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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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our big story tonight, a powerful winter storm slamming the bay area and it's not over yet. thanks for joins us at 11. i'm jr. taking a look at storm tracker 4, you can see where that rain it right now. we have a team of meteorologists tracking this system. let's first go to chief meteorologist brittany. >> within the last ten minks the national weather service issued a new flood warning till 1:45 in the morning so we're hoping that clears up before the morning commute. all though the commute will be dry, we won't actively be seeing any rain fall, we have to deal with flooding at u.s.
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101. it's closed both lanes south of gill roy and highway 128. over the past three hours, we've seen rain fall come down in this region and if we fly you down closer to the storm report and this is where highway 129 and the 101 intersect right here, we do have uvis creek flooding reported and both directions are closed. now, this happened around 6:40. that's when we first saw this report but not been cleared up yet because the national weather service issued a warning extending this till 1:45 in the morning. twelve hour loop of the heavy rain that we saw start early in the morning and continue all day tot into this evening and checking out another line that will be transitioning to the east moving into parts of our south bay zone into san francisco and peninsula as we go into the rest of tonight. in our north bay zone right
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now, we're seeing a few light isolated shower ands right here in the southern tip of our north bay zone, we could see heavier downpours once again. go to futurecast and that shows that we will be dealing with a clearing as we go into tomorrow morning but after that, we will see more rain fall on the way as we push into monday evening, especially monday night for our north bay zone, this is true for tuesday when we start to see that widespread heavy downpours moving back into the region and by 7:15, that's heavy rain coming back down in the north bay, wakeup planner shows drier condition throughout monday with temperatures staying in the mid 50s but after that, we're in store for another round of rain. for a closer look at what we can expect, we'll check in with meteorologist lawrence. >> thanks, brittany. we'll catch maybe a bit of a break but looks like the storm system off the coastline is developing here. and this is the one that will carry heavy rain fall and
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strong gusty winds again and of course, all those rivers already full now. all the creeks are full. not gonna take much to cause flooding one more time. we're expecting that as we head in toward monday night and tuesday. the napa river now is forecast to continue to fall now sitting just below the flood stage at 24.9 feet but a flood warning in effect as we're seeing flooding along that area. as you make your way to state helene along the napa river sitting at 13.3 feet expected to fall also but the flood warning continues there as well. into parts of the south bay, they're continuing to see showers headed in their direction. that's a concern as we're looking at the guadalupe river, that can see a rapid rise there. it's at 8.4 feet but can rise in a hurry. friends to the north along the russian river are still waiting for the system to bring all the rain into the creeks and feeding into the russian river and expecting that to flood
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about five feet above flood stage about noon tomorrow. that could be a mess top. >> certainly could. in the south bay, many creeks and rivers overflowing causing a major concern as a flash flood warning is in effect and lydia, what are the conditions out there this evening? looks pretty dry. >>reporter: jr, things are calm and seeing sprinkles on and off for the last hour but there is flooding. a lot of the trails like the one here behind me is flooded over so you got to be very careful. normally an itty bitty little creek going to guadalupe. at the park what is typically a bike trail is flooded over with rushing water. most people haven't seen the water get that high in nearby
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creeks. >> i'm from los angeles but been out here for five or six year ands never seen it happen like that. >> while it's more rain than he's seen in a while, he's seen it far worse. he remembers being rescued from flooding in the late 9 0s. >> we lived on george street off first and taylor. all that was flood and had scars flooding down the crete. -- cars floating down the street. >> you've seen it worse? >> yes, a lot worse. hopefully we won't get it any time soon. >> more rain is expected and while it's lighter than it has been, it's still dangerous because the water can rice quickly and a lot of debris. >> don't go down there and jog. you might be swimming instead. >> we did go back to the to the park once it got dark and we saw a lot of people this taking if i cantures,mented to see the creek. billion -- wanted to see the
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creek but be very careful because when it's dark, it's a lot more dangerous. >> thank you, lydia. san jose fire officials reminding drivers not to drive into standing water if you don't know how deep it is. officials responded to calls of a car trapped in water just before 7:30 tonight. two men driving home in a creek area when their car stalled and they had to call for help. they were trapped in the car for nearly an hour with flood waters rising. that before officials could come to the rescue. >> i was heading home on daily, heading west, and all of a sudden the road turned shiny and the flood water was coming over the road and next thing i know the car stalled and we were ten feet from the edge of the water and within a matter of ten minutes, the water had grown 20, 30 feet in front of us and rose up. the rest is history. >> he says this is the worst flooding he's seen in the 48
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years he's lived in the area. both men rescued without any injuries . crews had to evacuate the area immediately after the rescue as flood waters continued to rise. the sonoma county office of education made the call to close seven school ins the county tomorrow because of the harsh weather conditions we're experiencing. we have a list of schools closed tomorrow monday january 9, alexander valley, clover dale yunk fied in clover dale, geyserville unified, forrestville union, harmony union. a historic tree toppled over. the pioneer cabben tree which was hollowed out decades ago to
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allow tourists to pass through fell over today at big tree state park. these are before and after photos of the tree. volunteers say the tree shattered on impact. it's unclear why the tree fell but the trail around the secoya was flooded due to rain . we have continue the coverage of this powerful storm in the bay area. our meteorologist team will break it down for you after the break.
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been tracking the storms 5:night long, all weekend long and we've got yet another strong storm about to move on shore. >> this is a storm that won't give up. >> keeps going. >> giving us more things to track. let's take a look at the radar and what we're concerned about is off the coast of half-moon bay and fly you in and track this for you and show you that within the next ten minutes or so, we could see a little bit more of that heavy rain push on
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shore and 11:20 near san francisco, south san francisco by 11:27. this is tracking to the southeast. birlinggame close to 11:29 and oakland by 11:26. they'll be very spotty and clearing into tomorrow morning. a dry commute for everyone in the morning however towards the evening and afternoon, we'll see more of this rain fall moving in. a separate system, which will produce heavy rain as we go into tuesday morning but more specifically over your evening commute tuesday night. you can see how heavy it is and, lawrence, tracking for the rest of the workweek -- >> yeah, we've got another moving in for tuesday and showers for wednesday. finally catching a break. the rivers have been revving over their banks over the bay area. >> nice work. i'm all ears tonight. i think we're all ears.
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thank you for joining us this evening. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. have a good evening.
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