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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 31, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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party in london here was a look at the celebration in paris friends the fire words all over the place you could see them over the shot possibly the most offensive fireworks display was in dubai pyrotechnic shot out of the world's tallest building thousands came out to see the show. >>j.r. stone: all happening tonight we're the only station that will bring you the fireworks display live amid night and can't conduct and. >>charles clifford: people are getting ready you're starting to see new year's eve revelers not too many of the crowd was still the here and where live along the embarcadero that and
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eventually to the crowd also the weather is pretty nice there was no wind or rain there was no fog expected to interrupt the show it should be pretty nice and i for the fireworks show there are some things going on the camera right here we have ice skating rink setup and justin herman plaza not too many people are skating right now that probably will be open for quarter-hour's. >>charles clifford: that wants to allow people to come in here and watch the fireworks because the crowd they're expecting some
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and the people the shoal waters from two barges out in san francisco bay on the east side of the ferry building ride up in the sky where looking bad as when the fireworks show is going to be at midnight tonight. >>j.r. stone: the calm before the storm tonight is one of the worst night for chp in terms of drunken-driving arrest several bay area transportation companies are making it easier for you to get around new year's eve. >>reporter: is definitely want
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to be crowded in san francisco tonight most people we spoke with said was easy to leave their keys at home and especially since it is free and bart has extended-hours per. >>reporter: they definitely not shy about their celebration plans which is why they decided to leave their vehicles a home is also a popular option for many traveling from the eastman making it even easier they extended the hours until 3:00 a.m. and have action trains lined up if you plan to take muni is free they're also busy
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tonight but expect a third and print a surge in pricing is one of his busiest nights of the year or ride from the station will set you back about $20 test and we talked to the ride share drivers who spent the charge of how much depends on the man. >>j.r. stone: bay area please
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have been trying for tonight's celebration and a deep the presence. >>reporter: in the last hour or so the crowds have started to grow and so has all his presence entellus hundreds of police officers are here tonight low and uniform and plain clothes they're keeping an eye on everything the spirit of new year's eve is in the air tonight as people from across the bay area gathered along the embarcadero to watch the annual fireworks show we ask people not
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an opinion what they're looking forward to. >>reporter: and everyone is in great spirits and we want to keep it that way. >>j.r. stone: we have everything
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you need to know about new year's celebrations in the bay area and around the world checkout the web site. >>reporter: christopher's hafez
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we see chilly temperatures and look toward new year's day partly cloudy skies of my chance of shower as we get into the evening hours new year's eve looking nice and dry. >>j.r. stone: that enclose a group in san francisco will live at the office in the city with a reaction from russian community members. >>reporter: most of the russian people in san francisco said there aren't happy about the administration and waiting for
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presidency in hopes he can restore relationship between russia and the united states and
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did disagree area and what the decision and await a trump presence in. >>j.r. stone: 49 as head coach and 49 as general manager and can will likely be dismissed by the team and the next 48 hours there recording that the team with this most they are two of
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13 this year lost more what-for the worst record ever to that would essentially be cleaning house is this does happen this will make for the team for a head coach in just four years this will mean that they will be on the hook for $30 million he is best known for his role as father john on the tv series mash he had walls on the and the griffin show hogan's heroes days of our lives according to as family he died from a form of cancer.
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>>j.r. stone: the busiest day of the year for goodwill how many people came out for the annual san francisco down upon and airline pilot has been arrested after police say of flight crew member found them passed out drunk.
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>>j.r. stone: and that another big success to an new year's eve is a non-profit organization began his day of the year the dollar showed up in big numbers. >>phillipe djegal: a mad rush to help those who are struggling and could benefit from others generosity they receive the 2016 tax benefit as well those
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trailers were stacking of the goodwill san francisco and marin president and ceo helped collect donations and says giving jumps of 30% and 126 team closes rogers said organization will have taken in about 800,000 the nation's.
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>>j.r. stone: menlo park's family was shocked by what they found when they return home early this morning according to police their return to his house on the 1100 block to find it had been burglarized and when that man walking to his home there were in a better room they said the man was struck by a hammer.
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>>reporter: we have another storm system headed this way the winter weather advisory and you can see some heavy snow fresh
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powder across the higher peaks no level down to about a thousand feet. >>reporter: already in little more 39 degrees 45 in the napa valley this one called storm system we have this next one is born to be even colder this is the one that could very well bring some snow to bay area mountains.
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>>j.r. stone: canadian airline pilot was found passed out and drop in the cockpit of his plane according to police it discovered by a crew member before flight according to the police to use more than three times over the legal limit police said the son one airline pilot at this time he's facing
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charges of having control of an aircraft while being impaired by alcohol more charges are possible. >>j.r. stone: what a way to in the 2016 we will hear from witnesses after a man drove his car off a dock in santa barbara.
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>>j.r. stone: this is video the first happening in florida and the two american bald eagles
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they're now tim for their firstborn waiting for the other this video was taken from a camera that is live streaming the camel was launched in october of 2012. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: have a chance to talk to some of the driver saw recall in the crack down on
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red lights it is part of the city vision 02020 campaign it is a significantly reduce fatalities and severe injuries. >>stanley roberts: it was a lot
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of violence or drivers were using a dedicated lane blocking traffic they were issued tickets
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for ignoring regulatory signs. >>j.r. stone: mls a raccoon was rescued from a watsonville drainpipe after being stuck for over 24 hours sadly he died a
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few hours later firefighters say they're still trying to stay positive role because of the effort that went into this rescue a chicago man's estate after his car was launched off toward and into the ocean friday in southern california the police said he was parked on stearns wharf would hit the gas
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looking back a one of the most devastating tragedies of 26 teen will tell you where the goal should fire investigation stands right now.
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>>j.r. stone: new law several of them go into effect tomorrow
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beginning on january 1st all children under age 2 another law has to do a motorcyclist in lane splitting. >>reporter: the san francisco more such the club likes the idea.
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>>reporter: that will be good for a vintage car on a to want to get their vehicles look authentic as possible.
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>>j.r. stone: the baseline for a first offense is 20 or $50 the sexual assault on come to a severely intoxicated person the new law clarified is the victim
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is unable to consent to sex on their on contras or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol of course you could find a full list of new california we continue the in depth look at the biggest source of the year one of the biggest in the bay area. >>reporter: without warning the night of celebration turned into a desperate struggle to survive
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more more bodies were identified the parents of victims tried to come to grips with the loss. >>reporter: the close-knit artist community really from the shock former tennis blame their it for of the of electrical supplies in the may have triggered the blaze they said he refused to listen to their complaints the inspectors
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visited the sites week before the fire but could get into a block building the mayor lashed out when challenge to our cities and force in the firewalls. >>reporter: on the day after
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christmas families of two victims would accord there now slowing the building's owner party promoter of the city of oakland and alameda accounting. >>j.r. stone: if you like to help we have links to where you could delay on our web site.
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>>j.r. stone: new year's celebration happening along the embarcadero and san francisco will live the top of the hotel the big question are you staying
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warm. makes sure you have your jacket when you come out tonight when you come in and not only do you get a glassof champagne there was going to be a sham and rooftop area.
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>>reporter: we have some cold temperatures as low pressure really heading to the south another one had in this direction will going to be ok looking july that is the way was there no rain sorry about for new year's eve had a couple of satellite showers this morning
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of programming reminder we're the only local station that or ring in the new year live across the bay area was so use of races around the world and fireworks from the san francisco ferry building.
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>>j.r. stone: many of those who died or icons of the 19 '80s their death have many people ready to say goodbye to 2016. >>reporter: they said all their 2016 stop killing celebrities the year started with the passing of 69 year-old david boeing thyssen sent out the news very sad and sorry to say it is true he routinely changes his looks and musical style the committee and he was called he
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disagreed fans travel miles to his compound is in minnesota program was released the 1984 grossing over $68 million when the academy award for best original song he shot to stardom during the heydays of mtv his first tv interview in 1985 it was what george michael admitted he strode with during
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the '80s fans said that his legend is gone to 2016 has officially kill the '80s. >>reporter: at the age of 6 to 90 who can forget the 60 year- old carrie fisher is the legendary princess layer from star wars will officially take 2016 said one fan wattage to have the tape carry we lost even more stars that transformed a generation kenny baker the prince's trust the drive the man
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inside the closet alien costume east gary marshall behind the most popular sitcom of the early '80s george kennedy from the naked gun and george game the commandant in the police academy movie the data from puckett brewster with keepsakes 11 is come out all my time line at this and just presume the have died. off in the national championship game with top college football after the break had obeyed the niners news tonight again after the break.
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>>j.r. stone: 49 as head coach and 49 is general manager they went to a 14 back in 2000 would essentially be cleaning house he
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cannot be stop he ran 480 yds if
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they when they clinched a playoff that is obviously a big deal there without the quarterback right now.
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>>reporter: new year's eve live starts at 1115 have a happy new
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year we will be right back at 10:00 p.m. this evening.
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as you ring in the new year, "e.t." has your special sneak peek at the can't miss movies. and biggest tv shows of 2017. >> it gets instantly insane. >> scandal is back, and we are first on the set. >> i'm a big fan. >> plus we're with bachelor nick getting yet another shot at finding love. and behind the scenes of katherine heigl's tv return, talking about her pregnancy cravings and unexpected challenges. >> it's really been eye opening to struggle with that. >> then big stars. >> it's a lot of fun. >> big exclusives. >> it gets crazier and crazier. >> "e.t." goes behind the scenes of hollywood's most anticipated blockbusters. the rock and zac efron show off their beach bods in baywatch. >> you were getting pumped in between takes.


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