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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 12, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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kron 4's averi harper just got to the scene. averi what do we know? çááádaryaáááñ thanks averi. we will check back with you through out the morning.
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çááámarkáááñçáááradaráááñ another round of rain hitting the bay area this morning. taking a live look at storm
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tracker 4 radar this morning. once again widespread rain expected through out the morning.çááádaryaáááñ çááátripleboxáááñ and it could make for a wet commute. taking a live look at the bay area bridges. the roads are already wet this morning and it could cause a slow commute as more cars get on the road. çááá2 shotáááñ çááádaryaáááñ this morning we have complete team coverage of the storm as you get ready to head out the door. çááámarkáááñçáááquad boxáááñ we have james fletcher and rebecca strom tracking the storm in the weather center. and robin winton is checking the impact on your morning commute.çááádaryaáááñ and we have will tran is out in belmont. we will check in with him in a moment but first let go to james fletcher in the weather center. weather: showers will move
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through the area today as a low pressure system moves south along the coast. showers will decrease during the day and temperatures will be cooler. dry weather returns for late week and into early next week with temperatures rebounding back to near seasonal averages. rain chances potentially return by the middle of next week.
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>> temperatures past sunset drop considerably. down to the 40s at first. into the overnight hours, temperatures drop to the 30s. a lot of cold air behind this
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storm. here's the live shot from the golden gate bridge. water droplets on the lens and the damp roads out there. we've got rebecca with more on team coverage talking about those advisories we are tracking. >> we are actually still tracking the russian river. i just checked. the crest is at 36.4 feet. that is much improved. we saw the crest over the 37.8, so it's definitely going down. we hope by 4:00, that's when it's going to be completely below flood stage. we will continue to monitor that. coastal flood advisories, as i step out of the way, you can see it's for all the areas highlighted in that lime green color. all because of the king tide and the runoff from that. we might see some flooding along spots especially on roads and parking lots. getting the kids out the door and ready for school, it's going to be continuing with showers throughout most of the day,
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like james was mentioning, even to when the kids get out of school. we might have an isolated shower here and there, but the kids still want to have umbrellas as they make their way out of school. getting ready for school, you want to make sure that you are dressed nice and warm today. look at these temperatures. it's going to be a chilly day. mostly in the 40s. some spots in the low 50s, but most areas we are going to see in the 40s. so it's a cold start and a wet start to the morning. switching things over to the roadways, let's get a check with robin to see how it's moving. >> it's definitely a wet start into san francisco. it's packed here at the tolls backed up into the maze but it's very quiet on the bridge and in downtown. no big trouble spots to add to this. about 23 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. still tracking a closure in fremont. 880 north at the mission offramp where avery harper has been reporting those two accidents. one is a hazmat situation and
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they have the offramp blocked but it's not causing a major delay. there is a backup. it's minor. it's one exit. no major delays approaching disclosure. just hop over or continue north and get off afterward. the southbound ride, the usual backup. it is in pockets from 238 up to mission. you can make it in less than 40 minutes from san leandro to 237. i will check in on the san mateo bridge coming up. we continue with our team coverage of this storm this morning. the last one, hopefully, for a while. let's get to will. he's had enough. >> reporter: i have more than had enough. just to give you perspective, i'm from washington state. i can't stand it anymore for one week of being out here freezing pretty much to death. robin talked about the san mateo bridge.
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i'm a couple miles away from it. you can see cars heading toward the san mateo bridge northbound on the other side of the freeway. moving along just fine. to use what you asked a bit earlier, they might be going warped speed, and for good reason. it's not gusty. looks like the roadway might be starting to dry out just a bit because of the volume of tires running over the wet spots that we saw a little bit earlier this morning. look at this. i know it's coming back, but right now it looks like there's a little bit of cloud cover and you can see -- or it's starting to dissipate. you see the sun is starting to rise. looks awfully beautiful. to answer your question about warp speed, i couldn't wait to answer that. what exactly is warp speed? we call that saturday and sunday weekend. that's warp speed. >> i thought he was going to get technical. james actually had the calculation. >> faster than the speed of light. >> and the kids were like, what?
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a giant sinkhole is forcing road closures this morning. this happened around 8:30 yesterday morning. northbound near camino. it's about 15 feet deep right now. two sewer lines broke when this sinkhole opened up, so they've got to fix this. it's very heavily traveled. a lot of people use that because of the size of the sinkhole. crews say it could take a couple weeks or even longer to repair it. a couple drivers discovered it. it's a good thing they saw it. nobody got hurt. and the water levels are continuing to go down right now. still above flood stage until 8:00 tonight even though the water is starting to receive. the river crested at 37.8 feet last night. right now it's 36.9 feet. businesses are underwater and there are 47 road closures in the area. evacuation notices remain in effect.
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safeway in the area lost electricity. that leaves canned goods only available for those in the area. here is some of the flooding . this is a long river road between granville and rio anita. the lower lying areas are several feet underwater, as you can see. several vineyards are now submerged in the area. that same area is also underwater. they are one of the best-known sparkling wine producers. acres and acres buried in murky water. major damage in contra costa, county. this pipe under the roadway allows the creek to flow. with all the rain, there was peer pressure through that pipe that was too forceful. the powerful stream of water
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washed through and away the road. you see the whole there. cracks in the roadway. they will have to take some time to repair that before they can let anybody go through. >> when you are actually down there, you actually see the parts of the streets that's missing. >> shows how easy anything can happen. dangerous. >> you saw people jumping into areas to take pictures. probably not the best thing to do for safety and the road is closed to bear creek road. highway 37 in the north bay closed in both directions because of flooding. floodwaters not receding yet. this is between 101 and atherton avenue. closures west of the petaluma bridge. there are cars still stranded there for two days. the highway patrol saying at this point they are just waiting for the water to reseed. there's no estimated time when
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this section of 37 is going to reopen. also, highway 121 and highway 12 in sonoma closed for three days because of the flooding. you can take 37 westbound but you'll be forced off at atherton avenue. that will take you to 101. 101 northbound trying to get off 37 east, two more exits north to get back over to 37. look at this. finally starting to reseed after dozens of people were forced from their homes. the high water levels there in the area. 49 people had to be rest use -- rescued. nearly an inch of rain in just a few hours. that's also flooded hundreds of acres of orchards and vineyards along san felipe a road. make sure that you have the kron4 mobile app. it is free, and with weather like this and with it changing, you want to be able to get that information. news, weather, and traffic on the go. still had, police in the east bay looking for two people who robbed a teenager at gunpoint. we will tell you exactly what happened and donald trump
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slamming reports about information presented to him at a recent intelligence briefing. details on why he is calling it fake news. and we have the latest route numbers as well coming out. looks like these storms have made somewhat of a difference. will break them down coming up in a minute. çááádaryaáááñ in the weather center
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with rebecca... çááárebeccaáááñ take a look at storm tracker 4. it's like being all dressed up with no place to go. >> looks like the heaviest band is moving out. tracking moisture offshore that may turn into green. >> are you complaining? >> this looks done to me. >> close to done. >> the latest models with future cast seem to get a dryer and dryer earlier and earlier in the day. this is what we are tracking currently it's just that one line and not much else. you can see it's almost clearing the delta which means we get a break here. hopefully, if you're headed out in the near future you won't have much in the way of active rain falling. great news unlike early this morning when it was coming down fairly heavy. here's a quick breakdown.
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giving you a sense how much rain we've gotten so far. these are the numbers since january 1st. not even halfway into the month and we've already had over 11 inches of rainfall in santa rosa. seven and almost a half inches in napa, san francisco five and almost a third, oakland more than four and a half. san jose airport nearly 3 inches . this column is really impressive. it's the percent of normal. for january, we are doing well ahead of schedule. 350 percent above normal for santa rosa. 384 percent of normal for napa. this has been an extremely wet january. far wider than a typical january. what does that mean for the drought? will be talking about that coming up. it means big things. here is future cast four. we have the chance of a few scattered showers still lingering during the 8:00 hour. quickly starts to rotate out as
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we hit 10:00. by noon it's just about all gone, left with nothing much but clouds. the lunch hour won't be bad. 43:00, maybe a shower on the peninsula but there really isn't much else to look at on the map. it all exits as we head into the overnight hours. that's the story with the rain today. the bulk of it falling during the morning and quickly disappears as we head into the afternoon. here's your seven day round the bay forecast. we are left with a dry and sunny saturday. that extends into the weekend. martin luther king jr. monday, don't forget this is an extended holiday for a lot of folks. dry weather for everybody to enjoy. finally. but we've got to get there first. it's still wet out there. >> one more day. look at this shot of the san mateo bridge. very wet on highway 92. traffic is creeping along coming out of hayward.
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your trip to the peninsula will be crowded. it will be slow, but you can get through without any major issues so far. your drivetime has creeped up to 33 minutes now. checking in on the bay bridge, these folks are rolling into san francisco and the backup starts in the maze. all packed leading to that connector that brings you up to the bay bridge. slow across the upper deck at a 23 minute trip, which is not bad for a rainy day. let's check in on the nimitz. 880 north at mission. two separate accidents wrapping up. the offramp is closed. traffic backed up one exit. the opposite side southbound 40 minutes from 238 out to 237. that's normal. i just received good news about norse canyon. it's back open. north canyon back open. you may
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experience residual delays because of that closure. check out these dry times. concord to danville south, 680, 23 minutes. the nimitz, no major trouble spots for the southbound ride. 17 back open. it's only 11 minutes to work your way northbound from the summit up to that 85 split. back to the news now. and then after five days of rain in the bay area, the new drought numbers just being released this morning. >> james fletcher is here to break down those numbers. >> hard to imagine the storms we've had so far this month have been doing a great job for the drought. i will show you quickly what the new map looks like now. over the past week, it's been really helpful. we've got the graph. both of them on the left-hand side. that's the number from last week and on the right-hand side is the map from this week.
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you can see upwards of 41, almost 42 percent of the state no longer in one of those drought classifications. you've got severe drought, extreme drought, exceptional drought. that's with the oranges and reds and dark burgundy colors. we have made huge progress is what it comes down to. i will point out some of the differences so you can make out what the comparison is between last week and this week. a good bit of northern california. north of sacramento no longer in any form of drought category whatsoever. including extremely dry conditions. you can see that on the left- hand side. this is what it looks like now compared to what it looks like last week. the big take away from this is that dark burgundy area. exceptional drought. you can see that there. all that dark red that you see throughout most of the state, it's been reduced two about the l.a. basin.
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again, great job. we are not out of it completely, obviously. don't forget southern california gets most of its water from us in northern california. as long as they are still in a severe drought, we'll see water head down that direction to help them out. we are almost there. we need a good healthy winter like this maybe once or twice more before we see the entire state come out of it. great progress for us here at least in the northern half of the golden state. >> plus, the reservoirs in the bay area showing major improvement. let's look at video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news over the anderson reservoir. it is so full it spilling over the water gushing out as you can see it's pumping. it wasn't too long ago this reservoir was drying up. but there was so much water it was flooding in some spots considering what things have been like in the past. it's hard to complain. and the heavy storms causing landslides. highway one between simpson beach and holiness. that's a problem for drivers.
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here is a kron4 viewer that snapped this photo for us. chp is telling everybody, expect delays as they try to clear that road. there is the possibility there will be more mudslides as well because we've got this rain that's adding to that hillside and the danger. >> getting more damaged video coming in. pictures from kron4 viewers. this is a tree that fell on a home in pacifica. we first told you about this yesterday morning. the home near odd stead city park. this eucalyptus tree fell in the backyard. the man that lives there says his wife was inside when it happened but she is okay. and here's another tree. this fell in san carlos. pictures from the redwood city fire department with that huge tree uprooted and crashing through a fence. the tree ended up blocking the road forcing it to close. if you have pictures of storm damage, be part of our coverage. send them in by pushing the report it button on the kron4 mobile app.
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police in the east bay looking for two people who robbed a 13-year-old boy at gunpoint. it happened on monday afternoon. the boy was getting off a bus at niles boulevard and nursery avenue. he says he was counting his money when a guy walked up and grabbed the cash and then another teenage boy pulled out a gun and then the robbers took off running. the man who took the cash is described as a hispanic man in his 30s. the boy who had the gun is described as a young white teenager. people live in san francisco's mission district trying to stop a soup kitchen from coming to their neighborhood. they are worried it's going to bring in more homeless people to the area. the mary of nazareth kitchen is run by nuns and they hope to move from the tenderloin to mission and ninth street but their plans are being protested by homeowners who say that that kitchen would draw long lines
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of homeless to the area and they say they are not disputing feeding the homeless. they think that's a good thing but not in their backyard. the sisters currently serve about 250 meals for lunch three days a week at their tenderloin location. president elect donald trump admitting he believes russia was responsible for trying to hack the presidential election but is rejecting claims that they had a campaign to blackmail him. donald trump speculated during a news conference yesterday the u.s. intelligence agencies are the ones who leaked details about a classified briefing involving allegations russia had compromising sexual and financial information on trump. a director of national intelligence says that is not the case. he says he's not made any judgment on weather the information that was published is reliable. those documents claim there was close coordination between trumps enters -- inner circle and russians about hacking into democratic e-mail accounts. the president-elect has denounced the claims as fake news. still ahead, severe weather continues in lake tahoe.
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we look at the latest conditions as snow causing major problems on interstate 80. snow even causing problems for the ski resorts. we'll explain.
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welcome back. we are the home of the hot spots . not tracking any major hotspots right now but there's plenty of slow traffic here at
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the bay bridge toll plaza. it's packed back up into the maze. a 22 minute trip. the drivetime's look okay. 84 west, 22 minutes. that's considered a good drive. 237 quiet from 880 out to 101. you can make it in less than 15 minutes. a complete traffic check after the break. conditions in the sierra right now. life pictures of interstate eta -- interstate 80. crews working around the clock trying to move tons of snow. trying to carve things out and get people moving again. interstate 80 opened up yesterday afternoon for the first time since monday night. travel down to one lane in each direction for several miles. before you head up to a ski resort, you want to call to make sure they are open. if the weather clears, they are still digging out from the snow. still covered at the ski resorts. we have to watch for the winds as well. a ton of snow up there.
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four plus feet. great skiing and boarding if and when you get up there. >> i will never use my snowboard again to scrape the car. that was a mistake. what i did is i was too cheap. i parked outside instead of using the valley. you are in there and i tried to back up over the snow bank, just like slam it. you don't want the parking brake on when you hit reverse because it's hard to get through. let's take a look at the weather. >> here is what we are seeing outside right now. you can see some stormy weather swirling around the bay. we will map out what that means for the rest of your day today and what it means for the weekend to come. there is still whether to talk about. will have that in a minute.
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çáááradaráááñ taking a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. watching the rain that's coming down. >> we are still talking about flooding. definitely leave extra time. james was right. we've got a little rain. >> looks like the worst may be over. pop-up showers today. tracking the storm with team coverage with reporters abound the bay area. >> we've got coverage in the weather center with james and rebecca. they are stationed in both places to look at the weather. we've got robin in the traffic center. will has been outside like he always is, first getting pelted this morning and now he's got a big smile and a kron4 hat. first, we go to james. >> we will get to the maps. will in belmont is right about there.
7:31 am
not a lot of green on the map. he's doing pretty good. the only real rain is way out in the delta. bethel islands still dealing with light showers right now but it's moving off in the direction of stockton. in the south bay, early showers are doing a good job moving to the east and up into the diablo range. the map actually coming down nicely since when we first came on the air at 4:00, it was lit up with green around the bay. what would we get out of this system? there will be a few more scattered showers later on this morning and into the early afternoon. when you added up, a quarter to a half inch. as we have been talking about this morning, these numbers don't look very impressive until you add it onto the really impressive numbers we've gathered so far this week. all of this will still have a considerable impact across a good number of communities around the bay. be ready for difficult conditions at least for the first half of today. what can you expect? the weather can be broken down
7:32 am
into three main headlines. a wet morning commute. we've been encountering that all morning long. a dry evening commute. you may have a random sprinkle. dry evening commute and then we've got chilly temperatures moving into the bay on the backside of this storm system because it's ushering in really cold air from the gulf of alaska. we see temperatures tonight drop down into the 40s during the evening hours and down to the 30s into the overnight hours. that's really chilly for you. here is that live look as we remove the graphic. olson beach looking really nice. we've got rebecca with more on -- we've got a coastal advisory and the river we are following. >> totals have actually improved for the russian river. right now we are at 36.4 feet. that is much improved. overnight we had a crest of almost 38 feet. so it's starting to reside a little bit. we are hoping right around 4:00
7:33 am
this afternoon that it's going to be below that flood stage mark. we will keep an eye on this and continue to update you. now, the flood advisory that we've been tracking. this is scheduled until noon time today. you can actually see it. it's for all these parts in the limegreen. along the coast and parts of the north bay and around the east bay shoreline as well. this is all because of the king tide. we are going to see roads very wet and even parking lot. avoid the coast if you can. the next three days it's definitely a mixed bag of weather. today we are dealing with the showers, but look at tomorrow. tomorrow is nice and dry. we will have a dry weekend as well. martin luther king jr. day is on monday, so if you have a three day weekend, it's nice and dry for you. temperatures increased just a bit. we are going to see upper 50s, maybe even low 60s in some spots.
7:34 am
don't be fooled by the overnight lows. quite cold. we will see 30s and 40s on the board. let's switch things over to the roads and get a check with robin. >> the roads are packed this morning, plus it is wet out there. the wet weather does not help. it makes things slower. not tracking any big problems, but i have a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza rolling into san francisco. it is a slow roll. anything that connects you out of oakland will be jammed. it will pick up across the upper deck. 19 minutes is the drive time. do not forget the headlights and wipers. that is important. let's check some drive times. livermore to dublin, i think we had one accident earlier. it is gone. 21 minutes from vasco go to the dublin interchange. the south bay is quiet this morning. 39 minutes from north 85. it is packed, but that's normal. not a bad drive there. just another quick reminder heading into and out of san ramon, all back open. it was closed because of
7:35 am
mudslides but traffic is flowing down. as we continue to follow breaking news this morning, we are following a hazmat situation for a truck in fremont. >> let's go to avery harper at the scene. it looks like it is still raining. i hear the backup. sounds like crews are working on that. >> reporter: we are in the final stages of this cleanup process for this chemical spill that happened here on the mission boulevard offramp along i-880 north in fremont. they have actually cleared the truck that crashed here earlier. they have cleaned up those chemicals and now they are working to clear the debris from the barrels that that truck crashed into a bit earlier. i want to tell you how this happened. this started about 1:00 this morning. we are told that a driver crashed on the mission boulevard ramp. he had pool chemicals. we heard it could have been sulfuric acid.
7:36 am
we did talk to chp. they said that there was steam rising from the freeway when they came to respond to that crashed. that driver was unhurt. he's actually been arrested, charged with a dui at this time . in relation to the crash, that wasn't the only crash we saw here this morning. just feet from where i'm standing, there was another crash. a car spun out and another car hit it. the officers responding to the hazmat situation had to run over and respond to that crashed here along 880. again, it's raining very hard. the roads are completely soaked here. if you are going to be on the road, you want to make sure that you are slowing down. right now the ramp is still closed. we are estimating that will be reopened at 8:00 this morning. until then, you'll have to find an alternate route. the next exit north of where we are right now. again, 8:00 is when we are expected to see this ramp reopen.
7:37 am
we will be here to show you all of it as it happens. >> listen to things in belmont as we have seen what happened there. getting a break in the rain for now. >> reporter: right now it is actually clearing out. we were talking about when the rain is coming. we are ready to go. we have rain gear, but we actually started to take off. maybe she will frame it up later when she can walk in front of the camera. you can see right now there is sunshine. there is a break in the cloud cover. no rain for the past hour or so. looks like the paddling is starting to disappear as well. traffic moving along just fine here in both directions. i am going to ask my trusty colleague if she can frame it. obviously, i am the face in the field, but she deserves some credit. frame it up. come out here, if you can. she gets colder faster than me.
7:38 am
you can see how she has started to take off some layers as well. check this out. by the way, you are a hoot. her rain jacket is off. she has her beanie. >> yes, it's very cold, especially when you have short hair. put on a beanie. >> we almost finally got to see her on the air. track the weather today and be the first to know about traffic hotspots and major weather events in your area. we will keep you updated. >> and chp called me a skillful driver. do you not remember that? i got pulled over and he said, you are a very skillful driver. >> i didn't get a ticket.
7:39 am
looks like the chargers are going to l.a. where does the shuffle leave the raiders? and what happens when your dreams are crushed? the world according to gary in just a few minutes. çááárobináááñ
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7:41 am
welcome back to kron4 morning news. checking in on your wet commute. alive look at the ride on 92. almost at a stop. nothing going on on the bridge.
7:42 am
no big problems along the peninsula. it's just wet and slow and crowded. the bay bridge ride into san francisco backed up. it's been slow all morning. it's not sending out yet. 24 minutes from the maze to fremont street. the city of fremont, 880 north blocked. an accident involving a hazmat spill. still tying up traffic. it's not a major delay. it's only slow from dixon landing. you can see that. that is the counter commute direction. the commute direction is southbound. that's stop and go from 238 and san leandro. that drive time for now clocking in at about 44 minutes. back to you. a quick check of the forecast. we have showers meandering about the bay but nothing major behind it we've got a lot of cold air. that's what you see off the shore. cold temperatures tonight, but more than anything else, it means dry weather for the foreseeable future.
7:43 am
we will have your complete coverage of the forecast through out the morning. stay with us.
7:44 am
7:45 am
time for the world according to gary, sponsored by hershey's. good morning, gary. >> good morning. >> so it's supposed to happen today at the earliest. they think charges are going to mount. don't get me started. la land is a separate issue today. we will discuss it. >> have you seen it? >> i did. we will get to that in a minute. so where does that leave the raiders? l.a. is out for sure for them. they spent the bulk of this meeting talking about the raiders going to vegas. >> i'm telling you, again, it doesn't directly affect me, but as you grow up in california and the chargers are always -- to me they always have the best uniforms. an exciting team. now you are
7:46 am
seeing -- all you think about without being overly -- if you are a fan of these teams and rooting for your favorite team enriching your life and all of that, at the end of the day, i don't want to say nobody cares, but your love for your team doesn't carry any weight. it's money and stadiums. >> in the talks yesterday, they were saying the owners said that this was a quote that oakland isn't even a factor in the discussions right now, like it means nothing to them. that makes you really feel like this vegas thing is going to happen. >> i will say it again. you know, oakland, you are hearing a lot of politicians. you are hearing a lot of hope. everybody is talking. where las vegas says, here's the money. >> the money. we haven't talked about this. i didn't realize with that new
7:47 am
agreement for the nba, the players now have a hotline. a little hotline directly. they can call and complain about the resting. like now, for example,, he could call and say, you didn't fine or you didn't follow him for kicking me in the spot. >> who did they talk to? >> it's a special nda hotline where they can give the name of the rest and complain about missed calls, messed up calls, everything else. >> i'd be afraid lebron calls up and says, fire the guy. >> i wonder if this will mean anything more. >> well, listen, you give somebody the option to lay it on somebody. once again, just so i can get it right, when they call up, they talk to who? >> it's a special hotline to receive player complaints. so you don't get the number. i don't even know if steve kerr
7:48 am
who has traveling complaints and all of that, i don't think it's for him. it's just for the players. >> it sounds a little silly. >> i don't know. wine and then what? >> that's it. if you really want to get something across, do you just call the telephone number? well, whatever. players are in power now. they get the percentage of the money and everything on the players side and whatever they want these days. good for them. they are the game. that one sounds like -- just doesn't hit me right. >> let's go to a crushed dream. sports, hollywood, even news. starting with tim tebow whose dreams have been shattered of going to the mlb. he's going to stay in the small . they didn't call him up. is not going to be at spring training. >> he's going to be in the minor leagues? >> he can stay there. do you stay there forever?
7:49 am
the guy said, i left to follow my dreams of baseball and now what? you stay in the minors? >> we will find out how bad he wants to do it. that's usually the route if you are not good enough to make the majors, you've got to go through the minor leagues. the difference is those guys are in their late teens or early 20s. this guy is like 28 or 29. >> he's 29. >> we will see how bad he wants it or weather it was just that, he had nothing else to do and he gave it a shot. >> he says, it doesn't matter to him about like this isn't a blow. it's not about what others want you to do, it's about what you want to do. that's where we get to the dream thing. lala land was all about that. sports i think is the same as hollywood. as you know, lots of people want to do it, but if you get there. >> and how bad you want it? >> that's why i love to the theme of lala land. it's like realizing your dreams
7:50 am
and love, in life, in your career, and all that stuff. they have these two big actors who can act. they can't sing, they can't dance, and ryan gosling learned to play the piano, and it shows . he is no jazz pianist. >> but he's not supposed to be able to play. >> they are supposed to sing and dance. so that is painful. yet i liked it even though they can't sing. because it was cool. it was different. >> all these jobs where you are showing off for a living. if you have a chance, it's great and can be inspiring, but if you just don't have it, from being on tv to anything, it's kind of sad to see people's dreams if they are pursuing something that's not there. >> that's the thing. tim tebow could be a broadcaster. how about a sportscaster? >> he's the wrong guy to attach what we are talking about two.
7:51 am
he will get the chance just on his name. >> then there is the catfight inside our business that may be a lot of people don't get to see. this video was leaked of an anchor. the anchor is the one in the middle. she is wearing white. she was skewering the reporter because the reporter was wearing white. the horror. and the guest on the show on the right was also wearing white. the meltdown was epic. check this out. >> i need julie to put a jacket on because we are all in white. i asked her before we came on. julie, you need to put a jacket on. i told you two hours ago. >> i'm sorry. >> i will call wardrobe and we will get something. >> if you give me a second, if we can ask. if there's a jacket floating around out there. >> gary, you could see the
7:52 am
guest on the right, she thought they were kidding at first. it was no joke. >> what station is this and where? >> news nine in australia. we know it is not here, because we don't have wardrobe. who is dressing me? nobody. >> you seem to pick out the right stuff. >> i've been on with other girls on the show. who cares. this was serious. >> i wanted to know who leaked that out. that had to be kind of a jerk to do that. >> i was just like, this is what happens behind the scenes. not here. i don't care what i'm wearing. >> on that note, i'm giving a big speech tomorrow to the city club in downtown san francisco. a bunch of business people. >> you are going to have to derrick rose it and just take it off. >> you come find me at the city club at 8:00 a.m. i've got to be funny. >> all right, fine.
7:53 am
>> your tough. >> i'm going to think about it. >> i'm going to wear white. >> the horror. >> talk to you monday.
7:54 am
7:55 am
i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. police in the east bay are trying to may freeways safer for commuters... after there have been a number of shootings. [take vo] çááávoáááñ three new welcome back. police on the east bay trying to make freeways saver for
7:56 am
commuters. there's been a number of shootings in the area. three new cameras will be pointed at interstate 80. this comes as there have been shootings dating back to 2015. the new cameras will be installed and the chp says they will record everything that happens 24 hours a day. the cameras will be a valuable tool for detectives to use if there is another shooting on the freeway. >> catching one vehicle out of the dozens of vehicles that could be around you traveling at a high rate of speed. it makes it much harder to witness the incident of what's occurring. plus, it happens in such a blink of an eye that you are driving through that you don't always see what occurred. other vehicles driving by it can be hard for you to tell what happened. with video we can slow it down and go frame by frame to see what actually occurred and what car did what during that time. >> more than 100 other cameras have been installed throughout the city of san pablo. 7:56. still had, the cleanup
7:57 am
continues because of the recent storms. major flooding across the bay area like what you see here. we will have more on that. plus, the rain is an over. scattered showers continuing this morning. we will be right back.
7:58 am
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we are folloing this morning... a hazmat situation underway in the east bay after a truck crashed and spilled chemicals in fremont. the off ramp is now reopened...çááádouble boxáááñ çááádaryaáááñ kron 4's averi harper just got to the scene.we know? çááádaryaáááñ thanks averi. we will check
8:00 am
>>reporter: spilling pool chemicals the driver was not heard the rest of us suspicion fallen that crashed one drivers on now and another driver hit the car that was the nominal injuries in that crash but they
8:01 am
ran over to those drivers and help the amount we were told all morning.
8:02 am
>>james: it is now seen some of that sunshine another camera and a second is a good reason why we see more sunshine a few showers
8:03 am
in the north to bay and had to catch as we head toward friday morning it clears out the we will start the drying trend which will enjoy it for good handful days to the judge will plummet that means we'll see temperatures tonight drop
8:04 am
backhand. >>rebecca: 40 is expected today above the 7,000 ft. tomorrow we
8:05 am
might have snow showers early in the morning we are born to have some partly cloudy conditions look at the temperature is completely in the third is for the next couple of days we're going to see some sunshine.
8:06 am
>>robin w: during the morning commute as we told you the mission off line from a north the back open we have to separate crashes in the slogan is not terrible. >>mark: we continue the coverage
8:07 am
of the storm this morning led to go to will right now you have dodged the bullet if you're
8:08 am
heading north or south the bomb through belmont at this hour not a problem but by all means blood. >>darya: what weather we would take a look at this map and write down the numbers for you donald trump slamming the media at his first press conference will tell you why. taking a look çááájamesáááñ[take: live]
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
çáááliveáááñ taking a look at stormtracker four radar... çbreakñáááábreakáááá çááárobináááñ >>robin w: and if it had been heavy fighting in west 45 minutes from castro valley and to downtown oakland
8:12 am
>>mark: is not made any judgment on whether the information is reliable those documents claim the ordination between trump's acting in a democratic e-mail account id denounced those claims as fake news.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
here's a live look at.... sierra communities have been buried by a massive amount of snow in the past week... dennis shanahan shows us just how difficult it's making things for those who live in the higher elevations. [take pkg]çááápkgáááñ>reporter: caltrans heyman soda
8:17 am
springs residents are marveling it is pretty amazing this is probably the biggest amount of snow for properties that are
8:18 am
not grounded is hard to imagine how they will get an this is the entrance to the driveway. >>james: keep that in mind as for the weather closer to home where looking at the last bit of rain we're not seeing much of
8:19 am
the bay off shore we're tracking in the sun will see things calm down nicely for the remainder of the morning commute here was a quick look at
8:20 am
the coastal flood advisory until noon today the kings tied mix in all runoffs is on to make things look a dicey coast-to-coast along the bay shoreline to the core road and parking lot tend to see what our.
8:21 am
>>robin w: work away from downtown oklahoma into fremont street is not bad but it is still slow also slow the richmond san rafael bridge we still need to watch your speed check up the drive times coming out of the east bay of 42 minute trip from oakland is quiet on 680 under 30 minutes from dublin into fremont no major hot spots
8:22 am
it take 87 north out of san jose. >>mark: it happened late yesterday morning off of manor drive near skyline and heron's- bill been told our the ravine they had to rappelled down the side to rescue the man who suffered serious injuries this the man inside the car was airlifted to the hospital no word on his condition they're not sure what happened.
8:23 am
>>darya: the last of storms have hit the hard and knocked down trees and triggered flooding the heavy rain combined with high tide flooded low-lying areas instead of emergency will be into effect until released tuesday.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>>robin w: and that is the
8:27 am
westbound traffic you could see it is still packed no major problems or hot spots. >>james: we have a side-by-side comparison on the left-hand side is what we had last week most of
8:28 am
the difference can be found north of sacramento back with more in just a minute.
8:29 am
♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. çááámarkáááñçáááradaráááñ
8:30 am
taking a live look at storm >>mark: the final storm in this series coming to close.
8:31 am
>>james: gradually clearing conditions on the green on the map someone should sitting offshore it does not look like is going to be impacted us that all.
8:32 am
>>rebecca: we're hoping that it will be well below the flood stage that is some better news for the week and had it will be long weekend if you are headed to tahoe this weekend we might have some snow showers waking up to that tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the low thirties for the sun shine.
8:33 am
>>robin w: question again on the ride for 80 west into san francisco still pretty crowded back into the maze we don't see a huge improvement clearing now we see the car pool land and you can see even from that it 80 over crossing if you need to get into san francisco is backed up on to fire in the west and finally picks up the new eastern span.
8:34 am
>>darya: to sue lines broke with the sinkhole opened minor road which is really because of the size of the sinkhole the thing i could take a couple weeks to repair a cup of drivers discovered the sinkhole and luckily did discovered and saw before they drove into a no one got hurt. >>mark: remains close to both directions because of flooding between highway 101 an atherton
8:35 am
avenue west of the pedal more bridge they're still stranded on the roadway just on the westbound side by before 101 and the water is still rising right now they're waiting for the water to recede and there is no estimated time when the western half of 37 will reopen safeway in lost electricity.
8:36 am
nearly an inch of rain in just a few hours that also flooded hundreds of acres of orchards and vineyards.
8:37 am
>>mark: heavy storms causing several stinson beach and the- this is he telling people to expect delays and they try and clear the road. >>darya: people of the seventh the guy hit hard by the latest form >>gabe s: >>gabe s: when he arrived home
8:38 am
that would not let go on house to see his wife was on the hill and an ankle and had a weaned when the tree fell it took down a power line within the power line was attached to the street like poll that came tumbling down on jerry's neighbor's car the owner was not around but i was told to do have insurance
8:39 am
new camera is going up in east bay freeway in hopes of preventing future shooting will tell you what they are.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>robin w: on amtrak in the ride
8:42 am
into san francisco is still backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza you're looking at a 29 minute trip out to dan bell. >>mark: their record everything
8:43 am
that happened on the freeway 24 hours a day the cameras will be is a valuable tool for them to use the there is another shooting on the freeway your for zone forecast will be back with the of the'll what you could expect here is a look at the camera around the bay the clouds began to part of the bed.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
çááájamesáááñ ad lib weather tease çbreakñáááábreakáááá >>james: most of the line looks like a smooth off to the east which is fantastic conditions some of the pond and beginning to drain out hopefully it will be little bit safer for you.
8:47 am
>>robin w: and looks like design awful 92 but is still pretty crowded not a major slowdown, of hayward and to the peninsula the drive times here decreasing one in 24 minutes from 880 out 2101 let's head over to the bay bridge 14
8:48 am
minutes from that point out to fremont street stay away from highway 84. >>darya: then never sell to entertain and we have in the studio.
8:49 am
8:50 am
>: i can see the basket.
8:51 am
>>: all basketball players i've
8:52 am
tried and affected said.
8:53 am
>>: that sent is this something like entertainment meet sport. >>: we're having fun while 300 games and the hundred 50 games we covered a lot ground to more than 50 cities 48 states.
8:54 am
>>darya: everyone can do that all this is too much i love it thank you very much we will be right back.
8:55 am
8:56 am
çááávoáááñ the boeing seven-47 is headed for retirement this year. united airlines announced that . ' >>mark: the delta also the queen of the sky came along in the 1960's.
8:57 am
>>mark: and the fire broke out around 330 the national weather service to do have some concerns about coming up we are tracking
8:58 am
the storm we have team coverage on the storm.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: tracking the serious storms that slam the bay area techno live look in storm track a very heavy rain to the few lingering showers the still a few more to come off shore. . >>rebecca: we're seeing some lingering showers around the bay area a lot of the activity has cleared out and showing us that
9:01 am
a lot of the pushing toward the ballet modesto tracy you to see just off the coast the cup of sprinkles still headed to the bay area most of the storm has cleared out. >>rebecca: we're still wanted to afternoon sprinkles for parts of the north the ban also getting into san francisco down into the san mateo area.
9:02 am
>>rebecca: and that is the good news there coastal flooding and the guys we still issued all that highlighted in the lime green because the all the coast we're going to continue with those spotty showers by 5:00 we will have mostly dry conditions. >>robin w: you may want to wait
9:03 am
an hour or two before you pack up the role in the still backed up the toll plaza it is through the maze and also have the coming off the suspension span.
9:04 am
will t: it is not raining at this time off and on for the past hour or so little sprinkle here and there but we think we could be heading this our is back to being cold no rain right now no puddling no problems you have to wait and see i still imagine you have to bundle up.
9:05 am
asked. >>reporter: there was lots of land and lots of action to look into the video we had of this crash we had with chemicals spill and a truck crashed on the mission boulevard on ramps spelling pool chemicals ossietzky was not absolutely sure.
9:06 am
>>mark: expected to remain in the flood stage and took 8:00 tonight here is the scene in turn bill 37 ft. last night it was receiving down to 36 ft. business is still under water and 47 road closures evacuation
9:07 am
notices remain in effect a garden built in montreal the safeway in the area lost electricity spoiling most of the produce and the store carries video of the flooding from what caught the four this along river road between guard bill and redial the low-lying area.
9:08 am
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çááárobináááñ >>robin w: know the problems in the north bank
9:10 am
>>mark: 94 g tit the front passenger air bag has a faulty airbag inflator.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>mark: they're working around the clock moving tons of snow off of sierra highway is going
9:14 am
to be a great week tim. ' >>rebecca: not like what we saw this morning we're almost done with iran will have dry conditions expecting four to 8
9:15 am
in. and elevations above 7,000 ft. we could get a foot or more when speed is attracting about 10 to 15 mi. an hour again when in doubt if you can leave tomorrow. >>rebecca: we might have the possibility of snow showers things while we will have sunshine into the entire weekend that will be nice temperature is on to be in the thirties a little bit closer to home.
9:16 am
>>rebecca: things are going to start to dry out right now this is the current live picture overlooking san francisco you could see the cloud cover with the sunshine is slowly picking through.
9:17 am
>>robin w: heading into the peninsula they're still creeping along this morning it has been slow all morning not saying the huge improvement the drive time is getting better the traffic westbound of the toll plaza pretty much slow-motion out to the high-rise portion but the drive times is what's most important still bathtub and this led although the rain is tapering off you need to be careful watchers the 22 minutes
9:18 am
that is not bad mouth slowly rolling south 43 minute trip 17 out of the santa cruz mountain 11 minutes from the summit road
9:19 am
to 85. >>robin w:. back to: desks >>darya: reservoir and the bay area showing major improvement now we've had a lot of rain expect delays because they have to clear the road to their one drivers with more possible mudslides because of the rain the we just got overnight.
9:20 am
>>mark: after the '80s for eucalyptus track crashed the man that live there said his wife was inside when that happened but she is ok if you have any pictures send it to us. >>darya: he says he was counting his money when a guy walked up and grab the cash and and a teenage boy pulled out a gun.
9:21 am
>>mark: 6 children are presumed dead after this house fire they
9:22 am
have been under fire for raising the price more than 400 percent since 2009.
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>robin w: the bay bridge ride
9:25 am
into san francisco dollars from committing he believes russia was was possible for hacking the present election. >>mark: he's not made any just
9:26 am
no way of the information is reliable there was close coordination between trump in a circle and russians about high in the democratic e-mail account he's denounced the claim as fake news. >>darya: they approve the budget that includes the repeal of president obama care and they're expected to vote as early as tomorrow another bill is expected to follow with more specific plans to roll back parcel bomb care.
9:27 am
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9:29 am
live look at storm tracker 4 radar. widespread rain this morning as people continue to try and cleanup after the last round of storms. >>darya: we have to get through morning of masses 37 still closed 84 shut down the big issue this morning the mudslide.
9:30 am
>>rebecca: when i want to see parts of the south they another round of light ran as we get into the lunch hour. >>rebecca: once we get into
9:31 am
midweek we could see the rain will return once again. >>robin w: it hasn't picked up
9:32 am
much still under the limit starting back in hayward. the debris drive into san francisco and the car pull and always the amount they had early and they did enter the soil trap without a major the line the back of still stretching beyond west grand heavy traffic that we don't see anything major going on in was that yesterday from 238 getting on to the grade 2225 minutes from castro valley into dublin stay away from 84 between
9:33 am
skyline down power lines is a big issue traffic being diverted away from the area and 37 blocked off until further notice. >>james: is been a really great to see when you compare to one year ago the store but taking a look at the rain over the past week 42% of the state is no
9:34 am
longer in a drought compared to just the 18% that enjoyed the status last week most of the
9:35 am
state is still technically in some form of a drought category as to concede pretty much the bay area's top we're doing great to send me the january storm we have seen since the new year made a huge impact on the state drought condition. >>mark: a giant sinkhole for some road closure this morning it opened up around a 30 yesterday morning on what about minor road and fire crews since about 15 ft. deep and to store lines were broken when the sinkhole opened up in this heavily traveled of because of the size of the some call it could be a couple weeks before repairs and a dozen the state of
9:36 am
emergency declared in benicia the set of storms hit that city hard knock down trees and triggered floodings. >>darya: high tide flooding area in low-lying areas like downtown look all that water and nearly a dozen rows recall three people had to be rescued from the flood waters if. that said emergency in the nation will be in effect until tuesday when the city council meet the man inside the car was
9:37 am
airlifted to the hospital no word on his condition this morning. >>mark: if you have the mobile application you can get the latest weather updates still ahead of the chargers are going to lost angeles would talk about where that leaves of oakland raiders. east bay freeways are a growing
9:38 am
problem. see the latest efforts by police to keep you safe on the roads. [take: live]çáááscenicáááñ
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin w: still creeping along slow all morning without any major problems but only 19 minutes from the nimitz out highway 101.
9:41 am
>>mark: the sea its hero or everything that happened from the freeway the cameras will be a valuable tool for detectives to use if there is another freeway shooting.
9:42 am
>>rebecca: a lot of the major grain activity moving out of the bay area we might have a couple showers dropped after nine hours and nothing like what we saw earlier this morning we attracting some cool air that is off the coast heading toward the bay area as well. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits.
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9:45 am
diego chargers are now officially the los angeles chargers.[take vo]çááávoáááñ the official announcement was made about an hour ago. and the team has already changed their twitter page to show their new logo. çááádaryaáááñ[take: on cam]
9:46 am
çáááon camáááñ welcome back to the kron 4 morning news... every morning at 7:45 we talk sports with gary radnich time for the world according to gary sponsored by hershey. >>gary: it is supposed to happen today at the earliest the charges are going to announce the move to los angeles. >>darya: it is a separate issue we will discuss the moving. where does that leave the raiders? >>gary: and now you see all you
9:47 am
think about without being overly if you are real fan and rooting for your favorite team in enriches your life at the end of the day's the owners said this was a close to the oakland is not a factor in the discussion the players have hot
9:48 am
line and they can call and complain about the resting it is a special hot line to receive player complaints.
9:49 am
>>gary: if you really want to get something across players are in power now that you give the percentage of the money that one sounds like it doesn't hit me right. >>darya: he is not going to be in spring training we will see
9:50 am
how bad he once said hoare the have nothing else to do and he gave it a shot know matter to him about this not what others want you to do is about what you want to they have these two big
9:51 am
actors who can act if you have a chance it is a great inconvenience firing but it did not have bed from being on tv it is sad to see people's dreams and they're pursuing something that is not there. >>darya: he could be a broadcaster or sportscasting
9:52 am
this video was we talk of an anchor the anchor is the one in the middle she is wearing white and she was skewering the reporter because the reporter was wearing white in the deaths on the show was also wearing white. >>darya: you could see the guest she thought there are kidding.
9:53 am
>>darya: this is news nine in australia you come find me i have to be funny.
9:54 am
>>gary: i will wear white i will talk to you monday.
9:55 am
9:56 am
çáááon camáááñ happ >>mark: they're back in action at the area in the steph curry trying to win a third straight game against the detroit pistons with the best record and the nba to offset 4730 an ingredient in new tile up my increase your risk of cancer the
9:57 am
animals at the zoo import or again nothing better way of going to have to go we will leave the was sunday forecast will be back tomorrow morning. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile application facebook and twitter dr. phil is coming up next hour next newscast at 5:00 we will see you tomorrow
9:58 am
morning starting at 4:00 a.m..
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> today on an all new doctor phil. >> dr. phil: you say the child is dirty and the sippiy cup full of mold. >> and raising a child alone. >> my grandson is malnourished. >> dr. phil: you seem agitated. >> i hear all of the lies. >> dr. phil: you have a chip on your shoulder the size of mt. everest. >> here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. i try to be pointing you in the right direction. >> 5, 4. >> dr. phil: i am not giving up on you. [applause]


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