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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 29, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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flint michigan. the problem there was in the water. "people see the words flint michigan and then they see oakland lead poisoning and then they think water. it's not the water here. it's the lead paint" larry brooks is the director of operations here at alameda county healthy homes department.their mission? "research the connection between health and housing and come up with best practices to make sure people live safe and healthy" he says according to data provided by the california department of public health children under the age of 6 living in oakland's fruitvale district have elevated levels of lead posioning and it is directly related to housing "there are a lot of aging homes here in the bay area that are not being maintained well, in the 25 years that we have been responding to elevated lead cases, we found that is due to deteriorated lead based paint, more than 90% of the homes in oakland were buil prior to 1980, lead was not removed from homes until 1978, also soil is one of the primary sources, most of our cases have been traced back to paint or the has never been traced back to the water system" so what is the city of oakland doing about buildings covered with lead based paint? "when their code enforcement officers find lead hazards they
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report them to us" >> reporter:but he says that is a complaint driven process that will hopefully be replaced by a routine rental inspection program "they're not going to be waiting for a complaint, they are going to already be out there, it will be a part of their routine inspections" routine rental inspections proposal is currently working its way through oakland city legislature. in the meantime health officials say contact your child's healthcare provider if you think they have been exposed to lead based oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:continuing our coverage. kron 4's chuck clifford introduces us to a lcal family who had no idea they were living around dangerous lead. at least not until their own son got sick. nats >> reporter:ismael akbari, his wife and two young children came to the u.s. from afghanistan about a year ago. the family now shares a very modest one bedroom apartment in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. sot it's hard to find housing in oakland. it's not in good condition. it's like 90 years old and i'm paying 1300 per month. when they arrived in the bay area, the kids were tested for lead exposure and the results came back negative. but a few months later, 2-year-old mohammad was tested again and his blood lead level had shot up to 71 micrograms per deciliter. anything over 5 micrograms is considered a problem. he was immediately hospitalized. ismael had never even heard of lead
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poisoning. sot i hadn't heard anything about lead in my country. when i come here i understand what is lead. sot it's very scary lead poisoning is a serious health hazard that can have lasting impacts on a child's ability to learn. unfortunately, kids who live in older homes in low income areas have some of the highest rates of exposure. another problems is that kids that have been poisoned, like mohammad, often won't show any sort of symptoms. diep tran is a public health nurse with alameda county. sot
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unfortunately most children we see don't have symptoms until their blood levels are really high. the symptoms are vague. the only was you can detect lead poisoning.. cause you don't want to wait until they have seizures.. is through a blood test. after mohammad was admitted to the hospital, a team from the alameda healthy homes department examined the ackbari's apartment. after checking the paint, dust, and water inside the home, it still was unclear how the young boy ingested the lead. none of his toys or anything else inside the apartment seemed to be the source. then ismael remember that his son liked to play outside near a wall with peeling paint. sot the older the home the more likely it is to have lead based paint. dale hagen is the alameda county's housing services director. he says lead paint is a big problem. sot lead that's in paint or used to be in paint is the biggest source we find in the environment. mohammad spent about two weeks in the hospital receiving treatment. months later, his blood lead level is dropping but is still too high. fortunately, he's not show any signs of long term problems. the ackbari's and the county have been working with the property owner to remove the lead outside the apartment. the owner did put up some plastic to catch falling paint, but ismael says the family plans to move anyway. a daunting prospect in the bay area's red hot rental market. sot i'm sure my son is going to play outside again and he will be faced with the same problems again in the future so that's why we are looking for a new house. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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to learn more about the hidden dangers of lead posioning. we have a full section on our website. kron four dot com. a 4-year-old healdsburg boy is in serious condition tonight. after he was ejected from his mother's vehicle late last night. >> grant:according to c-h-p.she is suspected of driving under the influence. the crash happened just off highway-101 in healdsburg. near dry creek road. that's where 36-year-old melissa miller missed a turn and rolled down an embankment. her son was apparently not wearing a seat belt.and was found partially ejected from a rear window and unconscious. miller was already on probaltion for a drug charge.and is now under arrest for suspicion of felony d-u-i and child endangerment. bcn17:healdsburg: child seriously injured in car crash with allegedly drunk driving mom bcn17 -dui child injured healdsburg san jose police say the woman
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killed in a suspected drunk driving crash early christmas morning. that also claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy. had a d-u-i warrant out for her arrest. on sunday. police say 25-year- old jessica zamora crossed over the center divider on capitol expressway. stricking a vechile carrying 14-year-old andrew nguyen. both zamora and nguyen were taken to the hospital. where they died. today, police confirmed zamora had a misdemeanor d-u-i warrant out for her arrest. police say zamora had likely been under the influence of alcohol. when she crossed over the center divider on sunday. >> vicki:ex-san francisco 49er ray mcdonald is still in a world of trouble with the law, following several arrests for domestic violence and even an allegation of rae. defensive end's ex-fiance is sharing video of a disturbing encounter she had with him last may. kron four's philippe djegal shows us the video and explains why mcdonald's ex is speaking
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out. sot- "this isn't -- this isn't something that i enjoy having to relive." nats- "stop, ray, ray, ray -- stop! stop." the chaotic tailend of about a four minute long edited cellphone video clip, recorded by kendra scott in may of last year. scott is the ex-fiance of former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald, who scott says is the man wearing black and white in the video. the other voice she claims is ray's driver. we never see their faces -- but its clear from the audio that mcdonald was upset and that scott was scared. sot- "what are you doing? what are you doing? no, _ you don't know me mother f* * *. i'm telling you, i'm telling you, just leave me alone.just get out of here." by the time this alleged incident happened. mcdonald had already been arrested several times on domestic violence charges and a rape case stemming from december 20-14. and, he'd already been booted from the san francisco 49ers. on the night in question, scott says mcdonald broke into her house in the south bay and
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knocked down her bedroom door, harassing her while she held the former couple's 2-month old boy at the time. kendra says she escaped that incident with these bruises on her legs. in past encounters with mcdonald, she shared these photos of the marks she says he left on her face. sot- "it's just time to let, you know, be a voice for people who are afraid or ashamed to come forward -- um, to help protect myself and our child." we reached out for comment from mcdonald's attorney's who either said no comment or did not return our messages. kendra has primary custody of the former couple's child. but is currently fighting in court to put a hold on mcdonald's visitation priveldges. nats- "stop, stop." in the south bay, philippe
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djegal, kron four news. the two brothers accused of murdering a man inside a hayward target store christmas eve. did not enter a plea today. for the second day in a row. both 22-year-old frankie archuleta and 25-year-old jesse archuleta have been charged with in the murder of 36-year-old tyrone griffin. the incident happened last saturday, christmas eve, at the target on whipple road. griffen's family members say he was attacked after asking the archuleta brothers to turn down their music. however, the father of the suspects say they acted in self- defense. the brothers are being represented by different lawyers. neither of the suspects entered a plea today. and are due back in court next month. another big story we are following tonight. sanctions. expulsions and threats of covert reprisals. president obama unleashing a multi=pronged payback for to russian cyber=hacking. in a dramatic throwback to cold=war confrontation. the president, flat out accusing the russians of trying to disrupt the american
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presidential election. catherine heenan is here to tell us what he did. why he did it. and what kind of reaction he's getting. >> catherine:pack your bags. you've got 72 hours to leave the u=s. nearly three dozen russian diplomats are being expelled, and that's just the first of many acts of retaliation. clickety click the sanctions came with a report from the fbi's computer crime unit. tracing the hacks of the democratic party to a pair of russian hackers collectively known as grizzly steppe. backed by russian intelligence agencies, one group known as advanced persistent threat or a=p=t 29, broke into the computers last year. ' "a=p=t 28" followed in the
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spring of this year, using a technique known as 'spearphishing' to trick users into giving up their passwords. today president obama took the unprecedented step of naming individuals and agencies he said were responsible. they include two hackers already on the f=b=i's most wanted list. in addition, the administration ordered russia to vacate two diplomatic compounds. include this 45=acre retreat on maryland's eastern shore. the president said that's not all, promising "we will continue to take a variety of actions at a time and place of our choosing, some of which will not be publicized." ' reaction among republicans on capitol hill was mostly positive. "this is sending a message that we will not be pushed around by a country that's basically a gas can in europe with an economy roughly the size of italy." donald trump has dismissed the
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accusations against russia and its leaders. and expressed doubt about the u=s intelligence implicating them in the hack, today he indicated the whole thing is confusing to him. "i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think that computers have complicated our lives very greatly. the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. as for the russians, they're threatening retaliation for the retaliation. and the embassy in london sent out this tweet.the word lame over a picture of a duck. the lame duck, referring of has only three weeks left in office. still ahead on kron four news at five. police in the east bay. are now offering a reward for the gunmen who shot and killed an employee at a vallejo pawn shop. who police are looking for. plus, we are remembering the 'great' debbie reynolds. and her daughter carrie fisher who both passed away this week.
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how the nation is honoring these iconic stars. and next, tahoe could get a fresh round of snow this weekend. how this could impact your holiday travel plans. plus, a live update on the current ski conditions. we live in a pick and choose world.
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>> grant:happening now. police in the east bay area looking for the people involved in a gun battle. that broke out in an emeryville hotel parking lot. the gunfight was reported at about nine last night. in the parking lot of the hyatt place hotel on bay street. officers found shell casings all over the lot.but did not locate any victims or suspects. police say at least 15-shots were exchanged between the two cars. witnesses say a black hatchback and a light-colored four-door sedan left the scene right before police arrived. investigators are now reviewing video surveillance footage from the area. we have video from this. following the shooting of a pawn shop owner in vallejo last week. the store's memebers are now offering a 25-thousand-dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. police investigators have also released more details on the two suspects. both are described as men with light complexions between 18 and 30-years-old. one is thought to be about 6- feet tall with a thin build,
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while the other is about 5-foot- 6 with a medium build. they were last seen wearing dark hooded sweatshirts. i think the reward is important and then the suspects descrition. we have video from this. -- it was the pawn shop shooting for a second day in a row. several bay area residents are reporting a mysterious rotten egg smell. now air district investigators are trying to determine the cause of the stink. investgators have not confirmed what exactly has caused the smell. but believe it could be tied to the chevron refinery in richmond. investigators are also looking into other possible ships, landfills, or wastewater treatment facilities. p-g-&-e has ruled out the possibility of a gas leak. people in san francisco and richmond have reported the smell. anyone who detects the smell is encouraged to report it to 9-1-1. we have video of this from yesterday. a california d-a has dropped a d-u-i charge agaisnt a solano
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county man who only tested positive for caffeine. fairfield's joseph schwab say's he was wrongfully accused of driving under the influence back in 20-15. officers on scene were suspicious of schwab's erractic driving. so he was slapped with a d-u- i.and the charge stood even when his blood sample tested negative for drugs such as cocaine and opiates. the reason. according to police.was because dui blood tests can't catch designer stimulants like bath salts and p-c-p. ,. the da's office said forensic lab experts claim it was " highly likely the defendant was under the influence of a drug". but since they have no way to prove it beyond reasonable doubt. schwab's charges were dismissed today. and if you are looking to get to the slopes this weekend. lake tahoe is expected to get a fresh round of snow. this is video from yesterday. taken at heavenly resort.
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meteorologist brittney shipp \ >> grant: we should mention that is a big so of music festival in south lake tahoe. corning through saturday as the table at the magnificent
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pictures from the video. and then some video the festival. you try to get that back squared away in the coming the midst. >> vicki: and to look to get to the ski slopes. doesn't peaceful. >> britteny: now if you want to see in the bay the careful traveling to the high country into saturday it will be selling from friday all the way up to tuesday. closer to home right now the bay area satellite research shows a few clouds streaming up from the south. a little system situated mainly to the south of us. slowly certain date closer and rain cloudiness
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into saturday but if will clear out for new year's eve run around midnight clear conditions expected it will however during the day see a few scattered showers move up through one thing we're watching for you series of week weather disturbances that are now going to give a slight chance of showers in the day saturday. 52 center fell 58ยข for cisco 6 series and have a mandate. we will see temperatures drop. at 850 data mid-40s by 9:00.
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and statewide mostly getting ready for the holiday weekend here in new year's eve will be going off that have been on the slopes all day at its and get my friend. big week and for all the week and resorts lot of entertainment this week and correct?. >>: we have which is right there that will happen at midnight tonight of course if the letter at midnight. snow globes sigoloff and then the next two or three days we have snow globes going on as well as great skiing in writing. all of the year's excavation here on the sell footway. of the north like
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and of course about resort as well. >> vicki: what is all that noise the background. >>: we like the video there the right of the snow globe festival are you getting to will for all this party?. ahead largest farms people are deciding to be whether it had up this weekend was the like, slopes. the last parts or it the sources and spread a lot of this now
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be careful have to much fun this weekend. snow chances every day friday through tuesday lot happening in delete tahoe. after the recent attack of people dead and close cities are beefing up nears the security we need to notice they saved this holiday. will have more on that
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in just a bit. but first let's check in with kevin 'coop' coper. with heavenly and kirkwood resorts. coop, what are the current condition looking like? after therecent truck attack in berlin that left 12 people dead. big cities are beefing up new year's eve security. what you need to know to stay safe this holiday. but first. a bay area restaurant chain suddenly goes dark. we'll hear from employees of pasta pomodoro about how they were left out in the cold.
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a popular bay area restaurant closes its doors, without notice. pasta pomodoro has 15 locations. employees tell kron 4 they found out about the closure through a text message. kron4's charles clifford visited one of the locations in san bruno. still ahead. a new report suggests the deadly truck attack in berlin. which left 12 people dead and dozens of others injured. could have actually been a lot worse. hollywood is reelig over the loss of debbie reynolds.just a day after the death of her daughter, carrie fisher. reynolds died yesterday after suffering a severe stroke at her son's house. catherine heenan is here with the latest reaction. debbie reynolds had reportedly just told her son that she "would like to be with carrie again" --- only 15 minutes before she had a stroke. today people who knew them are
5:27 pm
still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that 'both' of them are gone. these are flowers people are leaving on debbie reynold's hollywood star. actually she has two stars --- one for her work in movies, and another for her live performances. among the ongoing tributes to her daughter carrie fisher, a 'light saber tribute' in austin, texas. hundreds of people came from across the state. today.james lipton.a friend who has interviewed debbie reynolds.said he knows why she died. debbie reynolds was 84.carrie fisher was 60. between reynolds' struggles with several marriages and fisher's fight with addiction and mental illness, the two often had a strained relationship.but they had reconciled in a judge has ordered a competency hearing for convicted killer dylann roof. the 22-year-old was found guilty earlier this month. in the shooting deaths of nine black parishioners at a charleston church in june 2015. today, the judge ordered another evaluation of roof "in an abundance of caution." roof will be evaluated over the weekend. the judge says he will rule on roof's competency monday. a day before his sentencing phase is set to begin. a jury will decide on the death penalty or sentence roof to life in prison without the possibility of parole. german authorities believe the automatic braking system installed in the truck used in
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the berlin christmas market attack may have saved lives. that's according to a new investigation report released today. this is video of the aftermath. twelve people were killed and at least 48 more injured when attacker anis amri plowed through an open-air christmas market on the evening of december 19. however, the number of casualties could have been much higher. the truck came to a halt within 87 yards. because the automatic braking system sensed an impact and applied the brakes. the report says the vehicle used in the attack was fitted with an automatic braking system, as required under eu regulations passed in 2012 for all trucks exceeding a certain size. a similar attack in the french city of nice in july, an 18-ton truck was driven for more than a mile through crowds gathered along a main street for bastille day celebrations, new york city's iconic new year's eve celebration will be surrounded by sanitation vehicles to stop truck-driving attackers like those in germany and france. and this year.the new york police force in times square will be stronger than ever for the city's huge celebration. more than 7-thousand officers, bomb-sniffing dogs and heavily armed counterterrorism units will be deployed thorughout the city. also.garbage collection and sand trucks will be parked around times sqaure's perimeter.meant to block any would-be assailants from plowing trucks into the crowd.which is expected to reach 1-million people. new yorks mayor bill de blasio is reminding us all to help out the efforts of the n-y-p-d.and if you see someting.say something. i think you could use that first line in this ap article as your lead in. since the story i'll be coming out of has to do with the berlin truck attack there's a few sound bites on cnn. pick the best one! new year's eve-security still ahead. a warning tonight. about a new
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text message scam that threatens your life unless you pay up. what you need to know about this nationwide scam. before you fall victim. and. an important recall to tell you about. honda recalling thousands of odyssey mini van's. over concerns about seats suddenly' shifting. more details - next. why are you deleting these photos?
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>> catherine: achaea flowers people are leaving the hollywood star has two stars what for work and her movies and other for her live performances. among the ongoing trivia's toward daughter polite seabird tribute charges of people today james a friend who was interviewed it says he knows why she died. >> catherine: she was 84 and carry was 60. they did to has
5:33 pm
strained relationship that had reconcile the reason years >> britteny: this is what they're calling for a year's leave going through saturday it sheds a scattered showers and then heading out to celebrate the site things will clear up closer look who expects night each state with a will drop a few degrees setting of the weekend a cool things down in a slight chance of reims store. the best off the coast of los angeles the legs like boundless self a very nice weather
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disturbance in the northwest. gives a full scattered showers. you concede again a slight chance during the day piquancy rainfall. as to get toward europe midnight hour we're going to see all not all whole lot of clouds into sunday we see clear conditions call to temperatures that selig. and monday and tuesday of next week so we definitely expect cooler air date for you or most of the jurors to stay in the los it mid-30s closer to the water-rees and the new year's day temperatures are in very low fifties coming up the ticket close to 70 forecasts.
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>> grant: is in the berlin crisis market may save lives according to a new investigation report today video report of the aftermath 12 people killed in that attack 48 more injured when the attacker plowed through an open air christmas market a week and a half ago a number of casually casualty's could've been much higher once the trucks are deploying into the market attack 87 yds for the truck stop and here is exactly happened could've gone along for the had the automatic braking system not send any impact and automatically apply the brakes when reports as the vehicle was fitted with automatic braking system is required under the regulations and to those of 12 for all trucks and it's worth noting uses video from france
5:36 pm
city and back in july 18th ton truck driven more than a mile through crowds had gathered in a for a celebration that killed 84 people injured many more the truck did not have the automatic braking system. 7000 officers and heavily-armed counter- terrorism unit is will be deployed to the city garbage collection sand trucks will be parked around times square perimeter meant to block any would-be assailants from hauling trucks into a crowd expected to reach 1 million people the new
5:37 pm
york mayor reminding everyone to help out in the efforts of the nypd basically the same thing if he sees something say something. no credible threats to the city of new york and extra security is this a precaution. a warning tonight about a new text message scandal that threatens the life was to pay up what you need to know about this nationwide scam i see minivan concerns suddenly shifting more details next. on
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wallstreet. major stock indexes are slightly lower today, led by declines in banks and energy stocks. the dow gave back 14 points today. the nasdaq. slipped 6 points. and the s&p fell a fraction of a point. honda is back at it again. the automotive company is recalling 633 thousand odyssey minivans in the u.s because the second-row seats could move unexpectedly. the recall invloves odysseys from the 2011-2016 model years. honda say's the second-row release lever may get stuck in an unlocked position, which allows the seats to move unexpectedly.
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>> vicki:the problem was identified through warranty claims. luckily there have been no reports of injuries or accidents related to the issue. some people in alabama are getting frightening text messages on their phones. would-be hackers are posing as hit men. catherine is back with the details. authorities across alabama are warning people that the chilling threats they're getting -- are just a ploy to get their personal information. as that police lieutenant. mentioned.this scam is now spreading beyond alabama. there have been similar threats in the past -- but this one has recently re-surfaced. if you get the menacing message -- police say delete it. coming up, a cop in texas is receiving a lot of praise tonight. after he orders a different kind of
5:42 pm
punishment for a teen who was caught smoking weed. that story-- after the break. then, the hits keep coming for the popular toy - hatchimals. why some parents believe - the most-hyped toy of the season - has a potty mouth. a texas police officer is getting a lot of attntion after he caught a teen smoking weed. it's what he did after.that's receiving lots of praise. the off duty officer was outside of a movie theater in arlington when he was told there was someone smoking marijuana by the theater enterance. the officer says their department pushes each employee to have compassion and think outside of the box. that's exactly what officer eric ball did when he approached the teen. as you can see the teen took the push-ups and told the officer he learned his lesson. triple is offering free rides and tows on new year's eve to help prevent drunk driving. the annual tipsy tow program provides free one-way rides and tows for drivers and their cars for up to 10 miles to the driver's home. additional passengers are welcome if there is room in the tow truck. anyone can call the triple a help line to access the service. it will run from 6 p.m. saturday to 6 a.m. sunday. the program is available to everyone, not just triple a members. also. several transit agenicies is also offering free rides and beefing up service for new year's eve. that includes caltrain, the valley transportation authority, san francisco muni, samtrans and a-c transit. bart wll be charging for rides, but is extending train service
5:43 pm
to three a.m. but if you are planning on staying in. tune into kron four news. kron four is the only local station that will ring in the new year live across the bay area. we will show you celebrations around the world and fireworks from the san francisco's ferry building--- from the comfort of your own home. kron4's new yer's live starts at 11:15 saturday night!
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amazon is getting closer to using blimps stocked with drones to get packages to customers. >> vicki: unassisted next and the details of a political election in america a memphis this takes place people trying to find a way to solve a peace problem. the story a lot more at it right here at kron 4 is 6.
5:47 pm
>> vicki: then business as the department procedure had commissioned a thing of the box that's exactly what officer eric ball did he approached a teenager.
5:48 pm
>> grant: 10 mi. additional passengers are welcome as if a cozy cabin up their it will run from 6:00 p.m. saturday to 6:00 a.m. as it's available to everyone pence several agencies also 0 offering free rides 40 years eve. caltrans sam trance and ac transit. >> grant:: illegally to stay in a jam with us. the years the
5:49 pm
live. >> britteny: attending drop between friday and monday rate trances early friday also another chance and into monday.
5:50 pm
a slight chance of rain on saturday not by the time we get closer to the dead but the family during the day sierra snow as expected for us. 54 oakland 5658 san jose shows cloud is starting a push of from the south all part of a system that is going the close a lesson and a little rain heading into tomorrow few sprinkles yourself a zones and far enough to the south near monterey future cash shows another system drops down from the northwest will gust a little during fall for fully held concord stretching out to any luck. few more close developed as well those clubs well closer to saturday night.
5:51 pm
>> britteny: mid-40s in half moon bay 43 and not view. and but more fifties about 55 in san francisco pacifica 497 tel banville and san jose. again slightly cloudy skies and the only exception is a little dish dollars charge to the for parts of the east bay monday and the chance of rain lingering ended tuesday also iotas cooler temperatures sitting around.
5:52 pm
>> vicki: catchable toys some have potted valves and videos posted its seems white players saying a swearword all the toys lead. this allowed stores before christmas they live and plastic eggs that hatch if you will in the interactive creatures there is from the touch they also repeat words or phrases that he once teach them. but make unidentifiable losel sleeping but did not speak courseware on their island. on and they're
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>> vicki:as we say good bye to 2016, we've seen bay area restaurants come and go - like the old - sinbad's on the waterfront.or pasta pomodoro. tonight on dine and dish - a year thru the rear view mirror. we're serving up a sampler plate of survivors - places that keep cooking up great meals. my top ten most memorable restaurants and un-forgetable food personalities. looking back at 2016. what's old is new again. original joes of westlake made a comeback - and made big points with the locals. mr. jiu's made a splash - with a re-imagined chinatown eatery. so good it earned a michelin star.
5:57 pm
and bon appetite's best bakery in america - a tiny hole in the wall called "ariscault bakery" in the city's richmond neighborhood. here's a place that's all the buzz. bob's steakhouse in the omni hotel makes it's own honey and even employees it's own bee- keeper. and tony's slicehouse really knocked it out of the park - pizza master tony gemignani bringing in a couple of ringers to make pizza for charity. and the hideout in lafayette - couldn't be more obscure. and more popular. if you got to have yourself a po-boy or fried gator. nola po boy and gumbo kitchen in the outskirts of concord run
5:58 pm
by a former cop. as for food personalities - ayesha curry - spiced things up with her international smoke bbq. and the first female iron chef - cat cora - back in the bay area briefly - to cook up a southern greek dish. and the winner for most out-of- this world cuisine. the multi- michelin star rocca brothers from spain whipping up dessert that communicates with aliens. i discovered some of these great dine and dish establishments from your recommendations. keep sending em in. 2017 is a whole new year. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and catherine heenan are here with kron 4 news at six.
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now on kron 4 news at six. the united states strikes back. president obama orders dozens of russians to be expelled from the united states. some of them. right here in the bay area. the sanctions affect a lot of diplomats and workers.and not only those at san francisco's russian consulate. kron 4's national correspondent mark meredith. he's in our washington newsroom with a look at the restrictions and what else the u-s is dropping the ammer on. -s is dropping the tonight dozens of russian diplmoats are being kicked out of the united states and several russian entities are on notice that they pose a direct threat to u-s national security. tonight the white house is laying out new details of widespread sanctions that will undoubtley have a major impact on u-s and russian relations. among the new measures. 35 russian diplomats are going to be forced to leave the united states within the next 72 hours. it's not clear how many of these 35 individuals are still in the country now.
6:02 pm
starting tomorrow the russian government will not have access to two russian compoudnds - one in maryland and one in new york. also these sanctions will impose severe restrictions for several russian officials to conduct business in the u-s. president obama says the decision to impose these new sanctions on russia came after repeated warnings to the russian government to stop hacking computers to try and influence's the presidential election. the white house adds the russians responsible had a direct goal of undermine confidence in the u-s electoral process and the government itself. one of the biggest factors we're going to be watching closely - will the incoming trump administration remove these sanctions when they get into the white house in january.
6:03 pm
president obama's actions were taku.en by executive order - and it's the president's decision whether or not to keep it in place. congress is also expected to get an official report on these cyber crimes in the next several weeks.
6:04 pm
bay area congressman eric swalwell had a strong response to the sanctions. he's on the house committee on intelligence. his statement says "i support president obama's actions to impose sanctions on russian officials whom our intelligence agencies said were involved in interfering with our presidential election. any foreign power that attempts to meddle in our elections - no matter to whose benefit - must suffer the consequences. we must never allow our democracy to be manipulated for others' ends." we do have an idea of who exactly is being target by these sanctions. infact two of the men are wanted by the f-b-i for cyber crimes. the crimes listed by the feds are computer intrusion as well as computer fraud. the white house says the two played a role in the hacking including targeting the democratic nation committee and hillary clinton's campaign chairman. we have a kron 4 crew on this story and checking into who
6:05 pm
might be have been expelled here in san francisco. that part of the story tonight at eight. >> vicki: >> catherine:former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald is still in a world of trouble with the law, following several arrests for domestic violence
6:06 pm
and even an allegation of rape. now the embattled former defensive end's ex-fiance is sharing video of a disturbing encounter she had with him last may. kron four's philippe djegal shows us the video and explains why mcdonald's ex is speaking out. nats- "you need to stop. you need to stop. i'm not doing anything to you -- get away from me." it's a night kendra scott says she'll never forget. and, she made sure of that the moment she says she chose to
6:07 pm
record this encounter with her ex-fiance and the father of her baby boy. ex-49er ray mcdonald. sot- "i had locked the door, so i got woken up to him banging on the door to let him in." scott says this incident happened in may of last year inside her south bay home, when mcdonald broke in and physically abused her while she held their child. mcdonald was already facing criminal charges for an alleged rape of another woman at the time. and, he'd also been arrested several times prior for allgedly abusing kendra scott. and, scott says this incident mirrored others that also left her bruised in the past. sot- "how many times did you have incidents like this where you were physically abused? um, i was in a relationship with ray for probably about three years, um, and i couldn't tell you how many times." nats- "stop, ray, ray, ray -- stop! stop." >> reporter:the other man you hear in the edited clip that runs a little more than four minutes, scott says, was ray's driver. scott is currently fighting to hault mcdonald's visits with the former couple's little boy. and, as mcdonald is still tangled up in the criminal rape case. scott says she is choosing to speak up now for other victims of domestic violence. sot- "i don't want to be the one to have to do this. i -- i
6:08 pm
mean, he's the father of my son regardless, you know, so its very difficult." mcdonald's attorney's either chose not to issue a comment or did not respond to our messages for this report. nats- "seriously, please get away from me ray." in the south bay, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> steve:the two suspects in a deadly christmas eve stabbing at a hayward target have still not entered a plea. we are told jesse archuleta and his brother frankie.did not appear in court today as scheduled. the judge is pushing back their hearing to january 6th.
6:09 pm
the two brothers are accused of fatally stabbing tyrone griffin jr while he was shopping for christmas presents. the archuleta's family and attorney say however.they were acting in self-defense.after a fight broke out when griffin asked them to turn down their music. mugs are in today. make sure you use the right template. sound coming from an attorney. brothers didn't enter a plea. back in court january 6. the attorney representing the other brother.frankie archuleta, declined comment today. kron-4 will keep you updated on this case as it develops in the upcoming week. we've learned that the woman involved in a deadly christmas day crash in san jose was wanted for drunk driving. the collision killed 14-year- old andrew nguyen -- who was with his parents at the time. investigators say 25-year-old jessica zamora drifted across capitol expressway and hit them head on.
6:10 pm
she also died in the crash. police are looking into whether she might have been under the influence at the time. zamora already had a misdemeanor d-u-i warrant for her arrest. people have been asking -- 'do you smell that?' for a second day - investigators are trying to figure out what's been causing a mysterious rotten egg odor in parts of the bay. people have been reporting a sometimes overpowering smell of rotten eggs or sulfur - in san francisco and richmond. some believe it might be tied to the chevron refinery in contra costa county. investigators are also looking into other possible ships, landfills, or wastewater treatment facilities. p-g-&-e has ruled out the possibility of a gas leak.
6:11 pm
anyone who detects the smell is encouraged to report it to 9-1-1 dangerous levels of lead have been found in children living in an east bay city. what's alarming -- is that the percentage of lead found in this east bay city. is higher than the lead levels in kids living in flint michigan. which had a well documented problem with lead in its water. today kron4's haaziq madyun spoke with represntative of that city who calling on the federal government to get involved children living in oakland's fruitvle distict have elevated levels of lead poisoning according to the california public health department >>:"it's an environmental justice issue for the people living in east oakland" oakland city councilmember noel >> reporter: gallo represents the people who live in this district "and this has the highest >>: concentration of children in the city of oakland.that's my greatest concern" >> reporter:the folks here at alameda county healthy homes department keeps track of lead poisoning cases and says the problem is not in the oakland's is in the paint >>: "there are a lot of aging homes here in the bay area that are not being maintained well, in the 25 years that we have been responding to elevated lead cases, we found that is due to deteriorated lead based paint, more than 90% of the homes in oakland were built prior to 1980, lead was not removed from homes until 1978, also soil is one of the primary sources, most of our cases have been traced back to paint or the has never been traced back to the water system" >> reporter:gallo says federal funding is needed to tackle this lead based paint problem >>:"i want to make sure that hud funds that we use to remove the lead paint from these residential homes as well as apartments" >> reporter:in the meantime health officials say contact your child's healthcare provider if you think they have been exposed to lead based
6:12 pm
oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> britteny: vote possible as
6:13 pm
zebras a few scattered showers. the south is on the morrow we are tracking for aid and we go the details and the smell coming.
6:14 pm
coming up, look what happens in uruguay when lawmakers get into a fist fight over peace keeping troops 24 hours after an overnight fire scorches a tahoe ski lodge homewood resort welcomes skiers back to the slopes and south lake tahoe is getting ready for the biggest gathering ever at the annual 'snow globe' music festival it could be a dark new year's eve in sin city. after an electrical fire sparked a huge power outage in las vegas. tall married small? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. make it firm. make it soft. adjusts to any duo. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer.
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>> catherine: 11 be able to accommodate more people. in indiana's atheneum between the early morning hours in the year. keep it safe at tripoli's of related to that for a free ride those for those drivers to have had to much yet to be within 10 mi. of the driver's home for the free deal started 6:00 p.m. saturday and last through 6:00 a.m. on sunday. a much more in the years the bay area website. pickens see it rise public transit agency is doing just that and remember the year we also have some of the biggest
6:18 pm
stories we covered all throaty those 16 games >> steve: across the bay area they will be joined by gary brill deal long for the ride and here to celebrate or on the country and around the world.
6:19 pm
>> britteny: edition is expected also attracting snow a few things that will be happening over the next few days here selling iran are shot shows have the moving up from the south of the disturbance off the coast of los angeles and that's where the clouds are coming from. does not affect whether the only exception is a feeling of scattered showers sysop's a zones of our monorail and the system will stay far enough and it shows was in store clear going on saturday morning or close developed by 930. concord in vallejo. and the temperatures will continue to drop cold air continues to build in from the north. san francisco 52 degrees
6:20 pm
and a lot to store still is up to the east and southwest where tracking another round the snowfall that will start tomorrow. low 47 francisco hayward. then tracking all your changes and a closer look at the forecasts 710 minutes.
6:21 pm
>> catherine: they were able the key isolated. a backup generator kicked in.but sofa is one of two large resort strike also you is for letting the visitor is are a hoping kitten build. said the gas service and an ease until shops guest services still open in school, rental shop and retail store. one of the things investigators are checking -- whether earthquakes in the area wednesday morning could have been connected to the fire. if you thnk our political system is contentious. watch how they settle things in uruguay. you won't see this in the house or senate!
6:22 pm
one lawmaker slaps another and a fight erupts. several other lawmakers had to step in and try to keep them separated. so what was this dust up over? we are told the two men got into a disagreement over putting troops on the ground in a peace mission in haiti and whether they should remain there.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
here in the united states, we're preparing for a big shift in washington d-c. republicans will have control of the white house and both chambers in congress in just a few weeks. so where does that leave the democratic party and its agenda? kron 4's chief national correspondent jim osman takes a look. track it looked like one more establishment figure could tumble. this time at the capitol. when an upstart tried to topple the democratic leader in the house. it failed. sot tim ryan clearly this didn't turn out the way we thought we knew it would be an uphill battle/butt cut/i believe as democrats we need to appeal to every part of the country track ohio congressman tim ryan challenged minority leader in the house nancy pelosi who is the former house. speaker he was hoping to ride the wave of a working class agenda after donald trump's message attracted white working class voters. but pelosi beat ryan handily. pelosi sot "i have a special spring in my step today" track pelosi said the democratic party won't be caught in the same situation in the future. ?sot "never again will we have an election where there's any doubt where the democrats are with american working families" ? track the democrats have signaled they'll fight republicans on medicare and social security- two issues coveted by senior citizens. that tactic has worked before dating back to the 90s.. i'm chief national correspondent jim osman in washington. charged with drunk driving even though tests came back negative. but now there's a twist in the case of a man who says he was only drinking coffee - and it was one of the most powerful stories of the year. and the video you saw here on kron 4 led to the closing of a school. we look back at the case of tobin world.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> steve:a rather strange story out of fairfield. where a d-a says she can't charge a man for driving under the influence. they ran all sorts of blood tests and the only thing he tested postive for was caffeine. joseph schwab maintained his innocence the entire time. he was pulled more than a year ago on interstate 680 near his fairfield home for weaving in and out of traffic. the d-a has says thinks schwab was on some sort of drug but the test just couldn't pick it up. since there is not proof, there won't be any charges. about 2-hundred employees and contract workers for the department of homeland security are accused of taking nearly 15- million-dollars in bribes. a new york times investigation discovered that over the last 10 years --- the workers have taken money to cover-up criminal activity. records show they looked the other way as tons of drugs and thousands of undocumented immigrants were smuggled into the u.s. -- and sensitive information was given to drug cartels. to fight corruption, homeland security has beefed up its pre- hiring process and its internal affairs department. it was one of the biggest stories of the year in the bay area. how a viral video broke open an investigation into an easy bay school for children with special needs. this will sound a little unusual. a white christmas in
6:28 pm
hawaii. the picture tonight that proves even the tropics can get in on that famous holiday phrase. and a little later. will carrie fisher now get a star on the hollywood walk of fame following her death? we got an explanation today as to why she doesn't have one. in the south bay. the ex-fiance of embattled former 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald is sharing cellphone video of an alleged encounter with mcdonald in kendra scott's south bay home in may of last year.
6:29 pm
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and then documented. annette the video was just a snapshot of how turbulent relationship with next all-star really was. how does one get to next island i can't understand
6:33 pm
>> britteny: and then sticking it out to next jacket. kyat tended to drop between friday and monday. mr. early on saturday once again early monday near is weekend. you plan ahead of the high country and some chairs right now mainly in the fifth of these spots between high '40's. another chance of
6:34 pm
rain on monday and the minister the see it cool in the next week. >> steve: >> reporter:this is cell phone video of an altercation involving a pair of teacher's aides here at tobinworld two in antioch tobinworld is a special education school serving children ages five to young adults up to the age of 22 nat this video was recorded tuesday inside of the school. at one point in the video you can see two people holdign a student by his arms and legs while someone strikes him. nat
6:35 pm
this clip shows someone in a blue tobinworld shirt on top of the student i don't think no staff member should be doing a kid like that. parents of students here were outraged after seeing this video my heart was broken tobinworld 2 says they
6:36 pm
immediately "suspended the staff involved, called children and family services and antioch police." they say "the student in the video returned to school wednesday, uninjured.
6:37 pm
sot - he''s had a few issues, and again he''s a special needs child and he shouldn''t be treated like that at all from anyone. this is the first time the boys grandmother is watching video of her grandson being assaulted at school. sot - i pulled her hair and then she put her elbow in my neck, and then that''s when veroni told her to slap me. and chad hold my arms and perry hold my legs and she slap me. police have identified the aide as kamaljoot kaur and cited the video as evidence used to arrest her on child abuse. a second tobinworld teacher''s aide, chad marcell corbin, is also facing a midemeanor count for failure to report child abuse or neglect. "who is it?" kamaljot kaur was released from custody. she is out on $100- thousandf dollars bail. i tried reaching her at her home in antioch it''s haaziq madyun kron4 "i''m sorry there is no one here who would like to leave a comment" according to these court documents kaur is facing one misdemeanor count of cruelty to a child by inflicting injury. lina azizi''s son is a student at tobinworld are you disappointed with the charges? "yes i am" why? "because i think she needs to learn her lesson and deserves a
6:38 pm
little bit more" "i fully suppor the d.a." colleen pendleton''s says although she support the misdemeanor child crulety to reflects her 12-year-old son''s experience at tobiworld "i''m not going to let one bad " i would say it''s a bad apple tree four former tobinworld teacher''s aides agreed to come forward and talk about their experiences at the antioch tobinworld campuses after seeing the viral video. they said they never saw anything as exterme as what was caught by a cell phone camera. but they all say they''ve seen other tobinworld staff abuse their power over students. "'i've seen staff contain students just because the student was cussing at them, not because the student was physically a threat to anyone around them or even to themselves. but just because the staff was fed up." in the video you can see an aide throw what looks like paper clips at the boy.the former tobinworld employees say at times they have seen other staffers instigate students to make them act outgiving staff an excuse to use force. it would be like their pride gets hurt or they get annoyed or they get fed up with the kids or they just feel lik taking someone down." tobinworld documents turned over to kron4 from the state department of education shows that during the 2014/2015 school year students were being bused in from all over the east bay. according to these contracts.some districts agreed to pay tobinworld 60, 70and in one case nearly 90 thousand dollars for just one student. "we are concerned and we are looking into it."
6:39 pm
it was the announcement by california attorney general kamala that her recently formed bureau of children''s justice would be investigating tobinworld that caused the district to take the drastic step of trying to pull all of their remaining students in tobinworld out. an investigation that came not long after kron4''s multi part series of reportsthat uncovered other allegations of abuse at tobinworld. two former teacher's aides are on probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor child abuse. the family of the little boy shown in the video has filed a lawsuit against tobin world, which still operates a campus in southern california. a white christmas. in hawaii? it might sound impossible. but we have some proof tonight the islands really did get in on winter over the holiday. v it was a white christmas in hawaii. well, at least on two volcano summits. nasa shared these satellite
6:40 pm
images of snow on the peaks of mauna kea and mauna loa. they were temporarily dusted with white -- as they are nearly every year. the snow was courtesy came from a storm earlier in december -- which also brought thunder and lightning. time to talk some warriors-- it seems they are always more impressive after a loss, and last night was no different. as they extended their nba record of most regular season games without back-to-back losses to 119. and it sure was an adventure to get to that point.
6:41 pm
hickel >> catherine: chrysalis onto a callous and as a shared a eighth thought perez was aware. earlier in december and all of lightning. allies to game's
6:42 pm
major headache the head coach moment of for breaking his leg last sunday against the cubs and they have that story all the sports coming up.
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6:45 pm
>> gary: for the entire game here's a look at the faithful plan. it was not as as it could
6:46 pm
of been the fresno bee hysterics either david reveals that this is an elegant damage which would have extended recovery time from months. also they discovered the blown up party started healing itself expects carter be fully able blyth the spring.
6:47 pm
this senator gallery
6:48 pm
golden state led by 20 late in the 3rd quarters. and thanks to multiple turnovers, the raptors made it a 5-point game. the inability to maintain leads has been a trend as of late. and a large part of that is three-straight games with at least 20-turnovers.
6:49 pm
yet, warriors still have the best record in the league. and lead the nba in field goals and assists. here's steve kerr.on the state of his team nearly 35-games in. next up--- the mavericks tomorrow the warriors welcome back old friends harrrison barnes and andrew bogut. tough day in the world of college football-- as legendary byu head coach lavell edwards has died. he was the man who led the cougars program to national
6:50 pm
prominence and the resume is remarkable. over 30-years in provo, he won a national championship. went to 22-bowl games. claimed 20-conference titles. and his quarterback pupils include-- steve young, jim
6:51 pm
mcmahon and ty detmer.
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6:54 pm
>> steve: the scenery and back in 1952 and co-author of publicly for her good friend elizabeth taylor. on his generals have a star while she did not and we got an explanation. >> reporter: issue was never nominated been here many years allen called to inquire or some identification upon the fifth anniversary of her passing we would gladly accept the nomination of former she deserved it. but hasted and then
6:55 pm
the family it was renominated. todd fischer says that she talked to her yesterday morning said she was missing cariamas planning her funeral and take the hospital complaining of breathing problems.
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