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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 10, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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ing the timing of the storm. and robin winston is in the traffic center taking a look at how the rain will impact your morning commute. çááádaryaáááñ and we have our crews spread across the bay area. kron 4's will tran is live in oakland. and terisa estacio is in san rafael. we will check in with them in a moment but first we want to get things started fletcher as you get ready to head out the door. weather update: another pacific storm system is impacting the bay area today. expect strong, gusty winds and widespread rain. the heaviest rainfall and greatest potential for flooding will occur over the north bay and coastal ranges during the day.
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lingering showers will be possible into wednesday with drier conditions likely by the end of the week.
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>> our biggest concerns today will be the mudslides and road and river flooding. looks like
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those problems continue to worsen with the next storm here bringing more rain. the coastal flood advisory also has been issued from 8:00 this morning till noon on thursday. we are watching for the king tide and the runoff. especially in these low-lying areas, you see them highlighted in green. the biggest concerns will be the seawater on the roads and also parking lot. try to stay away from the coast if you can. high winds, that's the other big headline for today. so the high wind warning and the advisory starts at noon today, goes until midnight. we will see winds get stronger by lunch time and afterwards will see gusts over 45 miles per hour for the valleys and gusts over 65 for the hills. this pretty much affects the entire bay area. we are looking at a very stormy morning and an even stormy or afternoon. for the kids headed to school this morning, definitely you need your umbrellas and the rain boots. most likely recess will be indoors today. they'll want all that weather gear, because by 3:00 as they finish up the day from school,
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it's going to be quite stormy for much of the bay area. will have probably periods of heavy rain, maybe some thunderstorms, and also the stronger winds. please to be safe out there. when we come back, we talk more about the impacts on the river and the flood state there. back to you. i will take it from here. tracking a hotspot on highway 24. the hotspot is just the slow traffic, the residual delays from that major crash on the oakland side west of the tunnel close to highway 13. the crash resulted in a car fire. it was blocking three lanes. a traffic alert was issued. it is out of the way but there is a nasty backup. lafayette, walnut creek, way back from 680. looking at at least 63 minutes to make that trip. here at the bay bridge, a big backup at the toll plaza.
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tracking theory cancellations and a new crash. i will have those details coming up in a few minutes. team coverage of the storm continues with our cruise spread around the bay area. >> let's look at will tran live in oakland where there was a big accident. look at the winds. >> reporter: here we go. the rain is coming from the right to the left. being hit on the right-side of my face. you can see the hills over my right shoulder. there is cloud cover. it is windy. the rain is really coming down over 24 right now. that is eastbound. those taillights. westbound moving a lot better than what we saw a little bit earlier because of this accident. we want to quickly show you the video. this accident took place around 5:00 in the morning. a solo pickup driver was going simply to fast for the conditions. he was in the number 1 lane,
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spun about three times, slammed into the hillside. his pickup truck caught fire. fortunately, no major injuries. he suffered a couple bruises to the sides of his face, but that scene was cleared around 6:15 in the morning. traffic is fine right now. keep in mind, there is so much paddling all over the roadway. chp is everywhere. earlier they did a traffic break to slow down drivers headed westbound as you are leaving the call. the driver said he was suddenly spinning. this can happen in time. make sure that you leave early
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and that you have our mobile app because it's free and you get all kinds of traffic alerts. >> rain coverage continues in the north bay where teresa is where the storm has hit hard. >> reporter: we seem cars kind of hydroplane this morning. slow down, everyone. the sheriff's department is saying a boy the area right now. you need to take alternate routes to access west marin until that roadway is clear. take a look at this video. this is what is facing people in this area. it's all about the king tide. there are signs telling people to beware. the park and ride shut down on
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this tuesday because of the king tide flooding. over the past couple days, emergency services says they received 600 calls in one singular day.
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çááámarkáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ and many homes in guerneville are underwater this morning after the russian river flooded. this video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c seven news. you can see just how high the waters are. people who live along the russian river are using boats to escape the floodi >> here is video from the helicopter partnership with abc seven news. you see just how high the waters are. people having to use boats to escape the flooding. the river crested yesterday at just over 35 feet. more than 3 feet above flood stage. right now it is at 33.65 feet. that's about a foot and a half above flood stage. we can see the river rise and crest again. more than 500 homes are in danger of being flooded this morning. a major rockslide near st. helena and napa blocking all lanes.
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road to highway 29. çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ this morning police in marin county are trying to figure out if the wet weather played a role in a deadly crash.[take vo] çááávoáááñ this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news... a man was found dead after his s-u-v went off the road into a creek. it happened yesterday morning on novato boulevard near hicks valley. the s-u-v was found submerged in the water with the driver's body was found inside. çááámarkáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ breaking news from overnight... a man shot and killed in vallejo and the shooter is still on the loose.[take: fullscreen] çáááfullscreenáááñ it happened last night shortly after 7:00 last night an alley on the 500 block of tuolumne street. when police arrived they found evidence of a shooting but no victims. around the same time a man showed up at the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds and later died. there is no description of the shooter this morning. çááámarkáááñ[take: on cam] çáááon camáááñ happening
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today... president obama will deliver his last major speech as commander-in-chief.[take vo] çááávoáááñ the president will give the speech from his hometown of chicago. according to the white house mr. obama is expected to talk about some of his accomplishments. but he is also expected to talk about the challenges he believes the nation will face moving forward. we will stream president obama's farewell speech on kron-four-dot-com and our facebook page. çááádaryaáááñ still ahead on the kron four morning news... if you have these twinkies in your pantry... throw them away. we'll explain why they could make you sick. ((advance)) plus after the break... we're tracking the storm hitting the bay area and the sierra. we'll take a look at the latest conditions as there are closures on 80 and 50 right çááámarkáááñ[take: live] çáááliveáááñ taking a look at stormtracker four radar...
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did we mention they were fresh? [take vo]çááávoáááñ cleanup continues in reno this morning after the truckee river flooded. a number of damaged roads remain closed due to the flooding damage. emergency crews in reno and sparks are trying to clear
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flood debris ro make way for look at the high water reaching to the fire hydrant. emergency crews were out there in reno and sparks clearing the flood debris, and they've got the next two days. another major winter storm moving into the sierra. fun with the snow, no fun with the rain. >> talking about conditions in the sierra as well. i picture from eastbound 80. there are closures. interstate 80 and highway 50 shut down with a winter storm warning until thursday morning. an avalanche warning in effect. two to 5 feet of snow affected. we are talking wind gusts from the storm on sunday over 160 miles per hour. >> i didn't tell you if it happened to me. because of the wind, they shut down the mountains. >> looks like we'll have similar conditions for today although this weekend is perfect.
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>> beautiful weather. we'll have the benefit of the snow falling. a little secret between you and me, this weekend is going to be awesome up in tahoe. right now we have a blizzard warning in effect until 10:00 tomorrow. it's this entire area you see colored in. talking a lot of snow. five to 10 feet of new snow above 7000 feet. winds blowing steady at 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusting up to 60. that's just on the passes. get higher up and you're talking wind gusts pushing 100 miles per hour. these conditions in effect until 10:00 tomorrow. if you can avoid it, don't head up there yet. if you're flexible, go after this blizzard warning expires tomorrow. this weekend is looking better and better for skiing in tahoe. here's what it looks like. see that rain turned no toward
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the lake. the rest of the bay area it's rain. widespread light rain for now but you see these flecks of yellow. pockets of heavy rain start of move overhead. that intensity backs off as that sell moves on. here is what we are seeing in the north bay and east bay. tracking a few light showers as you head toward the bridge and on the right-side of the screen we have showers moving off. right there where the richmond bridge leaves richmond headed toward san rafael. holden gate bridge under light rain. everywhere around the bay looking at light rain. that includes places like san leandro and the hills off to the east. hayward, light rain coming down. that's a big junction for east bay commuters that come in toward 880. we've got a lot of shower activity on the san mateo side of the bridge where we look at these pockets of heavy rain now and again. fairly scattered but we are looking for it to get more
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widespread. the noon hour, bigger blobs of yellow start taking over the map. by 3:00 in the afternoon, not only is it the yellow but starting to see orange which means even more intense showers. that's what's greeting you if you are out there trying to pick up your kids or if they are trying to get home from school. look at this. 4:45 or 5:00 as the evening commute starts to wrap up, the clouds explode and we see heavy rain scattered all about the bay. by 7:45, starting to see these ribbons of red. these are the latest model runs. you can see we've got more widespread pockets of rain. rain coming down right now. a quick update on the alerts. a flash flood watch in effect tomorrow.
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coastal flood in effect from 8:00 to noon. high wind warning from noon until midnight because the winds are gusting up. we may have trees come down and that could mean power loss. you know the drill. keep the batteries handy, the flashlights. here is your round the bay forecast. the light at the end of the tunnel is the weekend where we've got sunny skies friday and a dry weekend ahead. hopefully, everyone will have the chance to recover. >> it's tough out there driving this morning. so many spin outs and crashes working around the bay area. we have another problem with a mudslide. this looks pretty small but it's southbound 17. if you are about to head in that direction, chp is running traffic breaks and holding folks back. it's clogging up the northbound ride. it's backed up to the summit. 33 minutes to get from the summit into los gatos. mudslides reported southbound.
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traffic has not recovered from that earlier accident on the oakland side west of the tunnel. that's where the driver spun out and the vehicle caught fire. look at the slowing there. it's backed up well into walnut creek. that's the commute direction and it's about 46 minutes walnut creek to oakland. at one point, it was an hour and 40 minutes. getting better but still packed. it is wet out there. watch your speed. it's not a bad drive. checking in on a wet san mateo bridge commute, lots of slow traffic leaving hayward. it's about a 30 minute trip to get across. pretty congested and slippery but overall not a bad ride for 92. one quick update. 880 north at marina. another spin out. that's happening a lot this morning.
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here is your total drive time. 20 minutes there from 238 into downtown oakland. back to the desk. thanks a lot. 7:19. just in, hostess recalling its holiday white peppermint twinkies because of a possible salmonella contamination problem. the company says milk powder that was used in the coding of the twinkies could make you sick. this recall comes after one package was reported to be affected by this but there have been no reports of anyone getting sick. the twinkies were a limited addition made for the holidays, so maybe they are still in the pantry for you right now. if they are, don't eat them. police looking for a man who attacked and try to carjack the driver of a maserati. it happened in the safeway store parking lot saturday night. police say a man approached the driver and started asking questions about the car. the man then punched the driver in the head and told him to get
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out of the car. the driver refused and shut the door. the man ran away. police don't have a detailed description of the attempted carjackers. 7:21. a judge has decided san francisco cannot be sued over the death of kate steinle. yesterday a federal judge dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit by the family. she was shot and killed a long pier 14 by an undocumented immigrant in july of 2015. he was later identified as juan francisco lopez. he was released from jail a few months earlier despite requests to keep him behind bars. san francisco is a sanctuary city. the judge says that the ruling, he said that the sheriff did not violate state or federal law by preventing his deputies from telling ice when a jail inmate is released. the manhunt continuing in florida after a man shot and killed a police officer. it
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happened yesterday morning near a walmart store. the suspect now identified as marquise lloyd. he is accused of shooting and killing a sergeant deborah clayton. police say she was shot after approaching lloyd because he was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. hundreds of officers from multiple police agencies were searching for him right now. the sheriff's deputy died during the search yesterday when he crashed his motorcycle. 7:22. happening today, closing arguments set to begin in the penalty phase of the trial of dylann roof. he is convicted of killing nine black parishioners in june of 2015 at a church in south carolina. prosecutors say that he deserves the death penalty because of his motive and lack of remorse. and also because of the impact on the families of the victims. the 22-year-old is representing himself and he has made no effort to seek mercy or to express any remorse.
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and a marine biologist trying to figure out how and why a dead whale washed up near the oakland waterfront. this whale was found on saturday. it's now tied to peer near angel island. the whale is between 40 and 60 feet long. it's either a blue or fin whale. biologists cannot perform the exam to figure out how it died until the weather conditions improve. 7:23. carrie fisher's death certificate confirms the actress died of a heart attack. investigators say they need to do more investigating to figure out the underlying cause of that heart attack. as you know, carrie fisher died suddenly after a flight. she suffered a heart attack on a flight and had to be taken to the hospital. she was 60 years old. the white house describing meryl streep's speech at the golden globes awards as
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thoughtful, carefully considered , and quite a message. the spokesperson for obama said that her comment denouncing donald trump for mocking a disabled reporter, he says that she was exercising her first amendment rights and trump responded on twitter yesterday saying that meryl streep is overrated. other conservatives also expressed their negative feelings about what meryl streep said. still ahead, if you can't get to the gym five days a week, it could benefit your health. we will tell you about a new study that says less is more. and still ahead, we are tracking wet weather. we've got a big storm system overhead. it's going to last all day long and actually amp up as we had into the afternoon commute. we'll have your complete forecast straight ahead.
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áááábreakáááá welcome back. 7:26. if you have to had to work, pack your patients. it slow and you'll notice a lot of spin outs. here is the bay bridge. it's quiet. not tracking major accidents or hotspots but it's backed up into the maze. it's not a bad drive time. checking in on drive times out of the east bay, highway 24 west recovering from that accident that crash and car fire. the drivetime much better now.
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it was almost two hours to get from walnut creek to oakland. now it's 49 minutes. 880 north out of san jose, not bad. no major problems. it's about a nine minute trip there to get from the 280 split up to 237. thanks, robin. if you don't have time to exercise during the week, there are some surprising benefits from actually working out a little less. this is according to a new study. >> don't go five times a week. >> it's hard to find time to get there during the week. they say that exercise only on the weekends, try that. the study found that working out just once or twice a week actually lowers your risk of death just as much as if you worked out regularly. >> i think what we are saying is any exercise is better than no exercise. here's the guidelines. they say adults should get 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or
7:28 am
150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. they say exercising less than that or less often lower the risk of premature death by 36 percent. >> every little bit counts. >> even if you think about exercising, does that count? >> i watch people exercise. that's odd. i don't watch people exercise. the next eight hours, rain at 7:00 and 8:00. the noon hour, 3:00 p.m., it is wet all day long. it will intensify after this time frame. i will have that part of the forecast for you coming up in just a minute. çááámarkáááñçáááradaráááñ
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this morning on the kron 4 morning news... we are tracking the storm hitting the bay area right now. taking
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a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. widespread rain expected through out the day all across the bay area. and this the heavier pockets showing up in the yellow and orange. getting heavy rain around the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. hayward heavy rain showing up right now. right around 580. >> we continue team coverage of the storm. tracking the progress of the storm from the weather center, and we got robin winston in the traffic center looking at the commute. will tran and teresa are out in it. we will get to you in a minute. standing by in the rain and wind. first, let's go to the weather center. storm tracker 4 is lit up. a lot of green meaning light rain. of course, we are pockets of heavy or shower activity. that's what we are seeing on the radar. let's take a closer look at what we are seeing at the moment. it looks like we have showers in the north bay, and it's sort of moving its way across the
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richmond san rafael bridge. a pocket of heavy rain not overly -- not only over the span but into richmond as well. let's take a sample reading. the rainfall rate at .8 inches per hour. nearly an inch of rain per hour coming down over richmond right now. that's pretty intense. we also have some over mill valley as well. the bay bridge, okay, so the westbound approach, here is the toll plaza . you can see folks dealing with heavy downpours at the moment. elsewhere that we are seeing heavy rain, down closer to the san mateo bridge, it's just to the north. it's this cell here. that orange moving off in the direction of san leandro and castro valley. that will make things uncomfortable for you in terms of getting around in the rain in the next 20 minutes. elsewhere the peninsula still the same sorry. a lot of speckled yellow here. we've been seeing sporadic heavy downpours off and on
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affecting the lower half of the peninsula and we continue to do so. san jose covered in light rain as well. that's what we are tracking right now on storm tracker 4. we are following the latest with the rain totals. here is what we expect with this system by the time tomorrow morning rolls around. you are looking at conditions that will put you closer towards 2 inches, almost two and a quarter. san jose almost two and a half. keep it to into kron4. lots to cover with the storm system, including the very latest with watches and warnings. that's what we are following for you as we take a quick live look at the bay bridge and hand it off. more team coverage now on how much rain has come down and what we are still watching. already we've seen quite a bit of rain just the last 12 hours. a quick check just west of
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ellsberg. more than 2 inches have fallen. lafayette in the east bay, almost 2 inches for you. we will add to that as well. hayward over 2 inches, oakland an inch and a tenth, and san francisco picking up .92. still seeing a lot more rain in the forecast. we are concerned about the river. that is one of two rivers under a flood warning now. the other one is the napa river. the flood stage is 32 feet. we are over that at 33.8 b. the forecast if you hit it by 37.5 feet by wednesday at 5:00 p.m. again, that flood warning continues at johnson's beach. watch for quickly rising river levels over the next couple days. a flood warning has been extended for the napa river and right now the flood stage there is at 25 feet. currently, it's
7:34 am
at 18 feet. the forecast is to get to 25.1 feet, so just over flood stage by 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. again, all eyes also on napa river where a flood warning has been issued for the next couple days. so we've got flooding to worry about, mudslides, and also some intense rains and strong winds to get even stronger through the afternoon hours. today is going to be a very stormy day. a day to stay indoors or work from home if you have that option. tomorrow just some light rain possible. thursday may be a few lingering showers, and then we finally get the chance to dry out here. maybe also into your weekend. here is a check of your traffic with robin. >> it's not too bad. it's low but i'm not tracking any major crashes. just remember to leave early when you get out there don't follow other vehicles to closely. watch your speed. also keep your eyes open for
7:35 am
flood lanes and debris in the roads. here is bay bridge. we are okay. it's the normal slow and go traffic. nothing major going on for the bridge or downtown san francisco. you have time to make it in less than 20 minutes from the foot of the maze off to fremont street. san mateo bridge is wet. traffic creeping along out of hayward. no big problems connecting to the peninsula. i have noticed the drive time has increased a bit. it's at 32 minutes now from the nimitz across the bridge and over to highly 101. that's a look at the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. coming up, we check in on the richmond san rafael and the golden gate. from a team coverage continues with the cruise around the bay area that we have position to help you get ready and through the storm. >> kron4 is in oakland. there was that major accident there. you talked to the driver. suddenly, he was spinning out. >> actually, he was kind of smiling like he was in shock he was alive because he spun about three times. his seatbelt was
7:36 am
stuck and he couldn't get out. finally, when he released his seatbelt, he hopped out. his pickup truck was a ball of flames but it has since been cleared. everything is okay on highway 24. we want to show you the conditions. we will zoom in and you know it takes a lot to cause a tree to sway. you can see how windy it is here. it's swaying back and forth. the roadways are so much paddling going on. the westbound direction, the headlights a little bit more jampacked then say the eastbound side. you can see what it's doing with the rainfall. lots of paddling going on. fortunately, cars are paying attention now. plenty of space in between the cars for this point. plus, chp is out just to make sure that the drivers slow down. that accident was caused a little bit earlier around 5:00 because that driver was simply going too fast for the conditions. take it easy right now. it is raining a good steady rainfall. 10 minutes ago it was pounding us. it has since let up a little
7:37 am
bit but it has been replaced by even windier conditions. back to you. let's go to teresa. she is live in san rafael. we can hardly see her. the visibility is not so good. >> reporter: no, it's not that good. that's because the rain is coming down. anyway, out here in san rafael, take a look behind me. highway 101, you can see how slow and go. it is really crawling right now, which is somewhat of a good thing just because things are not hydroplaning. we did see some drivers hydroplaning earlier when we were out here. take a look at that. that has me a bit concerned. that's a pg&e truck going by. that's the second one i've seen in the past couple minutes. we will check in to see if they are on their way to any outages.
7:38 am
there is also this that everyone is focused on on this tuesday. take a look at this video. you can see for yourself the signs up through out marin county. it's creating situations for people, including closing down the park and ride off manzanillo. that entire area shut down. also on larkspur. especially heading north. there is large pools of water. that's really slowing down motorists. i just pulled -- just spoke with chp. they are telling everyone to slow down so you don't get injured as you make your way on this day. lots of heavy traffic. again, alive picture in san rafael right here along 101. no major hotspots. there was a tree down. they are still trying to get that cleaned up. back to you.
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>> make sure you have the kron4 mobile app. track the storm's this week and be the first to know about any major traffic hotspots and severe weather in your area. we will send out breaking news alerts to keep you notified. still ahead, college football officially over. talk about a last-second come from behind win. we will talk about that and how you can sleep like a winner. steph curry comfortable poking fun at his whole family, apparently. we will take a look at it in gary's world.
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not tracking any major hotspots, but it's pretty slow here at the bay bridge toll plaza. i think it's holding up pretty well in the wet weather. no major problems for your 80 west trip. you can make it in less than 20 minutes. let's check in on some dry times. a 40 minute trip on west for two antioch. that's pretty normal. no big problems for south 680. no major trouble spots for the nimitz freeway. it's about a 50 minute trip to meet -- to leave morgan hill. the robbery of kim kardashian well in paris looks like it was an inside job. the man police confirming that this morning. investigators revealing that her chauffeur and the chauffeur's brother were among
7:43 am
17 people arrested for the robbery. >> the two worked for the same company. they tied her up and put her in the bathtub of her paris apartment last october and made off with $10 million worth of jewelry. investigators say several people they arrested are known to the french police for prior robberies. tracking heavy showers embedded in that rain. here's a look into east bay. hercules is under the gun with some pretty heavy downpours right now. they are not alone. richmond seeing some as well. we'll be back in a minute with complete coverage of your kron4 forecast.
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time for the world according to gary sponsored by hershey's. gary, i am not dead, in case you googled that. >> where have you been? >> i have been home. what can you do in the rain? so you didn't take any exotic trip or anything. >> nothing exciting. >> it seems so long ago when you go, you like to see
7:46 am
different points of the world. >> i do, but not this time. i did enjoy not watching any sports until last night because the football game was a big deal. i knew i had to come to work this morning. >> starting out the first half like any other day. you say, fine. all of the sudden the last quarter it heated up. >> right down to the last second. what a quarterback. now that he goes into the draft, 49ers? >> isn't he too small? >> give him a few years. >> so he's going to keep growing. >> these kids are young. >> that was the thing. this guy at the end of the game, it was just a tremendous game.
7:47 am
2006 everybody was comparing that game to last night. >> that was a fun, exciting one. it's always fun when everybody expected alabama to win. >> there's something about that nick sabin. i don't mind seeing him loose. >> he had the personal problems. i'm talking about the head coach. once again, i don't know him. i'm just talking. that clemson coach is like a good old boy and somebody that you seem to want to root for. last night anyway it was fun. >> with the clemson coach, beating his alma mater. i think that's kind of fun. i always follow the inside story. >> i think he said his first 31 years of life he lived in alabama. all of the sudden he was an assistant at alabama. then they had a head-coaching
7:48 am
change. all the assistance got let go. he had to get another job. he found one in clemson. >> while i was gone, everybody was let go. 49ers interviewing all their mixed coaches. they've got to mix coaches. they talked to mcveigh. they talk to mcdaniels. those are two mixed. the rest are -- there is like seven total. >> when you say mixed, what do you mean? >> the patriots, that interests me. >> he and tom are married at the hip. >> and resting right now. tommy has been resting before. you can sleep just like tom because brady has his new under armour sleepwear. take a look. >> first of all, brady sucks. second, i'm a huge fan of the pajamas.
7:49 am
much appreciated. >> he actually poked fun at himself. have you heard about the pajamas? >> the deal is they have these sensors or some type of material sown in that reflects the heat from your skin. >> that the conversation now. nobody at age 39 has played this well. normally, you are on your last leg. this guy just keeps playing at the top level. if it's the pajamas, so be it. >> it's one thing to poke fun at yourself, but steph curry actually is poking fun at his whole family, specifically little riley in an appearance
7:50 am
he made on the family guy. i don't know if you watched the show. >> didn't see it. >> check it out. >> look, it's steph curry. i'm such a big fan. >> thanks. it's nice to meet you. >> i know we just met, but can i sit on your lap during your next post game press conference? >> i don't see why not. this is exciting for the whole bay area to be four games away from the championship. the team is not just going away. we've got to stay focused, keep doing what we've been doing. >> fat lady. >> i see her, peter. >> that's not how we talk to people. >> make her go. >> boy, that's some good stuff there. >> i'm glad to see him. again, this guy has got it made. he's earned everything. people looking for stuff, he and durrant.
7:51 am
do they have the right mix? you know, you've got two guys used to being the boss and being the best shooters on their teams. i don't know. while you have been gone, his name came up. is he having an off year? 32-6. we should all have those problems. >> all i was doing was watching family guy -- mostly, i was watching movies during vacation. >> you didn't go anyplace? >> no, because it's raining. go out of your way to see lion. it's so fantastic. it's all about this little indian boy who gets lost. i don't want to blow it for you. >> let me be the turkey.
7:52 am
i don't want to leave my house. >> did i say it was sad? >> you said he gets lost. i don't want to blow the rest for you. >> i would've saw manchester by the sea, hidden figures, all of them. this is the best movie of the year. >> i know it's only a movie. i'm not going to sit there and cry because the kid is lost. >> i did cry a little. >> weather you are man, woman, parent or not, you just have to see this movie. >> i am not leaving my house in the rain paying $11. what would happen if one of my children was lost? >> wait till it comes out on video. >> at least i'm being honest. the answer would be, it sounds inspirational. i don't want one of my children
7:53 am
to be lost. >> i will see you. more storm coverage. çááámarkáááñ[take: on cam]
7:54 am
7:55 am
çáááon camáááñ for your money... raising a child could cost you nearly a quarter of a million dollars. a middle-income, married couple with two children is estimated to sp welcome back to the kron4 morning news. raising a child could cost you nearly a quarter million dollars
7:56 am
. middle income couple with two children estimated to spend $233,000 to raise one child born in 2015. >> that doesn't count college. we are just talking birth to age 17. these numbers are coming from the department of agriculture. the families are spending 12,000 and $14,000 on average to raise a child. the biggest expense is housing, food, and childcare. those are the expenses. that doesn't count the stuff you have to buy on the iphones and all that when they get to be older. >> look at this. los angeles police arresting a shooting suspect that led them on a slow-moving car chase late last night. this on the 405 freeway. the chase lasted about an hour and a half. police say one shot was fired at them. they were seen yelling at officers during the chase. they eventually pinned him and he was taken down by a canine. the man is suspected of shooting his sister-in-law.
7:57 am
and we are still tracking some very wet conditions all across the bay area. storm tracker for showing us it is wet everywhere you look across the bay area. seeing more moderate rain falling in parts of the east bay out toward castro valley and just east of san leandro. when i come back, we'll talk more about the extended forecast. james also has a look at what to expect when the kron4 morning news continues after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: we have our team
8:00 am
coverage to get you out the door taken a live look at the conditions and what roadways at the golden gate bridge. >>darya: on the right of the site traffic is cleared out.
8:01 am
>>james: the more widespread wryness light in nature all likelihood looking over light rain but as of 1 to add up and that is to push forward to' thursday morning this system looks like it will impact us both today and a little bit when sni into thursday we're looking at a 2 1/4 inches for san francisco more than two on the
8:02 am
third for oakland almost one- half down near san jose. >>james: this is what you need to know is what for the morning commute more wet and more dangerous for the afternoon as the storm is fully expected to intensify. >>anny h: flood and is likely
8:03 am
the runoff which can cause flooding a big concern is the sea water of and the hills gust over 65 mi. from our as the cancer going to the bus stop going to school.
8:04 am
>>robin w: traffic is starting to pick of if you look over to the writer and some of the caste lines to the heyday of the crossing still pretty packed.
8:05 am
will t: in this cold windy and the rain is pounding my face is coming in this direction this
8:06 am
pickup truck the driver was going too fast for the conditions.
8:07 am
>>darya: we send dollar partially you don't have to keep checking your phone. >>terisa e: take a look of the video we have this to show you this is our main focus on this tuesday 20 road closures and
8:08 am
thousand people without power you're looking at live pictures in san rafael that is 101 slow going no major accidents to tell you about the storm is cause a
8:09 am
problem across the entire state. >>mark: the president appears to address the nation. staycation? no way.
8:10 am
i need a real vay-cation. one measly week to bury my work phone in the sand while sipping some crazy concoction. is that too much to ask? hey we hear you. that's why we created aarp travel.
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8:12 am
on san mateo bridge traffic is still creeping along on the right-hand side the commute direction is very slow make it across and less than 30 minutes that is a decrease in their drive time 26 minutes the bay bridge ride into san francisco improving. >>darya: he is donald trump take to be attorney general to men
8:13 am
were kkk costumes and capitol police removed them from the hearing to other groups of protesters were chanting against the senator also will move them as well. as well.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
weather is at his worst we have widespread light buying as resuming you see pockets of isolated down for. >>james: also in the direction of richmond track and some showers just to the west of pleasanton went to fast forward
8:18 am
until noon time and went on to star sting larger and larger pockets full 45 coming up on the 5:00 it looks like a heavy rain just exploded all over the bay area we have the king tied
8:19 am
at 9:00 here is a quick live
8:20 am
look as we look at the bay bridge the light at the end of the tunnel is friday was to get past wednesday and thursday she looks great. >>robin w: it looks a lot better of the ride into san francisco mostly thin now in the car pool line we will stick with
8:21 am
the drive times for now here is the richmond san rafael bridge the golden gate bridge under a high wind advisory was issued by chp no estimated time for
8:22 am
clearing 17 crawling from the summit long wharf. >>mark: watching conditions in the sierra here to look as leasing some freeway closures. >>reporter: where the snow and
8:23 am
sub is just as important the fire department is also gearing up to do that they're equipped with chains and caring snowshoes and dire situation. >>reporter: alicia snow removal
8:24 am
equipment is flying off the shells--shell this. >>reporter: in addition he is helping out his neighbor. stanley r: the storm doors open which means more pollution in the san francisco bay area most a lot of all >>darya: tech flood it shows us everyone is getting hammered but not as bad as is going to be this afternoon
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>>james: 10 is the atm timeframe 4:00 p.m. with a full
8:28 am
breakdown for today and can the rest of the week
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>>darya: be careful this morning and on the way home. >>james: it will not be fun to start to say here is a wider view will talk of the blizzard warning as for the arraignment storm track and gives us a much
8:31 am
more detailed look at what we are seeing you could see abetted areas of yellow and that is where we see small pockets of heavy rain that briefly moves overhead. >>james: all this is track in left to right this whole trend of moisture will continue to impact places like pleasanton and livermore for the next hour so this is forecast to continue
8:32 am
rising it expected to crest 37 and half be well above flood stage ride around 5:00 when sni we're tracking that along the russian river and their unveil dealing with all the flooding of flood water looks like it will get a little worse before those water finally began to receive. >>james: that is the arrogant
8:33 am
basically the western slopes the orders of to tile will be affected five to 10 ft. of new snow above 7000 the when the to to the 30 mi. an hour winds was 60 mi. an hour gusts this whiteout conditions and will be really dangerous if they are open.
8:34 am
>>robin w: on the 30 minutes from dublin out to fremont no problem for the guadalupe parkway stop and go for the northbound ride.
8:35 am
will t: not so glamorous at least not today because it is raining really hard and it is wendy.
8:36 am
>>terisa e: it is really coming down in san rafael here in central fell you could see for yourself at the rand pummeling the area we have video that we want to show you about the conditions that are a little bit south that is all about the king tied also there was a lot
8:37 am
of what on the roadway especially over by a lucky drive will send cars go through that area we have reports of a tree down. >>terisa e: that is causing some problems we did have some school closures yesterday but all the more open on this tuesday in that had widespread problems including outages.
8:38 am
>>mark: right now is turning some loss in the game 19,00931.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>>robin w: without any major problems is only 16 minutes south fremont street drive times for the south they check out 85 we double check we don't see any accidents or major problems it is just under an hour for no. 85101 getting up to 280 in cupertino expect bumper to bumper traffic. >>mark: a federal judge
8:43 am
dismissed the wrong to death claims made by her family she was what with a father when she was shot to death along pier 14 in san francisco by undocumented immigrant he was later identified as mr. lopez he was released from jail a few months earlier despite requests from the federal government to keep him behind bars their list and because they are century city. >>james: we are tracking what whether we're technical live look showing it to weather stories won the rain over the bay itself the incredible amount of snow and blows like conditions.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>james: we had one black haw
8:46 am
about 30 seconds ago the showers we had over the bay bridge itself we're expecting it to
8:47 am
pick up on the east to ban 315 kids again out of school beginning at 5:00 we will have this mess to deal with where talk about moderate to heavy rain with release of their land
8:48 am
we have a little blob of red at the top of the screen that indicate really serious down for. >>james: it does not matter if you're not living in the north bay which typically the good
8:49 am
news is that after we get through thursday. >>robin w: only 14 minutes do not forget to softball lead early scattered across the road
8:50 am
this morning that is been a big issue not back from the bottom of the maze of to fremont street. >>robin w: avoid this area if you travel in and out of the santa cruz mountain with high with 1717 is open now 35 disclosed from the santa cruz santa clara county line data from both directions no estimated time of clearing checking in on the drive time not too bad but not terrible the ride out of concord into danville that is only 30 minutes it would take about an hour to get from to 38 out to
8:51 am
237. >>mark: the have creating a major problem all over the region here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: stanley r: that storms and the bay area bring a big problems we have something on the storm drains and most of the drain directly into the bay everything that is on the ground and and the san francisco bay including things that we do not saying
8:52 am
there was another problem is a homeless encampment right near the water however much of the trash country must. >>mark: melo also real concern on the bay area woman was hit
8:53 am
and killed by a tree. >>darya: yosemite national park plans to reopen today after the weekend storm did damage the party opposed to some pretty incredible video waterfalls are gushing and walling because of that rain the river reached flood stage on sunday night the park is looking at any damage a few rows are blocked because of slides the campground are supposed to reopen tonight-not
8:54 am
sure because they have now done and the autopsy to have the way into the weather gets better. >>mark: the french police confirmed invested it is a revealing that her chauffeur and a brother were among the 17 were arrested the work of the same company she was robbed by mass into a tie or in her apartment last october they stole morganton main dollars worth of jewelry is off several those arrested are known to french police for prior robberies brad
8:55 am
pitt in angelina have reached a deal for their divorce in the first joint statement which said it issued last night they agreed to seal all the court documents so you cannot see them it will sign the agreement.
8:56 am
8:57 am
migraines steal moments from my life. so i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. >>mark: they're bringing back the bronco to confine the plan to start making the new version by 20 twinning it was last manufactured 1990 sixth the company said it will be immense size as uv that want to make new
8:58 am
version of the drive wagon near the head paulo windows. >>anny h: we are still attracting showers it will get even worse everyone have seen showers of san. showers of san.
8:59 am
showers of san. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
9:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: san mateo bridge same story traffic is pretty having.
9:01 am
>>james: are some pockets of heavy showers and betting that we have the to men to seem regency in and around several fell off your pockets of heavy rain but mostly in the light rain and that is the nature
9:02 am
there some estimates of north bay hills made in spots sealed for 5 in. of rain is what out there we have a lot of watches an advisory in effect was that
9:03 am
all the way and we would takeover team coverage. this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>anny h: coastal flood advisory is in effect right now until noon on thursday the king tied and runoff will cause flooding low-lying areas of the big
9:04 am
concern will be the down trees more down power lines and flying debris and the extra careful if you have to be out in this ring today the next eight hours a very stormy day if we are expecting more rain more intense at times along with the wind especially in the afternoon from 1:00 until 5:00. >>anny h: we will keep you
9:05 am
posted on the changes off very strong today and tomorrow a check on your traffic. >>robin w:
9:06 am
>>mark: they're spread out around the bay area we are live in oakland. will t: the rain has stopped just drops not a big deal anymore it was a major problem of 5:00 in the morning to because of this accident westbound 24 to short of the broadway accent thick of driver going too fast for the road when he was in the number one lane and we interviewed him alive if he said he spa and three times
9:07 am
before he slammed the to the hillside. will t: he finally got out of the cboe he realized his shot was on fire and it turned into ball of flames the oakland fire department had to come out and put out the fire no major injuries he drove off with the tow truck driver that cause traffic to be backed up for about an hour and 15 minutes at the height of the morning commute.
9:08 am
>>terisa e: is really coming down and a just started to be heavy downpour in san rafael you can see the water everyone seems to be reminding themselves you can see 101 very slow to the rain it kicked up a notch and its slaming everyone right now
9:09 am
fit they're saying that hall of miller avenue is close to the due to flooding that is exactly what happened they're saying if you have to go in and around grand county make sure your checking the mobile applications. >>terisa e: rain really hitting
9:10 am
hard we are saturated we will be right back when the kron 4 morning news continues. the man shot and killed will show you where happened what led up to the shooting.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>darya: because of a possible salmonella contamination the powder that was used and the coding
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>james: some of the heavier than others but the richmond san rafael bridge underneath we have
9:16 am
9:17 am
the flash flood watch where i want to be watching this all week long especially the coastal flooding could be an issue was
9:18 am
in the past thursday friday saturday sunday looks good sunshine comes back out. >>robin w: from 37 into san rafael there was an accident at the robin williams tunnel that is blocking one line 47 minutes
9:19 am
the northbound crash not helping to 38 to 980 under 50. >>rob b: they're paying $4.8
9:20 am
9:21 am
billion this is good news and bad news. >>rob b: total credit-card account about 2.74% are in delinquency 15 year average
9:22 am
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>>rob b: i think i prefer platinum
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9:27 am
>>darya: man was shot and killed in vallejo and the shooter is still lose this morning the man showed a hospital with gunshot wounds and he later died. >>james: we're tracking rain coming down and it turns out here the your picture coming to us.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: a few breaks and a few spots around san jose and level more more rain headed in this direction.
9:31 am
. >>james: as to the rain we're looking a widespread coverage for most of the bay area of some breaks for the south bay here is what we're seeing the 11 corridor from the boss all the down to the golden gate bridge is under light rain with an occasional down for here is a
9:32 am
live you outside the rain come down pretty good with talk about how we have all better off coming and the no. what i storm total we had and the following that part of the team coverage. >>anny h: those rivers are going to cause quite a bit of flooding for areas nearby 25 ft.
9:33 am
currently almost at 20 ft. in the forecast is at its flood stage tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. tracking a blizzard warning up in the sierra
9:34 am
>>robin w: it is one to be about 43 minutes and growing to get from to 38 out to the nine a splint coming out of san leandro heading into downtown oakland here on the san mateo bridge 9 the to the drive times looks a lot better but is still very crowded out of hayward
9:35 am
>>mark: we have been checking in with north star >>reporter:.
9:36 am
>>: we have a little bit (that is opening this morning, we open the wanted to everything is safe we're open today which is cool.
9:37 am
>>darya: college football is officially over
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin w: traffic is at a crawl will switch over to the map
9:41 am
>>mark: it happened at the same place or another tree fell on sun and in a was a risk of death just as much as regular exercise however you get it that
9:42 am
is what you need a per week exercising less than that amount or less often lower the risk of premature deaths by 30 percent
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9:46 am
time for the world according to gary sponsored by hershey's. >>darya: what can you do in the rain >>darya: know nothing very exciting right down to the last second now that his going into
9:47 am
the draft the forty-niners it was a tremendous game for those of us who follow this stuff and usc in taxes 2006 everyone was comparing that game to last night. >>gary: he is standoffish with people once again i don't know
9:48 am
him but it was nice to have a good old boy came so when you sing to want to root for last night was fun. >>darya: he beat his armada we all saw the inside story his first 31 years of life he lived in alabama and now he was an assistant and had a head coach changed so all the assistance got let go when he found one. >>darya: they talk to make daniels the rest of the seven total the patriots tom brady has
9:49 am
been resting you can sleep with just like him because he has a new under armor sleepwear and there is a qvc joke on it. >>darya: he actually poked fun at himself but to have you heard about his pajamas they make some
9:50 am
sleep like a winner that is the conversation howe no one at age 39 has played this well. >>gary: this guy keeps playing a top-level it is the pajamas so be in it is one thing to note from yourself but steph curry action is poking fun of his family specifically riley and an appearance he made on family guide. >>: banks is nice to meet you. >>: this is exciting for the whole bay area to be four games away from the championship
9:51 am
they're not want to go way we have to stay focused keep doing what we have been doing, and that is not how we talk to people >>darya: this so funny he hasn't made he's turned everything but people are looking for things. >>gary: you have two guys are used to being the boss and being the best shooters on the team 32 and 6 we have those problems.
9:52 am
>>gary: you really didn't > go didn't >>darya: know because it is raining everything and have seen to me and the movie of the here is my in--lion. >>darya: is fantastic how i do not want to leave the house it is fantastic >>gary: if you have children one
9:53 am
of your children get lost i am not leaving my house in the rain to pay $11 and would happen if my children was lost?. >>darya: wait until it comes out on video have a great day we will see you later gary.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>darya: the merced river is
9:56 am
high in overflowing as to conceive a waterfall or gushing right now the water is roaring they're looking to see was effective there are few roads that were affected because of the slide of. >>darya: that decided to get out and enjoy the small middle and come mirror co.. >>mark: this new report
9:57 am
released in the department of agriculture met number on the cover the cost from birth to age 17 families can expect to spend between 12 to $14,000 a year on average to raise a child >>mark: stay connected with us with the kron 4 mobile application facebook and twitter dr. phil was coming up next, our next newscast is 5:00 this evening we will see you tomorrow at 4:00 a.m..
9:58 am
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