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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 23, 2017 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>james: with and once we track and the rain we don't always want to last long with an today. >>anny h: we saw some pretty good showers and just the past hour or so we have the star on
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chartered scattered in nature we're concerned about flooding as well you concede the downtown
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san jose's sunnyvale san mateo all dry red now let's check out what is happening not widespread showers that is the good news and has been very wet for the last couple of days in the club was system showers out for concord fremont and san jose the east bay and south bay community will bring the umbrellas today. >>anny h: we are track and more showers once again for the evening ride home scattered in nature we will see some thunderstorms some of the showers will give heavy at times
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it will be scattered tomorrow morning, by the afternoon we will start our drying. through tonight in the bay area and we're concerned about pawn in and flooding we will have to watch for mudslides road and river flooding. >>anny h: showers may be some thunderstorms to our early morning showers if we will start to dial for the afternoon and for the rest of the workweek into next weekend the drive
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times look pretty good high. >>robin w: highway 4 in the westbound direction only 14 minutes from hillcrest in antioch to to 42 that is a great commit so far as well south to 42 in south 680.
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>>james: the driver went into the creek at the colliding with another vehicle. >>reporter: phil this suspended the search and a lot 3:00 p.m. sunday and at about 1045 midnight investigators say two cars collided ease the polymers road after one of the cars cross into the oncoming lane. the sheriff's facebook pays the city have been in contact with
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the family but not releasing the person's name investigators have been searching the general area where the car went into the creek but have not been able to find the car or the driver of. >>james: to do to the wet
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weather highway patrol closed a few lines 37 to 211 yes to them they had to close all lanes with a completely flooded over last week of flooding looking in similar condition the chp said the road will likely remain closed for a few more days there are advising drivers to plan for heavy traffic and find an alternate route they're reminding you to never drive toward roadways.
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>>james: the southbound lanes of the great highway are closed because of flooding in that area we have another road closed to tell you about take a look at the map of this is as old santa cruz highway is been a close because of a downed tree you can see the tree there of map of the area showed the area better shut down from the tree pull down the power line and down load the
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mobile application and a visit our web site both of them great resources when we have a stormy weather >>james: the national front computer outages caused all of the united airlines' domestic flights to be grounded for hours. >>reporter: some of them had to cobol waiting to one-half hours longer than expected they checked constant updates on their cellular devices to the
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warriors facing many obstacles on their way to and orlando we will show you to have enough trucks to sold on the magic. çbreakñáááábreakáááá ,$8drw çbreakñáááábreakáááá
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çááájamesáááñçááámax 2áááñ welcome back + >>james: showers in the mix as you can see we have and a lot
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about the forecast it is not going to be widespread that is the good news as far as the dry concerns are well going to see so what roadway's some of the showers can be heavy at times. >>anny h: when conditions are brenda as well livermore also attracting some light to moderate rain this morning looking at the south bay it does not look too bad san jose is dry and downtown we are looking at what conditions some snow and
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the higher elevations and happen to the east of san jose and just and satellite rain out basically toward san rafael we will still system unsettled weather as well over nine into early tomorrow morning tracking some left over showers after that we was seen some drying pattern set of we will see that a quick check of the flash flood
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warning good numbers surprised if you get under our lightning and also the down for tomorrow if you morning showers we drive out for the most part. >>anny h: thursday we're
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attracting a slight chance for showers. >>robin w: track nice and light
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into and out of san francisco so far they have not switched around the lan configuration with nancy and the problems 20 minutes from highway 37 over to the toll plaza it is showing us the wet weather in the wet roads where not picking up on any major slowdowns. >>reporter: residents and
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arkansas among thousands and acted by storms that water across multiple states over the weekend the storm is leaving more than a dozen people dead and the saudis the majority of those in georgia another twist the striking in mississippi he
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cannot seem to take the attention away from the crowd size at his inauguration. >>reporter: donald trump had a swearing in ceremony for senior staff said the a meeting set up
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with the senior adviser on nbc's meet the press the offending false claims made by the press secretary as alt fax to as the president continues to face resistance from some of the cabinet appointments to the biggest republican critics what the back to the opposition for secretary of state and a joint statement they still have concerns about iraq's tillotson's past dealings but they're not ready to support him.
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>>james: the 92 your was hospitalized more than a week ago for pneumonia the couple has been married for 72 years they played in orlando against the magic in the first game in the eastern time zone.
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>>james: the packers were in the atlantic and on the packers' and despite the green bay winning streak it was all atlanta matt line and to cut 392 yds and had five a total touchdowns the only quarterback to win five super
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bowls 51 was when the falcons and the pages will be on february 5th still ahead of oscar nominations and a movie ahead of the pack.
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no major hotspots! çááárobin @ >>robin w: cost and nominations are announced tomorrow and one movie has cleared momentum over the competition.
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>>reporter: film of the year at the london critics circle london joins a your boston to and a dozen other credit groups would have given a lot of land the top prizes it was a rough weekend at the sundance film festival three screenings had to be canceled after a power outage at the theater and park city you saw.
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çááájamesáááñ[take vo]çááávo in big stories boxáááñ we're coming up on 4-30... here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning... the search for a driver who crashed into an alameda creek will continue this morning. niles canyon road in fremont will be closed starting at 10-am as crews resume their search for an 18-year-old tracy woman. her car plunged into
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>>james: they have to spend a surge because of the creek was abnormally high because of all the recent storms hundreds of people were affected as a phone they're buys you the plan for heavy traffic or find an alternate route cash.
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>>anny h: we can see out for
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the coast we're attracting some showers will see more showers and at the weather pattern connects couple of days we are still concerned about flooding keep that in mind as you're going to be out in about definitely will be the umbrella and then the site by tomorrow morning most flood deaths occur
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and cars flash flood watch this for the entire bay area. >>anny h: a " check of the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast we will need the umbrella to than into one there rain boots as we're going to be playing in recess or walking to the bus stop showers today may be some thunderstorms that is the chance we will mention that tomorrow morning and we will start to try out for the i afternoon.
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>>robin w: it was called in the good that means is a good timey- to you to pack up and leave before something pops of a look at traffic show you where the spots are and where the rain is to use high with 37 you will have to stay away from the stretch.
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>>james: the national weather service issued a high winds advisory hi surprising for the coast in san francisco with car was in surface who decided to hit the way it is nonetheless. >>reporter: fifth serve as a to sustain these experience strong recurrence and stick away on sunday to hi seven bison from the national weather service did not stop those out for the thrill of.
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>>reporter: they decided to stay closer to shore and they may enjoy going to the beach during the rain but they will continue to be a large and dangerous through tuesday morning when the and revisory ends at 3:00 a.m..
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>>james: since docked at pier in sea cliff state beach in aptos the deterioration has split in four pieces from one to storms welcome the area of arista record 34 ft. this past weekend hop.
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çáááon camáááñ happeng now... security experts are warning against a new type of hack that can be done through a wireless mouse or keyboard. çááátake openáááñ kron four's tech reporter
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gabe slate shows us the latest on this discovery.[take pkg] çááápkgáááñ ççpkgññ >>gabe s: wismar from is about to take control of this laptop remote way for new security threat called mouse jack the hacker with the phone sends a text message to the computer the phone is now controlling the computer the hacker find a flaw
4:41 am
that can delete files on your machine install mal whether castilian pictures of documents and personal information everything they need is to your identity. >>gabe s: they discovered us off on a large antenna i have the will not need to be in close proximity of the event of to pull all the malls jack.
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>>james: the design and manufacture the batteries of both issues and created by different suppliers the problems the first report of on the phone was released back on august they lost billions of dollars because the phones caught on fire away at attracting shower scattered.
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>>james: severe storms causing damage across the entire state
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there have been slugging and several down trees in the area of 17 people were forced out of their homes when the tree can crashing down on to the apartment building will not the only ones still in was storm damage in southern california. >>anny h: you can see in parts
4:46 am
of the san jose area is dry and check what is happening and mount hamilton we are saying a little bit of the purple and the bloom that means we may see some snow that will be fun to large closer to the sunrise san francisco approaching we do have showers approach in downtown and looks like hall quick check of
4:47 am
the flash flood warning to receive these areas and green for southeastern sonoma county of flood warning for small streams. >>anny h:.
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>>robin w: unless check-in on 80 looks good heading into san francisco those cars are moving half the limit so far prussian the pay date drive and on what rose this morning you need to be extra cautious that is because
4:49 am
of a mud slide some of you use it the short cut to avoid the freeway traffic >>robin w: 60 with the avenue to 11 as an alternate baggage your short cut the drive times as great so far 680 is a nice ride into walnut creek danville and alamo the image of problems for highway 24 west leaving the walnut creek. >>james: covering california people who live in the city and to were shocked when it will go to from the car on fire and a body inside a net recall the fighter practicing the car on fire yesterday morning to his
4:50 am
concern because there was a partner by where children play both of them are now looking into a. >>james: you may not have seen the sign was hung off the golden gate bridge. >>j.r.stone: they claim he is
4:51 am
the artist who came with the idea in fact he is also the man was arrested in connection with changing the hollywood sign to holly we did something that helped inspire him in his latest act who was arrested after the prank but is not been cited for its line this ban off the golden gate bridge trump has angered him on many levels to he said
4:52 am
the impeachment sign hung off the golden gate bridge for about 20 the 30 minutes no charges have been filed. >>james: after the march in san francisco turns of criticized left on the ground and these are pictures of some of those signs of the civic center we will be
4:53 am
right back.
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çááárobináááñ >>robin w: driving around and wet weather has a live look at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nice and smooth about 30 minutes before it starts to back up. >>reporter: after two weekends
4:56 am
on top hidden figures fell to third was $16.3 million domestic total more than 84 million off trouble at turns starting been these zero men as a second place debut scoring $20 million a strong start for split the thriller exceeded expectations opening with $40.2 million quadruple is reported budget. >>james: he was disappointed in
4:57 am
mr. recent coffee not wanting to leave him disappointed they invited him to visit the police station the got a personal tour in the currency from these follow the have a great time meeting some of the canines.
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we invited women to a spa to dish soap. body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. çááájamesáááñ and there is still rain in the forecast this morning. i'm tracking rain coming up. çááámarkáááñ[take vo]çááávoáááñ and cleanup efforts begin after the latest round of storms. we have the latest on the road closures that could affect your morning commute. çááámarkáááñçáááradaráááñ
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this morning we are tracking the rain in the bay area. taking a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. a few showers are still lingering after the recent storms and it wet commute this morning. çááádaryaáááñçááátriple boxáááñ this is the bay area's news station kron 4 news and 5:00 a.m. start sound. >>james: we're looking at
5:01 am
showers over the golden gate bridge those are some of the more highly committed orders we have a light rain fall and elsewhere in the east bay a few scattered showers nothing much in the south bay of a wider view shows we have more energy that will be flowing over the bay area over the course of the day today getting the kids ready for school expect a few showers. >>james: this is the approach.
5:02 am
>>robin w: ride between niles canyon 2101 that as your alternate route.
5:03 am
>>darya: she veered into oncoming traffic just east of pommards rolled they had to shut down the road while they cleared away since and has reopened.
5:04 am
>>mark: they close all lanes completely flooded over people in the area not happy with the inconvenience caused by the storm high with 37 remains closed this morning according to
5:05 am
san francisco public works apartment of the tree came down and pulled out a power line both lanes of highway and we don't know how many people are affected.
5:06 am
>>mark: we're following the latest of the breaking news desk. >>anny h: the death toll is now 19 after those severe storms and several others are now still missing the majority of those deaths from the we can happen to a tornado leveled a mobile home park in southern part of the state because seven deaths and massive destruction the government declares state of emergency in donald trump weighed in on this weekend
5:07 am
united airlines flies the back to normal after a computer outage the ground stopped was
5:08 am
listed last night and total six flights were canceled and 200 the latest. it's giving out alternative facts. çáááadvanceáááñ and later... former president george h-w bush and his wife are still in the hospital this morning. find out when doctor's say the former first couple can return home. çáááadvanceáááñ and after the break...we have pictures just released of an overnight avalanche in the sierras. you'll see what happened to the cars that were caught in its path. çáááadvanceáááñ çááájamesáááñ james weather tease.çáááadvanceáááñ çááárobináááñ robin traffic tease. . . no major hotspots!
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take a look at this... cars trapped by an avala >>mark: no word on when it will reopen fortunately everyone was able to get out of their vehicle safely right now interstate 80 is open we're chain requirements long snow.
5:13 am
>>darya: 60 the snow. >>james: scattered showers and concede san francisco won big batch of my rent there was more
5:14 am
on the re a big spiraling system ticking moisture across to bay area and we're still
5:15 am
dealing with scattered showers fall daylong it what the chance of a local down for we do have a flash flood warning is the area and green we're talking about low cases from petaluma and out
5:16 am
toward for seville this is an effect until 730 this morning to you will see that and a seven day around the bay in just a few minutes.
5:17 am
>>robin w: it's fairly quiet on five a westbound a nice ride off seven minutes is the drive from the tall out to 101 the trip on 11 looks great into one idle san francisco quick 20 minutes from highway 37 off over to the toll plaza of 1 01 north montague expressway will have the least two lanes blocked hit. >>mark: followed by more rant we have the east to bay. donald
5:18 am
trump says he is on to spend his first full week working on trade and immigration he has a full day of meetings with business leaders and is expected to sign more gazette of orders yes meetings setup with the leaders of the united team canada and mexico.
5:19 am
there is some good news they're not ready to support the president's nominee for secretary of state recs tellers and. >>darya: the senate to vote on the confirmation of two of trump's most consular subcabinet nominees they will confirm kansas congressman as head of the cia and they disagree with him on surveillance.
5:20 am
>>mark: this said the man saw the trend coming and roll to the side before getting run over he stayed there until they got to the same but still are known why the man was on the tracks he is
5:21 am
92 years old was hospitalized more than a week ago and has a wife former first lady she was a committed on wednesday for bronchitis chia's been given the options to be released decided to stay still shaken because of her husband the have been married for 72 years the lawless of any presidential couple in american history. and next... the warriors are back in action. we have the highlights from their big win against the orlando magic. [take: live]çáááscenicáááñ and here's a live look
5:22 am
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and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. çbreakñáááábreakáááá >>mark: the big story is the lingering rain showers will have around the bay area.
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>>mark: gold is a win is 118 to 98 the packers with an atlanta taken on the falcons e tom brady becomes the first quarterback to make it to seven super bowls he threw for 384 yds and three
5:26 am
touchdowns last night storms causing a major problem we been following the month we will have live reports of all the road closure an avalanche closure of the sierra.
5:27 am
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5:29 am
çáááradaráááñ this morning we are tracking the rain in the bay area. taking a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. a few showers are still lingering after the recent storms and it could make for a wet commute this morning. >>james: it will be overhead for
5:30 am
another half an hour spotty showers on highway 4680 on-again off-again showers to we had showers earlier this move toward tracing the south and they all is quiet so far a few showers on the lower peninsula impacting the approach to the san mateo bridge.
5:31 am
>>robin w: a quick check of some drive times picking up on highway 4 but only 20 minutes from antioch and to concord.
5:32 am
>>darya: their clothes once again because of flooding and storm damage. yoli aceves: was the bomb this is where you can see the closure of your come from vallejo and basically you have to take that avenue and you will see the morning commute traffic is slowing down because of this road closure you can see people of splitting off from 47 a car
5:33 am
did try to go through it and got stuck is been very easy to of vehicles to get stuck to and all those flooded areas.
5:34 am
>>mark: the server is experiencing strong requirements and stagger waves throughout the day there remain in effect until tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. to an historic shift from the world
5:35 am
war one error has been ripped apart by the massive waves of heavy winds they got in santa cruz county the paulo also known as the cement ship broke yesterday here is video of what is left of it. >>darya: police released new pages of the man who robbed the restaurant and daly city let's take a look the robber have been about a week and have to go home soon recognize him he has security camera the jacket are you conceding his and one
5:36 am
recognizes him call the cops. >>mark: there between the ages of 16 and 20 and connected to the shooting the artists behind the hollywood sign of leaves is marked on the bay area hear why he picked golden gate bridge as his next target.
5:37 am
and here's a live look outside...bay bridge.
5:38 am
5:39 am
çááárobináááñ no major hotspots! çááá2 shotáááñ >>robin w: to leave as early as you can is moving well half i will have the complete check coming up in just a few minutes. >>darya: samsung lost billions of dollars because of the exploding telephones in their apologizing their same day that
5:40 am
have been returned to them united airlines flights are back to normal after a big computer outage.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
[take vo]çáá >>mark: a quick look of the top stores the search for driver who crossed into the alameda creek her car plunged into alameda creek after crashing into another car saturday night.
5:44 am
>>robin w: it do not see get the headlines and the wipers to
5:45 am
leave early or consider how the on public transit so far very nice ride so those of you have to use 680, of dublin. >>james: we're attracting some shower still scattered this
5:46 am
morning again you concede the bow of the wet weather is centered over san francisco and oakland impacting the upper is sure. >>james: and we have to ally rain falling over sfo no accorded delays just get to
5:47 am
every now and then we actually track some blue which indicates the possibility of some snow falling.
5:48 am
>>darya: millions of people marched of the weekend and support of the women's march on washington. >>j.r.stone: fernandezes also the man who was arrested in connection with changing the hollywood sign he was arrested
5:49 am
after the highly weeder prank but is not been cited for flying this banner off the golden gate bridge those sea its fees said this is an ongoing investigation it was important to fly this banner on saturday in solidarity with the women's march. >>darya: she is attending her fiery speech at a women's march
5:50 am
in washington d.c. and she took to social minutes to explain she is not a violent person at digital thousand people that she thought a lot about low end of the white house she posed in she did put out that is when
5:51 am
they found the body.
5:52 am
>>darya: he is concerned because there is a part in the neighborhood police department in the east of a makes allow all in that--they make a little boy's day.
5:53 am
5:54 am
weather update: scattered showers along with a possible thunderstorm or two can be expected through tonight. highs this afternoon will reach the low 50s. drier weather returns starting on tuesday with sunny skies expected for the rest of the week. there is a flash flood watch in effect until 6:00 pm and a high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 am tuesday for the entire bay area. a flood warning until 7:30 am also has been issued for sonoma county between petaluma and santa rosa, including forestville and graton.
5:55 am
çááá2 shotáááñçááámarkáááñ in the east bay... the concord police department spent their sunday with their biggest fans.çááádaryaáááñ [take vo]çááávoáááñ officers say a woman reached out to them on facebook and mentioned that her three year old son raiden was a huge fan >>darya: he has his very own police uniform will let him see the canine will fall in the latest to the storm and the cleanup efforts will have more on all the road closures here of and the sierra with the big avalanche.
5:56 am
5:57 am
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>>darya: it is hard to clean up when the rain will not stop we have complete team coverage. >>james: even down 880
6:00 am
gruesomely angeles live with getting in and have to the richmond san rafael bridge the east valley is not bad a few spotty showers, the council on the creek in the side out there concord and lines up as your head down south of salt creek not a problem for the 680 corridor past san ramon we're doing good the south bay nice and dry so far.
6:01 am
>>robin w: it is unclear how long it would take south of 13
6:02 am
which is the come to commit direction happening today the search efforts resumed for a 18 year-old who went missing after her car crash. will t: that were partially if not completely shut down highway 87 with between and to bring in divers to bring in the alameda creek to search for the
6:03 am
silver honda accord most important to find the body of the 18 year-old woman per name was not released but reportedly she is from tracing she got into an accident saturday morning when she collided with another car went into the creek, on sunday because the waters are raging simply too high i can sell you highway 84 is open to traffic. will t: keep in mind come to endicott this might not be an option for you.
6:04 am
>>darya: take a look at this mess happening yesterday afternoon east is near the same area where the crash happened saturday night the have to shut down the road while they cleared all the debris and has since reopened. >>mark: they closed both lanes to people not have been. . >>mark: 37 close between 101 and novato harris video from what kron 4 sees as he said is
6:05 am
likely the rosa remain closed for a few more days they're advising drivers to plan for heavy traffic in san francisco the lanes near ocean beach for close due to flooding according to san francis x. go public works apartment--san francisco works department >>darya: another major road closure we have this morning, in pull down the power line with said and we just talked with officials to say they do not
6:06 am
have an estimate on when the highway will be reopened ops fat the bay area not the only spot in this state suffering. >>anny h: the death toll isn't 19 authorities say 15 of them have been in south georgia
6:07 am
declared a state of emergency and multiple counties the describe the deadly storm. >>mark: he has meetings setup with leaders of the united kingdom to canada and mexico
6:08 am
there is some good news there now are ready to support the president's nominee for secretary of state. >>mark: his still in the
6:09 am
hospital but showing signs of improvement according to a family spokesperson the former first lady who's 91 was amended wednesday for bronchitis they've been married for 72 years the longest of any presidential couple in american history. >>mark: gas prices dropping nationwide find out how much you can expect to pay at the pump. nationwide find out how much you can expect to pay at the pump.
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>>james: the low pressure system you can really see it the counterclockwise spiral as we
6:14 am
head into the overnight hours for the commit home 6:00 a few pop of showers of the near santa rosa from 6:00 to endicott veddas the commit window we will see the same scenario the ready for to be wed on your way home from work it will continue to be
6:15 am
that way through the over my hours.
6:16 am
>>robin w: we don't know how long it is on to take to tighten up and get things back to normal is not impacted traffic
6:17 am
rolling into the no. they went watchers speed the rest of the bay area doing fine we don't see any major accidents.
6:18 am
>>darya: let's get back to the storm better and packed in southern california and. >>anny h: intense storms have been slamming southern california getting even more rain from san diego as they were had with a lot of rain over the weekend the national weather service has expanded flash flood warning.
6:19 am
' >>mark: in the cars of track by an avalanche on highway 89 north of tile city though world with shut down 89 close there is new way to know when it will reopen no one was injured this about 200 ft. wide haviland's covering highway 89 this morning.
6:20 am
>>mark: in order to 6 ft. of new snow in some parts of the tall area this outage lasted for one and two hours last time the some people reported they were delayed as many as five hours because of the problem with the communication system we spoke with frustrated passengers.
6:21 am
>>darya: the u.s. senators said the airline's staff should not be charging people an extra for using the overhead bin and the passengers to purchase the new basic fare they will not be able to store a carry-on baggage because if you're using the strip down price and stripped- down services were read other allies will follow suit and one day for all passengers might have to pay an extra if they want to use the overhead bin to store the suitcase that argue the new basic fare are simply
6:22 am
await to give passengers a cheaper alternative. >>mark: a man dodges a train that nearly hit him to have been around 340 in the afternoon yesterday at the powell street station and found the man standing on the try the men saw the trend coming his way and roll to the side of the tracks before being head he stayed there until officers arrived of
6:23 am
three men dollars fine would be a drop in the bucket that blast in 2010 killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in san ramon. >>mark: 224 behind bars of the robbery in the shopping mall left one man dead and six others injured in attacks since it will
6:24 am
face capital murder and assault charges. >>darya: one person is in critical condition after the shooting that happened at an east bay house party.
6:25 am
6:26 am
çááárobináááñ >>robin w: expect the back of heading south from that 24 connector.
6:27 am
prices around the bay area of the average gallon the penny more in san jose in 2 82¢ francisco $2.94 and also pull the woman from a burning car in washington she was trapped in that car that was on fire and he broke all in the window.
6:28 am
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çááámarkáááñ[take: live] çáááliveáááñ opening bell. çááámarkáááñ
6:30 am
fifth >>james: as we've been getting it reason is because in issues especially in the northland here is the wide view
6:31 am
showers will continue to move over had sporadic fairly static it could be pretty having.
6:32 am
>>robin w: the less when disclose a little heavy merging on to 24 keep that in mind you will see the usual pockets of slowing again our verandah approaching the count the cotton that is getting heavy along line of crowding.
6:33 am
>>reporter: the morning commute people are trying to cross vallejo from that direction to the north bay over 21 01 using a
6:34 am
wet sponge basically to mop up something that going to happen is going to be shut down for at least a couple of days.
6:35 am
>>mark: for servers experience strong rip currents and some of the ways a historic shift from
6:36 am
the world war one here has been ripped apart by massive waves this is the essence paulo out home also known as the cement ship and broke up yesterday the long does. and ship was already split in four pieces another big story and more than a dozen people are dead and killed in a series of major storms in the south. >>anny h: the death toll is now at 19 authorities say 15 of them happened yesterday in south georgia the governor declared a
6:37 am
state of emergency and multiple counties people in this area describe the deadly storm the national weather service has confirmed that two tornado struck saturday in south carolina for.
6:38 am
>>darya: it had not opened but it was an employee inside when up a person mark securities walton and stole a package police are open so will recognize him and come for. police have arrested three people between the ages of 16
6:39 am
and 20 off the red-hot reporters continue to win the highlights from the matchup. teens smoking e-cigarettes. we'll explain after the break. this is the food system.
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otherwise have taken up smoking. that is according to a new study from u-c-s-f. çááádaryaáááñ some advocates believe e-cigarettes are responsible for a decline in young people smoking, but the study says the opposite could be true. it found that teens who were at low risk of starting nicotine with cigarettes were using e- cigarretes instead.çááámarkáááñ researchers say recent declines in youth smoking are likely due to tobacco control efforts, not to e-cigarettes. you now have to be 21 years- old to buy tobacco products in california. çááájamesáááñ ad lib weather tease
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>>mark: the search for driver who crashed his car into an alameda creek will continue this morning that will have to be close starting at 10:00 this morning her car plunged into alameda creek after crashing into another car saturday night to have to suspend their surge yesterday afternoon because the creek is of normally high.
6:46 am
>>james: it is one to be scattered showers it can be pretty intense in the neighborhood they're pretty quick moving this should be sitting overtop maybe about 15 minutes and out of the neighborhood we also have a flash flood watching the entire
6:47 am
area in effect until 6:00 tonight., >>james: that may overflow their banks and it could be looking at standing water no major flooding we're obviously on alert and atching for that here was a calm situation not
6:48 am
terrible allow low to mid-40s higher up in the elevations.
6:49 am
>>robin w: down to 80 was that is all normal it's only 22 minutes from the bottom of the maze of the to fremont street know the problems for the ride on 58013 minutes on matters from the toll to 101 in san rafael
6:50 am
the normal crowding and checking this out and they won 01 of that is the ride only 25 minutes from 85 to 237. >>mark: are going to argue he's violating the constitution by taking payments from foreign governments through his business empire she is defending her fiery speech at the women's march in washington the scene
6:51 am
she took to social media to explain that she is not a violent person after she told thousands of people shed all lot about blowing up the white house. >>: if yes i am angry yes i am outraged yes i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house she posed as she does not promote violence she was speaking in a matter for the seeker services and is aware of our comments and they are investigating. >>mark: the war in somalia lana magic in the first new game in the eastern time zone he had a
6:52 am
total of five touchdowns he's thrown for a least three touchdowns the falcons won 44 to 21 they made their second super bowl appearance in team history. >>mark: 384 yds and three touchdowns the 136 to 17 they tried to make more history in houston the only quarterback to try and win five super bowls.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
çáááon camáááñ in >>mark: a strong start the big story at the box office is exceeding expectations opening with $40.2 million a quadruple the report but did a 10 million
6:57 am
we will be right back after this break est and biggest gary's world ever!" with the worst championship games ever in the history of football. and the most fans at a hockey game ever in the world... and the warriors and the lakers have the best and worst games in their lives.((advance)) çááámarkáááñçááámax2áááñ and... we are tracking the rain hitting the bay area... we have complete team coverage of the storm in just over a minute.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
hard by storms right now. we'll take a look at the damage. çááámarkáááñ welcome this is the bay area's new station. kron4 news at 7:00 starts now. tracking the rain as we see widespread scattered showers and heavy downpours around the bay area for the morning commute. we are trying to find a way to dry out and clean up around the bay. let's look at the bay area bridges this morning and the approaches. waters on the road everywhere. the approach to the bay bridge you can see it slick. golden gate bridge as well. the richmond san mateo -- the richmond san rafael, and the san mateo bridge. good morning. >> we are watching the weather around the bay and watching the road closures. still a pretty active morning out there


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