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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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commute. that was the big question. by 9 am, rain still coming down. showers and wind by 3:00. most temperatures will start off in the 50s. you will notice for the afternoon our temperatures won't warm up too much staying in the mid-50s. through the area near san mateo, hayward, off to the east bay region, not a not so much. taking a bit of outbreak. palo alto seeing steady rain and heavier pockets on the way as we go to the rest of tonight. the yellow, the orange, that's heavier rain moving through 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. if you get up around that time, you will find yourself with heavy rain and wind speeds will stay strong up to 35 miles per hour until 10 am. we have a wind advisory in effect until 10:00.
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this system will stick around us we go into saturday morning. a few more showers expected and late saturday night into sunday, our third system gets here. another round of rain and wind. i will take another look at your seven-day forecast coming up.>> is the bay area prepares for this next round of pounding rain, one city in particular on the north bay is on edge. >> that's where alecia reid went to san anselmo -- san anselmo or they are nervous about the flooding. >> reporter: san anselmo lost everything in two separate storms. now, they are hoping they are prepared for what's next. >> we put down the gates and the sandbags and we try to put stuff up. >> reporter: there is one common thread along san anselmo avenue, sandbags. >> once in a while, you have to worry. >> reporter: the nearby creek overflowed during last week's store, flooding the downtown area.>> just a couple of stores
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got it this time. that's it. that's a lot better than several years ago when the whole town got it. >> reporter: this business owner clearly recalls the storms in 1982 and 2005. both completely destroyed his family's store. >> 5 feet of water in the store. and then i lost all of my equipment. >> reporter: posters from the storm 35 years ago still hang in the shop. >> some families were canoeing down the street. they had water up to about feet. the store was closed for over a year. >> reporter: he and many others in the town are hoping the next round of storms won't be too much damage behind. >> i think we will get through it. >> reporter: shop owners are being optimistic. they are hoping there will be no more flooding for the rest of the year. reporting in san anselmo, alecia reid, kron 4 news. contra costa county has declared a state of emergency. this is all because of some
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major damage from recent storms. this sinkhole opened up in pinole. they say it's going to take almost a year to repair the hole. the county administrator will present the local emergency declaration to the board of supervisors so they in turn can ratify it. in the meantime, the county is hoping that the next storm coming up will not cause as much damage. do stay with kron 4. we have everything you need to know about the coming store -- storm on air and online. we will bring you live reports that the bay area, monitor severe traffic alerts as they occur, and bring you live radar to show you exactly where the storm is. it updates sent directly to your phone as you travel if you dome of the kron 4 mobile app. some frightening video of a violent home invasion robbery that happened last month. four armed, masked men stormed into a home.
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this is in the kamman hills neighborhood in fremont. they spent at least an hour in the home ransacking and terrorizing the homeowners. this was back on december 8 at 11:00 at night. the thieves took several valuables. several detectives were assigned to the high-priority case and the fremont police department is working with other agencies, which have similar cases. anyone with information on the robbers is asked to contact police in fremont. a group of dogs, they have been rescued thanks to someone with the santa clara county animal services. take a look. police responded to reports of dog dumping during last night's storm. the officer found seven puppies that appeared sick and infested with fleas and mange. they are being treated by a local veterinarian and are much better. the nation is now less than
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12 hours from donald trump. >> the soon-to-be commander-in- chief is resting tonight before his day. here is a live look at the nation's capital, which is quiet for now but it is expected to be jampacked with hundreds of thousands of people tomorrow. >>'s christian homes shows us, the new first family to be has already taken part in a handful of events. >> reporter: president-elect trump and members of the soon to be first family touched down at andrews air force a -- base today, kicking off inauguration weekend. trump attending a lunch with cabinet picks, supporters, and donors. >> i want to thank everybody. we have had such great support. >> reporter: before placing a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington cemetery, vice president-elect mike pence at his side. and speaking and welcome celebration and concert on the national mall.>> we are going to see something that is going to be so amazing. >> reporter: in less than 24
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hours, trump will officially become the 45th president of the united states. he will be sworn in on chief abraham lincoln's bible and the bible given to him by his mother, delivering a self written speech. >> we are going to unify our country. >> reporter: the trump transition has been far from seamless. donald trump's kevin na roster of nominees is complete but none have been confirmed. many staffers will be on the job right away. >> we are ready to go at 12:01 am tomorrow. >> we have 536 beachhead team members that will be reporting for duty at agencies following the inauguration. >> reporter: i am christian homes. donald trump's inauguration is just one day
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away and protesters are getting ready to take action. police are using pepper spray on protesters outside a procomp event. in washington, you see some of the action here looked a little bit worse than it was. at least at some point, demonstrators gathered outside this event against what was called the deplorable, an event organized by some of trump's most loyal supporters. hillary clinton most famously called some trump supporters of basket of deplorables. as people entered the event, protesters chanted "shame" and " nsxid go home." 30 organizations have applied for permits to post -- protest in the area. officials in the area say there is usually only six. this could be one of the biggest inauguration protests ever on saturday as well with the women's march on washington. watch the inauguration live right here on kron 4. we invite you to join us tomorrow morning beginning at we invite
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you to join us tomorrow morning beginning at 8:30 am. we will go commercial free on the morning news airing the inauguration ceremonies in their entirety. you can also catch it live on and the kron 4 mobile app. the rain already coming down in some sections of the bay area. it's not going to let up. >> brittney shipp is tracking these storms. we are back into minutes.
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i am meteorologist brittney shipp. you can see on our richmond bridge camera, there is a good amount of rainfall coming down and that will be the trend as you head to work tomorrow. bring your umbrella. he needed over the next couple of days. bring everything you need because we're going to see a lot of snowfall.
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it's going to be difficult getting to the high country. a closer look at radar now. san rafael to pacifica, dry right now in san francisco, it -- oakland and antioch seeing steady rainfall. this picks up overnight. this is a look at future rainfall. heavier pockets will keep pushing on sure. the most widespread rain will be around 2 am. if you get up closer to 6:00, 7:00, most of the moisture will be off to the east, especially the heavier downpours over antioch and san jose. san francisco and parts of the north bay zone will start to dry out. a closer look at our seven-day forecast shows more unsettled weather is on the way. >> we will keep you up-to-date if you want to stay in the know. take us with you on the go. online. have a good night .
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>> video outrage. >> there he goes. >> is this any way to treat a dog for a movie? >> just appalled. >> you won't plaintiff what happened next. then the trumps come to washington as melania speaks. >> thank you all for your support. >> and look who else just arrived. >> we're on one of the six buses carrying the talladega marching tornadoes. >> how much are they. >> 1200. >> they're america's hottest ticket. they're supposed to be free. >> not o the back it says not for sale. >> wait until you see who we found trying to make a bundle


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