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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 18, 2017 4:00am-7:01am PST

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çáááwilláááñçááámax 2áááñ we are tracking the storm getting set to hit the bay area today on the kron four morning news. i'm will tran. james fletcher is here with what you need to know. çáááwilláááñ toss to weather and traffic. weather update: after several days of dry conditions, an active and unsettled weather pattern returns on wednesday as a series of st
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>>james: another spot where you're seeing right now is the peninsula where san francisco all the way down to san mateo off we have light showers on the east bayside for the east bay shoreline down to pay within fremont and not a lot in the way of heavy rain right now is a valley it out in the delta into your what concord down to san ramon and 6 80 billion light sprinkles it looks like heavy rain moving over half moon bay ride downhill still slated for
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late thursday night in through the day on friday and storm the three on track for saturday night and through sunday was a mobile showers lingering into monday it looks like a really wet weather pattern and all this on the way today a live look outside sholom us. >>james: cloudy in general cloud during the endicott our that is on the rain is expected to start wrapping up.
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>>robin w: we haven't found any big trouble spots connecting on to 92 west over to foster city it let's check in on the bay bridge driver to san francisco won all one and i submit here is the view of the east bay 3 oakland and the maze looking good so far 24 abdomen 580 looks great no problems and is sure what to look at the south they coming up. will t: police are investigating a murder after a car crashed into a home this
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happened just after 1130 last night on the east 13th street will police arrived at the scene and found the driver had been shot the person inside the home were not injured fortunately we will continue to update you on this story throughout the morning newscasts livermore remains close because of storm damage it is cancelling the reservation at the campground through the end of the month it was closed last week after the rain flooded the campground and pick the areas. will t: the city of orinda is taking action after a sinkhole opened up last week from last week's storm it could range
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anywhere from 1 million to $1.3 million of the road expected to stay close in that area for about three weeks. will t: paulo works officials are still determining how exactly how to fix the damage there unclear when it will be repaired. they're now focus on
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cleaning of the area to secure because of the storm headed this way workers are hoping this week round ryan will not set a map to badly i shall you have the mobile application the the first to know about severe traffic and weather in your area the reason
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he was taken to the hospital has not been released and is expected to come home and a couple of days from now he is 92 years old three earthquakes hit central italy in a span of just one hour to happen earlier this month this is video of some of the damage to consider some of the injured being taken out is about 62 mi. northeast as of now there are no victims from this morning's earthquake.
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will t: the increase is based on the man evaluated every six months that added more spaces there is not enough room for all of the people heading to the stations they're not happy they will have to dig even deeper into their pockets that will be receiving money which will be used to help improve the way people around. will t: all comics the controversy move and his final week in office will show your reaction after chelsea man in sentence was commuted the widow
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of omar is set to be back concord why her family is saying she is innocent the warriors ground breaking of the chase center was a huge success with some of the more upset.
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çáááwilláááñçááámax 2áááñ welcome back to the kron four will t: will combat--will come back
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>>james: san francisco and oakland both on the just like bring we experienced this morning but a light drizzle on the windshield as it tries to
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predict how his friend would develop or the course of the day and you start to see some of the shower is coming to you in the far more than. >>james: with all the men heavy rain working its way across latin 45 against the breakup
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pretty cool lot for is a low 50s here is a quick look at the conditions. >>robin w: we see there would as well as a great quiet ride all
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and has since moved her. will t: that store where falling at the years of the lead the golden state warriors finally broke ground where new or rena. >>mark: of for the construction
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conducted a symphony of claims and bulldozers that tip of the event with their rendition of all happy days. >>mark: hot-selling at a billion dollars judgment of the privately finance facility not built entirely on private land
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use because is changing address the limit would change its name will want to ensure the continued to see the same fans support that have the last several years. will t: in the big city across the big mover of san francisco
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distilling their beloved warriors this a been a tough time for sports fans and robert and received a mixed reaction to fears that are expensive to the price will be even more out of reach cash.
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it is expected to be ready for the start of the 2019 nba season. will t: he faces criticism for commuting the sentence of chelsea manning. >>reporter: he referred to in prison for a soldier will several lawmakers speaking out against president obama to they commutation of the 35 year sentence for a charge of medical and violating the espionage act of woman who served in the u.s. army was convicted of stealing classified material in giving it
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to we leaks to publish the material--wikileaks. >>reporter: pointing now than it deserves more than six years behind bars and tetanus shot the critics there is some irony that is not lost here that a lot of the criticism of the president's decision is coming from individuals and the republican party will support a candidate who applauded them is not just republicans for speaking out. will t: he is holding was
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expected to be his last press conference as commander in chief following the president's a tradition to have a final q&a with reporters president obama is expected to face questions about his legacy and russian election meddling on inauguration day on friday it will welcome it led donald trump and his wife to the white house. will t: use a restaurant in orlando neighborhood yesterday this after nearly a weeklong run and try to stake out the back door of police at a home surrounded.
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will t: she swung her back and punched one of them twice before continuing to run off she's missing her two front teeth and was wearing lime green jacket the student accused of killing one woman and injuring another and separate line for taxol was arraigned yesterday in killed 27 year-old and her home on j were recent also discovered her body while investigating the stabbing of another woman about a mile when.
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welcome back to the kron four morning news. >>robin w: cute their white women are not attracted to asian man he said an apology yesterday what was also his bird than it was not the intention in the tumor was not met with any malice a disrespect and they are
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made by pouring more to block over wax figure it weighs about 12 lbs. and 16 in. tall it will be presented to harm the last
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series of storms caused major damage across the bay area and showers over headed just an appetizer for the main course heavy rain expected this afternoon.
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[take: on cam]çáááon camáááñ toss to weather or traffic weather update: after several >>james: if we make it a little
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bit of a break-before the next round comes in that will be heavy one we're looking in july ran across most of the east bay valley track and some light rain between san francisco most of the bay area seen just like a
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variety of rain a lot of been having a hard time getting into the ground cold white and blue
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so those are the approach of the western slope of the sierra. >>james: as we headed to the afternoon in the evening commute see we can expect after 15 minutes of. >>robin w: that had out to the wet road and take a look at the ride on the wet san mateo bridge 14 minutes from 880 of
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the 2101 san francisco very nice and like it is picking up guest is getting a little crowded some of those cash lands number of delays for 80 west as a nice camille know the trouble spots heading in for the commit direction the drive times as great so far no the problems from hillcrest 2421 cochran leaving the more require for now from boston wrote to the dublin and to change 101 lot of very
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nice. yoli aceves: is a pretty consistent line and you can see
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how that is the official line in coming down is not sprinkles. will t: the santa cruz mountain is being worked on they drilled into the ground yesterday that
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paul latta to pressure on some of the other route to get past highway 17. will t: this is the first quarter parent but she did not enter a plea to this is life in
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prison if she's found guilty she is said to be in a court 300 people who go there have been contacted by the health department has a precaution. will t: donald trump said for
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the inauguration and just why attention and numbers are not looking good for the president- elect.
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çáááwill @ bamáááñ just two more days until donald trump is sworn in as the nation's 45th president. but his transition to the white house appears to be picking up more problems... this as trump will begin his presidency with the lowest approval rating of any recent . will t: this shows the drama on building the nation's capital to
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call numbers pending are problematic pitcher for incoming president and act to at meanwhile some of the top cabinet picks are facing their on challenges.
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will t: we will have a complete team coverage for this friday's inauguration.
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you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. çáááwilláááñ[take: live]
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çáááliveáááñ here is a live look outside from our golden .
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>>james: he listed a quick look at rainfall as we zoom in on than section of the map with a
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deal with some form of light rain at the moment it picks up an intensity was to head out to downtown san francisco the satellite redder perspective showing of that we do have a lot of activity. >>james: as we pushed forward
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and time it will fast-forward through friday and thursday in
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will have quite a better line on the way it will not be in one storm it will be split up among three temperatures on the cool side one of to the mid fifties later on today the 7 day around the bay forecast shows the unsettled weather right through the extended period it looks like by the did beginning of next week the sun will come out and start trying out. >>robin w: no problems in san
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rafael perez traffic showing you not only the slow traffic at the same time you conceded starting to come down here is a look at the triton the wet weather not impact in the commune is 12 minutes for the ride on westbound 24.
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will t: when there is almost no evidence your car has been broken into. stanley r: a dark colored condiment to block shortly afterward o the exit the car one smoking a cigarette and the others still apparently in his pajamas and the owner never had an idea his car was broken into
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when he found his backpack missing when he realized something was wrong despite having multiple security cameras and plenty of warning signs including one sign that reads warning this property is under video surveillance was applied by the san leandro police department and brokers of both cars unless the to men as it was not to alarm that these cut scare baggataway with his
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laptop that uses business is has to be a strange feeling to know your car was broken into into was almost zero physical evidence. will t: the warriors' chris the cavaliers on monday had a ground breaking ceremony on tuesday and will show you will try to steal his thunder coming up in just a few minutes.
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>>robin w: be careful live look at the ride into san francisco they're coming off the dismantling of the mollusk under 122 to 96 he is averaging a triple double to nice game starts at 730.
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will t: according to the agent he did not want to buy himself or car or house you want to buy his mother and a dream house instead what she could be facing and what her family says she is innocent but whether back in the bay area we have 14 coverage to get you ready everything you need to know.
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this is the bay area's new stations kron 4 news and 5:00 a.m. start now.
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>>james: we see moving through this morning the one that we are tracking at the moment places like pleasant hill will likely concord down to the south of the a lot of light rain falling right now this is more on the
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way that is what we see in the pacific. >>james: we have a total of three and capt. does over the course of the next seven days on thursday night through friday and the third one sunday and monday for just a lot of activity to watch out for fear. >>robin w: you need to leave as early as possible.
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yoli aceves: a slow start from the storm just the last half hour from lane to a very light sprinkle but is still causing some pretty good these and what conditions a slow start know
5:04 am
when the yen that is going to be picking up there and the morning right now this is not too bad but still very wet be careful.
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>>darya: if the part we closed for even longer they're trying to a piercing call that (the last set of storms the managers are declaring a state of emergency a lot of rain expected
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a lot of wind as well we will get you through the storm did the press to know about severe weather. >>reporter: police just told the car away when they say they got here call out of a car on some mystery when i got here it was on the front lawn the just told the car with the silver hatchback it was a 27 your man for martinez said only that
5:07 am
identified him at this early hour for had a gunshot wound and he was dead at the scene the people live inside the home were not heard when the car hit a home no word from police at this hour. will t: we are expected to hit
5:08 am
more information on him a little bit later this morning.
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>>darya: chronicle says that he was abusive.
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>>reporter: they referred to imprison former surgeon r g is one of several lawmakers speaking out
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>>darya: to look at the storm heading and where were so afraid will hurt the downpour.
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>>james: a nice solid downpour but it does not last very long the heaviest rainfall and from vallejo down to concord martinez is not very impressive
5:17 am
when you drive through and you have to run wipers' the more impressive line is going to impact even ride home goes widespread heavy rain by 315 the key time a lot of kids getting out of school you may be on the road to pick them up or out in the bout will look for widespread heavy rain light rain just about everywhere else and watch as the head closer the heavy rain goes bay area wide. >>james: timber to is right now
5:18 am
on the course our allotted for his and '50s on the map but the majority is mitch of the '40's will look for what conditions but really intends conditions for the ride home the next three days play out like this today storm impacting us later on today.
5:19 am
>>robin w: allowed brett like slalom was another problem so far of the just what and slippery slow down watchers speed into san francisco backing of getting a little crowd of some of those cast lines is definitely picking a we got word of a crash from highway 4 and hercules ride around with long.
5:20 am
well enough to concord and cries popped up for 680 south it may get a little sluggish come out of our law danville's san ramon but no major slowdown the drive times looks good from concord to 42 connecting into danville for now it is one to take about 11 minutes. >>robin w: mature you leave as early as possible. >>darya: golden state warriors finally broke ground on their normal. >>mark: before the construction
5:21 am
crews conducted a sickness of cranes and bulldozers their shelling out a billion dollars to make it to force private finance facility of this kind built entirely on private land
5:22 am
that is a minute what changes name and become the san francisco warriors. there's been some concern as to whether the extravagance will affect ticket prices the president said they want to make sure the continue to see the same fans support that have the last several years. >>mark: they're upset with the warriors never see the mixed reaction to the fears that are
5:23 am
very expensive to prices will be even more our reach just days before donald trump took the
5:24 am
oath of office protest the breakout opposing some of the policies he had to plan for the american people.
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5:26 am
>>mark: hundreds of people showed up to protest plans to defund planned parenthood and took part in yesterday's event
5:27 am
crossing back into federal threats to block planned parenthood three earthquakes or rocks central italy a line of showers making role wed for the morning commute but a bigger storm set up for this afternoon
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>>darya: tech and a look at weather and traffic five spinoffs already in.
5:30 am
>>james: we have really heavy rain started to impact us it would get really bad and beyond that we get worse as we head deeper into the commuter widespread light rain is patching we had a cell of heavy rain moves through san francisco and oakland it is more to bring high winds the wind advisory i effect this afternoon gusted to 50 mi. per hour we're tracking the winter storm warning.
5:31 am
>>robin w: less do bridge at this is the ride into san francisco so far no major trouble spots that the coming from western land of the picks up the mood is very well across the upper deck if you leave now is 11 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. >>robin w: living and to got to
5:32 am
start bay. concord the drive time on the increase to five minutes from hillcrest out to 242. yoli aceves: where getting a little bit of applause from the line right now but the route this last hour it was pockets of land it was coming down a good solid rain was coming down for about 15 minutes like sprinkles at the moment it has stopped completely but has made conditions very wet on the road
5:33 am
and we have been talking about some of the spinoffs some people might think because they're not raining is all right of them conditions are still pretty wet because we've had so many storms and does not take much for the appalling to start appearing on the road who really take precautions out there and is only one to get worse throughout the day. >>darya: because of the storm of what they have to do the santa cruz mountain bracing for the next round of rain.
5:34 am
will t: as of now with the recent earthquakes as of now fortunately some commuters
5:35 am
uncompensated now walked to private lots nearby and. >>darya: increases are based on demand is inaugurated every six months could have added spaces where they can but it is not room to build more parking it
5:36 am
appears to the growing tension ahead of the inauguration more than 50 democratic law makers are part rhone boycott than a trumpet for help the human services secretary is facing look at the concerns after senators grilled education secretary about her views on charter school of higher education and past donations to the gop got her the nomination
5:37 am
to the team is set as a social needed to encourage to show for the inauguration. >>darya: this friday to protest the inauguration several students read speeches before going inside to speak with the city council will have complete coverage they're all going to be covering whatever process happens and what started the happening what's going to be
5:38 am
talking with multiple political experts off friday morning and will have wall-to-wall coverage starting at 4:00 a.m. and then we'll have a commercial free airline of what went on live from a 30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m..
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>>darya: president obama holding his last news conference as commander in chief one person
5:43 am
shot and killed the car crashing well live on the same with more on what happened.
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>>darya: he is in stable condition and do and find the reason he was second to the hospital has not been released he is expected to return home and a couple of days he is 92 years old.
5:47 am
>>james: we had a heavy rain pushed on through to looks like it is exiting the delta that is good news it will not be as
5:48 am
intense we are trapped in my rain for places like san francisco and oakland there is more of sure this the biggest system that is the one that will impact us this afternoon. >>james: there is the third round of have three main systems with rain on each day in between that is something you
5:49 am
want to keep the mind how much rain will we get out of this? is projected to bring under and for most places once you add in friday those on the job of arms to 2 in. all around the bay area we could get a good bit of ran out of this to be ready. >>james: will close look localized flooding city streets that tended inundated with water drive really carefully over the next several days it
5:50 am
doesn't look like until tuesday of next week before it finally did break long enough to start drawing things out. >>robin w: we just got word of the capital of the lead train the 521 to 20 minutes late heading to the sound area the backup is definitely growing but this is without any major trouble spot it's lasted 15
5:51 am
minutes for that track the complete opposite will not attracting any delays this is usually the easy bridge during the early-morning hours where track and a number of minor accidents a lot spin-offs' already drivers crashing into the sun to divide. >>robin w: lennon is not too bad less than 30 minutes from 238 and the south bay hot spot frame living san jose on
5:52 am
northbound 101 no reports of any major trouble spots. >>darya: this city police are looking for this woman who went and install merchandise from a pet supply shop you can see her and the surveillance shop this happened around 4:00 in the afternoon the on a senate they ran after her when she swung her purse at them and punched one of them twice before she ran off in addition to looking of the picture she is missing her two front teeth wearing a lime green jacket a student is charged with stabbing and killing and east of a teacher. >>darya: he is accused of killing the 27 year-old in her home on jane recent the discovered the body what they were investigating the stabbing
5:53 am
of another woman about a mile away. >>darya: still had a roof collapse on a gym full of people at the time all caught on
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>darya: 4 terrifying moments her roof collapsed in the gem caught on camera the kids were playing and they start running and you concede the top of the screen they could hear the roof cresting the gym was newly built and the roof was covered in snow.
5:57 am
>>darya: still ahead of following working news out of it is to a car crashed into a home at the driver were shot and killed if you're heading to the rain tonight took office of the 30 will be traveling in a very wet and windy conditions.
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this is the bay area news station kron 4 news at 6:00 a.m. start now.
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>>darya: we have team covers to get you going this morning the storm heading the bay area where and what the civil war you can expect when it will bring the hardest. >>james: what we're left with is sporadic chance showers and that is what to can encounter the picture changes as we headed to the afternoon this giant patch of moisture working its way should translate into heavy rain.
6:02 am
>>robin w: all around the bay area here is the ride into san francisco we will check on this
6:03 am
when we come back. yoli aceves: it is not raining at the moment and then there is no wind at the moment that is one to be a big a deal and into the morning late part of the morning into the afternoon things are pretty calm what we mentioned there was some things that went through what conditions of 11 until light heading south the bomb.
6:04 am
>>mark: the could be closed for even longer they're trying to repair the san called opened in the last round of line on the left in the sea around the city manager since the state of emergency because the sinkhole opened up last week instead of emergency gives the city the ability to apply for state and federal funding estimated to cost about a million dollars to fix that some call police in
6:05 am
the east bay investing in a homicide after a car crashed into home. >>reporter: several patrol cars and a tow truck to clean up the aftermath of this homicide it
6:06 am
was surely after 930 last night when i receive the car are carnivorous colliding with this house the police got there and it was a silver hatchback on the front lawn inside was a 27 year- old man from martinez that is the only bad identified him at this early hour he had a gunshot wound and was dead at the scene they're still in the early stages of this investigation any information they released i will be shared i will be sure to share with you.
6:07 am
>>mark: former president george h. w. bush's and the hospital we are following this from the breaking news desk he was taken to hospital to be checked out for sure is a breath he is in stable condition that it's been a rough stretch for the president and he broke his neck last year and he is moving along with a motorized scooter. will t: he is very durable two
6:08 am
years ago when he turned 90 he skydived and he's been fishing with all the warriors and a very popular man is 92 years old and here is a little bit of fun facts he is the oldest living u.s. president is jimmy carter beaten by three months. >>mark: she is charged with aiding and abetting her husband in the florida attack that killed 49 people making her first court appearance yesterday but did not enter a plea for family said she did not know about his plans there are reports that she went with them to wal-mart to buy ammunition but says she was not aware of his intentions facing life in
6:09 am
prison if she's found guilty of aiding him she is said to appear in court at 930 this morning. >>darya: police say he shot and killed an officer outside wal- mart last week of four he was on the run for more than a month after he was suspected of shooting and killing his ex- girlfriend he did struggle
6:10 am
during the arrest and the officers had to use force the
6:11 am
detectives was responding to a call about a man with a gun when he was shot through a door or window and more expensive to park in east bay bart station was sent to and expect to pay and when it is going up. >>mark: team is girls that outside of the 7-eleven we will have more on when it happened and what led up to the staff and-staff---stabbing
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>mark: with a live look this morning we are waiting for a floating around the bay area as
6:15 am
well. >>darya: is being torn down because the class is eroding so workers are working to fill a sinkhole destabilize that they will let this storm passed before they get back to work and finish a completely.
6:16 am
>>james: 3 storm dubbed rolling here is the first one giant
6:17 am
cloud cover and the moisture streaming toward the bay area that is one to be giving us a run for the money we are expecting widespread heavy rain with the chance of a thunderstorm which means the intensity will get really really
6:18 am
dangerous. >>james: the rain today will linder has to tomorrow storm number to arrives late thursday night and friday.
6:19 am
>>robin w: there may be something going on around 24 to into slow 16 minutes from the
6:20 am
maze to of was a fremont street drive times for the good picking up an increasing hercules down to oakland for a west 22 minutes we had a and a banner that is gone the same for 680 out of dublin and to free my.
6:21 am
6:22 am
>>darya: he is facing criticism from both parties from pardoned chelsea manning convicted of stealing classified material was his serbian army. >>reporter: referring to imprison former soldier chelsea manning cassidy one of several lawmakers speaking out against president obama tuesday commutation of the third five- year sentence he received the charts that will violating the espionage act. convicted of stealing classified material and giving it out to the public and 2010 and defended the president's decision to a woman
6:23 am
recovering after being stabbed outside of the 711 monday night outside of the store on third street but teenager was sitting in her car when another woman started arguing with her over the parking space.
6:24 am
will t: 30 earthquakes rocked central italy over the past couple of minutes we got our hands on video from the scene where want to show you the most frustrating type of person to fly with.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>robin w: crowded on your manager connected come out of oakland and revell will have a complete track check coming up will take a look at the san mateo bridge.
6:27 am
>>darya: what about the people who take off their shoes the most common theme of the study is the important people place on that personwhen they are in a tightly packed in the airplane 78% to consider their fellow passengers overall to be considered.
6:28 am
>>james: the future past 915 we're looking a widespread rain
6:29 am
>>darya: let's take a look at
6:30 am
the team coverage and where we are stationed. >>james: we have a few shower still lingering around for some of the east of the locations to will slowly made its way and looks like from about 1:00 will start saying widespread trend that will intensify with kids cannot of school and 6:00 when you start your commit.
6:31 am
>>robin w: the role so when is commit traffic is not going to be quick right now is 24
6:32 am
minutes. >>robin w: considering the wet weather the bay bridge the ride and to san francisco there is a back and waiting in his act from the bottom of the maze and also heavy on the bridge a 10 minutes from the foot of the maze into fremont street.
6:33 am
6:34 am
>>reporter: take a look of the video we have from earlier this morning it was surely after nine the last night when it received a call about a car collided with house they found a silver had to back on the front lawn and side with the 27 year-old man that is the only way the police have
6:35 am
identified him this morning he had a gunshot wound and was dead at the scene the people who live inside this home were not hurt when the car hit a home but. >>reporter: no word from police at this early hour is asking that anyone with any information given investigators a call we're still working to get any more of they tell. will t: it can be felt as far
6:36 am
away as rhone take a look at the screen we build the map is very popular tourist destination for americans this is the central region. you can see ron about 16 mi. northeast of the magnitude range from 5.3 to 5.7 here is new video into the newsroom we want to show you the emergency the maunders region were shaken by three quakes last year is a very scary area for people living there.
6:37 am
>>darya: several students read speeches on the step of oakland city hall here you said the picture of them ok unified school district says classes are scheduled as normal on friday
6:38 am
the war is officially broken ground on their new san francisco or renal. '
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>>robin w: already stretching through the maze number is a hot spot 18 minutes and a growing off to a fremont street. >>darya: daily city police are looking for this woman she stole
6:42 am
merchandise from a pet supply shop in their you consider what she was wearing at the time this fall was not this is allowed on the 4:00 saturday afternoon on geneva avenue at a pet store and the owners ran after her luscious lawn that back at them and punched one of them twice before she was able to ran off of investigators say that she has two front teeth missing that is how you might help find her. >>james: if you're heading to tonight's game at the arena of the war is sit on the other know it will be wet and massing give yourself plenty of time.
6:43 am
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>>darya: he is in stable condition in doing fine but they will not say what exactly is wrong with him.
6:46 am
>>james: web going to make driving really dangerous in fact we have storm number-one today's
6:47 am
storm anywhere from eight tenths of an inch less at on friday storm in the total to jump to almost 2 in. of rain.
6:48 am
>>james: that rain will be a bigger problem when kids are getting out of school here the 7 day around the bay forecast offering on stormy weather into the first half of monday it looks like to stay with the sun to come back out.
6:49 am
>>robin w: going pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco law always save time they're always wide-open looks pretty good compared to the past nine this goes all the way through the maze and you'll be dealing with this throughout the morning is not one to get any better anytime soon the ride from the north to bay into san francisco went watchers speeded do not forget the headlight wipers. >>robin w: know the problems across the golden gate coming from the north than south of bonn 101 doing fine.
6:50 am
>>reporter: what an entrance for the chase center before the construction crews they're
6:51 am
shelling out a billion dollars to make chase center in the first privately financed bill entirely on private land will that by the electric atmosphere
6:52 am
it doesn't mean it will change its name because they are changing their address.
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and we are tracking three storms approaching the bay area. looking at some pretty intense showers later this afternoon. complete details on your forecast straight ahead. a car hit a home in antioch, it inside is a dead shooting victim. i talk to neighbors about what happened coming up next. and following breaking news from overnight. president george h w bush rushed


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