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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 29, 2016 1:45am-2:01am PST

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and the lead to an impressive new device. the new comptroller is big and then more devices. likely use of a you know uses the voices of sinn you why or amazon echo. how far is it to the moon. they answer the question then player amazon will music by vocal command. apple is late to this party and may release one and their users can
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call their i tunes content on demand. ht see sampson all have their vr headset nonmarket. and a virtual reality is accessible and will golem prop popularity. the large number of people who will buy and play with anything apple puts out. once they get this on the market will further expand the are into the community. tyrone griffin's family is heart-sick.and looking for
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justice. the 36-year-old from hayward was killed with his young son by his side.inside his hometown target. today.we caught up with griffin's family.just a short time before they learned the suspects were charged with murder. 22-year old frankie archuleta who you see here. also, his brother, 25-year old jesse archuleta.both are from hayward. they were arragned today in alameda county superior court. >> grant: bush and for justice for their level in the 36 year- old hayward was killed with his young son by his side inside his home town target. the cup with griffin's family just a short time before they learned that the suspects charged with murder. can a very end of the
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scene. hard time for us. us >> reporter: into the voice of the 22 year-old and 25 year- old father. a restaurant suspicion of 36 year-old tyrone written. mr. archer auletta at the courthouse in oakland. and says he feels obligated to come to his defense. mr. archer
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lettuce says nate incident happened at the target store in hayward happened like this frankie and jesse when inside when they allege griffin ask frank to turn the music playing on his phone griffin and his boys exchanged words and then when frankie picture here walked away mr. archer let us as his son's alleged drifted have franky ahead with a champagne bottle pulled from shelves. and his son jesse came to his brother's aid admitting that his son had a knife and stabbed
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griffin who later died mr. archer lettuces that his son acted out of self-defense police surveillance video will vindicate " brothers. there >> reporter: remaining custody both are due back in court thursday neither entered a plea during their arraignment on bail is off the table. >> vicki: spokesman this morning said she miscarried. we're tracking reaction first stephanie was back at the life of the hollywood icon.
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hearst >> reporter: are officially lodged a few years later and donald o'connor and 1952 seeing in the rain. in five different teachers. and modern dress for and the children with a first husband eddie fisher and then carry fission 1959 the marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce and fisher left reynolds to marry her close friend elizabeth taylor. panful the trail miles was able to joke about the scandal years later.
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her second and third marriages end in divorce. each time cause and morals financial pain . kara of work was recognized in 2015 when the screen actors guild honored reynolds with a lifetime achievement award. >> reporter: everytime it showbiz is the spark says of humor the shuler be remembered for. >> j.r.: very somber night for many many mourning the death of first terry fisher
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>> reporter: cold and clear outside right now and we are tracking a chance of rain for new year's.
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>> britteny: 30 from locations
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than anywhere closer to the holiday weekend receive a platter right around midnight and in the 30's new year's day low 50s and the cold glass to moves in and we continue dropping temperatures this will happen tonight and tomorrow and saturday sunday into most of next week. our temperatures pushing into tomorrow will stay pretty close to the '60s that's a nice day to 53 at 63 the high moral in half moon bay and warm 66 in san jose. that shows the cooler air on its way for the weekend and cool air will stick around into next week.
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