i will never stop missing you. he went to michael's house so
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they could go to a play -- go to a christmas lunch. he found the 63-year-old dead in his bed. forbes magazine estimates george michael was worth about $200 million with most of his fortune reportedly being left to his godchildren. 7:36 right now. we are just a few days away from the new year starting. some people in the bay area are about to get a pay raise. statewide in california, the minimum goes up new year's day from $10 like it is now $210.50 . that applies to businesses with at least 26 employees. the new year means new laws. one that goes into effect in
7:38 am
2017 is lane splitting. now it's up to the california highway patrol to craft the guidelines to make sure that riders and drivers are safe when you see these motorcycles go by and split the lanes. as we get close to the end of the year, highlighting some of the biggest story since 2016. we look back at the sexual assault case and how it impacted the nation. after the break, the oil tongan who gained fame after the opening ceremony of the summer olympics is looking to change his sport. we tell you how the tae kwon do fighter continues to compete at the winter olympics. >> he's going to have to cover up. here's a look at the traffic, or not very much traffic. we'll be right back.
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çbreakñáááábreakáááá çááárobináááñ welcome back. checking on the very light and quite commute around the bay area. hotspot free. i don't see any big problems out of oakland heading in. the east shore freeway nice and light. if you have to get into san francisco, a quick nine minute trip. >> it never gets old.
7:42 am
it is so shiny. >> i forget his name. >> he's a tae kwon do fighter. now he wants to be a cross- country skier. he says he's only spent about four minutes on skis. >> he's trying to raise $80,000 to fund his trip to the olympics. >> i don't think you could get that good that fast. >> not a chance. >> we wish him luck though. from the winter olympics to winter temperatures all around
7:43 am
the bay area. below freezing in some spots. santa rosa 29 degrees. chilly in novato, concord, antioch. i will let you know what the highs are going to be in your neighborhood coming up after the break. toss weather.
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çááárebeccaáááñ a gradual welcome back. taking a look at the forecast. it's chilly but at least it's clear. >> not talking delays because the visibility is so great. here's a nice shot overlooking the airport right now. we see lots of sunshine. seeing sunshine throughout the bay area. not a cloud in the sky. absolutely beautiful day to drive in but you want to crank up the heaters in your car because it is cold once again. look at the temperature change within the last 24 hours. some spots about even this time yesterday and some spots warmer by a couple degrees. nice and even for half moon bay. san francisco about a three
7:46 am
degrees difference warmer. right now these are the temperatures. still talking freezing and be low. 29 degrees for santa rosa, 32 novato, 35 napa, 40s along the coast. we are in the upper 30s for the south bay coming in at 37 degrees in san jose. the good news is temperatures are going to continue to climb and they'll climb higher than what we saw yesterday. that's because we see upper 50s and low 60s for most parts of the bay area. lots of sunshine expected today. the later part of the day into the evening, it's going to get cool, once again. 61 in oakland and hayward 62. along the coast in san francisco, 58 degrees. 59 for half moon bay. low 60s santa rosa, upper 50s in novato. 62 degrees for napa. around the bay planning forecast, sunshine for the next
7:47 am
couple days. look at that on saturday. new year's eve there is a slight chance of showers. the overnight lows dropping into the 30s. if you'll be out enjoying the evening, make sure you dressed nice and warm. sunday a bigger chance for showers into monday, so we might be starting out the new year with a little wet weather on our hands. let's see how the roads are doing now. >> they can enjoy the ride because it's looking pretty good out there. no major slowdowns or hotspots for the morning commute as you head back to work today. you need to get over to the peninsula coming out of hayward, here is a live look at the ride. a 17 minute trip. about an hour ago, it was a little crowded. starting to pick up and thin out already. you may experience a little bit of a backup in the cash lanes. right now it is smooth sailing into the north bay. less than 10 minutes for that trip.
7:48 am
no big problems out of oakland. all the major connector ramps look good. the drive out of the maze across the bridge and to fremont street, a quick nine minute. no major hotspots. check out these dry times. if you want to take that instead, it's pretty clear. a quick 14 minutes there. as we get closer to the end of 2016, we are highlighting some of the biggest news stories. we take a look back through the story of brock turner. >> reporter: you don't know me, but you have been inside me, and that's why we are here today. a sexual assault victim eloquent and impassioned letter. fueling the outrage over his lenient sentence. >> how could you try to justify
7:49 am
this? >> i don't think justice is being served. >> the former stanford swimmer spent just 90 days in county jail after a jury found him guilty of three felony counts of sexual assault. his transformation from olympic hopeful to public enemy began here behind the dumpster. two students found him on top of an unconscious woman. when he tried to flee, they chased him and held him for police. turner claimed he had been drinking heavily and thought the sex was consensual. the jury didn't buy it and the d.a. asked for six years in prison. turner's father asked for leniency saying his son should not be penalized for what he called 20 minutes of actions out of his 20 plus years of life. the judge his sentence effectively three months in the county lockup triggered a national debate and the local fire storm. kron 4 was there as members of the activist group delivered more than a million signatures to the state commission on judicial performance urging his
7:50 am
removal. they said the sentence sent a chilling message. >> it says, don't worry, we have your back. >> supporters launched their own petition drive saying it was equally chilling to try to remove judges who make unpopular ruling. >> it's not always popular to do what's right. >> turner spent his time in this jail cell, isolated from other prisoners for his own safety. outside the controversy raged all summer long. an airplane carried a banner over graduation ceremonies. the judge his name went up on billboards. his judgment, the center of a fierce debate. >> he has shown an inability to be impartial. >> in all, three separate efforts were launched to unseat the judge. >> we come here together to find justice in the early release of judge persky. >> early in the morning of september 2nd, brock turner walked out of the jail. the sheriff made no secret of her feelings that turner got
7:51 am
off too easy. instead, turner flew back to his family home in the small town of bellbrook, ohio where he registered as a sex offender. >> any dreams he has of being a professional, it's never going to happen. >> everyone knows about this case. people have formulated some very negative opinions about him. >> if you violate people's right and the justice system won't hold you accountable, then the community needs to hold you accountable. >> turner's image remains on posters at the campus under the words, don't be that person. as for his victim, her words have been read aloud again and again. >> i was not only told that i was assaulted, i was told that because i couldn't remember i technically could not prove it was unwanted. >> the night after it happened he said he didn't know my name. >> you have dragged me through with you.
7:52 am
>> in his december issue, glamour magazine selected the woman known only as emily doe, one of its women of the year. she wrote, victims are survivors and survivors are going to be doing a lot more than surviving. >> more than 1.3 million people signed a petition to have the judge impeached, but the california commission cleared the judge of any judicial misconduct. temperatures around the bay area has been the story. once again, already at 29 degrees in santa rosa. below freezing in fairfield. at the freezing mark in novato, concord, and livermore. 30s in san jose. watching the weather with some changes for the weekend. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. çááádaryaáááñ happening
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now... there are some issues being reported with one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. parents are complaining happening now, there are some issues being reported with one of the most popular holiday gifts this year. they are not hatching. >> children are supposed to not tap or rub on the shell of the toys. it is supposed to respond with lights and sounds and eventually hatch about 30 minutes later into a creature kids can talk to and engage with. the apparent company urging customers to contact them via direct message on twitter. parents say it's been difficult
7:56 am
to get a response. i was reading some tips. turn it upside down for eight seconds. >> if it doesn't hatch, turn it upside down, wait eight seconds, then do it again. 30 minutes is a long time to wait. how about new year's. what are you doing? we'd like you to join us. we are the only local station ringing in the new year live across the bay area. our celebration starts new year's eve 11:15 p.m. coming up, following breaking news all morning out of the south bay where a wrong way driver causes a major crash on interstate 280. everyone survived. we will have more on the live report coming up. and there's been a swarm of earthquakes this morning. over 30 of them southeast of lake tahoe. details on the latest quakes this morning. people across the nation continue to mourn the death of carrie fisher. we take a look back at the life of the famous star wars actress ahead. a look outside as we watch
7:57 am
the bay. there's been a lot of people off work this week and taking the week off. we will be back with more as we watch bay area weather and traffic. the golden gate bridge with a few more cars this morning. cold temperatures are the big stories. light traffic here at the bay bridge. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
7:58 am
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8:02 am
>>darya: if you do not have the mobile application alerts are bridge and news when you needed
8:03 am
>>rebecca: find-we're looking at the locations antioch concord livermore for it along the east bayshore morning.
8:04 am
>>robin winston: it is a great ride and to the north bay seven men spoke out to 1 01.
8:05 am
>>reporter: and they worked welcome back into the early hours of this morning we do know
8:06 am
people reported smelling the odor the earth with overnight. >>anny hong: the outlet store in
8:07 am
the the more you the secret code to alert them when a black customer into the store cashier responded to the manager by telling him that he was one for african-americans.
8:08 am
>>reporter: best known and in star wars has died since she had a heart attack friday during the final 15 minutes from a flight to london to los angeles kick she was one of the letter the entire time she was hospitalized never regaining consciousness she recently
8:09 am
revealed said they were off screen lovers can feed and sickle fun at the acerbities and all manner of self medications including taking skills to control her emotions if she spoke about being bipolar she
8:10 am
was briefly married in the 19 '80s years later she gave birth to a daughter from her relationship she debuted in between the star wars movie fuel and the number of roles in soap dish nothing could water perhaps should larger on screen and then star wars she was 60 to and
8:11 am
terry was one of a kind bring in the original funny and emotionally fear lest she lived her life we will all miss. miss >>mark: will sell you will have the bomb squad called to the scene with first all wet winter we will have details coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
oooh. wowww. there it is. it's the red tag sales event and people are excited to bring in the new year with a new chevrolet. i'm a huge chevy fan. how would you feel about starting 2017 in a new chevy? it sounds wonderful. honestly, i would take any one. oh heck yeah! i want to get one tomorrow. fantastic! turn it on, let's go. during the red tag sales event get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value over
8:14 am
ninety-six hundred dollars on chevy silverado all stars. hurry, the red tag sales event ends january 3rd. >>darya: d two is too soon to declare an end to the drought forecasters said the state need rain and snow to continue falling for the past several years will recall those down when we come back right after the break.
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feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva. pish >>rebecca: vote that 32. as
8:18 am
we look further inland for concord antioch the livermore 32 degrees some very chilly evening out between the colder weather is going to come back to
8:19 am
us upper 50s and land 59 for fairfield concord and livermore low thirties tonight be very careful mix sure you bring their pets and doors it is absolutely cold and it's going to be that way for the next few days we might get some rain we will have those details and 15 minutes.
8:20 am
>>robin winston: now it's picking up traffic is smolts option we have a major injury
8:21 am
accident at bird. >>darya: on christmas morning he beat his mother to death with a baseball bat. >>mark: it turns out it was just the back of children still is donald trump was not at the
8:22 am
building of the time of their hiking premium for the affordable care act for those benchmark plans 25% for the new year analysis said they had started closing of large losses.
8:23 am
8:24 am
lemonheads/schoolhouse rock) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment
8:25 am
on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >>darya: you have to decide what to do with your old device. >>gabe slate: there are several application that will turn your old phone or tablet into a monetary security camera there
8:26 am
also that will automatically pictures from facebook and
8:27 am
display those and your family and friends.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>rebecca: we are saying low 20s or upper 20s low 30's and '40's this morning looking at a pair of 32 for livermore in concord below freezing and center rows of things will start to warm up today where glenn to see high and low 60s.
8:31 am
>>robin winston: still moving very well into san francisco we spotted a spill no. 1 01 and 85 that may have to run attracted break and when to when it was crawling traffic is getting through just in case that is the commute no major accidents or stall. >>darya: there are 22 year-old
8:32 am
and 25 year-old if lot from hayward and now we're hearing from a girlfriend. >>haaziq madyun: his words spoken on month ago center for saddle his own state in side of the target store this past christmas eve he was born some last-minute christmas shopping with his girlfriend and his two small children she was waiting
8:33 am
and check all line when she saw one for old friends she immediately called his cell phone but there was no answer she asked the man standing by the person injured was black and white or latino when she got there he was bleeding profusely he got into an altercation with two men after asking them to turn down some profanities music playing in the presence of his son there were arrested and remain in custody yet to be charged her boyfriend to turn
8:34 am
his life around after becoming a devout christian it was a joyful person. >>haaziq madyun: the mother is speaking out about the tragic loss of our son. >>mark: she once just as the right now it is too soon to know what it will be.
8:35 am
>>darya: 9 rejected the pleas of is a union to block parts of that new policy. >>dan kerman: it is the fatal police shooting and stabbing suspect that heighten the call for change in san francisco police officer use of force policy tuesday the police officers' union went to court seeking to halt implementation of those changes the pill is said the proposal to run off to some shooting at moving vehicles will put their lives of
8:36 am
others at risk until less legal option might teasers are approved the judge rejected halting the limitation of the new use of force policy said and did not have to confer with the company's officers union when making such changes.
8:37 am
>>mark: the driveway and of the cement truck gave way and rolled down along lower across a narrow there was a driver and a truck and one person in the house but fortunately no one was injured. we will be right back
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>>robin winston: your morning
8:41 am
commute not too bad we haven't found any major traffic alert what about the bay bridge trip into san francisco and it is not going to be a problem no big trouble spots for downtown san francisco check out these drive times coming out of the eastman. >>mark: this say the surgery on derek broken leg was a success they give about six weeks to recover which would be in time for the super bowl he said the surgery could have gone better if we receive the great news and
8:42 am
the rest of the team had to give back to work without him.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>rebecca: barely any movement in the temperatures coming in at 37 for san jose 42 01 and 44 hayward heading into san francisco sunshine continues was
8:46 am
61 degrees and stinson beach and now coming in at 63 a little bit warmer 59 degrees expected it is going to be nice.
8:47 am
>>robin winston: no problems for the connection through the net so 13 minutes the average driving the richmond san rafael bridge 580 very nice no major trouble spots bumper-to-bumper
8:48 am
so many people often out of town for the holiday as a quick 13 minute trip from highway 4. >>darya: he takes a look at the most of bairam moments. >>reporter: because we cannot have nice things it led to discovery of dead bodies of fresh and became an overnight star after a thief broke into
8:49 am
his vehicle leaving behind a note to the respectable rests with the debate was a buyer was sensational one saw coming and and then become synonymous between animal rights and the
8:50 am
mom and joined her fainting by romance most pose no real threat but gave everyone anyway 2016 finished strong with the buyer would trend we can all enjoy.
8:51 am
>>mark: more people shopped on amazon this holiday season this a more than 10,000 guys will purchase in the mixer to make a seven and a half million cookies it will likely return 6 million packages topping last year 5 million.
8:52 am
>>reporter: what about future star wars movies she died at age 60 has already finished filming episode a with his beard is in december of 2017 his new song featuring has said no. one on the billboard hot 100 and his 14th week on the charts and 96
8:53 am
year-old in their dancing on the right told local news station hit a bid to herschel's.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>darya: experts say it's enough to get, in circulation this time of year out of every $10,000 there was one counterfeit bill
8:56 am
there is a new report that shows you when are the cheapest days to fly where the only local
8:57 am
station that is in the bay area live across the bay area of.
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8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now.
9:00 am
>>will tran: let's show you the incredible videos been several hours and i still can't believe that the driver of this red car survived the female driver could
9:01 am
not avoid the crash slams into both of them all three drivers rushed to hospital at last check survived injuries although the driver sustained major injuries one they did not headed
9:02 am
to other dead center the driver side was relatively intact both cars were very small they do not believe drugs or all played role in this accident.
9:03 am
>>anny hong: we did mention a cold start today at temperatures now we're seeing thirties' and 40 is no more twenties this morning oakland the morning to you 48 the same in hayward that there is an antioch how the south where single for is for san jose and sunny skies for you we are still holding on to the '30's up in another including novato at 37 degrees. >>robin winston: this is one of
9:04 am
the good spots coming out of oakland quick nine minutes from the foot of the maze and a fremont street when you merge onto 38 crawling finally pick up right before the nimitz freeway nothing reported we don't know what is going on and you see
9:05 am
something you could always let us know we would definitely get on the air and warned that other drivers. faugh >>mark: a swarm of earthquakes heading south with tahoe to 5.7 earthquake centered in the remote area it was centered about 70 mi. southeast of south lake they hit just after 12 midnight 5.7 in was a 5.5 aftershock of over 30 more that range from 2.5 to 5.5 no reports of any damage or injuries. >>darya: the could be the cause of the smell of gas a lot of people said they smelled an ever since the earthquake hit. >>reporter: pg&e crews in san
9:06 am
francisco fire have been working all morning to try and figure out what the cause was for the strange smell the got reports all over san francisco tickets and video we have of that now if i do not smell anything at the spot but there was a least 30 calls from all over the sitting those calls peaked at around 2:00 a.m. they are dying down now bit older smells like natural gas and they have ruled out a gaslit because the meter says it is a natural gas in the air. >>reporter: it was definitely widespread we're told there are going to be trucks driving around to try and find a calls is one of the possibilities they
9:07 am
are looking into. >>mark: she passed away after suffering a heart attack last week she was one from london to los angeles we have more on the life and career of carrie fisher. >>reporter: she won the hearts of generations as the princess and star wars the most beloved movie franchise ever.
9:08 am
>>reporter: the princess on screen hollywood royalty off with a sharp wit and sharper and she was born in beverly hills mother actress debbie reynolds, singer eddie fisher she will for experiences as a show-biz who struggled with addiction to the best of it committed novel postcards from the edge. >>reporter: she turned her acclaimed book into a movie starring meryl streep as a recovering addict and grilled inconstant often funny mother then poked fun the and all manner of self medication
9:09 am
included taking pills to control her emotions this and no lack of material after rod she became her stepmother when a fishery married years later she gave birth to a daughter. >>reporter: debuted in the acclaimed film shampoo in the swing the star wars movie she landed move zero some stinker under the rainbow of hollywood vice squad received praise for a soap dish and played met ryan
9:10 am
wisecracking friend and when harry met sally. >>reporter: nothing could would hot or perhaps should blue large from screen been hurt in star wars--her >>reporter: nearly 40 years after making star wars schroeder book based on her diary and for the first time build an intense affair with their real harm solo harrison ford this spend a lifetime trying to separate the princess from the person.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>reporter: the owner of the house have the smallest the grass group's planning to rebuild it is unclear what the driveway collapsed but it is very narrow and construction can be tricky to the owners of a home run out of town on tuesday but returning to sausalito to respect the damage.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>darya: of fire small ski resort no indication when it will reopen but the are closed for today. >>anny hong: planning of sunshine a live look at the for zone forecasts cameron network everywhere you look we see blue
9:17 am
skies and sunny start today and along the peninsula san jose and also for the east bay friends and and to run a really nice start today it was chilly when saw a lot of twenties and 30's mid 40's right now in san francisco there are warm spot 64 degrees right now expecting plenty of sunshine dry conditions 63 in san jose not a
9:18 am
bad day for you in san francisco looking for-59 and also sfo looking at 59 degrees to under sunny skies we finished off the year on saturday with a chance for some showers will sunday at the new year's all we're looking at a slight chance. >>robin winston: tracking some so spots of the spots are nice and smooth number does trouble
9:19 am
spots from richmond into the no. the bag connecting with north and south won 01 to the peninsula there was an accident and howe told north 11 at embarcadero did that is the
9:20 am
commitment sure you leave early know the problems for 582 san leandro and oakland. >>rob black: allotted analysts still love this stocks because everything there during write including the distribution last season that added 3 million people this season they're not telling us a number of more than 50 million households already have amazon so you're paying a monthly subscription.
9:21 am
seven >>mark: hundred and $75 for one share and amazon. >>rob black: mixing technologies
9:22 am
with toys to play a very bad idea pentagon line with twitter the dial line with the phone trying to get customer service basically the company and its sometimes things glad to the plan on replacing them as of yet but they do had as expected
9:23 am
there was always called to be insurance it's probably not going to die was surprised to see it was accepted into basically the world going to have in hand back i do not like
9:24 am
a kid i can be had to because it is not real. >>rob black: i find the idea people really need to start thinking in their fifties what does retirement look like get
9:25 am
ready for retirement and start a budget start practicing and you may be travelling to the while you're working and don't forget you want health insurance until you retire will be right back on the news continues.
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9:27 am
>>mark: metas 2.4% the cost of
9:28 am
living increase to oakland however lags behind many other cities now it is up to california highway patrol.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>>anny hong: san jose good morning to you for the to live a more still chilling a couple of degrees till at both 36 degrees,
9:32 am
the impact a holiday weekend will let you know when it comes up a little bit later. >>robin winston: now the problems is pretty much in the peninsula of the northbound 101 at the embarcadero 17 counter come new direction southbound the redwood estates if you're not familiar with the drive on 17 to we have a big red installed out in the right lane
9:33 am
also slow since the there wasn't escorting traffic through the area. >>darya: police identified the two people accused of the did the stabbing that happen if and targeted now we are hearing from the girlfriend for the man who was that the debt of fun of his son. >>haaziq madyun: tyrone griffins word spoken to a month ago it seemed to foreshadow his own fate inside of this heart disorder this past christmas eve he was doing some last- minute christmas shopping with his girlfriend to his two small children to speed things along
9:34 am
the split up each taking one of the children with them he took his daughter and she took his son she was waiting for him in the checkout line when she saw one for old friends she immediately called his cellphone but there was no answer she asks the man standing there by the person injured was black-white or latino peace said know he was black and was with his son. >>reporter: when she got there he was bleeding profusely. >>haaziq madyun: witnesses told
9:35 am
and then he got to altercation with two men after asking them to turn down some profanity lays to music playing in the presence of his son to men were arrested and remain in custody to her boyfriend and turned his life around after becoming a devout christian was a joyful person. >>mark: of drivers involved in a head-on collision is not arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and and the driver has not been released the person who was arrested was drive the volkswagen york in the southbound lane and collided head-on with than carter to seek the driver of the cars and hospital she's expected to survive.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
>>darya: this morning with the back at the story of brock turner. >>vicki liviakis: a sexual assault victim eloquent and impassioned letter to our attacker they found him guilty of three felony counts of sexual assault the transformation from olympic
9:39 am
hopeful to public enemy began here behind the dumpster near the fraternity to students found him on top of rencontres woman he claimed had been drinking heavily and all the sex was consensual and the ax for six years in prison he said his son should not be penalized for what he called 20 minutes of action out of 20 plus years of life it was equally chilling to try to
9:40 am
remove judges to make unpopular ruling outside the controversy raised all some long and airplane carried a banner over stanfordtreasury since their mounting that made no secret of her feelings that he got off too easily.
9:41 am
>>vicki liviakis: in his image remained on posters at the campus under the words do not be that person as for his victim her words have been read aloud again and again in the december issue is to let the the woman now known only as a family doll one of the women of the year.
9:42 am
>>mark: they cleared him of any judicial misconduct a sunny start your day but a cold start as well will talk more about the changes coming up in the forecast.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>>anny hong: temperature is right noun 30's and '40's still cold and santa rosa and 04 is an oakland high for today low 60s and oakland 62 in san jose and
9:47 am
friday a slight chance for sprinkle mainly to the south saturday and sunday a chance for some showers.
9:48 am
>>robin winston: some of the castaways on the left with the drive times looks great seven minutes to call out to 1 01 san francisco not a problem was down 80 looks pretty good and the problem in the south bay 237 west unlicensed expressway check out this crash at lawrence near the off ramp near the south lawn of ram and of an overturned dump truck for now no major delays also in the santa cruz mountain we have a stalled bid rigging to working this as well we only have two wings and the right- wing is blocked is the counter come new direction after the northbound direction to the earlier problem, on the peninsula cleared this the crash
9:49 am
of paulo out home it was blocking to land is gone you can see the heavy traffic coming out of mountain view the east that led the when fine on south 680 to minutes from concord out to danville with a minor accident. >>darya: new policy and sacraments all have people calling in recent it gives small security police here is the art in fair mall in sacramento
9:50 am
>>darya: we're halfway through
9:51 am
our people behaving badly countdown. >>stanley roberts: there is a party and then sends everyone showed up some were in support of the guest of honor in case you haven't noticed some most of the partygoers the not once again to attend solicitor on barricade there was set up early in the morning we did in a good
9:52 am
journalist would do to interview them an offer absolutely no solution he manages to sneak in the backed by walking through a hole in the fence that took the
9:53 am
steam models from the protesters but not much.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>darya: he's giving back to the commitments he he and his then distributed to and other goods to 1200 bay area families it is part of the annual feed the children and he was there with his wife and two children
9:56 am
and his mother their personal care items books and torrance the warriors are back in action tonight against the toronto raptors after blowing a 14 point lead against cleveland tipoff to 9730 they try and improve on the nba best 27 and 5 record and he joins michael jordan as the only nba player to win that a peace award twice fact. >>darya: 10 he went to the summer olympics but now he wants
9:57 am
to cross over to cross country skiing he has first lesson books for january the opening ceremony is 45 days later that is it for us do not forget new year's eve we have the best show at 1115 new year's eve our live broadcast. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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>> that was to get rid of the bucks. >> bizarre behavior. >> dr. phil: how did the dog get burned? >> he tripped. >> and a family -- >> you don't know what the hell you're talking about. >> all trying to fix him. >> you want drama, you are drama. >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> here we go. >> clear. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. trying to point you in the right direction. i am not giving up on you. [ cheers and applause ]


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