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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> thank you oakland, you have been absolutely welcoming to me. >> reporter:saying she's had a heart for oakland for many years, the city's new top cop anne kirkpatrick mixed good old southern charm with a steely pledge that she cannot be pushed around as the city administrator and the mayor introduced her to reporters and the public wednesday. >>libby schaaf/oakland mayor--oaklanders wanted a leader with integrity able to change culture, someone who would deliver on fare and just policing, prevent violence and increase accountability >> reporter:kirkpatrick comes to the opd after the department has been embroiled in a year long sex scandal and a revolving door of police chiefs. for the last 6 reforms at the chicago police department, but says her focus here will be on more than reform. >>reform is where we have policies and procedures and more interested in transformation, that's the change in thinking that's the cultural change.
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>> reporter:kirkpatrick has been a police officer for 34 years. she butted heads with the police union while serving as chief in spokane, but pledged to hold opd officers accountable for their conduct. but as an outsider she also said she knows its up to her to earn the trust and respect of her officers. >>for the men and women of the oakland police department i want you to know i have the courage to stand by you and i will. and you have a community that wants to love you and i am going to do everything i can to earn that for you >> reporter:oakland's new police chief has her work cut out for her. building trust amoung the command staff, building trust within the community. and implimenting federal mandated reforms within the department. >> reporter:dan kerman,
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kron4news >> reporter: thank you, dan. >> reporter:with that in mind kron4's haaziq madyun talked with some oakland stakeholders who have some advice for the new chief. >>i am so excited to be here in oakland and to be your chief of police" >> reporter:there is no doubt that oakland's new police chief anne kirkpatrick is excited about her new job. that is to be expected. but i spoke with some folks here at this some advice for the new chief that may help her succeeed in her new job >> reporter:what advice would you give her?
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>>"excuse me?" >>"what advice would i give her? >> reporter:the first order of advice. >>"the most advice i would give her is like we have been telling her, one, be ready that you are walking into a deficit of trust, there is no trust in the police right now" >>"put in reforms in place that will build trust and create a better relationship with the community, which in turn will help fight serious and violent crime down the road" >>"make sure you engage the community in trying to make this situation work, we need to make sure that our people president of the naacp of oakland and we will be very watchful to make sure everything is done that is going to be positive for our community" >>"building trust within the community, i think if anyone can do that, she brings the demeanor in getting that accomplished" >>"this will only work if she can identify a command staff that understands what here objectives are, that may not be the present command staff, but she has to find people who understand her vision and is committed to her because, new chief, from outside, she could be sabotaged very easily"
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>>"now i plan to be so good that you want me" >> reporter:maybe following their advice will make them want you even oakland haaziq madyun kron4news. >> reporter:and we first told you about its new chief. through our mobile app. we sent a push alert at 8:39 last night. >> reporter:make sure you download the kron-four news app to always get the latest breaking news. it's free for iphone and android devices. - >>vicki:another big story we are tracking tonight at five --- a series of storms bringing lots of rain for the bay area. and snow for the sierra mountains. >>vicki:you are looking at video from all across the bay there are dealing with flooded roads. a winter weather advisory is in affect for that area. >>vicki:the sierra mountains is dealing with white out conditons. and a winter storm warning has been morning. >>vicki:meanwhile. in san francisco, golden gate park experiencing some storm damage.
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>>vicki:crews working to clean up several fallen trees. and. a flash flood warning has been issued for parts of the santa cruz mountains. there's even more wet ship joins us now with more on that. brit? >> brittney: that is the think. remember there is a much stronger system that is coming in and. we are still seeing what was role. looking at the golden gate bridge. here is what the rainshowers look like. is going strong, since yesterday with conditions of what rose and will continue to see light rain showers and steady rain showers as we go into the evening. -- wet roads consistent. >> brittney: if you can't avoid travelling to the see era that will be better. it
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-- sierra that would be better >> brittney: we are watching for an atmosphere of river that is bugging anisotropic atmosphere. -- bring ing tropic atmosphere. will get a break as we pushed into thursday. at friday. >> brittney: and, as we go into the rest of tonight you are still dealing with rainshowers. yvette a little bit of sunshine by friday and cooler temperatures and a lot of great showers and snow. -- and, even a little bit of sunshine come friday.
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>> reporter:the santa cruz mountains received a direct hit overnight, taking a toll on mountain roads and trees. >>vicki:kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now with a live update on the situation. rob? >> reporter:the santa cruz mountains are a mess. crews are working long hours to clear rock and mudslides like this one on san jose- soquel road. the slides in many cases pulling down trees and power lines and making something as groceries a tall order as ashley calhoun would find out. >> reporter: there are a lot of problems on other mountain roads.
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>> ashley/calhouun/mountain resident i made it down the mountain but they finally pulled out the cruelest to help. -- the crews >> reporter:heavy rain overnight, as much as a half inch per hour in some areas, was simply too much for the already saturated soil. there are at least four more slides like road, before it was closed. ashley calhoun it was pretty tough. moving through a lot of dirt piles. >> reporter:a large slide slowed traffic to a crawl here on northbound highway 17 as drivers dodged downed trees, power lines and widespread flooding that is blamed for several mostly minor accidents as drivers cope with road closures and
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>> i am so worried about rose. --roads >> reporter: what was the storm like last night? >> it was pretty bad. >> reporter: those folks and other people in the remote sections of the mountain are next to stock up on groceries and supplies. the weather forecast is calling for as much as a foot of rain showers. in these remote mountains and for the upcoming weekend. rob the flood of boat, 4 news. -- rob fladeboe
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>>vicki:in the north bay. >>vicki:a leaning bay tree is being torn down, after a neighbor on redwood street noticed the tree touching power lines during yesterday's storm, causing sparks to fly. >>vicki:crews closed the area off to cars in the late morning, before chopping the tree down. pg&e shut the power off to the area as a safety precaution. >>vicki:so, about a dozen customers there have been without electricty for a full day now. >> "its leaning a lot, but you know, honestly, a lot of them do and so its. you know, its, you notice it, but like i said, you just kind of hope it doesn't fall when you go under it." >>vicki: in question has actually been leaning for years, but only now has it become a problem. a repairman says its possible yesterday's strong winds and rain may have softened the soil and caused the tree to move a bit. >>vicki:pg&e expects to have power restored by the end of the day. >> reporter:gunfire erupts on a busy east bay interstate. still ahead on kron four news. police investigation another shooting on interstate 580.
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what police are saying prompted the gunfire. >>vicki:plus, officials are blaming an e- cigeratte for sparking a fire at a santa rosa motel. >> reporter: trouble conditions are dangers in the sierra mountain. what you need to know if you are born to be headed to the lake tahoe area this weekend.
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>>vicki:in the east bay....
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>>vicki:investigators are searching for two cars...said to be involved in a shooting on the 580- freeway. officials say it happened at the redwood road off-ramp on the eastbound side of the freeway in castro valley. gunshots were reported at around noon. >>vicki:deputies found shell casings at the off-ramp... but did not find any victims or suspects. investigators checked surrounding homes and businesses in the area... to ensure no one was hit by a stray bullet. >>vicki:they also say no one was admitted to local hospitals...thought to be involved. officials now think they know the cause... >>"protect that area" >>vicki:police say one car is decribed as a bronze su- hatchback. & surveillance video in the area may have captured video all of all on all caught on
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wall or on our fifth dual ... scott ... all uninsured real >> reporter: >> reporter:there are blizzard conditionthis is video taken earlier today from interstate 80 at kingvale--- it's a mess out there, people moving slow. >> grant: whiteout conditions are expected. right now, we have officer pete mann with truckee c-h-p on the line. with an update on the conditions. >> grant:pete, what is it looking like out there right now and what do people need to know if they're heading up there?
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>> people are spinning out. >> technical difficulties. >> grant: traffic was crawling. along 80. what are the recommendations of people here in the bay area that may have the week off and heading up to lake tahoe to enjoy all of the snow? how should they wait until tomorrow? >> hold off until later in today tomorrow or even friday and that is why we are trying to expect a break. that would be your best shot to get up here. >> you do need to come up here. you want to use u.s. 50 and that will be a long call as well.
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>>--long haul >> absolutely, busy time for us. we have everyone here working long hours to make sure that we can try to keep everything open the best we can. it is a busy day. we even have 89 south down. we have downed power lines. this heavy snow is causing havoc appear. >>--havoc up here >> grant: thank you for your time. >> brittney: there is more as we head into the weekend. and by tomorrow we will start to try things out, and going into friday. we will see cooler temperatures and then we will track another
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system that is bringing anywhere from 2-5 in. of rain. >> brittney: closer look at the rain fall. it is showing a lot of rainshowers for the region. up through the north of grass valley. headed towards lake tahoe deceive of rainshowers switching over to snow. --you can see the rainshowers >> brittney: a river on moisture will come even as well. over the weekend to see to the 5 in. of rain fall. 2-5inches >> brittney: think will start to dry out as you had
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to work. i know that you have seen a wet coming. -- wet commute >> brittney: we still have a winter storm warning. with attitudes of 5 ft.. of 2-5ft >> brittney: do see calling on friday. look at saturday and sunday with more rain showers. --we do seek a clearing on friday >> brittney: 32 degrees with the snow expectant and a break and moisture. daytime high going up to 40. i will time up the week system in just a bit.
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>> grant: thank you, brittney >> grant:the storm caused some damage in san francisco's golden gate park. kron4's maureen kelly shows us the clean up effort as city crews removed several trees that have a playground roped off. >> reporter:after the buzz of chainsaw. >> reporter:came the cracking of the wood. which preceded the roughly 50 foot monterey cypress's decent to the ground. >> reporter:it was one of three cypresses, and one eucalyptus that were damaged pine came down sometime during the overnight wind and rain. >> reporter:two of the trees were able to be saved by cutting off the damaged winds. >> reporter:rec and park workers were and chopping up the downed trees.and clearing the cut up logs and branches. while the playground at mother's meadow remained closed off. >> reporter:as a safety precaution. >>they got to do what they got to do >> reporter:the person overseeing a child development sports class for toddlers says they had planned to use the play area.until he saw what happened this morning. >>came out with my coffee to check on the field and
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whoa.i knew we had to move our class up here. >> reporter:they just moved their class further up the hill.the only real inconvience.the extra distraction. >>it's hard to complete with chainsaws kids attention spans are short.but then school buses and butterflys are also a challenge >> reporter:the next big round of rain coming our way could be a challenge the city parks 130,000 trees.rec and park says they will have a tree crew on standby this if any other trees come down in the storm.they can respond quickly. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >>vicki:we're getting what amounts to another report card from california's water resourcescontrol board. >> grant:the update on our water use -- could be better. catherine heenan is here with the latest. >> catherine:all the rain - and the sierra snow - are great. but as usual, we're being scolded about water conservation. and reminded that the state is still in a drought. >> catherine:the new numbers
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show that people keep using more water.since the state lifted mandatory conservation. >> catherine:urban californians used an average of 77 gallons a day in november.which is one gallon a day more than in november of last year. also.water conservation was 18-point 8 percent in urban areas in november. considerably lower than it was in october. >> catherine:it's southern and central california which remain really dry. later this month, state officials will talk about whether we need to return to mandatory conservation measures. >> catherine:vicki and grant? >>vicki:coming up, cat owners-- listen up. we have a major recall to tell you about. that's affecting several popular cat food brands. >> grant:then, california's democratic leaders are gearing up for battle with president-elect donald trump. we'll tell you how the state is preparing for a series of court battles with the trump administration. court battles with the trump administration.
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>> grant:a resident in san mateo is asking for the public's help after a christmas present was stolen right off of his porch. this is surveillance video of the culprit at work. >> grant:it happened december 28th. you can see a man walking up to the home and taking what was left near the front door. the suspect snatched a package containing a present worth over $100 bucks. along with the resident's mail. officers say the gift had been delivered 20 minutes before the theft took place. >> grant:recognize the crook.if so.the san mateo police department would love to hear from you. >>vicki:a smoker in santa rosa got a whole lot more than a nicotine rush when his e- a motel room engulfing the area in flames. >>vicki:it happened around midnight at the gold coin motel on mendocino avenue. police say the unidentified man in his 50's had taken apart his e-cig and forgot to plug it up. >>vicki:and when he returned from a bathroom break the device had caught fire. crews were able to contain the fire within 20 minutes. >>vicki:firefighters say a
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damaged battery in the e- cig.sparked the flames. damage to the burned estimated at $50 thousand dollars. >> one was hurt. >>vicki:speaking of e-cigs. the food and drug administration has identified 134 u-s incidents of e-cigarette battery problems. the f-d-a says that includes batteries overheating, catching on fire or exploding. >>vicki:and more than 50 people have been injured between 2009 to january 2016. so in april, the f-d-a's center for tobacco products plans to host a two-day public workshop. >>vicki:the purpose -- to "gather information and stimulatecigarette battery safety concerns. >> grant:california's state >>vicki: i look at some of
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the storm damage or around the bay area from recent activity.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> grant:our top story tonight -- another round of storms is on the way. right now a live look
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outside. with our ??? camera. + and, a live look at our storm tracker radar. as we are getting you prepared for more rain. >> grant:expect moderate to heavy rain to continue throughout the evening. making for a messy commute. >>vicki:meteorologist brittney ship. us tonight. brit, when can people expect a break from the rain? with what >> brittney: >> brittney: wide spread rainshowers for most of the region pushing into sacramento and the sierra mountains. and, as we go
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into the rest of tonight more like rainshowers and pretty steady. after midnight, more like showers. as we go into tomorrow morning, more clearing. so a break is on its way. with some sunshine for thursday and friday. however, before you get too comfortable if we do have more changes on its way. >> brittney: i steady amount of rain for saturday night until monday. it will add up until a lot of rain fall. >> brittney: saturday through monday we will see two to 5 in. of rainfall. p >> brittney: low 50s in san francisco tomorrow, low 50s and oakland. and san mateo.
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>> brittney: and tracking all the details for the next forecast in just a few minutes. >>vicki: thanks, brittney >>vicki:it was a tough going today through the north bay. the recent storm really slammed the area creating flooding and road closures. >> grant:kron four's terisa estacio more on how to stay safe, especially with another big storm just around the corner. >>andrew barclay/chp -- >> reporter:lots of problems from this storm here in the north bay waters, no one hurt - andrew barclay with chp talks about the conditions. >> not wise to drive through flood waters, steer clear, you don't know how deep it could be. >> if you are driving down the road and you see paul bowles of grain you do not necessarily know how deep that water will be. --if you
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are driving down the road and see puddles of grain-- rain you may be sitting there for a while. >> it was troubling - road closures. know where you are going and check online before you take off so you don't get caught off guard. another storm is just prepared, take your time to get to your destination. >> reporter: you can use caltrans web site. >> reporter: people are going to be out and about. please plan extra time and be aware. >> anytime you know it will be a pretty big storm leave an extra amount of time to get to your destination. if you do that you are less likely to rush. and we know the number one cause of
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collision is because of speeding. >> reporter:terisa estacio, marin county-kron4news. >> grant:another big story we are tracking tonight at five. california's state legislature has hired former obama administration attorney general eric holder. >> grant:he will serve as outside legal counsel to democratic president-elect donald trump's administration. the move to hire holder adds reputation as the center of liberal opposition to the new trump white house. >> grant:for example, state promised to fight to maintain "sanctuary cities" -- something trump pledged presidential campaign. & >> grant:in a statement, holder said he is -- quote -- "confident that our expertise across a wide array of federal legal and regulatory issues will be a great resource." >>president obama: look out for the american people. >>vicki: by a president in
5:35 pm
his last weeks in office: his mission: rallying resistance to the republican campaign to repeal his signature health care program. >>vicki: also brought vice=president elect mike pence to the halls of congress. let's check in with catherine heenan to find out how the debate could affect you. >> catherine:even if you're not one of the more than 10 million people enrolled under the affordable care act, you could find yourself facing higher deductibles and bigger premiums. it all depends on what the republicans decide to do if they manage to repeal and replace obama- care. >>rep. nancy pelosi/ house minority leader: "the republicans say 'repeal and replace.' the only thing that has going for it is alliteration. they have no replacement plan. >>sen. chuck schumer/ senate minority leader: "the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again." >> catherine:a double barrel blast from the democratic leadership. republicans fired back, >>rep. paul ryan/ house replace, we have plenty ideas to replace it and you'll see as the weeks and months unfold what we're talking about replacing it.
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>>gov. mike pence/ vice president-elect: we're going to keep our promise to the american people --- we're going to repeal obamacare and replace it with solutions that lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. >> catherine:not many details there. >>any changes could impact americans of all ages, incomes and employment status. for the nation's 57 million medicare recipients, the affordable care act meant limits on premiums and deductibles, and free coverage of preventative procedures like mammographies. >> catherine:it also closed the "donut hole" in prescription benefits. the act also expanded medicaid coverage to millions of low-income adults. for workers covered through their employers or unions, obamacare expanded coverage to anyone working 30 hours a week. >> catherine:preventative benefits are free. and dependents can be covered up to age 26. and for the previously uninsured, they can no longer be refused coverage for pre=existing conditions. >> catherine:there is no cap on their benefits and a limit on anuual and lifetime out of pocket expenses. even supporters admit there are problems with the affordable care act. premiums are soaring and
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some major insurance companies have pulled out. >> catherine:that's mostly because enrollment hasn't lived up to expectations. not only have fewer people signed up. but those who claims than expected. >> catherine: grant and vicki? >> grant: coming up! we will see the rookie that is starting with the raiders coming up.
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>>vicki:convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof tells jurors there is nothing with him psychologically... he's representing himself in the penalty phase of his murder and hate-crime trial.. that began this morning. >>vicki:roof was convicted of 33-federal charges last month...for the june 2015 massacre that left nine black church members dead. now the same jurors will decide his fate, which could include a death sentence. >>vicki:in his opening statement, roof asked jurors to forget anything they heard from his former lawyers. today, a federal prosecutor presented new evidence, including a jailhouse journal after his arrest. >>vicki:one of his entry said , quote,: "i do not regret what i did." return to index >> grant:police in chandler
5:41 pm
arizona have released surveillance video.showing a shocking confrontation between a man who ambushed two officers. >>vicki:catherine heenan is here.and says it happened inside a walmart store. >> catherine:the video begins with one of the two officers strolling into the walmart. thinking it's a routine trespassing call. >> catherine:then the scene changes to the entry-way. within a few seconds - you see chaos. >> catherine:a man out of view in the upper left fires on the two police officers. one of the people running -- an officer who has just been shot in the face. >> catherine:his partner - despite also being shot - goes sliding across the floor but jumps up to shoot at the gunman. from a different camera you get a better look at that officer hitting the floor. and the gunman in red racing out. >> catherine:once outside the gunman falls.drops his gun.and makes the fatal mistake of going back to pick it up -- that's when the officer shoots and kills him. >> catherine:this happened in april - but it's just been released in response to a public records request. one officer is still on
5:42 pm
medical leave for gunshot wounds to the face and arm. his partner - shot twice - is back on duty. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. >> catherine:grant and vicki? return to >> grant:still ahead. return to index >> grant: a cat food recall to keep your cat safe.
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>>vicki:the bay area is cleaning up and preparing for the next storm this weekend. steve aveson is in the newsroom with what's coming up on kron 4 news at six. >>steve:vicki. it has been a busy day around the bay area. as crews clear downed trees. clean up mudslides.
5:46 pm
>>steve:and restore power to many areas. at six. we will have the latest on the clean up. >>steve:plus. take a look at this. a young boy hanging by a single strap caught on a ski lift. tonight we'll show you the rescue. and the warning the resort is telling skiers about wearing a certain item on the lifts. >>steve:we will have that and much more on kron 4 news at six. >>steve: vicki, back to you! >> grant:for the 49ers, it's a new year, new coach. for the raiders, new week, new quarterback. unfortunately, that's the story leading up to the most important game of the year. >>vicki:jack del rio made it official this morning.rookie qb connor cook will start saturday's wildcard game against the texans.
5:47 pm
>> grant:mark carpenter spent the day at team headquarters. and is here to introduce us to the 'next man up.' return >> reporter:the 23-year-old is only a rookie, but he has played in some big games. while on his way to being the winningest quarterback in michigan state history, he helped lead the spartans to conference championships. >> reporter:and even got them to the college football playoff. the circumstances are much different this time around, but he's confident he can step in and run this offense. >> approach every single day like it is the same. >>"it's just the name of the game. anything can happen, anything can change at the drop of a hat. just always gotta be ready. whether it's out there on the practice field getting mental reps, putting yourself through it mentally to now getting mental reps. you just got to approach everyday like it's the same." >> reporter:welcome to the nfl connor cook. >> reporter:at this time last year, he was getting ready for the nfl draft.
5:48 pm
>> reporter:and now, he's preparing to be the first quarterback in league history to make his first career start in the playoffs. pthrough his short tih the silver and black, he's made an impression on the his calm demeanor is one of the first traits that jumps out among his teammates. --impresion on the locker room >> reporter:and jack del rio says it was stepped in for matt mcgloin last sunday in denver. >>del rio "i would say the most impressive thing was when he went into a very difficult set of circumstances, i thought he handled himself the poise was there, the moment didn't look too big for him and i thought he did a real nice job leading the team down and moving the ball." cook "i've never been the kind of rah-rah kind of guy. i'm gonna be vocal inside the communicate to my guys on the sideline and stuff like that, but i'll always go out there and just make plays and let the play speak for itself." >>cook so now just having a full season under my belt, getting after it. coming out before in pregame when i was inactive and throwing with other receivers and building
5:49 pm
the timing. the route concepts i think i'm just control." >>jdr "we're looking forward to playing as a team and i think what happens is that position gets so much attention and understandably, but for us it's just about letting one young man do his job and the rest of us worry about ours " >> reporter: grant and vicki? >>vicki: thanks, mark! >> brittney: our temperatures will cool down starting tomorrow in the '50s. and as we get into the weekend this is a wild boar of storms. --whopper of
5:50 pm
storms >> grant: a whopper >> brittney: you will start to notice that as we push into thursday and friday. we will starts to see more clearing. friday and-dash by the weekend it will be a different story. and we will have more about that. >> brittney: overnight, tonight concentrated near the south bay zones and tomorrow morning will go to end mostly clearly skies. it will be cooler so keep your jackets out. as we get closer to the afternoon hours, but will be the best time to go when the snow starts to fall down in the
5:51 pm
sierra mountains. >> brittney: the weekend will be more of a rain-snow mixed. >> brittney: it is a different type of system that will move through. and temperatures will be warmer. >> brittney: you will notice that there will be more snow moving again. --moving in >> brittney: how much more rain showers for the next big systems starting friday, saturday and sunday? 3 and 1/2 inches nearer plaza 10. so this is a lot of grain right now. -- neaear pleasanton >> brittney: 51 degrees
5:52 pm
tomorrow and is your hi. the 74 test shows a break between thursday and friday but more rain showers for the weekend and possibly into next week as well. >>vicki: thank you, brittney. >>vicki: >>vicki: a recall for a cat brand of pet food is listed for more details you can visit us at >> grant:coming up next, megyn kelly opening up about
5:53 pm
her depature from fox news. to n-b-c. tonight, we go inside the possible reasons for her big move and what this means for her career.
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>> reporter:and tonight as kelly opens up for the first time about her decision, we ask just how risky is this move?
5:56 pm
>> i just kept trying to find a way out of the shirt tank and ultimately i did. -- out of the shark tank >>megyn we cannot wait for you to join us. >> the cable network most successful tv host will host for final show on friday before she dropped to daytime tv. >> we know that fox tv was offering her of north of 20 million tuesday. >> our media insider says the lucrative deal will allow her to spend more time
5:57 pm
with her three young children about the risk is huge. >> is directly de time has been a graveyard to some major talents. launching their own shows in the daytime to begin making turn into access to see that the ratings are not there. >> reporter: back to you! >>vicki: that wraps up from 4 news at 5. >> grant:steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six ~ >> pam: what you need to know at 6:00 this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>steve:round one leaves its mark all over the bay area. trees are down in san francisco. in the north bay there is flooding along roadways causing problems for the drivers. & >>steve:and if you head into the santa cruz mountains it is a mess. landslides are blocking roadways. and there could be more on the way. >>steve:good evening i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. >> pam: one place that is drying out after taking a direct hit in into the bay area. >>steve:we begin our coverage with kron four's rob fladeboe who tells us one small mountain community is keeping a close eye on the rising san lorenzo river.
6:00 pm
>>karen burman/lives not to river it got close. but not as close as the last time, actually. >> reporter:karen burman tells me how she usually enjoys the sound of rain on the roof of her home here on the banks of the san lorenzo river but says she didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. >>sot karen burman when i saw flashlights are why some people or i'll try to take a look outside. what was going on. >> reporter:burman pointed out how the river is still well below the bottom of the historic upstream but if it gets to that red reflector on a tree just across from her home, she'll be listening for the alert siren to sound. >>sot karen burman when gives you a 15 minute or half an hour warning period. >> reporter:there was some minor flooding here along river riverfront homes are built up high should the river jump it's banks and some resident of felton grover have a bag packed just in case.
6:01 pm
>> karen burman but, if more, at this level. tonight for more on friday, they say. at one of those points will leave so we will see. >> reporter: they are hoping for a sound that they do not hear. - >> pam:things are looking up as far as the water supply goes inthe loch lomond reservoir is filled and has so much water. it is now spilling over. pictures and says, the reservoir holds 2- point- 8 billion gallons of water. which is a years worth of drinking water. it is the only reservoir in santa cruz. >> pam:to the north bay. where a leaning tree in san
6:02 pm
anselmo is being cut down today. after stormy winds may have caused some of the branches to hit a power line, knocking out the electricity. >>steve:kron four's philippe djegal the tree has been leaning for quite some time. return >> reporter: redwood street in the san anselmo hills for more than 50 years. >> reporter:and, for as long as she can remember, she says this bay tree has slumped over the road like this. >>sot- "its always leaned -- it just leans." >> reporter:but on tuesday night a neighbor noticed the tree leaning a bit more than usual, eventually touching the power lines above the street, causing a spark. >>sot- "i wouldn't call it scary -- more irritating, um, you know, but what can you do?" >> reporter:about a dozen customers in the area have been without power since early tuesday evening, after pg&e shut the electricity off to avoid further problems. >> reporter:neighbors say its not uncommon for trees to lean or even fall in these hills after rainfall. >> reporter:the soil softens, and strong winds factor in as well.
6:03 pm
>>sot- "you just kind of hope you're not walking under one when it happens, but it happens." >> reporter:crews are using a 100 ton link-belt crane to rig up to the tree and then begin to take it down from the top. >>sot- "usually when you hike up in the hills after a big rain, you see trees down that weren't the week before." >> reporter:this is a private road and the tree in question is on barbara geisler's property, and initially she was told by the city that she'd have to pay for the repairs. >> reporter:but was later assured the tree upkeep is pg&e's responsibility, and that company will foot the bill. >> reporter:power isn't expected to return until sometime in the evening. but geisler says she can make due. >>sot- "you know, we have a fireplace, and we have a gas stove and we have, you coal oil lanterns and se we, candles." >> reporter:in san anselmo, philippe djegal, kron four news.
6:04 pm
>> brittney: as we go into thursday and friday we will start to dry things out but it will be short lived. friday, we will warm up back up. we are tracking weekend rain with a stronger storm that will bring more rainfall to our region. on friday, saturday sunday and monday. >> brittney: our hired olivaceous will pick up a lot of snow. " warmer temperatures moving in on saturday for lake tahoe. -- our higher elevations will pick up a lot of snow. >> brittney: parts--i will show you a bigger picture and i am tracking this new storm. and basically what
6:05 pm
that means is that we will seek a lot of moisture moving in from the tropics. and that is why, we have a lot of moisture in place with warmer temperatures over the weekend and we will see a lot of rainshowers. from 2 to 5 in.. & >> pam: thanks, brittney! >> pam:we have more weather coverage coming up in less than ten- minutes: we will head to the north bay. where the c-h-p has a warning tonight for drivers. >> pam:and in san francisco. see the big cleanup underway at a popular park. >> pam:at 6:30. if you have a trip to yosemite in your plans. find out about the weather warning tonight coming from park officials. return to >> pam:a reminder: you can stay on the top of the weather anytime. just by downloading the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam:it has the latest radar. the forecast for where you live, or to wherever you may be traveling. and any traffic alerts.
6:06 pm
>> pam:it is avalable for free for apple and android devices. >>anne kirkpatrick "i don't opportunity. okay. it's all about going forward. it's about going from good to great, and that's a different mindset, going from good to being the best. being the number one." >>steve:after a 6 month search, the city of oakland has selected a new police chief. her name is anne kirkpatrick. she comes to the o-p-d after being in chare of making reforms at the chicago police department. >> pam:kron 4's dan kerman is live at oakland city hall tonight. where kirkpatrick was introduced earlier today
6:07 pm
>> reporter: city of oakland is starting with 2017 with a new police chief. >> this is a opportunity. (cheers & applause)- >> reporter: with time spent as a chief of the spill came police department and recently serving six months implementing reforms for the chicago police department. ---spent as a chief of the spokane : department. >> reporter: she is determined to change the culture of of the all pd. -- opd >> without losing the fundamental basis. --basics
6:08 pm
>> oakland is getting a leader. >> reporter: is an outsider. but is used to that. and gained the trust of her officers. >> i will support them. and i will be their no. 1 champion. and those are words right now. and, until i prove it by my actions. and i know that i have to prove it. >> reporter: >> technical difficulties.
6:09 pm
>> pam:if oakland's new police chief is going to be successful in building a better relationship between police and the community. the youth will have to be involved. >> pam:that is according to one young woman who works with oakland's youth everyday. she shared her thoughts about the new chief. with kron4's haaziq madyun return >>"please know that our voices are being heard and we're not playing" >>"that's right and miss whitaker we got a po-lice application for you somewhere" >> reporter:chief anne
6:10 pm
kirkpatrick oakland's top cop is no laughing matter for the youth program director of the bay area urban debate league mya whitaker >>"young people are definitely looking for more accountability with the police chief and break a that interact with us" >> reporter: oaklanders are afraid of oakland police >>"as a program director that works with youth and middle schoolers constantly the bigger fear is what will the police do to me" >> reporter:that is a real concern, that must be addressed by the new chief says oakland city councilmember dan kalb >>"it's going to be her task reduce serious and violent crimes in our city and to will build trust and create a better relationship with >> a better relationship with the community. >>"she is very aware and open to the fact that she is going to have to break open to it but we are definitely going to be >> reporter: holding her accountable. >> reporter:in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news return to index of
6:11 pm
>> pam:there are 'other' bay area new police chief. catherine heenan is here with more. including the 'latest' job vacancy. return >> catherine:the latest opening for a bay area police chief -- is in palo alto. after nearly 35 years with the city - police chief dennis burns has just retired. he first joined the
6:12 pm
1982.officially becoming the chief in 2009. the search for a permanent replacement could take months. >> technical difficulties
6:13 pm
♪ life. you never really know what's coming.
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life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going, sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else. and that's why covered california is here. to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> pam: the morning is going out tonight for people planning to head to yosemite. >> pam:plus, it is a busy day for people all over the bay areaa look at the big cleanup effort at a popular park. >> pam:it was tough getting around today in some area's of the north bay... the recent storm slammed the area...creating flooding and several road closures. three cars were pulled from one was hurt. >> pam:officials advise that if you are driving down the road and you see a puddle... do not drive through it. they say in many can be. another big storm is just
6:16 pm
around the corner. c-h-p has some more on how to stay cautious and safe. return to index of >>steve:high winds. plus already saturated soil brought down trees in san francisco's golden gate park overnight. kron4's maureen kelly talked to the city's rec and park department about what they are doing to prepare for our next big round of rain this weekend. >>nats cracking. >> reporter:that's a nearly 50 f00t monterey cypress that had to be chopped down.after being damaged by another falling tree overnight. the playground at mother's meadow was closed off by caution tape just in equiptmentwas brought in to clear the cut up logs and branches. >> reporter:it was mild inconvience for toddlers sports class that had to move further up the hill. >> reporter:our urban forest might be thinned even more with the heavy rains expected to come our way.and the city is prepping for that possibility. >> systems like this we do put--when we do have
6:17 pm
forecast systems like this we do put a a tree crew and a heavy equiptment crew on standby so if we do have a situation like this we can respond quickly. >> reporter:but rec and park's operations manager says they are managing these trees year round to prepare them for wind and rain. >>looking at the root system looking at the sail area, looking at the range of canopy that the wind would blow against and we do thin those out so the wind will blow thru and not try to push the trees over. >> reporter:but there are a lot of trees to watch out for.especially in golden gate park.which alone has roughly 70-thousand trees. >>it's a lot of trees.they are living organisms.they are remarkably resilent.they do weather. - >> reporter: that is good since we are expecting a very wet weekend ahead. maureen kelly kron4 news >>steve:citing a pressing need to deal with california's drought. the white house is trying to fast track governor jerry
6:18 pm
brown's delta tunnel project. >>steve:the twin tunnels would route some of northern california's water to the central and southern part of the state. an executive order issued today is directing federal out a preliminary two weeks. this would speed up the federal permitting process for the nearly 16-billion dollar project. return to >> brittney: we still have rainshowers right now. pretty steady. no. they zones are starting to thin out a little bit. we was starkly-test we will start to see someone of down for the morning commute. the light steady rain showers should move off to the east. we should see more of sunshine as we go into the afternoon.
6:19 pm
>> brittney: snowshoe start tapering off in the late afternoon. but as we go into saturday and sunday we will see the return of a brain- snow mixed. --rain-snow mix. >> brittney: after our break from the rain showers on thursday and friday we are watching another round of rainfall. for all day saturday and sunday. including the monday morning commute. we will see 2-5 in. of snowfall. taking us through a little bit tonight in adding up more of the weekend. >> brittney: severance cisco and daly city with close to
6:20 pm
3 in. of rain showers. and 3 1/2 inches in santa rosa. crystal hills will seacoast to 5 in. of rainfall. --will see close to >> brittney: i am tracking the other's system and will have the details in a few minutes. >> pam: thank you, brittney. >> pam:for the second time in a matter of weeks. a child has wound up. dangling from a ski lift at a utah ski resort. >>steve:and it is not just any resort. it is the same one where it happened right before christmas. grant lodes is here with the video. the pictures are pretty incredible grant. >> grant:you can see the
6:21 pm
video behind me. this is at sundance resort and you can see the boy hanging in the air. other skiiers watched helpless as crews sprang into action to rescue him. >>nats: "hang in there bud." >> grant:the boy was hanging by a single strap of his back pack that got caught on the lift. you can see the boy drop his poles and kick off his skis which experts say is a very smart move. >> grant:the less weight he had on him the better. and he would not get impaled if he fell. eventually the ski patrol got to him with a ladder and he made it to the ground. safe and sound. >> grant:this brings back memories of this incident at sundance from december 21st. the story line basically the same. >> grant:a young boy got caught by his backpack strap
6:22 pm
on a ski lift and dangled above the ground while waiting for help. the boy was screaming for help and other skiers did what they could to keep him calm. >> grant:the ski patrol once again use a ladder to get him down. in both incidents, the boys made it out fine. >> grant:resort officials say they warn guests not to wear backpacks on the chair lift. >> pam: thanks, grant! >> pam:happening tonight. >> pam:the pacifica city council is holding a special meeting to approve a contract. to demolsih an apartment building government officials say, because of cliff erosion the building is in danger of falling into the ocean. the apartments in question are at three-10 esplanade avenue. near manor beach if the contract to tear down the apartments is approved
6:23 pm
this evening. the demolition is likely to begin next >> pam:the city has already knocked on esplanade avenue for the same reason. return to index >>steve:it could the first big fight when donald trump takes office. the effort to repeal obamacare heats up on capitol hill. the battle lines that are being drawn already. >>steve:and could it be a sign of what is to come. >> pam:the significance of attorney general eric holder and the role he could play. and the role he could play. and the role he could play. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late
6:24 pm
hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
6:25 pm
>>steve:california has made an interesting move.suggesting it's braced for some legal battles with the trump
6:26 pm
administration. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with details on who has just been hired by democratic leaders. >> catherine:democratic leaders of the state legislature have hired former u.s. attorney general eric an 'outside counsel.' the idea --- he'll help legislators resist any attempts to roll back progress on issues >> pam: >> catherine:like climate change, health care and immigration. holder is a former obama administration attorney general. >> catherine:the move to get him on board here - adds to the state's reputation as the center of liberal opposition to the new trump white house. >> catherine:an example of a likely battle ahead -- california's democratic leaders say they'll fight to maintain "sanctuary cities." despite cases of undocumented aliens being wanted for various crimes. >> catherine:during his campaign - trump promised to eliminate sanctuary cities. he hasn't commented yet on holder's new job. ppam and stevo
6:27 pm
>>steve:is a trip to yosemite in your plans for this week? the weather warning tonight from the park that may you have you thinking twice. >> pam:health insurance for 30 million americans is on the line. the fight that is already shaping up over obamacare. >>steve:which state is the most popular to move to. here is your first clue. california isn't even in the top destination. return to
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: here @ oakland at the mere administrative has introduced a new police chief. with time spent of the recent chicago police department. implementing reform. i am so excited to be here in the city of oakland and to be the chief of police. a leaning bay tree that is here in oakland, leaders are all excited about the new position of being filled for the police chief. powerlines, causing an i
6:31 pm
think she is prepared. i think you need a fresh set of eyes from time to time. fix -- haha." >> reporter: here in the santa cruz mountains is cold outside and the crews are working long hours. pg and eat are also on the job working on power lines. -- pge >> reporter: the reservoir is flannel and spilling over so they are keeping watch over the different rivers as well. >> reporter: here and san mateo crews are working to
6:32 pm
remove trees that have fallen. prepares have started in the morning into the late evening. the tree has been here for years. and has been a best-and never been a problem. but they noticed the tree touching a power line and sparks started. power is expected to be restored by the end of the day. >> reporter: the relict list of rain they came overnight. --the relentless rain >> reporter: 3 cars worse but because of flooded situations. --were stuck
6:33 pm
>> reporter: here in sonoma county,terisa estacio- kron4news >> reporter: a large tree came crashing down. falling upon other trees. the playground at mother's metal remained closed off as a safety precaution. they will have a crew out here on standby this weekend. so, in any other trees that may come down during the storm could be handled quickly.
6:34 pm
>>steve:we are not the only ones weather right. yosemite national park says it is expecting flooding. >>steve:yosemite of course is a year round destination and officials say it is possible the park may have to close within the next couple of days. they are expecting some significant rain and the merced river could flood in the valley. >>steve:thus. people who are planning to visit yosemite this weekend are being told to have a backup set of plans. the last major flood in yosemite was 1997. return to >> brittney: i would tell you to start making plans inside the house. it is not going to be the type of weekend weather wise to run around and run errands. >> brittney: we have an
6:35 pm
atmosphere river that is headed our way. it is a big river of moisture and the higher elevations of moisture you cannot see it on the saw like radar. there are a few clouds associated with that river of moisture. --you can not see it on the radar >> brittney: few will see more sunshine by thursday. --we will see >> brittney:guys? >>steve: thank you, brittney.
6:36 pm
>>steve:tonight it's a war of words between the obama administration and the incoming trump team over healthcare. both democrats and republicans are bracing for major changes to the affordable care act - the question tonight - which side is likely to walk away happy? >> pam:we have team coverage tonight on capitol hill. we start with mark meredith. law all or, on >> reporter:tonight president obama is counting on a house call to capitol hill to help save the affordable care act. but with democrats in the minority in both the house and the senate - some suspect today's efforts won't do much to stop major changes to the law most know as "obamacare". >> reporter:with 16 days left in office eager to show he still has some pull with
6:37 pm
congress. >>"the president's message was one of confidence -- confidence in the affordable care act, and what it means confidence in its implementation." >> reporter:democrats are hoping - by showing a united front - voters will demand congress do more to keep the affordable care act alive. >> reporter:it's rare for a president - especially one who's a lame duck - to travel to capitol hill - but democrats argue sit back and wait until january 20th. >> reporter:i'm chance seales across the capitol . where vice-president-elect mike pence. met with republicans, behind closed doors. >> reporter:afterward, he said "repeal and replace" would be done through congressional and executive action. >> reporter:"we're going to keep our promises to the pamerican people and we're going to repeal obamacare and replace it with solutions that lower the costs of health insurance without growing the size of government." >> reporter:but the problem is -- a out yet . and millions of coverage hangs in the balance. >> don't want people to be caught with nothing; we want to make sure that there's an orderly transition so that the rug is not pulled out from under the families who are currently struggling under obamacare, while we bring relief." >> reporter:a repeal is already underway in the senate which could take months or weeks. >> reporter:however, a
6:38 pm
replacement could take between two and three years to get in place, we're told. >> reporter:for mark meredith and myself at the u.s. capitol, i'm national correspondent chance seales. return manolo!
6:39 pm
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you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom.
6:41 pm
>>steve: to list of the most moles to--most moved to. >>steve: to. and most moved from states in 2016 is out. and california did not crack the top ten on either of them the list was put together by the moving company. united van lines. >>steve:the state people leave the most. new jersey.
6:42 pm
it is the fifth straight year the garden state has taken the top spot. illinois is second and new york third. >>steve:where are people headed to? south dakota is the most popular destination. followed by vermont and oregon.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: car is so valuable. when you have a history. , spoke for the first time in
6:46 pm
in f l history. the first time of the young man's career in a playoff game is pretty tough. if you are a raiders fan you climb to root extra hard because they are going to need you. this has never happened before in regards to a rookie quarterback. >> gary:in sports. former 49ers his relationship with former general manager trent baalke. while the niners interview their first head coaching candidate. and connor cook prepares for his first n-f-l start. in saturday's wild card game reaction from cook and head coach jack del rio. and all >> gary:the raiders down to their 3rd string quarterback are still a 3 ½-point
6:47 pm
underdog in houston saturday jack del rio in the raincoat hoodie and dark glasses >> gary:khalil mack warming his arm up and sebastian janikowski the kicker wearing the red quarterack jersey seems like everyone is in the mix at qb but it's connor cook who will be starting under center in the wild card game >> gary:he will be the first player in nfl history to make his first start at quarterback in a playoff game here are cook and del rio on the rookie's historic debut >> gary:three days after being fired by the 49ers chip kelly is talking about his short tenure in san francisco and his coaching future kelly for talked with both fox sports and about among others things his relationship with also- fired g-m trent baalke which has been portrayed as icy at best and the possibilities of him returning to coach in college where he was extremely successful in making oredgona national power >> gary:first on the subject of the baalke relationship he disputed reports the didn't get along.
6:48 pm
>> >> gary:"i enjoyed my interaction with trent. i thought we had a good working relationship. you saw us on the practice field. we talked a lot and got along. i don't know why people are talking about this." >> gary:and on his possible return to the college ranks >> gary:"i evaluate all jobs individually i wouldn't rule anything out. i've never said i'm only looking at one thing. i never looked at college because all those jobs are filled while nfl season is still going on." >> gary: they are coin to probably give have 15 took $20 million. because, you do not mouthed off when you have that type of money coming. they are paying you
6:49 pm
to be quiet. >> gary:--they are calling to probably give him 15 to $20 million million >> gary: i like to say no. got i am a real man. but, i would shut the heck up. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: i would have to shut up. >>steve: i understand. (laughter) >> gary: gary is under a lot of pressure and when this and that. i tell you when you are driving and
6:50 pm
eldorado, and you are broke. you know what i mean. best pressure. you cannot use the air conditioners. when driving on the east. -- driving on e >>steve: you will have a cute girl give you a push. >> gary: no cute girl is going to give you a push in a hundred and five degree heat. (laughter) >> gary: steve will show up. he has a little theater in him. >>steve: i am learning. >> gary:dan haggerty drives
6:51 pm
up. and says its grant on vacation. >> gary: he would not wear it on ear. --on air he had a beard >> grant: i do not know. does anyone like to shave? (laughter) >> gary: okay. >> gary:buffalo bills offensive coordinator and current interim head coach anthony lynn is the first to interview for the 49ers head coaching job todsay he interviewed for the same job last season and again for the offfensive coordinator's job with chip kelly >> gary:lynn has said he'd prefer to stay in buffalo as permanent head coach but is still taking other interviews >> gary:the warriors host damian lillard and the ortland trail blazers tonight today after shootaround two-
6:52 pm
time nba mvp steph curry recounted a story from his freshman year in college when his coach teased him about getting beaten badly in a scrimmage by the upperclassmen return to i will be back with more tells from vacation. -- tales
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> pam: another look at the weather before we leave. >> brittney: a few showers will linger tomorrow. friday, saturday and sunday 2 to 5 in. of snow expected. >> pam: we will see you tonight at 8:00 and we hope to see you then.
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. i'll be leaving fox news at the week's end and starting a new adventure, joining the journalists at nbc news. >> number one, megyn closes "the kelly file" for a bold move to daytime. >> what's next? >> trying to figure that out. >> why she's making the change now and is it worth the risk? >> then, hollywood has baby fever. >> i don't think we're fully prepared yet. >> maks and peta welcome their tiny dancer as janet jackson updates us on the newest member of her rhythm nation. >> jimmy fallon with the golden globe what if -- >> if the joke i say bombs i'm going to do -- >> your insider bonus.
7:00 pm
>> do what your mother says and it will make life easier. >> as if. >> inside carrie fisher and debbie reynolds' documentary as we break funeral details. >> then, did jennifer aniston just pick the bachelor winner? >> bachelor nick rates her choices. >> she has a chance at batting 1,000. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out. it is the network shake-up that's about to change the landscape of daytime tv. megyn kelly is jumping ship from fox news to nbc. >> this is the number one story everybody's talking about. tonight, kelly opens up for the first time about her decision. >> but just how risky is the move? >> i've spent the entire year feeling like a human being who was dropped into the shark tank and the horrified passersby would be looking in there, like, oh, my god. it's terrible. i kept trying to find a way out of the shark tank and ultimately i did. >> after


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