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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 14, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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it was retiring at 11 other friends from the circus show as we will have reaction to this story tonight at 10:00 a family friend the 48 year-old took off in the minivan in amber color when out today and someone spotted he had been given
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permission to go to a store would never return. >>j.r.stone: east bay writers were stouffer half an hour after witnesses said man was hit by a trying we talk to some of the people who saw what happened.
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>>reporter: there was all for half an hour with the delay had a major impact the man was taken to highland hospital off if we did not specify his injuries or condition. >>j.r.stone: police need your help finding a man who attacked or writer in san francisco with a machete it happen at the san francisco bart station what is to describe a single blood everywhere police in san
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francisco are renewing their efforts to find a man who slashed about writer at the civic center bart station police said these calls are from january 6th at the civic center in muni station the man is pictured carrying a large machete in. >>reporter: he used a machete to attack the 29 year-old man in this together said the suspect left to get the with serious wounds to his head in his hand.
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>>j.r.stone: we are following two members of the bay area tower of power are still in the hospital after being hit by china oakland another amtrak train crash to this one is deadly unit of pacific grove
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said the train operator at the intersection of salam abdel just before 9:00 this morning according to police the 62 year- old there is a huge sinkhole
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they're dealing with we are live there now you will notice the construction equipment that is the site the people in the neighborhood will be seen for more than a month now she lives
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on that avenue near the access trial that opened up more than a month ago. >>reporter: but despite two notable sinkholes she thinks the city is doing what it can.
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>>j.r.stone: the silver wattle trial and not the county remains close tonight rockslide earlier this week blocked several stretches it is expected to take several more days there is a
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chance the road could be reopened by next friday that depends upon the weather and no more problems surfacing we've been telling you all wake of their several feet of new snow in the sierra. >>charles c: after long cold wet week in the bay area this seems
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a lot of people are headed to tahoe for the holiday weekend the snowboard rental business is booming at sports basemen in san francisco.
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>>j.r.stone: that avalanche danger has been reduced to moderate and this comes after days of relentless no rain and wind that asking the public to stay on high alert and expose the specifically below slope mountain landscapes under trees the heavily loaded with snow their clan the roadways filled with down wires there were knocked over by the snow a huge rally today with these activists want to see happen and their message to donald trump on immigration and speaking of don trump his war of words with
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civil-rights and longtime congressman plus russia got hit hard was sanctions from the election of a letter attacking, lays out what had happened for him to consider undue and it. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum
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i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. >>j.r.stone: today is the force of less icon marked the king
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immigration advocates marched in a rally in san jose. >>phillipe d: a thirst for justice quenched by the number of immigration reform advocates of immigration as sentimental subjects spent hundreds marched from city hall to the streets of san jose and the group gathered
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in fire the federal building where democratic congressman address the crowd san jose city council member marched as well.
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>>j.r.stone: our congressional correspondent brent down what is ahead for the incoming administration in this week's capital and each. >>reporter: his cabinet that will continue the confirmation on capitol hill next week that
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planning to hold several boats the finish confirming the cabinet members. >>j.r.stone: he does not see him
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as a didnt president and plans to skip the inauguration he fired back saying congressman should spend more time on fixing the help of his district which is in horrible shape his
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comments come on this holiday weekend he is hinting he may not be willing to lift the sanction on russia president obama issue dissension other response to the lead hacking a the president to election. >>reporter: some partly cloudy
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skies we are watching for the possibility to for the sacramento valley we have a flood watch as we are looking very high water levels 41
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degrees right now and the the more 44 and a constant 39 and chile already the main time as we go out to a few days a couple
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of days break right through tuesday start of summer and drops in the north they expect rain could be heavy at times more storm whether wind conditions and friday the weather was perfect today for people to get out and do some more clean up.
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>>j.r.stone: ed lee is not in the more weeks wine. here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: stanley r: on the bay bridge this driver has a self on the test is a year with no idea of flea markets see is the cruiser the driver pulled over an offer to williams was to have a chat with him this gyros on seven +
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on the brent the speed limit is 50 this driver on his self on driving across the bridge these drivers about on the one of the biggest breaks in their lives even the speedo and the bay bridge is got a warrant the " toy hauler patrol has been adduced read warnings it lists the top 10 ways it can drive to survive not everyone qualifies
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for morning this person was driving on the shoulder of the freeway. stanley r: >>j.r.stone: if you have a comment or story idea e-mail us chaos on campus the controversy loudspeaker that sparked a big protest at one school.
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>>j.r.stone: part time for people to give back to the community some volunteers from the when it hit the brief from the bay area beach dozens of volunteers gathered at the alameda-where to take care one of the net result of last week's storms. >>reporter: trash on centuries
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found their way to alameda and discouraging what they brought to the uninsured nine their plea is to make it better. >>j.r.stone: the commission full committee and junior colleges confirm reviewing the school for
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seven years to join the callers will now focus on its experts to educate students the community remembers the young woman's birth that by giving back in 2013 a 21 you're a woman was killed by a drunk driver her family has been building a climate in nigeria and her name.
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>>reporter: she was a lesson student at the time of her death and was riding her bike, when she was struck by a drug driver this same building this hospital has been the best way to do that more than 100 friends and
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loved ones gathered at this bank all the clinic is expected to open by the end of the year. >>j.r.stone: the reporters shows
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us what went down campus the barricade did not work protesters broke through the fences pushed back security some able to get by with a human chain from oven and trends. >>reporter: that posted a
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message on facebook reading the event has then cancelled after violence from the left-wing protesters they cannot guarantee anyone's safety a controversial political king \ shut down by protesters before could begin.
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>>j.r.stone: is supposed to speak before a sold-out crowd numerous protest a plan should the speech happened on prefers to call random act of kindness see what inspire some employees the all to his surprise on the unsuspecting customers.
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>>reporter: it is been impressed aware now at hundred and 34% of normal in both san francisco
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over 30 in. of rain a hundred and 70 percent of normal as you make your way into the north to bake temperatures will be fairly mild about 59 degrees and livermore 56 and presence and 55
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degrees and walled creek. >>j.r.stone: that has led to a unique deal would upset fans with their they offered if they decide to walk away their loyalty permanently.
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>>j.r.stone: they bought him the shoes we have what was behind this random act of kindness customers a sun valley shopping center react to a random act of kindness, on sunday employees at his shoe store came together to surprise this man with his favorite sneakers that he had tried on so many times before with the leadership of one of the youngest employees the group of about a dozen pull together $300 and presented the frequent visitor would not just to sneakers but matching had t- shirts and even a sweat suit
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people we talk to love the gesture. >>j.r.stone: this is not the only surprise out of kindness will send a car on term last month employees and best by decided to do something after sing attended come to the store every day to play the video game, so this san diego
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dermatologist is offering this formal charges friend a big discount to remove their team logo tattoos his phone has been ringing off the hook with the charges out of the playoff picture he expect business to
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boom for months to come. >>j.r.stone: the company previous rockets exploded during takeoff and september the part or private company spearheaded by itasca see all he was carrying 10 satellites for voice and data co. those satellites are designed to increase the speed a little more than an hour he announced alton satellites were successfully deployed hist
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these new trend that currently on the goal testing the latest development on a raider's search for a new stadium also a familiar name is going to be the new football coach.
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>>j.r.stone: the have officially named the new head football coach he would take before and nine as all of famer his levantine defensive coordinator comes to the golden bear from
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wisconsin prior to that he spent two seasons this is ours head coaching job from 2003 to 2005 he was the linebacker coach he is coming back to the bay area this has been a dream to leave the college football program seattle and the drama russell wilson leading his team out of the tunnel that quickly changed the seattle will soon start
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steps on his foot he falls down were he's tackled that as a safety in it is. packed is >>j.r.stone: thing certainly did not get any better in the move
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we made official if this happens the on the with ben bolt on the plan in late march the team will remain open during construction that would mean the team will likely be here for at least a couple more seasons. >>reporter: we may see some
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black eyes of some of the wet road ways watt tougher than we will want things of generally into the fifties thank you so
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much for joining us will see you back here tonight at 10:00. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat.
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i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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♪ singer robin thicke accused of child abuse, his ex in court claiming violence behind close the doors. allegations of hitting and punching. >> plus what we're hear being a possible royal engagement. >> plus everything you need to know about the new freddie mercury movie. and the look alike star singing like the front man. >> and then think you seen it all for cher, think again, new music, new movie, why she is


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