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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 2, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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ceo jed york started his press apologizing to fans for another disappointing season and saying he is embarrasse by the state the franchise. jed york-49ers ceo "we were 2-14. i think that speaks for itself. we didn't do a lot of things right this year, but if we're going to reset and reestablish, that's where it starts is with the head coach and the general manager." and a once proud franchise continues to mire at the bottom of the nfl. a running theme throughout jed york's remarks.was re- establishing a championship culture. a foundation he couldn't see materializing between the defensive-minded baalke and offensive-driven kelly. success going forward will require the front office and head coach to be in sync. "it can't be, you know, 'i have the 53-man roster and you need
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to go back to your office.' we can't have that. it's got to be these two guys on the same page and when we disagree on a player we need to know what to do when we disagree on a player and know how to move forward and move beyond it butt sotsthey're going to have a very, very long leash in terms of making decisions. there are no sacred cows here, whether that's in the personnel department, on the coaching staff, in the locker room. they need to be able to reestablish a championship culture and that's going to take time to reestablish a championship culture." >> reporter:before tis weekend's firings--- there were reports that york himself wouldn't be a part of any culture rebuilding. and would step away from overseeing any team decisions. a notion he was quick to shoot down and establish that he's not going anywhere. " i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. i'm sorry that that's the facts and that's the case, but that's the fact. and, i'm going to do everything that i can to get this right" >> reporter:there are already a number of names being thrown around to become the next gm and head coach. coming up in sports at 6-45, we'll tell you some possible candidates. plus, we'll get an update on the raiders quarterback situation as they head into the playoffs this weekend. >> vicki:the house cleaning in the front office coming as no surprise to the long suffering 49 fans. kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from santa clara. with how some fans are taking the news.rob? sot marcus ball/49ers player
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49er players like marcus ball were gracious and generous with autographs monday but even the most faithful fans are hurting. sot randy ioeger/49ers fan sot marty martinez/49er fan sot jed york/49ers owner >>:even as 49ers owner jed york was explaining his decision to fire his general manager and coach and apologizing for his team's dismal two and 14 record this season, about two dozen fans waited in the rain outside levi's stadium. season ticket holder jo jo gonzales thinking that maybe york didn't go far enough. sot jo jo gonzales/49er fan >> reporter:unlike some of the
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faithful, gonzales has no plans to dump his season tickets. he and just about everyone here agrees that letting former coach jim harbaugh go was a big mistake. players like ronald blair encouraged fans to stick with the niners.
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sot brandon blair/49ers player blair might have helped his case by signing and handing out a few pairs of cleats. another player posed for pictures. while some fans are cheering changes at the top, count most of these folks among the truly faithful, already looking ahead to next season. sot/mos fans sadly. this type of firing is not new for niners fans. remember this guy? he was in charge last year. head coach jim tomsula. the niners went in tomsula''s lone season as head honcho. >> grant:not good, but certainly a better record than the season
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kelly had this year. but when it comes to's hard to top jim harbaugh. the palo alto high school graduate. led san francisco to three straight nfc title games.and a super bowl appearance in 20-12.but was dismissed after four seasons. team owner jed york said that philisophical differences between harbaugh and management. led to his firing. york.and the new general manager.will now need to entice coaching candidates.despite the lack of stability the past few seasons. another big story tonight.we're tracking snow in the bay area.
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this is video from napa county.where snow was falling earlier today. not enough to play in- but still makes for a pretty picture. and snow fell in the sierra as far down as placerville. this is video from nearby colfax where chain controls were in effect up and down interstate 80. kron4 meteorologist britney ship has been tracking this storm and joins us now with more. odyssey's >> britteny: note all the guests should you anywhere rental thousand feet and the higher elevations to the north of tel still got still single race now makes even a bit of dusting of snow still coming down and some is true a set of rock city any of our higher elevations of the north face of quezon drawn to thousand feet
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below there seems no showers. >> britteny: the cecil and and there's a chance in this year in the next seven days. more unsettled weather will see a lot of activity even for the bay area lots of rain expected as the villain to the rest of my few showers by tomorrow morning light steady rain will start to develop into the afternoon this will affect your evening commute and missile tracking headed pockets as ago into the rest of your tuesday night even into wednesday still dealing with more rain over the morning commute and how much raincoat long leases of a stick around. taipei >> grant:an 18 year old santa
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rosa woman is dead tonight after dui crash on new year's day. >> vicki:the driver of the car the victim was riding in. is behind bars. facingcharges of vehicular manslaugther and driving under the influence. kron4's maureen kelly spoke to people who say they were first on scene of the deadly accident. >> reporter:it looked like a pile of scrap metal 13 year old sadie asker took this video showing the fire department on scene of the single car collision on mountian hawk drive. she ran out after her father who heard the crash. it was totally wrecked it was not in good shape at all sadie's dad damion was too shook up to talk on camera.he says the wreck was so bad he couldn't i-d the make of the car.describing it as a twisted silver mass of metal. he says the victim was dead on impact. she's been identified as 18
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year old michajla kostecka. this photo is from her go fund me page. police say the car she was riding in hit a tree. the driver id'd as 19 year old rebecca guillory suffered minor injuries. the witness i spoke to says she was unconcious when they first arrived.but came to as he tried to stabilize her. my dad used his jacket to prop up her neck she said what am i doing here.who was driving. guillory now faces gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. the day after the scene flowers have been left where the car came to rest. friends of both the victim and the suspect are upset.and confused. i don't know how to feel i am in shock still i love both of them to death. for the witnesses i spoke to.their shock is fading.and the lessons learned from the aftermath of this terrible crash
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is sinking in. a couple of seconds your life can change it's totally heartbreaking to see that someone would drink and drive and just ruin their life. the driver of the car is being held on 100-thousand dollars bail.and is expected to be arraigned on wednesday. maureen kelly kron4 news >> grant:coming up, if you ride bart you'll want to know about this story. the changes coming to parking fines at bart stations. we'll explain what you need to know. snow in the bay area, means even more in the sierra. we'll speak with ski report officials about the upcoming storm. plus mariah carey's new years eve meltdown. we have the video in case you missed it. she and show producers are responding to a slew of negative headlines.
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>> vicki:now to another big story today. it has been one month since the devestating ghostship warehouse fire in oakland. that killed 36 people. and today we still do not know what caused the fire during the party at the artist collective. in the wake of the fire. cities around the bay have been looking at the safety of similar artist collectives. tomorrow fire officials and building officials in san francisco will hold a safety workshop. kron4's dan kerman joins us live from san francisco with more. dan? the new year will come with a bit of a shock for some bart customers. that is because starting tomorrow there will be a major increase in parking citations at bart parking lots. the idea is to deter repeat offenders from breaking the parking rules. some bart passnegers tell kron4's haaziq madyun.they are not too happy about the id this 40 dollar parking citation was waiting for mayra swatt when she got to her car here at the lafayette bart station monday. lucky for her, because tuesday this same ticket jumps up to 75-dollars "75-dollars? that's ridiculous! i feel like i am back in the
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city all over again" bart offcials say the idea is to deter for people from illegally parking in a bart lot because it was cheaper than commuting to sf by car and trying to pay for prking in the city "i gotta be honest it's an interesting proposition by bart" the 2017 bart parking citations in the public lot increase from 35-dollars to 55-dollars citations for parking in an assigned space jumps from $40- dollars to $75-dollars. "that's pretty stee! i'm sure if you pay 75-dollars once you will never park in that spot again" that's what they are hoping in fact repeat offenders with 5 tickets or more will be hit with an additional $100 fine, 10 tickets of more will get you an additional 150 ticket "well i am obviously not a big
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fan of that!" "well one of the reasons i moved from sf to the east bay was because it was too pricey in the city, parking tickets there are going up to $95 but here now that they are going up it's almost like im living back in the city again" look at this way,there is no cost to parking at bart on monday january 2nd 2017 of the new year it's free today because of the holiday, tomorrow.boom! "right, no they gotcha" in the east bay haaziq madyun kron4news in entertainment news.the buzz over mariah carey's troubled performance p
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>> vicki: the terror of defenders from breaking the parking rule and some passengers too happy about it. >> reporter: this my scorecard monday. and jobs up to $75. our officials say the but the idea is to stop people from illegally parking because it was cheaper and san francisco by car and then trying to pay for parking in the city. cairo and getting a parking citation and the public,
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and from $35 to $55 parking in an aside space jobs from 40 to 75. repeat offenders with five tickets are more will be hit with an additional $100 fine 10 parking tickets will get additional $150 citation. if i tie move tomorrow >> britteny: tomorrow morning
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will be entering will continue and wednesday it possible drive tuesday friday also and i and another weekend storm losses declined and the sierra a chance of snow for the next seven days at least possibly longer. still scattered throughout the week light rain like showers. we will show you mainly seeing rainfall run around 8:00 p.m. and the missiles have dropped to about 2,000 ft. if the goal of a
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higher that's when see it a little bit more rain stomachs and any surface the blue that is no coming back down. carol a briefing that snowfall and heavy snow right now and the sierra this continues and the rest tonight with the weather by three and even heavier snow with a winter storm warning which will stay in effect until thursday morning. if you're planning to erode a what a very careful as a cladding is there on bay area of the next 48 hours or so be careful driving. >> britteny: agreed to most other regions differences will be dry run 730 the quickly changes ad we continue to see heavier pockets going into the afternoonzone richmond ought to concord expected to see heavy rain of the evening commute. again averred night tuesday wednesday morning we're still dealing with rainfall coming down here pockets at 645 and
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manioc. heading home from work still dealing with more rain to keep your models out you will need them for the next couple days. the plan ahead to the sierra captures in the 30's tuesday in a big war wednesday amid warmer wednesday >> britteny: for this year and the gray area featuring full totals tuesday and wednesday in the latest models are bringing us to about two to 3 in. for the north bay zone to keep a close eye on rainfall totals more details on the rest of your week with themselves whether that is coming up another 10 minutes.
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mariah carey was a show stopper saturday night.but not in the way she wanted. almost as soon as she walked became clear that something was wrong. apparently she couldn't hear the music track.and her ear piece wasn't working. but that was only the beginning. the producers - dick clark productions - blamed carey. suggesting she was too lazy to do a sound check before hand. then today - t-m-z produced photos showing she 'did' show up for rehearsal.and there were already signs of technical troubles. it's just getting messier.with the entertainer's team now accusing the producers of sabotaging her performance. something they deny. here's part of what happened saturday night. the video shows she 'did' try to make it one point
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asking for help and then asking the audience to sing along with her. but it just wasn't working - and she eventually walked off. some people are calling it a 'train wreck.' carey later tweeted "blank" happens.have a happy and healthy new year everybody. here's to making more headlines in 2017.' and for better or worse.this actually "is" making headlines. vicki and grant? coming up- a new law passed in france may set the standard for the rest of the world. we'll tell you about the legislation aimed at creating a better work-life balance for office employees.
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french labor laws. >> catherine:it might not be easy to actually enforce this law.but french workers have now won the right to ignore business e-mails that arrive after hours. the law obliges companies with a workforce of more than 50 people to define the rights of employees to ignore the e-mails. basically - they can set aside their email, smart phones and other electronic leaches -- once their working day has ended. the reaction is mixed. a lot of french citizens think they already do a better job than the u.s. -- of balancing work with personal time. so some people are wondering if the idea of disconnecting will inspire similar changes here.
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what we're learning about the gunman that opened fire inside a nightclub on new years eve. plus it was a violent year in one of the nation's largest cities. what president-elect trump is saying about how to fix the homicide rate in chicago.
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>> reporter: most of the victims were from other arab countries include libya urge the and iraq. we are seeing it tonight for the nats: "3, 2, 1, cheers" >> reporter:this is a new video of the moment the clock struck midnight at the upscale reina nightclub in istanbul. one hour later it was the scene of mass murder. "i got shot in the f* ing leg, man. these crazy people came in shooting everything." witnesses: the bullets were flying past us. they were hitting the table around us, security cameras captured the first moments of the attack. the gunman running up to the front, firing away. bullets ricocheted in the street. he shot and killed a police officer guarding the door -- then entered the club, still shooting. witnesses say he reloaded six times, firing 180 rounds in just seven minutes before heading into the kitchen and escaping in the chaos. bob baer: "coming in with speed, surprise, maximum violence, shooting the police at the door, tells me that - this is a guess
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- somebody who's fought maybe in syria, or iraq." a statement posted on an isis propaganda site called the killer a "heroic soldier of the caliphate" targeting "christians celebrating their pagan feast." in fact most of the victims were from other arab countries, including lebanon, jordan and iraq. turkish authorities say they have the shooter's fingerprints, but have not been able to identify him. they think he may be from kyrgyzstan or uzbekistan, or possibly a muslim region of western china. about 17=thousand police officers have been deployed throughout the city. they have detained eight people with possible links to the attack. but. the killer is not among them. numan kurtulmus/ deputy prime minister of turkey: wherever you are in turkey, wherever you are in the world, we are going to come and find you in your dens, and we will crush you with all the national capacity we have. last year turkey was the scene of multiple terror attacks, including the assassination of the russian ambassador last month. isis and kurdish separatistshave been blamed for killing at least 275 people in 2016. >> britteny: the sun until the weather will continue for the next few weekends and a chance of showers and the chance of snow in the sierra this with showers are right now. why not a picture here and then fly around just outside of concord this continues for north bay zone and san francisco now seeing
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rainfall rainshowers here just to the north of chinatown. sunset district and then we will show you also is upset of danville where you're seeing higher elevations of said of san jose received pink and blue. that is still mixed with some of the higher elevations around the bay area. that is expected to continue higher elevations around 2,000 ft. riotous the fall. and then pressing a little bit of light rain 1,800 ft. below the higher as the continued ahead to the east. maureen's nomex and then that is also fall coming down and this year we're seeing heavy snow winter weather by azeri and then winter storm warnings will go into effect with heavier snow blowing and while conditions expected to continue until thursday. >> britteny: to feature cast that as at 745 light rain heavy rain moves in right around lunch
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hour with continuing into the afternoon tomorrow still more rain coming down wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon. expecting what commutes for the next couple days. 50 in oakland. 157 cisco and for tonight we drop down alien to the '40's as we head into tomorrow more rain showers are expected and then we are dropping and the strong wind speeds closer to the afternoon. close tillich's 70 forecastpcom >> grant:president-elect donald trump is back at work with his transition team. but on twitter, he still appears to be fighting last year's battles over the presidential campaign. he's also promising to share new, inside information about hacking during the election. cnn's jessica schneider has more. >> reporter:as donald trump rang in the new year, he continued to cast doubt on u-s intelligence pointing to russia as the culprit of campaign hacks during the election. donald trump:
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"i know a lot about hacking. and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. and i also know things that other people don't know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation." trump refusing to elaborate about what insider information he has.only promising to reveal more after his meeting later this week with intelligence officials. incoming press secretary sean spicer, though, tempering expectations about what the president-elect might make public. sean spicer: "he's going to talk about his conclusions and where he thinks things stand. he's not going to reveal anything that was privileged or shared with him classified. spicer also questioning whether the sanctions, the trump team previously called "symbolic," were overblown. the obama administration expelled 35 russian diplomats .and shuttered two russian compounds on long island and in maryland. to retaliate against alleged russian interference in the election. candidate trump certainly acknowledged, and even seemed to egg on russian hackers during the election - inviting them to break in to hillary clinton's
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computers. donald trump: "russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. many democrats blame russian hacking in part for clinton's loss. donald trump once again evoking the election, closing out 2016 with this contentious tweet: graphic: "happy new year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love!" but today, trump hardly turned over a new leaf - starting the new year with new boasts about the november election: tweeting: graphic: "various media outlets and pundits say that i thought i was going to lose the election. wrong, it all came together in the last week and. i thought and felt i would win big, easily over the fabled 270 -- actually 306. when they canceled fireworks, they knew, and so did i." meantime. president-elect donald trump criticized chicago mayor rahm emanuel. and his city's struggle with violent crime.
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>> catherine:catherine heenan is here with the details and reaction. if chicago can't solve its crime problem - maybe it should
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ask the federal government for help. this follows a year in which the nation's third largest city had 762 homicides. that's the most in two decades. trump tweeted "chicago murder rate is record setting. 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. adding "if mayor can't do it he must ask for federal help." the tweet came the morning after a '60 minutes' story on chicago's violence.with some saying the city's police department is in crisis. a spokesman for mayor rahm emanuel says today that the mayor has already asked trump for money for programs to help young people and for money to pay for summer jobs. p but he added that it's 'heartening' that trump is taking the problem seriously. the man convicted of killing nine parishionars at an african- american church in charleston was in court today. a federal judge ruled today that dylann roof is metally competent to represent himself pduring the penalty phase of his trial. according to the judge though. a second psychological evaluation that took place over the weekend revealed some kind of bombshell. judge wouldn't elucidate any farther on the revealation. he is most likely worried if the jury were to hear it outside the court room it could impact their decision. the death penalty phase is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.
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a couple from southern california is still missing after taking a trip to big sur.
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a scary scene in thailand. at least 25 people including two
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children died after a van crashed into a pickup truck and burst into flames. it happened in chonburi province.about 70 miles southeast of bangkok. police say the driver of the van lost control.and veered arcoss the highway into oncoming traffic. inside the van, 14 people were killed and one person survived. in the pickup truck, nine adults and two kids were killed and one person survived. the two survivors are being treated at local hospitals. the cause of the accident is currently under investigation. in other world news. a prison riot in brazil. leaves 60 people dead this evening. this was the scene outside the family members of the inmates and guards anxiously tried to get information on the fate of their loved ones. police are blaming a fight between rival gangs for the massive uproar. the riot lasted 17 hours. prison guards along with 74 prisoners were taken hostage. state authorities do not know how many prisoners may have been able to escape during the riot. authorities are looking for a los angeles couple who disappeared while traveling along california's central coast. according to the los angeles police department. 20-year-old olivia hannah gonzalez and 21-year-old brian fernandez were last seen on december 23-rd when they left for a trip to big sur. the pair was expected to return on christmas day. gonzalez was last heard from on the 23-rd. when she texted her sister around one p-m. the sister says gonzales' phone went off around four p-m. and the two haven't been heard from since. family members have distributed flyers to alert the community of their disappearance. the los angeles police department's missing persons unit is investigating the disappearance.
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it was not a great start to 20- 17 for one wisconsin man who is now in custody. after jumping on a police vehicle and smashing its windshield officers received a report of a man jumping on a car around midnight new year's eve. police arrived just in time to catch the live show. on their own vehicle. the holiday hijinx on your screen. was caught on dashcam. you can see the suspect.doing thr worm dance on the cop car. two officers received minor injuries during the incident. >> grant:the 25 year-old man, who police say was intoxicated, was arrested.and is being held pending charges. coming up- we're tracking snow in the sierra. we'll hear from resort officials about ski conditions in the high coutry.
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we're tracking snow in the sierra today. that means good news for skiiers and boarders. i'm joined live on the phone with marcie bradley from northstar. up next- possibly the most popular new year resolution. experts explain how to stick with a new fitness routine.
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>> gary: and today the ceo. an artist in the franchise and its future reticulate that and some possible coaching canada and the story of a lot more. at. episcopal >> vicki:
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>> grant: 01 this year note and common unlit outside of north star today. aha and it looks like and we're all static >> grant: meteorologist she was telling us we're looking at some of the starting tonight and the potential for heavy snow tuesday wednesday and thursday. conditions will be great and more snow means that test car
5:49 pm
runs will be will go more to rein. >> grant: folks from the week and possibly heading up and joined the lead here and then we talk a little bit about the holiday week. it had to be pretty busy for you gastrin holidays? the the >> reporter: lead useful sleigh rides going on all week. happy skiers and writers all over the mountain. it was pretty hectic. in so many people out there where the conditions right right now the trend heading up. things will change and we hereby is good right now already right? the condition >>: cannot nor pretty fantastic right now
5:50 pm
people out their use of fresh powder the groomers are looking good. and then looked a little more to rein. >> britteny: that's why we will see little bit of snow dusting for our higher elevations north bay also right now so conditions continue to go down in the sierra you can see is switching over from rain to sell just near grass valley that's where
5:51 pm
temperatures are dropping down to freezing around 3332 degrees. flying over here and parts of the north bay area where we are seeing scattered showers. the continued drop tonight more rainfall hearing gets here as we go into tomorrow afternoon and this rain will still be around as a going to tomorrow morning as we are commuting. round 815 right sprained it will not be until 3 to 5:00 p.m. that's when we will expect to see yellow orange at the heavy downpour. and then at 730 another round as we push into wednesday morning. this continues for your afternoon as well. yeah the thing tamara system. a very strong up to 36 mi. an hour. 24 in san francisco 23 in hayward 25 in livermore and then the wind speeds will be after midnight. wednesday to and be as
5:52 pm
bad. >> reporter: about 35 mi. an hour and then when speaks for snowfall for higher elevations above 7,000 ft. below 7000 new between 12 to 24 in.. and this will be a powerful system closer to have it seized kobolds and then we see more install makes at south lake tahoe we're expecting heavy snow to come down. as far as the rainfall totals him tomorrow and wednesday latest models show close to 2 in. for san francisco to 3 in. for north a zones and then to three of 10 in. in potto. and then san jose has. from the region tomorrow close average mid-50s for most locations and 51 manioc 52 and the more your 74 cash shows more
5:53 pm
unsettled weather on the way tomorrow will be the heaviest rain also the strongest wind speeds turning the latter rain and wednesday's showers thursday friday watch another weekend storm that could bring us another round of heavy rain that's a core temperatures well to even more as a 6:00.
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>> reporter:getting fit is a common new year's resolution. with the new year here. it's time to put that resolution into action. kim hutcherson has pointers for getting started and staying injury-free in today's health minute. the department of health and human services recommends that everyone get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week. but if you haven't exercised in awhile, you need to take it easy in the beginning. start slow and progress gradually to avoid injury and burnout -- choose a pace you can stick with for five-to-ten minutes without getting too tired. as your stamina improves, work your way up to longer intervals.
5:57 pm
>> reporter:listen to your body -- if you feel dizziness, pain, take a break. you might be pushing too hard. and if you really don't feel well, give yourself permission to take a day off. but remember -- you don't *have to do it all at one time. short-but-frequent sessions will still provide aerobic benefits. and exercising in ten-minute blocks three times daily might fit your schedule better than one 30-minute session. get creative and work a variety of activities into your daily routine -- an evening of dancing can raise your heartrate and give you a great change-of-pace. finally - work in recovery time. muscles and joints can become sore or injured if you work out too long or to intensely, so give your body time to rest and recover. for today's health minute, i'm kim hutcherson. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. grant and vicki thank you. next at six. >> steve:a new year's crash claims the life of one teen. and sends another one to jail. at six. we'll hear from shocked friends of the victim and suspect. and the victim of of the vallejo kidnapping which was once thought to be a hoax. speaks out about being harassed online. kron 4 news at six is next.
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>> reporter:a santa rosa teenager is dead tonight after a suspected dui crash. the driver now in jail facing charges of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter is the victim's friend. good evening i'm steve aveson. and i'm catherine heenan. kron4's maureen kelly talked to
6:00 pm
a friend of both the victim and the suspect who says she's in shock over what's happened. >> reporter:friends of those involved in fatal new year's day crash came to leave flowers and consol one another. this woman says the victim.18 year michajla bailey kostecka.was her best friend she was a really outgoing person she was the light of the party, her smile shined brighter than everyone else there. i love her she was everything to me >> reporter:this is video taken by one of the first people to show up on scene after hearing the crash.witnesses say michajla described the wreckage a twisted mass of metal. i was in shock that they could get into such a bad car accident in this area police say the silver chevy cavalier hit a tree on mountain hawk drive just south of branch owl place and was completely totalled. witnesses i spoke say the driver was unconcious when they first arrived.but came to a minute later. she said what am i doing here.who was driving.and she was the driver.that surprised me
6:01 pm
the driver has been identified as 19 year old rebecca guillory of santa rosa. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the wreckage. she sustained minor injuries and after she was treated was booked on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and driving under the influence causing great bodily injury. the woman i talked to here at the memorial says she doesn't know how to feel.with one friend dead.and the other in jail. >>:she was my best friend too so i still have love for her. i just hope it clears up. i know it wasn't rebecca's fault. >> reporter:the driver of the car is being held on 100- thousand dollars bail.and is expected to be arraigned on wednesday. maureen kelly kron4 news we're hearing about snow in the bay area -- and actually seeing some. - the same goes for the sierra. where they woke up to fresh snow on the ground. >> britteny: the heaviest and will be hearing to tomorrow afternoon and then over the evening commute we look at a closer look right now. near san
6:02 pm
francisco author richmond and and another big story today kevlar elevations dealing with and parts of napa. and a little bit of a higher snow dusting and elevations in the north bay zone. snow dropping down to about 1,000 ft. in see here crass valley mission area between the grain which is on the other seven kinabalu. as we continue-had in the higher elevations the surrey a heavy snowfall and this year for the extra so. and rainfall concerns a what compete with a wet rain over tomorrow morning at their pockets for the afternoon and a timeout the rest of this system coming up in just a bit.
6:03 pm
thai the pictures. >> grant:it is not often we get to use snow and bay area in the same sentence. but today we can. behind me is a picture sent to us from a kron 4 viewer in laytonville. that's in mendocino county. this is what it looked like today on mount saint helena in napa county. the califoria highway patrol shot this video this morning. you can see some pretty big flakes falling. and this one place you would expect to see snow coming down. northstar ski resort sent us this video from this morning. they tell us the snow was still falling after receiving a little more than half-a-foot overnight. the snow level is very low in the sierra. this is what it looked like farther down the mountain at colfax. that's at 24-hundred feet. many drivers opted to put chains on. but if you have made the trip before in these conditions. you know that can be a pricey proposition. one san francisco man said he had a hard time grasping having to pay 30-dollars to chain up. we will keep a close eye on the weather all week. we also are hearing of snow on mount tam in marin county, mount diablo as well as mount hamilton.
6:04 pm
steve and catherine. >>:"again, i'm not doing this to get to 8 and 8 to get to 9 and 7 to say see we turned it around, we're ultimate goal is to win a championship, win multiple championships, and that's the foundation we need to lay and that's the foundation we need to build for. >> steve:and the dram continues
6:05 pm
in santa clara. that was 49ers ceo jed york addressing the media this morning. after firing both general manager trent baalke and head coach chip kelly. it's the latest in a series of dysfunctional moves for the franchise. mark carpenter has been covering the team all season. and joins us with the latest. we expected changes would be made once the season was over, but it really is surprising that both baalke *and kelly were let go. >> reporter:now, the franchise not only needs to find a new gm. but for the fourth year in a row, there is a head coaching search. york started this morning's news conference by apologizing to fans for another disappointing season. and he admitted that he's embarrased by what the team has become. while york wouldn't get into
6:06 pm
specifics, it seems the driving force behind these moves is not only the 2-14 season, but a difference in philosophies and lack of communication. with baalke being more defensive oriented and kelly's offensive skillset, the two didn't work on the same page and york said he should've recognized sooner that it wasn't going to work. york answered questions for about 30-minutes today. here are some snippets. that was york brushing aside any possibility he would step aside from making football decisions and establishing he isn't going anywhere. this is a fast-moving process. and there are already several
6:07 pm
potential candidates to replace baalke and kelly. coming up in sports, we'll tell you some of the names being tossed around, also, we'll check in at raiders we get an update on their quarterback situation for this weekend's layoff game. * * * the shake-up in the front office comes as no surprise to long- suffering 49er fans. kron four's rob fladeboe has some fan reaction from levi's stadium in santa clara. * *take pkg * sot marcus ball/49ers player >> reporter:49er players like marcus ball were gracious and generous with autographs monday but even the most faithful fans are hurting. sot randy ioeger/49ers fan sot marty martinez/49er fan
6:08 pm
sot jed york/49ers owner even as 49ers owner jed york was explaining his decision to fire his general manager and coach and apologizing for his team's dismal two and 14 record this season, about two dozen fans waited in the rain outside levi's stadium. season ticket holder jo jo gonzales thinking that maybe york didn't go far enough. sot jo jo gonzales/49er fan unlike some of the faithful, gonzales has no plans to dump his season tickets. he and just about everyone here agrees that letting former coach jim harbaugh go was a big mistake. players like ronald blair encouraged fans to stick with the niners. sot brandon blair/49ers player
6:09 pm
blair might have helped his case by signing and handing out a few pairs of cleats. another player posed for pictures. while some fans are cheering changes at the top, count most of these folks among the truly faithful, already looking ahead to next season. sot/mos fans standup closer jed york's entire press conference last nearly 30 minutes. we have posted it on our website. kron 4 dot com. you can get to it through the link near the top of the page. today marks one month since the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland.
6:10 pm
>> catherine:it tore through the warehouse that served as a home to artists. killing 36 people inside who had shown up for a party. the investigation into went wrong is still ongoing.and it remains to be seen if there will be any criminal charges. however. at least two lawsuits have been filed by victims' families. since the deadly fire, cities and landlords throughout the bay area are focussing greater attention on the safety of warehouses that are being used for artists. that's spurred one person in the arts community to organize a fire safety workshop kron 4's dan kerman is live in san francisco with more dan
6:11 pm
a new year and some tough new rules for bart riders. what commuters need to be aware of starting today. plus the victim of a well- publicized vallejo kidnapping is speaking out. why she says she just can't shake the memories of the crime. and ever wonder how the white house changes when a new president takes office? see how they pull off moving day when one family leaves and another one arrives. the new year will come with a bit of a shock for some bart customers. that's because starting tomorrow there will be a major increase in parking citations at bart parking lots. the idea is to deter repeat offenders from breaking the parking rules. some bart
6:12 pm
>>: except the studio thinks that is a great idea. for me a thing of the workshop will be a healthy reminder of things they need a clear from the studio aura of place, waited it plays more safe. they will be here on hand answer questions hands-on demo on hard work fire extinguisher information about stairways and exits and free smoke detectors. >> reporter: its schedule at 630 at the theater in san francisco's mission district.
6:13 pm
the victim of a well-publicized vallejo kidnapping speaking the to you why simply cannot commemorate the cry. heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
6:14 pm
coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
the transit agency has been trying to get the word out but still some folks had no idea about the new fines it could be a little costly "i'm glad i ran into you today" here is what you need to 2017 bart parking citations in the public lot will increase from 35-dollars to 55- dollars. citations for parking in an assigned space jumps from $40-dollars to $75-dollars.
6:17 pm
"75-dollars? that's ridiculous! i feel like i am back in the city all over again" bart offcials say the idea is to deter people from illegally parking in bart lots because doing that was cheaper than commuting to sf by car and trying to pay for parking in the city "i gotta be honest it's an interesting proposition by bart" steve rusher says increasing the parking fines will be really tough on smaller bart stations like lafayette "yeah in fact i started a job in the city in may 2015, i would drop my daughters off preschool, if i got to bart by 8:30am i could probably find a spot, now 7:50 is about as late as i can get" now that the parking citations are going up.he is probably going to have to get here that much earlier. in layfatte haaziq madyun kron4news >> reporter:a big story tonight: isis is claiming responsibility
6:18 pm
for the early sunday attack on a popular istanbul nightclub that left 39 people dead. people in the center of the city were mourning some of the victims today. some gathering at a casket at a public memorial. aside from those killed -- dozens were wounded and more than 40 are still in hospitals. turkish media now have a photo of the suspect which was released by police. authorities say they also have his fingerprints, but his identify is still a mystery. 8 people were detained for a time - but the suspect wasn't among them. isis says that christian party- goers were targeted in response to turkish military operations in northern syria. turkish leaders meantime.say they believe they're close to catching the gunman. new video shows the moment that the clock struck midnight in the upscale nightclub,.,, just an hour later, the party turned deadly and chaotic. most of the dead were foreign tourists from muslim countries. it's not like he won't have plenty of help. but president obama has a big moving job ahead of him. his family will move out of the white house on inauguration day, so president-elect donald trump can move in. jake tapper with our partners at
6:19 pm
c-n-n shows us how the switch is pulled off. at 10:30 on the morning of inauguration day -- president obama will say goodbye to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. obama / no font: "they literally move all your stuff out in one day. you are living there and then suddenly, it's not all out on the south lawn, i mean they pack it up. " he and president-elect donald trump will meet again before heading to the inaugural ceremony. as soon as they walk out the door, the white house chief usher and almost 100 staffers will swing into action. stephen rochon, fmr. white house chief usher: "stephen rochon: it's more like organized chaos. we have one truck on the south lawn that belongs to the outgoing president and first family facing south and the incoming truck facing north toward the white house on the east side of the south grounds." rear admiral stephen rochon /row - shawn/ was the first african american white house chief usher. and he was in charge of the white house move from
6:20 pm
president george w. bush to barack obama. he remembers asking incoming first lady michelle obama how she wanted the house decorated. stephen rochon, fmr. white house chief usher: "in the case of the obamas, they had two precious girls that wanted a girly-type room. anything can be changed on the second and third floor, which are the private floors for the first family." extreme makeover - white house edition -- requires all hands on deck since it's a race against the clock. they have only six hours to transform the 132-room mansion into the new first family's home. movers carry furniture in and out of the white house. personal items are carefully organized from the moving trucks. the dining rooms are decorated and set up. and the kitchen staff cooks up an inaugural snack -- something to help the first family get through all of those late-night balls. and of course the oval office gets a little sprucing up as well, new paintings on the walls - the carpet and desk cleaned -- and new technology installed. no detail is ever too small stephen rochon, fmr. white house chief usher:
6:21 pm
"one thing that we were very aware of is the new president wanted a special showerhead. and so we had to scramble to make sure we had the perfect rain showerhead for president obama." we do not know yet what changes the trump family is requesting. but as a family used to the finer things in life - a
6:22 pm
penthouse on fifth avenue and a private estate in florida - we can only imagine an opulent makeover. jake tapper, washington: "will you decorate it trump style?" donald trump, president-elect: "no, i wouldn't. i just want a place. honestly, it's a very special place. it's a very special building. i'm going to be working. i'm not going to be decorating." a new year. and a new opportunity. >> britteny: near moscow below and then run toronto thousand feet a dusting of snow we will continue to see heavier snow come down this year of looking at whether arenas are now downstroke unconquered hayward and will also fly in here around mount diablo where we seized the reins now mix and a little bit of a dusting their little bit of an elevation and still call their place so with all the moisture around we're seeing some of that switching over to snowfall. what's the grass valley transitions are here. the green as rainfall and pink purple more rain snow makes and
6:23 pm
on the blue is a little less no transitions from rain is now we continue decease now coming down in sierra which is still in the sierra bought once again on wednesday and then on top all this there looking for strong wednesday discussed the 37 m.p.h. half moon bay and not in view 29 and for more. >> reporter: and to subside until wednesday and then a winter storm warning stays in effect for this year ran out to
6:24 pm
wind gusts up to 25 mi. an hour and then jump to 24 in. of snowfall expected for elevations above 7,000 ft.. traveling tomorrow lyndon's no more rain snow mixed temperatures warm back up in the west to another drop in temperatures heading into thursday highs renovation in the mid '50's so. and they forecast shows more unsettled weather on the way. but to get closer look a rainfall totals i you next forecast. >> steve:is space-x about to start launching rockets after a launchpad mishap. what has to happen before they return to space. and police in the north bay really hope you recognize the man in this picture. what he's accused of stealing from a bay area school. the space rocket program created
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> catherine: by tesla founder elon musk-- "space-x" -- might get its rockets back in flight as early as sunday. the news comes after an investigation into the devastating september explosion of a rocket. it happened on the launch pad at cape canaveral in florida, destroying a 200-million dollar communications satellite. before space x can begin launching again -- the f-a-a must sign off on the crash investigation and give the company a new license. musk has called the malfunction the most difficult and complex failure in the company's 14 year existence. a swarm of earthquakes is rattling nerves tonight in southern california. more than 250 quakes have struck since new year's eve. most of the centered around the town of brawley. that's to the east of san diego.
6:28 pm
this map from the u-s geological survey gives you a better picture of all the seismic activity. the largest earthquake so far measured 3-point-9. centered right underneath brawley. scientists are paying close attention because the san andreas and imperial faults connect in this area. >> catherine:in santa rosa a fatal new year's day car crash leaves one hot
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: was one teenager dead and her friend in jail suspected of eli and the hitler manslaughter. police said the car had a tree and on hot drive saturday by a roman camp and then was totaled. then on and 18 year-old mchale week was killed. 90 year-old rebecca of santa rosa driver being held on hundred thousand dollars bail and expected to be arraigned on wednesday.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: problem with the increase in parking fines taken effect in 2017 the parking citations public what will increase from $35 to $55. citations to jump from 40 to $75. fire safety has become a top priority and the director of this specific factory is in giving at free safety workshop all of the bay area. he invited
6:33 pm
to francisco fire department as well as the fire department building section to be able then to questions give advice and also get hands-on training. and it's under way tuesday at 630 at the broader theater in san francisco. >> reporter: in the '30's has been snowing all day the roble up here 130 has been close since early this afternoon because intersections the slush on the road has in and enter to fake peaking a very dangerous and i now it's closed because of holiday also because of the winter conditions. >> britteny: teston forecasts
6:34 pm
until next monday perchance of rain each day into a weekend and then the ovations no snow levels dropping into 2,000 ft. breezy and pink on the map also higher elevations in san jose the dusting of snow same is true just north of san mateo will also seeing scattered rain showers struck rest of the region is chars was daylight into the rest of tonight taking a bit into tomorrow and the time you have home from work have your pockets move in and we continue overnight tuesday and wednesday still another record meat for us wednesday morning and wednesday afternoon and evening. how much granary talking as a going to tomorrow evening almost an inch in san francisco and then petaluma and at the crazy purple over initial have clustered 2 in. and the rainfall as a cushion the wednesday like steering
6:35 pm
continues premiere total closer to 2 in. and francisco to 3 in. for the north azonal take another look at the weather at the end of our show. >> steve: says she is still being harassed nearly two years after first making headlines. denise huskins posted this message on her facebook page. in short she says she is still receiving nasty messages from people who think the crime was a hoax. you may recall police initially did not believe her story. only months later to make an arrest. the man who orchestrated the plot, matthew muller, pleaded guilty last september to the kidnapping. he is suppose to be sentenced in march. police are on the hunt for a burglar who broke into a santa rosa elementary school.
6:36 pm
they've released a surveillance photo of the suspect. the burglary happened friday night at yulupa elementary on mesquite drive police say a man entered an unlocked classroom and took five samsung tablets, a netbook laptopand even a box of sharpie pens. he's also accused of vandalizing an area outside two other classrooms.leaving graffiti. the value of the stolen property is roughly 13-hundred dollars. 20-17 started off with an unpleasant sight for two bay area women. according to police. san bruno resident-- shamsher rai allegedly exposed himself to the two women sunday morning. police say it happened on the 300 block of south maple avenue in south san francisco.
6:37 pm
when officers arrived. they found the suspect hiding next to a closed business. officers say rai is a registered sex offender currently on parole. according to police. he was positively identified by the two victims. rai was booked into san mateo county jail on suspicion of indecent exposure and violation of his parole. >> steve:tonight we're just 18 days until the inauguration of the country's 45th president donald trump. right now workers in our nation's capital are racing against the clock to get ready for the celebrations -- and the huge influx of tourists. kron 4's national correspondent mark meredith has a look at where things stand. as we approach january 20th. trt: 1:41 out: at the u.s. capitol, i'm mark meredith. 00:00-00:10 - mark meredith / washington d.c. 00:13-00:20 - construction ramped up ahead of inauguration
6:38 pm
/ capitol hill * mos bites, no cg needed* 01:30-01:41 - mark meredith/ washington dc. right now washington d-c is going through a transformation as the entire city gets ready for inauguration day. workers here at the capitol are putting the finishing touches on the inaugral platform for a spectacle the whole world will be watching. fresh from it's face-lift - the u-s capitol dome is about to be back in the spotlight. "it's very very big, when you use your iphone, it's too big you don't have enough space" the renovated capitol complex continues to bring out thousands of tourists but those numbers are nothing compared to the 800,000 people estimated to show up to see donald trump take the oath office. to get ready - taxpayers are spending millions. a stage - set to hold 1,600 people - is almost complete. workers continue to paint platforms and build scaffolding. cell phone companies are adding extra towers to help keep up with the bandwith. "it'll be very big, a lot of attractions and distractions, i'd rather be home with my family" just a few miles away down pennsylvania avenue - construction is blocking most
6:39 pm
tourists from getting great views of the white house. crews are building two massive inaugural viewing stands. both platforms will allow the president and his entourage to watch the parade in comfort. but people we spoke say despite the constant construction - seeing the nation's capitol just weeks before history happens doesn't disappoint. "its nice, its not effecting my experience help" once the inaugration is over - this platform won't last long. it's built every for each ceremony - and most of these barriacades will have to come down - but with the capitol construction nearly finished - visitors will still have plenty to see when they visit washington. + reporting at the u-s capitol, i'm mark meredith one of the first things congress is promising to do is repeal obamacare. there already is some action on the program. a federal judge in texas is blocking provisions that would have extended anti- discrimination protection to transgender health and abortion- related services. the judge's order says the policy infringes on the rights of private health care providers. the judge citied the religious freedom restoration act. the white house called the decision a setback.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
>> vicki:the famous hillside hollywood sign is back to its old self tonight --- after some wag climbed up there and changed it to read "holly-weed." now the search is on for the person who did it. police say they have some surveillance video showing a man hopping a fence. climbing up the iconic sign's ladders and then pulling the prank around 3 a-m new year's day. now they just need to find him. since the sign wasn't damaged the suspect will face a misdemeanor trespassing charge. a similar stunt happened some 40 years ago. it seems that a long time means 348-days. 49ers ceo jed york said that on january 20th.when chip kelly was introduced.
6:43 pm
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>> reporter: today-- the franchise remains in disarray. and is now in search of a new general manager and head coach. as for some of the frontrunners for the general manager job. here is a short list of some of the favorties. nick casario. who's been the patriots director of player personel since 2008 and has been with the team as a coach and executive since 2002. the kansas city chiefs director of player personal. chris ballard. who has helped build that team into the number-2 seed in the afc playoffs espn nfl analyst. lois riddick. a former 49er who was also director of pro personal for the eagles and an nfl executive for 12 years and how about scott pioli.a well-known nfl exec since 1992 and currently assistant g-m for the atlanta falcons-
6:47 pm
>>: is more structural be head coach and general manager in that decision rests with me we need to make sure that they know each other have a good understanding for each other does not mean they have had to work to with each other but the good respect and understanding and now that have similar visions and philosophies they cannot be 53 man roster and need to go back to your office. it has to be these two guys on the same page. with water traffic picks an opportunity with a lot of salary cap room. there are some pieces that often enough pieces but some that we can
6:48 pm
build around again needs to be a partnership and knees to be a collaboration between the the head coach and general manager so we can get this thing right. espn former 49er also director for the eagles and finally there is not purely: nonexecutive since 1992 when current assistant gm for a plan to falcons. the coaching prospects police to be at the top before matters less josh former broncos current patron afloat interim
6:49 pm
head coach anthony has and the team's zero see dug around christmas opted out of the interim coach. >> reporter: max left the game and had to go win. unknown who will start in saturday's wild- card game in houston. a wild-
6:50 pm
card weekend saturday afternoon the they play in 2002. and they enter 12 and for the houston native see south champions are better earlier this season with the raiders there will be no direct car. another wild day of pro games right through and a
6:51 pm
pasadena usc in the rose bowl late third quarter >> reporter: the fine for the 7 yd touchdown 4937 pin the fourth serious rally from the trojans sam arnold will be a star his fifth touchdown pass and fiancee type 20 minutes ago in suing penn state's position over time perhaps from a big kick off, a 31 yd line with 21 and seven seconds and that is set up matt 46 yd field goal no time left goes through and it tries true good 5249 your final the trojans to win.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> steve:the hottest couple to start 2017. a pair of nesting bald eagles. people seem to love watching them.
6:55 pm
they've been watching live internet cameras. first - waiting for the eggs to hatch. then - watching the first little eagle. he hatched saturday morning. and today's big update -- we got to see the eaglet have some breakfast. a second egg has yet to hatch. the camera's live feed has received more than 66-million views so far. the nest is in florida and that particular camera has been live- streaming since october of 2012. a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 ' that's it for the kron 4 news at 6. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 8 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> my new year's resolution is to listen more. >> more music. >> hollywood shares their new year's resolutions. >> continue to do what i do but just much more. >> the stars' biggest wishes for 2017. >> let your light beam in 2017. i wish that for all. then -- >> surrogacy or gestational carriers, they are angels. >> tyra's emotional journey to motherhood. and how is this boss lady balancing it all? >> it's like oh, my god, i know how it feels. >> then where do the stars go for a physical and spiritual detox? they head to the ranch that's only in hollywood. >> we like to say it's a cheaper version of having plastic surgery. >> plus with awards show season in full swing, just how far will nominees go for that perfect oscar glow? >> eat your heart out, justin
7:00 pm
bieber. now, "the insider," tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> new year, new you. we are kick off 2017 with a beauty bang. from tyra banks's secret to aging gracefully to the health and wellness hideout of the stars. >> who better than hollywood to share their goals for 2017 as we go inside the stars' new year's resolutions. >> you know what? i kept one this year. i kept a diary for the entire year. >> robin roberts is one of the few resolution keepers, and hopefully she can continue that tradition. >> we have a family motto with the roberts family. one is we may not have it all together but together we have it all. and in 2017 we're saying let your light beam in 2017. i wish that for all. >> in order to shine this new year, some stars are going for simple resolutions. >> my new year's resolut


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