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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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breaking news tonight the southbound side of highway 242 in concord is shut down as police investigate a highway shooting. thanks for joining us. we are at the scene of the shooting with the latest details. >> reporter: it happened on highway 242 southbound in concord around 5:06 this evening. look at the victim's car. as you can see it is ridden with a dozen bullet holes. a man was hit. we spoke to chp. here is what they told us. >> there was a car on state route 242 north of solano way. two black male victims were traveling in a black mercedes sedan. it was unknown if there was another vehicle involved.
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>> there isn't any other information. the victim is expected to recovery. kron4news. we first told you about this breaking news through a push alert at 6:00. download the kron4news app to get the latest breaking news. it's free for iphone and android devices. there was a second shooting today on i80. one car was shot at. oakland police are investigating this case. they are asking anyone who saw the shooting to come forward. an emeryville shopping center shooting has a gunman on the lose. it was 9:00 last night.
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officers arrived and found two people suffering from gun shot wounds. they are listed in stable condition. a possible get away car is described as a white 4-door sedan. possible motive is unknown at this time. a former deputy with the contra costa sheriff's office is behind bars. >> the 23-year-old was employeed with the sheriff's office. >> he told him to go home. he was creeping out people. >> in his mug shot you can see fresh bruises on his face.
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he was at a house party. at one point he left the party and came back with a gun. there was a confrontation. one person was shot. >> my friend joe tackled him. >> no one was shot. the sheriff's office would not refer to him by name. he was hired last year and was on the department for less than 3 months and now fired. his actions were scaring people. >> we said hey, you have to go. it was 3:00. we are shutting down. he was not happy. >> the sacramento bee said kyle roland is part of the blues band that has been popular in
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sacramento for the past 6 years. he is held in the sacramento county main jail. congressional limited republicans are taking steps to repeal obamacare. thousands gather said in san francisco including the mayor and nancy pelosi as part of a nation day of action in 40 cities including los angeles and sacramento. bernie sanders warned michigan that organizers say was attended by 8,000 people. >> mr. trump when he ran for president promised the people of michigan and america that he was a different type of republican that wasn't going to cut social security, medicare
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and medicaid. it is reminding mr. trump he better keep his promises. we are watching. >> there are more rallies lined up in the coming weeks. a castro valley grad is recovering after a survival story. natalie and jenna hydroplaned and ended up with their car in a creek. natalie was able to get out and waited 12 hours in the freezing weather. jenna never made it out of that car. there is a go fund me account started. it's been a slow recovery for sam maxwell, a survivor from the go ship warehouse
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fire. he is still in the hospital after a medical coma and severe smoke inhalation. it claimed 36 lives. his parents say it is tough to say who should be accountable. a you caring page is set up. kron4news. in washington d.c. an inauguration swearing in dress rehearsal. a stand in for president elect trump. , melania trump, and mike pence. the ceremony is friday, january 20th at noon, a day before the inauguration. there will be a wreath laying ceremony at arlington cemetery. rain hitting the bay area. we are back with details on
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when it will hit your neighborhood. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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we are joined with our merlings. meteorologist. >> let's get right to it. it will be a nice martin luther king around the bay area. things change in a hurry. we have a series of storms. it is getting chilly. if you are headed out the door,
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freezing. 43 in napa. 36 in petaluma. likely going to see the formation of patchy, thick fog in the interior valleys. as we go through the night, that radiation fog in the delta and the bay. we have cool temperatures in the valleys. tomorrow we will see more sunshine. by the afternoon a little sea breeze and invection fog. the clouds move in. tuesday we could see showers beginning to develop in the north bay. tomorrow lots of sunshine coming your way. after that things shift gears, storms lining up off the coastline as we head toward the
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middle of the week. another one friday. another one on sunday. lows in the 30s and 40s. highs tomorrow, plan a nice day tomorrow. 58 in oakland. 55 in novato. in as we look out over the next couple days, it changes clouds roll in tuesday. expect rain and wind wednesday. lingering showers. a stronger storm with rain and winds. another storm sunday. we could have more flooding. 50 and 60 miles per hour. >> sounds like someone will be busy. >> i think so. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. we will be here bright and
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early. we will be here next weekend as l have a great night. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap.
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easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master.
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- vicki liviakis is going to follow up on a story that she did yesterday. a "my kron 4" story about a homeless encampment in san jose that somebody alerted us to. - we have them climbing behind our houses in the high grasses, they're lighting fires, camp fires. we're worried about all the grasses behind our homes starting a fire. last wednesday, we had a woman dragged back there by two men. it was called in by our neighbor and he waited a half hour with no response from the police. so, at this point, it starts getting frightening. - she showed me were people are coming in through the fence.


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