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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 1, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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chip kelly and general manager trent baalke . this news comes hours after the team wrapped up what was one of their worst seasons ever, excuse me with 2 wins. spencer what is the reaction out there?>>reporter: it depends on which of the to people you are talking about. after the post game press conference today chip kelly had not yet been fired. he did have a conversation with the ceo and the official bad news came today. the rumors about his termination started saturday and the ceo confirmed this.
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fans at the game did not seem to mind.>> i think it's time. i feel that we should start from scratch. >> it probably should have been done last season. >> kelly won't have any more chances here. the 49ers announced he had been fired to.
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she will have quite a story to tell. yes. >> as you can see her onesie that was a gift from her grandmother before she knew they would be the first baby
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born at 2017. a southern california couple welcomed there twin daughters into the world into different years. the first baby arrived at 11:56 pm on december 31, the other came out at midnight on january 1. this is the second year and a row that twins were born and separate years. last year and another couple had a child at 1159 and her brother at 1202. joined by our meteorologist now, a lot of people are talking about the cold weather. >> now we are starting to see a little rain on our mountaintops. things are changing as we had a tour the evening hours. showers up to our north.
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look at the cold up near eureka. there are some weather advisories. around the bay area they are seeing a -- there was snow across some of the peaks so it is getting cold enough now that we could see snow and interesting levels. looking at more showers outside along the peninsula into san francisco at this time. we are seeing more rain we will take you down to street level here. nothing to heavy but more scattered than anything. north fair oaks you are seeing it also. you get the idea. the rain is starting to move-in. it will be spotty outside. you will see chilly temperatures and rain. it is 46 and san francisco. 48 degrees and concorde. chilly
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temperatures out there if you are headed out on this new year's day. more of that as we head towards tomorrow. we should start seeing some -- popping up to. tomorrow is really +++the best e98j6/)+
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he was transported to the hospital where he later died. the few cases do not appear to be related or gang related. police have not released any names. an early-morning car changed ended with a car crashing into a homeless encampment. officers were trying to stop a buick driving recklessly when the car took off. officers say the driver lost control, flipped the car upside down and sent it into a homeless encampment. the driver tried to run but was caught. officials say to people and the camp were transferred to the hospital with moderate injuries.
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some were interviewed and released. the driver suffered minor injuries. the driver was arrested on multiple charges. a handgun and brass knuckles were found and the car. eight years ago today oscar grant was shot to death by a police officer. several of the community gather to honor grant today. -d
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he and his friends were pulled off the train and within moments, the 21-year-old was shot. >> the officer was charged with killing a black man, and the person history. >> i do not feel that justice was served. it was a travesty what was done.
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but it guided into the light.>> his daughter was only four years old at the time, she is now a preteen who misses her dad terribly. >> as i get older it hurts me more. >> through there pain and families work through and try to mend tensions between the police and the community. we live in a pick and choose world.
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warmer temperatures and a whole lot of rain coming up. police have found the first item from a small plane that was missing near cleveland. they say a bag washed ashore this afternoon but there is no confirmation that the bag is from the plane that disappeared thursday night. the aircraft had six people on board, including a family of four and there neighbors. they all went to a cleveland cavaliers game as a treat for the holidays. john dash fell into a shaft and plunged 10 floors to the basement.
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the manager of the hotel called the incident a tragic accident. 23 people are dead and 17 a more are missing after a ferry caught on fire this morning. off the the boat off the coast of indonesia burst into flames. the fire burned half the fairy and sent 20 to passengers to the hospital. the boat was transporting more than 230 taurus, -- torres. police believe a short circuit on a power generator sparked that fire. a young mother from arkansas died while she was live streaming on facebook. 35-year-old kina herndon was live streaming wednesday when
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something went terribly wrong. the video starts with her singing, she even turns on her youngest kids, but what we won't show what happened. she falls off screen and people can hear her and her sons screaming and the background. all the while the number of eyes on her live view. >> is crazy to see someone see and there last breath and no one do anything. i want to take my hat off to anyone who actually did something. >> police are trying to believe what caused her death. next, the best of people behaving badly. who's at the top of stanley
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roberts list for 2016? the number one pick is up after the break.
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mariah carey had some major problems during her live performance last night. an audio track malfunctioned during her performance, revealing that she was lip- synching. she stopped singing during emotions, paste on stage and then encourage the fans to finish the song for her. she told the fans i'm trying to be a good sport here. she posted on instagram here's to making more headlines. ryan seacrest had plans to unveil the new year's ball last night but was delayed due to an
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unexpected incident. the host got locked inside a time -- elevator. they were stuck for nearly an hour. he thanked the firemen who came and rescued him. last night we said goodbye to 2016. we've been counting down the best of 2016. stanley roberts has gone through all of the video and has picked his top 10 favorites. here's the top 10 for all of 2016.>>reporter: stanley roberts found some people behaving badly.>> so this is a priority you need to re-examine your drivers license. do this within five days. >> yes you heard him right. he will have to take a test again and five days. will have to start from the beginning.
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this police department around the county include the sheriff's office they come together for a common cause. drivers behaving badly around the county. the driver did not yield to a person and the crosswalk. >> what's wrong? >> my eye. i'm 33 years old. i'm losing my peripheral vision. so i go to i doctor every year, to get peripherals checked, and it's shrinking. >> do you think you should still be driving? >> i have to be very careful and turn my head like this. >> you didn't see the pedestrian? >> no i didn't. >> usually i keep a poker face until he made the statement. >> fortunately i keep my fingers crossed. >> i'm sorry. anyway he told the same story
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to the officer.>> you can't see pedestrians on the roadway that is a huge issue for you.>> after further discussion officers made a determination. >> i'll just have you talk to me over here. >> you are being cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian and a sidewalk.>> he will have to retake his driver's test which includes a vision test. >> we are concerned for your statements that you basically cross your fingers and hope for the best. >> they instructed him to have a family member pick up the car. then there was this driver. >> an audible look at my eyes>>
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and there is the top 10 426 16. thanks for watching. still ahead, a bay area home owner had a tough time getting a tenant to leave thanks to a loophole and the law. more after the break. plus a long list of new laws took effect today. we will tell you what you need to know.
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california has several new laws coming into place this year, but there is one that has not changed. it is a law that protects tenants to continue to live and a space without paying rent. here is more. >>reporter: it was a worst-case scenario for this landlord who
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had experienced a tenant living inside of her home without paying rent forcing her out. >> is a process that could stretch for months. >> the worst part was coming back here and not being able to go into my home. >> she rented this home last year to a fellow professor. >> he was also an academic and i took for granted the kind of person he was. i would advise to always do a credit check. don't make assumptions. >> when she came back, she had not been paid for three months. the utilities were cut off and the man had moved her furniture out. she notified police who said there hands were tied. >> i had no legal recourse, the
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police were sympathetic but said he is not breaking the law. >> state law protects tenants against retaliation or discrimination. this can prolong it on paying a renter for several months. the landlord first have to give a written notice and then a bit by filing a lawsuit and a judge will hear the case and approximately 20 days. this can cost thousands of dollars and attorney fees. >> it's just such a radical experience. >> it cost her several thousand dollars and court before the tenant finally moved out. she said she liked -- would like california law to distinguish between personal and business property. there are several laws that are now ineffective and the new
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year. her cell phone must be mounted on your dash. it cannot be any anywhere that would block your view or airbags. you must use hands-free technology. if you have to touch a screen, the law only allows for a single swipe or tap of the drivers finger. drivers 18 and over are only allowed to use the hands-free devices. the fine for a first offense is $20-$50 depending on the violation. a new law starting this year is sexual assault against an unconscious or intoxicated person will now be a crime. this calms after a stanford swimmer was given a six-month jail sentence for assaulting an unconscious woman.
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the new law clarifies that a victim is unable to consent if they are unconscious or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. the new law for 2017 might stir some debate here within the medical community. if the right to try law. not to be confused with right to die law. it gives terminally ill patients an option to use experimental drugs that have not received fda approval. it protects doctors from disciplinary action if they recommend one of these drugs if other options have been exhausted. you can find a new list of all of these laws set to take place today on our website at californians finally passed a ballot measure to bring back bilingual education. it was bandit nearly 2 decades ago and are not out of the woods yet.
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english learners and english speakers now have the opportunity to learn spanish, mandarin, and other languages. educators say it will help students compete with global jobs. it will also boost the high demand for teachers trained and credentialed to teach the classes. obama is boosting white house technology despite his successors opposition. the president is replacing the aging technology with new computers and faster internet. this is not some obama and trump see eye to eye on. trump says no computer is safe. he says the safest way to deal with important information is to write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old- fashioned way. he rarely uses a computer.
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white house officials say president-elect donald trump will use twitter to make major policy announcements. he was scolded by experts last month when he used twitter to say the u.s. should expand its nuclear capabilities, with such a huge following on twitter officials fear mr. trump has to much power on the social networking service.>> i think it freaks out mainstream media. he has over 45 million of people following him. that's him reaching out directly. he doesn't need the media funneling the information. >> the future commander-in- chief has not slowed down his twitter use after recently telling 60 minutes, he would cut back on his tweets. someone got creative with a famous hollywood sign last night altering it to read, holly weed.
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police are restoring the sign and the rugged hills changing the ease back to owes. los angeles police are investigating. californians approved a prop for which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana and 2018. coming up, it's a big job to move the president out of the white house so the president elect can move end. we will hear more about that transition plus health concerns for queen elizabeth. it's called now and raindrops are falling. we will show you what's coming up next
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queen elizabeth the second did not attend the new year's a
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church service today. this would have been her first public appearance after last week. buckingham palace says she is still recovering from a heavy cold. meteorologist lawrence joins us, i think a lot of people missed church today. not only because of the cold and wet weather, but because of new year's. >> yes absolutely. it has been very cold around the bay area. now we are talking about some interesting weather as we could see some snow at low levels. the radar is picking up on some of that right now. there are scattered showers around the bay area right now. there is blue and pink so we have a wintry mix across some of the high country there. scattered showers down below towards san francisco. redwood
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city you are catching a break but there is more rain headed and your direction as well. scattered light showers at this time. we see more of showers they are at this time. here's how it will play out as we go through the next 24 hours. scattered showers with minimal amounts of moisture, what comes through is cold showers and snow. snow levels running about to thousand feet locally, but when the north bay you could see bigger flakes than that. here's the north. here is the cold air making its way into the state. also you get the idea that the cold air sitting there right now , we will see more than that overnight tonight. showers are scattered and nature -- in nature and we are seeing
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some snow showing up. as we had through the day the atmosphere will warm up a bit. a few showers and a few snowflakes, then some tropical moisture. a stormy weather pattern is looking to shape up. rain more than likely on and off. moving day in washington, we will go inside and tell you how the staff prepares to make the transition. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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president obama has a big moving job ahead of him. his family will move out on inauguration day so president- elect donald trump can move-in.
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jake tapper tells us behind the scenes how that works. >>reporter: at 10:30 am on inauguration day president obama will say goodbye to 1600 pennsylvania avenue.>> they literally move all of your stuff out and one day. you are living there, and then suddenly it's packed up. >> president-elect donald trump will meet again before heading to the inaugural ceremony. as soon as they walk out the door, the white house chief usher and more than 100 staffers will run into action. >> it's more like organized chaos. we have a vehicle facing south for the outgoing and then we have another vehicle facing north for the other family.>> rear admiral was the first african-american usher.
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he remembers asking michelle obama how she wanted the house decorated. >> and the case of the obama's they had to precious girls and they wanted girly type rooms. anything can be changed on the second and third floors of for the first family.>> extreme makeover white house addition requires all hands on deck. they have only a few hours to transform the home for the new first family. personal items are carefully organized, dining rooms are decorated and set up. and the kitchen staff cooks up a welcoming snack. and of course the oval office gets sprucing up as well. new painting, new carpeting and
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a new desk. no detail is ever to small. >> one thing we were very aware for the president that he wanted he wanted a special showerhead. so we had to scramble to make sure we had the perfect rain showerhead for president obama.>> we do not know what changes the trump family have requested but being used to the finer things and life, we can only imagine what the makeover will be. >> i just want, it's a very special place. i'm not going to be decorating.>> the parting first family may be leaving but the staff stays on. >> you really do grow to love the family that you are with. >> i find myself choking up
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because we have raised our kids and the white house. we've had so many amazing experiences, a phenomenal staff. we live and a house with people who love us and care about us. >> it might be hard for the obama's to say goodbye to the white house, they will have memories to last a lifetime. next, we are going to the movies and which ones were the most popular this weekend.
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we are minutes away from sports nightlife and oh what a show it will be. big news reports all over the place. we have just gotten news and recent hours. head coach of the 49ers, news that he has been
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fired. and then trent baalke who was the general manager has also been relieved of his duties . now the 49ers will search for these to positions after a season where it was, well it was ugly. 2 wins and 14 losses. we are talking about it on the show tonight. we will also talk about the oakland raiders. they are going to the playoffs but this was not exciting today. backup quarterback, he got hurt when he got hit and had to be taken out of the game. at one point conor cook came and but they could not stop the denver broncos. they were not playing for much.
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this is a raiders team that had a chance to be the number to seed, now they will be the number five seed as a wildcard. now there is controversy over who will be starting next week. we will talk some raiders this evening. 2016 has come to a close and the final box office numbers are inn. here's the top five.>>reporter: ticket sales of 10 point $2 million, milano is up after a fourth-place, the sci-fi adventure passenger inn third place.>> i am not singing this. >> seeing spent the second week and second place
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>> are you sure? >> there is no stopping rogue one, the star wars prequel. it got a domestic total of 441 million dollars the second highest grossing film of 2016. meteorologist, we've got cold weather now, we've got rain now there were people happy and now i'm hearing complaints online >> all week long i think it will continue to be wet. we have some snow around the bay area which we don't get often. right now we have very cold weather dropping down from canada. we are already picking up some scattered showers this evening. if you are under one of those downpours you're getting wet right now. very cold air is emplaced right
8:55 pm
now and some are seeing snow. snow level local probably dropped to early tomorrow morning about to to thousand feet. significant snow will be and the north bay. still scattered showers and raindrops keep sliding on through. here is street-level. rain continues to fall. watch out for raindrops and redwood city and more on the way. as we had through the night tonight we will have more scattered showers and very chilly temperatures. i've been looking at other observations and some temperatures are already into the 30s. as we look toward the next couple of days what a way to
8:56 pm
ring and the new year, we will see a mixture of rain and snow for tomorrow, tuesday evening a strong storm slides inn bringing heavy rainfall late tuesday into wednesday morning. we may see a brief break on thursday from the rain. possible stronger storms headed inn for this weekend. by this time next week we could start talking about the possibility of flooding. this is that time of year where it is more typical to see that pattern. it's unusual to see the snow flakes out there. >> i'm looking at that seven day forecast -- >> showers, showers, showers. >> every day we had a chance of rain.>> bundle up. thank you for joining us. sports nightlife is up next.
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we will be back here at 10 p.m. tonight have a great night.
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it's official. chip kelly is gone. trent baalke gone. 49ers are looking for replacements and what about the future of: kaepernick. the raiders went from the possible number one seed to a wildcard team, and stumbled into the playoffs with more quarterback uncertainty. we will take a look at the final week of the regular season. another future niner may make a comeback, sports night live is next.


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