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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 11, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PST

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>> steve: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: rain, flooding and mudslides and a lot of it. >> pam: rising rivers and creeks cause a lot of problems all across the bay area. >> steve: still keeping an eye on the river cut some water is going fast-going downhill. >> brittney: we are still concerned about the river. although it is nice to see some of the rain showers die down. >> brittney: we do have a flash flood warning that will stay in effect until
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midnight. if you live close to the alameda creek you want to be very careful. >> brittney: just moving out of the nep but and tracking to the east. -- moving out of napa >> brittney: have one strong airline. pushing to san francisco on route 1120 and closer to oakland on route 1143. >> brittney: lee was a pretty close to the mid '50s tomorrow. the boat, we are concerned about the rivers and streams. for more details on that we will send it over to lawrence army urologists-- meterologist >> reporter: we have a flood right now on the roads there
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and around the rivers. st. helena has been flooding there for a good part of the day. at 19.2 ft. creek the good news is that it is starting to fall a little bit. >> reporter: about five or 6:00 with the see a flood there at 39.7 ft which would be a major flood in the guernville area. >> steve: thank you, lawrence. >> steve: this creek has
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reached its capacity and if the received any more rain showers bin if a flood over. -- it could flood over >> pam: this video was sent over by a viewer. no word on road closures there and castro. >> grant: you receive the 60 ft. trees toll-- 60ft tall tree at lombard. in san francisco. unfortunately no one was injured. no one was inside the cars. -- fortunately >> steve: all eyes are on the russian river tonight.
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39.8ft >> steve: causing a lot of problems on the road as well. with the j.r. stone. >> reporter: you it is built the truck moving at all?-- you could feel >> yes. it was in my truck bed. the water did not look that deep at all. it was very deceiving. very deceiving. >> reporter:as the crew work to get to that location. pg &e worked at one entrance as a tree like the other entrants. >> it was wendy. and my dog was terrified.
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>> reporter: tuesday afternoon,kayaks were used to go through the floodwaters. >> reporter: others like danielle; where of said the bay of it to go through the flooding-- were upset that they decided to go through the flooding. >> reporter: for hours the water or rain has stopped. but now is continuing. this could be over 15 ft. over flood levels recorded. >> reporter:pam and steve,
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now back to you in the studio. >> steve: some two dozen people in the dark right now. -- two thousand people are in the dark right mow --now >> gary: >> reporter: there are a lot of road closures here in gilroy and several thousand people are without power. the high will be closed between 10th street and southbound and northbound. >> reporter: behalf approves ready to respond to assist. -- they have crews ready to assist
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>> reporter: people are urged to bring their own shows and take as many said sex as they need. ---people are urged to bring their own sandbags and take as many as they would need. >> reporter: people are warned to watch out for bloodied and fallen tree-- flooding and falling tree branches. >> reporter: >> pam: well, some good
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news. the rain showers are starting to let up. and the next step; we start to dry out.
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>> brittney: this is heavy rain that is pushing on short right now. so, we are
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not quite done with this system. not quite yet. lawrence is here to tell us a little bit more about the high wind that will stay in effect as we go into the rest of tonight. >> reporter: you can see some heavy downpours. with a chance of isolated thunderstorms and wind at 25 to 45 mi. per hour. things are a plan to wind down. it will settle down just a little bit. with the heavy rainfall over the weekend and more today. behind that, we will start to see a little bit of a break with lee during showers in to thursday. however, things will begin to start the compound. --things will begin to come down. >> reporter: >> steve: thank you for
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joining us tonight. tomorrow, we start things is a paid presentation
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