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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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get red ready for lots of o ina, high winds. a powerful storm system already hitting. s but the worst part of the storm is going to hit news just a couple of hours. you're taking a live look at storm tracker 4 with a look at how things are right now. good eveningened thanks for joining -- evening and thanks for joinings. we're track the tonight and right now almost the entire bay area is under a flash flood watch. we have team coverage this evening. in the weather center, tracking this storm, and giving us all of the information of what we need to know about this rain. spencer blake is in the north
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bay. and in the east bay with the conditions out there we first start in the weather center. how does it look out there right now? >> things are starting to pick up. we have been watching this storm for the past couple of hours. we saw a little bit of a lull but that's not going to be the case as we go into the rest of tonight. >> people were wondering is this storm really going to be here. but if is on the way. and looking impressive on radar. >> et cetera will get you straight to the radar. we'll show you where the rain is right now. that's a worry we are tracking. 1 hour of heavy rain. it's not going to start until after 2:00 a.m. that's when you'll start to see the heaviest rainfall coming down. a lot of moisture continuing to pouring in. as we push into the rest of the evening. so here's what it looks like. this is where the moderate downpours are. partly in the east bay zone. south bay zone just outside of san jose. that's where we see the yellows. that's more of heavier rainfall coming doing. precipitation about a third of an inch per hour. we do expect that to go up
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closer to an inch per hour and that could cause flash flooding. that's going to be our main concern. plus we start to see our wind speeds picking up. where we start to see the moderate downpour is going to be closer to 10:22 for half- moon bay. 10:45 for oakland. closer look at sierra. there's a 6 hour loop. we have seen a steady amount of rain/snow mix. a little bit of snowfall starting to develop here. in our higher elevations. we have set of problems to tell you about. we'll go over that in just a bit. right now we want to toss it over to lawrence carno with what we can expect for the rest of tonight. >> this a major event now developing in the bay area. rarely do you see these storm systems get this strong. but indeed, we are seeing a lot of rain out there right now. and it is tapped into subtropical moisture. and boy, it looks like that moisture going to continue to pour into the state. overnight. really just beginning to get going. you could see the main front still off of the coastline. it's tapped into a lot of
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subtropical moisture. now approaching the coastline. and you've get the cold air behind it. really, it is going to squeeze out a lot of rain. and look where the jet stream is. really over the bay area and that's going to enhance the rainfall. we'll expect the possibility of some flooding as we head into the nighttime hours and into tomorrow. here's our future radar. as we're expecting that rain to continue to pick up as we head through the night tonight. by 12:30, you're seeing some pockets of moderate, even some heavy rainfall stretching across much of the bay area. again, you'll see that moisture really just pouring. so once the storm gets going, it's not going to stop for about a good 12 hours. that rain focused, 4:00 a.m. a stronger band makes it waits into the north bay. and as we head through the morning hour, looks like that'll be the case and then starting to stretch a little further to the south. but it is a slow moving system and that's why itic mass it so dangerous. it's going to drop a ton of
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rainfall here in the bay a area. subtropical in nature. even a by 12:30 in the afternoon. we're still seeing some heavy rainfall. it won't be until the afternoon when things begin to break up a little bit. but the damage will be done. all of that rain starting to work its way down to the tributaries in the streams and the local rivers. and yeah. it looks like a possibility of some flooding. maybe 6-10 inches of rain across the higher peaks. for much of the bay area. got to watch very closely. those local creeks and rivers. expects some major rises. we'll talk more about the rivers coming up. back to you. thanks. continuing our team coverage on this storm. we go to the north bay where kron4 explains how floods there have done some major damage in past years. you're looking at video showing some of that flooding back in 2005. spencer, anything done today to prevent this from happening again? >> certainly. in fact, they were things that have been done over the years since that last big flood event
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that flood control has been working on. one of this is the giant bypass. the whole, lowered area which is part of the -- we're at the napa river oxpo and this area cuts straight through the bend from one area of the tore. gives the water an extra place to go. and flood control hoping that, among other things will keep from getting too horrible. >> these flood gates were finished in 2015 and they have been closed for the first time sunday morning. napa countied in managers says the get as will not only protect drivers by keeping cars out but can also keep rising water in. but, he say, unlike the huge flood in 200 2005, probably won't rise enough to reach the gaits anyway. but that's not stopping workers at river point napa valley from picking up these wine country cottages and moving them away from the resort by the river. saturday afternoon they took 35 buildings to higher ground. the resort has flooded before, but napa river pet hospital
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across the street, is not taking drastic measures. the water has gotten pretty close in the past. but if napa did their job right, it should work. >> this is the back door from our laundry room and that is our backyard area. >> but look how close they are to the water. >> tomorrow, we'll have somebody coming in the morning and check on the place and then in the afternoon. >> back by the flood get a, the butch shore has least three layers of protection. then -- >> these hold here, all of the way in front of our building. all of the way over to model. but they do -- they put basically metal rods that will hold the wooden boards up. >> and if necessary, they'll stuff sandbags behind the retaining wall too. they're facing their toughest nest more than a decade. >> it seemed pretty confident with the bypass and flood gates you won't be seeing water
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rising all through the streets of downtown like you did over 11 years ago. so we'll have to see what happens tomorrow. he does say though, you might see swampy areas or puddled areas but not that high rise. we'll see how it all plays out. kron4 news. we'll stay dry out there. in the east by a, we are already seeing trees falling into highways. shutting down freezeways, and in one case, a woman was killed after a tree fell on top of her at the khanon lakes golf course. kron4 is live for us in the east bay. with details on what happened. first, what are the conditions like right now in danville? >> reporter: well, we're finally starting to see a consistent downpour out here. as promised. we are starting to see the storm pick up. but it was already earlier today that we saw two trees that were unfortunately up rooted and ended up causing
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problems for people. crews sawed off brawn -- branches one by one for about two hours to clear the freeway saturday. strong wind in the east bay knocked down a tree into southbound lanes on highway 13. neighbors say it's not the first time this has happened in the area are concerned as c, al tran is regularly able to check trees. >> some of these are really old and crooked. they're going to come down at some point. i feel sorry for cal tran. it is a safety issue. >> in a separate incident. another tree fell inside of the canyon lakes golf course. san ramone valley fire district red responders got the call just before 11:00 in the morning. >> typically we would get trees that come down but not where they trap someone or kill someone. this is again, a free accident. >> pinned the woman between 50 and 60 years old. she was taken to a hospital with critical injuries where she later died. >> this wasn't a typical tree that you looked up and say, this is beginning to be bad.
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real -- going to be bad. a relatively small tree. like we tell people, look up, look down, look around. >> this region can expect wind gusts as high as 44 miles per hour this weekend. heavy rain late saturday into sunday morning. >> so keeping these weather conditions in mind, really important to remain and keep your eyes open. keeping us informed and reminded to just look around. look up, look down, look around. and make sure you're not in harm's way and we're going to keep tracking this weather system for you as it worsens. for now, live in danville, kron4 news. big storms could mean big problems for those living aening lot crumbling cliffs. here's exclusive drone video taken today showing what it looks like at complex there. just on the side. you see those cliffs off in the distance. this is an area that is set to
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be demolished. at least the apartment complex there next week. kron 4 talked to the man who's been using the drone to monitor the cliffs. he believes he sees more evidence of erosion. this is a story you'll only see here on kron 4 news. we're looking at some of the footage from the southern portion of this apartment building. and i see there's a lot of moisture up in here. looks a little bit darker. you notice the dark spots. it looks like little drop offs and it looks like a little bit of slippage but not much. >> not an engineer but he's been keeping an eye on this part of the cliffs with his drone. while he does see some evidence eed rod the cliffs even further, he says he's not concerned about the most recent video. >> the cliff looks just as stable as it did three days ago. i don't see any other slippage. so had a might give the city some time before they have to demolish it. >> there was also activity inside 310.
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here's a woker hired by the owner to do prep work before the building is torn down. he's going to inside to get the refrigerators and stoves ready to remove on sunday. the worker didn't want to talk on camera. because he doesn't want the building owner upspent who is apparently having a rough time of it. the tear down of that building could start as early as monday. but that all really depends on the weather. down at pacific peer, there's some people who were only slightly cranky. for the fact at this fishing spot is closed. despite the fact that by saturday afternoon, the waves weren't as rough as they can get. >> they do it often. they don't necessarily do it sensibly. will but preductions are things could get wild and windy when the storm does hit. >> we are going to get wet. that's all right with me. i'm going to be inside. warm and comfortable. >> sound advice for everyone. in the storm's path.
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maureen, kelly, kron4 news. >> with the heavy storms setting in, residents may want to think about protecting their home from water damage using sandbags. there are a number of places around the bay area where you can get sand bags. you can sand bags at yard o on lincoln avenue. on chestnut road also offering sand bags. if you are on the east by a, you can pick up son at the municipal service center in oakland. and in the south bay, check out city central service yard on center roaded in san jose. for the full list of locations offering san bags. go to and stick with kron4 all weekend long. we have everything you need to know about at upcoming storm on air and on we'll have live reports throughout the by a area. tips on how to prepare for the storm and the live radar showing exactly where this storm is. you can get updates sent right to your phone. just download the free, kron4
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mobile app. well, still ahead on kron4 news at 10. the national park advocated. this as enormous storm expect. ed. to sweep through the area. when the park plans to reopen. then, a bay area man fighting for his life tonight after an altercation with san francisco police. what we're learning about the incident and next -- berkl yes, police investigate the first homicide. we are learning the suspect in this case is linked to a stabbing that happened near uc berkeley's campus. more details after the break. we live in a pick and choose world.
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dig story out of berkeley. cities investigating the first homicide of year. and investigators discovered the body after responding to a woman who was stabbed a few miles away. >> i really don't know what happened. >> reporter: a day after berkeley police discovered a body on this property, there's still confusion on the 2400 block of ashby avenue. >> i'm scared to meet with the people and the support they need and -- trying to offer what help i can offer. i'm the landlord. >> and the voice of man you hear claiming to the landlord says the victim was a renter here. police have yet to identify that person or release how the person was killed. the landlord, who spoke on the
10:16 pm
condition of the anonymity, says the people who live in the home are either uc berkeley sunts. or young professionals. 24-year-old pablo gomez jr. and investigators say it's possible he may have recently shaved his head. >> it's just sad. safe neighborhood and i don't know what happened. absolutely don't know what happened. >> investigators say they were lead to the body after responding to a stabbing victim on the north side of uc berkeley. the woman was near the coin court hotel co-op on ridge road. how he is ended up there, just before noon on friday is unclear. but whatever she told police, tipped detectives off to the body about two miles away. and if this all started on as had, byy the victim didn't go to the hospital directly across the street, is a mystery. after speaking to police, she
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was hospitalized and in stable condition. students are alarmed. >> over the past five years of being here, i think there's definitely been an increase in the frequency of these types of events happening. which is really unfortunate. and also very terrifying i think from a safety standpoint. >> early saturday afternoon, gomez was arrested in southern california. placed under arrest by the burbank police department, in connection with the stabbing and homicide. in berkeley, kron 4 news. an update to a big story we're following in san francisco. a suspect is now in life threatening condition after being shot by a police officer. the shooting happened around 4 yesterday morning. an officer's responded to a dispute between residents in the ocean view neighborhood. police say a confrontation lead to officers shooting the suspect after two continues were injured. police union officials say officers were forced to shoot because of the suspect, and the specifically the city's new policy, been as the use of neck
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-- bans the use of neck restraint technique leaving them no other options. >> with the weather system, there's big concerns in yo semitee valley. this weekend. this is what the area looked like earlier today. these were take bin some of the rangers in the area that put them on facebook. you can see the snow melting. the area is know closed and has been evacuated. this is what it looked like back in 1997. the mersa river which goes through the heart of the valley, crested at 23 feet that year. flood stage is 10 feet. rangers are expecting the river to crest at 17 feet early sunday afternoon. with the rain that we're expecting. it didn't appear that the water will be as high as it was in 1997 but it will still be 7 feet above flood stage. of course in the area, spoke about the valley closures
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yesterday. it's a bummer the storm had to come and ruin that opportunity, but it happens. >> please don't be concerned about yosemeite closed. >> roads have been raised and the drain imagine is better man the area than in '97. and we are track the storm. on your left, a look at local storm tracker 4. showing you where the storm is now and on your top right, our meteorologist in the studio tracking this storm. let's first go to chief meteorologist britney ship who she has details on flash flooding concerns. >> it's going to be a big concern for us as we go into the rest of the tonight. especially as heavy rain starts to develop. right after midnight we expect to see up to 1 hours hours of heavy -- 12 hours of heavy rain
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from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. tomorrow. you can see the wet roads. here's what the system is. we're just starting to see some of the rain filling in to parts of bay area. and that's where we're seeing a lot of our heaviest precipitation. but again, you're noticing, if you're closer to san francisco. at will have rain starting to -- lot of rain starting to fill in. but that's going to change as well. with rain just now. closer look at some of the storm reports. already gotten reports of flash flooding. because we have seen so much rainfall. this is near prundell and elk horn. we have an oak tree down across the entire roadway. we'll take you over now to mil valley. where we have a tree blocking a roadwayway. approximately 7-miles from highway 1. these are the types of reports we expect to see. virtually the entire area under a flash flood watch. flash floods, especially near rivers and are concerns are
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going to be burn scars. especially near the fire. going into the rest of the even, we will continue to see lots of heavy rain. so by the time we get through to sunday night into monday morning, these are the rainfall totals. up to 3 and half more inches in santa rosa and our coastal hills are even more dramatic. 8-10 inches of rainfall expected from saturday until monday. so we could see an accidentally close to 4 more inches of rain. if you're closer to the big sore region, close 5-inches of rainfall. damaging winds are expected to continue. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. causing downed trees and possibly downed power lines. leading to power outteenages. we also have a -- outages. and we also have a high wind warning. hyles above 150 feet where we could see closes to 50 will have 60 miles per hour. here's what it all looks like. right around 7:00 a.m. tracking wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour.
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closer to san francisco, 34- mile per hour wind gusts. and these stay strong benn sunday afternoon and even sunday evening. we'll turn it over now. and he's going to go over the flash flood concerns near some of our biggest rivers. >> that's what we're worried about now. a lot of advisories all around the area. almost too many to count. we have the ground very saturated. and we have some very heavy rainfall coming down tonight. let's check on the napa river. flood stage at 25 feet. looks like it'll crest just below flood stage. a 24.2 feet. that about 4:to by sunday afternoon. a little bit further to the north, we're watching this very closely. expected to crest above flood stage at 18.6 feet. that could indate some of the primary roads there. so be prepared for that tomorrow afternoon about 3:00. also, we're looking for the potential of some flooding along the river.
10:23 pm
although this is going to be some minor flooding. maybe to about 13.2 feet. that's still above flood stage and of course, all of this can change if the forecast change with the rain just a little bit. of course all of that water running down into the creeks could make a big difference in that forecast. and then you think we might be done by monday. but again, all of this rain and water has to run through all of the tributaries and creeks and fill into the large rivers and in the russian river, they're expecting to crest there above flood stage on monday at 36.1 feet. that'll be almost 4 feet above flood stage. flooding around the bay area and much more to come. of course we have the damaging winds too. we'll have more coverage on your weather. news coming up in just a few minutes.
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another big story we are
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following. federal prosecutors have fileds against the florida airport suspect that could bring the death penalty if convicted. and tonight, we're learn the identities of some of those killed in the deadly attack. one of or part necessary at cnn reports. >> reporter: a grandmother from georgia. was getting ready for a cruise. from virginia beach, on vacation with his wife for 63rd anniversary. both celebrations were cut tragically short when police say 26-year-old national guard veteran whoive willed in alaska opened fire in the back gang claim area of the airport. three others lost their lives. six more were hospitalized. >> unfortunately talked to a family who lost a loved one. you can't imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: the suspect gunman being held in the broward
10:27 pm
county jail. investigators believe he arrived with one purpose. >> indications are he came here to carry out that horrific attack. we have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack. >> and they have not ruled out any motive. >> we continue to look at all avenues and all motives for this attack and at this point, we are continuing to look at terrorism angle. >> meanwhile just 24 hours after witnesses described it a as a war zone normalcy is returning to the airport. it has reopened and right ins are resumed at all four terminals. one addition to those killed a wounded. 36 other people were taken to to the hospital for minor injuries. the suspect santiago is scheduled to makes his first court appearance on monday. still ahead, the sierra getting a fresh round of snow and rain this weekend.
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we'll get a check on the conditions there. >> plus, we're keeping a close eye on this storm system. an update on the conditions all across the bay area coming up after the break.
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now at 10:30, the bay area is getting wet and wind is picking up. the there's a flash flood watch issued for element entire bay area tonight as the heavy rain expected to cause major flooding in some locations. right now, this is a live look, excuse me, outside at the richmond bridge. you can barely see the highway as rain is already on that lens. plus, a live look at our storm tracker radar. as we closely monitor this weather system. >> we have team coverage tonight, as we track this powerful storm hitting the
10:31 pm
area. chief meteorologists are in the weather center. they have what you need to know when it comes this storm. spencer blake is live in the north bay with how people are preparing for the storm out there. and kron 4 also in the east bay with the conditions and those conditions right now. but let's get started with our chief meteorologist britneyship and meteorologist lauren. will we have been gearing up all week really. now it's finally materialized and we did see a little bit of a break but now we're starting to see a little bit more action. >> and then a lot of folks started to wonder is this really coming. but varied telling the story now. we're seeing a lot of heavy rain start to develop. >> let's get straight to the storm tracker 4 radar. and it shows us, we will continue to see more and more moisture just pulling in and pouring into the bay area as we go into the rest of evening. so let's show you where the heaviest rainfall is. we're starting to push into parts of san francisco.
10:32 pm
where you start to see the yellow and orange. that is heavier rainfall pushing on shore. closer to 11:25. closer to mill valley. also to pacific coo. south san francisco. 11:19. you can start to see more heavier downpours. still seeing moderate downpours. same thing for parts of liver moor and stockton. live spread heavy rainfall will continue in that region for at least the next few minutes here. a rainfall rate about a quarter of an inch per hour. we do expect that to pick up as we go into our overnight hours. right around 2:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on sunday is when we will see some of the heaviest rainfall rates coming down over our region. this is going to be nonstop heavy rain. so that's the weather story we're most concerned with right now. strong wind speeds for most of the area stretching into the sierra. and flash flooding is going to be a concern. you're probably wondering when are we going to see the
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heaviest rain outside. my house, outside my neighborhood and for that answer, we are go turn it over to meteorologist lawrence carno. he has been tracking when we expect to see that heavy rain pushing in. >> we're just really getting into it now. that's what people to understand. this seventh going to take a long time to unfold. the way it's setting up, the rain moving on shore. but it's like turning on a hose here. once it gets started, it's not going to turn off. what's causing it? you got the jet team that's really the driving force? sending a all of this moisture with really all bulls eye on the bay area. pick up a lot of subtropical moisture trapped in the system. so it's really moisture laid there. and so as we get the system going tonight, it'll continue to roll. and really probably pick up in the late night hours into the early this morning. let's see if we can time it out throughout the night tonight. really, showers out there right now. pockets of heavier amounts of rainfall. but then as we head through the night tonight, you watch it pick up. 1 a.m. a, look at that.
10:34 pm
wide s.w.a.t of moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall. beginning to focus. but everybody still getting wet. and then as we take you through the night, really a strong storm lining through heavy. heavy apts of rainfall. and then, through the night, you'll see maybe the focus shift a little bit further to the north, as we head into the early morning hours. but then watch what happens. it slowly drags down. 6:15 in the morning. that rain continues to roll on by, and then becoming very heavy. toward mown town view and further south. so you get the idea. the rain will continue to fall. for maybe a good 12 hours so. before we finally catch a break on the backside of the system. that's why we're worried about the possibility of flash flooding. flash flood watch is up for almost the entire bay area. watch for high rises. if you live near a place near a creek or local river, watch for high river rises. we're expecting as much 6-10- inches of rainfall over some of the mountains. we'll have more on your weather coming up in a few minutes. we are also tracking the
10:35 pm
weather in the east bay tomorrow. that's where we find kron4 live in danville at the fire department. what are the conditions like right now there? >> reporter: later into the evening we're finally seeing a really steady downpour out here with rainfall pretty consistent at this time. earlier today, it was a really slow moving storm as our meteorologist have been explaining in our newscast. and unfortunately, we did experience a couple of downed trees in the east by a earlier. we saw one that blocked off a couple of lanes on highway 13 by oakland. and finally crews were able to get that out of the way and then, an unfortunate fatal incident that happened on the golf course in which a woman lost her life because of a downed tree and so the valley district chief has a few reminder out there for you all to stay safe this weekend. make sure you know where sandbags are. if you live in the flood prone area. if power goes out, make sure you understand where the power
10:36 pm
lines are and don't assume they're dead. always assume they're live. >> reporter: so wind speeds out here have been pretty normal. they're just below 10 miles per hour. but the national weather service is reporting that say thousand picking up until maybe 40 miles per hour in some places. so really brace yourselves out there if you'll be driving this week. even even pedestrians to make sure that you don't come across a downed tree or a power line as we heard there from the fire chief. so it's been pretty normal out here. highway right beside us right here. pretty steady a that point. we're going to o it keep things tracking for you guys as the night goes along. and into the weekend. for now, live in danville, kron 4 news. in the north bay, there are major concerns about the flooding in the area. kron 4's spencer blake is in the north bay tonight where he has been talking with napa
10:37 pm
county flood control. spencer, i noticed now you have your hat on. it appears it's been on and off all night there. >> reporter: it really has. and when we start for first started just like lawyer wednesday was saying, is it really going to rain? it hasn't gotten heavy yet but it's been very consistent i i would say. but one of the things that's going on that napa flood control thinks will really help out, that's is one of them. a big giant one across the street as well. they'll be turning that will tomorrow morning and closing these gates for the first time. this is something that will not only keep cars out but also will keep water in. and if you take a look, as we move over to the right here, you can see the area that they're hoping to keep water in. this is a bypass. that runs through the napa river. it's a bend in the river and this basically cuts through it. gives the water another only that go through so that hopefully it won't be flooding like it did in that major event
10:38 pm
in 2005. flood ma'amer seemed confident that rushing water will not climb high enough to get out of the bypass or pass these gates. but look at what river point napa valley did early yes today. they were not taking chances. you can see this was 2 # 22 workers moving 35 buildings. they have seen it there before. they're only a few feet away from the napa river. which, of course, could be getting very close to flood stage. today and back here at gates, does think the flooding will happen further up stream. but in napa proper, hopefully it won't be near as bad as what we saw back in 2005. >> and stick us all weekend long. we have everything you need to know about this storm on air, and on we'll have live reports throughout the bay area. tips on how to prepare for the storm and the live radar showing exactly where the rain
10:39 pm
is. you can get updates sent right to your phone. load the free -- just download the free kron 4 mobile app. we'll be back right after the break.
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mass murder charles manson has been released from the hospital. he was taken on tuesday for a
10:41 pm
unspecified medical problem. department of ex-s are says he's -- correction say he's back. officials say they cannot provide information on manson do to privacy laws. he is serving 9 life sentences for master mining a string of killing in 1969 including the murder of an actress tat who was pregnant at time. he's been denied parole 12 times. well, coming up, this powerful storm bringing fresh snow and rain to the sierra. we'll take a look how tractor- trailer preparing for all of this. and we'll -- how they're preparing for all of this and we'll get an update of the situation here in the bay area. >> and we have flash flood watches. avalanche warnings. aisle have all of the details coming up after the break. >> and it was a tough game for the oakland radars, but they were in the playoffs. we'll show you highlights and show you what jack had to say
10:42 pm
after the game.
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residents in the sierra are bracing for the heavy winter weather headed their way. expected to create the highest river levels in other a decade. there are now evacuation orders, netiquette but the plaster county sheriff's officials are telling residents to stay alert. and if they think they may in danger, they should evacuate before it's too late. >> they believe that the area is going to flood. and the river is rising. it's time to get out. instead of waiting for a rescuer to come out and get you out. because they might not be able to get to you. >> we have warn and few of the residents that are living in the probable danger of flooding.
10:45 pm
including deputies going by. >> hunt says rescue crews get tied up and can leave people in dangerous situations. the sheriff's department has search and rescue crews and dive teams standby to help thosed trapped on land or water. they're encouraging people to leave instead of trying to weather a risky situation. and taking a look at how the roads look right now in the sierra. you're looking at some live pictures there. you can see the conditions on highway 50 at ski run. and highway 50 in echo summit. the big storm is going to bring some fresh snow to the sierra. we know we're going to see some rain in the area. and we're tracking this powerful storm hitting the bay area. on your evident will, look at storm tracker 4 showing where the storm is now and on your right, meteorologist lawrence carnos in forecast center telling you where the heaviest rain is going to fall. let's first go to chief meteorologist britney ship, she has a closer look at sierra
10:46 pm
with the flooding and avalanche concerns that we're seeing. >> we're just going to see snow in our higher elevations in the sierra. but until that happen, we're also seeing warmer air mixing in. we're getting melting snow had. rain on top of snow and that's creating more of an avalanche warning as we head into the rest of the weekend. so we have rising snow levels. they're going to go up to 8000 feet. this creating a dangerous condition. we also have a flood watch and a flood warning in parts of sierra. and also closer here to bay area. a flash flood watch, which will stay in effect until sunday night, our concern is going to be the flash floods near the rivers and certain concerns near or burn scary jobs. a lot of rain is going to come down over a prolonged amount of time from 2:00 a.m. until about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. we will see heavy pockets and heavy downpours. so a closer look at storm tracker 4 and that's showing us, you can see the snow is
10:47 pm
trying to develop here. but it's just a little too warm. so this more of a rain -- snow mix. more of an icy mix. you want to be very careful if you do plan to travel into the sierra. all of the moisture that continues pushes on shore. we're seeing some of the heaviest rainfall coming down. also to the south of region, near king city. but if you're closer to the north bay zone. you have seen the rainfall pick up. we have seen the bulls eye of our precipitation accumulate here. and it's really our coastal hills that are going to be the bulls eye of this system. 5-10 inches expected in some of our coastal hills. already gotten a bunch of reports here out there today from either flooding or downed trees. this latest one from prune dale where we did get a report of an oak tree down across the entire roadway. another tree down. this is partially -- due to the rain we have already seen.
10:48 pm
but also really strong wind gusts. future rainfall totals we should pick up outwound a of had a inches in san francisco. over 3 and half in santa rosa. 2 and half in half-moon bay and future rainfall totals for our coastal hills. will be closer to 4 inches and also closer to 5 inches possibly in big sir. so these are the few issues we're watching on top of all of that. also wind advisory in effect with whipped gusts up to 50 miles an hour. high wind warning with some of the higher elevations. property damage a possibility for us. and at closer look, 44-mile per hour wind gusts here along the coast. 34 near san francisco and as we push into sunday evening. that's going to continue as well. but the peak will be sunday morning. that we will see some of the strongest wind gusts. so you want to be very careful for tomorrow. for a closer look on some of the flooding we can expect, especially near some of river, we want to turn it over to
10:49 pm
meteorologist lawrence carno. >> very interesting. you get the very moisture laid in the air and you start to see that air being lifted over the mountains. what we see or graphickic lifting. all kinds of rainfall. kind of just squeezes it out like a sponge. so we're watching the rivers very carefully now. as we're looking at napa river expecting some heavy rainfall in that basin. so the flood stage currently 25 feet. butt forecast takes it to 24.2 feet. so probably just below flood stage but pay very close attention. should we get more rainfall that could easily move above flood stage as we head into sunday afternoon. now, st. helena, the river there. we're talking about that cresting above flood stage. 18.6 feet. if that. a that'll happen about 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday. that means you'll see some of the primary and even second day roads flooded there in st. helena. so if you live around the area,
10:50 pm
we're expecting flooding conditions by tomorrow afternoon. also, into the san jose area, now expected to flood above flood stage as we're expecting to crest at about 13.2 feet. so slightly -- just above flood stage. but again, if we get for had rain than expected, that will also rise above that as well. now, don't always expect to see this, but the rain will have kind of tapered off. but then we're going to see some flooding happen on monday afternoon. along the russian river. of course it takes a long time for all of the water to trump into the tributaries and the main rivers. but expecting a flood there. 36.1 feet. about 2:00 in the afternoon. as we head in toward monday in the ge are, nville area. flash flooding around the bay area. flooding likely on some of the major rivers and you're going to want to stick with kron all weekend long. we have everything you need to know about the upcoming storm, on air, and on we'll have live reports throughout the bay area.
10:51 pm
tips how to prepare and live regard showing exactly where the storm is. you can debt updates right on your phone. just download the app. well, the oakland raiders in play off action today in houston. three pro bowlers. included qb carr was out. congress nor cook -- connor cook, guy has a -- what a play he had there. look at hand work there. his eyes focused. but next play, you see what happens there. hand off to le mar miller. left side, untouched. runs into the end zone. that would make it 10-0. raiders go, hurry up. cuts to the side. inside the 20. that would eventually leaded to this. goes right side for the touchdown. radars down 10-7. but houston just too much.
10:52 pm
looking deep. he's got his man inside the 5- yard line. and that would set up this. looking again, finding hopkins. that's the touchdown. that would make it 20-6 after the extra point. 13, that is. but then again, finding his man, will fuller, he's got some yards before. going out of bounds. a up can l plays later, he's looking right side into the end zone. bawl isn't caught but the two are tangled up. and that's a pass interference call. it would set up this, he goes to run it on the right side, 6'7" guy can't be touched. touchdown. 27-7. raiders trying to get something going. cook looking down the middle. over throws his man. that ball is intercepted. houston would go onto win this 27-14. here's coach after the loss. >> hold your head high. the victor get the spoils. they earned it. they outplayed us tonight. had no excuse.
10:53 pm
one i think i want to see is see what we have done all year is stick together. no excuses and stick together. okay? got a bright future. it just cut apart for us the last few weeks. i don't think that's indicative of who we are. a lot of things to look at. a lot of things to evaluate. a lot of things to assess. but we are heading where we need to be heading. and that's just the beginning. >> and that is sports and news tonight. seattle, actually won big over detroit. after the break, we'll take a look at the new movies that hit theaters this weekend.
10:54 pm
issue. tell our bay area home owners people nay not know -- may not know they have issued in batroom. >> looking for cracked tiles, broken grout, dirty, nasty, i think this like that. when it's hard to keep clean, it's time to call. >> so people find something, they're not quite sure. how can usa bath help? have we provide a fee consultation. we'll expect your bathroom and come up with a really beautiful design that fits your need and give you a price right to the
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penny. >> and what about the warn tye? >> that's a i have look time warranty. >> and you get it done in how long? 1-2 days. >> that's fantastic.
10:56 pm
so inspiring. makes me want to go.
10:57 pm
rogue one and star who ares series animation,,quote, sing. have been the top spots this weekend. but at least one new movie is mounting a challenge. reporter david daniel has the weekend's forecast for mu movies in theater. >> astronauts will be here for training. everything we do is going to matter to their lives. to their children. going to matter to the whole country. >> my gals are ready. >> if anyone is ready to take the number one spot this weekend, it's the film "hidden figures." a fact based drama about the early ospreys programmer. got great reviews and nominations should bring the film 15-$18 million or more in its opening weekend. well, coming up, massive storm is hitting the by a area. but it's just the beginning. we're tracking the powerful storm for you and we have what you need to know coming up on kron 4 news at 11.
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