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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  January 19, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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it's not over yet. details on how long it will last. çáááaveriáááñ and the storm causes a lot of damage all over the bay area. details on an ustable cliff that has closed a major road in san francisco. çááádaryaáááñ we're still a day away from donald trump taking the oath of office... but people in the bay area are protesting the incoming administration today. we'll tell you where hundreds of students are expected to çááádaryaáááñ good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom. çááámarkáááñ and i'm mark danon. we are following the problems facing the bay area this morning after another night of heavy rain. çááádaryaáááñ çááátake doubleboxáááñ take a look at some of the video... on the left was the scene in pacifica... the wind blew down a street pole weighing about 70 pounds. we'll have more on the damage in pacifica later in the show.çááámarkáááñ and on the right... a big rig
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slammed into a wall on west bound 5-80 in dublin. c-h-p says the wet weather caused the driver to lose control, hit the wall and the driver was not injured in the accident. çááámarkáááñ scattered showers expected through the morning as we brace for the second of three storms that will hit the bay area between now and sunday.çááádaryaáááñ rebecca is here with what to expect. scattered showers can be expected today before the next front arrives tonight into friday with another round of wind and rain. lingering showers saturday before the final front brings more wind and rain sunday before tapering to showers sunday night into monday and possibly tuesday.
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>> look at the richmond san rafael bridge. ready for school, getting the kids out the door, make sure they bundle up. temperatures are chilly.
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temps in the mid-40s. cold start to the morning and we still have spotty showers throughout the bay area. make sure they also have their rain gear ready. switching things over to the roads. good morning to you, robin. let's head over to the bay bridge. checking in on 80 where it is packed. we see those lanes open up first, but down the middle, that's traffic.
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that stretches through the maze onto 580 beyond markets and tableau. it's on to the east shore freeway. it also gets crowded again on the suspension span west of treasure island. getting off the bridge merging onto the skyway at fremont street, but it's all normal. no major problems. if you leave now, drivetime is 21 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street. that's not bad. a complete traffic check coming up in a few minutes. we continue team coverage of the rain and the damage. a major road closed in san francisco because of an unstable collapse. live with more on what you need to know to get around. >> reporter: good morning. we just saw three trucks go through the closed road here with lots of equipment and teams here. i want to step out of the way to show you more what's going on.
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you see that road closure. this is between malta drive and dell vail avenue. that is going to be closed until friday. take a look at this map to get a better idea where this is. this is because public works crews have to stabilize the cliff that is here. just a couple weeks ago big boulders came crashing down on to the street below. no one was hurt in that incident , but the issue of loose rocks and other debris has returned to this area. and on this busy road with lots of drivers, people who ride their bikes and jog around this area, they could be in danger. they've closed this road until they can assure it say for anyone using it. we are told there will be aerial clues working to move and secure rocks and other debris in the area. after that's done, they'll be conducting a study to find a long-term solution for this problem. there are a couple things to keep in mind this morning if you use public transit or drive in this area. the number 44 line is going to be closed. they are rerouting it this
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morning because of this road closure. also, if you drive, there are three alternate routes you can take. that includes monterey and diamond heights boulevard this morning. we seen lots of drivers having to turn around because they will not be able to go up that way. make sure you are taking monterey, teresita, or diamond heights boulevard if you plan on driving to the area. i will be here through the morning with more updates. now let's get to james fletcher looking at more damage from trees coming down this morning. coming down all over the bay area. take a look at the shop behind me. this was the scene we saw throughout marin and sonoma county. this particular one, you see a tree coming down on a car. now windows on that car were broken. the roof obviously pushed in. luckily, nobody was inside. as the tree came down, it took down power lines as well. again, nobody seriously hurt, although there was damage done to the roof of that house.
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we are told only minor damage. next video, we have the scene out of marin county. a tree branch falling on power lines. that knocked out power for about 100 homes. the rescue crews who arrived at the scene ended up on the side of the road in a ditch because they say the rain was coming down so hard they could barely see. they had to deal with that as well. and then in novato, a massive tree coming down on novato boulevard. the size was enormous. it blocked both lanes of traffic. as you can see, it was pretty bad for a time. mark? in the east bay, downed trees in fremont. crushed some patio furniture, knocked over another tree, but no damage to the house. no one was injured. here's some pictures out of oakland. a down tree in downtown oakland
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. it's on 15th street near martin luther king jr. way. no one injured here. the trees have been removed. and when the rain is falling, that's the time you got to count on our mobile app especially on the go. you'll try to head out and hit the roads. we have live radar there and all the latest in traffic and weather alerts for you. we will send push alerts when those important things happen that you need to know. eight years later today is the end of the obama presidency. he is spending his last day at the white house before becoming an ex-president. this is video of obama taking oath of office on january 20, 2009. while the big decisions are behind him, the president still in charge until president-elect donald trump takes oath of office at noon tomorrow. so the white house left
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president obama's schedule mostly empty today saying he would use that time to pack. >> really? the dishes, the bubble wrap, it's a pain. >> look at the difference in their hair color. from when they begin to when they leave. >> that does happen to all of us. mr. obama is planning to grant one final round of clemency today. meantime, the nation's capital gets ready to swear in the 45th president of the united states, donald trump. the ceremony preparations have been in works for months. >> and protesters and hundreds of thousands of visitors are all in washington to see donald trump sworn in as president. an estimated 700 thousand people are expected to be there. this will be a more modest affair. the inaugural address is expected to be shorter. the parade is slated for only 90 minutes and there are only
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three inaugural balls. down from 10 for president obama in 2009. 100 different protests are expected during the inauguration. happening this morning, dozens of people at bay area schools are protesting the incoming trump administration. hundreds of staff and students are expected to participate in the hands across the school protest today. will tran is on his way to galileo high school in san francisco. we will have a live report from him as soon as he gets there. complete coverage tomorrow during the inauguration. we are covering the protests and watch parties around the bay area. team coverage as we go live to washington dc and in the studio with james fletcher and political experts. our expanded coverage begins at 7:00 tomorrow. the kron4 morning news begins at 4:00 a.m. two big stories developing tomorrow right here on kron4. breaking news this morning out of italy. at least three people are dead
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and 30 others missing after an avalanche buries a hotel. we have video of the rescue efforts underway. first responders had to go in on foot because snow on the roads is preventing rescue vehicles from getting to the hotel. media outlets reporting at least three dead. we have new pictures coming in this morning showing the hotel. you can see what appears to be the top of the hotel. we know at least one person survived. he told rescuers he went out to his car right before the avalanche and that his car did not get very. he told search crews that his wife and his two children were still inside the hotel. we are waiting for more information to come out of italy here and will bring it to you as soon as we get it. rescue efforts are still underway. just in this morning, 13 automakers recalling 650,000 cars in the u.s. takada airbag insulator recalls. you've seen what happens with these airbags where they explode
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with too much force and send shrapnel into the passenger and the driver as well. 16 people have been killed worldwide because of this problem. this new recall is among the latest rounds covering 5.7 million cars in total involving 19 automakers in the u.s. for a full list of the latest autos that are involved, you can go to our website. still ahead, a lot of people not happy with the upcoming movie a dog's purpose. details on why peta is calling for a boycott of the movie. president george h w bush and first lady barbara in the hospital this morning. we will have an update on their condition. watching conditions in the bay area and sierra. a lot of trees falling in lake tahoe and a lot of snow. and alive look to the bay bridge. we've had pockets of rain showers moving through.
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some of them heavy at times. we will get an update on the drive time coming up after the break. çááámarkáááñ[take: live]
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çáááliveáááñ taking a look at conditions in tahoe this morning... this is a live picture from interstate-80 at k welcome back to the kron4 morning news. watching conditions in the sierra. more snow coming down. knowing getting through here right now. chain requirements on the
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roadways. a lot of the roadways are impassable right now due to power outages, and the weight of the snow taking down tree limbs across the sierra. strong winds expected. chain control in effect. there is the look there. >> it's weird to say, like more than they can handle. you want to see snow when you are a skier, but not when you are a driver. >> the roadways are really dangerous. my advice, wait it out until the roadways get a bit safer. maybe later tomorrow. we have a winter weather advisory issued until 4:00 tomorrow morning. that's because we will see some blowing snow, whiteout conditions possible on the roadways. it's very dangerous. looking anywhere from six to 12 inches above 4000 feet. again, it's really slick on the roadways, just not good driving conditions. just trying to wait it out. look at the next three days. snow all the way into the
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weekend. temperatures are going to be in the low 30s. closer to home, storm tracker show -- showing us widespread scattered showers. looking at the activity in the east bay and even parts of the south bay. san jose getting a soaking in about 10 or 20 minutes or so. you see this line of rain headed toward that direction. for now most of the peninsula is nice and dry. spotty showers for parts of the north bay and getting to the golden gate bridge. now, more rain on the way. future cast you can see those scattered showers through most of the day. then we are going to get pretty much a break for the early evening hours until later this evening. look at this line. this is storm number 2 heading our direction. we see some of the first rainfall right around the 10:00 hour tonight and by 2:00 we are going to see that heavy line of rainfall. it is definitely pounding across the bay area into the early morning hours
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tomorrow, even for the commute tomorrow morning. again, roadways are very dangerous. you can see conditions at the 6:00 hour, we'll have pockets of that very heavy rainfall, especially in the east bay and the south bay around 6:00. so the roadways are going to be very slick. we have those showers continue. heavy at times through most of the day tomorrow and in the afternoon, even into the evening hours. we will see that rainfall pretty much the entire day tomorrow. current conditions outside, this is our camera overlooking berkeley to see cloud cover. again, seeing spotty showers around the bay area. temperatures in the low 50s right now. we are really not going to raise that much. highs in the mid-50s later this afternoon. we are still in the 40s for the south bay and parts of the north bay. the next three days getting into the weekend, the rain is going to continue. saturday
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night, that's when we get storm number 3 coming through. we expect heavy rains pretty much all day on sunday. temperatures are going to be relatively the same the next couple days. looking from the low to mid 50s. overnight lows are going to be in the 40s. i will have more details and how much rain to expect even getting into next weekend. about midweek, hopefully, things will be dry. more details on that in about 15 minutes. robin? details on the slow down. it's bumper to bumper here. 580 westbound approaching the toll plaza. it's going to start at richmond parkway. that's where you will come to a crawl and it's stop and go. more stop then go getting up to the gates here, but it picks up and it's a great ride across the bridge. typical commuter traffic. nothing major going on. 13 to 15 minutes from the pay gate. the bay bridge, much heavier for you ride into san francisco.
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only picking up in the carpool lanes. for those of you coming out of the maze, all pretty heavy and its heavy stretches across the upper deck. we are hotspot free. 16 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. motorcyclists went down here in san jose. this is north 101. we have a motorcyclist, a car, maybe at least one lane blocked. a little slow through the scene. it was crowded with commuter traffic. i will zoom out and you see the whole stretch. it is about a 30 minute trip from 85 up to 237. the rest of the bay area fairly quiet. watch your speed. it's wet and slippery. east shore freeway not a bad commute. 80 west at 30 minutes from highway for down to the maze. 680 out of dublin to fremont quiet but moving slowly. the guadalupe parkway covering a couple earlier minor issues.
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it's about a 16 minute trip from 101 to the 85 split or north 87 from 85 to the 101 split. back to the desk. a big story we are covering. former president george h w bush and his wife are now both in the hospital this morning. president bush is suffering from pneumonia and he is in the intensive care unit and his wife was admitted to the hospital yesterday with a persistent cough, so now they are both in the hospital. a spokesman for the family says she went in as a precaution. they celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary this month. president bush is now 92 years old and suffers from a form of parkinson's disease. americans across the political spectrum put healthcare reform at the top of the nation's priorities. nearly half of all people surveyed say they want the
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government to do something about the problems with national healthcare and the healthcare law. the poll found little agreement on what to do. republicans want to repeal obamacare but fear the political damage. the nonpartisan budget analyst estimates that the bill, if it is only repealed and not replaced, would result in 18 million more people becoming uninsured and a spike in premiums. and federal regulators suing the biggest u.s. student loan company. they say they cheated borrowers out of their repayment rights. the lawsuit accuses the company of giving customers that information processing payments incorrectly and failing to act on complaints. they also claimed they steered struggling borrowers toward paying more than they had to and in some cases reported they had defaulted on their loans, damaging their credit scores. they handle more than 12 million student loan accounts. they say the lawsuit is politically motivated.
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the producers of the upcoming film a dog's purpose are defending their actions this morning after this video appeared to show a dog in distress while they were filming, a stunt you can see rushing water below there. it looks like they are kind of struggling with the dog. this video was posted yesterday on tmc. it is a german shepherd, and the shepherd looks like it's afraid to get in the pool and the trainer is trying to work with the dog. the universal pictures says their production team followed rigorous protocols to foster an ethical and safe environment for the animals they used in the film. the crew says they trained several times with the dog, but on this particular day of shooting, he didn't want to get in the water, so they ended up stopping the filming that day. american humane society is hiring an independent investigator. the san francisco public defender's office releasing a video showing a recent officer involved shooting. the public defender released this video at a news conference yesterday. this incident
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happened back on january 6th in the tower bill neighborhood. officers went to this home to investigate weather he had violated a restraining order. in the video he can be seen being belligerent and officers initially backing off. eventually, they pepper spray him and try to get him out of the home. in the video, there is a struggle with officers and one of the officers opens fire. he's expected to be okay. the officers never should've opened fire. >> this is a situation where a confrontation could've been avoided. the shooting could have been avoided. >> her son is in dealing with mental illness and crisis intervention teams should have been on the scene, his mother said. that team was not brought in until after the shooting. two officers were injured in this confrontation, but they recovered. he faces charges related to assaulting a police officer but
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the public defender is calling for those charges to be dropped. happening today, the man accused of killing an orlando police officer is expected in court. mark keith lloyd faces charges of killing his pregnant ex- girlfriend, and lieutenant debra clayton was trying to arrest him monday when police say he shot and killed her. he was arrested tuesday night after a manhunt that lasted for more than a week. orlando's police chief says that the charges are expected soon. lloyd spent much of the day yesterday in the hospital after he was injured struggling with officers who were arresting him. and a study in hawaii paving the way for human travel to mars. researchers have a domestic dome today and they will study human behavior for future long-term space exploration, including future trips to mars.
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six crew members will enter the structure on the big island's today. they will spend eight months together in this research facility with no physical contact with any other human beings. the spacesuits experience a 20 minute delay in communications. to simulate the time it takes for voice calls to reach earth from mars. they hope to provide information on how crews will perform in isolated and confined conditions. >> that sounds like the study of marriage. >> there are a lot of parallels. still ahead, baby raccoons make a cross-country trip before being discovered right here in the bay area. and after the break, why these animal crackers are being recalled this morning.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. tracking your very slow commute into san francisco. not tracking major accidents or hotspots. you'll be dealing with the commuter traffic here. it's backed up onto all major connectors, plus it's wet. i think you should leave early and watch your speed. a pretty quiet commute for 80 west. 17 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. a complete traffic check in a few minutes.
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knew this morning, a specific type of animal cracker being recalled because of the packaging mistake. >> some of the bags were packaged with other cookies that might contain milk powder so people who are allergic to milk might have a severe reaction. >> the bags included in the recall all have the best buy date of september 7th of this year. you can return them to the store for a full refund. >> and they are really cookies. i love them. have you seen the baby raccoons that inadvertently hitchhiked across the country and wound up in the bay area? now they are at the oakland zoo recovering. >> the man transported the raccoons from florida to marin county in a moving truck. the pregnant raccoon likely got in the truck through broken window and gave birth inside the truck. >> so they were in a moving van. that's how they got here. that's a long way. >> the driver discovered the raccoons while they were
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unloading. >> they look cute there but they are never cute by a trashcan. >> all babies are cute. they were without food or water for days. the raccoons were nursed back to health at the wild here in san rafael but they couldn't be released because that's illegal in california. the oakland zoo is caring for them until they can be placed in a sanctuary or in another zoo. their cute little faces. coming up, storm tracker 4. we are seeing scattered showers across the bay area but heavy rain. storm number 2. that's also on the way to the bay area. more details as the kron4 morning news continues. çááámarkáááñ this morning
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we are tracking the rain hitting the bay area. taking a live look at storm
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tracker 4 radar. scattered showers expected through the morning as we brace for the tracking the storms to the bay area. pockets of heavy showers onshore right now. more just off the coast of the peninsula. that will be moving in shortly. we had the big storm yesterday. showers today and a lot more heavy rain on the way. they met complete team coverage of the storm continuing and the damage that we are still dealing with. rebecca strohm is in the weather center. robin is tracking the commute. we are in san francisco live with avery harper. first, we get a look at where the storm is moving now. we are seeing that widespread scattered showers. actually, you can see it for most parts of the bay area. a little break along the immediate coast down the peninsula, but you can see as we move closer toward the san mateo area, 280 and 101. seeing a lot of scattered showers and also for parts of the south bay it's on the way to san jose. fremont also getting that soaking through hayward. even heavy pockets at times there as
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well. as we take a closer look, you see part of it coming out of oakland and as you make your way over to the livermore valley, that commute this morning is a slick one for you. you see a pocket of heavy rain there as well. getting toward the san jose area, again, the san mateo bridge getting a little bit wet this morning, especially if you are on the eastern side of the span getting toward the peninsula. north bay, look at the scattered showers from petaluma . i am still tracking into mill valley. that has been a wet commute pretty much all morning long. here is what to expect tonight. storm number 2 arrives around the bay area right around the 10:00 hour. that's when we will see a bit of the rainfall but by 2:00 tomorrow morning, the heavy rain
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coming to us. part of that lasting through some of the commute tomorrow. rain continues all day. that's what to expect. this weekend storm number 3 arrives and this is the expected late saturday into sunday. you will have a wet weekend ahead. robin? let's head to the san mateo bridge. it is packed out of hayward. i've spotted activity here all westbound west of the toll plaza to the right-hand shoulder. if you look right here, chp and tow trucks working with a stall. once again, it is on the shoulder. your commute traffic is pretty normal. it is slow out of hayward. it will take less than 30 minutes to get from 880 across the bridge and out to highway 101. this is eastbound traffic into hayward. it's doing just fine. the bay bridge packed this morning. getting to san francisco, you can do it without any major issues. let's check out one of your approaches. this is the east shore freeway. it looks normal. experiencing minor off and on
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flowing, or i want to use the word moderate. it is only 35 minutes from highway four down to the maze. that's a good dry. a complete check coming up shortly. let's continue team coverage of the storm. a major road is closed in san francisco because of an unstable cliff. >> more on the damage. avery? >> reporter: you see behind me there is lots of markers here trying to make it very clear that this road is closed. this is closed between mulder drive and del valle avenue. it will be closed until friday. take a better look at this map to get a better idea of where this is. this is all because public works crews have to stabilize the cliff that is above o'shaughnessy boulevard. a couple weeks ago big boulders came crashing down on to the
7:35 am
boulevard because of the heavy rain. no one was hurt in that incident but the issue of loose rocks has returned because of some of the heavy rain we've been experiencing this week. this is a busy road, so there's lots of drivers and people who ride their bikes and people walking in the area that cannot use this road because they are trying to ensure their safety. they don't want any of those big boulders to come crashing down. you see here there are people who are having to take alternate routes this morning because that route is closed. the street is closed. we've seen lots of people turning around in the other direction. we are told there is going to be aerial crews working this morning to secure and move some of those rocks and other debris above the cliffs. once that's done, they'll be conducting a study to find a long-term solution for this issue. now, there are a couple things you should be aware of if you drive in this area. line 44 has been rerouted because of this issue. they are now taking those buses
7:36 am
through the mira loma neighborhood and also if you drive in the area there are three alternate routes. monterey, teresita, and diamond heights boulevard are all alternate routes. you will not be able to drive here this morning. i will be here through out the morning with updates for you. james fletcher right now looking at more of the damage we've seen around the bay area because of the storms. this was the scene at pacifica. it rained nearly all day yesterday. a streetlight came down with the wind as well. this was an apartment complex. heavy streetlamp. no one underneath it. you see these other shots, tree branches came down, garbage cans were tipped over. we had newsstands knocked over with that heavy wind and the waves were intense as well along the beaches. people in the area say the state needs the rain but it's getting a little tiresome.
7:37 am
>> i've been in pacifica since i was five years old. this is something else. >> it's kind of really windy out here with a lot of rain. in the city it's not as windy. we just came from san francisco. >> i love it. viewers on the spot giving us the report. well done. this is 310 esplanade avenue. that's that apartment complex we've been following for years now where the cliff has been eroding. they had demolition crews in their taking out the hazardous material, things like asbestos and the like. right now it's sort of a race against time with the storms coming in. >> i have no idea. i have a new kron4 mobile app idea. you do it all the time. send in a picture of the weather or video. instead, we should have people shoot self the weather reports like 10 seconds.
7:38 am
how great would that be? how about you do that. that lady who sent you the shots, she could be upfront and say, it's really beautiful. >> storm coming in tonight. give us a quick 32nd weather report and send that video clip in. why not? we will play them in and out of bricks. we will send push alerts with the latest breaking news. any traffic problems, we will send alerts. there is a report it tab on there. coming up on the kron4 morning news, we talked to gary about the personal drama between kd and russell westbrook. looking for a lead for white men can't jump. they are
7:39 am
going to remake it. i'm going to give you some time to think about this. hall of fame class of 2017. it looks like they are voting in steroid suspected users. why not very bond? we will talk to gary in a few minutes. later, we look at the most expensive homes ever listed in the united states, and it comes furnished and it's right here in california. çááámarkáááñ in
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entertainment welcome back to the kron4 morning news. checking in on the soggy commute.
7:42 am
alive look at the approach. i am not tracking any major crashes. your drive time here looks normal. you can make it in less than 30 minutes from downtown oakland off to the fremont street exit. following the latest with hollywood's big night last night with people's choice awards. >> kevin hart took home the award for favorite comedic movie actor. no thanks to his buddy the rock. >> this one goes to all the costars that i've had, except the rock, because he hasn't helped me. he hasn't helped me at all. he's actually lessened my talent. it's went down since you've been in my life. thank you guys so much. i love you all. >> that had me rolling. he's so funny. >> some of the other winners were blake shelton. he won two awards and robert downey junior. ellen degenerate setting a record. her 20th people's choice award. she won favorite daytime tv host. >> i would vote for the rock over him.
7:43 am
i'm admitting it. >> you've got a problem. >> rebecca? i am tracking scattered showers across the bay area. you see on storm tracker for even more rain headed this way. storm number 2 also heading our way. i will have all those details as the kron4 morning news continues.
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time for the world according to gary, sponsored by hershey's. >> kevin durant said it's never just another game against his old team. it wasn't. he was phenomenal. >> >> tied at halftime and these guys get it rolling. that's the best team in the world and they are right in the bay area. >> and they never failed to disappoint with the drama either. everybody like me who is focused on the personal life, i
7:46 am
want to see how do they interact? there is that one time it looked like he said something, but i couldn't tell. his face was turned. they wouldn't talk about it after although westbrook said, we don't talk. >> the game ends and normally somebody at least would give them a week. they don't acknowledge each other. you watch this game and, again, i want to give you a hard-core sports. are you ready? >> yes, sir. play-by-play. >> we don't want to lose the audience here. i can see where durrant would want to go play on a team like the warriors were everybody moves the ball around as opposed to what makes westbrook great, kind of his solo thing. it just hit me last night, i can see why durrant wanted to come to the warriors. not that i had to study it too much. westbrook is great, but
7:47 am
he's great kind of in a one-man way. >> he still obviously feels this. he is not forgiving. >> get over it. they are both making 20 million. >> now, that's your trained sports i. now i want you to turn your eye to hollywood, because i know you watch a lot of movies with the stars. white men can't jump, a fantastic movie. they're going to remake it. woody harrelson. now, here's the problem. blake griffin is going to have a big hand in this. is he going to act? he's going to be producing it. you know that show black--ish. >> i do know the show. >> not an actor, the guy who produces it.
7:48 am
>> i forget the guys name. here's the deal. i am thinking, is blake griffin going to be the woody character. that doesn't work. he's too tall. >> he jumps over cars. sorry, i'm stealing this from somebody else. you ever see anybody do a remake of ben hur? i mean, why does everybody have to do it? is there any clamoring for this ? >> i don't mind them doing it, i'm just thinking, if it has to be a white basketball star, who do you pick? you don't have many to pick from. the only person i could think of that was a big star is kevin love. he is too tall. >> even this, not to be funny, are you going to have woody harrelson starring in the 50- year-old kid jump? how do you do it?
7:49 am
>> i thought of steve kerr, but he is too old. so think about right now and give me a current white basketball star. i can't even say he's got to be short. >> you ever think that some of these guys may have to be able to read a line? >> it's a bad idea to have a basketball player star anyway. i was just thinking. it's a bad idea. >> any hints on who might be under consideration? >> i'm praying they don't use a real basketball star. they change the title to basketball players can't act. whatever color, they can't act. >> is this a definite go? >> it's in the works. hall of fame. this is a big deal. if they are letting in those who are accused of sterilized
7:50 am
-- >> did you ever hear that one? he started sliding headfirst because he didn't want to break the vials that were in his back pocket. >> so if these guys are doing drugs or accused of steroids, he's better than all of them. >> he and roger clemens made a 10-k for jump. it's funny how they are linked together. they're both, what is it, 54 percent? you need 75 to get in. >> so it's getting closer. >> he's going to get in. it just may take another couple years. what's happening, you know, in this hall of fame -- by the way, when jeff bagwell got in, rodriguez, and rain. three guys got in. the deal is the older voters,
7:51 am
and some of them don't vote anymore, guys who are the letter of the law and barry bonds, they are being replaced in some small cases by younger people who just don't care. that whole area they were people, the pictures even hitting home runs, they were on something. >> so it was part of the game. >> it's the demographic changing a little bit. i don't know about you, but i'm the same way with pete rose. penalize somebody for a while and then if they work their tail off to become one of the best, they eventually put them in. >> like hall of famer giant willie mccovey. he broke the rules, and he was forgiven. it was tax evasion. >> i'm going to say this in a nice way. i would say 90 percent of the public doesn't remember what took place. by pardoning him, his name comes out again. we didn't pay taxes.
7:52 am
>> it brings it up again. president obama pardoned a bunch of people. so he's signing autographs and it's kind of like, you know, tips under the table. >> like 44,000. something like 44,000 he didn't pay. >> they got him for 33,000 and then he said, i'm going to volunteer. by the way, there was another 70 grand i made i didn't tell you about. he's a nice guy. >> you know what i'm saying? in this case, he's probably 80. you'd better be pardoned. it is funny, for a day or two you've got people -- i didn't know he didn't pay taxes. when they came west before you were born, he was more popular than willie mays because people thought of him as a new yorker. he started right here in the city. all right. good for him. everybody makes mistakes. >> you are not getting a pardon from the president tomorrow. they are killing sports. you've
7:53 am
accepted that. eight years of being killed by obama. we call it killed when we killed the sports segment. you were killed by president obama and now the first time that sports will be killed by donald trump. >> i haven't accepted it. who are you talking about? new management here. i'm going to them immediately. >> see you monday. we will talk about who is in the super bowl. >> if i am available. >> see you, gary. >> all right. a new jersey man is
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
traveling to washington d-c to witness his 18th presidential inauguration in person. b. harold smick junior attended his first welcome back to the kron4 morning news. a new jersey man traveling to washington dc to witness his 18th presidential inauguration in person. he attended his first inauguration when he was 15 years old. that was in 1941 when franklin delano roosevelt became the only u.s. president sworn in for a third term. he's a democrat who voted for hillary clinton, but the 91- year-old will continue his tradition tomorrow. he's hoping president elect donald trump open peace, healthcare, and jobs to the u.s. economy. i guess eat your heart out. you are not buying this house. i don't care how much money you have. 250million. and furnished.
7:57 am
as we roll through the pictures, it's just ridiculous to see what this mansion in bel air has. there is the bowling lanes. >> 38,000 square feet. it's a 40 seat movie theater, the world's largest television at 38 feet long, 12 bedrooms, six bars, $30 million of a car collection. >> what have you got on the roof? >> a helicopter on the roof. and by the swimming pool there is a 20-foot pop up television screen. it was built as a house. >> what's that mean? >> someone bills it to be sold. >> meaning, i told you how to build this? >> no, a builder built this. >> no one is going to buy this. no one is -- it couldn't be a hotel. >> maybe, 12 bedrooms. >> a quarter of a billion dollars. >> no, no. ahead in the 8:00 hour,
7:58 am
students and staff at a dozen schools in the bay area are going to protest the incoming administration and donald trump. we will have a live report as those protests get underway. heavy rain causing damage around the bay area. we will take a look at some of the damage with more storms on the way with scattered showers right now. rebecca will have more on your forecast coming up as we track the rain this morning. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next.
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8:00 am
all connected for you. çááámarkáááñ this morning we are tracking the rain hitting the bay area. taking a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. scattered showers expected through the morning as we brace for the second of three storms that will hit the bay area between now and sunday.çááádaryaáááñ çááátake doubleboxáááñ and yesterday's storms caused plenty of problems in the bay area... on the left was the scene in pacifica... the wind blew down a street poll weighing about 70 pounds. we'll have more on the damage in pacifica later in the show.çááámarkáááñ
8:01 am
on the west bonafide the 80th and it was weather that caused the driver to lose control we're
8:02 am
getting some little bit of rainfall for orenda affected high with 24. >>rebecca: >>robin w: we are tracking the with commute and stop and go traffic heading into san francisco back of all the way into the maze of the connectors for pact is not wanted and not any time soon we just got word
8:03 am
of the capital quarter deliver those of you who take 52040 minutes late out of davis' 52330 minutes late leaving emeryville and they had some bridges delays out in the martinez area >>reporter: they're very narrow
8:04 am
11 and you all morning if you do not have to drive the not drive in this area use alternate route with this is all because of what is going on on top of this cliff they're not want to reopen this role until they can insure the safety of the people who are traveling on an.
8:05 am
>>james: you can see the giant tree has come down on a car breaking windows breaking into the room and knocked out power
8:06 am
to about 70 people the truck they were driving ended up in a ditch they say the rain came down the could barely see in front of them they had to be rescued for the time of novato we have a massive tree come crashing down on a bottle boulevard hear the shot there is dark it was a man here will see how a mass of the tree is. >>james: it did a block both lanes of traffic for time to come about a few hours to finally get it cleared eventually they did in a lot of we are bracing for another round of window could bring down even more trees.
8:07 am
>>darya: they have a mobile application you can look added and it will give you push awards and give you latest weather and traffic the nation's capital getting ready to us where in the 45th president of the united states.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
they're happening throughout the day and more on the storms and snow in the sierra will take a look of the dangers.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
landáááñ breaking news we are following this morning out of italy. at least three people are dead and 30 others are missing after an avalanche buries a hotel.[take vo] çááávoáááñ first responders had to go in on foot because snow on the roads was preventing rescue vehicles from getting to the hotel. italian media outlets
8:14 am
are reporting that at least three people are dead. we know that at least one person has survived. he told rescuers that he went out to his car just before the avalanche and that is car did not get buried. but he also told search crews that his wife ant two children were >>darya: we will continue to follow this and update you if you get any new developments coming of we are attracting some scattered showers where getting some heavy pockets 94 getting on to the coast of more heavy rains on the way of storms will approach to bay area.
8:15 am
8:16 am
i'm val. the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. i represent the money you save for the future. who's he? he's the green money you can spend now. what's up? gonna pay some bills, maybe buy a new tennis racket. he's got a killer backhand. when it's time to get organized for retirement, it's time to get voya. çááámarkáááñ here's a live
8:17 am
look at the sierra right now... this is interstate 80 in.... all the snow this month has been a dream come true for skiers and snow boarders... but for the people who live up above the snowline... the accumulation of all the snow presents a real danger... [take pkg]çááápkgáááñ
8:18 am
>>reporter: longtime residents and takes pride in protecting his propane tanker that can be damaged by deep snow packs resulting in gas leaks and it happens in the neighborhood had to evacuate because of a gas leak cannot be officially opened residents are aware of this serious safety concern.
8:19 am
. >>james: the difficult thing is we have a of winter weather advisory in effect right now if
8:20 am
you are going to head up there and determine your the forecast the snow coming down each and every day does what you can expect as you head up there were high temperatures again if you have to fit one day saturday is the best date for skiing we don't know how you get up there without the big headache.
8:21 am
>>rebecca: just off the coast in
8:22 am
this is storm number to the we are tracking very closely at and to the bay area we will continue with zero showers and heavy rains throughout the day we will see it and to the evening hours as well it is been
8:23 am
slow all morning we are not tracking any major issue 23
8:24 am
minute trip across the bridge. >>robin w: the bay bridge ride into san francisco not improving their respect and slippery.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
çááávoáááñ new this morning... a specific type of animal crackers >>darya: some of the bags of original animal crackers were packaged with other cookies and may contain milk powder and you're allergic to milk the you have a severe allergic reaction.
8:28 am
staycation? no way.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>>mark: heading us as we make our way through sunday monday and tuesday track in the radar with the heaviest rain. >>rebecca: when addressing a nice bird's-eye view overlooking definite live for the livermore valley, as the mecca went out to the devils into change san francisco we're
8:31 am
seeing some sprinkles in the downtown area where on to get really heavy rain early tomorrow morning the commute is one to be wet and to work or want to see rain continued all day long the we can will be another what we can storm with three will see a live late saturday into sunday
8:32 am
8:33 am
>>robin w:, we would check in on the san mateo bridge >>darya: a major role this close of san francisco. >>reporter: more public works crews to stop their work on this area of this says between mall to drive and the veil and avenue of in the glen park neighborhood of san francisco give-and-take
8:34 am
to receive a moderate or diamond heights boulevard to avoid this area.
8:35 am
>>james: people in the area say they know they need the rain but a little too much of a good thing cannot be all that great
8:36 am
they have to do that before fall to the osha.
8:37 am
>>mark: this all the unarmed and walking around the backyard fearsome the virulence in one of the man on with a shotgun the recall is among the latest in a long covering 5.7 million cars involved 19 all makers for full
8:38 am
list of the cards are part of is a recall go to our web site >>mark: heavy wet snow keeping the crew busy in the sierra
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>robin w: checking in on the ride on 92 a it is very quiet but is still very thick and crowded >>mark: american across the political spectrum put some of the top of the nation's priorities they want the
8:42 am
government to do something about the problem with a national health-care law republicans want to repeal the central of fear the political damage of stranding the americans to secure coverage.
8:43 am
8:44 am
highways clear >>mark: the driving along highway 89 trees toppled of
8:45 am
ford's of 20 of them in a 10 mi. stretch weather typically plays a role in trees falling down of this time instead is the massive, with added from snow.
8:46 am
>>reporter: when you see all the snow this year is getting the biggest need excited with driving is difficult and this is the wild card when half the senate for the time and this would be really difficult and enjoying.
8:47 am
>>james: we have storm number three does what we have been talking about it is on the back to the bay area really difficult the conduct of four to 3 ft. when it's all said and done. >>rebecca: still quite slick from all the overnight rain we have gotten we are tracking some scattered showers across the bay area with heavy pockets this festive the ones we are tracking in the half moon bay area is one
8:48 am
to be lasting for the early part of the commute as well the roadways will be very dangerous
8:49 am
tomorrow as well keep that in mind if you're going to be out on broker given to and from work this is how much rain we are expecting over the next 24 hours with one to system rainfall monday and tuesday. >>rebecca: everything to john connally by wednesday. >>robin w: good-looking traffic on the bay bridge into san
8:50 am
francisco watches the it with that early commute traffic fallaway a menaces quake over 2101 in san rafael the nimitz no
8:51 am
major trouble spot a 42 minute drive time from 238 howe to 237 that is normal. >>mark: the public defender's office is releasing new video showing the reason officer involved shooting is released the video and a news conference yesterday this incident happened back on dangerous 6 in the video you will see more common religion and officers initially backing off with a pepper spray
8:52 am
him and tried to get them out of the home there's a struggle with the officers and one of them opened fire the officer should never opened fire the charges
8:53 am
and the police officer killing are expected soon. >>darya: they say was as a precaution she has a persistent cough this celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary this month.
8:54 am
>>mark: including future trips to mars the crew members were into the structure that was spend eight months together in this research facility with no physical contact with another human being. >>darya: we will. be will. we will be right back
8:55 am
8:56 am
çááámarkáááñ in entertainment news... hollywood's biggest stars were out for the peoples' choice awards, where the fans vote on the winners.çááádaryaáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ kevin hart took home the award for "favorite comedic movie actor..." he had plenty >>: this goes all the postcards i had.
8:57 am
>>darya: more rain unscheduled we are showing you the damage. and 24 hours from now donald trump will take the oath of office fro the presidency of the united states. what is happening today to get ready for tomorrow's inauguration ceremony.çáááadvan ceáááñ kron four's will tran is live with the student protests already getting started in san francisco.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>mark: we're tracking iranian
9:00 am
>>rebecca: this is on to be on the way to the area you can see all of the yellow corn and red very heavy rain headed toward the fremont area of downtown san jose for the wet road win of
9:01 am
going to be in the south bay right now we are really wide spread all the way from san francisco is going to take four
9:02 am
of the rain is on to the continuing drop the entire day this week in will be a wet one for you. >>robin w: it is raining leave
9:03 am
early as possible watchers' feed reduce your speed when you get out their role is a very slick. >>darya: a major road in san francisco is still shut down as they're trying to repair a cliff that could collapse. >>reporter: a lot more public works crews the people who are
9:04 am
encouraging lead travel open down this road to insure their safety edition be reopening sometime tomorrow we do not have an exact time the work should be completed by tomorrow this is all to make sure people do not drive we see lots of drivers have the time line earlier today because the have been driving thinking that can give the but it is closed to traffic.
9:05 am
>>darya: of trimarans fell there on a power line that knocked out power to a hundred homes this is on the possible of our this is a big one blocking both lanes of traffic off that close that role for several hours the
9:06 am
nation's capital was getting ready to swear in the 45th president of united states. >>mark: the inaugural ceremony in prison have been months and make.
9:07 am
will t: they always process' some sort of issue every year but this year is a little bit more important given that tomorrow donald trump will be president donald trump palace
9:08 am
are terrified families are terrified if we stick together we can prevail the season video from earlier there was a protest from 715 in the morning.
9:09 am
will t: they protested their part of this national day of action as well.
9:10 am
>>mark: watching what is happening acyl arriving for tomorrow's inauguration we will start tomorrow with coffee with president obama this copy will be starting his day before the festivities get under way.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>robin w: here was a live look even see all of the heavy traffic from 0: into san francisco.
9:13 am
>>darya: they're defending their actions after of video shows a dog apparently in the stress of their making the movie they said the production team follow protocol to foster the ethical and safe treatment of the animal they used in a movie organization that a monitor the use of animals in movies is now investigating and they're urging people not to go see the movie.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
çáááliveáááñ >>mark: donald trump arriving in washington d.c. there will be a concert with fireworks this evening as we prepare for the inauguration coverage.
9:17 am
>>rebecca: with solid family, will some of the officials and mrs. donald trump first federal flights as he'd been flying privately in his own airplane.
9:18 am
>>rebecca: the roadway will be very slick the future has will break down the rest of the day and by noontime we have showers passing through the east bay they're going to give a little bit of a bright boy went on to see those scattered showers.
9:19 am
9:20 am
watching today's winners and losers. >>rob b: this is especially true because if you're between the ages 32 and 61 the average
9:21 am
person only has about 5000 of the save for retirement from 5% 40 percent of all americans nothing save for retirement a lot of the may give you 3% to 6% cash matching and when you start to build with a federally and about $24 billion the average of 40 as possible about $1,300 annually.
9:22 am
>>rob b: this the year high of the 10th your anniversary get something out of apple the stock chart itself was very bullish king has a 2% dividend trade at 14 times every magic, it does not want to give you a lot of trouble you do once on a couple
9:23 am
of retail stocks the value is tied to world stop to this nice to see some analysts basically kicked out they have a better purpose credit card, and which might give consumers to the store a little bit more often.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
çááárobináááñ >>robin w: western down before the tunnel and baltimore psychologist this back of was not going anywhere anytime soon you are looking at 14 minutes from the bottom of the maze is a fremont street. >>mark: this of the latest round of dangerous airbag inflator as they say the air bag can explode too much for the edible part the metal canister and atkinson shrapnel into the passenger's from the recall was among the latest round covering 5.7 million cars involved 19 all makers in the united states alone for a full list of the
9:27 am
latest automaker part of recalling you confine them on our website. protesting the incoming administration today. we'll tell you where hundreds of students are expected to protest. çááárebeccaáááñ weather tease. ♪ i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more.
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9:29 am
>>mark: tracking the storm around the bay area is really coming down.
9:30 am
the some low-grade, nevada's corn to be a very slick ride. >>rebecca: gus to weaken clock
9:31 am
about 40 mi. an hour as well it is one to be very dangerous we are going to see an the high
9:32 am
when picking up a heavy rain we're going to see showers monday and tuesday >>robin w: the bay bridge is
9:33 am
driver there's also crash involving a motorcyclist was to bomb before the tunnel it is on the new eastman's plan also blocking one lane also not helping the ride into san francisco
9:34 am
>>reporter: a couple of weeks ago some big boulders came crashing down no one was heard in that incident but that is what they're trying to prevent right now a lot of people who drive on this role there are a couple of thing he should be mindful of if you're going to be
9:35 am
driving through this area you can take tear reseda monterrey and diamond heights will are those of the areas for the seeing lots of people going and still writing down this road. >>reporter: they have been very busy. >>darya: reckon news of we noticed the put up 20 the, to commissioner for of all victims and he said " it is official they about the paperwork to relocate to los vegas
9:36 am
9:37 am
will t: you concede teaches you're holding up the sign for the parents and students showing of incense.
9:38 am
>>: would we want to do was make sure the public education system is here and available for all students in the come to school with a harassment and without fear of being deported or anything else they need the public education.
9:39 am
>>darya: they have no trouble polishing off his old team who the people think are the best actors and entertainers this year v
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
>>: because this one goes all the co-stars of ever had because he has not helping.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news... every morning at 7:45 we talk sports with gary radnich. and in case you missed it here's the gary's world rewind.[take pkg] çááápkgáááñ çbreakñ time for the world according to gary sponsored by hershey's. >>darya: and is never just another day against his old team and it was and he was for a nominal 40. . >>darya: they never fail between kevin and russell westbrook to everyone who's focus on the personal life aspect.
9:47 am
>>gary:-see where i'm kevin would want to go play on a team like the warriors were everyone move the ball long has opposed to what makes him great is his solo-see why he would want to come to the warriors
9:48 am
>>darya: hi here and from black griffon is going to have a big hand in this and that does not
9:49 am
work he is too tall he is too old think about right now and give me a, a white basketball
9:50 am
star may change the title to basketball players cannot act can give these guys are doing
9:51 am
drugs or accused of steroids and it's better the lot of them. >>gary: the older voters is the
9:52 am
picture was heading the home run they were on something it was part of the game at the demographic changing television
9:53 am
you have people we did know that he didn't pay taxes when they came west will for you're born people thought that and he was a new yorker but he started right here in the city see you monday
9:54 am
and we will talk about who was in the super bowl.
9:55 am
9:56 am
çááávoáááñ take a look at this.. this is the mo >>darya: this is a house it's on the market for $250 million become one of the works of art including the camera followed
9:57 am
the cards $30 million in carter's $250,000 20 ft. pop television by the swimming pool of 30 ft. wide television $250 million we will have heavy rain again tomorrow for the morning commute and another big story as we headed to weaken on sunday more rain monday and tuesday will be tracking the storm and covering the presidential inauguration we will see you then dr. phil coming up next stay connected with our facebook twitter our mobile application and our web site for our next newscast and a 5:00 p.m..,
9:58 am
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