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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: 3 people have been shot. the shooter is still on the list. -- on the loose. >> reporter: as 745 pm 3 man was shot here on story road they east each shot once. to have died. the family was murdered very visibly upset waiting to hear of the victim's name because one of their relatives were not home and someone had told them that he was inside.
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>> i was inside restocking. and i heard someone says someone was shooting outside. and holding his baby. the girl, just kept saying do not play with me. do not play with me. and she received a phone call and ran outside and started screaming. >> reporter: the identity of the victims have not been released and they are still looking for the suspects. reporting live in san jose. >> grant: another of exploiting we are tracking tonight is an 22 year old--a 22 month old baby girl that was shot in oakland tonight. the baby is still at the hospital and she was with her mother went shots were fired on 66 ave. when
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gunfire hong front--when gunfire rang out. we will keep you posted. pam and steve? >> steve: it has been four months since a san hall says a san ramon boy was killed in a crash but a woman are restive for suspicion of a deal i. --it has been four months since a san ramon boy was killed. >> pam: it was her second the you ought arrest within months of each other and the
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investigation continues. >> pam: police he rejoins us with more. >> reporter: this take test-his investigation is taking some time to be complete. i sat down with a mother against drunk driving. she tells me this isn't that unusual. >> i do not think she is slipping through the cracks. there is a flaw in our system. >> reporter: she was arrested twice last year for a de you find. the second time for round 4 years old was killed in san ramon. this is helicopter footage from our partnership with abc seven news.
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>> we obviously know she had drinking problems. a huge problem and she's out in danger in my family. i was all on the freeway 10 minutes before that accident happened. it is heartbreaking. there is no need for someone to drive with a deep you find. --dui >> reporter: there is quite a bit of frustration because she was driving on a valid license even after the first dui >> reporter: that happened in june. elijah was killed in september. >> it is very frustrating. it is a flaw in our system it takes someone four to six months to go to trial for this. it is very
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frustrating, but we want the d.a.'s office to get all the evidence they need so this order triggered and the polish mission deserves. >> reporter: in recent months, gov. jerry brown signed a bill into law anyone convicted of this has to install a breathalyzer in their car. the first of this means six months of using an ignition interlock device. >> something has to be done while we have the technology that we have someone is waiting for their court date, that they have it installed. >> reporter: the new law goes into of that in 2019. meanwhile the chp is waiting on the koran as report to conclude their investigation. we spoke with the coroner's office today and were told the report is done and will be signed off by tomorrow or monday. that it will be made available to the dea. reporting live in dublin. >> reporter: the new rules
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proposed on december 9th are restricting docks to be off leash for about 30 percent of the park. -- restricting dogs to be unleash >> reporter: of stars that have public works remove this will tree. due to power live outage. --line outage >> technical difficulties. all of
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>> reporter: road crews are working round-the-clock to read what $2 million worth of damage so far to the mudslides. and flooding. >> steve:
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>> brittney: as we go into tomorrow there will be a freeze of that. tsks--freeze warning. it will be a very
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cold start to the morning regards to 20 degrees to 30 degree temperatures. >> brittney: and the afternoon and will begin to warm up between the 40's and 50's alright a robalo '50s. --right around the low 50s. >> brittney: the storm totals are between four to 5 in. spirit of rainfall. >> brittney: we are concerned with flooding concerns. >> technical difficulties. to put off with p >> brittney:
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>> brittney: you will see a 630 the rain starting to come down. have your pockets was sleeping san on saturday night. --have their pockets will sleeping and derek--- >> >> brittney: -- with the heaviest rain will move and and you have to factor in more light rain showers on monday and tuesday bringing our totals close to 4 in. for san francisco. >> steve: good night
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>> carrie fisher, debbie reynolds 911. first carrie. >> it's a medical emergency for a passenger. >> then debbie. >> is she alert? can you wake her up. >> details on the private services being held at the house today. then two sisters kicked off the plane. they missed their father's dying moment. >> did the flight attendant show any compassion whatsoever. >> the passengers revolt. >> the most inhumane deplorable thing i've seen any human being do. and melania trump little black dress uproar. >> this is the little black dress creating all of the fuss. >> are they really building a brick wall around president obama's new mansion? then


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