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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> pam: and what must be a failure hit wide delays and also an severances go.
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>> j.r.: passengers and the parking garages esses of private parking garage and so upset. $1 parca conquered part in knots free and actually appears many of these are the process of being changed. and $3 departure comes that uri 26. and low at 57 park increases not just conquered but north conquered west oakland a word and the coliseum. as part writers out how they feel and while most are on happy to say the least. and
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tickets will increase from 35 to $55. and a permit is required from $40 up to $75. and now of the citations and the calendar year. esthetician revenue by 60 percent. >> pam: after getting into a fight with somebody over all parking spot at 711. at the downtown san mateo store located on third street and 18 year-old
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woman was on sitting in her car and then pulled out knife. and managed to track her down and make an arrest. another ticket hospital and non-life threatening injury. >> britteny: with its immense as a portion ends a man or where it's raining because its only unconquered right now tracking to the east year of the moisture over what creek heading east toward antioch. and then this is not the main system does yet we are attracting three different storm systems on their way and didn't hear tomorrow breakdown for tomorrow morning
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cloudy skies few isolated showers everything except for the afternoon when speeds pick up as well temperatures caused average. for heavy rain over the evening commute street with been reporting on that for you close tonight and then as charles clippers shows us to import ronson the north bay family back open. >> reporter: enstatite and a few days of dry weather also is a big lump behind me it will reopen those lands traffic flowing normally in this area out. but close a week ago
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because i was falling off a hillside and blocking the road way it took them the better part of a week engineer solution and bartending wall along the east side of the road. more debris and rocks comes off the side the road. and then that they got in the traffic the, the turnout and their solution to reopen that section of roadway. >> pam: storm damage east bay regional park says that it is canceling reservations to the end of the month. and let campground we are told at the oncoming storm the park it could
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be closed even longer. and they have are inserted work. and minor roads closed all back meola not by as a big one. since last week more fences and machinery. but >> reporter: biggest bothered to nearby homes as the noise of repairs and the emergency comes down to the cost. and as a lesson that is
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that this will cost a million to $1.3 million. and the price tag makes more sense when how many separate utilities are affected by underground avoid.
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and public works officials are still determining exactly how to fix the damage and the most unnerving for residents of still unknown 1 exacta the road will be repaired. increase our focus on cleaning up the area of the security of a much it costs the heavy rains this weekend. after years of delays they finally are
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breaking ground known as the trade center once complete and state of the art billion dollars of the new perjures in san francisco mission bay neighborhood. plant >> reporter: conducted a symphony of cranes and bulldozers and will also buy and
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the standards and he doesn't mean it's a changing its name. the san francisco warriors.
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>> reporter: and also has been some concern as to whether the extravagance welfare to get prices and the team president said that they want to make sure that it will seek and support possible years. >> grant: were the lot of folks of the spirit of their sports teams easing tonight bittersweet and on your radar not so great it will be across the bay. are the expensive
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ticket prices will be it water rehed. bottom line of widespread as some women in the east bay but folks there seem comforted the back of the team is now in the bay area and go and it's what the raiders of course the kurds already to
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create a thicket of florida state william bader driving cross the bridge to go watch in person. hello
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>> reporter: new poll numbers painting a problematic picture for the incoming president and a new poll shows us 40 percent of the performance before the transition significantly lower than but george w. bush and bill clinton carried an interest in fashion here reported calling the whole rig on savory numbers coming out as he comes into town arriving in washington d.c.
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tuesday evening battling a new set of controversies including a growing number moderation boycott with 40 different lawmakers. meanwhile some of the top cabinet takes facing their own challenges growing education secretary about her views on charter schools higher education and effort has the nation's got her the nominations. and some states for health and services is facing new ethics concerns after it was revealed he purchased shares of drug manufacturer days before introducing legislation that would allow treacly benefited the company carried and he says
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the stock was purchased by brokered by his knowledge of the time. >> britteny: speeds toward the amsterdam and then resealed and moisture before the main system and right now many parts of our east bay's on closer to concord rivers at antioch and as we approach tomorrow morning receive a few little scattered the afternoon in the evening
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that is when the heavy rain is closer to center rose a pile of an atm and have their pockets blow horns always heavy rain coming down a closer look around 345 and was a heavy rain cents per cluster sentences coverage from vallejo alter manioc and south bay zones and a continuous source release five hours are so tickled by 10:00 still dealing with heavy rain right over antioch and of them operate carries a gun to our overnight hours on wednesday by thursday few scattered showers are really agree invent as a get into thursday night the next system approaches. here's what looks like it's such a model for you and the nexus to moving and this will happen mainly friday morning in the friday afternoon and lingering into saturday. >> britteny: of another system that moves on and this will be sunday morning mostly sunday possibly even lingering into monday morning. rainfall totals adding all lot and in shock with
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each system and then by the time sunday and monday roll around rainfall mons closer to 3 in. even for some spots almost a half by 4 percent rose and north phasedown range will be between 3 6 in. over the next five days coastal hills of range between 5 8 in. on top of all that we deal with a strong wind speeds especially to our wednesday into thursday morning also all the moisture it keeps pushing to the east of the sierra and that's only a winter weather advisory as be pushed into wednesday you notice and this year that we will be dealing with our brains nomex more snowfall as a cushion the thursday decease of showers and other temperatures stay close to 32 on friday and another round of snow showers attracting more details on these systems moving through how they affect us and what's in store and the three forecast coming up.
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>> pam: by acquiring dacron and other stations previously owned by media general next star is the second-biggest broadcast group and the country. we believe in local toll their share and will continue serving the community as the bay area's news station.
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>> pam: million-dollar is for reimbursement and other federal money every year. another concerns for some hours a residency is about to begin all happened sue their medical bills.
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>> grant: loss alexia live north of sacramento where mary's old twins are born with a genetic disorder that slows the development and motor skills to see video of them steer insurance co. blue crowd cross cannot limit how much and coverage for the girls and blue cross and drop them from the klan because of pre-existing conditions and that condition issue might be against. and then
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the force drug company is cut directly with the government when it comes to prices for medicare and medicaid. they announced that she is diagnosed in august and did not say what kind cancer she has her office us but they are almost all the cancer treatments. and the shares had breast cancer before and before coming presidents of the tent camps at campus system on one security prior to that governor of arizona.
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>> stanley: signs of probing glass or nonexistent happen to any state family all caught in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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kraft >> steve: we're getting
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our first look at the aftermath inside the nightclub with 49 people killed in january of last year and u.s. history and then take a look the city over landau posted these audits web site the inside of the pols might called from these pictures you can see how chaotic scene at must suspend and made their first court appearance in oakland as it treats us saucer reports of possible lessons that was those shares are nothing wrong.
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smiling with her husband omar they look distraught and face down on a voice whispered when asked what the charges against her. data and a three hour standoff pledge allegiance of islamic extremist groups. our
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records that chute went with it seemed bogles says not aware of the intentions and a tory section with the cop " but siemens also abusive and knees was trapped and they did not enter a plea on tuesday but doing so on wednesday here in oakland.
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>> pam: early week after being on the run police say at what they tried to escape but police have a home surrounded and take in the custody without incident accused of killing lt. after wal-mart last week. and so on her back at her more complex, and twice before running off and
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they discovered her body after another woman about a mile away and come was later arrested at a burbank where his from murder attempted murder and assault of the weapon and residential robbery charges. >> steve: robson model had the disease up-to-date a cemetery county coroner's office says it's not the case comes just days after they did what hit by
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an amtrak train and oakland and the more serious condition and the drummer is also a stable all the concert featuring the music and right now percentage of all proceeds go directly to the medical files and to have been setup for anyone who wants to donate but cannot make the event tonight.
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>> reporter: reasons those considered selling some of your portfolio and people are it is saying the markets are going higher and then administration
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and the first 30 days of it at odds dramatic as it becomes more real trade and security moving problem for the present a lot. and so the clock is ticking will completely run out of money but will be able to be 79 percent of benefits by 34 by the ears here is pretty aggressive and benefits account for about $17,000 year 3 health-care costs out there and what they're tried to do not much is a new address it. and plus the
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questions will transfer on air.
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>> stanley: despite having multiple security cameras clear warning signs and putting one warning this property and marriott is under video surveillance and less than two minutes and i c b one off that list are as siegfried and any applicable vehicles all you will see is a small indentation these four cultures meet, screwdriver and they can come back again and this case that doesn't work for grosz's nearby. another shopping for new car alarm.
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early after an hour and especially over we will see things sticking out closer to her right now moves there was an francisco and then at the beginning of the show at the east highlight and the discovery bay. and continue tracking to the east stopped and by all of
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them as we go out and pushing the easterly light rainfall carried and the first arm of moves through. heavy rain already moves then turn north cezanne by 11:00 a.m. and then heavy rain will come down. shows heavy downpours and a rich man out to vallejo down toward mountain view and san jose. and that states have the oblates of 1030. and maintained a chance. lois is a good system and third system will be cured by sunday trade and the unsettled weather moving through encapsule be traveling it and rising rivers streams mudslides a possibility also debris flow and down power
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lines downed trees all this rainfall strong wind speeds and then i would advise three which will be a fax. >> britteny: reads more on sunday over 3 in. of rain and daly city potto and a bit higher in the north bay's own coastal hills could see between five and 8 in. of rainfall with these systems. and then rain and wind by the
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afternoon tomorrow thursday showers. for the next seven days and a look at your weather coming up at about 10 minutes. >> gary: to win a championship immediately and the other to build a new or read out. and gruber producer of top gun at another motion picture tom cruise or wasted on his show and
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then he had a group of performers singing a happy day and led to the new place in 2019 carried. and then you know you please the up and send a great game and by
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halftime lead us away the warriors rolled. just too good a nickel everything the other path goes runs of its 40 and oakland. all of the head coach. and the
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right look quarterback meanwhile tom cable news spent time as raiders coach he withdrew sedate meeting he had the interview with 49ers over the weekend and a young followed with the general manager's job at his name is kirschner and it regards of the general manager of the forty-niners are heading and a different direction.
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and cursed our favorite story. and seeing a house that he bought for his mother promised his mom and buy a house and sat there you go. and when you see that makes it feel good.
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes.
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no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack. quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh. hey i'll share my yoplait custard if you share your yoplait dippers? deal. deal. mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait.
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>> reporter: battling bad for employees of businesses as well study published for all the people displaying narcissistic psychopathic traits only feel more depressed also more likely to engage an undesirable behaviors of a job. university of manchester's business school analyze information from 1200. managers personality and lower job satisfaction it scored higher on a clinical measure of depression when they work with supervisors who exhibited a
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strong desire for power lack of empathy carried incidents and bullying were higher in these environments potentially impacting the bottom line and lead researcher said that the study indicates managers to exhibit these dark traits can be bad news organizations because it creates intoxicate work environment for all involved.
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>> britteny: it all to see all lancelot's o'clock with a heavy rain and heavy downpours. wednesday thursday potentially
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apply and federal money. the cost to repair


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