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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is the bay area is news station. kron 4 news at 10:00 starts right now . >> one down and two to go in the latest series of winter storms slamming the bay area, taking a live look at our stormtrac or 4 radar and the richmond san rafael bridge. >> it is calm right now but you better brace for a second round of heavy rain and high winds. >> good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. we are tracking the latest storm to hammer the bay area. brittney shipp has details on where the storm is hitting now and what's going to happen next. >> still light rainfall but the heavy rainfall picks up the rest of tonight.
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this will linger into your morning commute as well. let's get straight to the radar and show you where the heavier radar is. it's san francisco stretching to oakland, barely getting wet in antioch. same thing in hayward. san rafael same thing. we're going to see some lower elevations now, some dusting at higher elevations around the bay area. closer to discovery bay, all seeing low showers. moisture on the way the rest of the night. why 2 am, wind speeds will start to kick up. let's plan out your day tomorrow. by 9 am, lots of rain expected. inland locations, 48 degrees, rain and wind by noon. our wind speeds will stay very strong with the system. low 50s by the coast, the bay, and inland locations. they 3:00, low 50s, on and off with heavy rain showers throughout the day. we gear up for our third system
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overnight on saturday heading into sunday with a few lingering showers as we push into monday as well. i will have a closer look at that coming up in 10 more minutes. as the bay area prepared for another pounding of rain, one city in particular in the north bay is on edge. alecia reid is live -- alecia reid is live getting ready for the next round of rain. it's always that creek that causes a problem. >> reporter: that's right. >> people are putting out the sandbags. >> reporter: there is one common thread along san anselmo avenue. sandbags. >> once in a while, you have to have the worry. >> reporter: the nearby creek overflowed during last week's storm, flooding the downtown area. >> it flooded the streets. just a couple of stores gutted this time but that's it and that's a lot better than
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several years ago when the whole town got it. >> reporter: this resident recalls the storms in 1982 and 2005, both completely start -- destroyed his family store. >> there was about 5 feet of water in the store. i lost all my equipment. >> reporter: posters from the storm 35 years ago still hang in the shop. >> some families were canoeing down the street. they had to go up about 6 feet. the store was closed for a year. >> reporter: he and many others hope the next round of storms won't leave too much damage behind. >> i think we will get through it. >> that was alecia reid reporting down in the peninsula where business is picking up as drivers refused to properly slow down. one bay area bodyshop is seeing triple the number of normal cars in accidents. live in south san francisco with that reality check.>>
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reporter: yes, it's one thing to hear about car accidents but it's another to see the damage firsthand as this particular auto body shop has experienced triple the amount of cars coming through and it's a really eerie reminder to slow down. business is booming at arco's autobody in san francisco. they are-to turn customers away. >> the shop is triple. we don't have parking available. >> reporter: this bodyshop alone is operating at max capacity as they have seen triple the amount of cars come through since the first sign of heavy rain. they are also seeing more serious damage after the heavy downpour. >> some are a total loss like they are not repairable at all. >> reporter: the spike in crashed cars is related to the weather. drivers on slowing down or giving enough room in till it's too late.>> they see a lot of reckless drivers.
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i get concerned they are willing to drive that says knowing those are the most common times when you could get into an accident. >> reporter: california highway patrol reports it's best to let go of the gas pedal instead of slamming the brakes if you hydroplane on a wet road. >> i think most people tend to use the brakes. >> reporter: the california office of traffic safety advises to replace old windshield weights, stay in the middle lanes as water edges to the outer road and avoid sudden turns or stops. and of course, the simplest and possibly one of the most important things we can do is slow down. we can't repeat it enough. i don't know if the graveyard of irreparable cars will convince you or won't convince you, i don't know what will. live in south san francisco, alyssa some of you. >> stick with -- kron 4. we have been on top of the storms all season with the next on the way. on air and on we will bring you live reports monitoring severe traffic
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alerts and bring you live radar showing where the storm is and where it's building. get updates sent to your phone on the free kron 4 app. america's democratic process is marching on. less than 24 hours before donald trump will be sworn in as president and he is already in the nation's capital. >> the president-elect and his family arrived this afternoon and are taking part in preinaugural festivities. take a live look at washington dc where a crowd of protesters are already gathering outside the national press club. >> kristin holmes is in washington dc with a look at how donald trump is preparing to become the nation's 45th president. >> reporter: president-elect trump and members of the soon to be first family touched down at andrews air force base today, kicking off inauguration weekend. trump, attending a lunch with cabinet picks, supporters, and donors at his new dc hotel.
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>> we have had such great, great support. >> reporter: before placing a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington cemetery, vice president-elect mike pence at his side. and speaking at a welcome celebration and concert on the national mall. >> i look forward to tomorrow. we're going to see something that is going to be so amazing. >> reporter: in less than 24 hours, trump will officially become the 45th president of the united dates. sworn in by chief justice roberts on abraham lincoln's bible as well as the bible given to him by his late mother, and delivering a self written speech, his first remarks as president. giving a preview of that speech tonight work >> we're going to unify our country.>> reporter: the trump transition has been far from seamless. the cabinet of rosters -- roster of cabinet positions is complete but none have been confirmed. >> we are ready to go at 12:01
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am tomorrow. >> we have 536 team members that will be reporting for duty at agencies following the inauguration bright and early. >> reporter: in washington, i am kristin holmes. tomorrow morning, you will likely see more traffic around the golden gate bridge and there is good reason for organizers will be open for what they call a free speech event. the reason behind the gathering: >> reporter: starting at 10 am, you will see people lined all along the walkways of this iconic bridge. two college friends and coworkers with the help of hundred 50 volunteers put together the event and they say it is not intended to be a protest to trump's presidency. the message organizers say, is unity and togetherness. >> it is intentionally not a protest. we are not in conflict with confrontation. it is a specific reaction to
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all of the hateful and divisive rhetoric that has been thrown at us over the last 18 months. >> our intention was to have something for anyone to look forward to on another -- an otherwise possibly dark day for some. a place where we can start bridging together and working together and moving forward. >> reporter: organizers say about 4000 people have signed up for the event, called bridge together golden gate. but you don't have to register to take part. from 10 am tomorrow to noon, people from across the bay area will line the iconic bridge holding hands. >> both of us are parents and for our kids, it became critical to show them that coming together in peace and love and inclusivity and acceptance of others is really what we want to model. >> reporter: city officials say the 101 and roads leading to the bridge are likely to be congested. the people we talked to say it's worth it. >> i think the freedom to
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organize, that's something i think has been lost over the years and to be able to convey that in a positive message is good. >> reporter: city officials say if turnout is as expected, it would be the first verified human chain across the entire bridge. city officials tell us at least one of the parking lots here at the golden gate bridge welcome center will be closed to private vehicles tomorrow. that means unless you are on a public bus or some wrenching vehicle, you will not be able to enter the lot. reporting in san francisco, kron 4 news. throughout the bay area, tens of thousands of people are expected to protest donald trump's inauguration. >> and that will carry through the weekend. grant wood us is here. >> reporter: demonstrations all over, vallejo, walnut creek, the three biggest cities in the bay, some folks in oakland.
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you can see here ahead of protesting they've been boarding up. there is no guarantee there will be destructive behavior but business owners in oklahoma -- oakland are all-too-familiar with less than peaceful protesting and recently, oakland was a hotspot for protesters who took to the streets in the days after november's election of donald trump. most of those demonstrations were peaceful. you can see the aerial footage from abc 7 but there were issues with vandalism, including smashed windows, graffiti, trash cam's set on fire. by the way, a march through oakland tonight did not appear to cause any damage so hopefully that is a good sign as it relates to things to come. a few events planned tomorrow. a rally starts at 9 am at san francisco's justin herman plaza. people will march to california street. 11 am tomorrow in san jose, a rally and march will begin.
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people end up with another rally in san jose city hall around 1 pm and maybe the biggest crowds will be saturday. that will coincide with the women's march in washington dc and the nations capital. locally, there will be rallies at 10 am at oakland madison park and san jose city hall, and 3 pm at san francisco's civic center plaza. not all events happening our protests. the san francisco log cabin republicans are having a potluck dinner tomorrow night and an inaugural ball at 6:30 pm tomorrow night at the flamingo conference center in santa rosa for specifics on celebrations and protests, head to >> and of course you can watch the inauguration live right here on kron 4 our expanded coverage begins tomorrow morning on the kron 4 morning news at 7 am. we will have reporters out at local watch parties and
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protests and our dc bureau will provide live reports from washington. >> at 8:30 am, we will go commercial free all morning long to air the presidential inauguration ceremonies in their entirety. that will be right here on kron 4. you can also catch it live on our website, and of course the kron 4 mobile app. we hope you join us tomorrow morning. coming up on news tonight at 10:00, we are tracking the second storm coming to shore in the bay area. we are taking a look at areas around the bay still trying to recover from the first storm. the bay area county that has declared a local emergency. how people are gearing up for even more rain. and the raters are one step closer to leaving oakland. find out how city officials are trying again to keep the team in the east bay.
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a big story tonight, the raiders taking the next big step in their drive to leave oakland. the team is now officially asking the nfl for permission to move to las vegas with the promise of a new state-of-the- art stadium in the future. >> probably one of the worst kept secrets, the raiders making it official. the team wants to leave the bay area for a second time. dan kerman >> to city officials who say they plan to try to keep them here. >> we are right on time right now, ready for this challenge
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that has been put in front of us and i know oakland, we will rally to that challenge. >> reporter: not only has time not run out for a new stadium in oakland but the city mayor says oakland is right on time to present its plan put together by the investment group headed by former raider ronnie lott. >> we are excited that the nfl will hear us out, will give us the opportunity to demonstrate that we now have the partnership and the plan to get it done in oakland in a way that is responsible to the taxpayers. >> reporter: an nfl executive has dismissed the plan but city officials say if nfl owners compare the vegas plan would be oakland plan, the raiders should not be allowed to move. >> to allow it to happen to the city a second time, i think it's just an and justice to the city of oakland and i certainly hope the owners who have the final say, will not allow that to occur. >> reporter: as for where owner mark davis stands, the mayor says she understands the frustrations he has had in the
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past and why he is looking elsewhere. but ultimately, she remains hopeful he will come to see what she already knows. >> like me, the raiders were born and raised in oakland. that's where they belong. we have gotten the investors together that can make the stadium have been in a way that's responsible to the taxpayers and we have the best and the most loyal fans in the nfl as well as the most attractive site, the most valuable market. we have a winning team and we're going to fight to keep our raiders. >> reporter: city officials say they are ready to plead their case to put a brand-new football stadium on this site as soon as they get a date from the nfl. at the oakland coliseum, dan kerman, kron 4 news. of course, silver and black fans are feeling blue tonight. the oakland raiders have officially filed for that nfl relocation in hopes of heading to las vegas but for now they are still based in alameda county. that could change in the future.
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while not unexpected, today's news was still a dagger to fans. raider nation is disappointed but not discouraged about efforts to keep the team in the bay area. as time winds down, one group of supporters is drying up a hail mary. save oakland recently started an online petition and has gathered over 1000 signatures in less than a week. >> we're hoping to get thousands and thousands of people to let the nfl owners know they prefer the raiders in oakland and to give reasons why. when you sign, you can put in a statement why you want the raiders in oakland. >> oakland leaders and investors notably ronnie lott, fortress group are also working to keep the raiders in the bay. the group says it will continue to negotiate with the team and the nfl to build a $1.25 billion seat stadium -- $1.25 billion, 500,000 seat stadium in the bay area. >> the team will need 24 out of
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32 owner votes to move. the meetings start on march 26 in phoenix. there is an interesting twist. should this get approved, the raiders plan on staying in oakland for the 2017 and 2018 season before leaving. we are in the middle of a one in three storm. we are looking for the second storm. whitney ship as the timetable. >> the second storm is moving in. light rain will pick up in intensity over the next few hours and so will the wind speeds. a wind advisory from 2 am to 10 am tomorrow morning. gusts close to 40 meet me. we are just starting to see a little bit of rain coming down on our golden gate ridge camera. our radar shots are showing us light rain is pretty much everywhere by now. light rain in antioch, oakland, san rafael, san francisco,
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pacifica, the east bay, livermore, tracy, stockton, and a few little snow showers at some of our higher elevations around town. this is storm number two. it will turn heavy around 2 am over the entire region. we could even see isolated thunderstorms to start or morning and your commute. if you are an early commuter, you will be dealing with heavy rain but as 7:00 rolls around, most of the heavy rain is off to the east. we will see a heavier line for our north faison but everything switches to on and off, heavy showers as we go through friday. this isn't a widespread, steady rain hour. this is on and off showers with heavy downpours expected through the entire day into our overnight hours, pushing into saturday. you will also notice a few more lingering showers toward the morning. in the afternoon, we will see a mini break before the third system gets her by 10 pm saturday night.
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this carries into sunday and lingering showers are a possibility into monday and possibly even tuesday. after that, we start to dry out. a closer look at our wind advisory for the region, especially in higher elevations, coastal hill, when gusts up to 40 miles per hour. this could bring down trees, power lines, which could cause power outages. we are watching closely. we have already seen an inch and an inch and a half and an additional 2 1/2 inches with the next to systems moving through. that means our coastal hills, calculated together could see 528 inches of rainfall. san francisco could see 4 inches with these three storms. we are also dealing with snowfall in the sierra. it's light right now but it will turn heavy throughout friday, saturday, and definitely sunday. winter storm warning will stay in effect until monday at 4 am. white out conditions possible. 3 to 6 feet above 7000 feet, 2 to 4 feet of snow at the lake
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level. that's incredible. it has been a wild winter in the lake tahoe region. the three-day forecast showing us snow by sunday. i will have your seven-day forecast coming up. now to this story. a group of dogs have been rescued thanks to someone with santa clara county animal services. officer riley responded to reports of dog dumping and east santa fe foothills while it was pouring rain. when she arrived, she found seven little dogs who appeared sick, cold, and completely terrified. officer riley used who wants to try to lure the pops to safety. they were all found with mange and quickly treated by a vet and are doing much better. thank you, officer riley. still ahead, the controversy in a middle school classroom. find out what was hanging in a california classroom that sparked outrage. and after the break, deputies in bakersfield accused
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of excessive force after a suspect resisted arrest. it was all caught on camera. that video is coming up.
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california -- a california sheriff's office is facing a lawsuit, accusing deputies of excessive force while forcefully taking a suspect into custody. the surveillance video was shot at the guest or convenience store. it shows exactly what happened when officers arrived on the scene. according to reports, the man in red was apparently disturbing the peace and when officers arrived, he resisted arrest. for almost a minute, police struggled to control him using pepper spray and then ultimately striking him six times with their batons. he was left a bloody mess and now the suspect's attorney says
10:26 pm
they used excessive force. the suspect was charged with resisting arrest, a felony charge of brass knuckles possession and several drug charges. after a judge reviewed the video, charges were reduced and he accepted a plea deal. reports of a confederate flag hanging inside a classroom in folsom has some parents up in arms. according to sutter middle school officials, this is not the first time the teacher involved has been accused of being racist. this is the second round columns from this particular teacher in less than three months. he made a comment during a history lesson that was highly offensive to it an eighth- grader and his family. the school board is now investigating his conduct. >> it is a concerning allegation and we understand regardless of context for many people, including in our community, this is a piece of history and also an inflammatory, racist, symbol of hate.>> in the last hour we have learned that controversial
10:27 pm
teacher has decided to retire, according to the sacramento bee. it also reports the confederate flag was removed from the classroom. coming up, the trashing of bay area freeways. at first glance, it looks like people are simply tossing trash out their windows but i highly doubt someone tossed out a shopping cart, which means there is more to the story. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. plus, mexico has turned over the world's most me -- most wanted man. we will break, charges joaquin "el chapo" guzman faces and the ones he does not in the united states. and rocks and websites threatening parts of the south bay. the areas you will need to avoid to stay safe during the next round of storms coming up after the break.
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but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. now, back to kron 4 news at 10:00 with pam the more and steve aveson.>> it's the calm before the storm. another round heading our way for the bay area. >> a live look at stormtrac reportage showing the light rain that's out there right now but prepare for heavy rain, more high winds, more flooding, and more dangerous driving conditions. >> let me ship this year with details on how you can prepare for your morning commute.
10:31 pm
>> some of the heaviest rain is going to happen right over the morning commute. if you leave for work closer to 5 am, that's when we will see the heaviest rain showers. things will taper off closer to 7:00. let's get a closer look at tomorrow's planner. rain expected to turn heavy overnight tonight. for the coast, you start at 50 degrees. actually a mild start to the day. 51 degrees for the bay, 48 degrees in the low to mid 50s for the day. mainly light through most of the region. we're seeing a few isolated snow showers on our higher peaks around town. the next 12 hours as we going to the rest of this evening, again you'll see a lot of the rain turn heavy. that's the yellow, the orange, right at 4:00, 5:00. that's when the heaviest rain is over the entire region. we progress the model even more, closer to 6:00 and the south bay east bay, you are going to see a lot of rain and
10:32 pm
as you commute closer to 8:00, mainly san francisco, northbay zone seeing lots of rainfall and then it turns spotty on and off throughout the rest of the day. and i am tracking the third system. i will go over those details coming up. one area that has seen more of its sheer -- more than its share of heavy rain is the santa cruz mountains. we are in santa cruz with a look at how the storms continue to take a big toll on the mountain roads. >> reporter: it never did stop raining here in the santa cruz mountains. i made my way up highway 17 and -- amid one of several intermittent periods of heavy rain like this. i looked -- hoped all right on senate road, past a tree that opened a crater on the left, and up to a closed road but before turning around, i saw a big slide that took out it back in the hot tub. further along, the road is covered in mud from another big slide that took out a large
10:33 pm
tree. doubling back on 17 to highway 9, more rocks in the road as crews were clearing score -- clearing storm drains and debris. and boulder creek, drivers passed over a large slide that has washed out one lane over the sam arenz oh river. >> a little grusin, a little scary if you are not from here. weinke, dark, mudslides. >> even though they say the roads clear, you never know how clear. it's simply terrifying, to be honest. i have to go on this road at least 4 to 6 times a day. >> reporter: between boulder creek and los gatos, i saw at least at dozen new mostly small and rock slides but there were downed trees and low hanging wires in some spots. there seems to be a new hazard around every corner. some celebs look like they might come down at any moment. i also spotted convoys of road crews from one trouble spot to the next. the relentless run off like
10:34 pm
this is simply more than he already saturated ground could hold and when that happens, this happens.>> the santa cruz mountains from kron 4 news. east bay park was hit pretty hard by the recent storm. greeks have been overflowing. mudslides have become a huge problem. richmond's wildcat canyon park had a major slide just a few months ago and now things have gotten even worse. in oakland, a slide has closed a popular trail. that slide is supposed to get even larger as the storm hits this coming weekend. heavy rain and loose rock and debris is what caused the street in san francisco's gwynn park neighborhood to close. o'shaughnessy avenue between malta drive and devout avenue will be closed until friday because public works crews have to stabilize the cliff. boulders came crashing down just a few weeks ago. the street has been shut down as a precaution. and contra
10:35 pm
costa county, they have declared their own state of emergency because of major damage from recent storms. one of the biggest problems is a sinkhole. they expect it will take almost a year to repair the hole. contra costa public works officials say this is the only problem area they have to worry about. a few areas are going to take a while to repair.>> amber valley road, mcewan road, amber valley has been the worst damage we have suffered and that's going to take a wild to repair. >> sure is. next week, county administrator will present the local emergency declaration to the board of supervisors so they can ratify it. in the meantime, the county is just hoping the storm and cause as much damage as it did last time. please stay with kron 4 both on- air and online. we have everything you need to know about the storm and the ones that are coming next on-
10:36 pm
air and we have live reports throughout the bay area and we will be monitoring severe traffic alerts as they occur and bring live radar to your neighborhood showing exactly where the storms it -- storm is. get updates on your for with the kron 4 mobile app. tonight at 10:00, we are tracking a big development with the notorious mexican drug lord el chapo. >> craig lewis is back and el chapo has been turned over to the united states.>> he is in new york. he will be in brooklyn tomorrow at a federal courtroom. we are talking about joaquin guzman, known by almost everybody as el chapo. he was led to a plane today for extradition. he is now in new york. el chapo has been held at a prison in mexico near the border with texas for about a year. this was after he pulled off a daring escape in 2015 using an elaborate tunnel to get out of one of mexico's high-security prisons. he was caught last january after police tracked him down
10:37 pm
to a hideout and chased him down to a tunnel. once in custody, the mexican government said it would be -- would allow him to be extradited to the u.s. it is happening on the eve of a donald trump presidency. our partners at cnn say mexico wanted to turn him over before the inauguration. we know he will not face the death penalty in the u.s. he is being called a legendary criminal. >> when most americans think of organized crime, they think of al capone. they pale in comparison to el chapo guzman. >> who faces six separate indictments in the u.s. he is said to be the leader of a drug cartel and is blamed for numerous deaths in the u.s. and the bloody drug war. el chapo will be in a brooklyn courtroom tomorrow. still ahead tonight at 10:00. for some reason, california highways just don't seem to be as clean as other highways and other states. so our very own sally roberts
10:38 pm
looks at the big problem causing all the mess. that story is coming up.
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time for the kron 4 bank of the west business report. >> time to start think about retiring. we have some tips and mistakes for your 401(k). >> this is especially true because if you're between 32 and 61, the average median person only has about $5000 saved for retirement. 25 to 40% have nothing saved. a lot of 401(k)s give you 3% to 6% cash matching. when you start taking a look at that, that's $24 billion being left at the desk. the average employee is passing up about $1300 annually so if
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you get $1300 a year for 20 years, that comes out to $26,000. by the time you hit retirement, that's about $49,000 if you get 6% average returns and $39,000 is another $200 -- $200 a month until you die. if you are not getting at least a match at your job, you are leaving a lot on the table. >> talk about apple stock. around $120 per share right now but some think it will soar again.>> it's the winner this year. analysts are coming out of the woodwork. this is the 10th year anniversary so we're going to get something special out of apple. they are talking about crazy concepts like lasers that can analyze your face. but the stock chart at health looks bullish. the company is a value stock even though you think of it as a growth stock with a 2% dividend and trades at 14 times pe. every metric on it will not get you into a lot of trouble unless people stop -- stop buying apple products altogether which is unlikely. most analysts have a $102 price
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tag on it which is 10% up from today. >> if you have a question for rob, posted on his facebook page. >> this business report is sponsored by bank of the west. for a personal approach to business banking, go west. bank of the west. and brittney shipp, we are already tracking storm system number two pushing in. i will have details on storm system number three over the weekend. that's all coming up after the break.
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if you have ever driven to another state, you will notice just how clean many of the highways are. but for some reason we can't say the same for some of our freeways in california.>> kron 4 stanley roberts shows us one of the latest problems popping up around the bay area.>> reporter: here is stanley roberts, who found some people behaving badly. the bay area is having a huge problem and it's not going away anytime soon. the issue is visible on our freeways. to be fair, it's not all from drivers throwing trash out their window. homeless people have started camping out alongside the freeway. while being homeless is not the hitting badly, trashing our freeways is. in some areas you will see lots of trash and i do mean lots of trash. all types of debris like this
10:46 pm
life preserver or this water container work much of it will end up during the san francisco -- in the san francisco bay during the next big rain. from san francisco to san jose, if you look over your shoulder there's a strong possibility you will catch a glimpse of an encampment. this one is on what appears to be city property or maybe even private property. much of the garbage has spilled into state property. this is right by exit 408. this is a problem where you can pitch in and maybe save a life because sometimes the people living in the interments can be seen walking on the shoulder. >> we have a response team that comes out and cleans up. a lot of times we don't know where they are so if you see a lot of people walking along the freeway, call 911, let us know there's people walking on the freeway. there's a possibility there's an encampment. >> reporter: i mentioned saving a life. many times, the people in the
10:47 pm
encampments attempt to cross the freeway -- cross the freeway and many don't make it. caltrans will do the cleanup but chp follows along and at as security for the crew. >> a lot of people are nick ames, they can be mentally unstable or using drugs. that's why it's unsafe for employees. that's why we have officers help out. >> reporter: so if you're driving along and see lots of trash, call caltrans and reported. if you see someone walking on the freeway, call 911. chances are, they don't belong there. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. we are giving you a good- looking shot from our vantage point. we send this out throughout the world through but tomorrow morning, we are concerned about dodging potholes. >> the rain has already started and it's going to be heavier into the morning commute, and decreased visibility when you get caught in any one of those heavy downpours. wind speeds will be picking up so it's going to be rough especially for commuters if you
10:48 pm
are walking to the bus stop. have your umbrella ready and as we go into the rest of the afternoon, we will see hour winds reads dying down. a closer look at our four zone forecast camera network shows a few raindrops on our north -- northbay camera. everywhere else looks to be relatively dry or light rain. if you are close to pacifica or san francisco, san rafael, oakland, hayward, we're starting to see things picking up where you see the yellow and orange. we expect heavier downpours closer to 2 am. for most of the region, stuff -- stretching into the south bay. we will see heavier downpours -- downpours continuing on and off throughout the day. these will be quick living cells that drop a lot of rain in a short amount of time. similar conditions saturday with on and off showers.
10:49 pm
and then we will see a fairly bright, maybe an hour or two, but by 8:00, 9:00 another round. this'll be the third storm that will stick around all day sunday. our wednesdays are starting to pick up, gusting up to 18 miles per hour at half moon bay. damaging wind speeds expected overnight. definitely pay attention because this advisory is in effect from 10 pm to 2 am. power lines all a concern for us. rainfall totals show on top of the inch and a half we already show, but the last system between the next two systems, we could pick up another 2 1/2 inches so close to 4 inches for san francisco. 3 to 6 inches at coastal hills. 528 inches of rainfall.
10:50 pm
closer to the weekend, totals start adding up. we have to keep a close eye on the rivers, especially in the north day. snow showers continue to come down and south lake tahoe. winter storm warning from tonight all the way to monday morning. we expect to see 3 to 6 feet of snow above 7000 feet. getting up there, might be a little painful but when you're there, you are probably going to love all the fresh snowfall that coming down at a, saturday, sunday and start to taper off finally as we head into monday. drier days heading into monday next week. our next model forecast shows cold conditions, low 30s, lots of snow friday and saturday and especially on sunday. we have to factor in the wind as well on sunday. you want to be careful if you have to come back on sunday. i recommend waiting until monday.
10:51 pm
highs around the region, low to mid 50s. seven-day forecast shows unsettled weather through monday. after that, we start to dry out. tonight's sports report brought to you by xfinity internet. we have doubled our speeds, the fastest just got faster. our sports director is now talking about the raiders. >> thank you, stephen and grant. brittany, excellent weather tonight. you remember when the raiders returned down to go to the los angeles market for the guy with the money? stan kroenke and the rams eventually went back. remember the chargers and the raiders were going to share a stadium and the nfl said no. they are not going to turn them down twice. it's a real bad blow. for mark davis officially filing with the national foot the league for relocation to las vegas.
10:52 pm
the vote from the owners will come march 23 and that's it. the oakland coliseum, ronnie lott and his gang are trying, libby schaaf is trying. the fans you know, the loyal fans. mike davis has his sights set on las vegas. vegas came up with the money. bird in the hand, all that business. if you play with this little bit in your head, they turned them down one. for los angeles. turned them and the chargers down. not going to happen a second time. they can't do that to this man a second time. the raiders in las vegas. it would be an upset if it didn't happen. elliott will saying i love you in this picture. he has said i don't want to be general manager of the san francisco 49ers so that sleeping in a to a trio of guys
10:53 pm
with never heard of. by the way, kyle shanahan is a new head coach of the 49ers. you will find out officially once the falcons season ends. they don't play the cowboys, they play green bay. they thought they were going to play the cowboys but it's aaron rodgers and green bay coming to atlanta on sunday. durrant ann curry for the all-star game. -- durrant and curry for the all-star game. they have over 1.5 million votes for the warriors. curry will be named for four straight seasons. pretty potent. and would not be an upset to see klay thompson as the reserve and draymond green. so the warriors, everything golden in their regard.
10:54 pm
there you go with lebron. the top go together for the eastern all-stars. the shark is hosting the lightning. beaten by the kings last night, san jose, here we go. they have now lost to tampa bay this year. the sharks take the lead. 1-0, lighting it up. san jose with a 3rd period goal wins 2 to 1. they are in second place in their division. they will host colorado on saturday night. it's college basketball. what is the most famous -- not big arena but in philly? >> the palestra.>> you are damn right. as and it -- an underclassman i played in the palestra. >>'s mother like popcorn, hot dogs and sweat. >> 70 years ago it smelled the same way. do you know the palestra? steve, you probably perform something there. >> i have not.
10:55 pm
what's the game between the four philly teams? >> the big five. >> i would like to go. >> everything is fantastic. back in philly, they are playing for blood. out here, it's st. mary's. the young staff says we will show you kelvin hermanson. kelvin with the 16th win of the season. 62-50 st. mary's a winner. as they say every time, he was the tax court man. he was playing at cal. oregon state couldn't hang. michael humphrey had 21-62-46 at stanford. we are not done with local college hoops. only 4.6 rebounds for the all- american candidate. jordan belt toward up tonight for oregon. they won 86-63 on that really rough looking floor and eugene
10:56 pm
in fact i always last, they put the rather ugly floor on the basketball court and eugene, oregon. phil knight liked it and he's the owner. >> thank you very much sir. >> thanks a lot. we will be back with news at 11:00 coming up.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
y, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
10:59 pm
this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> look at the rain already coming down in the bay area. it's going to get acre. i am steve aveson. >> and i'm pam moore and it's all part of a wet weekend ahead. two storms are zeroing in on us. >> let's get to our forecast.>> brittney shipp is keeping a close eye on the conditions. >> one down and two more to go. here is a look at the morning
11:00 pm
commute. that was the big question. by 9 am, rain still coming down. showers and wind by 3:00. most temperatures will start off in the 50s. you will notice for the afternoon our temperatures won't warm up too much staying in the mid-50s. through the area near san mateo, hayward, off to the east bay region, not a not so much. taking a bit of outbreak. palo alto seeing steady rain and heavier pockets on the way as we go to the rest of tonight. the yellow, the orange, that's heavier rain moving through 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. if you get up around that time, you will find yourself with heavy rain and wind speeds will stay strong up to 35 miles per hour until 10 am. we have a wind advisory in effect until 10:00.


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