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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 2, 2017 4:00am-7:01am PST

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[take vo]çááávoáááñ this morning on the kron 4 morning news... the 49ers clean house after one of their worst seasons ever... what fans of the red and gold are saying this morning. çáááannyáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ plus... over 30 russian diplomats are out of the country... why president barack obama ordered them to leave. çáááannyáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ and we're tracking the rain across the bay area this morning. i'll have what you need to know for today. the kron 4 morning news starts right now. çáááannyáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ good >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>anny hong: with a starting off this monday morning would quarter ran across the bay area where track in some pretty good showers impacting san francisco
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we are seeing some reports of hail. >>anny hong: it looks like the land is really going to be impacting we're seeing some scattered showers.
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>>anny hong: of an unarmed a santa rosa we are in the cold spot at 33 degrees are not a surprise in view sees the once we weather you will be the case throughout late morning hours starting in the north and that and you will see more wet weather and high in parts of san francisco that is one to bring
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in some pretty bitter ring throughout the evening hours and a is a quick check of the 7 day around the bay forecast awards remix possible for the higher elevations. >>robin winston: we will have problems and hot spots and a lot to spend out today is the first day of a lot of people are heading back from christmas vacation traffic has been my last week or two so far is off to great start know the problem rolling into san francisco check
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out the drive times no problems in the wet weather so far we may have issued this morning amid sure you leave early 14 minutes from antioch and the conference out 680 the drive times as a bump up 18 minutes from the dublin and to change into fremont. >>anny hong: the search is on for person who attempted to rape a woman and oakland to the
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attack happened on saturday night at an undisclosed location of the just had one of the worst season ever this morning they're now looking for new head coach and general manager and.
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>>reporter: as for his fate when they did not want to see them go in, as well police to the
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pain. >>anny hong: we have a statement from the now former gm he says and part will he says she's disappointed will not abe to award the fans with the championship will be live training the raiders are without
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their starting quarterback ahead kickoff is set for 125 another big store will following and they were released by is this comes as a response to russia's alleged acting through the presidential election 11 diplomats were from the russian consulate in san francisco meanwhile of donald
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trump is back york this is his plane leaving florida and where he spent the new year's hauler them he claims to have some inside " will be revealed next he. >>anny hong: despite his statements about computers is what house secretary says he expects some to be continue using twitter see the have not
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yet retaliated against the u.s. south and the waiting until tom takes office to see what actions the new administration takes. >>anny hong: of 56 your man died in the 20 your man was sent to hospital but not life- threatening injuries the motor for the shooting remains unclear this morning.
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. >>anny hong: also looking at some showers if you're in the
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southland you might seem so winter weather out of that system would consist of
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widespread rain by tuesday morning to really get going in the north american weakness is a moderate rain flooding is a concern with these range by tomorrow it becomes a little more scattered nature by early wednesday morning total to some very unsettled what conditions.
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>>robin winston: no magic troublespots a great ride all the way across the upper deck into downtown san francisco 580 west also is move the new it doesn't pick up until 645 a lot of you will be heading back to work for the first time in the week or two red alarm 11 minutes to get from to 42 in concord out to danville it will be what on
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68024 looking pretty good the drive times increase but it is not bad for 13 minutes. >>anny hong: breaking news we're following the crisis has claimed responsibility for the deadly new year's eve shooting and turkey that killed more than 30 people at a popular nightclub a massive manhunt is underway for the attacker was not yet been identified. >>reporter: a little more than an hour after the night club line in the new year's celebration turned into chaos.
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>>anny hong: just outside of
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dollars on lawyers the the wreckage came down in a busy store facility in the moments of the crash was all caught on camera. >>anny hong: witnesses described the moments of the crash no one was hurt the official said both aircraft were flying under visual flight rules and were not
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in contact with air traffic control at the time police are trying to determine the gloves or alcohol played a role in this incident. >>reporter: to she lost data from home this time last year he
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had been paid by the senate for three months the recall of a neighbor to for the man and moves our furniture out she was forced to move in with neighbors stay longer protect tenants from retaliation or discrimination of this to prolong the state for several months this fell to pay when the first half the year with three days' written notice in the event by filing unlawful detainer lawsuit and the judge will hear the case of approximately 20 days this caused several balkan dollars.
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>>reporter: the stress grow to be too much. plaza
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>>robin winston: u.s. still hot spot free right now the drive times is a quick nine minutes.
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p>>reporter: he may be dialing back his future dark by activity it is no script with a dozen come together i am not born to do it is already a good year for fans of dead the singer-songwriter plan album in 2014 and to all 2016 off with his daughter 2017 by posting of video announcing new music coming friday a son of the king
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edward of course many fans already considered roasting.
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çááávo in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 4-30 >>anny hong: 30 people shot and killed and a nightclub and turkey on lawyers believe there
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is a massive manhunt underway for the attackers the 35 diplomats that president obama ordered out of the country have now left the united states this video of a plane leaving washington to national airport the presence of the diplomats packing. >>anny hong: 11 of the expelled diplomats were from the russian consulate in san francisco the for the niners will hold a press conference this morning discussed the move. \
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>>anny hong: light rain for more broad veranda and danville the south of a still sing some scattered showers san mattel also getting some mine as well san francisco is drive for now will see to what roadway's out and the city for the most are mainly dry but we could see a
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winter remakes as more rain comes to the area where a definite going to see some very wet weather especially in the north and a special one to be a little more widespread as we get into the late morning and early afternoon.
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>>robin winston: we have some to look forward to there's always a number of accidents since an ounce pin to the west on a commune right now you're fine from the bottom of the maze of to fremont street looking good as you work your way cash even
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connected with one on north and south no big problems here is look at the road sensors showing as not been going your at the limit on 24 of the card a freeway between san leandro and oakland doing just fine do not forget the headlights and wipers watchers speed and wet weather is best on on an off ramp. >>anny hong: eight years ago on unarmed man named oscar grant was shot to death by a police officer yesterday and number of people from the community joins his family at the bird station to honor him is been eight years
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with the pain is still fresh his mother said she had a hard time sleeping new year's eve as a phone call that change our live kept replaying in her head and he was killed by a former police officer was on his way home from watching new year's eve fireworks and san francisco their record of the trend and
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for the rail station and within moments the 21 year-old was shot a first and a california history yet his family believes he should serve even more time she is now preteen who misses her father terribly through their pain the family is working to raise awareness and one day and violence between police and community. >>anny hong: it was a deadly
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start in san francisco to shootings left two people dead and the killers are still loose the for shooting happened just after 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning in the mission district the man was taken to hospital where he later died in 1130 yesterday morning in the bayview district a man was shot they do not believe the shootings are connected four gang-related this video had already been uploaded to computer server.
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çáááon camáááñ we're only two days into 20-17 but many are predicting it will be a big year when it comes to consumer technology. çááátake openáááñ kron four tech reporter gabe slate shows us what you can expec >>gabe slate: all eyes will be
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on apple when they released the next phone it is the 10th anniversary and is expected to be a big upgrade and all glass designed wireless charging the suit were zero l e d displaying a curve formed five and iris and technology for security that will have to taos and consumers to gain back the good name their brand used to have the extra pressure to innovate and excite us is going to lead to an impressive new device to answer
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your question their lead to the party alive release one of these gadgets and 27 seemed to their use could call up their content on the man you what can on a friend or family members this upcoming year acting weird. >>gabe slate:-half was led to
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the party and is expected to release their had sent we're attracting showers to live look at what is happening in the east bay out toward berkeley and oakland, a walnut creek all deaf releasing some moderate rain also winter remixed just east of san jose.
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landingáááñ welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. here is a look at the major headlines before you head out the door this morning.... in the east bay... community members gathered at the fruitvale bart station to honor oscar grant. the 21-year-old was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a bart police officer on new
4:45 am
years day eight years ago. the shooting at fruitvale station was all caught on camera... people came toget and in >>anny hong: she was born in san jose 12 seconds after midnight to she weighs six runs and 11 ounces and 20 in. long and she looked perfect the family was an san jose tendon and will details and did not expect to go into labor on the years he's.
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>>anny hong: who is out indefinitely with a broken leg. the result live look outside the sea the roles are what but traffic wise things are quiet we are attracting some showers across the bay area looks like
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you're singing so wet weather as well and to mill valley temple to a lot of forties out their 41 livermore meant for is an oakland 5 added this is what
4:48 am
looks like a very heavy rain and santa rosa and for parts of the east bay out toward fremont the south may also get in to wet weather as well 7 day around the bay forecast added showers for today along with the winter makes snow levels can get down to 1,500 ft.. >>anny hong: tuesday in very wet the name and fact tomorrow ride home from the evening commute will move very tough was
4:49 am
the it and settle for the rest of the work week. >>robin winston: for those of you who do have to drive a we need to be on his best behavior and increased you're following steve not to get ahead lies a white horse and reduce your speed ahead here is the ride to the richmond san rafael bridge 580 west from the pain gets out to 1 01 u. sea brent crude their
4:50 am
switchin around the lan configuration tool, the commute traffic. >>anny hong: he has gone through all the video and in his pay to tie 10 favorites. >>stanley roberts: to the driver
4:51 am
has to reject his driver's test in five days as a blizzard or from all along santa clara, including the shares off of come together the driver was pulled over for not you into a pedestrian to listen to the conversation. >>stanley roberts: this is explained to him what was all on his toe the same store to the
4:52 am
officer from the camera police department. >>stanley roberts: law also from the task force made a determination.
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live look outside... san mateo bridge.
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çáááannyáááñ >>robin winston: you will experience a 20 minute delay we're about to head over at bailey's city do not forget the have lessened wipers reduce your speed. >>anny hong: los angeles police
4:57 am
said the vandals apparently used part to change the lettering. çááájamesáááñçáááradaráááñ
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we're on the left the toll plaza term on the right- hand side the bay bridge
5:01 am
approach sweat just about everywhere. >>anny hong: we've been talking about the chance for some los no over the last year's the
5:02 am
family went through mirabel or rendered danville and san ramon the souther we're attracting some scattered showers. >>anny hong: will talk more about what to expect for the rest of the day to day and the biggest storm that is headed this way.
5:03 am
>>robin winston: that is impacting trains and service hitting to pittsburgh bay. and that is the route you need to leave early you need to plan ahead once again major delays 20 minutes or more men and this city headed to pittsburgh bay. we definitely will stay on top of it if i receive any new information. >>james: police and oakland are
5:04 am
looking to the person who tried this is an old one investigator said have been around 11:00 the have not said where it happened we're told the use some form of weapon in the attack. >>will tran: those confined about two hours after they lost to the seattle seahawks he has been with the team since 2005
5:05 am
optimal he moved the general manager and all the past couple seasons and then they ended their season to an 14 there on a to when the does the los angeles rams the rumors are pretty much over the past couple days.
5:06 am
>>will tran: a lot fans heading into the game heard about the rumors they knew he was gone there were not sure about telling after the game began reaction from fans about the gm as well as the coach some people thought that he deserves a second season but it was pretty much unanimous so many
5:07 am
other teams let go of their coaches and the forty-niners they're not in the best position we would hear from jed
5:08 am
york ban back to war news and more bad news for the raiders quarterback matt going injured his shoulder at the team had to the playoff he was replacing the injured there will be in houston and the first-round of the playoffs. >>james: he plans on being hunted for some helping but he cannot claim then he would an upstart in saturday's game will see what happens kickoff is set for 125 until the start to the new year in san francisco to shooting left to the dead and the killer still lose the for shooting happened at the 2:00 yesterday morning in the mission district.
5:09 am
>>james: and there is no description of the shooting of this morning police saw looking for person who broke into a home of people who live there were sleeping no wrestled police are hoping that maybe this video will help generate some new leads ices such claims possible ripple the deli new year shooting. >>reporter: the first hours of
5:10 am
2017 would call the first air ttack of the year all the more than hour after the night club line in the new year's to the bridge and turned into chaos the cameras capturing the first moments of the attack but was ricochet industry the gunman ran to the front of the nightclub shooting and killing a police officer guarding the gate. >>reporter: leaving dozens dead and scores more injured after
5:11 am
the break the baby of the new year born just seconds after midnight will introduce you to the family. çáááannyáááñ anny weather tease.çáááadvanceáááñ çááárobináááñ robin traffic tease. . . bart recovering: major delay at daly in pitt and dubl dirs due to power issues.
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>>james: we're back with have scattered showers across the bay area of how the big news this morning is the fact tha we cease no. >>anny hong: we have been seeing
5:16 am
someone tree makes not be surprised come sunrise if we see some small for the south when he
5:17 am
is a community still holding scattered showers today is the day and by the afternoon you sent, it will be a little heavier widespread rain will yellow this loss will it intends rind will be heavy it will continue through tomorrow night into the overnight hours.
5:18 am
>>robin winston: they have those trains moving with their reporting to 20 minutes or more at daily sitting saw no problems
5:19 am
for the macarthur and nimitz between san leandro build freeways the one just fine the south bay ride looks good a closer look at the south of the drive times. >>james: come the first they area baby born in 2017 came just seconds into the new year's.
5:20 am
>>reporter: grace family was making her entrance into the world as she arrived close second after midnight she was none supposed to arrive and to generate 13 scurf father of more heading back to camp pendleton when she started having contractions on monday that turn raw and drove back to san jose it with the title bay area for this baby was unexpected it's definitely exciting as far as
5:21 am
with the one from the little bundle of joy and no matter what she does she will always hold the title of the first the baby of 2017. >>james: he is installing new computers and faster continent to donald trump has was concerned about having said no computer is safe he rarely uses a computer donald trump will use twitter to make a major policy
5:22 am
announcements one season office.
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>>james: disbelief captured on self on video as a double play in a crash you consider the
5:26 am
before and after survey was built on the security camera shows on the one person at the scene this is not the first time has been vandalized to read and
5:27 am
the last time it happened was back in 1976 according to the officials with the hollywood sign the war is will play their first game of 2017 there will host the nuggets at a hearing on. adlib weather tease. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it.
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>>james: we wanted to the weather forecast and talk about iran that we have around the bay ride down the currency in a live look the radar shows and scattered showers and acting pretty much all orders is resume and impacting looks like interstate 80 all the way down to the bay bridge after that you can see it lightens up as we head into the east and bowling a
5:31 am
few scattered showers perhaps to the west of the bottle but aside from that we're looking at a relatively mild start will be and scattered showers and that you encounter there is a chance this will intensify the sea
5:32 am
temperatures for the most part around the cool side. >>robin winston: we attracting and a pg&e power issued at the daly city station that brought some schedules their reporting delays up to 30 minutes or more mature you plan ahead once again they are recovering the only
5:33 am
trouble spots that is coming and it is a stall just west of the toll plaza. >>james: umbrella for the person who shot and killed a man and antioch it happened saturday night at the apartment on sycamore drive investing in some not release the identity of fines for violating parking rules have not increased if you get caught parking without paying the daily fee in taxes
5:34 am
will increase from 35 to now $55 if you park in the permit is required that a judge for imported dollars to the new 75 also parking fines increase $200 if you have more than five citations. >>james: there was one that has not changed as the and the controversy. >>reporter: locked out for on home this time last year, she instructs the house to follow college professor when she came
5:35 am
back it had not been paid for three months utilities recalls a neighbors reported the man had moved her furniture out he was forced to move and with neighbors or to notify police of this can call several thousand dollars in attorneys' fees and unpaid rent.
5:36 am
>>james: he is said to undergo a second hearing to determine if he is competent to stand trial is scheduled one day before his sentencing phase the shoreham in the presence and is out new year's message see what he is
5:37 am
saying about his legacy in the final weeks of his presence in.
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çbreakñáááábreakáááá çááárobináááñ çááájamesáááñ >>robin winston: would set a live look coming up in just you
5:40 am
minutes. >>james: the 25 year-old was light streaming from a friend's house wednesday when something went terribly wrong we will not show you the moment that she died but what was seen on video from those that were watching this saw her fall the phone dropped out of hand and the here son off-screen that here struggling to breathe a person screaming in the background
5:41 am
tragic story of the crime lab is trying to determine what caused her to die than said they do not believe that fog play was involved.
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in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 5:45...
5:44 am
here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning... isis has clamed responsilibity for what's being called the first terror attack of the year. 30 people were shot and killed at a nightclub in turkey on new year's eve. there is a massive manhunt this morning for the attacker. çáááadvanceáááñ the san francisco 49ers have fired head coach chip kelly and general manager trent baalke (ball-key). kelly is gone >>james: finishing off the season with the record of 2 and
5:45 am
14 the delays over 10 minutes that as from daily said the. >>robin winston: they're looking better and those trends about back on time and enough of the delay in is just under 25
5:46 am
minutes. >>james: we have some rain falling right now indicates we have some fall right into the oakland hills we have a community like lafayette aranda
5:47 am
martinez and hill all been to my showers also tracking some light rain out near pittsburgh the air is cold enough at the peak that with iran and could become down when the sun comes up living in the area let us know if you see any snow at the top we have some potential snowfall in across the the number of peaks and ridges mount hamilton and we have to see what sunrise happen see you have snow the peninsula of light showers falling right now. >>james: of you spotty showers near san francisco for the most part quiet except for some light showers heavy showers began to
5:48 am
move across the north the same tomorrows want to be a big wet
5:49 am
weather for us will continue to stress on into early wednesday as well. >>james: president obama to twitter sunday in a flat on his legacy and a series of tweeds they highlighted progress made and will help carry clean energy he concluded by saying " it's been the privilege to serve as your president i look forward to stand with you as a citizen happy new year president obama will deliver a final speech when he would defend his legacy his farewell address the schedule for j norton became after the incoming white house press secretary said the president- elect will immediately repeal a
5:50 am
lot of the regulations and actions that and then taken by the administration. >>gabe slate: we use that in the phone and it was awesome we think it or replace the thing the print unlocking system to the samsung galaxy seven was the first on to feature but of course the phone was recalled samsung will come out big in 2017 with their necks settled stones that will have to douse
5:51 am
the consumers to gain back the good name their brand used have. >>gabe slate: their lead to this article like to is one of these gadgets and 20176 recall their content on the man they will likely walk in on a friend or family member this upcoming year acting weird as a large number
5:52 am
of people who will buy into it with anything map once they get is on the market it will further expand it into the community around.
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çááájamesáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ 2017 began at the box office... pretty much the way 2016 ended. david daniel has the weekend numbers from hollywood.[take pkg]çááápkgáááñ oscar favorite "fences" rose to fifth place on ticket sales of 10-point-two million dollars. "moana" is up to 213-million in domestic grosses after a fourth-place weekend worth 10-and-a-half million dollars. 16-point-one million kept the sci-fi adventure "passengers" in third place."i am not singing this.""what's not to like? you're a female, and you're a teenager.""sing" spent a second straight weekend in second place: 41-point-four million dollars gave it 177- million overall."are you sure this is the way?""yeah, they have landing trackers, they're gonna have patrol squadrons. you've got to stay in the canyon -- keep it low!"there's no stopping "rogue one." the "star wars" prequel topped the chart for the third straight weekend with 49-point-eight million dollars. that gave it a domestic total of 441-million, the second- highest-grossing film of 2016... in just 17 days of release! in hollywood, i'm david daniel. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ coming up in
5:56 am
the next hour on the kron 4 morning news... the san francisco 49ers are now looking for a new head coach and general manager. will tran is live with a look at how fans are reacting this morning.çáááadvanceáááñ plus... adlib weather tease.
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honey, what are you doing? watching a cow... what's it doing? impressions! power up your morning with a new 300 calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a. çáááwilláááñ the 49ers
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5:59 am
fire their coach and general manager. i will have the latest in a live report. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ and breaking news from overnight we now know who was behind the deadly nightclub shooting in istanbul, turkey. we have the latest on who is claiming responsibility. çáááannyáááñ adlib weather tease. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
6:00 am
>>james: we have been breaking apart down the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza of in the bay bridge on the right. >>anny hong: they are celebrating the holiday in their parcels of 880 and mentioned that snow we have been watching what is happening in the mount hamilton and mount diablo this is the one to read makes scattered showers for san
6:01 am
mateo recall out of and parts of 1 01 getting wind on right now compared to what is happening tomorrow a big storm headed this way we would time that out and talk about it coming up later.
6:02 am
>>robin winston: smooth sailing through out the morning we have one minor issue that was installed west of the pay date less than 10 minutes to work away from the bottom of the maze or is recovering from some pg&e power issues and one. have the latest third and is on launder if it is just under 10 minutes. >>james: police and oakland are looking for the person who tried to rip woman in half and about 11:00 saturday night, they have
6:03 am
both been fired at will i believe i stated what the latest. >>will tran: he got the word on friday he still shoulder and levi stadium lately it it means for the senate francisco forty- niners because before chip kelly there would jim tom sewell he's
6:04 am
been a lot of 40 niner since 2005 he actually started off astounded and then he started to be gm into all the 11 he saw success with the jim harbaugh things went downhill where fans wanted to years ago when jim harbaugh was not renewed he went to the university of michigan in the abortion, who had no nfl head coaching experience that brought him and the guaranteed him $24 million and he was let go would once again the 40 niner's on the hook here is what
6:05 am
they had to say it as well as chip telling. >>: we need new management we had a great team is time to get them back is a good idea no sense to have one shot he is a great coach he might be in the minority something about all he should never been hired he has not formally done a news conference ahead there's so many
6:06 am
other options on the table people want to hear from jed that more than should telling they want him gone we will finally hear from him this morning.
6:07 am
>>james: they cannot beat the denver broncos the end of losing 24 to six he plans on being a hundred percent helping if he cannot play it will fall on the rookie to start saturday's game in houston kickoff is set for 125. >>james: there still will lose this morning will have a map showing where to place it happened around 2:00 in the morning and the mission district right near the intersection of south venice and scissors chavez he later died at 1130 yesterday morning in the bayview district another man was shot but please do not believe the shootings are connected there is no description of the shooter will let you know when police release more information.
6:08 am
>>james: officers also looking for person who broke into a home while the home owners were sleeping inside at one point they did notice the camera but the bill had already been uploaded. >>james: the 21 your was on on what he was shot and killed by the police officers back in 2009 people came together yesterday to pray and shared stories of the families that lost loved ones from police shootings can together as a sign of support
6:09 am
his family said is working to end violence between police and community he was convicted and served two years for killing oscar in california history his daughter was only 4 years old when he was killed. >>james: isis has chlamys possibility for the daily new year's shooting rampage with learn within the last 30 minutes that a people have been detained in connection with that attack there was a massive manhunt for the the attack and who is yet to be identified. >>reporter: the first hours of
6:10 am
2017 witnesses would official the call in the first air attack of the year a little more than hour after the night club right of the new year celebration turned into chaos the security camera capture in the first moments would ricochet industries the government running up to the front of the rain and nightclub. >>reporter: shooting and killing a police officer and to run the club starting fire >>reporter: with temperatures near freezing the attack are slipping away into the night leaving dozens dead and scores more injured.
6:11 am
>>james: another big story we're following the 35 person diplomats that president obama ordered out of the country have now left the united states this is video of a russian plane leaving washington to the to-the airport he said the diplomats packing same they were released by as this comes as a response to the alleged acting during the presidential election 11 of the diplomats will from the russian consulate in san francisco courtroom says he has inside information regarding the russian election act which they would be is expected to release the new information his supposedly have a right to reclaims the production set up to fail driver new year's eve
6:12 am
performance how the company is responding this morning. >>robin winston: a live look at the ride into san francisco. migraines steal moments from my life.
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6:15 am
>>anny hong: but camera showing us them conditions. >>anny hong: a much bigger storm headed this way and the next couple of days with track and some scattered showers across the bay area this morning right now we do see some scattered buying through the north bay and also the east bay out and lafayette just east of concord also heading for the south where track and some showers sit the
6:16 am
south bay looks dry right now. >>anny hong: some detail parts of 28101 track and so what roadways also what in san francisco this morning where track and saw my rent for novato and san rafael will continue with this data shower for much of the day to day scatters showers that is pretty come down early this morning all this is turning into snow this is where we have a lot going on will talk about what to storm warning starting tomorrow morning through thursday we're expecting heavy snow those
6:17 am
located in getting some snow as well today and a quick check of our temperatures will have a lot of forces across the board 45 and local 44 in san jose and we have not warmed up to 35 degrees at this hour. >>anny hong: things start to change overnight and into tomorrow morning 730 and a lot of folks are heading back to work with a back from a holiday is the sea would have liked to moderate rain this really gets going in the moisture really increase will have moderate to heavy rain you could see the rest of the bay area including
6:18 am
the south bay will be experiencing the what conditions. >>anny hong: everyone will be getting the rain is going to be coming down it will be a tough ride home for a lot of people will start to wind things down not until late tomorrow night. >>robin winston: normally all the tracking of the backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza is still a holiday like no problems the rosa what would have been telling you about the rain do
6:19 am
not the get the headlines and wipers and assure you watcher steve. >>james: donald trump is farms and to reveal information that he has that others do not regarding the russian government meddling in the election he promised to reveal the information this week he
6:20 am
scheduled an intelligence briefing on the hacking a response to this announcement of new sanctions in retaliation for the cyber intrusion. >>james: he is boosting white house technology despite his success as opposition president obama is installing new computers and faster internet donald trump has voiced concerns about hacking say no computer is safe according to the let the sentence which to deal with information is to ride it out and have delivered by carrier the old fashioned way. >>james: the president will continue to use twitter to make
6:21 am
major policy announcement even after he assumes office he was told by foreign-policy experts on the use twitter to say that the u.s. should expand its nuclear capabilities some government officials fear that he has too much power to form a social network and service even after telling 60 minutes that he would cut back on. >>james: she stumbled through our entire performance the back of bass continue to dance to
6:22 am
music continue to play but she stared out the crowd rep says there were technical difficulties that is why is she was acting bizarrely she was not able to hear the music after the former she took to socal media back in the bay area the first bay area baby born can just seconds after the new year. >>reporter: she arrived just 12 seconds after midnight and
6:23 am
faster father were heading back to camp pendleton was to start having contractions on monday so they turned around and drove back to san jose now has her properly that she is also local celebrity is definitely exciting no matter what she does it always hold the title of
6:24 am
the first to bay area baby of 2017. >>james: a man shot and killed in the east bay the shooter is still looms will show you where happen that comic hollywood sign vandalized old hollywood we can.
6:25 am
it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
6:26 am
>>robin winston: looking good if you need to get into san francisco all the major connecters out of oakland they're doing fine 24 that is sure freeway nice and my hot spot free only nine minutes from the bottom of the maze into fremont street. >>james: the famous hollywood sign that back to normal after the new year's weekend prank someone adjusted the two letters and would in time to be the los angeles police say they use tarps to change the lettering and here is the comparison surveillance video
6:27 am
from security camera showed there was only one person at the scene involved california voters you may know by now back in november made recreational use of marijuana is illegal for anyone 21 years and older is not the first time it happened last back in 1976. >>james: new year comes new laws including a new car seat for your children. heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
6:28 am
coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. çááájamesáááñ
6:29 am
>>anny hong: today if you have the day off they're still off from school looks like we will see scattered showers we are
6:30 am
tracking out toward higher elevations it is a cold system we are dealing with do not be surprised if you're not in the hills to the north than we do have some light rain from san rafael also heading into vallejo roughly expect four to that status showers for the rest of the afternoon.
6:31 am
>>robin winston: i would suspect in a busy commit but not at all wide open and smooth at the bay bridge toll plaza no major accidents or stalls that is a quick nine minutes to work away from the bottom of the maze of to fremont street bart is back from time we have some power issues about an hour ago at the daly city station there is no age train service for those of you use golden gate ferry their operating on holiday schedule
6:32 am
make sure you plan ahead. >>james: police and the east bay are looking for the person who shot and killed a man and antioch investigators have not release the identity of the victims and they're trying to figure out what led up to that shooting. >>reporter: philanderer lock out for home this time last year and
6:33 am
she entrusted her house to a fellow college professor while away on sabbatical without full and checking into his record rental history when she came back it had not been paid by the tender for three months through to is recall but neighbors reported the man had moved her furniture out she notified police had in his hands were tied. >>reporter: the call for a department explain state law protect tenants from retaliation or discrimination but this component on pain interstate for several months if it fails to pay rent they have to give a three days' written notice then he backed by filing an unlawful detainer lawsuit and a judge will hear the case in 20 days.
6:34 am
>>james: if you park in the space the ticket jumps from the $40 to $75 also parking fine increased $200 to if you've been
6:35 am
cited five times in the same year only drivers age and older can use hand free devices the base line for the first offense is 20 or $50 depending on the violation of the only way a
6:36 am
child as an example of a wave 40 lbs. more. >>james: the hearing is scheduled one day before his sentencing phase is set to begin he murdered nine black parishioners at the trough the church in june he told the judge he still plans to represent himself a jury will decide on what you receive the death penalty or sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole quinellas but did not attend the new year's church service because of lingering cold the church service would have been her first look appearance.
6:37 am
>>james: coming up president obama sends out a new year's message to voters 25 your mother dies while live streaming on facebook..
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
bart recovering: 10 min delay at daly in sf >>robin winston: you need to be careful and watch your speed know the problems to worry about and to downtown san francisco to have all trains on
6:41 am
time there is no age train service that will be back to normal tomorrow by wednesday they will have a normal schedule keep that in mind made sure you check the overhead sign. + >>james: disbelief and shock of that is how people are describing cell phone bill that had a double plane crash that sent plumes of smoke into the sky and neither plane was in contact with air traffic
6:42 am
control scattered showers across the bay area and some snow if we have a bigger storm headed this way.
6:43 am
6:44 am
çááávo in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on >>james: isis has clambers possibility for what is being called the first attack of the here third people shot and killed a nightclub on the use even in the party that went into new year's morning there is a massive manhunt closer to home san francisco 49ers the fired ship kelly and general manager it was the worst record since
6:45 am
lophophore will be holding a news conference at 10:00 to discuss the move to we was cheering the news conference he could end up starting saturday's game in houston. >>anny hong: mount diablo mount hamilton of picking up a couple of inches in the next few hours
6:46 am
just pockets of scattered showers even more snow popping if you're around 1,500 ft. you maybe sing some of that winter weather you can see in hey would just sort of fremont we also looking at some but what of the parts of the north bay and san rafael and out toward black hole a quick check of our temperature is pressing for this this morning for san rafael 44
6:47 am
in san jose and metaphor isn't oakland. >>anny hong: we're attracting more showers. >>anny hong: san jose is still drive that would change quickly widespread rain look at this really gets going the yellow and or is that is when you see some moderate to heavy rain is going to be coming down for tomorrow evening ride home 1045 late ron nye is still going to be what all across the bay area decision
6:48 am
has shows us how we're expecting a whole lot but it may be just over a 10th of an inch may be over almost a quarter and pleasanton pretense and fremont and 1200 in san jose you see much higher numbers more than 3 in. possible that is a lot of rain and injured have been open also for san jose over an inch in san francisco.
6:49 am
>>robin winston: to double check and make sure you have had to wipers on the increase you're following distance same story
6:50 am
for the inshore free way of leaving the more a great ride and to dublin is the one find moving at the limit so far. >>james: with less than three weeks to go in his final term president obama to twitter sunday to reflect on his legacy and a series of sweets he highlighted progress made including health care and clean energy the conclude by saying it has been the privilege of my
6:51 am
life to serve as your president i look forward to stand with you as a citizen at the new year. >>james: after the press secretary said the president gillett would immediately repeal a lot of the regulations and actions taken by the president obama administration believes video two officers were injured after arresting this man on new year's eve and wisconsin he proceeds to jump on top of the car this happened just after midnight the 32 your man had been drinking and jumped on top of another car to offices and injured.
6:52 am
>>reporter: she loved life of his only child did not mind letting the world in on a be a facebook life with a 25 year-old wide stream from the home wednesday turned into something worse the video store some of her singing she responds to viewers and even put the spotlight and her youngest of two children what we will not show the same and video she falls in the phone drops out of hand with her and her son offspring her bronco did he could hear his the struggling to breathe and her son screaming in
6:53 am
the background all the while the number of ideas a friend of hers showed nearly 30 minutes after his knees hit the floor and father was someone watching what of acted sooner it would be her final facebook live losing his daughter is the hardest thing he's ever have to face. >>james: as we continue our
6:54 am
coverage tracking the rain the storm track it this is showing us scattered light showers more rain on the way a major storm scheduled to end at the bay area will have full details and the weather center coming up at the top of the our.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>james: the warriors will play their first game of 27 team at home and the water's coming into the new year with the best record tipoff for tonight's game set for 730 will have to take a quick break the san francisco forty-niners looking for not only a new head coach the new general manager. following breaking news from overnight... arrests made in the deadly nightclub shooting in istanbul, turkey. plus we'll tell you who is claiming responsibility for the attack.((advance)) çááámax 2áááñ and... tracking the rain in the bay area... meteorologist anny hong has what you need to know before heading out the door this morning...
6:58 am
our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter teeth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. çáááwilláááñ the 49ers
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fire their coach and general manager. i will have the latest in a live report. çááájamesáááñ[take vo] çááávoáááñ and breaking news from overnight we now know who was behind the deadly
7:00 am
nightclub shooting in istanbul, turkey. we have the latest on who is claiming çáááannyáááñ adlib weather tease. çááájamesáááñçáááradaráááñ we are tracking the rain heading to the bay area. wet weather expected all week long. taking a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. more rain expected to move into the bay area through out the week.çáááannyáááñ çááádouble boxáááñ and the rain from overnight making for wet roads this morning. taking a live look at the richmond bridge on the left and the bay bridge


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