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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 15, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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after a tragic car wreck that claimed the life of an east bay woman, her friend's survival story is just as amazing as the crash was horrible. >> reporter: is what can tell you right off of an exit on highway 242 solano and brought war this'll cassation as in this gas station. written with bullets several bullets on the car. and they do not know the person persons have been injured or the the extent of the injuries and what would you
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know several chp vehicles on the scene investigating looking at the car looking at talking to each other and essentially investigating the crime scene and with what happened here we should have a spokesperson for chp on the scene >> reporter: several shots were clearly fired and based on the bullets in the vehicle but continued to follow this season and figure out
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>> j.r.: and that richmond area and it does not appear anyone was shot in that circumstance but a car was riddled with bullets no arrests have been made. and bring them to you here on kron 4 news. in the crash was horrible. spencer blake spoke with the family and the 19 year- old
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kron four's spencer blake spoke with the family of natalie griffin, the 19-year-old who kept herself alive in a rising river on a freezing night. spencer is live in castro valley tonight. spencer the details of survival are incredible. natalie griffin and jenna santos were friends and graduates from castro valley high school. as part of winter break from college, the two went on a road trip up north on tuesdayand came back during the thick of wednesday's rainstorm. "it was dread before we even knew what happened. and the worst possible thing happened that you could possibly imagine." jenna santos and natalie griffin had enjoyed a quick trip up in
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the humboldt area tuesday to visit humboldt state where santos attended. griffin's parents had urged the friends to wait until thursday to come back, because of the storm that rolled through wednesday. she assumed they *did stay an extra night up there, until she got an early morning phone call from her daughter's boyfriend. "he had basically said, 'i'm worried about natalie. is she home?' i went to her room and she wasn't in her bed. so everything started rolling after that." >> reporter:it wasn't until about three hours later that midge griffin was able to talk to her daughter on the phoneand hear what happened. "then she slowly told me that there was an accident, and she didn't think jenna had made it." the women had been driving back wednesday and hydroplaned on highway 101, spinning out and landing in outlet creek. when the incoming water was up to their necks, griffin saw the moonlight through the busted
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back window and told santos to follow her through. "thank god she did it right when she did it." santos never made it, and griffin had to grab onto overhanging tree branches to get out of the current. she stayed there, soaked and freezing, for about twelve hours, until the water receded enough that she could get to the bank and find help. "she said that she had been
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crying a lot during the night and asking jenna to help her while she was pretty much hovering up in the tree." the griffin family was able to take natalie home from the hospital that daybut their hearts ached for the santos family. the griffins set up a go fund me page for jenna's final expenses, and have already raised ten thousand dollars. amazing to hear the story. natalie is still too shaken to speak on camerabut i talked to her in person and she looks well, considering what she endured. tonight at ten, natalie's father will tell more details of her miraculous survivaland the decisions she had to make. live in castro valley, spencer blake, kron four news. >> j.r.:six weeks after the ghost ship warehouse fire one survivor who barely made it out alive- is still recovering from his injuries at a burn center. kron 4's ella sogomonian met with the victim's parents who have been at their son's side ever since. she joins us live at the st. francis memorial hospital where sam maxwell is recovering. ella? >> reporter:it was supposed to be a three day stay here at st francis hospital for sam but in his parents words it's been a 6 week marathon from hell as they are still here waiting for him to be able to speak a full sentence again let alone walk. sam maxwell sent an unusually alarming text message to his mom
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on december second. wendi maxwell, sam's mother "it said, i'm alive i'm out. and i had no idea what he was talking about." the message was sent moments after he narrowly escaped the ghostship warehouse fire. she responded but he didn't reply. so she took to twitter for answers. "which had live footage of a warehouse with flames shooting up into the sky." the 32-year-old now lies in a critical care unit at st. francis memorial hospital in san francisco. he was supposed to be there for 3 days - but six weeks later his parents are still commuting from almost two hours away in stockton to visit their son. sam is recovering from a medical coma and complications from severe smoke inhalation. william maxwell, sam's father
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"it's terrible for a parent especially when they've got him in this coma and he's lying there motionless with his eyes half open." although many are trying to find someone to blame for a fire that claimed 36 lives and injured sam his parents say it's tough to say who should be held accountable. for now a you caring page has been set up to help pay for the expenses of sam's recovery. + the maxwell's are also worried marginalized communities will be pushed out of their homes as we've seen with burnt ramen warehouse in richmond. we'll talk about that tonight at 10. live in san francisco ella sogomonian kron 4 news. tonight a former deputy with the contra costa county sheriff's office is behind bars. being held on attempted murder charges. all this after a house party in sacramento. 23 year old kyle rowland was a deputy with the contra costa county sheriff's office three days ago. right now he's behind bars on an attempted murder charge. he's also out of a job.
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we actually told people he had to go. he was creeping out people girls especially. in his mug shot you can see the fresh bruises on his face. rowland was here at a house party in sacramento early friday morning. sacramento police say at one point he left the party and came back with a gun. there was a confrontation between two people and at least one shot was fired. got the gun out of his hand police say they recovered two guns but no one was shot. those at the contra costa sheriff's office would not refer to rowland by name but say that the man in question was hired in october of last year. he had been with the department for less than 3 months, was on probationary status, and has been fired. those at the party say rowland's actions were scaring people at the party. sot.was not happy about that. the sacramento bee reports that kyle rowland is also part of the blue's band that has been popular in sacramento for the past six years. he is currently being held in the sacramento county main jail. gun fire erupts near a busy emeryville shopping center injuring two people. and tonight - the gunman has not been caught. the shooting happened around nine last night near christy avenue and shellmound street, at the bay street emeryville shopping center. when officers arrived - they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. they were both taken to the
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hospital and are both listed in stable condition. officers weren't able to find the suspect but a possible get- away car was described as a white four-door sedan. the motive is unknown at this time. skies will be mostly clear with patchy dense valley fog moving into the delta and bay late. monday will become mostly sunny and cool after the morning fog clears. >> reporter: have the patchy fog early on this morning in parts of the east bay the adults of the north bay and similar temperatures fairly cool it's a long time for the ford clear out and sunshine. but it sells a checking and it was a clear skies 44 degrees and 46 in oakland but we have some
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changes coming our way tomorrow we start out with some clouds. 40's ad 50's in the afternoon and that changes on the horizon as the clouds gather once again moving in on tuesday night expect to rein in some gusty winds as we head into or wednesday. raiders owner mark davis is expected to file official re-location papers this week. if he does --- it will be a major step in the raiders potential move out of oakland. kron 4's averi harper reports from raiders headquarters in alameda. >> reporter: after they say it mark davis and a fabrication papers to move to phoenix. all according to a report from nfl
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website. traders ownership has been going back and forth in the city of oakland to building a stadium there laureate recall that subpar and last year they file paperwork the trademark the name david beasley for votes from other nfl owners for the move to be approved. while
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congressional republicans are taking first steps to repeal obamacare. democrats are holding rallies to save it. dozens of rallies were under way across the nation. thousands of people gathered on the steps of san francisco - including mayor ed lee and democractic leader nancy pelosi.
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the rally was part of a national day of action in which simultaneous rallies were held in more than 40 cities across the country, including los angeles and sacramento. >> j.r.: rally was part of a national day and warned it
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senator bernie sanders spoke at this event in warren, michigan, that organizers say was attended by eight-thousand people. "mr trump when he ran for president he promised the people of michigan and the people of america that he was a different type of republican, he was not going to cut social security, medicare or medicaid, so part of what today is about is reminding mr trump that he better keep his ppromises cuz we're watching. democrats say they have more
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rallies lined up for the coming days and weeks police need your help tonight.identifying a man who tried to buy over a grand in merchandise from a suisan city walmartusing a stolen debit card. this is the man police are looking for. around 10 yesterday morning officers responded to potrero circleafter a woman's car was broken into her debit card inside was missing. >> j.r.:police soon discovered the card had been used at the walmartlocated on walters road. with help from walmart's loss prevention manager officers traced the transactions and obtained surveillance images of the suspect and the car he left in. if you recognize this thief the suisun city police department would love to hear from you. new yearnew police chief the central marin police authority has a new top cop. interim police chief michael nortonwill be appointed to the
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permanent position at a police council meeting next month. this comes after norton replaced former chief todd cusimanoback in august. the central marin police authority serves the towns of corte madera, larkspur, and san anselmo. >> j.r.:happening tomorrow. the 15-th annual oakland martin luther king junior day of
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service. the event brings thousands of volunteers together to clean, green and beautify the city of oakland. it is happening from nine a-m to 12 p-m at 14 oakland locations tomorrow. volunteers should bring work gloves, water, and sturdy shoes. >> britteny: morning fog burns off the scoring pattern returns. as early as tuesday night and wednesday. 43 in concord. 39 in the santa rosa 38 in fairfield.
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lots of sunshine for us today and tomorrow in many spots. this'll be the first one affecting wednesday through friday in the weekend as well. and then breaking out in the aft and and and and to the following morning. and then with that in mind but it ready
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>> reporter: saturday at a
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supporter is. can of others here. the plug. pofficers did arrest one student - for resisting arrest and battery of an officer. so often we hear stories about package thieves, internet thieves and yes even mail thieves. but in one east bay community the problem with mail thieves has residents having to make multiple trips to the post office. the approach test and tuition and the jokes protest. in the petition to stop the event circulated earlier but university officials say a protest convince them to pull plugs officers did arrest one student for resisting arrest and
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battery of an office serpentines that story coming up at 830. chinese community is having a major problem with mail theft which is affecting the entire neighborhoods for months and exhibition of people behaving badly.
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>> stanley:stanley roberts explains there was master lock in here that opens up for the mail carriers it opens up all the drawers that would open it up. steve christenson is showing me his mail box . strike that, the is showing me the mail box for the entire neighborhood i ran into steve here at this brentwodd post office, on oak st after i simply asked how many people have been a victim of mail theft and of the 10 people 5 raised there hand the post office says were have to pick up my mail here till furhter notice until the box can be fixed this is the mailbox on the corner of putter drive and
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caddie lane in the town of brentwood as you can see the master lock has been completely destroyed on the box is a note telling residents to pick up their mail at the main brentwood post office they just find the one master latch, they break it by using a crowbar or whatever and just bending this out nearby one of his neighbors shelly who is also part of the neighborhood watch program this is the third time in a year and a half that out community mailboxes have been broken into and w ilived here 18 years and never had a problem till recently and that's not the only mail box that has beeen vandalized over near highland way sits this mail box shich seems ok until you look at rear and realize tis has also been destroyed nats: ambiance on one block the mail boxes sat for 6 months, it was just replaced with a brand spanking new one. what re they stealing? accordiing to the post office there are trying to look for credit cards, righ now its tax season so their looking for w- 2s w-4s anything related to like bank statements so for now steve had to get his
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main in a grocery bag i come about every two or three days .
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there a >> reporter: looking at the scene trended determine what exactly happened here and take a look at video you may already be seen blowholes on this a sedan that is sitting in this crime scene in " bolero gas station on solano and brought more as he conceded several bowl holes and the car we don't know the car is called or if someone has been shot or extent of their injuries. in november and
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earlier this year another highway shooting in concord.
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>> j.r.:oh one more thing at the downtown post office
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you can't even drop your mail off anymore - because bandits broke in to the post office mail box so it also will have to be replaced
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in brentwood stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. civil rights activist and congressman john lewis is raising a few eyebrows after questioning the legitimacy of president-elect donald trump. lewis is now among a growing list of lawmakers who don't plan to attend the swearing in of our nation's 45 president. from our partners at c-n-n. david daniel reports. rep. john lewis / -d- georgia: "i don't see this president- elect as a legitimate president." it was those words spoken by civil rights icon, john lewis that have upset some republicans. who have denounced his comment as disappointing. senator rand paul / -r- kentucky: "i do appreciate him being a civil rights icon -- but i would also say that doesn't make us immune from criticism or debate." in a nbc interview friday, congressman lewis said he plans to boycott the inauguration.and called trump's election illegitimate on account of russian interference. trump responded to lewis on twitter, calling the georgia congressman -- who was severely beaten by police in selma, alabama while marching for+ voting rights in 1965 -- "all talk" and "no action." trump also criticized lewis' district as "falling apart" and "crime infested." on the sunday morning talk show circuit, trump's v-p came to his defense. mike pence / vice president
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elect:"what donald trump was talking about there was literately generations of failed policies coming out of washington dc butt sot "i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump's election as president and say he's not attending the inauguration." lewis is among at least 22 democratic lawmakers who say they will not attend the president-elect's inauguration. i'm david daniel reporting. internet media company-- buzzfeed-- is feeling the heat for publishing intelligence memos related to donald trump on tuesday. the website editor in cheif-- ben smith-- is now defending the decision to release the information. the intel was 35 pages of memos compiled by a former british intelligence operative. the memos were included in intelligence briefings for both president obama and mister
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trump. this is what smith had to say about the decision on cnn's "reliable sources." : "we thought that it was important, when you have a blanket claim like he was compromised by russian intelligence, to share the details," butt to "i think we are trying to best inform our audience, to be true to our audience, to treat our audience with respect." trt 11 buzzfeed's decision sparked debate in the journalism community about journalistic ethics and responsibility. a number of media outlets received the memos but chose not to publish them because they could not be verified. so far. the f-b-i has not confired many essential details related to the president-elect. skies will be mostly clear with patchy dense valley fog moving into the delta and bay late. monday will become mostly sunny and cool after the morning fog clears.
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>> reporter: as very frustrating she said he hit her earlier end his she's going to be fine this is something that just happens once. and she says her friend was not
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funeral services were under way 19 hour after his poor and. an 18-year-old south carolina woman *abducted from a florida hospital hours after her birth - meets her biological family for the first time. from our partners at c-n-n. katie mckee reports. mobley was only eight hours old when she was taken from a jacksonville, florida, hospital by a woman posing as a nurse. police this week charged 51- year-old gloria williams of walterboro with kidnapping and will be extradited to florida to face charges. >> reporter: williams family lives.
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>> j.r.: waffle day it was talks of football we get back. .
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>> j.r.: about passports nightlife. and some of the other and the good sense and two
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touchdowns: intersection. and then press got three for 300 hackers go one-to-one but it was a good run and talk about it. also going to talk about the area hall fame. five different
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individuals were going into the bay area exclusively on sports night live and arts o'clock show and we talked about some exciting stuff that is unique and talking about that on sports might live. and so the interior valleys because of the fog
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selling in. >> reporter: that guess what things will appear once again at the pacific. and they will be moving on an art direction and by wednesday it looks like we returned a submarine lands at times gusty winds developing as well. in early tomorrow morning here comes that for once again a little bit of an offshore wind brings the rate on to the delta be very careful traveling in the
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central valley in the tulsa and maybe less than a half mile or so and in the middle of the data pulls off and then in court tuesday morning in artist high cloud said the move and the storm system it's a little bit closer. and then and the high country looking good the next couple of days. >> reporter: and then blow but cooler. and then looking toward the next couple of days the storm moves and on wednesday and another storm on friday. possibility.
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>> reporter: the so >> reporter: of the window to the different story. it was completely gutted by fire area depauperate popular research your restaurant and he did allow her to see the damage. she came to see what was remaining.
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then to >> j.r.: 0 the stories from their there at this location and the process again of closing down southbound lanes of 242 we do not know if any victims at this point but clarification right now would not know how bad this is we will update you as we go into or 10:00 news. >> j.r.: see clarke producer of our show getting married she adopted dog named bullet and you see him here who lost his leg after being shot in the east bay the blonde woman here the a mandatory sweatshirt as brandon future husband.
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>> j.r.: the tedious search for a head coach operators as seem to get closer lost vegas.


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