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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 10, 2017 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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keep an eye on all of the flash flood warnings. ... marin county, napa and sonoma >> brittney: heavy rain pockets will continue. were you see the yellow on the scoring goals are moderate downpours. in san francisco and south of concord. here in san francisco north of the sunset district where some of the heaviest of the rainshowers are coing down. we are seeing precipitations > at a third of an inch. compaq--especially in our north bay zone. >> brittney: if you are closer to antioch, you will see some of the heaviest rainfall or brown 504 pm.
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the more rainshowers is pushing through san francisco. and that is tracking to the east as well. at, 520 you will see more in burlingame. >> brittney: there is a flood morning in the north bay zone. this is the most vulnerable zone for us as the heaviest of downpour is falling. >> brittney: parts of the napa is under a flash flood warning as well. the--until concord and fairfield. >> brittney: up in to concord and fairfield. at 531 noticed have your pockets on shore. either--
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will notice have your pockets on shore. and by age 30, we will see a little relief from the heavy rain showers. --and by eight. we will seek a little relief from the heavier rain showers. pecan >> brittney: eighth we will still maintain a chance of cooling showers as we go into wednesday morning. -- and we will see a chance of rain showers cooling down as we go into wednesday morning. >> reporter: we have a lot of rain showers coming down. we are worried about all that rain coming down on top of the storm system that is moved through the bay area for the weekend. and we do have a flash flood warning for much of the bay area. we have to watch out for the north bay zone. , we have
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rising rivers right now. the >> brittney: >> reporter: it looks like there is a major concern for peddling what rivers. it looked like it will continue to rise and flood the is definitely a concern. -in- the petaluma the the location. >> reporter: we have flash flood warnings in campbell as well. so, either out the evening blast but one is up for most of the bay area. - -sold the, for the evening flash flood warnings are out for the bay area. >> reporter: are going to see major flooding. and, right in napa a 26 ft.
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taking id above the flood stage. the look like it will happen on route 2:00 a.m. in the morning. if you live around that area be prepared as water will rise. >> reporter: along of petaluma river we are already saying river's flooding at the flood stage already. it is a mass of all are around the bay area tonight. we have team coverage, and we will be here all day long. either >> grant: thank you! >> grant:we have crews scattered throughout the bay area - covering this latest storm. let's start in the north bay - where several flash flood warnings have been issued. >> catherine:kron four's charles clifford is live for us in petaluma. chuck - what's it like out there tonight? >> reporter: the heavy rains have definitely of arrived
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here in parliament. the at the moment---at the moment a flash flood warning has banned apply to papilloma all the way to sonoma. -- hasbeen applied to petaluma >> reporter: all the creeks and streams are around the area are high. >> technical difficulties.
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>> reporter: that is the very latest here and paul wanna, charles clifford, 4 news. th--in petaluma >> catherine:scary moments in the east bay. as power lines fall across interstate 880. >> reporter: we have had very heavy rain showers for much of the day. but the wind is picking up as well along with the blood it roads. we have a lot of people doing whatever they can to get the point a to point b, even if there is a flooded road. >> reporter: it was a day of doing the impossible in danville. clearly flooded
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roads and that is stopping this man from try to get to band practice. >> some >> reporter: successfully drove through the flood and others had to be told out. along truck road-- along drake road, some who lived close by says that things are improving. >> from what i remember yesterday, it was close to the top where you only see the came guru gonna the the --the came ballroom >> reporter: this man, and
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his cognac and ran on down the street. --kayak >> i have never seen anything like this. this is new to me. >> reporter: this time he went along with the current making things all little easier. >> reporter: we have seen several people using kayaks, and larger vehicles being able go through the roadway. >> grant: thanks, dan. >> grant: the are some scary moments in the east bay as power lines fall across interstate 880.
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>> grant:a big rig hitting a pole caused the lines to come shutdown the freeway in both directions. so pg&e crews could work safely on repairs. >> grant:this was around 1 o'clock this afternoon near high street. the area was cleared about an hour later. but not before causing a major backup. >> catherine: less talk about the sierra blizzard conditions causing all kinds of problems with so much snow around 8 ft. up to the mountains and 5 ft. in the lake tahoe area. because of high wind and low visibility. the national register says travel conditions are wife fretting. --life threatening >> catherine: of a ski resorts are closed today.
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>> catherine:in the east bay -- the storm caused accident after accident on the freeways. kron four's spencer blake is live in walnut creek. spencer - you were all over contra costa county today.sounds like lots of issues. >> reporter: there were a whole lot of issues. it was a writer " long with a chp officer--it was all part of a ride-along with c-h-p officer brandon correia. i'm near where 24 meets up with i-680and we drove right through this area earlier today. >> reporter:it didn't take long before we came upon an accident. we pulled up to where other first responders were already working, and found a car that had rolled over. >> reporter:this is not uncommon on days like today. >> reporter:officer correia says a lot of people go too fast, or they slam the brakes too hard and hydroplane.and they end up in situations like things worse for everyone on the road.
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>>"they're waiting for a tow truck to come and right it so we can get it off to the side of the road, and there's tons of backup right now." >> reporter:no injuries. >> reporter:marsh creek road mudslide - between clayton, brentwood. expect ther small mudslides over the net 48 hours. live in walnut creek, spencer blake, kron four news. >> technical difficulties faugh >> grant:blizzard conditions
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are causing all kinds of problems in the sierra. the area is getting blasted with lots of new snow. up to mountains. make sure you have the free kron-4 mobile app to track the storms this can zoom in on radar to see what's coming to your neighborhood. >> grant:and be the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area. we'll keep you updated alerts. >> catherine:still ahead on kron four news at five. the oakland patrol desk confirms that they are-- >> grant: life behind bars for either sentenced to death? up next! >> catherine: a lot of heavy rain and flood it--after the break.
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>> catherine: the santa cruz mountains are also getting slammed. as the region is once again lashed by heavy rain and whipping wind. >> grant: crown for rob flood of boat has been to all of the hot spots. --- kron4 rob fladeboe has been to all of the hot spots. he
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drank of up to date now. live--- he brings us up to date >> reporter:this was highway nine in felton as heavy rain returned to the san lorenzo valley on tuesday. this was ben lomond, whch has received 7 inches of rain since friday.the total is boulder creek where a large chunk of bear creek road has fallen into the san lorenzo river below. >>chief kevin mcclish/boulder creek fire dept-- basically, we are expecting heavy rain showers tonight. we are worried about trees coming down sandpit lines coming down. -- and lines >> reporter:across from the
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slide.a home battle to keep the mud from blocking her driveway. >> sharon/mountain resident -- it was scary. >> reporter:the wettest winter in ten years here means the drought is over but santa cruz county has declared a water residents to conserve water lomond reservoir failed. >>eileen cross/santa cruz water dept-- santa cruz receives 75 percent of its water from surface either-- streams >> reporter:the san lorenzo river is on the rise again as residents are worried about high winds that can bring down trees lines and electricity. >>rob besson/mountain resident-- >> reporter:there is widespread flooding and all those closures and slides are taking a toll on mountain roads. at least $2 million in damage so far. at least 26 different roads
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across the mountains have suffered closures or slides like this one that blocks highway 9 at glengarry road in felton. >> please do not go thrugh the signs. and road closurese . >> reporter:in napa county.
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>> reporter: the city of santa cruz has a water emergency because of the reservoir. there is possible state and federal aid because of all of these road closures going ford. the >> grant: now to napa! >> grant:public works crews paying close attention to silverrado trail. where a rockslide there along the napa river forced several road closures in the area. >> grant:today, kron four's philippe djegal returned to that it looks like. and how long it may be until the road re-opens. >>- "so, what this is -- its volcanic ash." >> reporter:dave cardwell accesses the damage. superintendent for napa county roads has his hands full on silverado trail. >> reporter:where after crews overnight removed 20
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truck loads of the sandstone and volcanic ash material that peeled off the mountain and into the roadway near pratt avenue. >> reporter:more came down here in saint helena at around seven o'clock tuesday morning. >>- "you can see that its basically like a slip plain on top of this lower section here and then up where the manzanita is, we have lots of cracks that are running up through that upper surface and currently that water is coming down into over here on this side where running on the left, to work as a lubricant for the unstable plain, which is just a slip plain and this is what came down this morning." >> reporter:neighbors like tom pecota passed by to check things out on what cardwell calls one of napa county's busiest roads. >>- "it might block the river, i don't know. i'm not a geologist, but if that thing comes down, it'd be pretty bad." >> reporter:that's why cardwll and his crew are working quickly to figure out a solution, which may include reconfiguring the roadway and moving the traffic lanes over. >>- "and, then against those we would install multiple rows of k-rail, uh, three high and chain them to it, act as a barrier to maintain the wall and at that time, we could put a netting over it, but that's just a temporary solution that would allow us to come in when the mountain fails onto the roadway. uh, long-term, we're still evaluating that." >> reporter:cardwell says this road will remain off limits to motorists most likely through the end of the week.
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>> reporter:in saint helena, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> catherine:brittney will talk to us about flash flooding and it feels as bad as the last system. >> brittney: it fills a live id is as bad as the last
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system but it's actually last. -- to tackle difficul >> technical difficulties
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>> catherine: a number of bay area counties are under a flash flood warning for watch. but, the bottom line is is actually pretty dangerous out there right now. >> grant: balance is tracking where the nearest flash floods are located. -- lawrence is tracking
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>> reporter: >> reporter: >> brittney: we also have higher elevations in the santa cruz mountains where there are warnings that will stay in effect until the rest of tonight. either >> brittney: parts of the south bay and san francisco crossing either lange fall. bob rezones to have rainfall. ---all for read this >> brittney: if you are closer to 280, of all scene have your pockets right now.
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and you will notice that a lot of it is coming right off the coast. it will continue to track near the east. not as much rain in the south bay's own. --zone >> brittney: mill valley is seen moderate down 4 and the same thing for richmond and vallejo. same thing for the east as we go into the rest of tonight. pleasanton, you will see heavier rain showers moving through. the >> brittney: more rain showers will come down over your evening commute as you try to run in length tonight. you may want to run in a sense of tomorrow. the --you may want to want in iran's tomorrow.
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>> grant:all the wet weather is the reason this 70 foot monterey pine toppled over closing bythedale avenue in san francisco's visitacion valley neighborhood. >> grant:it was just one more storm casualty. >> catherine:kron4's maureen kelly shows us the damage. >> reporter:this is the downed tree that ruined at least two people's on top
5:58 pm
two cars parked on the other side of blythdale avenue in the sunnydale housing project early today. >> reporter:i talked to the owner of this black car here.who says he had a bad feeling about the tree when he parked his car there after getting off work at 530 this morning. >>when i got out the car i saw that tree and i thought i think that trees gonna fall so i was praying walking up the hill. >> reporter:while he's bummed about his new car.he's just glad he wasn't in it when that tree came down. >> reporter:the city's housing authority says they have been monitoring their trees ahead of the storm >>trimming trees removing trees at the end of it's life but we didn't think this one was at the end of it's life but the soil is so saturated that it fell. >> reporter:the tree's roots ruptured a gas line when it toppled.and the residents of 6 units were evacuated for just a homes were assessed for safety. >> reporter:but just around the corner two families had to be moved to other units when another tree fell on top of their homes on saturday. >> reporter:driving thru the city.downed limbs could be seen in many here in mclaren park.
5:59 pm
>> reporter:a massive limb fell on some wires on jackson and divadero.some of those wires lines were temporarily delayed until diesel buses could be swapped in. >> reporter:dogwalkers had to keep to the edges of stern grove today.that's because the rec and park department closed because of the high winds expected as this latest storm rolls thru. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> catherine:that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. >> grant:steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve:flash flooding. heavy rain. strong winds. causing big tonight. >> steve:next at six. we are live in the north bay. where the russian river has flooded over its banks. and we will have a report from the south bay. where the santa cruz mountains are getting slammed. >> steve:it is a storm tracker 4 alert night on kron 4. more rain is slamming the bay area and we have crews all over the region. + we are seeing wet and slick roads causing accidents. flooding. rising rivers again. and huge trees are coming down and landing on homes. >> steve:good evening. i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. it is still raining right now. and this storm is have our team of meteorologists tracking the system. >> pam:chief meteorologist brittney shipp is heading up our coverage. and meteorologist lawrence karnow is here keeping an eye on the flooding rivers and streams.
6:02 pm
>> pam:brittney. we have warnings right now. what does it look like out there? return to >> brittney: as we go into the rest of this evening. this is the area that we are with most concerned about. with the higher elevations near the santa cruz mountains. once again, will be our main concern for the next few hours. we are still dealing with heavier rain showers as we go through parts of our region here. in san francisco, we see the heavy moderate debt- heavy a moderate rain showers coming down. >> brittney: mill valley, seeing some of the heaviest rain showers on the map at the same thing with the northern part of said francisco. the heavier rain showers and stamp francisco. --san francisco
6:03 pm
>> technical difficulties . >> brittney: our future cast shows where the rain showers are headed next. trekking to the east. people want to know when we will see a break from the rain showers.
6:04 pm
closer to seventh party, we are still billing with heavier rain over the east bay's own. --we are still dealing with heavier rain showers over the east bay zone. >> reporter: simply, too much water over the bay area as it continues to come down outside. some places, over 10 in.. we have flooding so you have to be careful. >> reporter: if you are traveling along 101 you want to walk out of their water from there as well. --you want to watch out as there is water around there as well. >> reporter: up and down the
6:05 pm
napa, river area you have the valley that is just a mess here with a lot of rain showers that is accumulating. >> reporter: santa cruz mountains, yes. it looked like a lot of rain showers coming down the mountain top. so is a possibility of more flooding in that area. you want to walk out of that area. --you want to watch out from that area. >> reporter: if you live near some of the flash flood warning and watch areas. then doesn't want to be careful as there is a flood advisory and most of the bay area locations. along with astronomical high tide along the coast. >> reporter: as you make your way into the bill. it could go up to flood stage
6:06 pm
by tomorrow afternoon-- in guernville >> reporter: and the st. hulling area--st helen you will see flooding as well. >> pam: thank you, lawrence. >> pam:one of the places we mentioned that is under a flash flood warning right now is petaluma. the warning is suppose to expire in a few minutes. >> steve:kron 4's charles clifford is there. it is a little dark now. but you have been up there all day. what does it look like. any flooding? >> reporter: over the last hour stronger win the then what i have seen all day. -- wind >> reporter: heavy rain showers keep up there is
6:07 pm
still a danger of flooding this evening. right now, cutting into the north of petaluma some of the creeks and streams are out of their banks. acres and acres of flood water on the ground. saw many of the roads are still open but you can definitely see the water covering the field out and some of the areas north of petaluma. >> reporter: best takes up a look at some video. >> reporter: traffic down to one lane. a lot of creeks and streams were running high. >> reporter: the flash flood warning include not only petaluma but sonoma as well. ed, enclosed the willowbrooks neighborhood. where there are reports of flash flooding there. along
6:08 pm
with the walnut creek area. >> reporter: is the very latest and the north bay, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> steve: thanks, charles! >> steve:the storm caused mess afterkron four's spencer blake has been chasing down several of them. >> pam: right now he is live in walnut creek. in contra costa county today? >> reporter:what didn't we find. think of water-related accidents and problemsthey were there. fell in _ _ >> reporter:i also rode along with a c-h-p officer, to see what kind of traffic messes there were. >>"there's a lot of spinouts in specific areas that we know where it gets flooded quickly." >> reporter:here's a look at
6:09 pm
one of the ones we came upon in a 24. this was near lafayette. >> reporter:officer correia says it appears the driver made an unsafe lane change and flipped over. >> reporter:nobody got hurt. >> reporter:traffic was backed up for quite a bit, though. >> reporter:let's take a live look at i-680 right now in walnut creek. live in walnut creek, spencer blake, kron four news.
6:10 pm
>> pam:a familiar trouble spot. the stream in san anselmo is really roaring tonight. this is what it looked like about the time the flash flood warning went out. >> pam:we have seen flooding in this area before. and we checked the online gauge a short time ago. since midnight. the creek has gone up about five- feet. return
6:11 pm
>> reporter: this is no unusual kayak trip. >> it is the current. the current got me. it is pretty powerful. it can give you. >> reporter: he went to meet his friend, stock up from the wells restore for the next two days. --stock up
6:12 pm
from the grocery store for the next two months >> we are not driving through an hour card. we have seen a lot of trucks that are elevated so they have been coming through. but, we are wondering if it's worth to find someone that can give is to go through so we can check on our pets. --we are not driving through with our car. >> i just missed my ride. >> reporter: some had to be told out by even larger vehicles. --towed >> reporter: is not so bad to seeking in the water. -- sinking >> reporter: if you see a sign that says flooded a vehicle do not proceed. regardless of the size of
6:13 pm
your vehicle. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. news. >> pam: there is a major delay is a tractor trailer may have hit a tree and we will have more updates on that story. >> steve: we will tell you how much the rain is having a negative impact on the water supply. >> pam: what is going on in napa valley? and the damage there. >> steve: 83 taking out several cars. which is not the only problem and the city. --a tree
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>> pam: this is a live look at storm tracker four radar. it has been lighting up all day long as another storm soaks the bay area. >> pam: we have seen all sorts of warnings through out the day. our team of meteorologists is tracking this latest round of wet weather and about five minutes. return >> pam: more heavy rain and high winds. dealing new blows to storm weary folks in the santa cruz mountains.
6:17 pm
>> steve:rock and mud slides, falling trees and power lines and of all things, a call for residents to conserve water in the city of santa cruz. kron four's rob fladeboe has been checking the hot spots. >> reporter:this was highway nine in felton as heavy rain returned to the san lorenzo valley on tuesday. this was ben lomond, whch has received 7 inches of rain since friday.the total is above nine inches here in boulder creek where a large chunk of bear creek road has fallen into the san lorenzo river below. >>sot chief kevin mcclish/boulder creek fire dept. basically we are expecting heavy wind and rain for tonight. so of course we are worried about trees and power lines coming down. >> reporter:across from the slide.a home blocking her driveway. >>sot sharon/mountain resident--it was just scary. there are many emergency
6:18 pm
vehicles. >> reporter:the wettest winter in ten years here means the drought is over but santa cruz county has declared a water emergency, calling on after a pipeline from loch lomond reservoir failed. >>sot eileen cross/santa cruz water dept. santa cruz get 95 percent of its water from surface water like rivers and streams. and, and these kind of storms these waters become too turbulent for us to treat it so we have to live on all reservoir. >> reporter:the san lorenzo river is on the rise again as residents are worried about high winds which can take out power lines and electricity. >> resident so many of them are dead and have not been taken care of. >> reporter:there is widespread flooding slides are taking a toll on mountain roads. at least $2 million in damage so far. at least 26 different roads suffered closures or slides like this one that blocks highway 9 at glengarry road in felton.
6:19 pm
>>sot chief kevin mcclish/boulder creek fire dept. we really advise people to come upon a road closures signed and not go through those signs of the are there for a reason. i cannot tell you how many times we have had people go through within the last two days and will try to get the roads clear. and mostly we have to turn the march route anyways. >>--turned them all around anyways >> reporter: >> steve:thanks, rob! >> steve:in saint helena. public works crews paying close attention to silverrado trail. where a rockslide there along the napa river forced several road closures in the area. >> pam: today, kron four's philippe location. he shows us what it looks like. and
6:20 pm
explains how long it may be until the road re-opens. return to >> reporter:silverado trail, one of napa county's busiest roads, shut down for several miles in both directions at pratt avenue. where sandstone and volcanic ash fell off the mountain monday. and, continued to break apart tuesday morning. >>sot- "it could go into the river and maybe take this bridge out." >> reporter:neighbors in saint helena stopping by, hoping the situation doesn't get worse. >>sot- "we had five inches of rain over the weekend. uh, another almost two in the past 24 hours." >> reporter:assistant public works superintendent for napa county roads. dave cardwell brought in a geologist to survey the area and has deemed this road unsafe. >> reporter:this after 20 truck loads of this stuff was hauled off overnight. >>sot- "there's a fault line, you can see, if you want to refer to it like that, which is taking water, acting as a lubricant and that stone is unstable up there. we're looking at stabilizing it by possibly removing it and by means, yet to be determined." >> reporter:cardwell says he doesn't expect explosives to be used. >> reporter:he adds its also possible, crews may reconfigure the roadway, to push drivers further away from the mountain.
6:21 pm
>>sot- "right now, our main concern is that we, um, prevent any further, uh, damage to the roadway or the st. helena water pipeline here and our main concern is for the residents and the traffic." >> reporter:for now, the road remains closed and it may stay that way through the end of the week. >> reporter:in saint helena, philippe djegal kron four news. >> reporter:it is a storm tracker 4 alert night here at kron 4. >> steve:this is a live look outside right now. it is coming down on the evening commute. and problems around the bay area. >> pam: we have a team of meteorologists tracking the storms tonight. p >> pam: lawrence karnow is watching a blizzard in the sierra. and chief meteorologist latest update from our storm tracker four radar. tele >> brittney: it is really
6:22 pm
incredible and hominy flash flood watches we are revealing. >> brittney: >> technical difficulties.
6:23 pm
>> brittney: flash flood warnings will stay in effect until 8:00 p.m.. discuss those creek is also experienced--loss of gatos creek is also expensive flash flooding. >> brittney: all of the heaviest rain, good news we are not seeing prolonged heavy rain and the north bay is now prepared technical difficulties.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam: it is one trucker for a longer day and we are seeing a lot of damage or around the bay area. take a look at what happened in san francisco. >> pam: trees down all over the place. we will show you some of the trouble spots. >> steve:plus so much for
6:26 pm
the reservoirs being dry. we have some incredible biggest water reserves in the south bay. return to
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>> steve:it is a storm tracker four alert day here. as we are seeing more heavy rain creating a dangerous situation around the bay area. >> pam:we have a team of meteorologists tracking it for us. lawrence karnow is watching the streams and rivers. and chief meteorologist brittney shipp is keeping a close eye on the radar. brittney. return >> brittney: sips keeping an eye on the radar.
6:34 pm
>> brittney: just to show you why we are seeing so many school closures and sonoma county, we have reports of a foot of water on the roadway to happen at 9:00 this morning when the rains started. petaluma, with flooding and also with reports of san francisco with high sustained wind speed. up to 40 mi. per hour. so, that has been another concern for us. 24 and now,--in napa for >> brittney: a closer look >> brittney: for a closer look,lawrence? >> reporter: we are looking at more flooding when agassi
6:35 pm
bloody anywhere in this area. --where you can see flooding anywhere in this area. >> reporter: if you live anywhere along the napa river you may want to go to high ground as we are starting to see blood in there as well. --flooding there as well >> reporter: meantime, and the santa cruz mountains. with plenty more rain showers on the way we will keep you of it right here on kron 4 news. >> technical difficulties.
6:36 pm
>> technical difficulties.
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>> steve:a kron 4 viewer also sent us this video from the north bay. it is the napa river in saint helena and it is raging. clearly not at flood stage in this video but it is definitely swollen. >> steve:it looks more like some rapids right now. but the forecast has the river reaching its highest in years. >> steve:and a reminder. you can share your storm pictures and video with us through the kron 4 mobile app. just choose the report it option at the bottom. the app also sends out breaking news alerts. has live radar and the forecast for where you live. >> steve:it is free for apple and android devices. return to >> catherine:the sierra is getting blasted by a new onslaught of winter storms. meaning dangerous conditions on and off the roads. >> catherine:we know that
6:39 pm
the sierra is getting pounded by lots of new snow. forecasters warn of up to 8 feet in the highest mountains. >> catherine:and up to 5 feet around the tahoe resorts. but the national weather service is actually using terms like "life- threatening".when referring to blizzards in the sierra nevada. >> catherine:there's also a high risk of avalanches and the threat of wind gusts reaching up to 60 miles an hour. >> catherine:the sierra avalanche center has issued a warning through wednesday morning, saying"high avalanche danger" for all elevations. >> catherine:several ski resorts closed today or halted chair lift operations because of low visibility and the high winds. >> catherine:and expect more traffic nightmares. i-80 was shut down in both directions california-nevada border. california-nevada border. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology
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>> grant: we are tracking bart delays. a train ran over a tree. with people on the train. however, there were no android. --no injuries >> brittney: >> grant: will keep you posted on that front. pam? >> pam: thank you. >> pam:bill musgrave is out as the coordinator
6:43 pm
>> steve: barry have all your sports,--gary your sports,--gary
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: good evening! >> gary:his contract was not renewed by the team today he will be replaced by quarterbacks coach todd downing who is viewed as an up and coming the team wanted to keep he also has a close relationship with quarterback derek carr >> gary:musgrave was the raiders offensive coordinator the past two seasons the team finished 6th in total yards and 7th in points scored this season but head coach jack del rio had been openly critical at times of his play calling.
6:47 pm
davis to meet with nfl >> gary: no major decisions are expected to come from this meeting and with regards to the raiders moving to las vegas. >> gary: it is a way for davis to both his tastes and las vegas as a viable option. >> to see if they can get any better deal in oakland and the mean time.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: >> gary:steve was cracking up. >> gary: this guy is pretty credible. >> gary:brittney says, i need help... bring him in! >> gary: steve ...
6:49 pm
>> gary: hey lawrence will your app. not have people watch us now? >> reporter: no! >> gary: okay. >> gary: anyway lawrence what's the name of the weather app? >> reporter: weatehrscope! >> gary:the 49ers interviewd two more candidates for the
6:50 pm
head coach and general manager job. returned to their south-- he is a former player. bounced aroudn the front office, he hasn't worked in the league in about 3 years. >> gary: return to their carolina campus today buses carrying the team were met by students and fans at memorial stadium also known as "death valley" today >> gary:last night they defeated favored alabama 35-
6:51 pm
31 in one of the best national championshps games ever it is their first national title since 1981 and the first time they've beaten alabama since 1905 return to >> gary:and during the postgame celebration last night ben boulware who was defenve mvp on the championship game got very friendly with the trophy pretty much making out with it then finally licking it! take another look he is known for being a wild-man but boulware showing a movr loving side with the national championship trophy >> gary: that's how you celebrate! you lick the national championship trophy. >> gary: the warriors win
6:52 pm
off the course with top sales. >> gary: they're playing wiagainst the heat. >> pam: we will be right back! back! crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white.
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>> reporter: heavier rain showers coming down and the bay area right now. boy, are they coming down. >> brittney: as we go into the next couple hours we are concerned with flooding. >> pam: tune in at eight! as these will be tracking it all.
6:56 pm
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number one, brad and angelina form a united front. >> this joint statement is huge for the kids. >> why they're finally working together after months of bitter feuding. >> to remain a family even though you're not a couple. >> inside hollywood's biggest divorce duos coming together for the children. >> jamie foxx sets the record straight on his alleged bar brawl. >> i want to address what happened on saturday, man. >> jamie, did you get in a fight? "this is us" returns tonight. will we finally find out toby's fate? >> you're going to be really surprised. and who's the golden globe winner that the pearson family wants to adopt. your insider bonus. >> i would not let my kids be professional actors, no. >> why ben affleck won't let his children get bit by the acting bug. >> would you ever consider going back to doing live? >> well -- >> my candid new interview with regis philbin. inside the kelly ripa fallout.
7:00 pm
>> i had to leave the show. and i think she resented that. >> now the insider, tracking hollywood from the inside out. just one day after brad pitt's surprise golden globe appearance. he and angelina are tracking at number one today for their new joint agreement. >> they're not the first hollywood exes putting their kids first. >> angelina jolie and brad pitt have released their first joint statement on their divorce agreement. they will work together to reunify their family. >> brad and angie's first joint statement since the divorce filing begins to show a coming together of sorts for the sake of their six children. >> the parties and their council


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