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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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self. >> quaid will sit down with "e.t." about the movie early next week. as for allegations of animal abuse, "e.t." spoke with the movie's producer who told us quote i want a complete investigation done with who was running the set that day and why they didn't stop it faster. why the american humane association didn't step in. the rep for@ aha onset that day is now out. >> there is recent video and photos released of the german shepherd, dated yesterday, january 19, showing him running on leash and relaxing on a dog bed. we are told hercules is living happy and healthy and just outside los angeles. >> the american humane investigation is conducting a third party investigation to get answers. meanwhile jennifer aniston is investigating other opportunities. the actress spent her year since friends making movies. but now jen is making headlines
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because she says she want to give back to her tv moves. >> come back to tv. come to netflix. >> so over that. television is where it's at. i do believe that the shows are more interesting. there's more opportunity for women. >> 12 years since "friends kw", anston is eyeing a return to tv, in a new interview she says tv is quote, where the work is. jen adds, she want a good experience. i have no time for the yelling, angry director or bad behavior any more. >> is there anything else? >> anston is not alone. from julia roberts and meryl streep, drew barrymore and emma stone, many of hollywood's a-list movie stars are making the move to tv, and look at these amazing transformations on the cover. jessica lang as joan crawford and susan sarandon as bette davis. fx's new ryan murphy series "feud." >> these limited series are so good. oh, my god, so out of control.
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>> so what is hyped the trend? the paycheck in j.lo making $6.5 million for the first season of "shades of blue." the rock about $4 million for "baller." reese witherspoon $2.5 million for her upcoming show. >> it feels like more and more women who we feel are movie stars are coming back it television. >> i think there is not so much difference between television and film. there is a blur between art is art, content is content. we needed more space to create characters. this is like a seven-hour movie. >> a another great point. the gender pick isn't as wide. sophia making as much as herco-. >> new details on how britney
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spears met her man and it might surprise you. >> we were shooting and sitting there and waiting and waiting together for like, you know, 20 minutes at a time. so basically forced to talk to each other. we started talking about sushi. we should go to sushi one day. okay. i'll give you my number. >> instagraming that sushi date and sent spears into a frenzy. he deleted the pic, but, what is interesting, is this date didn't happen until months after they shot their video, so with brit playing hard to get? >> months later. like, you're really cute. i called and ever since then, we just like, he is a fun funny person. >> just who is britney's much younger man she spent christmas with? agari is 2. he is a fitness train he and no
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strangers to videos. >> buckle up, britney, this woman just claimed she's sam's current girlfriend. >> look at it. get a good look. >> morgan osmond tagging this pick as recent. she then deleted the shot but not before delling quote i don't know why everyone is attacking me. sam agari is the cheater. britney, he is using you. >> now we wanted sam's side of the story. we reached out but he didn't respond by our deadline. >> cooper has a brand-new gig. jim parsons is hosting his own radio show which just kicked off today on inauguration today. and that's fitting because it is all about politics. but jim breaks it down in a way that makes us all feel smarter. >> hi, this is jim parsons. you may know me as a guy who plays a genius on tv but trust me when i tell you, that's acting. >> the show is called jim parsons is too stupid for
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politics. and he's kind of nervous. >> oh scared to death. are are you kidding me? it's live. but it is what it is. it is the reason stupid is built into the title. >> sheldon may be a brainiac on the big bang theory but jim says he today do serious studying. >> my biggest desire is to talk about things going on in government, in the country, from a neutral point of view. from fact-based point of view. >> the weekly talk show airs on serious xm's channel, andy, being andy cohen. >> so far andy has been a hands-hoff and very kind boss. >> jim's radio gig does not mean he is leaving his hit sitcom behind. >> i have no intention to leave the big bang theory. why would i leave? >> could we ever have too much sheldon? >> too much sheldon? no! >> jim is an executive producer off of the big bang spin-off about a teenage sheldon.
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>> i wouldn't advise that actor to watch me as little as possible, take that by the horns make it your lasting six weeks, better listen in while you can. >> vin diesel with xxx. carly followed him all over the world to watch this movie. >> i wouldn't say followed, that sound stalker. yes, we did have a blast bringing it back home to l.a. >> oh! look at these vans. just incredible. >> triple x back in, shutting down hollywood boulevard. >> can you believe that? so insane. >> hollywood boulevard and most of the moment high-fiving the crowd. >> i love you. >> and being here. >> while his co-stars took it
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all in. >> this is amazing. i look at all of this and say, wow, this is finally happening. >> look how huge this is. this is my first big premier, by the way. >> nina, rocking shorter hair, feeling energy so much she even rapped for us. >> i like big butts and i cannot lie ♪ . ♪ you cannot deny, when a girl walks in with anitiy bitty waist ♪ >> she did the whole verse, people. >> oh, my god. >> i did manage to get one question in. >> what is the craziest stunt you have done in your entire career? >> craziest thing i ever did? oh. i thought we were talking about real life for a minute. >> vin didn't have much time to relax before he was back on the road promoting another big
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movie. the with the rock and charleze theron opening april 13th. >> who is the action star everyone is talking about? >> we're with 24 legacy leading man taking over for kiefer sutherland. >> plus, we turn the tables on andy cohen. >> i probably shouldn't have put it out there because now i'm on "e.t." talking about it. >> the talk show host on his love life and becoming a dad. >> and the greatest day of chris hemsworth's life. hissed with sn wedding? no. bir birth of his kids? no. we will tell you about it next. but first, move over bounty hunter -- >> we have nine citizens considered fugitives. >> a new reality show that combines both, subjecting contestant to a manhunt. >> avoid capture to win a prize. >> what that would be $250,000.
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>> put together an exceptional team of law personnel, military personnel. >> sunday, hunted showes what can happen when authority gain a search warrant to access real life fugitive e-ma
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celine dion who sang the
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a series which started the whole reality trend of dating shows. now coming back to tv and first up tonight, the perfect match, host andy cohen. >> i love asking people personal questiones. i love talking to people about their dates. i love setting people up. it's perfect. bull's eye for me. >> executive producer alongside bachelor creator. the 50-episode rerifle wivival on fox. >> you found a connection on your own? >> found a sweet guy.
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just taking it day by day. >> you are also open on wanting to be a dad one day. >> something i'm thinking about. i probably shouldn't have put it out there because now i'm on "e.t." talking about it. but look, it is an internal dialogue. >> here is something we're loving. adele's return to the grammy stage. "e.t." learned the singer who is up for five grammys will perform at the february 12 show. you may remember adele took the stage last year but struggled with audio issues when her microphone fell into the piano. she finished the song but later revealed she cried the whole next day. and finally, chris hemsworth's lucky shot. >> oh! >> that australian actor with a full-court shot while taking a break from filming in new mexico. he captioned the insta dwrgram ,
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greatest day of my life. up next, bryce dallas howard gives the scoop on the jurasic world sequel. >> that's what i'm looking for. >> before 24 legacy debuts our sneak peak with the actor filling jack bauer's shoes. >> people are like, i don't know if you can pull this off. >> but is kiefer sutherland making any cameos? >> i think it hearder for him to let it go into new hand. >> closed captioning provided by --
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you have the coveted host super bowl time slot. like first of all, how cool is that? >> yeah. i heard they were planning for a football game before i showed. like this little intro. >> that's corey hawkins talking about the premier of his new show, 24 legacy, an evolution of the 24 series. it hits the air six years after the original and that has lots of people speculating on how in the world are they going to bring back kiefer sutherland,
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jack bauer character. let me tell you now, they don't. >> has it sunk into you, the massiveness of this franchise. i know kiefer sutherland gave you a stamp of approval. >> i know it is harder for him to let go. jack bauer is not gone. the spirit of jack bauer is in the show. >> he plays an army ranger taking down a terrorist leader only to find himself a marked man. >> these people found us. >> what has been the toughest about it. >> in the days are long and stunts are real. and you know, so it is a lot there. but i think mentally, that is the thing. literally you have to be on 24/7. >> "24" was a revolutionary concept when it debuted in 2001 with each season covering a single 24-hour period. legacy has that same tradition, same look, same clock and same ripped from the headline stories
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and only "e.t." can bring you this exclusive scene. >> we are able to tweak the speech. >> no, no, not about that. you asked me to do a little recon for you with some of my old media contacts. well, one of them came through. >> so what's different? >> the country and the world has gone to big changes in terms of what is perceived threats are and how the government deals with that. >> there is also a little more realism, like we finally see someone eat. >> there mibe a momight be more few scenes in the kitchen eating. may be saving the world but he has to eat. >> as executive producer he is intent just giving corey advice. >> kiefer has been awesome. >> only only other person who k what this particular journey is and the only other person i can talk to. >> i got it. >> legacy has a lot to live up to. its predecessor ran nine
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seasons, 20 emmys and made jack bauer a household name. corey may be a familiar face. he is ready for all this? >> i don't know about the social media stuff, so i'm not following it at all. but my mom is like is. >> i also hope that corey has prepared his mom because 24 is one of the very first shows where a lot of major characters were killed off and folks at 24 legacy tells us the body count will be high. so corey, prepare your mom. >> the movie called got girls" but bryce dallas howard is completely stunning. she let us in on a secret. you know how matthew mcconaughey packed on the pounds for his role? she said that worked out for everybody's advantage. >> he just transform need a
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different person. >> yeah, crazy. working with matthew is just awesome. because first of all, he gained weight that is fun for everybody, right? one person gains weight, everybody needs to gain a little bit of weight. >> bryce plays matthew's girlfriend in the movie based on a true story on a down on his luck businessman on the hunt for gold. >> almost, baby. >> and while bryce looks like a million bucks at the premier, we love this down to earth star shuns having a stylist and instead heads to the mall to buy her own fashion. >> what did youware for the red carpet? >> well, i have a lot of like awesome girlfriend and people in my life sending me links to things. but i get this stuff and then, then i get to own it. >> who gives you a second opinion? >> my best friend. my son. my son is very honest. my daughter is just, she has no
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perspective. she thinks everything is beautiful. which is awesome. >> what is the harshest criticism your son will give you? >> he will look at it and be like, no. >> and speaking of fashion criticism, bryce got a fair share of it when jurasic world came out. fans couldn't get over her character trying to outrun dinosaurs in heels. >> they said you won't be running in high heels in this next movie. this is assuming she is prepared. given the opportunity, i don't think she would choose to run in heels. >> the sequel starts filming next month. bryce is already losing sleep over it. >> i did some breakfast and had like a 15-minute, lying down, don't dream about jurasic job just nap, just rest, don't think about it. >> maybe she is thinking about chris pratt. because chris pratt will be back as well. the script is kept under wraps but the director says it'll be darker than the last one.
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>> and chris, playing six instrument, who is it? the answer is coming up next.
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>> pam:next on kron-4 news at eight: donald trump is sworn in as president. as chaos breaks out just blocks away. tonight, the protests are still happening. a downpour of rain.flooding and damaging winds. and the strongest storm is still to come.we're timing out your forecast i'm steve aveson. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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celebrity stories. >> a little bit of everything. >>, your 24/7 destination for entertainment news. >> travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star of the office can play six instruments in ray
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wilson turning 51. piano, clarinet, saxophone, sigh la pho zie la phone, guitar. >> many of you know dr. phil's son is a musician. they released thieir new song available today. jordan's proud parent joined the party. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he is on tour so much we don't get to see him much. this is terrific for us. >> it was kind of a turning point for when we figured out what we wanted to sound like. then you know, a year later we finally put it out. ♪ ♪
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i did it my way happening now, president donald trump mouthing the words to "my way" at his inaugural ball. tonight he is spending his first night in the white house. from this day forward its going to be america first day one of his administration marred by protests. in the nation's capital. and in the bay area. two four six eigh no to turmp no to hate! as day turns into night. protesters stay in the streets to demonstrate against the nation's new president donald trump. as the commander in chief makes the rounds at inaugural balls meanwhile police using pepper spray and stun grenades to stop chaos from spilling over into the inauguration


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