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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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we have breaking news that we are following. the southbound side of a busy east bay freeway is shut down as police investigate a highway shooting. there are bullet holes everywhere. two people were in the car. one was shot. good evening. thanks for joining us on kron4news at 10:00. i'm j.r. stone. it was at the grant avenue off ramp where we are tonight. there was a press conference that just wrapped up in the last 30 minutes. what can you tell us? what did we learn in that press
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conference? >> reporter: the scene has just been cleared the valero gas station is operating like a gas station not a crime scene. police were here 5 hours taking pictures of the victim's cars and combing through the crime scene. this is the victim's car. it is a black mercedes sedan. can is ridden with half a dozen bullet holes. there were two people in the victim's car. they are both young adult black men. one was hit by a bullet but it expected to recovery. there is a specific division dispatched when highway shootings happen because of how often and high profile they are. the chp spoke to us. let's take a listen.
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>> we got a call of a shooting on southbound state route 242 north of solano way. two black victims were in a black mercedes. it is unknown if there was another vehicle involved in the shooting. when chp arrived they located the two victims on 242 at the valero. >> we don't know if the suspect was in a car or on foot. police are unable to tell us. &sghf-wg!hon where the informs are from whether they are from concord or a town nearby. it is shut down at the moment up to the point where it
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connects 3/4 of a mile stretch. that is an area you want to avoid while police investigate. kron4news. >> we first told you about the breaking news through a push alert at 6:00. download the news app to get the latest breaking news. it's free for i phone and android devices. there was a second shooting on the border of richmond and el cerrito on i-80 near the carlson exit. oakland police are investigating igating and asking anyone who saw the shooting to call police. the contthere was a house
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party shooting in contra costa. he is held on murder charge and out of a job. >> he was told to go home because he was creeping out people. >> you can see the fresh bruises on his face. he was at a house party in sacramento. police say at one point he left the party and came back with a gun. there was a confrontation and at least one person was shot. >> we saw him running back up here, and then my friend joe tackled him. i came down with joe to get the gun out of his hand. >> reporter: police recovered two guns. no one was shot. the sheriff's office would not refer to rolland by name. he had been with the department for less than 3 months, was on probationary status and now
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fired. his actions were scaring people. >> we were like hey, you have to go. it was 3:00. he was not happy about that. >> reporter: the sacramento bee reports roland is part of the blues band popular in sacramento for the past 6 years. he is held in the sacramento county main jail. gun fire erupts near an emeryville shopping center. a gunman has not been caught. this is what went down around 9:00 last night near christy and shellman avenue at the shopping center. avenues found two people suffering from gun shot wounds. they are lifted in stable
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condition. the get away car was a white 4- door sedan. 6 weeks after the go ship warehouse fire victims parents have been commuting to be with their son. how is that young man's condition? >> reporter: j.r. he has been here for more than a month making slow, steady strides. he is lucky to be alive. >> he is starting to speak. before i came here he said i love you mom, which is fabulous. >> he barely escaped the go ship warehouse fire. he is in the burn unit after a
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medical coma and complications from severe smoke inhalation. >> it is terrible for a parent to see their child when they have him in this coma and he is lying there motionless with his eyes half open. >> they are trying to find someone to blame for the fire. the parents say it is tough to say. >> you don't want to point blame, but there is a lot of parents cull pable. >> it's sad. i know how thin city services are stretched. >> they are worried marginalized communities will be pushed. >> hoping people will support not just him but the arts
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community and those who have suffered from this. >> a you caring page has helped page for sam's recovery. so far around $3,600 of a $50,000 has been raised on that page. live in san francisco, kron4news. tonight a bittersweet story involving a castro valley woman. her car spun into an overfull creek. they were traveling from humboldt county. santos died griffin survived. >> reporter: this is one of the last videos taken of jenna santos when they took a scenic
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detour. wednesday's storm they didn't make it beyond mile marker 57 in highway 101 when they ended up in a creek. >> the terror they went through, i can't stop thinking about it. >> natalie's father said she saw the full moon through a broken back window and started to climb out. she didn't see santos escape after her. she was there all night, soaked, freezing and in shock. >> she had her angels and jenna. >> the water level lowered. natalie was tangled in vines. >> she made a heroic choice to swim down to get underneath and
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release herself. >> she hit a dam in the water to get to the bank. with one shoe she went through thorn bushes. hours later she was able to talk to her mom on the phone. >> i was thankful to hear her voice. she couldn't talk. she was shaking or crying. >> the santos family didn't get a reunion with jenna. there was a go fund me account set up. the outpouring of love has been overwhelming. in castro valley, kron4news. we had a nice weekend, a dry weekend, a little patchy dense fog.
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skies mostly clear out. we will have fog reforming. it is chilly in spots. 36 right now in santa rosa. 45 in san francisco and 44 in san jose. a little cool in the morning getting up early on. you will have patchy morning fog especially in the delta maybe toward the santa clara valley. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. by noon here comes the sunshine. should be a beautiful day. as you make your way in around the delta temperatures maybe mid-50s in warmer spots. that's the good news. the bad news we will see clouds moving in as early as tuesday. here comes the rain and the wind and stormy weather around the bay area. >> thank you.
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there will be a major step in the raiders move out of oakland. reports from raiders headquarters in alameda. >> reporter: the raiders days may be numbered. mark davis will file papers to move to vegas. this is according to a report from the request to vegas could come in the next few days. this is after the chargers filed paperwork to move to los angeles. the raiders ownership has been going back and forth but they have always called the proposal sub par. the team needs 24 votes from nfl owners for the move to be approved. it could be approved by the nfl
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in the next 4 to 6 weeks. that could mean disappointed fans. a proud number of raider nation, here is his reaction. >> honestly does it mean i will not be a raider fan? it hurts today. we have die hard fans. raiders should stay in oakland. this is where home is. this is where it started. >> davis says even if the deal is approved raiders will play the next couple seasons in oakland. the move could leave a void in terms of sports teams in oakland. coming up on kron4news at 10:00, thousands of people across the nation rallying over
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donald trump's plan to repeal obamacare. what they have to say to the new incoming president. what caused a 20-car pile up on a major highway all caught on camera. a teen abducted from the hospital 18 years ago reunited with her family. hearing from them after the break. we live in a pick and choose world.
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another big story, an 18- year-old south carolina woman abducted hours after her birth meets her biological family for the first time. her family drove to south carolina from jacksonville after hearing she was raised alive. a woman accused of abducting her in 1998 hours after she was born. the father said his daughter was glad to meet him. >> always thought i would find her. it will be hard. >> they met with the biological mother. the family of the arrested
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abductor is speaking out about the life-changing incident. >> just down the street where gloria was active, they still can't believe the news. >> she was wrong for doing it. at the end of the day she took care of her like she was her own. no bad. that's the only mother she knows. >> she and other family members support and love williams and the young woman. some of the comments they have seen are off base. >> no one can judge nobody. the only person that can judge us is god. he is the only person in eternal life. >> she hasn't spoking to them.
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but if they want to talk she will be there for them. friends, family and the church family they have will support each other moving forward. >> the church is supportive of the community. >> charges in the shooting of tamir rice. warning the video may are disturbing. the 12-year-old was shot moments after the officers responded to a 911 call in 2014. someone was pointing a gun at people in a park. it turned out tamir had an air pistol. officers could be fired if found guilty. there was a year long internal investigation. we have lawrence here. what a beautiful weekend. >> it turned out to be nice.
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you are happy to see the sunshine. >> i was smiling about it until you said well, hold on. >> that's right. we have changing coming our way. we are enjoying the weekend. we had patchy fog that burned off. squeezed in sunshine. we are getting ready for the next series of storms. we have mostly clear skies over the golden gate bridge. temperatures will stay on the chilly side. if you are headed out the door, clouds coming your way. patchy, dense fog. temperatures will hover in the 30s. out the door we have 41 in san jose. 36 in livermore. in the delta, this is where we are watching patchy, dense fog. it brings it back into the bay. 36 degrees in petaluma.
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here is the week offshore wind. not a lot of wind out there but enough to bring in breezes. good news it should break up. patchy fog is reforming. you will see it in toward vallejo. a little fog in the coast. high clouds move in toward tuesday. by tuesday night we could be talking about rain in the north bay. we have lots of sunshine for the holiday. after that things change. a whole wall of storms developing. you have one right here. up in the gulf of alaska. these are braining through toward tuesday and wednesday.
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looking good monday and tuesday. keep chains with you if you are traveling up in the mountains. northern california 60s the in the southern part. highs tomorrow mid-to upper 50s in the afternoon a little cool looking toward the delta. 54 in vallejo. clouds tuesday. wednesday rain, wind, showers. thursday and friday another storm and sunday. slick roads in wichita, kansas caused cars to get tangled up. two people were taken to the hospital. one man was forced to climb out of his window and pull his dogs out.
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everyone was helping each other out. one car spun out causing the chain reaction. >> it was so fast. we were getting people out of their car and another car came. one lady was pinned between a car and the railing. >> a crash like this they have one message for others. if you don't have to drive, don't. still ahead a fire breaks out at a popular east bay restaurant. the good coming out of a sad situation. after the break martin luther king junior day tomorrow.
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thousands of volunteers beautifying the city of oakland 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 14 locations tomorrow. to find a location, go to also tomorrow the annual martin luther king celebration train will have the annual festivities. it departs at 9:45 and goes to san mateo stations. it will arrive in san francisco at 10:55. it will be on howard street.
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new year, new police chief for the central marin police authority. appointed to the permanent position at a council meeting next month. the central marin police authority is madera and san anselmo. many in sacramento county still haven't cleaned up from the last set of storms. several locations are handing out sand bags. a woman was stocking up. >> put the sand bags for the com processor. we are trying to clean. >> collins was evacuated because of the storm.
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still ahead after over100 years the greatest show on earth is closing doors. reactions from circus performers. what ben ep sanders is saying.
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we are following up on a highway shooting. police confirmed one of the men in the car was hit. his condition is not life threatening. two men were driving southbound on highway 242 after 5:00 this afternoon. the two victims were found at a valero gas station. the victims have not been identified. they were in a black mercedes when they were shot. officers do not have information about the shooter at this time. you can see some of those
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bullet holes in the car. at 10:30 republicans are taking steps to repeal obamacare. democrats are working to save it. thousands gathered in san francisco including the mayor. nancy pelosi. it was part of a day of action. rallies were held in 40 cities including los angeles, sacramento. bernie sanders spoke at the event in michigan. it was attended by 8,000 people. >> mr. trump when he ran for president promised people in michigan and in america that he was a different type of america. he wasn't going to cut social
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security, medicaid. we want to remind mr. trump he better keep his promises. >> democrats have more rallies coming up in the days and weeks. buzzfeed is feeling the heat for publishing memos related to donald trump. the edit torr in chief is defending the decision to release the information. it was 35 memos. they had intelligence briefs for obama and trump. this was the decision on cnn's sources. >> we saw fit when you have a blanket claim like russian intelligence to be detailed. we want to be true to our
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audience. >> buzzfeed sparked a conversation about responsibility. a number of outlets received the memos but chose not to publish them because they could not be verified. the details related to the president elect. johnlewis questioning donald trump has caused a stir. he said in an interview he will boycott the inauguration and called the election ill legitimate. trump said he was all talk and no action. he criticized his district as falling apart. to his defense he came to his defense in a talk show. >> what donald trump is talking
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about was literally generations of failed policies coming out of washington d.c. i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question and say he was not attending the inauguration. >> lewis is one of 22 democratic law makers that will not attend the inauguration. two of john lewis' books have sold out after the congressman claimed top spots on the best cellar seller list. it all happened over the martin luther king holiday weekend. in washington d.c. there was a swearing in dress
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rehearsal. there was a stand in for trump and melania trump and mike pence. the ceremony is friday, january 20th at noon. trump will take part in a ceremony at arlington national cemetery. rallying supporters at u.c. davis after a speech was canceled. the college administration forced him to not go on stage this. were barricades. davis' college republicans who organized the event said the division to cancel the protest
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was theirs to make. they had no other choice. >> 19-year-olds told they are responsible for the destruction of property. what do you think they would have done? >> that's the march around the campus with hundreds of supporters. officers arrested one protestor for resisting arrest and battery of an officer. after 146 years the curtain is coming down on the greatest show on earth. the owner of the ringling brother and barnam and bailey are closing. some who used to work tell us why the news is devastating. >> reporter: for 146 years the greatest show on earth brought
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enterertainment and magic. >> it is the greatest show on earth. >> the circus is calling it quits. aaron worked with them for 5 years. the news is devastating. >> i was shocked. i think everyone i know was shocked. >> for more than a century the circus flourished. wattkins attributes the down fall to television. >> it was the chip away of the circus. >> it is a combination with high cost and decline in ticket sales then the accusation of animal cruelty with a huge
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decline. >> i was shocked. >> he brought his family to america. >> there is sentiment. they are an icon. >> circus performers dating back 200 years says it's an art form not going anywhere. >> the circus kept going on. it is one of the oldest forms of entertain employment. >> will we see another greatest show on earth? it depends who you ask. >> you can't get that many creative people together again to match. >> the show must go on. that's a fact. my family has done this for 200 years. i have no intention of stopping. it encourages me to do greater
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things so i can carry out the legacy from a couple hundred years ago. >> the final show will be 7th. it will close in new york may 21st. new movies hit the theaters. after the break, space x blasts into space. now we have a firsthand look at the landing.
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space x rocket blasted into space from vandenburg air force base. it nailed the landing.
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everyone applauded. it is from a private company. they want to take 10 commercial satellites into space next year. it is designed to increase the company's speed. the last rocket exploded 3 months ago. out of southern california, a young sea lion was rescued by the coast guard. it was caught in fishing gear near newport beach. after a little persuasion it hopped on board and posed for photos. the sea lion was taken to the mammal center in laguna beach. it will be rescued and released. fire shuts down an east bay restaurant. emotional moments on video that you dont want to miss.
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it's been dry so far. we have storms lining up. when we expect them to hit coming up. ahead in sports. wild football games tonight. today we take you to the action after the break.
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a fire shut down a busy east bay restaurant. the owner says it won't keep her from moving. they see the damage for the first time. >> the japanese restaurant appears in tact. the sign in the window tells a different tale.
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it was completely gutted by fire. wayne has been running the sushi bar with his mother. he didn't want her to see the damage. >> everyone recommends she doesn't see the destruction. >> reporter: faith could not keep her away from where she spent the last 35 years. she came to see what was remaining. >> unbelievable. never happen before. >> loyal customers came to mourn the loss. >> it is amazing that she set such a high bar for all of us working every night dressed elegantly and treating customers with respect. i am broken hearted this happened to them. >> this has been her passion, her project of love. >> even after seeing the damage
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to her project of love she thought of her customer and employees. >> customers and good and employees are very sweet. disappointed. >> wayne and his mother faith will not be deterred in it's rebuilding. >> customers will just have to wait. >> i will do it again. >> in alameda. kron4news. we have a live look outside right now of city hall. san francisco lit up with the colors. lawrence, no problems seeing that. >> beautiful right now, j.r. we had sunshine this weekend.
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a nice break. >> can you guarantee a clean and clear monday holiday? >> not completely clear monday. we have fog. we will catch a break. they were lining up along the pacific. it is quiet out the door. from city hall, we have a different perspective. as we head throughout the night fog developing. martin luther king day we have fog. things change toward the middle of the woke. stormy weather pattern returning. strong gusty winds. all right. out the door it is getting chilly, 36 in santa rosa. 45 in san francisco.
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45 in oakland. 44 in san jose. tomorrow afternoon on the martin luther king holiday sunshine. patches of fog then sun. 55, mostly sunny in san francisco. you can see the storms beginning to line up. high pressure bringing you sunshine. you can see we have a series of storms beginning to develop. one will bring us rain. computer models making their way back into the delta. watch out for that tomorrow morning. we will have clearing. tuesday we will have clouds moving in late in the day. tuesday into wednesday rain returning to the north bay. temperatures in the bay area. 55. 56 in daly city.
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57 in pacifica. 55 in half moon bay. temperatures generally in the mid-to upper 50s. a couple of patches of fog. sunshine in the afternoon. in the east bay cool in spots. 55 in concord. 56 in livermore. 53 in antioch. in the north bay we have sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. looking out over the next couple days, late in the day tuesday, a chance of rain wednesday. rain friday and another storm, j.r. sunday. aaron rodgers and the packers taking on rocky
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sensation ezekiel elliot and the cowboys. cowboys trail 18 points but rally back. a second time tying the game at 28. aaron rodgers continuing to build a case to be the league mvp delivered a dagger to jared cook right here with 3 seconds left. rogers finished with 356 yards. he stayed in on that play and a pair of touchdowns. this is the game-winning fieldgoal sending the packers to the georgia dome to face the falcons in the nfc championship game. the chiefs haven't won a playoff game since 1993. steelers have one of the most
10:51 pm
explosive offensive. their kicker kicked 6 field goals. late in the 4th pouncing their weight into the end zone right there. kansas city would go for 2. trying to tie it. down 2. they will go for 2 trying to tie it. it is called back. they go for it again. pass it incomplete. steelers win 18-16. facing the patriots next sunday in foxborough. the bay area sports hall of fame is partnering with us for the inductees. one of their best classes ever. the 49ers exeke bringing 4 champions to the franchises is
10:52 pm
one of them. keri walsh jennings. bill cartwright and russell bays who won more races than any other jockey in american history. the ceremony is april 24th at the st. francis hotel. there will be exclusive interviews in the coming weeks.
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the weekend box office had someone for everyone from adventure to music to horror to drama. let's look. >> astronauts will be her for training. everything will matter to their
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wives and children and their country. >> the woman of hidden figures triumphed. the early u.s. space problem stayed at number 1. after winning 7 golden globe awards. la la land surged to second place and sing is at 238 million after a third place weekend with over $13.8 million. coming up on kron4news at 11:00, breaking news out of the east bay. a shooting his shut down highway 242.
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breaking news tonight the southbound side of highway 242 in concord is shut down as police investigate a highway shooting. thanks for joining us. we are at the scene of the shooting with the latest details. >> reporter: it happened on highway 242 southbound in concord around 5:06 this evening. look at the victim's car. as you can see it is ridden with a dozen bullet holes. a man was hit. we spoke to chp. here is what they told us. >> there was a car on state route 242 north of solano way. two black male victims were traveling in a black mercedes sedan. it was unknown if there was


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