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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 5, 2017 12:45am-1:16am PST

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♪ ♪ is heather locklear back in rehab? tonight the actress goes on the record. >> like never. >> after past drug abuse, alcohol problems and dui arrest, what she's saying about her latest struggles. >> then -- ♪ ♪ >> mariah's live performance debacle turns into an all-out war. only we are taking to mimi's manager tonight. >> why did authorities lock down carrie fisher's autopsy report, as we see her last role with mom debbie reynolds. >> mm mommy i'm home. >> jimmy fallon reveals big surprises before the show. >> it's so good. >> we find where blackish star anthony anderson gets his chops.
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>> mom, doer pips. >> where have you been hide pg. >> i'm natural. >> and you have to have a script. >> i'm real. >> now for january 4, 2017, this is entertainment tonight. >> heather locklear is looking for a new start in the new year. amid reports she entered rehab. >> heather's latest show returns to tv but the focus of the former mel rose star is her struggle with drug answers alcohol. has heather checked into her fifth stint into rehab? she suffered a break down over the holidays. but is it true? "e.t." reached out and heather tells "e.t." quote i'm feeling great and taking steps to enrich and better my life. currently working on tying up loose ends regarding certain issues so i can hit 2017 full steam ahead. when we followed up, asking if she did enter a rehab facility, or seeking outpatient treatment, we didn't get a response. ironically this news break seas
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heather's drama "too close to home" airs to night. >> i'm sorry, did i wake you? >> haej hears recurring role as the first lady who is married to the president. >> i'm an dream. i'm real. >> writing is one of the best things i've ever gotten to do. >> the star who battled substance abuse issues in the past first rose to fame in 1981 playing vixen sammy jones on dynasty. >> it means that you are together. >> that ought to be a joke and you know it. >> also playing bad girl amman ka amanda on mel rose place. she has been arrested for driving into the influence. pleading no cootest to reckless driving and the dui charge was dropped. in 2012 was rushed to the hospital after reportedly mixing alcohol and prescription medication. >> medically i am glad to report
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that heather is stable. she's resting comfortably. being very well cared for. and doing quite well. >> today lock lear seems committed to leading a healthy life. last time "e.t." spoke to heather was at the premier of scary movie 5. up beat and happy, with her daughter, ava. >> your daughter is a budding actress. are you proud of her? >> very proud. >> by wait this news about healther won't affect the shooting of "too close to home." they already wrapped for the -pseason. new details on the burial of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. the two women who were inseparable in life will remain together forever. >> mommy, mommy, i'm home. >> one week after carrie fisher's passing, why did authority lock down the star's autopsy report? >> "e.t." learned officials put a security hold on the 60-year-old's autopsy. a hold is often used in high profile cases.
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whitney hooston and michael jackson both had delayed autopsy results. there were other details potentially on the cause of death. carrie's body has been cremmted and some ashes will be buried with debbie reynolds on friday when the legend wwll be laid to rest in los angeles. >> age is horrible for all of us. >> but she falles from a greater heiiht. >> so far no date is set for public memorials for actresses but the family has invited meryl streep to work with carrie in post cards from the edge. other stars expected to pay their respects include fisher's ex-husband, paul simon and tom hanks. >> mother and i live next door to each other. >> all this as the new documentary "bright lights" premieres this weekend. a project hbo rushed to get to air following their deaths. >> i do everything with my
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daughter. >> that's right. >> especially the check. >> sassy exchanges and intimate chats of a mother/daughter team for the ages. >> for the show. >> i forgot i had it. >> that's what's good about losing your memory is there are so many surprises. ? thz is interesting. a new report that disney could receive $50 million because of an insurance policy the company took out in case carrie was unable to complete the three star wars movies she signed up for. she finished two of the three. now to brangelina's custody battle. here is the big question, is it to protect et kids or parents in angelina now agrees with brad, let's keep things private. but in just filed papers jolie is quick to make a big reportedly that pitt only wants things sealed because he is quote terrified the public will learn the truth and she point to that incident with brad and their kids on the private jet. you will remember, pitt was investigated by both fbi and child family services of that
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september incident. both agencies cleared brad of any wrongdoing. >> jolie filing to keep things private comes after brad requested their case be sealed last month in his filing brad accused angie of exposing the children by quote making public the names of their therapists and other mental health professionals. >> will they be together for the holidays? >> i don't believe so. >> sources tell "e.t." brad did see his kids over christmas weekend. angelina took them to spent new year's in colorado. they left by private jet yesterday. >> "e.t." learned that as of now, brad does not plan to attend the golden globes this sunday even though his company is behind the nominated movie "moonlight." the same team put on new year's rockin eve and everyone want to know what happened during mariah's live performance debacle. so we asked producers for their side of the story.
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>> we have no comment. i think statements have been made. >> the dick clark production team may not be talking about mariah is breaking her silence and still making news. >> the drama keeps on going. >> to answer your question, this is not the last we have seen of mariah on live tv. >> issuing a statement envoccing the memory of the late dick clark. she says quote, dick clark would not have let an artist go through that and would he have been as mortified as i was in realtime. >> incredible stateeent with a slight towards ryan seacrest. seeing that as an parent dis, our news desk reached out to sea crest but have not heard back yet. >> i'm trying toobe a good sport here. >> the always colorful sarah is asking for an apology. lingering issue is how much or
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how little mimi rehearsed before going live in front of millions. kari care carey's team claiming the ear pieces were not working clearly and she could barely hear. the tech team assured themmevery would work when she hit the stage. >> that was amazing. >> back to golden globes. this morning they pulled out the red carpet that is easily a little boring to watch. but that is host jimmy nal kwon fall /* fallon on handdand he reportedly took over the ceremony.fallon on hand and he reportedly took over the ceremony. >> 1, 2, 3. yay! >> the ceremony only took eight seccnds but jiksy mammy made th of it. he did three takes and practiced his red carpet walk.
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>> real carpet? >> real carpet. >> the press loved it and he obviously loves the press. >> i have to make love with the camera. you must make love to the camera. and that's what i do. >> welcome you bunch of depickable spoiled minimally talented brats. >> previous hosts made mince meat of stars in the audience. >> you disgusting pill-popping sexual deviant scum. >> which celebrities should be worried? >> no one has to be worried with me. no one. we have a fun surprised pretaped opening that is cameo after cameo after cameo. so good. i won't say anyone's name, ryan reynolds. oh, i just want you to see it. i'm excited. i want you to see it. i appreciate it. thanks for coming oot. >> fallon, ryan reynolds, come on. doesn't get much bbtter. althey they added leonardo
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dicaprio, justin timberlake, krist kristin wiig. >> i hope i don't trip walking down the stage. >> then baby muse. what maks and peta named their son. >> spoiler alert, i'm sorry. >> closed captioning provided by -- we live in a pick and choose world. choose.
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the princess bride stars in lost and found. the story of no two boys in search o
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♪ ♪ that is justin timberlake draining half-court shot before the lakers game last night. just to prove it wasn't a fluke, he did it again. hit another one. skill in that for sure. but i will still say here, he is
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one lucky guy. check out his wife, jessica biel, doing a little sexy dance for her man during the kbagame. >> he is living the life. >> peta and maks, their new mbay kicks off tonight's show and tell. >> a mini version of a mini-me. i hope he got all peta. >> the couple welcomed baby boy this morning. proud papa maks tweeted out the news. the pair called his arrival, without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to us. also welcoming baby boy, janet jackson and her husband. the 50-year-old welcomed son eissa yesterday. her sister, la toya, quick to tweet out her congratulations. next, knocked down. jim parsons told us he doesn't want his big bang character to have a baby but would pop the
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question to onscreen love, amy. there may be trouble if paradise for some of the couples. >> we all come back from the holidays. i don't think anyone's went well. if it did, it wouldn't be funny, would it? >> presenting pharrell williams with an impact in producing award for their film hidden figures. >> waitinggfor some nice poetry to come out. and the only thing happening is my heart beat 90 billion miles per hour. >> finally, margot robbie hits the ice. here is a first look at her role as tanya harding in the upcoming biopic, i'm harding. she is a ffrmer hockey player so she looks at home on the ice. >> the finest hockey player i've ever seen. >> she is producing the movie with her new husband, tom akerman. >> sitting down with sly's daughters before their moment in phe golden globe spot lights.
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>> it is surreal. >> plus, blackish star, anthony anderson, faces off with his mom on "e.t.." how she got him to start acting. >> everyone says i'm funnier than he is. he is just jealous. >> momma, take a look at the tape. >>
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. oh, this is dirty. like german exchange student
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arrives if tokyo orders pizza. >> that is a peek of tonight's episode of blackish..o cf1 o abc could clean up at golden globes this sunday. the show is nominated and so are the tars. >> they are my favorites, i have to admit. >> you know what the interesting thing is, anthony may not be the funniest person in his own real life family. ladies and gentlemen, i give you, momma doris. >> happy new year. >> when the damn camera going to roll? >> oh. >> it wasn't too long before you found out, if you want the truth, go to momma doris. >> the party was at my house year.ear. >> where was my invite? >> hell, i don't know. >> sure keeps it real on "to tell the truth." >> why in the hell do you go to the forest to draw? >> a commentary to her son, the host. >> momma, do you think you can tell when people are actually
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lying or i'm lying? >> you're about to tell a lie & now. why would you all decide? let's work together. not only mother and son. work together. >> i have. i've been forced to work with this woman. >> everybody say i'm funnier. he just get jealous and mad. >> momma, look at the tape. i say i love you. >> okay. all right. >> that's a lie. >> tell me this, have you been recognized yet? >> oh, girl -- >> in vegas. five girls ran up to me. what the hell? then one of the girls say momma doris. everybody clapping for your ass, no more. >> has anthony always been funny? >> yes, since he was 18 months old. >> 18 months? >> yeah. >> what did he do that was so funny at 18 months? >> went to sleep standing up in the middle of his play, his christmas play, i got pictures. >> anthony got the acting bug while watching momma doris on stage. >> rehearsing raisin in the sun.
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i said, that's what i'm doing with the rest of my life. >> tell him why. >> applause i got. >> where have you been hiding this woman? she's a star. >> you know why? i'm natural. anthony need a script. come up, come out. hey. i'm real. >> and that was miss doris sitting next to amy shum eater the emmys. >> want anything more? >> juice box. >> that night anthony didn't win. >> i dropped to tears during commercial break. i don't know where that was from. i had to gather myself. >> where is it from, miss doris? >> he lost. >> he got another chance at this sunday's golden globes but miss doris will not be his date. >> i took you to the emmy's momma. you can't go everywhere with me. >> amy schumer will be there. she loves me. >> call amy if she loves you. amy, hook my momma up with golden globes ticket. p'm tapped out. i'm sorry. >> i never laughed so hard in my
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life than when ways with those two. really good news for anthony and his wife. late yesterday she filed to dismiss their petition for divorce. good luck to you guys. >> earlier, jimmy fallon will be hosting. three ladies will be joining jimmy on stage. the gorgeous daughters of sylvester stallone who is are reaay to step into the spotlight themselvee. >> tell me the moment you knew you would be miss golden globes. your dad agreed for you. >> my dad said, you are doing golden globes. we were freaking out. >> running around, dancing. >> honor of handing out awards and walking people off stage is usually family of honoreees. >> sophia, and scarlett have been out of the spotlight for
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most are their lives. >> you know what, you're -- >> i don't like it. out of nowhere, it is a reality show. everything you see is currently what is going on in our lives. >> so far justine is the only one to follow in the foot steps of her parent. she is a model. sophia is h in college and & scarlett has her dad's athleticism. >> are nerves kicking in? >> a little bit. i hope i don't trip. >> how high are your heels? >> comfortable enough that we shouldn't have to fall but knowing us, we will fall. >> remember that with jennifer lawrence? we laughed with her and loved her more of that. with sly's first starring role in rocky, you know the road to fame isn't always that easy. queen latifah has a new role tonight in fox all about the struggle to make it. >> the reason i'm back in
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television is because of my belief in his visson. >> the empire creator's new vision once again follows the cut throat music biz. this time a group on their bumpy road to fame. queen latifah takes the girls under her wing her goes head-to-head with their manager played by benjamin bratt. >> that's the aspect of this part that drew me to it. you don't know if he is a good guy or bad guy. >> the casting process was intense. jude went through 11 auditions. she has singing, dancing and role. >> just being a kid and that just what we did. >> are ou ready for people to really know your name? >> i don't think it's hit any of us yet. it is like surreal at this moment. >> while there are sure to be comparisons to empire, lee says "star" will stand on its own.
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we will tell the truth. that's what people relate to is the flaws in the characters. >> oh, you know it's going to be good. >> absolutely. and it gets better. casting did. rocker lenny kravitz and super model naomi a little bit of everything.
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>>, destination torrent tanme forrant for entertainment news. >> closed captioning provided by -- pave . we are going to be with how to get away with murder star viola davis as she receives her star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> the biggest time of her life& and he tells us all about it. >> i'm saying i'm enjoying it at this stage of my life. >> we are with viola davis. revealing how she is getting red
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carpet ready for hollywood's biggest party. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. i'll be leaving fox news at the week's end and starting a new adventure, joining the journalists at nbc news. >> number one, megyn closes "the kelly file" for a bold move to daytime. >> what's next? >> trying to figure that out. >> why she's making the change now and is it worth the risk? >> then, hollywood has baby fever. >> i don't think we're fully prepared yet. >> maks and peta welcome their tiny dancer as janet jackson updates us on the newest member of her rhythm nation. >> jimmy fallon with the golden globe what if -- >> if the joke i say bombs i'm going to do


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